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Furled Leader

anybody tie flies using....
I have a leader tied from it that I got in a swap. Never tied with it.
Click! Poppers
Certainly a simpler and more options but gonna need at least a 10wt-12wt to cast. Almost turning into lure not fly. "Hit in the head with half a chicken" syndrome. Kinda why I was trying the all in
Curly tails
Do you add any swivel anywhere up the leader? Do the tails not encourage line twist?
What do folk use.
Over the years I've weighted flies by a few different means -bead chain eyes for a little sinking effect, lead eyes (of every size) for when I want the bug to drop noticeably, and even cone heads (onl
3wt test drive
My 10 foot Syndicate 3 weight rod is just about all I use here in the Smoky Mountains. Never had a problem with wind or distance with it.Joe   I will admit I have to work out the leader form
Are trout really that picky?
  Another scenario is still water midge fishing, the trout key right into those in ponds where the hatches are prolific .. In fact if you cut one open it will have as stomach content nothin
Fly Fishing Rod Recommendations???
Price looks good ... but I'm not sure I believe the seller's write up.  There's not a lot of truth in advertising, these days.   I've got several combos from Bass Pro Shop, and I love them a
Can I use a Scott 9' Med/Fast rod for nymphing?
Was hoping to purchase a new Redington Hydrogen 3 wt nymph rod, but I was thinking I might be able to use my current rod for Euro nymphing;  Current rod is a Scott A4905 9'0" Med/Fast 5 wt; I wan
Small Creek Fishing with the New 2019 Redington Butterstick
My comment for the "GSTQ" delay was for down stream casts and takes. In that situation you have to wait for the fish to turn on the take, otherwise you will pull the fly out of the fishes mouth before
Pegging beads
Or just run the leader through the bead three times and go fishing.  No pegs necessary.
11' Euro nymph rod
Good looking rod. Wondering aloud:  Have you ever ... or is it even possible ... to put the hook keeper close to the rod tip?   [attachment=68650:hook keeper location.jpg]   I always wr
Hello from Colorado Many of those flies aren't so different from the stuff out  of UK in years gone by, and could be fished with regular tackle. The reversed hackles l
Macular Degeneration and fly fishing?
C&f threader works well to thread the hook eye, but they're expensive and break too soon. Good for your adventure, though. If your hook eyes are big enough, you could use a regular old needle thre
Microfibbet options?
Or a "stillborn"? Back many snows ago when I first started using feathers for bait, there were a dozen or so men that I'd see often on the same waters and all were "middle aged" or in the case of "ol
Tube Fly Materials
Dave, Got a book on single handed spey casting last christmas - read it, but haven't tried it.  But I will take your advice I gotta tell you I went to Maine two weeks ago with my old 8-1/2 ft
furled leaders vs hand tied leaders for bass
Hello, What are the advantages of furled leaders over hand tied leaders.? I see so many formulas for bass that it tends to be confusing. I am thinking of a trying my hand tied with a simple formula wi
5wt line on 6wt rod
Hi -    A buddy gave me a 7' 6 wt Fenwick rod he built in the late 80's (I was surprised at the size/wt combo). I didn't see this post before I attached my only reel to it so I could fish it
Split rings on a large articulated fly
Ah ... not using the ring to join hooks, but to tie to the leader/tippet.  I understand.   Some people are using Fast Snaps, with mixed reviews.
Presentation case
Something I neglected to mention... Whenever one of my anglers makes an outstanding catch I encourage them to use one of the photos I take and to add the fly or lure used underneath it in a small shad
The clinch knot is better than the improved clinch knot, saw a test one time that proved it.**   Both have failed me in small mono tippets, and are for me one of the most difficult to knots there
Didn't catch nuthin'...
There's more to fishing than catching fish; there's fly tying, rod building, leader making, posting on forums, etc.   Not catching makes that first catch sweeter!
How do you like to land larger smallmouth?
Assuming your tackle is meant to be used on the bigger smallies over 5 lbs -- say, a 7 wt and 8-10 lb leader minimum -- you can land most of them. They are surely no tougher than steelhead.  
The new kid on the block
I fish for bass and sunfish.  I have a 14# test mono leader and a 6# or 10# test tippet.  The combined total length is approximately equal to the rod, with about 2 feet of it tippet. You mig
Nymph Fishing Rods
It's obvious that I have misunderstood the high stick term, because in my memory of a long ago article it was a method of fishing used in fast turbulent streams of the west, long reach out and over an
6 foot fly rod for tight stream fishing
I use 7wt line more than any other in all kinds of conditions. The tapered lines are in essence a 3 weight for the first few feet and the heavier mid section gets the work done on longer  casts o
12' 5/6wt fiberglass spey
This one is for a customer. It's An Anglers Roost blank. Comes in this color and I believe a white glass as well.   Funny you mention OPST. I finally broke down and bought an OPST 35# running l
July Flies From the Vise
GC59 fresh off vise with generous amounts of Hi-float fiber. They should float like a cork and wear like iron. Mayfly: #14 Tail/Wings: HFF light dun. Dragon Fly: #12 3x lg Tail/Wings: HFF tan with 2 s
dubbing loops?
I can think of two ways to make the tails.   1.  Dubbing looped material which is then doubled over and furled so the furling keeps the tail from untwisting.   2. Fuzzy yarn which is pi
Methods and Beads for egg sucking leeches
Problem is the OP's hook choice, not the bead.  There's a reason why if you google ESL in 1/0 on upturned hooks, you will find chenille or estaz is typically used. Even if you were to find s
Body Material for Saltwater Popping Bugs
Kinda off topic finding you stuff but $.02 on tryin to work the stuff. It was suggested to me when I made some big poppers for redfish that it would be better with center hole in the body so leader
Roll casting with a short 3wt.
Learn to do a dynamic roll cast with a haul to add length.
Fifty Fly Project
Booby Fly, Gordon Fraser, c.1975 Tied with a foam head instead of styrene balls.  Tested it in the pool with a weighted leader (furled floro) swam as advertised.  Then went and fished it in
Tying Knots
99.44% of the time a double surgeons knot is all I use for leader construction  & fly attachment, with a nail knot (preferred) or perfection loop (if line has loop) for leader to line connect
Micro Todd's wiggle minnow
I haven't tried the Wiggle Minnow but over the years I've fooled with lipped flies.  Still have a few of them somewhere in my storage boxes.  I had similar problems with the fly twisting rat
June Flies From the Vise
    Holy smokes, Mike !!!  That's a lot o' legs !!! Ya know when us Southern Warm Water Rednecks talk about Pocket Water Its holes in the Lilly Pads, Salad or Timber. I tied this i
Bobbin threader on the run....
Broke my last threader. Although most times just start it and it'll suck right thru. Saw this in catalog. Smallest wire I had was 58# salty stuff. It works even on a ceramic one. 12# mono worked
best flies for small lake in late summer
Canadian lakes ... the water never truly warms up.  My family spent a couple of weeks each summer, for 3 years, on a lake in Ontario. Middle of the summer, and the water was still too cold for co
Lil bass buggin
I usually krazyglue. But on the S. Hansen's just used that then another coat over top. They bend to the curve but will try to curl up if ain't careful. Prolly be better to glue then top coat with H
Perfection loop
I make my own leaders and I put a loop on the butt section so I can change them quickly when Im in a stream.  I use the perfection loop but have never been completely happy with it, somewhat bulk
Carrying two rods
This is the only time of year when I ever consider wading with two rods. Tomorrow's outing is a perfect example: I'm planning a point-to-point downstream wade of about two river miles. There is r
Old style wet fly fishing - cast of three flies - need help!
The way those guys showed me was to tie a blood knot leaving the tag long enough to attach the fly on one tag and sniping it close on the other; so yes same stiff material as the heavy side of the kno
Tampa Fl Area
Just using the first leader formula I found on the web. 3ft of 50lb mono, 1ft of 20lb mono, and 2ft of 30lb flouricarbon.
Cohen's Bird Variation
If it has wings, it usually will spin..maybe try heavier leader..for bugs this big 20# leader is not out of the question
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
As usual most of my anglers aren't using fly gear - but the last one listed was..... and those tripletail will take a properly presented Clouser almost any day you find them - and they're a sight-fish
Purpose built 7wt
Steve,   I like your plan and the low flash, black on black, combo appeals to my inner sniper too.  (That scheme might shape my next project rod from you.)   What line are you planning
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
I received some very nice flies yesterday. Thanks Old Hat, I can't wait to try them. What hook did you use for the bend-backs?   Great swap Mike... thanks for hosting and thanks for the extr
Allen fly fishing
Got my combo yesterday.  8 weight rod, reel with backing, line and tapered leader, reel case and a rod case. Excellent response time and it looks like good equipment.  I'll be using it nest
On tube flies?
I use mostly the HMH system with connector link at the back that kind of holds your hook orientation fairly well. So hook point down I've had no issue with my Gray Ghosts tracking upright. At least no
You will need to cast at least twice the water's depth for even a short time on the bottom. Think of the geometry angles and your line as the hypotenuse. Three times the water's depth or more for effe
April Flies From The Vise
Some furled chenille worms.   Picked up a 10 inch crappie today on the fluorescent yellow bead head one.   [attachment=67407:P4140193.JPG]   Small generic bait fish pattern tied on
Casting with tippet rings/swivels
Probably not especially since you only use a 2 part leader. I thunk it's more benefit to people who are worried about preserving the main section of leader so they don't have to tie or buy another ta
Yearly trips
I'm kind of gearing up for a trip to the Little Red River in Arkansas. Probably do that in early May before school lets out and we get a houseful of grand kids for the summer. I'll probably get a cabi
Using hooks from the mid-90s
If the hooks were ever good and are not rusty nor have been heated to over 600F then they will still be good. I have lots of Mustad hooks that I bought in the '70s. I break barbs prior to tying and if
Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 11-18 March
Black drum can be tough on a lure (and even tougher on the fly...).  That day, though, we'd found a big school of them (all 14 to about 20lbs) packed together like a school of mullet pushing alon
I have nibbled around the edges of mousing for large trout but never took it real seriously, I really enjoy fishing wet flies, BUT....   I am going too make a concerted effort this year to w
I use a bunch of fluorocarbon - for leaders mostly, and in fly fishing that means mostly bite tippets (also called shock tippets by some...) - and it has a few different characteristics compared to mo
Leaders for large Streamers
Bass and sunfish seeker here ... my leader is 6 to 7 feet of 14# test mono.
March Flies From The Vise
Just a little tip you might want to try.  Have fun Denduke![/quote] The lakes here in Dixie have lotta chironomids in them so been using popper dropper. Problem is tying a clinch knot to the pop
Tippet for Erie steelhead
Suggestions needed currently using 16lb. steelhead leader & 10lb. Fluorocarbon line as tippet material. Fish sometimes break my tippet & in fast water they always seem to get unhooked. Also ev
Mono rigging
Actually it is Euro nymphing.  Joe Humphreys has a whole section in the section of his book about deep nymphing with mono only.  He used Cortland flat monofilament.  He then designed a
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
Thanks Mike I have been admiring your flies for years and am excited to having won it. I hope to be able to report my results with it later in the summer. Right now it's snowing again, so it's going
Big Catfish and a Broken 4wt
Actually since it's a fixed line and the fish can't run far, the fight is pretty short. The fish can't make long screaming runs that you have to retrieve one turn at a time. I'll try to get a shot of
A simpler floatier Rusty Spinner?
I absolutely hate fishing spinner patterns. They're impossible to see on the surface, they will spin when you cast and put twist in your leader, and they often won't float well after a few fish. Lucki
Flu season nothing to sneeze at...
129 deaths in OK alone, mostly the young or the old and unhealthy like me. I wear a med mask when anyone comes to visit and whenever I go into town for anything. Laugh but for me with COPD and under 5
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