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Furled Leader

The new kid on the block
Question:  Am I correct in using the rule of thumb that your leader should be the length of your rod and your tippet some where between 5 and 7 feet? and if it makes a big difference what is the
Nymph Fishing Rods
Joe, I too have been using a ten foot 3 wt. nymphing rod for over a decade and I would never go back to a shorter rod for that use. On many occasions while nymphing I have com
6 foot fly rod for tight stream fishing
I brought a #3 and used it a few times on the river. Great with a furled leader. Hardly ever pick up my #5 now. Not ideal if you nymph a lot in my opinion.
12' 5/6wt fiberglass spey
This one is for a customer. It's An Anglers Roost blank. Comes in this color and I believe a white glass as well.   Funny you mention OPST. I finally broke down and bought an OPST 35# running l
July Flies From the Vise
Idaho Tourist (variation) Found this on a Finnish site, of all places. Original had a body of furled poly yarn; marginal floating qualities, foam is better. Change color/size to suit your needs. hoo
dubbing loops?
When I zoomed in on the close ups from hawkfly, they appear to me to be furled. They could be from a dubbing noodle, dubbing loop, or as Mike suggested, mohair knitting yarn. Either way I think they a
Methods and Beads for egg sucking leeches
Problem is the OP's hook choice, not the bead.  There's a reason why if you google ESL in 1/0 on upturned hooks, you will find chenille or estaz is typically used. Even if you were to find s
Body Material for Saltwater Popping Bugs
Kinda off topic finding you stuff but $.02 on tryin to work the stuff. It was suggested to me when I made some big poppers for redfish that it would be better with center hole in the body so leader
Roll casting with a short 3wt.
8'9" 3wt rod, Rio single hand spey 3wt line, and Anglerdream Archer reel. In able to easily roll cast the 33' head, 8' floating orvis poly leader, and 5' if tippet right where I want it just about eve
Fifty Fly Project
Booby Fly, Gordon Fraser, c.1975 Tied with a foam head instead of styrene balls.  Tested it in the pool with a weighted leader (furled floro) swam as advertised.  Then went and fished it in
Tying Knots
99.44% of the time a double surgeons knot is all I use for leader construction  & fly attachment, with a nail knot (preferred) or perfection loop (if line has loop) for leader to line connect
Micro Todd's wiggle minnow
I haven't tried the Wiggle Minnow but over the years I've fooled with lipped flies.  Still have a few of them somewhere in my storage boxes.  I had similar problems with the fly twisting rat
June Flies From the Vise
Two furled worms for bass.  They are 5.5 and 7" long.    
Bobbin threader on the run....
Broke my last threader. Although most times just start it and it'll suck right thru. Saw this in catalog. Smallest wire I had was 58# salty stuff. It works even on a ceramic one. 12# mono worked
best flies for small lake in late summer
I would recommend buying one of the SA hover lines instead of a sink tip, the sink rate is so slow you can still fish the top with one but if you use a rio versa leader it will fish like a sink tip bu
Lil bass buggin
I usually krazyglue. But on the S. Hansen's just used that then another coat over top. They bend to the curve but will try to curl up if ain't careful. Prolly be better to glue then top coat with H
Perfection loop
I don't like a loop connection to the fly line, so I make a permanent butt about 30".  This is connected to the fly line with a needle knot.  Then I 3 turn blood knot to the leader butt.
Carrying two rods
Have an Orvis bonefish flats waist strap rod carrier with 2 big fly boxes & water flasks which will carry an extra rod or 2 with 2 separate tackle shoulder/chest packs collecting dust. Could proba
Old style wet fly fishing - cast of three flies - need help!
Need help. Made my own wet fly leader with 2 tags tapered down to 4X, where Ill tie my third fly. Fished it today, and caught 3 fish. Should have caught more, because I was spending too much time ge
Tampa Fl Area
Just using the first leader formula I found on the web. 3ft of 50lb mono, 1ft of 20lb mono, and 2ft of 30lb flouricarbon.
Cohen's Bird Variation
If it has wings, it usually will spin..maybe try heavier leader..for bugs this big 20# leader is not out of the question
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
As usual most of my anglers aren't using fly gear - but the last one listed was..... and those tripletail will take a properly presented Clouser almost any day you find them - and they're a sight-fish
Purpose built 7wt
Steve,   I like your plan and the low flash, black on black, combo appeals to my inner sniper too.  (That scheme might shape my next project rod from you.)   What line are you planning
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
I received some very nice flies yesterday. Thanks Old Hat, I can't wait to try them. What hook did you use for the bend-backs?   Great swap Mike... thanks for hosting and thanks for the extr
Allen fly fishing
Got my combo yesterday.  8 weight rod, reel with backing, line and tapered leader, reel case and a rod case. Excellent response time and it looks like good equipment.  I'll be using it nest
On tube flies?
I use mostly the HMH system with connector link at the back that kind of holds your hook orientation fairly well. So hook point down I've had no issue with my Gray Ghosts tracking upright. At least no
You will need to cast at least twice the water's depth for even a short time on the bottom. Think of the geometry angles and your line as the hypotenuse. Three times the water's depth or more for effe
April Flies From The Vise
Some furled chenille worms.   Picked up a 10 inch crappie today on the fluorescent yellow bead head one.   [attachment=67407:P4140193.JPG]   Small generic bait fish pattern tied on
Casting with tippet rings/swivels
I searched the threads regarding tippet rings, but saw almost nothing about how they cast; how the leader lays out.  Concerned that the leader would hinge at the ring/micro swivel.  One comm
Yearly trips
I'm kind of gearing up for a trip to the Little Red River in Arkansas. Probably do that in early May before school lets out and we get a houseful of grand kids for the summer. I'll probably get a cabi
Using hooks from the mid-90s
If the hooks were ever good and are not rusty nor have been heated to over 600F then they will still be good. I have lots of Mustad hooks that I bought in the '70s. I break barbs prior to tying and if
Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 11-18 March
Black drum can be tough on a lure (and even tougher on the fly...).  That day, though, we'd found a big school of them (all 14 to about 20lbs) packed together like a school of mullet pushing alon
sorry Kevin..i should have mentioned that it is a furled leader..
Cap't Bob, you do spend a lot of time doing knots and leaders for your rigging. Makes sweetwater gear fishing or fly fishing simple by comparison. One thing I've also grown to depend on over the years
Leaders for large Streamers
I usually use a furled leader and attach my tippet to that.   When I'm fishing a streamer, like Mike, I usually go with a straight piece of  fluorocarbon 6 to 8 foot long.  Dependi
March Flies From The Vise
Just a little tip you might want to try.  Have fun Denduke![/quote] The lakes here in Dixie have lotta chironomids in them so been using popper dropper. Problem is tying a clinch knot to the pop
Tippet for Erie steelhead
Suggestions needed currently using 16lb. steelhead leader & 10lb. Fluorocarbon line as tippet material. Fish sometimes break my tippet & in fast water they always seem to get unhooked. Also ev
Mono rigging
46 foot leader?     Given that probably 6 of 10 people waving a fly rod can not cast 46 feet with a "normal" leader, and probably 8 of ten cannot  cast 46 feet with any accura
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
Thanks Mike I have been admiring your flies for years and am excited to having won it. I hope to be able to report my results with it later in the summer. Right now it's snowing again, so it's going
Big Catfish and a Broken 4wt
Actually since it's a fixed line and the fish can't run far, the fight is pretty short. The fish can't make long screaming runs that you have to retrieve one turn at a time. I'll try to get a shot of
A simpler floatier Rusty Spinner?
I absolutely hate fishing spinner patterns. They're impossible to see on the surface, they will spin when you cast and put twist in your leader, and they often won't float well after a few fish. Lucki
Flu season nothing to sneeze at...
129 deaths in OK alone, mostly the young or the old and unhealthy like me. I wear a med mask when anyone comes to visit and whenever I go into town for anything. Laugh but for me with COPD and under 5
Pike/Muskie leader questions
Great info here, the decision is what works for you. Will you change flies a lot or stick with one? If you do, you might want to put a snap on the end of the leader. If you look at the terminal set u
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
Thanks a lot for all the info guys. My only comment, which was touched upon in a few places, is about using that bare hook area to snell a leader. This would make a lot more sense to me if you used a
What weight dumbbell eyes for Clousers?
I could use any of those, I normally use bead chain though. Just enough to make the hook ride up or plenty to make the fly a jig. My take on it is deeper equals heavier and faster equals heavier and b
February Flies from the Vise
Nice start to the month, Kimo! Early attempts on the furled worm thing.
Chenille substitute for Rich's Worm
Kimo has some real nice flies in the January flies from the vise thread that look a lot like that. He said he used a furled dubbing loop I think. Here's a link to one similar.
Musky Fly Swap 2018
My leader is pretty simple. On my sinking line its 18 of 40# flouro then 18 of 40# wire ending with a fastach clip. On the rare occasions I use my intermediate I bump both sections up to 2 foot each.
Trolling Flies
My fly rods don't have snake guides on them.  Where's that leave me?    I've trolled flies a couple of times, twice in salt water, when we were hitting snapper blues, once up in Norther
Our Favorite Things?
Least favorite -- pocket lint flies!  I get the proportions all wrong, lose them on the tying desk,  can't get a leader through the eye on stream, pop the whispy leaders all the time, and fo
Dragons tails?
Flats you could always just use a versa leader when needed then you don't have to go through tube hassle of switching lines. I usually fish with a suspending line for bass the sink rate is so slow I
Leader making
Nothing like leader making to complicate the otherwise simple. Being the minimalist that I try to be I've learned there's no real need to make this difficult. I simply use a five to seven foot furled
Giant poppers...
There might be a better way... Most that I know quit making giant poppers - instead they make giant popper heads with a hole in them so that you can slide a bite tippet through them - then tie on your
A Curmudgeon Moment
color me curmudgeon, moderately In truth many of the new materials and right now patterns are great to look at and often very realistic. Some bugs I see posted on the 'net look alive, make you reach f
January Flies from the Vise
Kimo I really like the Finesse worms About some insight on how you tie them. Just a furled dubbing loop. Got the idea from Jay Zimmerman's new Bass book. I also have one of my smallie pics in the
Promising weather report
Poopdeck I'm doing the same thing, spooled the jigging rod and put fresh leader on the tip ups. I use a inexpensive plastic kids sled with a plastic storage box and my auger bungeed to the top. Need r
Saltwater hooks
If you have your leader constructed so its even possible to break or bend a hook, you are risking your whole flyline.. Fly guys who fish salmon and steelhead in rivers here (New York tributaries) comm
Christmas brookies on a coyote streamer
I like to use streamers for native brookies. I use a larger gap barbless hook. IMO they cant get the hook that far in their mouth so 99% of my hook sets are right in the top of their mouth. As with mo
Bling Midge
5-6 in my limited experience, yes on indicators.  If drift boat in use.   Hope McFly will ring in, because I am curious if advances in leader tech allows a larger tippet strength.  Had
Giving Feather Emporium a second chance?
No need to apologize to me ever. The diverse and differing opinions of others or the responses to my opinions do not offend me in the least. You would have to cross my leader to begin to offend me.
VersiTip question
You posted the pics while I was typing; I would just tie a loop in the butt of a long leader and connect to the WF.
skagit for spring creeks / small trout streams?
If you can roll cast 30ft you got it knocked on small streams, that is true enough. But Spey casting hits it's own on medium and large rivers with back cover IMO. I've never been able to roll cast my
Perfection Loop
The Perfection Loop is an amazing knot for making loops on monofilament fishing line or nylon leader.  It is strong, and makes a beautiful knot!  Its small, and goes through guides pretty ea
Full Sinking Line in Heavier Weights
Me too, fly fishing over other types. But I don't fish sinking lines at all.  I've fished water as deep as 12 feet or so, by using that long of a leader/tippet.  But all my fly lines are flo
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