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Ray Bergman Collection - 206) Lake Green

Damsels in Distress by Sharptail Media

The Ray Bergman Collection - 53) Brunton's Fancy

The Ray Bergman Collection - 13) Baldwin

Headbanger Sculpin- Rich Strolis

ProTube nymph- by Chris Warren

Gary Lafontaine

Swap your The Lovely Reed for my Caddisflies or Other
I'm hoping to find someone willing to part with their copy of the Lovely Reed, by Jack Howell. I've got a number of items I'll be posting for sale shortly (assuming they make it past the moderators),
Elk Hair Caddis
  The elk hair caddis should be a staple in all dry fly fishermans boxes, if they aren't in there already.  This fly is probably one of the most effective and versatile dry flies ever crea
hook sizes.....
  I hope wat I posted wasn't too confusing. I jus get so frustrated when folks put the brand an model number...but not the size ...   I'm still confused on the question because I have n
Best Tyer Ever?
"Best"  is not a useful designation cuz,even as you point out,the span of time and specializations makes such an exclusive category unhelpful.   If "influential" is what is wanted, some
Fifty Fly Project
Gary Wulff, Lee Wulff 1929
Fly Tying Books
I am interested in the book Caddisflies by Gary LaFontaine. Was wondering if it was still available.
Favorite hair for Elk Hair Caddis?
Most elk hair caddis patterns are tied with the wrong hair. The originator, Al Troth, specified that the hair should NOT FLAIR so that it would lie TENT like over the fly just like the the wings on a
Does anybody have, and use, a Herter's Professional Wing Maker?
tctrout:  I can't tell you how many of your videos I have watched and learned from in the past 2 years!  So nice to kinda-sorta meet you!    A little background:  I'm 75 years
Edison Flyfishing Show review
I was there, I thought it was great.  Went all day Saturday, had a great time.  I agree, parking was very good, just like Somerset.  Last year when I was at Somerset all the tiers were
Suggestions for tying Sparkle yarn on bottom of hook curve
So I tied my 5th LaFontaine's Sparkle Deep Sparkle Pupa, and I have just one problem:  what is the secret to tying the Sparkle Emerger Yarn (or any frayed material) on the underside curve of
Need help blending yellow and rust Antron to be rusty yellow
Hello all... I am tying Greg LaFontaine's Deep Sparkle Pupa which calls for "rusty yellow" body dubbing;   I have looked everywhere for that particular blend, and finally gave up looking.  I
The Antron BWO Emerger
I will tie it; I'm willing to bet seven dollar e-book- that Al Beatty will tie it, at some point; of course much better than I dream of. It has a lot of Gary LaFontaine variable coloration, and I like
December flies from the Vise
Thanks for the info Scott. Oh I saw another of your excellent SBS's today...Lafontaine's "Royal Double Wing".
Muster/Roll Call
To all of you, thanks for your service. Gary Cranson - US Army.
Fast Action Rod?
Some will argue that it's too geared to high end rods. Nevertheless, some good information on a number of rods.   Yellowstone Angler's 5-weight Shootout:
Tie fly so it floats just below the surface
If you want to fish a pattern like a midge or other small pattern just under the film, use the greased leader tactic/technique. I put fly floatant on the leader and tippet to float it BUT I do NOT tre
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
I know you were asking about an advanced book on fly tying, but for what it's worth to you, these are my thoughts on the matter.   I have a lot of books on the subject, but IMHO, books are limite
Mop Fly Variant
Kenduardo's Double HumpMopper Tied "guide fly" style #10 3xl curved stimi hook LaFontaine Variable Coloration [attachment=65467:IMG_0232.JPG]
Your fly for new "trout" waters
Mixed sizes of LaFontaine caddis and underwater it's the Governor (basically a Red Ass Kelso with brown wet fly wings).
Spinners or Spent Wings
Spinners generally are the same size as the dun.   Rather than hackle, the best and cheapest material I have found for spinners is white twinkle organza fabric. You can buy a yard of it for
How long to get "proficient" at tying?
I used to think I was pretty good, I even won a few fly tying contests, but it wasn't until I sat down with a world class tyer, and let him examine my flies and explain how I could do it better, that
Remebering George Croonenbergs
Not really too much off topic, so here's another story about a different person that had a part in that movie, that died back in late 2010. He was the guy that played the elder Norman Maclean at the v
The right wax
For many years Overton's Wonder Wax was the defacto standard when it came to dubbing wax - it seemed to have just the right "stickyness" and never seemed to dry out. Overton's is now once again avail
May Flies from the Vise
patriot double wing (a gary lafontaine adaptation)  
Greenie Weenie pattern
this is posted in the wrong place So sorry. I am new to the forum. Where should I re-post? I'm assuming you don't have a favorite pattern then... ;)
Gary Loomis Interview
I didn't know where to post this so I chose Fly Fishing since I figured that anyone with an interest in fly fishing might also be interested in how Gary Loomis got into the rod business.   I give
Monster Bugger
Based on various similar flies in the pattern book "Woolly Wisdom" by Gary Soucie, I can see it being called a "bugger", just not a monster. Frankly, I've tied similar, and even with an Estaz body, on
My buddy wants me to tie him some dry midge flies-flies that work on top. Would you say some type of midge emerger would fish better than a straight dun?     On top means dries so I agre
Bluegill hunter swap
Ok bb the last spot is yours. We are full thanks to all of you for joining. My address will be on original post thanks again. Gary
Hackle Pliers....😡!!!!!!
So I'm looking to try these out next any opinions pros & cons ?   Buy them. They are the best I have found. Gary Borger let me
Sparkle Emerger Variant
Gary LaFontaine's Sparkle Emerger has been a great pattern for many over the years, and I wanted to share a variant that has worked very well for me recently.  I'm sure many of you also have vari
Books For Sale
Maybe this will help:   Books For Sale Nymphs-Ernest Schwiebert-$20.00 The Compleat Book Of Fly Tying –Eric Leiser -$10.00 Caddiesflies-Gary LaFontaine-$30.00 Fly Fishing Pressured Waters-L
Henry's Fork?
I predict that the Henrys Fork at the Harriman State Park/Railroad Ranch will be one of the most difficult, if not, the most difficult fishing you have ever experienced. Only Silver Creek, Idaho in my
Parachute adams
The parachute adams is actually a stage 3 emerger pattern. The fly is supported by the hackle that is ABOVE the fly body so the fly body is IN and NOT ON the FILM. Dry fly bodies lie on the film and e
Parachute flies
File Feb 15, 12 05 49 PM.jpeg       Amazing eye for detail you have there. It is whip finished to the post but on one wrap I did accidentally take the whip finish under the hook s
The Complete Caddis Swap
Dubs, Looks like their are a few open spots in the pupa/emerger category. I'll do Gary LaFontaine's Emergent Sparkle Pupa.
Atlanta (Duluth, actually) Fly Fishing Show Feb. 3-4
Just a reminder, the show is this coming weekend.  If you are in the area, find time to come by.  The show will feature Bob Clouser, Lefty Kreh, Gary Borger, Joe Humphries, Simon Gawesworth
Silvercreek's UV resins
Two links for  " Silvercreeks " stuff its great …….. have used it for a while …….. damn good stuff  and he's great guy too ……… UV resin sy
January Flies from the Vise
Do a search for Gary Krebs Weed Guard. He uses Mason Hard Mono. They work really well.
UV curable coatings, advise for a newbie?
Carl Z….Check these two site's out " Silvercreek " has some great stuff ….I have been using it for a while …he's a good guy you will get your stuff and it  will be good stuff an
Ripped off!
The main reason I am considering concealed carry is because I work for a well known company and crime involving fire arms has been encroaching. I have been there about 7 years and every year there has
Your Best 12 Trout Flies?
  Is your Mole fly the original or Charlie Craven's variation with CdC? I tie Craven's Mole Fly.     Have never heard of the original. I googled and first two pages are all Craven
Klinkhammer Hooks - Can I Use Them For All Emergers?
Are Klinkhammer hooks better suited for parachute flies or can they be used for all sorts of emerging flies? In other words, what are the hooks designed for?   Thanks, Randy   Emergen
Dragon Flys
Two identical videos, one says dragon flies and the other says damsel flies. They look more like damsels to me especially since the video was shot by Sharptail Media (the Vimeo Video) and Sharptail Me
Swedish Dry Fly Hooks WTB
I am hoping to buy some Swedish Dry Fly Hooks K3a to tie some Gary LaFontaine's caddis dries. I just found a few 12's, but I would love to find some in other sizes both larger and smaller. I can buy
First Annual Smooky Mountains Hook and Hackle
Update:  Tyers include Clayton Gist, John Zimmerman, Josh Williams, Mike Bryant, Mike Adams, Tradd Little, Dan Jackman, Roy Weeks, Anthony Hipps, Laura Kennerly, Steve Yates, Tammy Neal, Jeff Wil
October flies from the vise
Reviewing Gary LaFontaine's great video on some of his most famous caddis flies and thought I would use UV pearl dubbing fibers to add a bit more sparkle to his sparkle pupa pattern.     [UR
Dry fly tailing material ?
Wow thanks for all the info guys. Phg thanks for the heads up on the tailing packs I was considering them but I'll wait until I can purchase in person. Thanks for the lead on the Collins as well guys
run one
out of ideas???   2 materials only 3 materials only 4 materials only a to z swap articulated flies attractor flies bait fish flies bass flies beadheads beginners only blue wing olive/baetis buck
Pics and Winners of "One FLy Tourney"
In the spirit of the write up on the flies I asked for mine is an attempt at the Gary LaFontaine Caddis Pupa. It will fish on or in the subsurface film with a little dressing and look like pupa strugg
uv resin and humid weather
I use Resin from …" Silvercreek "….. and have never had any problems with his stuff …….here's where you can read info about his stuff…..UV resin system - South East Fly F
Non-typical materials
Packing foam. The sheets of foam that cover electronic gizmos. There are several different thicknesses and variations in translucency. The really thin stuff makes great emerger wings and looks even be
UV Light / Finish
Here's where you can read and also get …. " Silvercreeks stuff "…it's the best I ever used …and He's a great guy and also good stuff too……here are two site's to read abou
LaFontaine type Antron Yarns
I still have a lot of the four custom colors of antron yarn that Gary LaFontaine had made up and 20 or more other colors also. I have been doing 10 yard pieces of the four custom colors and 5 yard pie
Hand tied leaders, 'hard' mono?
been using Gary Borger's Uni-body leader design for sometime works very well and easy to setup
The Blood Knot, quite possibly the best for attaching tippet?
Dave G., I still have a couple in one of my tackle boxes.  Inserted it in a size D level line.  Does that give away how long ago it was? Gary Borger has a video on how to tie a nail-less nai
Simple Popper
Check out Gary Kreb's Popper Jig. They are made by Riverroad Creations. I know Gary and was fortunate to test one of the prototypes and I still use it.   These sets use foam rods and each set has
Yes I can see that. Is there zone thing I can read? Nymphs are easy.   1) Find a hatch chart for your area/water.   2a) For every entry that is a mayfly, substitute the name of the mayfl
Mother Day Drifting Caddis Swap
Kind of funny on those battery operated ones Pica. The basic fly is just thread body and hackle trimmed on top and bottom is supposed to imitate caddis swimming for the rocks where they crawl out. I d
Head cement deterring fish?
Years ago I went to double whipping my flies and forgoing head cement almost entirely, primarily because it was faster and every bit as strong. Just by doing that it took the smell question out of t
Stonefly Nymph Body Width
Your friend wouldn't happen to be Kirk Dietrich?  I think I saw him use this method for spoons.     No, the gentleman I know is Gary Krebs. He has popper jigs he developed and are b
March Flies From The Bench
  “DANCING CADDIS” Grannom – Gary LaFontaine/Variant – Gamakatsu C16-B, #14 – #18     The hooks...     PT/TB
Best spinner wing material
The best and cheapest material I have found for spinners is white twinkle organza fabric. You can buy a yard of it for several dollars. It also comes in various colors. It works because it sparkles si
Moore's Comparabuzz SBS
  Tom Moore's embellishment of Gary LaFontaine's Buzzball, adding wing & shuck from a Sparkledun.  I'll leave up to others to decide whether it's an improvement or just gilding the lily
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