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Photobucket sharing again!
if you appreciate all of the fine fly photos posted on this forum (and others) but you only get the following or something similar     add the following extensions/add-ons to your web brows
Easy Intruder pattern
Here is a pretty simple intruder pattern that doesn't take 45mins of brushing loops or any real complicated steps Easy to swap colors and size for various species    Single station, but stil
Brittle peacock herl
... and if all that doesn't work, the herl  may be just too old and brittle to use.  Not sure if one can rejuvenate fly tying materials (like feathers - beyond what is mentioned above) tha
Brrrrr...! How low can you go?
Well, went out to fish this morning and my whole pond was frozen over. In SOUTH GEORGIA!!! This is insane.
Question for bilinguals
My only point to all of this is to answer Vicriders original question as to whether people think in the language or translate in their minds. Poopdeck, my daughter and daughter in-law both read,write
Europea 12 (Variant)
Here's a caddis pattern thats popular in Scandinavia whenever there are caddis flies on the water. My variant utilizes the barbules on the CdC feather to give some extra spice to the fly. I have fishe
Europea 12 (Variant)
Here's a caddis pattern thats popular in Scandinavia whenever there are caddis flies on the water. My variant utilizes the barbules on the CdC feather to give some extra spice to the fly. I have fishe
We need to wake the hell up, gents
And, directly form that news feed:  " ... No livestock or drinking water sources appeared to be threatened ..."   And ... “They’ve got a response plan that they kicked
Any snake ID out there?
Here's a little tidbit of info for y'all too. Did you know there are poisonous snakes as well as venomous? Some common garter snakes in the NW USA feed on toxic newts and sequester that toxin renderin
The River Runs Through It - 25 Years Later
Read and enjoy.
YouTube video links
Rupert Harvey   1. Fat Boy Mullet 2. How to tie Mylar Mackerel Crease Fly   Jim Misiura 1. My Top
Gunnison Basin Small Creek Report-July 10, 2017
Fellas- I've been casting a fly in the Gunnison Basin backcountry a lot over the last week and prepared a short creek report for my website,, so I thought I'd post it up here as we
Looking for pelican quill
protected   PELICAN, American White, Pelecanus erythrorhynchosBrown, Pelecanus occidentalis   HERON, Gray, Ardea cinerea Great Blue, Ardea herodiasGreen, Butori
Insect Identification
This interests me. I found about 100 of these guys all over a tree stump the other day while I was turkey hunting. Thanks for posting! another old turkey hunter disappears while hunting in the Geo
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
THIS SWAP IS FULL!   Let me explain where the idea for this swap came from and then I'll tell you the rules and how the swap will work. Some months ago, now, I was looking for swappers for one of
Perdigone nymphs on jig hooks
Spanish perdigone nymphs have recently been an increasingly popular group of flies. They can be relatively easy to tie. And they are very effective for European style nymphing on different types of w
March Georgia trout patterns.
Couple of Hatch charts for N.Georgia.  
Synthetic Quill Emerger
Here is a Quill Emerger using a Synthetic Quill The video shows the far right pattern, but you can easily take out some materials for the different stages shown
8th Annual Opening Day Swap
got mine in the mail today I imagine it shouldn't take long to make the 45 minute journey.  Not long ... about 45 minutes. That would require me hoping in my truckand driving them down there, no
Parachute adams
The parachute adams is actually a stage 3 emerger pattern. The fly is supported by the hackle that is ABOVE the fly body so the fly body is IN and NOT ON the FILM. Dry fly bodies lie on the film and e
Silvercreek's UV resins
email him at this email…….ok guys here it is …Email me at Picaboo(at)charter(dot)netwith Silvercreek’s Resin Kit in the subject line and I will tell you how to pay.
Deer season HELP!
Thank you all who commented. I've harvested two deer, both with my shotgun, last year and the year before. I'll give your suggestions all a try. My friend and I got in some range time today before the
Impressions of the International Fly tying Symposiumch
One thing to consider about shows for the south. Atlanta is by far the only big city in Georgia and drawing from north Florida is no good as north of Ocala you don't have near the population in centra
Best feather for wet wing fly
Guess I figured a feather is a feather and if it's big enough it should be good for a wing.     not if you want a result like this
Several Classic Books now free on Kindle
The People of the Mist     Allan Quatermain
Emerger Hooks: Fine vs 1X Fine
CDC "oil" actually clumps the fine fibers and prevents the flotation of CDC. What I recommend is not CDC oil but Tiemco Dry Magic which does evaporate without clumping and then use the combination dry
Bunny Gill Streamer Fly
Bream is a common term here in the south It is? Oh ok I didn't know. I lived in south Texas for a while, but that's the closest to the "south" I've been. They do things a bit different in Texas t
Targets in and around florida?
It really depends on which part of the state, you are in, where you are fishing (backcountry, flats, bridges, passes, offshore, etc., and then there is freshwater too).When you fish here you see why t
The Ultimate Streamside Fly Tying Truck
Obviously for natural materials only, but you'd have a healthy supply   [attachment=58969:10.Georgia.jpg]
Almost done with the hurricane shutters...
I was making light of the situation, because we came through it with minimal damage. I should apologize to all those less lucky. Right along the coast, it was MUCH worse.  Has anyone heard from U
Name That Fish!
I have no clue what it is.  I caught it in north Georgia in a mountain stream.  Caught it on a yellow wooly worm.      
Learning the salt and the keys
Lol. First Kentucky is not up north. Sunscreen I agree. I've travelled fairly extensively Florida sun mild compared to the Baja, Death Valley, and the Kalahari but I appreciate the concern. Second
0301   check your regulations in georgia
Breast Cancer Awareness Swap
I just wanted them labled some how so I know whos flies I am receiving. I am only waiting on your 2 sets and I think I can figure it out. I know flats lives in Florida and add147 doesn't, so it is a g
Pegging Beads... Fishing or snagging?
I bought some beads a few years ago to see what the hype was about. Hadn't really read anything on how to actually rig them before then. I live in pa. The way they were originally intended to be fish
Fly Box Contents
Well,  Here is my pile.
Fishy Question
Does a stream that is not stocked necessarily mean "native" or "wild" trout?   For instance, I know of a particular stream in north Georgia I have caught rainbow trout on, but I know the stream i
North Ga Trout Trip
Why are Georgia flies so secretive?
August Flies From the Vise
Hirano's Skater (variation)         Scaled down version to throw at some stupid cutts.  Unfortunately, the river with a decent October Caddis hatch where I wanted to try it
American River Shad Fishing
I live in Rancho Cordova, CA... less than two miles from the American River. The north and south forks of the American meet at Folsom Lake which is about 12 miles north east of me and  it exits i
Georgia Tyers?
Click on Members (top of page).  On that page click on "More Search Options".  On that page, enter Georgia in "Location" and you'll get a list of all members who included Georgia in their pr
Future of Fly Tying
  Now that we have gone off topic to economics, I will add my predictions.   I don't know what the future holds precisely but I do know that in economics, labor is a commodity just like oil
Favorite Kind of Coffee
Really, Flats?  Your idea of "Heavenly cup" of coffee must be vastly different than mine.   From a "coffee forum" site: "Green coffee would have none of the dark, caramelized flavor characte
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
I just recently started a list of the same thing, only my list is longer and all fish must be caught on fly rod. Here's a few. Rainbow and brown trout (im a Floridian) have this booked for north Georg
First mayfly! Help!
Saw my first mayfly today! Was very excited! It was long, 3/4 to 1 inch! And cream colored or a light yellow. Had light wings too. Any ideas what species?! Southeastern Georgia, United States. Closes
Does anybody know what is being used on this fly?
Cold, I'm not wrong, but there are many such spawn patterns and several that have come along since the one I've mentioned as other materials have been introduced or become popular. That one tied with
Deep Sea Nymphing with a Wrench Nymph
Failure of Modern Fly Design
Any fish that grabs an artificial over a natural is being selective, whether it's a loopwing dun or a Royal Wulff. It isn't that the fish is mistaken in selecting the attractor versus the imitator, it
Difference in Rabbit and Pine Squirrel strips?
I think rabbit has longer and softer fur. The squirrel is shorter fur but denser.   So fur bunny leaches, the rabbit gives a longer body fur when dry, and the squirrel is more compact and denser.
Birds-of-Paradise Project
Intro to the forum (and my trash flies)
Welcome to the site, Alcga.  This probably should have been in the "introduce yourself" forum, rather than the "photography corner" forum ... but it ain't gonna cause any real grief.  Look
Possum dub?
My friend Georgia, and her live dubbing! This one was in my trash can
Favorite stonefly pattern(s)?
Does anybody use a tungsten bead on the Girdle Bug?  I saw it in an online article (, and having never heard of that coupled with a l
New guy in Savannah
New guy here in the great state of Georgia. Really interested to learn a thing or too.
Gulf Coast Florida, Destin Area Help
One of the great features of Florida is, there is wade-able water almost all the way around the Coast, from the Alabama border to the Georgia border.  2,276 miles of tidal shoreline, the majority
crab patterns for trout
If you look at the LAKE INSECTS thread someone posted a link to and in looking at some lakes here in Georgia freshwater crabs were listed along with freshwater prawns, freshwa
Tandem fly terminology?
George Bernard Shaw is quoted as saying, “England and America are two countries separated by the same language.”    The bastardization of point fly is a prime example. I dou
Invitation to the 29th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship 2016
Invitation to the 29th Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship 2016   Fly tying section of the Slovenian Fishing Association is announcing the 29th annual Slovenian Open Fly Tying Championship for
Scored some Mustad classic hooks
Sometimes they say be careful what you wish for WELL..... Actually went with the wife to a tag sale and found these!!!94840's 100 size 12 and 200 size 16, and 100 3906b size 14 and 94840 1000 ea
cracked uv resin coatings
Thanks for the close up photos. It seems pretty clear to me that the crack is not only in the resin. It seems deep enough that the body underneath the painted eye is also cracked. Why would the paint
Buck fever...
Primitive weapons season is underway here in Georgia, and that means I can hunt with my shotgun cause I'm only 15! :) Dad is still using his crossbow though. Anyways, I was walking back up the road t
Simple Deep Pupa
Simple Deep Pupa is one of my favourite sedge deep pupa patterns. I use it mostly in the summer and early autumn during caddis hatch. Sometimes also during the day when insect activity is not  vi
Trip out west recomendations
Hey Guys, My family and I are planing a trip out west the last week of may and first week of june (29-4) 2016 and Im looking for good lodges to stay at. We are from Georgia so this is a big trip for u
Which order should a Star Wars newbie watch the movies?
From the net: "To maximise the interest and joy for children they should be watched: 4 - 5 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 6"   AKA the "machete version".        That being said, last night I f
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