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Great Lakes Salmon

HMH TRV Edison NJ Show
Lovely vise ! Enjoy it ! May it bring you many hours of great tying.
Bunny Leech Light
Yours looks a bit nicer than my version I've been tying for 20 years, I think I will switch mine up to your way. Those streamers in small sizes are good in some Maine rivers where young salmon hold, f
Our Favorite Things?
Bucktail is my joy.    Picking through a pegboard of bucktails on a shop wall and finding the two or three which are truly good, then tying with it is great. Better yet, tying with a ta
For the Love of Golden Pheasant Tippets
I have always loved the look of the colorful orange and black golden pheasant tippets. While tying up some pheasant tail nymphs which use only pheasant tail fibers (except maybe for some peacock hurl)
Guess what....a 2wt
That rod looks great. I have a little 6' bamboo rod called "The Wisp" that was made in England. It cast s 3 wt beautifully. I tried a 2 wt Sylk line on it and it wouldn't cast it at all. I thought it
Danville not marking colors on thread spools?
Hope Danville ups their game - more than one maker that I relied on for years has fallen by the wayside when new competition came along - if they didn't pull up their socks and get competitive (Penn r
Behold the power of coyote
Had a great few hours on Sunday. Caught some beautiful browns on some of my coyote nymph patterns. I caught a small stocked brookie, and stocked rainbow as well. Also tied up some trout size
Return from Hiatus...
I'd like to say hello to all, as I return to this forum after a nearly 7 year hiatus - my last login was June 28,2011. Much has happened in the past 7 years, including much fly fishing, graduating fr
Patagonia Report
All,   I've been dying to share this with folks since I returned on Monday.  My family and I were lucky enough to spend 14 days in southern Patagonia and Buenos Aries.  I'll do my best
Synthetic peacock dubbing for bodies....
Sorry can't advise as I lack knowlege but the body material on the flies pictured look great.
Tiger ghost wrap
I am looking for a US source for a wrap material used to tie the Tiger Ghost salmon fly. I found it at a Canadian company, but they said it wasnt available in my region. Any suggestions would be appr
Leader making
Islander when you have a chance it would be great if you PMed me a link to that. Thanks and that pretty genius
Photobucket sharing again!
if you appreciate all of the fine fly photos posted on this forum (and others) but you only get the following or something similar     add the following extensions/add-ons to your web brows
Soft Hackled Nymph Swap
They look great Zip!
Matt Green Stream Sample Part 2
Great series Tim, thanks for posting.
Need to blow off steam
From the Merriam-Webster dictionary: Definition of hate : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury b : extreme dislike or di
Question about hens and rosters.
Sandflyx - dat's a great looking bug....
Big-Y Stonefly Nymph SBS
Another great pattern and SBS. Thanks StepByPratt (couldn't resist)
Topwater shrimps and Spoons
Great work!
The Vikings...'Nuff said
Agreed. It was a great game to watch and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did not want to have to face drew Brees in the NFC championship game so the end was very pleasing to me.
Did FTF Go Down For a Few Days or...
As someone who sits at my tying desk more than I tie flies and spends more time reading the site than posting, it is great to see FTF up again. I learn more from this site than I could ever contribute
Need help blending yellow and rust Antron to be rusty yellow
I've been tying Lafountaine DSPs and ESPs since the book came out in the 80's.  They are great caddis patterns, sometimes the only thing that works with any consistency during a caddis emergence.
Giant poppers...
Great advice. Mostly fooling around. Made some before couldn't cast them so they ended up in a shadow box as novelty. I have a dream of doing little offshore stuff so had some utility corks coupl
Polarized Eye Glasses - need help in buying a new pair
I wear my polarized cocoons with or without my eyeglasses, work great for fishing, bird hunting, and protection from uv rays
XXX Brown Sedge (video)
I know the split thread technique, but I have never used it, if I have to tie a very small fly, I simply use fine thread... With such a big fly like the CDC Brown Sedge, the Uni 8/0 works really well
Best thing all day.
My younger one tells me she left something for me at the tying desk today. And this is what I find...48C57840-5816-474D-8C9B-C4EA1C7E5BC8.jpeg Very sweet. You have a great daughter
What is the angle in angling?
At some point pre-internet I used to look stuff like this up at a place called a library.  back in those ancient days it was widely thought that the use of angle in fishing was the result of cast
Brittle peacock herl
Thanks Tom, Silver and Mike. Now... Just when I thought I had learnt something... :D That article is a great short read. The last fibers I used were from the left side, totally by luck.
HEY KIMO! It's here, It's here!
SCORE! EXCELLENT! Looks in great shape and came with PEAK tool holder. Kimo
Royal Coachman
Coincidentally, I started a project this winter to tie different variations of the Royal Coachman. The main purpose was to improve and learn new tying skills. So far I have done a soft hackle, wet, tr
Trout Bugs
I'm wondering if the curvature of the bead distorted the light source KIMO? ...sort of like how a convex or concave mirror distorts images?!?!?   But I am not trying to challenge your assessment
powder coat vs nail polish....
while continuing the powder coating process this happened when i tried to lift the container. i found out rather quickly i had not secured the cover. stupid me (i never claimed to be the sharpest kn
Brrrrr...! How low can you go?
I used to live on a ranch (winter care taker) and the property boundary backed up to Yosemite national Park I use to win bets at the bar that I could catch trout out of my bedroom window. Had a jar
A Curmudgeon Moment
color me curmudgeon, moderately In truth many of the new materials and right now patterns are great to look at and often very realistic. Some bugs I see posted on the 'net look alive, make you reach f
2-Bank Marine Battery Charger
Thanks for the information guys.   Have a great day, Thomas
New years fly fishing
Happy New Years Steve. Great looking spot to fish! As stated, a fish would have been a bonus - that's what keeps you coming back right? Think March or April (if you can fish there then legally :) ) &#
January Flies from the Vise
12x long land lock salmon fly (for trolling)
What is in this body?
I had not thought about the doubled up marabou plume. That is a great idea!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Patriot and to all the tyers on the forum. May 2018 be the year of grand flies,great fish and tall tales .
Jig Swap
Vicente's flies are here and they are another great looking set that I'm sure will get a lot of use. Thanks Vicente for some great looking jigs.    Take care   BB
Disco Midge Pupa
The Disco Midge is a great fly for fishing slightly off color water.  Its flashy enough to catch the trout's attention, and not too flashy to scare them away.  For instance, my local tail wa
Are all craft furs the same?
Great, flytire!  You're going to start a new craze, like the hair clips one that depleted hackle stocks.   Buy all the craft fur you can now, people, it's going to become rare !!!
Wooster's Silvery SBS
Great tie Scott! I love that chenille, do you know the brand or style off the top of your head?
Using google earth to scout wading areas
Mangrove snapper! That's one I haven't got on fly yet. Need to add it my bucket list along with bone and cobia.   Glad you had a great time and caught fish.
Fishing Logs
Used to when I was salmon fishing very basic information. date, river, pools fished, water temp, clear-cloudy-rain, fly used and size, grilse-salmon caught/raised. Started with good intensions then wo
New guy from the PNW
Hello all! Don't know why I've never gotten around to joining this forum but finally decided to fix that! I life up in Washington State on the waters of Puget Sound where I fly fish the saltwater yea
Salmon Flies that Look Real and are Unsinkable
[attachment=65495:Salmon 3-1-1.jpg]  To see the Recipe follow this link   [attachment=65493:BBC2-Post.jpg] 
Promising weather report
Living here in the great white north you have to ice fish if you don't want to spend 4 months of the year waiting for open water. Three feet of snow makes accessing some remote lakes much easier than
Saltwater hooks
Look into daichi 2546, although I do believe the price goes up a lot rather than the #2 Also, Mustad C70SD are underrated and great for the price.
Tying a May Fly Swimming G Nymph
Great buggy looking fly
IPone camera...
Fisherboy !!! Are you taking pictures of those in the wild or in an aquarium ???  I recognize the Tiger Salamander ... but is that other one  Red Eft (Newt)?   Great pictures, either wa
Nymphs tied on jig hooks?
Al, were these 90 degree bend hooks or 60 degree bend hooks and how far below the hook did the mono extend with the bead?  Yea, a photo would be great.
Question for bilinguals
Wow, this is turning out as a great thread, applies to fishing too, as many of us dream, plot and plan trips to exotic locales. Thanks Nick for a thinking person thread. I would love to chase the mon
Bobbin Review
That's great it's working for you and you like it, congrats ! But I guess I'm not getting what was slipping on you before ? On a conventional bobbin you can squeeze the side rails or touch a finger to
Office version 3.0
4 years ago, there was office version 1.0. It was my redo of the basement office with the 265g tank that leaked like an was a year long project. Last year was office version was t
Bulk Fly Storage
I use cigar boxes.  When I stop in to buy a stogie or two I always ask if I can pick through their boxes.  I'm friends with the guys so they give them to me but still a good buy at $1-$2 p
Deer Hair "Green Weenie"
The Green Weenie, tied with green chenille and fished as a nymph is a great staple here in the Smokies. I saw a dry version in a fly tying book that was tied with nothing but green spun and trimmed de
Ekich Bobbin
For Christmas my darling wife gave me an Ekich model S bobbin holder. Upon opening the box, even though the frame is plastic it has a feel of quality and it fit my hand like a glove. It should for $7
Christmas brookies on a coyote streamer
Great pics...looks like a great outing!
Collins commercial grab bag?
website says the following:   Commercial Grab Bag $60.00 4 capes in standard colors of our choice.  A great buy at a great price!   no mention of saddles     call him to
About musical taste?
I do check Lodge once in a while but can't see how I missed this thread. What a great read bringing back the years of music we've all lived with and different tastes have, sometimes changing through l
best time of year to fish South FL
Spring and summer are a great time for baby (and big) tarpon, as well as snook. Just about everything is biting that time. It's hot, the mosquitoes are out in full force, and the snowbirds stay at hom
Think this will work?
Here you go , 20 is the smallest hook I had .20171225_150401.jpg Looks legit. Midge/Stone combo right there. @Tom Cummings had a great point on using more natural fibers like you did. Skinny and m
Mating and Emerging Flies
The flies listed below are mating and emerging flies made with air trapped inside.  To view more pictures and see the recipe just follow the link provided.   [attachment=65564:Rated-X Damsel
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