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D-Rib Golden Stonefly

How did you get started flyfishing or flytying?

Ray Bergman Collection - 140) Governor Alvord

Zaggin Zook- by Curtis Fry

Ants: When little things mean a lot by Russ Forney

The Ray Bergman Collection - 47) Brandreth

Great Lakes Salmon

Bair's Black
  Bair's Black   Hook - Salmon/steelhead style Thread - Black Tip - Red floss or uni-stretch Body - Black chenille Wing - White calf tail tied over the body with an overwing of (clear) micl
Brenda's Delight
  Brenda's Delight   Hook - Salmon/steelhead style Thread - Black Tip - Oval silver tinsel Tail - Golden pheasant crest Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel Body - Flat silver tinsel Wing - Sparse
Thread use for specific types of fly?
i tie nymph, dry, streamer, wet flies for trout, salmon, steelhead and panfish flies and simplify my thread selection by primarily using veevus 12/0 and on occasion danvilles 6/0. i will use danvilles
Recommend a Book on Coldwater fish species
Greetings from Texas,   I hope everyone is doing ok.  If your a deer hunter, hears to a great Deer hunting season for you.  I am seeing a lot of Does coming in to the feeder,  A fe
Patty Green
  patty green   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - black tip - oval silver tinsel tail - golden pheasant crest ribbing - oval silver tinsel wrapped closely body - chartreuse yarn throat
  faulk   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - red tail - red hackle fibers ribbing - oval gold tinsel body - orange dubbing throat - red hackle fibers wing - white bucktail; leave t
anybody tie flies using....
I heard it's great for weaving.
Fishing in the Jemez Mountains
On this trip I met up with RXflyfishing from Instagram.  He has a great instagram channel, and I was excited to fish the creeks and streams I see him fish all the time on his account.   
"The Early Show" fly tying event ... from Richmc
  The Early Show – Sunday 11/11/18 10am – 5pm Presented by the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance & Dupage Rivers Fly Tyers Come to the 8th Early Show, Chicago’s only all fly fish
Started an account because I almost threw my vice through a window
It looks like TJM gave you some good references.  Here are a few general tips that come to mind that should help as well.   Dubbing is one of those things where there are so many methods for
New flash/Clouser
Stumbled on this flash source.... I think I got it from Michael's. Just grab a lil hank and it'll pull outa the white fiber ball... Mixed with little craft fur and spun a dub for a Clouser/Crack.
Feather Thief
Yea, It was crazy. Edwin Rist. He has a little brother named Anton and they were both Full dress Atlantic Salmon fly tiers. Just kids!!! Awesome flies! Gorgeous! Fine Jewelry on hooks!  What
diy synthetic dubbing
I did the blender stuff once but it didn't turn out so great. Mak's turned out awesome looking.
automatic fly reels
My dad had a Utica on his fly rod.  It was the only reel he ever used.  Bass, trout, panfish, it didn't matter.  They are great for line control,  but you can't really fight a fish
Fully Back, Flash Back, Bead Head, Pheasant Tail
The full back, flash back, bead head, Pheasant Tail (wow thats a mouthful)...  Is a great fly!  Everyone fishes the flash back pheasant tail, and there are many videos on youtube about how t
traveling tying kit
    Great idea but the local authorities have decided that plastic bags are evil, so I can't get them anymore.   I have a fly tying bag from B&W Sports (scroll down) 
My Cheap Tying Bench
Mine's a highly abused, extra large breakfast tray. I took a drill to it late one night, glued in / on some dowels, magnets and velcro (most of what's spillable has matching velcro on the bottom), and
New Clousers
1st one colors are reversed and way over dressed. Also not a fan of maribuo on clousers. Some are a tad long for my liking. The last picture, right side, middle fly looks great. For perfect eyes use
First Clouser's
Not bad at all and one of my favorite color combinations.  Great job.   Clouser Tip:  To keep your eyes consistent, try using a kinked shank popper hook like an Umpqua U504 or U505 and
Click! Poppers
Tried them out. A good regular click cork has glass beads top bottom and metal inserts. It clicks on the jerk and again when the weight settles back. On my bugs couldn't get glass bead over the ho
New to the forum - from Austin Texas
Good Afternoon, All, I signed up a few weeks and have been lurking for a bit.  I like the forum and the members seems polite and well mannered and very willing to help.   More about me. I ac
nymphs that sink fast and are easy to tye
Hi guys,     Here are a few colored nymphs easy and cheap to tie and sink super fast. For those who have enough time to tie flies this Winter just make a few of them , work great on whi
What primer/clear coat for poppers with copic airbrush
If you've got the money ... look into UV resin.   Infinite (or nearly so) work time ... as long as you're not in the sun.  Instant (or nearly so) set time when hit with a UV light.
Curly tails
Knew I had the right color when I ever found it. One has double plastic beads and one with foam bead that kinda float. Both with great curly tail action. The sharpie colored ones it kinda destroyed
Quick Tie - Simple Midge
Great Video! This will be the next pattern I'm going to try. I actually have the Materials on hand; would a #12 hook be too big? Thanks! :o
Cool Olde Quote
Way too much for me. My favorite quote is: Time is a great teacher but unfortunately it kills all its pupils Hector Berlioz
10' 7wt Quickline rod
great looking rod.
Still very new to tying
Nice Mickey Finn.  I tie them a little more sparse so the silver body shows through and it isn't overly buoyant.  Also, something to try with your marabou on jigs, bring the marabou into a t
Anyone has a cavapoo? (Dog breed)
We have a goldendoodle and she's great with the kids. We got ours as an unwanted.
Tapering scissors.
I wish you said, I've got a pair of specialist fly tying ones here, Anvil ice ones. Bought them many years ago at a show in Kings Hall, Belfast, so we are looking at 15 years ago at the very least. U
tying station suggestions
Looks great. I like that the holes are large enough to support the bottles/ tools that will go in them
"Fly" identification
First of all, I am not sure if I am to post this sort of thing on this board. If not, my apologies. A little back story. I took a guy from work on a fishing trip at a local park for trout. He had nev
Found while fishing
No tellin what you'll find out on the water lol. I'd bet someone was out and it started leaking and they just said the hell with it and left it there. Slobs all over the places these days. I've found
What do folk use.
Captn Bob, great reply. I have been using a home made shooting head from a Di7 line with mono running line. Sinks down quick and horizontal and the mono line cuts down well. I'm looking at some of the
Pacific King
  pacific king   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - black tail - black hackle fibers body - insect green floss with a strip of brown floss laid over the  top and secured with 4 tur
Hares Ear
The hares ear is a fly that has been around for ages, however its still as effective today as it was many many years ago when it was created.  The simplicity is really what makes this fly so popu
Silly Stilly
  silly stilly   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - black tail - orange hackle fibers butt - 3 turns orange chenille body - orange yarn wing - orange over white bucktail   referenc
Poodle Dog
  Poodle Doghook - salmon/steelhead stylethread - blacktail - red hackle fibersbody - black chenille divided by flst silver tinselhackle - whitewing - white bucktailreference - steelhead fly fis
The royal zeewolf looks great! I like the substitute!
Vladan's Ephemera Emerger SBS
Many possibilities.....great job as usual
Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Books & DVD's
(All plus postage)   The Art of Fly Tying, by John Van Vliet (a good beginner's book) - $5 This book guides you through all the tying basics with easy to follow instructions and great color pictu
Assorted Fly Tying Feathers, Hairs, and Furs
FTF BEGINNERS' PACKAGE DEAL:   - Thompson Pro vise on other thread ($35) - a great beginner's vise. Vintage quality, lightly used. - Art of Fly Tying book on other thread ($5) - covers all the ba
Ragged Hackle Wetfly
That fly will work great for panfish here in so cal.
The brand new Redington Butterstick!
The Redington butterstick has been one of the leading glass rods out on the market.  It always had decent sales compared to other brands rods, and it always was pretty good.  However they ch
Super Slow board
+1 here. Been clicking on something then lay the phone down come back later. Forget editing. Zip thru all my forums had to start skipping this one. Been fun for long time '04, nothing lasts forev
3wt test drive
Having recently been given a 7'9" TFO Lefty Kreh finesse series 3 wt fly rod and an Allen Trout II reel, I decided to take it out on its maiden voyage today. Since the river is still very high like it
SE FL noob
Thanks Bimini. Was just at Ole Florida in Boca this week, long time since the last time I was there. Great to see business is going well for them.
Are trout really that picky?
If you are fishing a high mountain stream with a very short growing season and sparse insect hatches, the fish will probably not be that picky.  They can't afford to be since there is a scarcity
Time for Secret Santa Christmas Swap Planning
Cut off for sign up is Nov. 17th to have flies here by Nov. 24th.  Welcome to the Secret Santa Swap 2018! The object of this swap is that you send me your flie
Would you use it? - a CDC Dun fly
Looks like a great fly for a Tenkara setup, for sure! I know squat about entomology, but I'd fish with it! :)
Fly Fishing Rod Recommendations???
I got a maxcatch extreme 8'4" 3wt 4 pc about 2 years ago. I absolutely loved it. Awesome rod for under $40. I can't answer for the "ultra-lite " series.. only the green "exreme" model. I loved it so m
Airbrush for flies (feather&fur - not poppers)
One more note. There is a way to blend or gradate the colors instead of using  an airbrush. Copic as well as the other manufacturers make a marker called a "Blender".
Nice, simple tie with great results.  I like the dubbing placed on the first whip finish.  Neat idea I've never seen before.
what does your fly photography and or video setup look like?
Scott P. recently posted a picture of his setup on another board. It's pretty similar to Norm's. Both of them take great pictures.    A couple of years ago I bought a setup that consists of
Micro Mop fly
This should work great on stocked trout, kept short and using brown micro chenille which I happen to have. Thanks Tim, never gave this a thought before today.
Spring Favorite
  Spring Favorite   Hook - Salmon/steelhead style Thread - White Tail - Red calf tail Butt - Green wool Body - Red chenille Hackle - Red Wing - Orange calf tail over strands of orange cryst
  skpade   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - black tail - brown bucktail body - black crystal chenille wing - white bucktail hackle - black   reference - hairwing & tube flies
Can I use a Scott 9' Med/Fast rod for nymphing?
We used to wade up river about a 1/2 mile or so to get to some good salmon pools with 6 wt mod fast action sage rods. Then turn around put on a small Hairs ear and nymph fish our way back down stream
Very tiny creek, Tons of fish!
HAHA yeah its my favorite type of fishing also Mike!  And your right, as long as it doesn't dry up part of the year usually it will hold fish.  Of course we worry about freeze here, so the p
Tarnished Silver
  tarnished silver   hook - salmon style thread - black tag - flat silver tinsel tail - golden pheasant crest ribbing - oval gold tinsel body - rear half - flat copper tinsel; front half -
October Flies from the Vise
  Sicilian Gold   Hook - Salmon/steelhead style Thread - Orange thread Tip - Embossed tinsel Tail - Red hackle fibers Ribbing - Embossed tinsel Body - Yellow floss or uni-stretch Wing - Ora
Gawdy frogs
Those curved bands would make great pincers for craw fish flies.
New Tying Bench
Regarding the big holes, did you drill them for specific items? Seems like a lot of them. I myself have found holes to be more of a PIA for holding anything other then bobbins which require small hol
Whalin Galen
hook - salmon stylethread - yellowtag - oval silver tinseltail - red hackle fibersribbing - oval silver tinselbody - light gray rabbit fur or equivalentwing - gray squirrelhackle - light blue tied as
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