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Great Lakes Salmon

Crappie fly fishing
anything tgat looks like a baitfish in any bright colors will catch crappie. I target them with a fly rod every spring as the lakes start to warm when they come up into shallow water. Any other time o
Howdy from TX
Hi everyone...greetings from Southwest TX.  I'm an avid fly fisherman, backpacker and aspiring fly tyer. I just recently picked up a used Regal vise and I'm getting my feet wet with size 20-
Hello from Oklahoma City
Welcome to the forum. This is the place to learn about tying, irrespective of one's expertise. Lure building will give you several transferrable skills. Great fly teachers and researchers here. En
Stonfo Kaiman Vise Review
Looks great, Tim. I think you should send me one to see how it ties Eastern trout and warm water flies.
Whiting hen cape
Their 4B capes are also a great value and high quality for soft hackles.
Why is Jungle Cock so hard to get in US?
May be a supply demand issue, many tiers do not use jungle cock, I have seen it at a few local shops but not in great numbers and sometimes pricey. I have always found it at the shows (tying symposium
New Member
Mike its a dry ice.! No kidding aside the lakes are 7000 to 9000 feet elevation .I will be on those lakes early Dec. Ice usually will be 10- 16 inches thick.Thats when i fish the baetis or should i sa
We need to wake the hell up, gents
My post was out of a deep concern for when an oil pipe line bursts over or under a major waterway, such as one of our Great Lakes or one of our rivers that we fish. It affects everyone.
Late Summer / Early Autumn Dry and Nymph Swap
Lets try again.   As the northern hemisphere moves towards winter, I want you to think about your favourite late season patterns (typically for brown trout).   Some friends and I are heading
Antennae / horns on caddis pupa
Thanks for these great pics and thanks to everyone for chiming in on this one. I've only recently (this spring /summer/fall) started tying and fishing pupa specific patterns and have been pleasantly s
Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I used to live in Texas and learned that bigger (i.e. giant articulated) isn't always better.  I've had some great fishing days throwing a size 1 or 1/0 baitfish imitation when the really big fli
Regal Revolution question
It's a nice vise though. You'll spend a lot of great on it. Enjoy the nice piece of equipment.
Fishing in Miramichi, New Brunswick?
Other than the Miramichi (the most renown salmon river in New-Brunswick), there is also the Restigouche approximately a 1.5 hour drive from there. Known for its big salmon, it would be a great option
Hello all from BC, Canada
Started tying/fly fishing many years ago,but life and work on the road got in the way. Dug out my old tying gear, stocked up on materials and I'm ready to "fly" back at it lol. You guys got a great si
3/8 vise inserts
Herbbr, I have had great success with brass threaded inserts for 1/4-20 and brass bolts if your base/stand is wood, hard wood is best ie: maple, oak, bois d'arc etc The inserts are available at at woo
Any reviews of the Int'l Fly Tying Symposium ?
This was the first year I have been able to attend. The move to Lancaster along with the Two Veterans from my Local PHW making it to the finals of the PHW Tying Compition it was worth the cost. There
Thread recommendation
Veevus, Gordon Griffith's 14/0.  I've found both to be very strong and great for really small patterns.
Comments on first effort at polish woven
I think they look great !
Hello from East Tennessee
Great people here. Welcome from Central, PA
Feather Emporium - HEADS UP!!
Same here, bears den has always been great to do business with. I am lucky enough to live less than twenty minutes away.   Mike
11ft 4/5wt switch rod
Looks great!  The sparkle definitely sets it apart.
Partridge Feathers
The hairline packs of partridge are sold by many online retailers for a little over $3. Those packs look like someone grabbed a handful of partridge and stuffed it in a bag. there's a lot of chaff and
Yes, I'm still tying furled leaders
Furled leaders. Your choice of colors, depending on availability from my supplier. I make them in 3’ – 5’ – 6’ & 7’ lengths. I don’t believe you will find
New to the forum
Hi there ! Im a guy from sweden 36 years of age and a father of twins, boys. I have some nervedamage in my hands, love to fish for pike, but my condition prohibits me from fishing anything above a 7
illinois fly show
was a nice show. rich, you did a heck of a presentation, your intimate knowledge of shab is VERY impressive!!!!! it was great to meet up with ya.   I need to hit shab one of these days, when I ge
Lake Mead anyone?
I've flown over it, my thought is boat required and plenty of gas to get to key fishing points etc. Big lakes are like that in my experience. But then I've never fished Lake Mead and probably never wi
hello from black forest - germany
hello,     i´m preferring slim nymphs,emergers,klinks and dries #16-20.only for great holes  nymphs with #14.   nymphs in comp.-style,perdigon and so on.   the rest a lot
Muster/Roll Call
MSGT Duarte, my senior DI nearly 60 years ago  in Little Korea ---  FT Leonard Wood -- earned a combat promo to officer grade during the Korean War and made Major (temp grade) during the sho
tie like a pro
This is great. Re-enforces the need for proper thread control.
Really Nice video
Thanks, Its a great reminder what our own natural wilderness must have inspired in the first of us to see it.  Before the roads and "civilization" came.    "Fly Fishing Russia", Mikhail
Fall Au Sable pike
Um, the UK fish tend to look that way if there are too many jacks for the waters prey balance. Tend to find a jack can make a great bait for a big girl.
Finishing Knots
I was one of those tyers in Townsend last weekend.  We had a great time, and met a lot of nice people.   Back before I learned to do a hand whip finish, I would tie off a fly with 2 or 3 hal
A couple of tool ideas that might help
i do alot of furling  so i made a furling tool. its just a pencil diameter dowel rod with an alligator clip on the end    spins real easy between my thumb and forefinger.. i also j
Best feathers for small soft hackles
Thanks for the replies. I have a source for free or very cheap Bob white quail birds. I might see if I can go to the farm and scavenge feathers as I'm not sure if I want to try and cure a skin myself
Flymen Fishing Company Fly Tester Tank
For sale Flymen fly tester tank Great condition, no issues $120 USD SHIPPED to your address
Just got a skiff!
Congratulations on your money pit. I have a fish and ski money pit, it's a pretty common lakes style boat for the larger lakes in Maine and bigger ponds around here. Having not figured out how to
Capped Baitfish
another great vid! thanks for posting.
2 pc. Vs. 4 pc.
I have one of each.  4 piece is great for packing, but the 2 piece is good all around.
Fishing after Hurricane Harvey!
The devastation of hurricane Harvey was terrible in Rockport and Port Aransas.  Just so sad to see all the trash and debris.  Especially since Port Aransas is such a beautiful little town. &
Favorite UV Resin?
Welcome Brandon, this is a great learning place for novices and experts alike. Post up your fly and fishing pictures.
Fast Action Rod?
I agree with Steeldrifter on this one. I have a couple of fast action rods which I like on lakes where I'm casting longer casts with bigger bugs or streamers. On the other hand I want a rod that begin
Fly Tyers Dungeon boxes are available now...
FTD gift boxes are available now - have been for a couple of weeks. The Christmas boxes are all sold, but he has others.   I just received my Small Warmwater Box last night and couldn't be m
Gizmos new and old
I stumbled onto a potentially useful dingus at Joannes yesterday. A pack of Eyepins in the beading section.  These are straight stainless steel shafts with a parallel eye at one end -- @ 1.25 " i
November Flies from the Vise
Triple Sec in the Salmon Candy variation.   [attachment=64762:TripleSec_SalmonCandy.jpg]
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
Petegra:   Great new ties.  How do they cast?  Much fouling?   Thank-you for any info.   tightlines wademan
Great vise wademan . Hope u enjoy many hrs with it.
You Tube is not what is not what it used to.
What is an egg log? I got turned on to a Scotch egg a couple of years ago and damn! Goes great with good craft beer!
salt question
great advise!!! thanks you Very much Mike!!!
Float tubers
No, Piker.  I've got one of these ... [attachment=64556:HIGH-SIERRA-II1.jpg]   I only use it in lakes and ponds ... no moving water ... and it's done well for me for about a decade or so.
Tenkara is just for little fish...
It is all about fun. I've cast one tenkara rod at a fly shop. It was very enjoyable, and light years from being anything like the cane poles some are comparing them to. The rod was light and crisp in
Annual Caddis for Christmas Swap
I will be tying the Collard Caddis and am looking forward to a great swap.    Thanks FishingBob,   Tim
Small thin web like strands when using black laquer and nail polish...
Hey SilverCreek all those Chemistry classes finally paid off! LOL LOL I use Beauty Secret Nail Polish from Sally's because you get a bigger bottle for about 7 bucks and it seems not to thicken up as b
New reel - Sage 2200
I agree onebadmofo. Thanks for the line suggestions but I tend not to skimp on the line. I buy cheap rods and cheap reels but don't mind paying up for the line. I think the line is the most important
Both flashes you have are wireless capable.I would use them both off camera and let the cameras built in flash trigger them but you could get by with just one flash. The HVLF42 is a powerful flash.You
Caddis Pupa
yes, Great photos! last one is pro.
Tie fly so it floats just below the surface
If you want to fish a pattern like a midge or other small pattern just under the film, use the greased leader tactic/technique. I put fly floatant on the leader and tippet to float it BUT I do NOT tre
Everglades backcountry, 21-23 October
to put it mildly - I'm always available, seven days a week - unless I'm already booked...  Fall is definitely a bit more temperature friendly than August (understatement) - but as I write this, w
Show Us Your Tube Flies
  Tube: 1/8" polytube & 3/16" hook holder tubing Body: Silver Braid Wing: Peacock/Crystal Flash/Marabou Gill: Red hackle Eye: 3D shaped to a curve & coated with Solarez thin That rig
Saunders' Sheep Fly SBS
Great tutorial, as usual. Thanks!
8'6" 5wt 2pc
Great work
HMH FLY TYING CONTEST sponsored by HMH Vises
  HMH FLY TYING CONTEST!   1. Tie a fly using your HMH Vise and take a picture of it. 2. Please include HMH vise in the photo in some way. 3. Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook and
10wt Advice
All the game fish you target require smooth, durable, and strong drags; rugged frames; and a vast capacity for backing.   I doubt even the largest Guru qualifies on all counts. I happliy use
Nice knowing you guys...Im a dead man!!!
great attributes for sure but classic streamer earrings will hang right next to those diamonds. Perhaps some smoky quartz or garnets than.
Fly Tying Events
We had our first Tying Session with our local PHW today so I took the camera along to see what would work the best. The 18-55 work great for taking general pics of people tying. The 100 will work grea
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