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Parafoam Dry Flies by Alex Cerveniak

The Ray Bergman Collection - 114) Flight's Fancy

The Ray Bergman Collection - 117) Fosnot

Ray Bergman Collection - 179) Jay Yellow

Haches Theater- Poppa, ZAKO, and Bluefin

GCO Announced Small Clear Lid Fly Box with Streamer Foam

Great Lakes Salmon

autumn silver
Great video. I just shake my head as I watch them landing big fish with click and pawl reels. I have a hard time with the disk drags. I guess you just need to know what you're doing. Thanks
Getting back into tying and A K Best
One word for you YouTube Here's AK shooting the sh## tying a beetle AK tying a spent Caddis AK tying a Marabou streamer
Material Recommendation
 Let us know how it goes, that's great good luck on this adventure !.
What Would You Do?
I like them boxes too, never had any fly boxes that were better. I'm partial to the 69 & 91 but have several other models also. Some of the auction merchants think the flies sell the box, and so f
Eleven Mile Canyon and Dream Stream!
Good vid. Wish I was there cause I would fill limits. On NE my flies bags more than 50% over traditional flies. Great vid and nice promo for discounts.
UV torches
the tying indusrty (uv retailers) is not buying anything special, theyre just charging a higher premium for the exact same light you can buy on amazon or ebay for $6.95 or even less   dont be foo
EZ Cast Baitfish
You know fshng2, albies will be here in just a few weeks, I think your fly is perfect for this and I will add it to my arsenal, thanks and great job..
How to Make Perfect Booby Eyes (Video)
Hi everyone, I made this video to show people how i make my booby eyes using the Gunville Foam Cutter Kit and Dremel 932 grinding stone. The cutters are also great for parachute posts and detached bod
Source of foam for fly box
I used the door hangers that rstaight mentions. They work great and have stood the test of time, in use for over 10 years and hundreds of trips.      See my thread here for how I create
Looking For Advice
They look great. And the rubber bands get you a thicker, flatter profile on your segments than other solutions. Try em and see, they'll last long enough (far longer than peacock or ostrich, certainly
Euro Nymphs
I fish a size 14 bead head hares ear nymph 90% of the time when trout fishing. They are weighted with just a bead head to beads and wraps of different size lead wire. I use different color thread to m
Letís talk decals
Goodness. Yall sure have a knack for turning a simple post into an argument that doesnt help the OP whatsoever. I love this place but this gets old yall. I asked the same question in two fly fishing/t
Jungle cockcapes
I was some jungle cock capes on eBay from Estonia for $35 plus $9.50 for shipping. I want to the some salmon & steelhead flies. A few questions is that a good price? What to look for when buying t
Little double hook spey
Another nice fly. I have always been intrigued by spey flies but never tied any. I would think the undulating long feather fibers should get a number of fishes attention. Have you ever effectively use
golden trout - liquid gold
In 20+ years of fly-fishing in the Sierra's, I still haven't made it up to those lakes yet, but at 53 I'm hoping there's still an opportunity... maybe in August.
Soft Hackle Emerging Caddis
Soft hackle fly patterns have been around since pretty much when fly fishing started.  That does not mean they aren't effective now.  In fact, they are still very effective, and in some circ
Favorite Brookie Patterns
About the only time I fish for brookies is when I head up to central Vermont, one or two times a year.  SE PA isn't what you would call a hot bed for brook trout.   Mostly I take rides
should I be prepared to treat for parasites?
Hello,   Not sure what is going on with my all male tank but all of my fish seem to be flashing (rubbing) to a point where Im starting to get concerned. I know fish do this but I've never had the
Darwin Award nominee
The fail videos are great. Makes you realise life can get worse. 
Digital Fly Journal
I started using journey today. Far easier to use than word with easier search. For instance if looking for an ant but unsure of proper name type ant and all patterns appear. Its also more useful in th
My Take On A Couple of Reels
The big land locked salmon breeder fish are like that when they come in. They are silvery fish fresh in from the cold water lakes and when they get hooked they run down river, they're almost instantly
CDC Hatchmaster
So the original hatchmaster I believe was tied with a mallard flank feather. However that is just too large, and would create a fly in the 10-14 size range. Great for larger mayflies, however when t
Summer Steelhead Fly
Been a few years I have fished for Steelhead. When they are running it's a two hour drive and it is crowded and most of them are aholes. I have seen people tying on a new fly and some dick steps up
Fun and Humor at the Fly Shop
Lol. Sounds a lot like the store I go to for materials and such. Great place to visit and enjoy the company of employees.
Fly Tyers Dungeon 25% Sale Till 7/21/2018
I am on his emailing list and ordered on the 10th, got it today, great stuff,great prices.
Classic Smoky Mountain Flies
Zip, Thanks for the picture. I have a few spots in mind on the Timber Coulee and the West Fork of the Kickapoo for my May and September trips. This should also work well on some local ponds for bluegi
my best sedge flies
Excellent stuff Lucian.  The first two look like variations on what I know as a "corn fed caddis" it works great here too. I'm really liking how you use CDC. Number 3 looks like a CDC and elk, an
Nymph Fishing Rods
I built a 10ft 4 wt this spring on an IM6 graphite blank and it's done well on 17 inch rainbows and 2 lb smallies. I was midge and small  Hornberg fishing with it early on this spring, then switc
Spin rod gift
Cool! The microwave guide system is great!
6 foot fly rod for tight stream fishing
I've been really enjoying the pair of 4 wt rods I built late winter to early spring this year. So far only still water fishing. I think the Anglers Roost 10ft 4wt controls the line nicer than about an
cellulose enamel   With regards to lacquer, it's what is used on fine stringed instruments. Polishes great and each additional coat "burns" into the p
12' 5/6wt fiberglass spey
looks great, not as big a fan of the way glass rods feel, but love the look.
Marc Petitjean CDC book
Thanks for the replies.   tjm:  where do you get the CPF feathers?  Closest I've ever seen is Chickabou, (the late, great) Jack G specifically indicates on his website that they are NOT
Trip to Grand Tetons & Yellowstone in September 2018
Hello Everyone,   I expect to be doing a lot of sight seeing in these two National Parks in mid September.  I plan on taking along a fly rod to take advantage of opportunities as they presen
She cleans up well
Looks Like  a great little craft. Look forward to more fish pics
New flies from the vice
Nice flies...they would likely work well on Atlantic Salmon here on the east coast too...
Trouble with rod
The advice here abut twisting the rod sections into place reminds me of a related, but not germane here, warning about stressing rods the wrong way  while fighting hot and large trophy fish. 
New (to me) wheels!
Bought my first truck yesterday! A Red 2003 Toyota Tacoma with a camper top. Its got some maintenance things that need taking care of, but runs and drives great. Its in nearly perfect condition inside
Rod Recommendations
I have one rod Steve, aka steel drifter built for me its beautiful works great I highly recommend him as well.
Brooks Falls AK
The fishing looks really good to me!   Just have to nug in between the other fishers for some room! Lots of different "LIVE" c
Happy 4th y'all
Thanks Zip.   I hope everyone is having a great day, so far.    For those of you silly enough to be setting off your own explosives, be careful.  One bad fuse and You might never t
Question about a deer hair top water bass fly ?
Sounds like maybe a bomber salmon fly.
Fiber for dubbing
Looks great .
MFC Boat Box review
Nice Zip & some great looking flies to fill it up too.
Flycraft Stealth Inflatable Boat
I have two of these: Have had them for about 12 years. They came in a backpack for hiking short distances, made out of white water rafting material that has not broken
Older Style Bobbin Question
Gene L, where did you find that video, what a great history lesson.   Thanks.
July Flies From the Vise
Nice fly Sandan. I took my red para ant out to Olympia lakes in Willingboro NJ. I was only one pulling in fish and they came from below to top feed. Most swallowed deep so lucky I did barbless.
Baetis time - my nymphs
Right now  I have in my fishing area a lot of baetis swimming all over. So here are my nymphs that works great  in this period of time. Simple to tie, just  biot  and a little bit
dubbing loops?
i think these are bead head leech paterns. they are tied in small sizes i use them with great success for smallmouth in lakes fished deep. My question is are the tails made from dubbing loops? They ar
Methods and Beads for egg sucking leeches
original poster said   "I am using 1/0, upturned eye, salmon fly hooks. Also have tried size 1, straight eye hooks but I prefer those upturned eyes for these."   with that being said, have y
My flies for my first saltwater trip
No worries Flats, I truly appreciate your input which I think is dead on. I've been casting a long time and have a decent double haul. Being an Atlantic salmon fisherman, I've cast bombers over salmon
Au Sable trout & bass
 Pictures from the past few days on the Au Sable. Spent Sun-Wed fishing streamers and dry flies for trout and bass. Weather was nice and temps weren't too high, fishing was a bit tough at times b
Body Material for Saltwater Popping Bugs
First of all...this is my first post here.   Looks like a great sight.   I'm trying to find sheets of something....I believe it was called holographic tinsel....that I used years ago to
Thread recommendations
Played around on a few classic wets tonight with the uni 6/0. It's definitely my technique that's causing the problem. Did fine until the head and then got carried away on a couple. One fly turned out
Panfish poppers?
I'll usually fish a #8 or 10 gurgler in white or black.   The double barrel popper bodies by Surface Seaducer work very well.   If you're buying them Bett's makes some great bugs.
Best Tyer Ever?
"Best"  is not a useful designation cuz,even as you point out,the span of time and specializations makes such an exclusive category unhelpful.   If "influential" is what is wanted, some
Maine Woods
Hey all.   I'm from Maine. Some of my favorite and oldest memories are of fishing. I love taking my boys fishing - there's nothing like seeing their face when they have a fish on and then when it
Golden Shiner Bass Pattern
Big predator fish are like me.  They hate babies.  And that's a great little baby to show them.  Gives them a target to attack !!!
Roll casting with a short 3wt.
I have a 5'9" 3wt fiberglass rod that I'm really enjoying fishing. Only issue is it's not a great roll caster with the 3wt weight forward line I'm using. I'd like to be able to better utilize the rod
Killiefish/Mummichog imitations?
That will work - anywhere there's small fat baitfish - from killifish to small finger mullet.  Great looking bug!
Fifty Fly Project
Great job on such a big project.
FlySpoke's Super Bug (Carnage variation)
Foam version of an Atlantic salmon pattern. Tied here as a salmonfly; don't have a scud hook big enough to handle a bug this size so I subbed with the TFS iron (shorter shank than the Dai Riki 280)
Northern California July 9-13: Recommendations
@vicente That would be great, although if it's the Fly Shop in Redding I've already been in contact and will be calling them again. My daughter is going to be in their Fish Camp that week.
There's a little place I know...
The answer is simple and is anything but unusual in ponds or little lakes. To many fIsh not enough fish food. If you want bigger bass start eating the bass and the blue gill to thin the heard. There
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