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Great Lakes Salmon

Michigan Trout Opener
Nice brown Bryon. Yeah the high water messed up a lot of peoples opener this year, it happens though you never know what you're gonna get for the opener in Michigan. I've had openers where it was near
Purpose built 7wt
Steve, great idea..i,m sure you know that cutting the butt section makes for a slower action..did you start with a fast 9' rod..i,ve cut one piece rods, never thought of cutting multi piece rods..Than
Hair wing fly swap
Sorry I posted too quickly - hairwings I like, salmon flies not so much.  I apologize for messing up the thread.
Non-fly rod caught fish
Specifically, American Shad.  Not the same thing as Threadfin or Gizzard Shad we are all familiar with in freshwater lakes.   St. Johns River has a run of them every Winter ... but I've yet
Back to bream/bass
They just restocked the googly ball at my local store!   Great tie!
The bird fly
My uneducated suggestion would be to perfect the finished fly before trying to produce parts. Sure those foam parts might be assembled in a million different ways, but I would think a guideline would
Black buzzer
this is the model that I had some nice trout on Alpine lakes :) It is simple to tie,  just 3-4 min for one, cheap materials and effective like hell!  
Great trip/report!   Did you stop by Robbie's?
Outstanding !!!  Such a list of fish !!! Now, don't tell anyone else about how great it was, so they won't want to come here !!!
Wheatley fly box.
I have been wanting a Wheatley clip box for my salmon flies, but dont understand their sizing. On the site they say that size five box (the largest) holds large salmon flies. My question is, what do
Kelson Head Cement
I recently purchased Bill Baileys head cement from FeathersMC*. It is a nice, traditional head cement made from Egyptian asphalt (whatever that is) and turpentine. In my experience, it is rather thic
Back on the river today
I've never seen a sucker with such a big broad defined stripe like that and I happen to enjoy the great sucker runs every spring. We don't have steelhead, salmon and the like so I eagerly anticipate t
Flyfishing Croatia - Mljet: Any advice?
Yes, was there a couple years back as well, great country!
10' 4wt xi "My new toy!"
While it looks slick, the opposite is actually the case. The urethane coating gives a very high traction "grippiness" (is that a word? lol) Before I did my first one years ago I always looked at coa
ep fibers substitute
I swear the dog brush is one of the most used tools on my bench!   Great post.  Thank you!
Old Glory
Great story and nice fly. Looks like blue deer hair over white and red maribou. Have you more success with it as well?
Super Hair
Great stuff.  Use it all the time for chironomid abdomens, ribs, etc.  Can be used as a bucktail substitute and especially useful for toothier critters.
Hi from NY
Hi All, My name is Glenn and I live in Manhattan. I've fished over 40 years but just got started fly fishing and tying for trout. I did  do the Salmon River chuck and duck a few seasons years ago
Celebrating 7 years today
I've got to go along with Steve on this one. Mikechell is the first person who quit smoking who had been a regular for years and didn't notice many improvements in life, many almost immediately. Bette
Lead Wire
Thanks rstaight, great calculator. Web site correction: For this example Lead is .0007 # and Tungsten is .0013 # which makes Tungsten 1.857 X he
Simple Weedless Bass Streamer
Very nicely done. One more thing about these style of flies is that in addition to being weedless, they are great for casting up into mangroves and tree lines since you can pop them out without hangin
Anyone Fish Out of a Float Tube
Have fished out of a kayak & more worry some was the possibility of a manatee surfacing under & flipping the yak. Knee deep water doesn't seem to hold all that many sharks big enough, but migh
Big Boys are Coming
Awesome looking fly! I agree about the icelandic she, its one of my favorites as well. HAs such great action in the water and is surprising durable for how soft it is.
Two classic salmon flies
You say youre looking for Cock of the Rock? Here is some on e-bay, seems like a good deal, but the feathers seem more red than the usual orange.
Why I'm Not Hosting Right Now
Mike, I think this is fine here since BB is best known for his swapping and hosting right here with this elite group of tyers.   BB, if the time is right and your higher power says go, do it. You
9' 7wt 3pc
the PVC shipping vessel was gorilla proof, perfect!looks great, must weigh almost 1/2 of what my 9 weight does.looking forward to trying it out next week when my line gets here.Thanks again Steve!
Flash N Slinky - Anyone tie with it?
Great for saltwater ties as it's somewhat a mix of thin fibers & thin flash that layers well in a multitude of colors.
Animal hair that sinks?
wouldn,t it be great if human hair was hollow?
Dragon Fly Wings
You need to be careful of that choice you make.  First, I'm talking about large dragonfly patterns I was making for bass. 3"-4" wing span sized dragon flies. I've gone through this Dragon fly des
Macaw F Fly
If you like F Fly then you should tie this version, I love it and for  trout works great :)  
Universal Nymph- great all around pattern
added to my to do list also.great fly!
Finish on poppers
From my research I found some great ideas, but wanted to use materials I had on hand when I made a bunch of hard foam poppers last month. It was a first for me and IMO, fun to do. After final body col
Let me know what you think
Great choice joining the Marines. Bad choice trying to make money selling fly fishing stuff like it's a book of the month club. Not trying to be to critical of your plan but there's no way around it.
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Okay, okay, I'll do it. Top, middle and bottom. Half sized for the bait and half sized for the fish that eat the bait. That about right? No tags needed unless you bring enough for everybody and deer h
Hello from Canada
Welcome Tim.  You have some Atlantic Salmon in your territory...ever think about swinging some flies for them?  Give it a try, once you do you'll be hooked!  
Frenchie - On normal hook
The Frenchie is commonly tied on a jig hook, and usually fished by euro nymphing style.  However the same fly can be tied on a traditional nymph hook and is also quite effective fished under an i
Bead Head Wooly Bugger on a Jig Hook
Hi Philly,   Great looking flies and both would do quite well here at Ole Sam. The crawfish color always catches fish here on just about every fly pattern.   I normally keep 4 Fly Rods on my
First fish of 2018 finally
Great Steve, doesn't much matter what the first fish of the season are does it, just great to get out finally and to catch something is a bonus ! Supposed to be upper 60's here tomorrow, hoping to get
The ultimate recliner...
Reading Mike's thread about non-fly tying costs, my SS checks have recently taken a hit. The faithful maid started getting stuck in chairs which she used to navigate fine and tore up her gears. New ma
Ya just can't spend a little ... non-fly tying expenses
So ... about two weeks ago, Wife and I decide it's time to repaint our 17 year old house.  We looked, and there was a 33% off sale fro RhinoShield.  General Manager shows up, we have an hour
On tube flies?
I use mostly the HMH system with connector link at the back that kind of holds your hook orientation fairly well. So hook point down I've had no issue with my Gray Ghosts tracking upright. At least no
Demo/ Test Flies
I have so many flies of my own and from swaps I really would never get those in the water enough to give a good evaluation against anything else. I will say, fire tiger has always been a good bass col
A brace of custom rods
Great work!  
Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot
Michael, Michael, you best never come to MN for walleye opener.  You'd be sure to have a lot of barbed hooks in your cheeks. See, in MN (unless it's changed) the walleye and northern open two wee
Kræ 2
Great as usual. That last picture really shows the peacock.
Western NC help   It's the resource I use when traveling to a new area.  Places to fish, links to licensing, etc.  Great site ... you don't have to "join" to see the item
have you looked at the rio out bound short? it's a 30 ft shifting head style line I use one when fishing lakes casts well.
I just don't get it.
LOL agreed Mike -- I didn't catch that bit about leaving off the "/emotional" in your earlier post. Your wife sounds like she gets it. :) I'm sure mine would, too. You know it's funny -- I mentioned b
3 am phone call- duck
rjohn7, have you tried tying hair bugs, deer, elk, etc...that,s become truely an art form like salmon flies,only you will see some amazing hair bugs on this site..actually too nice to
Substitute for fire line
Fireline is good because of it's stiffness. I have some very old braid from US that I think was made by suffix, very stiff, wire like braid. Useless for fishing but great for joining flies or hook lin
Casting for recovery auction donation
This is a friend of mine that is doing this to help out casting for recovery. I think this is a great thing he is doing and would like all you to help spread the word if you would like about this ebay
Attention to all Swapmeisters
This stickie will  apply mainly to those hosting our swaps, known hereafter as Swap Meister, or  SM.  For those of you who have done many swaps this is nothing new, simply bringing toge
9' 4wt Rainforest IM7
Those wraps look great!  
Parachute posting
Also a great idea les, I will do that next time tying that hackle on is a pain. The the last time I did parachutes I just hit it with a little ca glue the post was fine but uv cement would be easier.
Picture of Bras d'or Creeper
I don't have a picture but check out novascotiafishing dot com for a start.  Go ogle Rick MacDonald for that pattern and Gordie McKinnon for a similar shrimp pattern.  I like a shr
Fly Tying During NHL Hockey Play Off Season
great pic.I love tying and listening to the games on the radio, its just right for some reason.with my big paws, I don't need the gloves, I feel like that all the countdown till the opener T-5
Chile Trip Report
We could have kept it, but we were strictly catch and release. The reason salmon are in Chile, is because of all the fish farms. Naturally, some escaped and over time the population has flourished. Na
Global warming?
Supposed to get an inch of snow here. The ice has been gone since mid  Feb. That was a nice calm month that we had to pay for in March. And it's snowing right now April 2 @ 6:45 am. The next few
April Flies From The Vise
Hi All, very nice ties, feel free to use my pictures for "what not what to do" I've been tying trout flies (mostly nymphs) for about 3 weeks although years ago I tied some steelhead / salmon glo-bugs,
White River out of Beaver Lake
denduke, you are not the most encouraging person for that water. So much of what I've been reading on the Beaver tailwater is it fishes almost like a stillwater much of the time unless they're generat
Casting with tippet rings/swivels
In MN it is legal to use up to 3 flies on a flyrod only. I often used a trace of wet flies while panfishing the lakes around our summer camper on seasonal lake lot. Fishing from docks it was surprisin
9' 9wt Saltwater rod
Very nice! Mlandry hope you have a great time with those stripers. Steve ever build a 71/2' or 8' nine weight ? thinking of a shorter rod for kayak fishing.
Video: tying the Murdich Jig Minnow
Great video. Just enough of everything, not too much of anything.
Sacred Fly - Community Fly Patterns
Love the logo. The site looks like it will be a great resource
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