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Bull Reds
If I were to guess... I'd figure he did it the way Kenny Bittner did years ago with monster goliath grouper (well over 300lbs) taken on very, very light gear....  He'd tow one slowly to the marin
Tampa Fl Area
Hooked two snook this morning and landed one. Then got a gag grouper in the surf on an unweighted fly fished just under the surface above rocks! Crazy! Finished the day hunting sharks teeth and catchi
Summer land Key
Just got back from Key Largo and spent some time fishing. I go down there 4 to 5 times per year. Fishing has been good since the storm. The mackeral bite has been hot. Snapper is good. Redfish an
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
It's funny, up north people call them false albacore and treat them like a game fish, down here in Florida they're called bonita (aka bonies or boneheads) and often viewed as a trash fish and a nuisan
Stay Safe
Yep, here it comes....    In the meantime, life goes on... here's a copy of this week's fishing report.... but no fly fishing, I'm afraid...       With all that bad weather co
They had to motor the charter boat up to Ft Lauderdale then take care of family and home. We used DirtyBoat outa Robbie's stayed at Smugglers Cove. We worked out a reduced deal for me to fly fish
Snook Flies Swap
According to my wife, better than any other fish in south Florida. Grouper and snapper included.
Rod handles
After reading Capt. Bob's exercise instructions I recalled when a while back I took my heaviest spinning rod which would work well on big tarpon or jigging for big grouper and did a test with it. I wa
A few good...flies
Carson-I'll be there right after you,buddy!Gonna hit offshore on the 17th for snapper and grouper season.The charter is through Capt.Eric Thrasher with the "Game On".Did you guys have a hard time find
How's everyone
Nice. Don't let those snapper and grouper kick your ace. .  That rotator better be in good shape when you head down in July.
Hurrican Bay FL....?
The guys on the west coast could help you better with suggestions, but I've fished there several times in the past staying at the San carlos campground. I'm assuming you're talking about the ft.Myers
Salt water skills
Tripletail is tops for eating. I think it ties for number 1 with snook, trigger fish, scamp grouper and sea bass. The meat is very similar to grouper in texture and grills. Very stubborn fighter too,
Zonker Streamer
Way cool! Have you fished this fly? Success? Yes, caught some fish with the same pattern in different color variation... Pacu, peacorkbass and some grouper... just caught a Knife Fish last 2 weeks
Accardo Bluegill Special Poppers
When I was a young'un, I fished in reservoirs in Texas....that was before I escaped.  The banks where I fished were gently sloping and sparsely grassed, but I was wading, and even if I did snag s
saltwater skill building no 2 - deceivers
Yeah vic I used take a beating for grouper and snapper in deep water. Caught a bunch but now my joints are suffering for it. Used to call 3-5ft seas 3-to fish. Nowadays I primarily fish the brackish f
Gulf Coast Florida, Destin Area Help
Yes a 40" snook on the fly is a heart stopper every time I thought it was going to Jump I got nervous and twice I thought it was going to spool me, i was only fishing a 7wt the tide was running hard m
Here's my take on big flies for exotic places.... First off - tailor your hook sizes to your rod size first - then strongly consider the fish you're targeting (jaw structure, teeth -if any, etc.) and
How big are your biggest flies? (and what are you throwing them to)
As Uncle Bob already stated, tarpon, grouper, snook, and other species love giant flies in the stained water of the Everglades.  I also like to throw these big devils at cobia , trout, reds, stri
Fishing report, 16 November - Everglades backcountry, Flamingo to Ever
As usual my reports are a mix of fly and other gear (mostly light spinning ...) so all you purists, quick -close this thread.  At least it starts and ends with fly fishing,so that's something. &#
Fishing report, Biscayne nights - Everglades days
As usual my reports are rarely pure fly fishing so you'll just have to disregard the other stuff.... enjoy!  The night scene usually has us using 8 or 9wt rods with floating lines.  I prefer
Sink tips in saltwater?
Here's a pic or two of the actual fly we're fishing deep in river currents for big tarpon (as big as they get...) as well as grouper and big snook at times.  These bugs are tied up on heavy 4/0 h
Biscayne nights -Everglades days, 4 May
Been quite a while since I posted  a fishing report... here's the fly fishing portion of my latest.... I'm still alternating between the 'Glades out of Flamingo during day trips and the urban are
Big game hook preferance
With 200 views I'm sure many others have found some very useful information on here besides me. My favorite grouper hooks are the VMC Nemesis. Very strong and stay sharp, so I sprang for some VMC 2/0
Dirty Birds
In Florida, the term goggle-eye refers to a type of saltwater bait fish caught and fished in off-shore depths for such as grouper, snapper, etc.
Fishing report, Flamingo backcountry - 1 Dec
Here's this week's report.  Only the first portion is about fly fishing so you can ignore the rest.... All of our snook were caught and released on a 9wt rod using 2/0 Whitewater Clousers (my own
Peak Jurassic Series Large Iron Retention System
From their website:   With the growing popularity of large fresh and  saltwater predator flies, sharks, offshore flies and jigs  for halibut, grouper, lake trout and other species -
Hello from eastern NC
Just stopping by to say hello. I have been tying for about 3 months. I got a Peak rotary vice and started with simple wolly buggers. I am now getting into deer hair, and pretty much addicted....My fri
Micro fishing.
many years back, my wife and I used to go fishing for snook at night with live bait,... preferably small pinfish.  During the preceding day we would go cane pole fishing for bait, using tiny hook
From the Saltwater Bench
For gag grouper (my favorite, when they're up inside rivers that drain into the Gulf..) things usually kick off as water temps begin to drop in November and stay interesting all the way through the co
Guaging interest for another saltwater swap
Great shots Dave.  Is that first one a Jewfish (Goliath Grouper)?  The pokey bream looks a lot like a porgy, which is a delicious tasting reef fish over here.
Big flys with small hooks
A lot of it boils down to dentition.  Species evolved to fit their niche.     Sheepshead developed Sheep like teeth to nibble on barnacles and crush molluscs and crusaceans.  There
Rock bass/Goggle eye fishing
This type of confusion is normal when using colloquial names for fish.  Obviously terminology can vary from region to region and the same names are often applied to multiple species of fish, espe
new translucent glass minnow
Soooooooo i came here for advice last month about tying ep/farrar minnow imitations and i was told to make them thinner. That got me thinking and trying to accomplish a glass minnow that was partiall
Best Big-Fish-Eats-Little-Fish Story
I don't know about small-eaten-by-large-eaten-by-larger ... but the videos (youtube) of Goliath Grouper coming up boat-side and taking something are impressive.
Easy trout flies
Please excuse that run together mess in my last reply... I've been using AOL and it screws up my ability to space things out properly, etc.  I've just learned this and am now coming direct throug
RBF: OTI vs. Black hole vs. Phenix Jigging blanks
at some point this year after the course of a few more builds and some more confident I will be looking for a quality composite jigging blank to mount my compact 11oz release sg reel and 55lb daiwa bo
last month, 2013 Everglades report
Nice work indeed! Grouper would have been fun extracting from the mangroves on the fly.
RBF: Grouper blank
so thursday lost a grouper of a lifetime because my trevala decided it would be a good time to just about explode at a 90 degree angle... got the fish off the bottom but it took too long my line got f
RBF: Determining guide sizes / fore&rear grips
As I delve in to the world of rod building I am learning every day through forums and videos and my own experiences from my first rod build. One thing that I haven't quite grasped is the best way to d
Beginner Saltwater Materials List Help
Re: Hooks rusting out in SW.  Depending on the size, it can take a long time.  I ran a charter boat for lots of years and used very distinctive rigging and fished in an area that was not hea
Jig hooks, Overlooked?
Since I'm also a jig maker as well as fly tyer, using jig hooks for some of my bugs wasn't a long step... Here's two pics of the same 2/0 Whitewater Clouser, one with a standard Mustad 34007 hook -the
Everglades report, 23 May
This time of year most guides are going day after day and that's been my routine. Here's a few pics from the last two weeks or so to give an idea of what we've been up to...This big redfish was Sabrin
Everglades days, Biscayne nights -first half of April
And for anyone tempted to get a goliath grouper (jewfish for the politically incorrect...)on fly.... it is do-able but I still haven't succeeded myself. We've hooked a few but never sealed the deal. W
Pompano patterns ?
[color="#000080"][size="3"][font="Comic Sans MS"]Fairly good vid on filleting a fish. I split the fillet in half length wise before skinning it (makes it easier to get th
Just Some Pictures
I'm just a little bored and have to leave for work in a few hours...I always enjoy looking at other members pictures of all thing salt, so I thought I would add something new to look at. If you h
Redfish leaders
We use a simple "Poor Boy" leader for most of our reds in water that's more than a foot deep. All of my fly lines have a permanent butt section spliced to the fly line with a surgeon
Recent floods
Ive fished Gama's almost exclusively for a few years now. Ive caught everything from Musky/Pike down to Red's and Grouper. Never seen one sheer.. although I dont often catch big fish
Bass Fishing
We loose a lot of fish to porpoises, trout, reds, just about anything we catch...the worst is big fine red snapper or grouper Flipper, the other white meat I never give up without a fight
How do you eat yours?
I like fish about any way. I steam trout in a bamboo steamer and drizzle a bit of sesame oil on it after it's done. I love fried fish as well, but don't generally fry them because I'm co
Everglades report, 9-19 March 2012
With only three days of anglers fishing fly, you'll just have to sort through this a bit... Most guides are very busy now everywhere in south Florida and the Keys and I'm no exception. Even
Everglades backcountry, 28 February 2012
I was on the road almost continuously this past week, logging four days at Flamingo and two at Everglades City (and in the process clocking 1500 miles on my trailer). Fishing is good now and at times
SCULPIN prize for best sculpin
We are waiting on one set, but we are still a week away from the deadline. I will photo the flies I have this weekend and post. Did you catch the grouper on a fly DJG?
Everglades days - Biscayne nights, 7 Feb
Local angler Brad Golub teamed up with visiting angler Vince Williams from Maryland to fish with me this past week with a day in the 'Glades and last night in Biscayne Bay. We had pretty good act
Flamingo Christmas, 29 December
While everyone else is out shopping, lots of guides are on the water almost daily with anglers. All of my trips in the past week or so have been out of Flamingo so this report will just cover the hig
Flamingo, fly & spin, 16 November
It's been a few weeks now since I've had fly anglers aboard, finally a day of fly fishing in this report, y'all are welcome to ignore the spinning part.... Another week with only two book
spray on attractant
I've never used scent with flies (although there have been occasions when I was tempted..). I do know one or two bonefish guys who have kept a fly in with a small bag of cut up shrimp and have us
Everglades action, 20 Sept
On the water out of Flamingo three of the last five days, mostly fly fishing... The pics will tell most of the story and, as expected, things are certainly heating up along the Gulf coast of the '
Snookin' the Lights 6-2 to 6-5-2011
I just returned from a snook fishing trip to Southeast Florida with a couple of good buddies over the weekend. The trip was an absolute success. Tim, Dave and I met up Thursday evening on the way down
New Fly Fishing Forum
Everything's biting in Everglades National Park (yesterday it was tarpon, snook, speckled trout, redfish, grouper, snapper, ladyfish, jacks, mackeral, and sharks.... I won't count the one &quo
Barracuda Fly
That's another trick we call the "bait and switch" that works really well on big fish over shallow wrecks.... You tease the fish with a very active baitfish and keep taking it away (snat
Todays Most Unusual Catch...
We caught more fish than we could count...And one potential fly fishing line class record Plenty of grouper fish sticksThe usual suspectsAnd then it happened... A kiss and appology and off she g
Fly Fishing Maldives
March Year 2007, my 1st trip to Maldives with all Fly Fishermen... out of 12 person... I'm the only guy who don't do fly fishing, during that trip... I was expose to how fun and challenge salt
A day on the bay
It started out looking like this...It did some of these...May be a line class record Choffer The Money Maker cought three little grouper fishsticksAt days end...Rest in peace
Peacock Bass in SoFlo
That is weird... I was there then, and I don't remember the stories about fish kills. Guess I just forgot. I remember the summer kills clearly enough. And I've seen the dead fish from those ki
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