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Christened the UL rod Steve built.
Haddock. Now I see my mistake.
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Great pix, John. Those pollock are extremely tasty - kinda like haddock or cod. A friend of mine who lives up in Jonesport used to catch some pretty nice ones right off the docks.
FTF Official Shirt Ordering Thread
[quote name='Haddock' timestamp='1339154575' post='507514'] [/quote]
Striper Decline
Kudos to Nightheron for operating his business on a sustainable basis. Wish there were more out there like him. I agree that a moratorium is a necessary, but the only way it will work this time arou
A Deep Sea Trip
I'm finally getting around to posting some pics from a (somewhat) recent deep sea trip. Work seems to be getting in the way! The beginning of May I was fortunate to make it out for a day of deep sea
No Sneckers please
Good God Ronn....You Too???I've haddock with this thread, I thought for a while I'd hang around just for the halibut but I just cannot understand what the sneck you guys are talking about. H
What`your favorite kind of fish to eat
Haddock is my favourite fish to eat. Fish that I can catch to eat are flounder and striped bass.
The Herring Are Coming
Good news, here they are called Gasperau and the migrate here to spawn in the Garperau River and you know what follows them. They then sumer here in the Minas Basin. Smelts also do the same thing, no
Check this out!
Congrats Damien! Very Nice flies! I especially like the "Pot of Gold" It would make a great searun cutt fly here in Oregon.My sup just got a job in Bridgetown NS and I will for
Walleye Chowder
You just made me hungry!There are no walleye here but haddock will make a fine subsitute.Coming from Ontario I know what walleye tastes and looks like.When I first saw a fresh caught haddock then
Supper was no Fluke - definitely
For the past week I've listened to customers of Riverview bait & Tackle rave over the good and improving Fluke fishing off the mouth of the Bass River and even in the river itself. Finally,
No Blues, no bass but great Haddock - 32 # Striper
Worked today and had a great Haddock dinner at Sundancers on the way home. Weighed a 32 # Striper at Riverview B&T - taken on one of our South-facing beaches this morning.
Do you practice catch and release
How many days a year do you fsih?not many unfortunately, say 25Do you keep every fish you catch?no. I do not keep any unless they are injured to a point where I think it will die anyway. That rarely h
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