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Half Hitch

Au Sable trout & bass
 Pictures from the past few days on the Au Sable. Spent Sun-Wed fishing streamers and dry flies for trout and bass. Weather was nice and temps weren't too high, fishing was a bit tough at times b
Best Tyer Ever?
  Or for that matter, some unknown Chinese lady tying flies commercially for the like of Umpqua. That made me laugh, there are probably some amazing Fly Tyers overseas who may have never c
Roll casting with a short 3wt.
With a short rod roll casting may be a little harder. But a double taper line will make a huge difference regardless.   Since I several rods I have played around with over lining and under lining
Poor Man's Airbrush
Depends on how deep you want to get into it. Make a dozen a year yeah that and the Copic is fine. Those cans are what? $4-$7 each and the markers...Copics are $7-$8 and you will go through them like d
FlySpoke's Super Bug (Carnage variation)
Foam version of an Atlantic salmon pattern. Tied here as a salmonfly; don't have a scud hook big enough to handle a bug this size so I subbed with the TFS iron (shorter shank than the Dai Riki 280)
There's a little place I know...
Islander, just go on Google Maps and search Daggett Lake Orangeville Township, MI. It should pop right up.   In case anyone thinks I'm nuts for giving away the location of a favorite fishing spot
Delaware Adams Wulff SBS
Brookie bait; tied Bomber style here. hook - TMC 5212 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 brown tail - hackle fibers brown/grizzly rib - x-small wire gold body - dubbing olive body hackle - grizzly (undersize
Whole lot'o rods!
Nope not an Anglers Roost blank. I'm actually not dealing with the guy at Anglers Roost that much now he's become extremely hard to deal with and half the time sends the wrong items other than what wa
Father's Day Fishing Stories
Great video Willie, thanks. My situation with fishing is different. Though I never knew it until he told me in my 20's or 30's, my dad hated fishing, doesn't like he water, hated boats, but took me a
DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss v DMC Wool Yarn
Noah, I like em. Amazing how effective such a simple fly is. Chug, When I tie midges like Noah posted I use 10/0 thread to start. Once I have the floss tied in I finish with the floss. Just a couple o
Im Terry, from Decatur, TX  "Eighter from Decatur, County Seat of Wise".  This saying came around during WWII.  It was a way that locals from Decatur had of identifying where they were
Tippet spool tender
I'm not at home right now, so I can't take a picture. You can buy elastic bands (for waistbands, etc.) in the sewing section of any store.  Get one in the width of the spool. Cut a section that i
Stimulator style Caddis
So this fly worked wonders for me last time I went and fished.  The fish were destroying it on the top water, and almost coming out of the water after it.  It was being hit hard!  And I
Carnage Damsel SBS
A lot of variations to the basic framework out there; just one idea here.hook - Dai Riki 135 #12thread - Danville 6/0 blackcore - 8lb Masonbody/shellback/head - 1mm foam bluewing - Congo Hair whitetho
Sink hole in the Spring
Current at that big rock is pretty hard to manage or so I've read. It is said to be the result of blasting years ago and I suspect the state to blast off the face of that present hole and create a chu
Whiting hackles
I'm all for bargain shopping, but its not only the quality of the feather that amazes,... after tying just a little over a dozen #16 dries on my Ewing $20 half cape I started feeling like maybe I bet
Marsh or Beach swap
ATX I think you’ve got it right but it’s all one swap. So at the end everyone will end up with 12 flies with half being for the beach and half for the marsh. If we can get to 6 people I
Micro Todd's wiggle minnow
I haven't tried the Wiggle Minnow but over the years I've fooled with lipped flies.  Still have a few of them somewhere in my storage boxes.  I had similar problems with the fly twisting rat
Hackle gague
  I measure most everything against the hook shank. Somehow thats easier than measuring hackle against the gap The shank is the gauge. The gape is 2/3 the hackle size or the hackle is 1.5 the g
"The Indispensables" Swap
surgery went great just a little sore. its gonna take a freaking month to wash off all that betadine they paint on your body and all that residual glue left over from those sticky pad they use for the
Static electricity
I've learned over the years that a few different techniques work with materials and static.. The first is quite simple - instead of using that dryer sheet on the material - I simply "dry-wash" my hand
Green Peter Muddler (Carnage variation) SBS
Had to dig a bit to find hen pheasant wing long enough for this one; a #12 would have been much easier. Tried Uni thread cuz that's what Mr. Mcphail uses; popped it twice on the head and I wasn't pu
Cooling shirts
Enjoyed reading this thread and was reminded that every manufacturer is hoping that some feature (or claimed feature) will make their product stand out from others - and that lots of sales (money...)
June Flies From the Vise
Oops. Every other week HobbyLobby has their shadow boxes half price. The sheet foam makes for easy background.
Lil bass buggin
I'm sorry fshg2 for the confusion. I avoid the ones you posted now. I shoulda been more specific about "hard foam". The styrofoam hard or soft doesn't last for me. The ones I shoulda called out ar
Bream/Panfish Box swap
I'd think we should up the flies to double the amount of entries. Unless someone is tying some fantastic deer hair flies for panfish it's almost a waste of postage to mail out and return postage on a
Need help with a fly
It's a weird one. Looking at the close up picture of it helped. There is some grizzly hackle wrapped around what looks like the same tail material tied in spinner style I think. It's hard to tell its
renzetti o-ring and what it does
Just another suggestion... I had two O rings become compromised... Switched to normal sized rubber bands, and they worked for a while (had to double/triple them up, but after a while, they broke down
Renzetti traveler review
Not taking sides here, but I hope to relate some constructive criticism on the video.  First, it was too long.  About half an hour for what could have been done better in about ten. And a re
Bronze Mallard
For a good picture and a description scroll down half way;   Pick a size that lets you use the fibers full length for best re
Perfection loop
I use this one occasionally.  It's just a slip knot with a half hitch to stop any further slipping of the loop.  Make sure the tag end is what slips and that you apply the half hitch to the
Torrential downpour brings a sad day
Looks to be a man made tank, so a half day or so with dozer will remake it, when reconstructing the dam take the over flow out with a pipe sucking near the pond  bottom and discharging below and
Carrying two rods
I've got a half dozen in the boat with me. When wading, I don't carry a second fly rod, I carry a spinning rod.  If I get into overhanging trees or something that prevents a back cast, I can chan
River Road Creations wing cutters?
but it seems the River Road product only cuts foam material   thats incorrect   read the river road creations website and http://riverr
Flies for spawning cutthroats
I caught cuts in Idaho on worms and single eggs  way back when, have never been back with flies. It must have post spawn, it was warm enough to camp at 8700'. A half inch long piece of red worm t
Bull Reds
JC, that is something I thought I'd never see because of the regulations. I don't how how he managed to get the fish weighed, but apparently, he did. I believe he caught the fish near where I live on
Some time on the river
Quite a day today on the river. Fished from about 3pm till well after dark. I guess the river doesn't know I am trout fishing because I'm catching everything but trout so far. Not complaining though,
My dry fly hackle falls forward as I get closer to the eye of the hook
I "second" the half hitch tool.  There are also hackle guards that can help as well:
Hired by my local Fly Shop... advice needed!
Half your battle is done, you're hired.  Sounds like you plan on putting in your best effort.  They already know you from the sounds of things, and obviously think you will be a great employ
I really DO hate people.
3 people fishing the whole lake today and a jerk has to come all the way down by me and cast to 4 feet away from where I am standingOVER MY FLYLINE!!!!!!!!!take one guess what I did.....yup, my next c
Sheep Fly
Yeah, IME, those slinky tails need something to hold them up, whatever you use. I stole the mono idea from the tarpon guys many years ago when I was spending half my fishing time fixing fouled flies.
May Flies From The Vise
Half of these were tied yesterday and half today.  Some sliders made out of those double barrel popper bodies.   Wasn't really happy with the bodies a pain in the butt to get legs throu
Hair stackers, stainless
Stainless is slightly more neutral than brass, but I doubt it makes very much difference. I'd try the dryer sheets, store an half sheet with the materials  and keep one on the bench to wipe your
Need help identifying material (baitfish pattern)
  a cheap match to SF SF? soft fuzz? I did umpteen searches too....generic Synthetic Fiber? Half the time I have no idea what is being talked about. I the above posts there are several/many/a l
John Titmouse (variation) SBS
Having had good luck with Buzzballs with a prominent orange cast, I made some mods to the color scheme. hook - Dai Riki 305 #16 thread - UTC 70 burnt orange tail - hackle dun body - bleached peacock
Purpose built 7wt
Steve, curious about the grip..what is the material making up the front half of the grip..i can,t see any rings but i can see pits..thanks..
Hair wing fly swap
Yep, I'll definitely do this with 6 in. Gives good practice and I'll tie the same thing as Fishin'Bob.  Do you remember what I am tying, my half-timers disease must have kicked in...
Any other Michiganders doing the Trout Opener this weekend?
That's a big part of the reason why I do probably 90% of my fishing solo these days...even when you do manage to find someone whose company you enjoy, it's so hard to sync up both schedules and priori
Squishy worm question
In the uncut, original condition, the material lasts a long time.  I've got a ball that was given to me a decade or more ago, still stretches, etc. like new. BUT ... when you cut it, stick a hook
Non-fly rod caught fish
Sounds like fun. But I've always wondered what is the big deal with shad?  Is it just in the fun of catching them?  You can't eat them can you?    Long time ago there was a sha
The bird fly
Thank you Mike. The largest bird I've tied comes in at about 2g (pictured). I agree that is too heavy and I've already taken some steps to lighten it. Yes I've seen those folks that just chuck half
ep fibers substitute
I got several bunches of macrame and tried the video's  procedures. In the process I found some useful tips for those interested.   Hobby Lobby online was the cheapest source around -- nearl
Celebrating 7 years today
How much and how long did you smoke Mike? Because it was like night & day for me far as breathing, energy, sleeping better, etc etc. I was about a pack to a pack&half day menthol smoker for ab
Lead Wire
Great discussion about metric versus real American measurements. As for scales, like flytire showed I have a simple and cheap one the measures grains, grams, ounces or something else. With the thousan
Anyone Fish Out of a Float Tube
For anyone thinking of using a float tube down my way..... The salt or brackish portions of the Everglades just happen to be shark central most days with bull, lemon, blacktip, the occasional big hamm
Two classic salmon flies
Thank you! The hackle on the fly is supposed to be palmered down the body, but I couldnt find my claret hackle, so I had to tie it with a throat hackle when I did find it. My main issue is with the b
Let me know what you think
Thank you for your service, and all that welcome back .....   I probably have 10-15 cents in materials for the drys I tie ,because I bought in when a dollar had more value, long time passed. Hows
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Okay, okay, I'll do it. Top, middle and bottom. Half sized for the bait and half sized for the fish that eat the bait. That about right? No tags needed unless you bring enough for everybody and deer h
First fish of 2018 finally
Couldn't take it any longer, finally had a nice day with temps in the 70's and caught up "enough" on rod work where I can take a few hour break so I got out for about 4 hours on the Clinton. Was sear
For $150 you can get everything you need to get started and then some. My advice would be to spend most of your budget on two items: the vise and good fly tying scissors.     For t
Ya just can't spend a little ... non-fly tying expenses
So ... about two weeks ago, Wife and I decide it's time to repaint our 17 year old house.  We looked, and there was a 33% off sale fro RhinoShield.  General Manager shows up, we have an hour
Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot
In 2015, I had an article on a Michigan lake published in Eastern Fly Fishing. The thing that was special enough about this particular lake that the magazine thought it warranted a feature article was
I just don't get it.
LOL agreed Mike -- I didn't catch that bit about leaving off the "/emotional" in your earlier post. Your wife sounds like she gets it. :) I'm sure mine would, too. You know it's funny -- I mentioned b
3 am phone call- duck
rjohn7, have you tried tying hair bugs, deer, elk, etc...that,s become truely an art form like salmon flies,only you will see some amazing hair bugs on this site..actually too nice to
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