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Half Hitch

Biscayne nights on the fly, 27 February, 2018
We fished nights this past weekend - on Saturday with Jonathan Wexler from Denver and on Sunday with James Warren from Bozeman, Montana - and it was on....   We only used fly fishing gear both ni
9th Annual Opening Day Swap
Zip you are in. we are almost half way there.
OMG over engineered or what!
I watched a blade fly out  the same type of holder last Saturday.  That was the instructor's main complaint about it.  Apparently it happens more often than he likes.  I'll stick t
looking for user reviews (vest vs. sling pack)
If you want a pack, you want a pack and you seem to be settled on one, but if you want a vest, I bought this one last year and it will hold about 12-15 fly boxes, two spare reels and has room for your
Welcome to the site, Kraig.  I'm sure you'll find many answers and inspirations here.  My condolences on your loss.      In answer to your queries above ... 1)  There are
Cleaning old hackle necks
Hot water plus sink plus soap then rinse and dry, I'd use woolite maybe  and dry on box card board skin in....probably not that important what soap/shampoo you use, key is make darn sure it gets
Flu season nothing to sneeze at...
So, have I brought anyone down yet? Nope !!! A "bottleneck reduction" in the human population to more than half it's current numbers would be the best thing to happen to the Earth.   Yeah, I'
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
I've tied several and there are lots of videos and the "Big Stuff" thread has some of them pictured in there. My question has never been answered in the videos or magazines that I've seen showing the
2018 has not been.....
We've been in our house for 16 years, now.  Replaced two refrigerators, a stove and a dishwasher.  Had the A/C unit go on the blink twice, minor repairs both time. Mother-n-law has been in h
Magnifing Glasses or Lamp
 ... getting old sucks.   Harsh truth.   Drug store half readers  allow me to look over them for stuff on the table and look through them for tying. Same effect as bifocal but
Nymphing Baitfish - Small Fry
I tied up half a dozen of these last night to try for crappie.  One of my new favorite ties!
Spun Bodies
True, Mike.  I could to a first trim outside, weather permitting but I don't want to be holding the fly in my hand when I do the final trim with a half of a double edge razor.  Mogup, I thin
February Flies from the Vise
Good start, Tom.   If I'd known you were messing with deer hair,  I would have suggested you come down to OC last Saturday for the tying with deer hair class the South Jersey Coastal Fl
Bugger swap #2
You are lucky vicente. I have sent many packages with overlapping stamps. My PO office when putting on 4 or 5 stamps to make right postage does that all the time and told me as long as at least half t
Big stuff
The ones I'm seeing online and the one I found a video on show basically two tails (wings?). One goes half way down and on top, the other, full length and tied at the end.
Wading boot studs
  except when I accidentally step on my fly line and my sharp studs cut my $90 fly line in half. Another reason to switch to aluminum I guess.   You can add to that how much grief you'll g
Richmond VA free fly tying class
This is a really good getting started class. My 12 year old son and I took it about a year and a half ago. Learned a lot and Bill from Bass Pro was very helpful and patient with questions
Soft Hackled Nymph Swap
Half done. Never tied this style before so will be looking forward to the critiques.
How much does a large muskie fly weigh when wet?
As stated above, go ahead and tie a reasonable pike/musky fly.  I've practice casts with a regular fly hundreds, maybe thousands of time during my life.  But I don't throw anything as large
7'6" 4wt Rod
  I only have one of these at this price so this is gonna be a first come first dibs deal. Built this while I was waiting for some parts for a few other customer builds so offering it for about
Need to blow off steam
Bryon maybe it is not as bad in the town you live in, but around here, the idiots on the rod are not just one or two or even a few like you said, it IS in fact the vast majority where I live. If I go
Question about hens and rosters.
and crossing those 2 breeds you may get one of these a cree, along with other mutants   I thought Cree was a cross of grizzly with coachman brown but I was wrong. It surprised me to learn that
Big-Y Stonefly Nymph SBS
Not sure if there's an ether leak at the factory but they do have some interesting patterns. Change colors/size to suit your needs. hook - Dai Riki 280 #8 underbody - non-tox .030 thread - Danville
The Vikings...'Nuff said
What a game. I have been away from MN for 7 years now and though I have not really followed the NFL the last few years I did sit down and watch the game Sunday night since the people back in MN said t
Need help blending yellow and rust Antron to be rusty yellow
Hello all... I am tying Greg LaFontaine's Deep Sparkle Pupa which calls for "rusty yellow" body dubbing;   I have looked everywhere for that particular blend, and finally gave up looking.  I
E- Store fly tying materials
Breaking into an already flooded and established business model will not be easy and will take capital, storage facility, and risk but it's certainly doable. The youtube age has fly tying covered tip
Polarized Eye Glasses - need help in buying a new pair
I bought a pair of Prato shades that have a magnifier lens built into them for around $120, and they work great.  The company is owned by a local guy and I found them at a fly fishing expo but I
HEY KIMO! It's here, It's here!
I've been wondering and, in a half-hearted attempt, looking for a non-cast set of jaws for a Traveler I have. At least I know they were made now using machined steel and not just cast. Thanks   B
mop fly material swap
Id join in but all I have is Blue & Charturese I want White/Cream/Tan colors. Cant find them cheap locally...I know I could find them on EBay or Amazon but just havent done it I trade half of
January Flies from the Vise
BWO Emerging Nymph (Richardt Jensen, var.) Edit: Same fly new camera setup! plus a half minute photo editing
Jig Swap
Well thanks for bring back the joys of jig tying  !!! lol  Using 210 is like tying rope on a hook !!! When I live in Washington I tied a lot of steelhead jigs & jigs when it was the year
Are all craft furs the same?
I incorporate the craft fur with my Lasher material to make articulated flies with no wire/braid/mono/etc. swims like a real fish. I dye my own materials (eyelash) for the back half of fly. also a syn
Bass Pro Shops tools or good starter tool kits
  Thank you Bimini I’m checking in to it now Checking the website, or your wife’s supply?   My wife is always handing me super glue, the little Kiss brand bottles she uses
Bobbin Review
From time to time I cast a longing eye at the Rite bobbins.  But every time I just about buy one I remember how well the simple Griffin Supreme bobbin works for half the price.  I'm a tool j
Bulk Fly Storage
For the bench I like the Millstream Ripple Foam found on Ebay and hundreds of fly shops. (check it out)  It comes in sizes as large as 12" x 15" and can be cut in half or quarters.  The ripp
Christmas brookies on a coyote streamer
I like to use streamers for native brookies. I use a larger gap barbless hook. IMO they cant get the hook that far in their mouth so 99% of my hook sets are right in the top of their mouth. As with mo
best time of year to fish South FL
Everglades City/Chokoloskee is an hour and a half away and Flamingo is an hour and a half away.     When you nail down your time here let me know.  If time at all allows I'll see if I c
Crystal Bugger
from IUCN    Afropavo congensis (Congo Peafowl)  Status: Vulnerable C2a(i) ver 3.1  Pop. trend: decreasing Pavo cristatus (Indian Peafowl)&#
South Ben Oren-O-Matic
Most rods of yesteryear liked 7wt lines, as a starting point.. I've fished with the automatic reels and they have some nice points, some days I liked them; picking up the striped line so that current
posting video
without deleting the "s" in https   copying the entire url works best not just half of it   it can be done with or wit
Nation's Silvertip SBS
A vintage pattern from Kamloops tyer/guide Bill Nation. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - golden pheasant tippets rib - oval tinsel silver body - back half silver tinsel, front
Paint for poppers?
I've tried this method. Note that you can only do a few at a time as the compressed air can freezes up. Still it has allowed me to get better coloring than just using markers. BTW cheapest air I have
Bling Midge
Thanks for the intel.  Hope you don't mind more questions.  Do the regulations call for barbless hooks only or is that your own choice?  Do you use a turle knot, double davy or some oth
Giving Feather Emporium a second chance?
wanna guess how many posts this thread will get to?    Don't care flytire, no need to snipe on this thread, why not encouage him to succeed, if he fails there will be a big hole, in the rar
Whip finishing deer hair bugs with hook eye engulfed in hair
It's definitely a good trick to know.  On most of my deer hair poppers, I actually just do several half hitches, clip the thread, hit it with some penetrating cement, then the face finishing glue
Any of you kayak guys have thoughts about the Anchor Wizard?
I have a NuCanoe (dealer) and run with my 110 lb. lab all the time. I run a plastic coffee can (Folgers 10 oz.) with concrete and a piece of chain for calm water and a chunk of 2 x 2 steel hitch bar f
Itís Popper Time again
I just cant get the hang of this stippling... I know these will catch fish but Im not happy with them. Ive tried it on about a dozen and all Ive learned is how not to do it... but thats progress. I
Jock Scott
Very nice, Eide.   Is there a hair wing version of this Fly I thought I saw one while trolling the old inter-web ??? Steve-stabgnid  Yes, there have been a number of hairwing conversions f
TGIF-Need a great Bloody Mary recipe
You can say that again...Oh did. Back in my drinking days a bloody Mary was anything alcoholic tossed in with tomato juice. Had a friend one time who got drunk on bloody Marys in Las Vegas
rocky mountain tyers
mark,   i received an email from a follower of my blog (flytying: new & old) asking if i had a recipe for it. he did say it may have contained muskrat fur and grizzly hackle   i have a v
6'6" 2wt 4pc #4
It's a reverse half wells. Just looks different/bigger because these 2wt blanks are true 2wts and only have a butt dia. of about .280'ish. Lay an 8" brookie next to the rod and make people think it's
skagit for spring creeks / small trout streams?
Can some one explain (in 20th century American) what is skagit and for that matter spey as pertains to casting? Ran accross these terms some while back and never really  figured them out other
Stocker trout
They do a good job on rainbows locally, the hatchery is 2 miles from my house, the rainbows are pristine looking except for a little wear on the bottom fins from the cement tanks, but that grows back.
December flies from the Vise
Thanks Sandan, love those prince Butte-ies variations too! You bet. my pleasure. The "variations" are half prince/half 20 incher, more or less
Chance for choice at Christmas Swap
I have a few boxes of flies that don't have specific cross trades that work well. Most boxes are sorted and similar with a variety of different styles but I have a couple of more concentrated boxes th
Look at these smiles...
On a more,serious note... That’s just it, Steve... Many of these offenses are not crimes, or they are “he said, she said” cases that would get dismissed, which is the reason they do
Tear Mender consistency?
Thanks for the answers. I am looking to use it in baitfish heads a la Gunnar Brammer. He is one of the ones I have seen online. Fly-rite leaves for me a brown stain when it dries. Admittedly, it well
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
I got a kit a long time ago, it had a Thompson A, but that was before India started making vises which is now what you get.  It had a lot of material that was useless, and a few tools that were n
New St Croix switch rod
I just received a new St Croix Imperial switch rod. 11 foot 6 weight. Got it early for Christmas and will be going out tomorrow, Sunday, to give it a try. I have been trying to teach my self to Spey c
How many fly fishermen ARE NOT fly tiers?
On the Mo. trout park waters and tail waters, I'd guess 98% bought flies. On the warm water streams, my guess would be near all fly fishers are fly tyers.   Access to a fly shop sorta influences
Stacked deerhair question?
I've used permanent markers to color feathers and marabou.  No reason it shouldn't work on deer hair.  One suggestion if you're going to use a permanent marker, get one with a wide tip. 
Crappie fly fishing
Well, I know they like gray synthetic baitfish... Minnows. Clousers and half&halfs. Mini decievers. Wooly buggers. Nymphs. Even heard many caught on small poppers. Tie up some beadheads that lo
The Texas Midge
What happened to your thread is you didn't use a bobbin rest when you utilize the rotary feature of your vise. You could buy one if you don't own one or fabricate one out of a large sized paper clip,
Late Summer / Early Autumn Dry and Nymph Swap
Mine went in the post today, also sent you a half patch of the new grizzly craft fur from A.Jensen in Denmark! I know you'll make some kick ass shrimps with it! I'll be in Australia when this swap clo
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