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The Ray Bergman Collection - 7) Alexandra

Zaggin Zook- by Curtis Fry

Artist- Brad McMinn

Patriot Flies and PHWFF

Show us your Bench- #2

Dressed to Kill by Duane P. Vigue


Yo-zuri Crystal Minnow - Restoration steps
Hello FTB Anglers   I hope this post find you well. In last months, I continued working to restore some of my old or scratchy plastic lures. It is fun and I feel very happy to give a second life
West Coast Salt water
I would also love to catch a Halibut. That is one good eating fish!
Lets put a face to the name.
Oh, geeze!  I don't know where it puts me on the Weird/pervert scale ... but my post tells what I noticed, and that I completely DIDN'T pay attention to what KIND of fish was doing it. Of cours
New How To Video Series
Please enjoy this next installment of Leaf's "How To" series about tying Doug's Ghost Minnow. This is a great bay bait fish pattern, which is pretty easy to tie and fun to fish. So far it has been tak
New How to Series
Please enjoy this next installment of Leaf's "How To" series about tying Doug's Ghost Minnow. This is a great bay bait fish pattern, which is pretty easy to tie and fun to fish. So far it has been tak
Loss of Marine fishes - why am I not surprised?
I saw a Discovery Channel show a couple years ago that was basically stating in the next 20-30 years the ocean would be mostly void of fish...hard to believe. I'm 56 and my kids might see some of it b
Mr. Crabtree question
Oh, meant to say, no not really. Fly gear was for fly fisherman and it was very unlikely the fly guys would present bait with a fly rod unless targeting mullet in the sea or poaching. The spicy sausag
Peak Jurassic Series Large Iron Retention System
From their website:   With the growing popularity of large fresh and  saltwater predator flies, sharks, offshore flies and jigs  for halibut, grouper, lake trout and other species -
Top 5 rivers you want to fish...
Mongolia Christmas Island Guyana for Arapaima Guatemala for sailfish Amazon Alaska for salmon, trout and halibut
What does everyone do for work?
Commercial fisherman. I started Longlining Halibut/Sablefish in Alaska, then had 2 sons, so I fish in the Sound now for Dungeness/Opilio Crab and Spot Prawns. 
RBF: Hi from the Netherlands
Hi everyone,My name is Patrick, just started to build some rods this year (4 rods already finished), and hope to learn more from you to build me some great rods and eventually help others out.I live i
Barbless hooks
It is a personal choice that fishers make. I like barbless and the it was mandatory in BC when I was out there made no difference. I have lost very few fish using them. I have even used them in the sa
How many species have you landed on the fly
These are the species I have caught. Freshwater Largemouth bass Blue Gill Sun Fish Rainbow Trout Brown Trout Brook Trout Steelhead Chub Hard head Carp Saltwater Bonefish Corbina Shovel nose shark Paci
RBF: Oregon State Beaver Rod?
I have a client who wants a Halibut rod builkt with an Oregon State Beaver theme. Has anyone done a rod with a team theme and logo? I have several rods on custom rod sites that have team names and log
Second attempt at a flattie fly
I fish halibut in the spring when the water gets 62 they move into the bays and harbors in good numbers i catch 50 or so a year my largest so far is 40 inches . I float tube for them and use 8 and 10
flat fish on fly.
that is the problem the the elusive Blizzard Tarpon have a fondness of the Lake Michigan halibut and have rendered it nearly extinct thus making the DNR create a no fishing on this sweet meat fish
My First Fly Step by Step
[quote name='Chefben4' timestamp='1352079014' post='520420'] NICE SBS!! Well done. Cant wait to see more. Great pics for sure. [/quote] Thanks, man. Much appreciated.
Some New Rabbit Strip Flies for SoCal Surf
I really like barred rabbit on the first fly, great color combo. Sweet looking flies. Have you seen the sculpin helmets, would make for some killer patterns around the rocks. Do you have corbina wh
Bucket Lists
[quote name='subailor618' timestamp='1348180637' post='515814'] A shark or from an article I read in Fish Alaska magazine last year, a halibut. [/quote] A halibut on a fly rod
How do you eat yours?
I like fish about any way. I steam trout in a bamboo steamer and drizzle a bit of sesame oil on it after it's done. I love fried fish as well, but don't generally fry them because I'm co
RBF: dont go fishing with divers
i decided to head off out on the boat last weekend in the -10c weather to see if there were any halibut around to test out my latest jigging stick. a few diver freinds came along to hitch a ride on m
RBF: looking for suitable clearcoat for candy blank finish.
this may be a little odd for a second post but here i go anyway . i'm currently working on a rod for a friend that happens to own a custom motorcycle paint shop. he's pretty specific when it comes
RBF: hi from norway
hi there guys and girls, i'm a british guy living (and fishing)in norway. i started rod building six years ago when i came over here as my fishing trips increased to twice a week (at least). i'm rea
Fish Pictures
I understand, guys !!! Geeze !!!  LOL What I was really wondering about was "halibut" ... since I've always been told there is a definitive difference between halibut and flounder.  Kind of
RBF: Hello from the Evergeen State
[font="Arial"][/font][size="4"][/size]My name is Bob Balcombe (Good Wraps Bob), I live in Washington State near the coast, I have been building custom rods sense 1978. I opened a custom Rod store fro
any one tie west coast surf flies
Hi Bryan-I'm up in the Bay Area - few hours north of you. Mainly fish for perch in the surf, stripers are a welcome addition and encouraged to hop on the line anytime they want . The occasiona
Name destination river you have fished most distant
I fished the kenai in Alaska and also the spit in Homer Alaska. I went into the cove and did some halibut fishing too
Ever catch a...
Shhhhh don't tell anyone here how good eating a catfish is...around here catfish are considered trash (snobs only want trout or salmon) and on the salt side they curse "flatfish", what w
Why do I have to log in with every visit?
QUOTE (Pat M @ Mar 18 2010, 04:03 PM) Gotta love Google Chrome.Well, just for the halibut , I downloaded and installed Chrome. Whaddya know- I don't have to sign in any more! Thanks.C
What to do with 30 year old egg yarn...
Thanks for the info Dave. Do you use alot of yarn and just make one cut or multiple times on the shank? The name doesn't ring a bell. Hung-out in Ninilchik back in the late 70's and did alo
Salt water wraps?
The son of a friend of mine broke dad's favorite salt water spinning rod. He had me get him a new blank and wants to use the old hardware. No big deal, but since I don't usually mess with anything b
Commercial Flies
I think it's about quality control, which is directly a product of profit margin, and business niche. You can tie flies for 100 years, but if your quality control is low, you're never going t
My biggest tie ever!
I wish i had a hook or two like that. I would love to use them for Halibut in Alaska. Might not be on a fly rod but i would love a picture of a nice Halibut with a fly like that hanging out of its mou
RBF: Holo Wrap
Here is the 3rd holowrap I have completed. This one is Met Silver, white and cobalt blue with CP. Then Cobalt blue no CP bacl over the top. It is the base wrap on a 50-80lb Halibut rod I am working
RBF: char and burbot pictures
here are a couple fish i caught today. a nice big arctic char that weighed in at 5.7 pounds, and a burbot that weighed 3.5. normally i'm a devout C&R guy, usually the only fish i ever keep are salmo
Flies from the vice.
Fishing the beaches of Norcal I encounter wall-eye, and barred surf-perch, stripers, and the occasional halibut, white sea bass, and surf smelt. I went to the "fly fishing show" this past
What kind of reel and lines to use..beginner
Those are some crazy big flies Kodiak, do they work for the halibut? Have you used them.
What is the weirdest thing you have ever caught while fishing?
I've hooked and boated a sea anenomae and an 8' octopus fly fishing in 200' of water for halibut.
New to Fly Tying!
Thanks for all the advice. I am not doing it so much to save money, but to get into it as a hobby. I am mainly going to be targeting Calico bass, Sand Bass, Halibut, Bonito, maybe Yellowtail, and Mak
Salmon sharks??
Ok, i am going up to AK for the third time the summer of 09'. The first time, i used deep sea, and mostly went for halibut. 2nd, i just fly fished for salmon, and did some downrigging on my 8 wt.
Favorite Material
QUOTE(flyline64 @ Apr 11 2008, 05:38 PM) [snapback]303502[/snapback]Everyone should fish as he/she chooses (as long as it's legal), but in my opinion, lures tied with mister twister tails
Very nice design and another who's going to give that a shot. Nice clear pictures too for this old guy. Bump for you.So you asked for links to free picture hosts them so I thought I'd post my
Affects of Ultra Violet Light
I don't know about feathers that reflect UV light, but fish do see UV rays.This may help:What fish see: Fish See and use UV rays to find
Surf fishing in So. Cal
JUSTIN, Kudos on the Halibut.. they are Great fighters in the Surf.. just make certain they don't bite you in the Finger when you're trying to remove the Hook..(It Flippin' Hurts when they
Saltwater Fly Fishing
Sorry I can't help you on the photo end, Al, but can offer an interesting anecdote for the "halibut on a fly" theme.A friend of mine, Bill Monroe, is the outdoors writer for the Portland
No Sneckers please
Good God Ronn....You Too???I've haddock with this thread, I thought for a while I'd hang around just for the halibut but I just cannot understand what the sneck you guys are talking about. H
TFF:Help choosing a salt rod
Hey y'all, I wanna tap your brains for somebody else. Here's his question:QUOTESo I just got back from Alaska salmon and halibut fishing, I'll post my pictures up later. But the reason I am posting th
Some large flies for the open waters
Is that yak? I love yak. I tie almost the same fly for halibut, pike and off shore salmon, 'cept I use a rabbit collar and I-Balz.Jeff
What`your favorite kind of fish to eat
it doesnt look like something i would want to eat.. then again Halibut is awfly ugly too
Glass Minnow Clouser
QUOTE(pickin6ofem @ Aug 12 2007, 11:21 PM) [snapback]250541[/snapback]That's really cool, The corbina and the surf pearch in so cal will tear that up!!! Yeah, Also add somemor
Swap delay
Get some for me!I'm off Friday/Sat to go Halibut fishing.
What gets your heart pumping??
I have yet to catch a striper on a fly, this summer it is one of my goals. Mackeral, halibut, bluefish, tuna, and differnt shark species are here and I would like to fish for them as well.
Random and Experiemental Pike Patterns
Brian "Rovercat" asked if I would care to whip him up a few Pike flies just for the halibut. (get it? halibut? HA! I kill me....)Anyway, he's been waiting an awfully long time so I t
Chesapeake winter stripers
You better believe we have bluefish down here! Heck, I've caught bluefish all the way down in Mobile, AL, on the Gulf of Mexico, so they do have a very southern range although it seems that th
Alaska Fall Rainbows
My friends and I are in the VERY beginning stages of planning a trip up to Alaska in a couple years. It'll be a pricey trip, because we're gonna go fish for some Rainbows, Salmon, and Halibut.
How Many Fly Boxes Do You Own?
I have at least 1 box for each of the followingRed salmonPink salmonKing salmonsilver salmonchum salmonDolly vardenRainbow troutPikeGraylingHalibutOf course i have way more flies than these boxes cou
Summerrun Craw
Awesome looking fly!!! That would work well for surf perch and halibut locally, large trout in the Sierra when the Kokannee are running, and big browns back east in the fall, a great all
The Killer Royal Coachman
I posted this big bugger as a pattern submission, but it seems to be lost in space. I found a 4 inch Halibut hook and had to tie it up as a joke. The shank is almost a 1/4 " thick and is heavy.
The best saying on earth (for yourself)
If people really concentrated on the important things in life, there would be a shortage of fishing poles.Women are like halibut, when they are young they are petite and tender, when they are old the
Flash from the past!
always wondered what a fly would like tyed on a halibut circle hook.thats quite creative Ronn, and that was an early one????? davy
The Herring Are Coming
Good news, here they are called Gasperau and the migrate here to spawn in the Garperau River and you know what follows them. They then sumer here in the Minas Basin. Smelts also do the same thing, no
Hey all
Nice to have you. The wife and I went to Alaske for our honeymoon 4yrs ago and words cant describe that place. Just B-U-TIF-ULL We fished for kings on the Kenei and hailbut off of Kodiac Island. Thos
What do you pay ?
Hmmmmm, just my fishing endorsements I think I'm paying roughly $42 just for my combo fishing license (didn't have to buy my hunting licenses this year for obvious reasons lol). But th
Greetings From Kodiak Alaska
Man this is a cool site and i am glad to be a part of it. I live in Kodiak Alaska. I am an 6'6' brown eyed 18 year old male and have been fly fishing since i was about 8 years old. At age 10
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