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Wet Fly Heads by Mike Schmidt

Welding loops in fly lines

Tying the Stud by Loren Williams

Tying the Lark & Grey Cripple by Davie Mcphail

How To - Build Sink Tips with T-14

Slippery Pete- by Matt Grajewski


Saltwater hooks
Thanks, Hook prices are getting kind of silly, from what I am seeing. The U series is actually reasonable at $10.50 for 25pk. on Amazon. Hey Bims, My go to SW hook is a Mustad 7766D Tarpon, 1X sho
The Beach 9-30
That lizardfish is a catch of a lifetime Only if you're a Mayfly ... maybe if you're a House Fly and you don't get out to fish much.  Those lizard fish are everywhere.   All the way from
Second trout trip. Maggie Valley NC.
I can't remember the names of the streams I hit in Hawaii, last month. I sure can't remember the places I fished 37 years ago.   Maggie Valley used to be the site of an annual Motorcycle Rally. &
Line question - Florida Gulf Coast snook in Augist
The main problem with FW lines used in tropical conditions isn't that they get sticky, although some will, it's that they're too limp in the heat and don't cast well. Tropical lines are stiffer, and w
Feather Tail Streamers
Just wondering, as I am just getting into UV resin.  I've only done a couple (for the Hawaii trip) and I liked the instant set aspect.
Pink Silileg Gotcha
I just posted another video. This one is a little bonefish fly tied in light pink with some hot pink legs. Not sure If I really like the hot pink, but it was a request from a guide in Hawaii who wante
April Flies from the Vise
Leaving for Hawaii Sunday.  As some of you know, I am hoping to go after some Peacock Bass on Lake Wilson. Last time I was there, I caught this ... [attachment=62310:banded jewel ciclid.JPG] ...
Amazing temperature drop
I went to Hawaii over Christmas one year. It was 80 degrees. Didn't feel like Christmas. I'll take a cold snowy night for the Christmas holiday anytime. All the other holidays I'll take 80.
2 year bonsai tree progression
Unfortunately the best guess i can give you on this rock is that it came from , Cambodia, Thailand or possibly South Korea...Yeah i know they are very different. I got this from a very intense instruc
American Ninja Warrior !!!!
I hate that this show used ninja in it's name. The art of nijitsu is to blend in and vanish in a crowd, or any environment...Not compete for glory. If you ever met a real ninja i bet you would never e
Pest Bird Feathers for Fly Tying
Myna birds are members of the Starling family.  Just like Starlings, they are scavengers that take advantage of any food source.  They don't have the ability to "take prey", but will raid a
How Many Flies?
Is this a trip ONLY for fishing?  Or are you traveling with family and will need to hang with the parents at least SOME of the time?   The reason I ask ... I did a trip to Hawaii for work a
Bonsai Garden
Is your address still the same? I have something called a living rock...they only come from one part of Hawaii. I have been meaning to send it to you for several years...stay on me till I do PLEASE. I
Favorite Kind of Coffee
Had a buddy in Hawaii is family grew and roasted beans.... Best freaking coffee ever had my life
New from Maryland
Yeah, I know.  Just joking with you, like always.  One thing I miss in my travels ... I used to be able to fish salt anywhere I went without paying.  Now there are saltwater licenses fo
Goin home to Ohio in September, Bass Fly advice?
Hello Again,   My wife and I are traveling home to Ohio from Hawaii for a visit with family. What basic bass flies do you recommend I tie up before heading home? I'm assuming some popper?
My first flies!
Here are a few flies I tied up last night. My first attempts at the amber shrimp and the gotcha (all for bonefish here in Hawaii!)
Whip Finish Loose?
Thanks for the tips! Tonight (Hawaii Time) I'll try the Krazy Glue on the head. Other than that, I'll just focus on nice, tight wraps. I'll post some photos tomorrow.
Fly Tying Materials - The Birds
Love the collection, thanks for posting! While we're discussing skins, Here is a bird that I've never seen in tying catalogs that seems pretty common in certain areas and would be a great material.
fly fishing from shore - best destinations
If you're flying from somewhere in the States, it's hard to beat Costa Rica, from what I've been told.  I've got a co-worker who flies there two or three times a year.  It's inexpensive, bot
Fly Tyer Magazine fly swap
Joe No fishing here. We had the snowstorm of the decade 18" total. We haven't had snow like this in 20 years. It's supposed to get in the 60's this week and get rid of it. County schools have bee
salt water materials?
Kansastyer, much will depend on where your son lives & what he might be fishing for as far as the flies go. There's a huge variety of fish species that could be targeted in the S.P.    F
7'9" 3wt with really nice grip & seat
Well, if you keep that one ... I'll let you know when you can sell it to me. After this Hawaii trip, it'll be a while before I can afford one.  THAT one is beautiful.  I truly love that hand
Latest bonsai tree
I am in Hawaii this month.  Washington State next month. When I get back to Florida, I'll see what I can do about an old growth Bougainvillea.  I spent a couple of days chopping down my Brot
New Koi pond going in
Very cool.  If you ever come down to the Orlando area, I'll need a list of things to buy, so you can install one of those ponds and filters in my yard.  After that, we can go fishing in the
August flies from the bench
Kimo ... where in Hawaii are you?  I stopped by the "Nervous Fly Tiers" shop today.  Nice little place. Sorry Mike, I'm one of the "lost" Hawaiians living in Colorado, though my family a
traveling to new destinations
Take advantage and rent a kayak: :)
Olive oil on the water surface............
Terje,     That is wild looking.  It reminds me of a airbrushing technique that I saw in a magazine years back.  A fellow in Hawaii would spray or splash droplets of water on
Bridge access?
There's a name for individuals who get their legal advice from internet forums: they're called "inmates." Riffleriversteelheadslayer is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. He might seem harml
Scrimshaw Tooth
Like others have posted above, it's more than likely a fake one. One way to tell is that most real ones have a sharper, thinner taper on the bottom of the inside part of the tooth where it ends. Some
new from Oahu
Hi and welcome. I'm a newbie as well on here and to fly tying. I was stationed on Oahu at Camp Smith from 93-96 and I never took advantage of the fishing in Hawaii....wish I would have. Good luck here
Puxatawny Phil lied !!!
Guy's I hear you.  I actually have a summer place in the Adirondacks in upstate NY.  We get the l;ake effect snow and right in the snow belt.  I been there when it was 40 below.  A
Flats Boots?
Where will you be fishing? Sandy bottom in the Bahamas = barefoot; the Keys/Biscayne Bay = any neoprene rubber soled boot; Hawaii/other crazy volcanic bottom = Kevlar up to your neck.
RBF: Need help with Ahi/Marlin Blank Selection
Hi All,A friend's wife has asked me to build him a boat rod as a gift. They live in on the Big Island in Hawaii and he mostly boat fishes for Ahi and Marlin.I have only limited experience ( a couple
Powerball Grief
[font="Arial"]The chance of a ticket winning a Powerball jackpot is 1 in 175,223,510 (slightly better than the chance of winning a Mega Millions jackpot, which is 1 in 175,711,536). Here are
Abaco Flies
also did well with this in Hawaii last week, kinda "new" patern just rubber legs and root beer crystal flash wing/tail, with shrimp coloured EP shrimp dubb ribed with D rib on a size 8-4. A
Saltwater Cravings
wow that is an amazing fly box PG that crab is gorgeous. finish up with that book. everyone top notch stuff. Is that arctic fox in the pink baitfish? i will sure be catching fish with these on my tri
First flies after 35 years.
Well, she buys "comfortable shoes" and we don't drink, so she's off to Hawaii for a week. But it all works out. I'm going fly fishing for Tarpon in FLA in April. BTW, my heads
SBS EP Body Crab/Shrimp
Thanks man. Looks great, I'mm off to hawaii in a few weeks and there'll be a few of them coming too!
where the aloha
wheres the Aloha.. my name is David Elgas... I live in hawaii.. I am the owner of Coastal Kayak Tours as well as Christmas Island Kayak Fishing.. I have been fishing my whole life.. I started on the f
My Christmas Shirt
Merry Christmas Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii This is the shirt I received for Christmas [IMG][/IMG]
Fish Pictures
hawaii [IMG][/IMG]
Sad But True great album.......even better, I was stationed in Hawaii and the bar/club we went to was owned by a rather large Somoan.....he used to take the stage and sing Sad But True or Enter Sandm
Custom Charlie Reading built Two Weight Rod
SOLD!!!!!!!!!!! Early Charlie Reading custom rod Hi, I have a gorgeous rod built by Charlie Reading of Missouri. Charlie sort of fathered the idea of b
New Ad trend
Go to Hawaii, you'll learn to love's like their State food or something...according to Guy Fieri and the food network that is...
Best Fly Tying Travel Bag??
QUOTE (carlp5351 @ Feb 7 2011, 02:35 PM) If money is no concern, why not buy the best. I would rather have a Gerstner red oak tool box than any Fishpond Bag for my tying materials.In my opion
Hawaii Bonefish Flies
There are Bonefish all over the Pacific but I'm not sure Hawaii has the flats where Bones like to feed. Hawaii is volcanic with steep drop offs and lots of reefs. We used to have a Naval officer
Memorial Day Weekend
I'll be returning home from Hawaii, we leave tomorrow and will arrive on Monday. My wife & I spent the week visiting my son, who is in the Navy. We visited the USS Arizona Memorial & the U
Aloha from beautiful Oahu Hawaii! My wife & I are on vacation visiting my one son who is in the Navy & stationed here! I thought I would just say hey to you folks! After about 12 h
"Amazing Facts Thread"
There are many different Volcanoes that are active in Hawaii (I Know it's lame, and everyone knows)Next subject: Coin Collecting.
Rod Refinishing
Ok heres my situation, I build Ulua Rods here in Hawaii. I build really nice Ulua Rods. ULUA- Giant Trevally. Anyways, I was given a couple of older rods, that have scuff marks, and deep scratches in
Hawaii fly fishing?
There is some backcountry flyfishing to be had there. Maybe your new wife is into camping?,+Hawaii/
Three Word Story
of hawaii. the....
Happy B-Day USMC
Doc Blake, Charlie 1st BN 3rd Marines (93-97) on the sunny Island of Hawaii.
To catch a Mullet or two...
Mullet are big time bread eaters. We fished them at night and put out a chum of torn up stale bread. Fished 3 bobber rigs with about 4-6" snells hanging from them and caught them 2 & 3 at a
Returning to the art.
Would like to take a moment to introduce myself before diving into the forum. I started fly tying/fishing about 25 years ago while stationed (US Navy) in Washington state. I found it fun and very ente
I have (19) Fly Logic FLP+ 9 6/7wt 2pc Matte gray MED-FAST $20.00ea and (1) Fly Logic FLO 9 8wt 3pc Matte gray FAST $45.00 Shipping $5 for the one and two rod blanks and free if you buy 3. Shipping
RBF: Rod Blanks For Sale
I have some overstock that I need to off load.I have (19) Fly Logic FLP+ 9' 6/7wt 2pc Matte gray Blanks and (3) FLO 9' 8wt 3pc Matte gray Blanks.The FLP+ blanks I thought I would sell for $39ea / 2 fo
Is this you
I found this in the Idaho Statesman and thought you all mite relate to itRockyI consider myself a fairly rational guy, until it comes to steelhead fishing. Then anything that resembles common sense go
C02: Going negative in 10 years, zero by 2050
I wonder what the carbon footprint is going to look like form the inauguration on Tuesday? A million+ people cramming in to DC from all over the world wow! Or the carbon foot print of Obama choosi
Project Healing Waters Challenge Swap # 2
I'd love to be in if space is available !!!!!Being a vet--NAVYfather is vet--NAVY -- retired after 25 yearsgrandfather faught in a few wars-- RIP pap-papuncle was in the serv
On-line Materials Dealers
I'm looking for some suggestions for Fly-tying Materials dealers that are on-line. I use JStockard and the "Dungeon" but another of my favorites "Riverwire" must have gone bell
What's in YOUR name?
I also have a dream of moving from Indiana to Alaska; however, my wife is not to hip on the idea. Seadog is a nickname I had while stationed in Hawaii in the Marine Corps.
My first fish on a fly was caught in Central Park, New York City.........had been taken to the Catskills once by a friend to fly fish for the first time in '89. Didn't catch anything that firs
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