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Share your peeping caddis
Upper right hand corner, larva ...."my caddis life cycle"...Dated pic sorry. Need to revise my cycle. Discovered lots better adult from guys at Henry's Fork, Idaho last summer but this is getting off
Santa needs your help ...
Lucky guess!  LOL  I have similar boxes around my place.         Yeah, my wife reminds me of this on a nearly daily basis, which is why I like to be on the river so m
Stocker trout
Growing up in Idaho, living a long time on the east coast and now in the Ozarks and having fished for "trout" about sixty years, I have (to the best of my knowledge) never taken a wild native trout. I
December flies from the Vise
CDC Caddis   Beautiful fly and photo, Idaho. Well done.
Howdy everybody
I was googling some stuff for fly fishing and this site came up. I'm recently getting back in to fly fishing after about a 10 year break. I grew up in Southern Idaho and spent a lot of time on the for
November Flies from the Vise
Great set of flies and pictures, Idaho RC. Good "PoP" on the photos
Show your bench
Idaho, that is one very pretty set up, those smaller drawers look perfect for dubbing.
Source for marabou, especially that bleed less color
Red or black.... will always be a problem.  I love the red/white color combination (everything in the salt will eat it...) but as noted the red will bleed into the white....   An alternative
Wanna do the EuroOrBust swap...
SWAP IS FULL, thank you all for your responses.   Haven't hosted in a while and I'm just finishing up my creature baits for the Bass Swap and I'll be caught up. The boy does have an interesting i
Remebering George Croonenbergs
Not really too much off topic, so here's another story about a different person that had a part in that movie, that died back in late 2010. He was the guy that played the elder Norman Maclean at the v
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
OK, Guys, things are getting busy here, again, and I'm a bit behind. Two new sets arrived yesterday and I'm only now getting around to acknowledging them. First, we have Woodenleg's Royal Wulff.
Idaho RC, Thanks but it looks like that is just the jaws, j-neck, and cheep rest. Well under $300. But with the shipping from Africa being$96 hurts....I am not sure, but going that way could end up co
Quills and Biots Swap
I've been tying some biot body flies lately and seeing some nice quill body flies online so thought it would be a good swap.  Tie 13 flies with either a quill body or a biot body.  Any style
palming your scissors?
I'll have to give it a shot but I'll be sure to be extra carefully and do my best to not stab myself! If it doesn't work out I think i'll go your route Idaho RC and get the bent ones for easier pick u
Fishing in Montana for a month HELP
I know your question is about Montana.  However, there are some places to consider on the way.  I live in the bay area and used to fish Idaho and Montana for over 27 years.  From the ba
Capes for sale
Hi Idaho RC The capes came today,and they'er beautiful,thanks a lot!
Renzetti Master Vise Rotary Parachute Attachment?
Congrats on the new vise Idaho. Tie up some beauties with it !!!
Monster Bugger
Call it whatever you like, but it looks deadly. It's an excellent hellgrammite imitation, which is, as far as I can remember, what the original woolly bugger was intended to be. BTW - when I lived in
Reel Recovery Donation
Got flies in today from Idaho RC and Woodenlegs- nice patterns- the RR guys are going to like them for sure
Bulk fly storage
This is what I use. Bought at Trouthunter fly shop in Island Park, Idaho
The Complete Mayfly Swap
first set came in, Idaho RC wasn't kidding.  Nice box of size 20 BWO's
Hackle Pliers....😡!!!!!!
Idaho RC, you are probably getting me in trouble with the Pottery Woman, if I do not beat her to the mailbox, upon their arrival.
Is it just me?
In the past 28 years, I've lived in Rhode Island, Idaho, Maine, (twice) Virginia, (twice) Connecticut, (twice) Maryland, and New York. If I'd only had a week or two to fish in any of those places, it'
Hello again..
Well the move went great !! The drive from Washington to Wisconsin was awesome !!! It took us 4 days and from Idaho till Spring Valley was a blurr do to the drugs my wife gave me !! lol  .. I do
I have most of my stuff in a roll top desk and a few plastic tubs.  My roll top is one that has lots of drawers though.  I think it's 50" wide and about that tall.  I do need more roo
UV Resin and Light
I posted this picture on the "monthly" thread ... but I wanted Idaho RC to know I tried the UV stuff. I used the thin, to get into the fibers and secure them in the thin profile I wanted.  Then I
Guide's Choice Fly Swap With A Twist
RC Idaho's flies arrived today. That's 3 sets in so far. RC tied a #16 Gray Trude for us and I can just imagine the fish fighting over this one. Very nice, neat tie. Thanks, RC, for a job well done. A
2nd Australian Casting for Recovery Donation Swap
Idaho RCs contriutions arroved today. Beautiful. Thank you.
Books For Sale
Thanks Idaho
Henry's Fork?
We have a trip in June around Ashton, Idaho. Need some advice on flies, techniques? Wanting to swing streamers in the current target larger fish. Figure some stone fly nymphs, maybe hoppers... Tha
Crow feathers for fly tying
Tails on nymphs, idaho nymph comes to mind.  Ill use magpie too
WILD BROWN Trout in Colorado
Yes Idaho, they are not too bright with this spill. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but many people around this area have discussed that it was done on purpose to be able to free up funds to clear the wh
8th Annual Opening Day Swap
Idaho RC's Parachute Adams are the first flies to arrive. Great set of flies.
The Down Home Pride Swap
Idaho RC, RogueFlies, and wmw4, you guys are all in, thanks for joining!   To answer a couple of questions that were asked:   Idaho RC, variants are fine by me. I prefer synthetic wings on m
The Mighty Sculpin
That's better for me.  I wanted to do this but I haven't tied a sculpin.  Putting it off will give me plenty of time to do some reading and get materials.   Great. I want to run thi
Years tying flies
I am a card carrying member of the Wild Old Tyers Club.  Started messing about with my dads Herters materials and tools in 1955.  I would do the math, but I keep running out of fingers and t
BWO/March Brown Swap
pm coming Idaho RC
Natural Dun Float
I agree that mayflies tend to face downstream.   There are two possible reasons. One is the aerodynamic reason that they mayflies orient INTO the wind and the downstream current creates it's own
dye types and final colors
"too many variables"   You need the exact same initial cleaning process (with all that's involved before the actual dyeing process...)  heat, time in the dye bath, amount of dye as well as o
The Complete Caddis Swap
Idaho RC I got your flies today Thanks for kicking it off with a fantastic set of EHC
Classic Fly Swap With A Twist
Flat Rock Native, Horseshoes, Idaho RC & djh262, you are all in and thanks for joining.    BB
dry floatant question
After reading Silver Creeks posts here is how I understand it.  The main ingredient in Frogs Fanny and Loon's Top Ride is Hydrophobic Fumed Silica.  Fumed silica is a thickener for ep
Terrestrial Swap
Welcome Idaho RC
Cabela's 30% Off Fly Tying
Yes Idaho I scored on some Tiemco hooks at 30% off. The employees there weren't even aware of the sale.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Santa's on his way...
Bringing cheer and flies to those who otherwise would get a lump of coal...   So, everything is through the post. To make things easiest I got a pile of stamps from PO and those sent in and got m
Who's ready to rumble...
Man, I love Dusty Rhodes.  Besides that, total noob here, still trying to figure out how to get the thread through the bobbin.  It's slow goings and I thought this forum seemed apropos. 
Project Healing Waters Donations
Nick, this is open to as many of you as would like to donate flies to the cause, and you are in.   Thanks Idaho RC, I will send you a PM.   Blane
Junk Fly Swap
Ill be doing the Roger's White Wiggler Maggot.  I have the material but have not tied any yet. I have been called that but still looking foward to seeing your work... Carry On I hope you d
Mylar Tubing Swap - Any Type of Fly
I wasn't even sure what mylar tubing was until I looked it up.  I will give it a shot.  I think there are other types of tubing right?  Only mylar tubing? I will have to get some so I
Assorted tying hackle and feathers.
Idaho I'll take the Metz brown cape for 10.00 plus shipping if available.
Cyanoacrylat accident
I read this and wasn't sure if I should open it or not. Was family safe and wife and I laughed at your expense. Thank you. Hard to use the stuff as much as I've got in the habit of doing without the
Hello from SW VA
Far from a newbie to either fly fishing or tying, I felt it was time to join the forum rather than to just read. Been fishing & tying since the mid eighties, spending those early years traipsing a
Hello from Upstate New York
Greetings all..... Retired 9 years ago so I'm lucky to be able to fish when I want, permitting.  Live 5 minutes from the Esopus Creek and 45 minutes from the Beaverkill / Willowemoc /
How much do you tip your guide?
It occurs to me that a guide can work hardest on days where fishing is slim pickings. Great service and great catches may not go hand in hand. Truth!!!  While I was working in Idaho (part tim
Let's start thinking Christmas Swap
Yours and Idaho RC came in today. Very nice. Idaho RC kind of overdid himself and whoever gets his box will have a vacation's worth of flies. 
I just looked and there is a trapping season in Idaho.  I didn't know that.  There are not very many that can be trapped in the entire state though.     I have only seen them a cou
Mighty Mite Midge Swap
Sorry for the confusion. I mean if someone picks a size 20 midge in black with silver wire then someone can do a size 20 midge in purple with silver wire. It's technically the same pattern but diffe
Lamson Litespeed Deal
Idaho, you are the man!! I have been getting ready to buy a new Lamson Guru at $269 they not only had it on sale but took the coupon code I walked out the door @ $156 shipped!!! That's awesome!  
What happens when....
I currently have 18  nine by eleven boxes here at home.  These are mostly full of Salt water and Warm water patterns. I have only 3 boxes of cold water flies, at home, and 3 boxes of Steelhe
What are everyones go-to searching flies?
Vette, I mean there is a chance he could have lived in pueblo but he is originally from Idaho so Im betting its not the same guy 
Skill Builder Series Final Round
Moving right along, we come to the fly tied by Idaho RC. Very nice, Idaho RC. Thanks for being a part of this swap.    [attachment=59045:CSC_0074.JPG]
I've been fortunate
I've been fortunate to have taken 27 two-week trips to Idaho and Montana.  I had the opportunity to fish fabled streams as Silver Creek, the Henry's Fork and the Montana spring creeks (Armst
PULL THE RIP CORD, its a parachute swap!
Well the Hoot Owl rules are back in MT and so is my tying time.      Here is the deal; the fly must be a parachute design based on a fly of your choice, ie it must have a wing post and
Worldcast anglers out of victor Idaho. I fished the south fork of the snake and the Teton with Dan Oas. Simply fantastic. Good place for micro brews as well.
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