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Howdy from Kansas City.
Welcome to the site.  I am north of you. Just over the Iowa line.   Rick
Hello from Central Missouri
Welcome. Just over the northern border in Iowa on I-35.   Rick
Peacock herl?
Hobs feathers in Iowa sold to zuckers. Same zuckers as the packaged feathers in craft stores. Go here to their retail commerce site called featherplace
Giving Feather Emporium a second chance?
I join you in this sentiment Bazzer.  Due to budget crunch already in play, it might be after Christmas.   I know F Emporium is one of a few rare game bird sources out there. But, with famil
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
Mike West and Dubs, wasn't my tie, but looks like dyed raccoon tail to me. Seems too kinked/curly for squirrel. My money is on Hazathor, king of Craymen, probably some GMO Iowa cornsilk:)
Start thinking Christmas Swap
I'm in! I'll whip up some bassy favorites. I'll take just about anything in return, though there's not a lot of saltwater in Iowa.
Whole Rabbit Skins?
Maybe a bit late to conversation but I've had excellent luck with Coffin Creek Furs out of Iowa.  He does a really nice job on all his skins and very cost effective.
Last post for a little while...
Nice, sounds like a reasonable destination to get involved in. I saw some creek and stream fishing there when I just looked too. Kind of glad you didn't say Iowa, I knew someone from there ( passed on
dye types and final colors
"too many variables"   You need the exact same initial cleaning process (with all that's involved before the actual dyeing process...)  heat, time in the dye bath, amount of dye as well as o
I hope everyone through Middle of Country is safe...
Yeah, furnaces are pretty much all gas up here (Iowa). Today was Icy enough to cancel school, side roads are bad here, main roads are ok. I don't mind snow, but ice storms can be brutal.
Dedication Fly !
Love the fly. Love the Decorah eagle cam. They're nesting right across from the trout hatchery. The northeast corner of Iowa is some beautiful country.
U.S. wide fishing licence
it makes sense to me that each state is on its own. Distances in this country are huge and not too many fisherman from central Iowa, to mention a state, are going to take a quick trip to Illinois to f
been prowling the boards for a while...
Hi all,   I hail from the great state of Iowa targeting mostly warm water species, but a fair amount of trout too. Long time fisherman, but still fairly new to fly fishing and tying. I've been pr
How did you start tying flies? We all have a story . . .
I started tying last winter when I found out a fly tying class was held in the evenings at the school I teach at. I had been a long time fisherman and had always been interested in fly fishing, but ha
the norwegian mountainside as seen from a roof top.......
Hey Terje, thank you on another great shot. You know, we don't have places like that in Iowa. Truly a beautiful place. Cheers, Ed
CBS News
Maybe it's a good thing to live in Iowa...hmmm. Ed
late season LMB
We live in Iowa, and prefer to fish topwater flies for LMB. It's amazing how long this can go on into the fall. If you get a few warmer days in a row, the bass just keep hittin' on top [usually over 8
license holder
In Iowa you don't need the holder.  Have to have the license with you. This year is the first time I have ever had to show my license to an officer.   Rick
Casting Class Tomorrow Morning; Need Fly Suggestions (please)!
I don't know about where you fish, but here in Iowa, smallies love my Mickey Finns.
Small Trout Flies Swap
jfinn, it has been many many years since I went to that part of the country and it was in the 60's that we were going there. That was before I went to treatment and a lot of things I did back in those
Least favorite fish to catch
Mudcats or as some folks up north call them Bullheads!  Nasty tasting fish although up north I have ate them.  My grandfather lived up in Arnolds Park, Iowa and he used to smoke th
Last Year Flies
The popper was interesting and will have to show in a video. I used pond foam (insulator foam) for the popper. The body was hollow at the end of the tie, then I took a can of the foam and filled it. A
Winter Trout Fishing
Hey Everyone,   I am from the Midwest and have been fishing our streams in NE Iowa and SE Minnesota. I currently been having some amazing luck with Zebra Midges, and a bit with Pink Squirrels. I
TEACH Home school
OK, my granddaughters are home  schooled, for various reasons.  I steered my daughter into using the Bob Jones U. Curriculum.  In NC, there's a Department of Non-Public Education that s
Nice BIG surprise (and some questions for the biologists)
I've also noticed this same trend here in N.W., Iowa. This summer has been unseasonable cooler and allot more rain then normal too. The ponds & lakes I fish here are the same ones I've been fishin
Tying the Elk-Hair Caddis
Hey Everyone, Thanks for everything. I actually have been waiting for it to stop raining here as well. Its been over 2 weeks since i been able to get out fishing. Rivers are at record highs right now
Freshwater drum
JS,This is a pic of a RED DRUM. I am only using this for size referace purposes only. I already know this is not a freshwater drum. OK. Record freshwater drumare recorded at 55 lbs. Texas trotline rec
FTF Fly Pattern - Bullhead fish - Shonefly
FTF Fly Pattern - Bullhead fish - Shonefly   Stonefly,       My grandfather used to live up in Arnold's Park, Iowa and they caught bullheads all the time.  I liv
traveling to new destinations
Good luck at Cape D.   Are you going to get a boat ride? :)   I'm missing two states I think.   Hawaii for sure and Nebraska or Iowa maybe?  I a shot glass collection pac
Rabbit Dubbing
Thanks for the reply! I suspected as much from your screen name, but wasn't certain. I'm also in MD, down near Annapolis. Most of the fishing I do is in tidal water, as my screen name implies!  &
Went to Ames Iowa this weekend for my son. Graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree.Visted a yarn shop there my wife wanted to see. She had some baskets of mill ends of wool warn.Got some black,
RBF: Old rod advice request
I have a 60'ish year old surf rod I need to do something with. Either chuck it or rebuild it. I have plenty of time, but I just don't like to hang on to useless things. It was made for my father by hi
Ideas please..
I lost $1 on a friendly bet with my Dad (Iowa vs. U-M) and my step Mother (MSU v U-M) so I all told I owe $2. I was thinking about incoporating the $$ into a fly somehow.      I was thi
First fly & fish
Hi Losthackle,   Al's first fish: Crappie from Mill Creek State Park, Iowa on a red bucktail streamer in the late 50s.   Gretchen's first fish: A small rainbow from Lick Creek, Idaho on a Ro
First Flies
Attended a fly casting/fly tying workshop in Iowa this past weekend put on by HFFA.  It was a great workshop.  Here are pics of a couple of my first flies.  They called this fly the "Wu
my first wooly bugger
45,I got a kit last week its a Greg Vinci kit and the feathers are way long need bigger hooks or next time trim more off first time doing this not much fly tiers or fishing done here in Iowa
my first bug fly
I good job for your first fly. I grew up in Iowa, and that would be great for bluegills!
A complete beginner
Hello,   I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Mike and I live in N.W. Iowa. I am a complete beginner when it comes to tying flies.  I bought a Wapsi deluxe fly tying kit off of Ama
wood duck feathers
Iowa That is a huge subject. I spent the day sorting wood duck feathers, mallard breast, and some white duck. My suggestion is to do a web search. It will,be real confusing at first as they are al
best fly tying thread
iowa,   I am new to tying also. I started out using regular thead without good results. I started using utc ultra thread and have been happy with it . I have tried danvilles but I have not been i
new guy from iowa
Hi Kevin,   Nice to see another Hawkeye vistor here, not too many of us it seems. living up in the N.W. Iowa area myself no trout waters so I mainly fish for bass and panfish myself.   Those
iowa fly show this weekend
the show is saturday and sunday with seminars friday night. located in bettendorf  iowa  check out www.hawkeyeflyfishing.comfor more info  speakers like jonn graham, kip vieth and joe c
Nebraska Fly Tyers
Kinda of a next door neighbor here in N.W. Iowa. Haven't fished in Nebraska though.   MIke
Travel Time Again
Well today our gas prices here in N.W., Iowa finally drop under $3 it's been quiet sometime since it's been under $3 here. Local station was at $2.98 this morning .... WOW!
Newb wondering where to buy materials
I just purchased a vice kit (the Peak Rotary set) and now realize that I need to invest in some materials. Does one start with materials needed to tie one specific fly or buy a variety off the start?
More of my 'nostalgic stuff'. 1) Three Herter's #3 bobbins, and a #42 bobbin. 2) A sample of the 45 spools of Nymo thread I have, and still use on occasion to rewrap bamboo rods. 3) End v
Where can I find jungle cook feathers?
[quote name='shoebop' timestamp='1349670189' post='517364'] Aren't they illegal to possess here in the States? I know you can buy fake jungle cock eyes that you use for the
Interesting website Found this while tinker around abit online. It is a link for Iowa but I am sure you could fin
Hello from Iowa
[quote name='Mickalo' timestamp='1347121850' post='514824'] welcome to the forum. nice to see another Hawkeye here! I think you'll find this forum to be a great place l
strike indicators for bass?
I get alot of wierd looks here in iowa fly fishing the lakes out of my boat. My favorite thing people tell me is "are you fly fishing? Ya know theres no trout in here"... My response is &quo
tying up some muddlers tonight
with the weather we are having here in iowa (multiple weeks of temps between 95 and 100 and no rain) ive been tying up some flies to get a little deeper down were the bass are hangin out during mid da
The ponds that I fish here in Iowa have large numbers of fish. Having taken many fish, out of many ponds,I have found the size of the bluegills to increase. I return every gill that is over 10"
Des Moines, IA
MarkBob - I have never fished Iowa at all. MN yes, Iowa, nada... so I have no info for you... a blogger I follow though just returned from a trip fishing out there, maybe (off chance) he has some i
RBF: Greetings From The Heartland
Hello All Fellow Rod Builders,Just thought I stop in here and introduce myself to ya'llI'm 33 and from Iowa, i enjoy long quiet walks by the beach (Wait Wrong Forum) Kidding. I've always wanted to bui
June Flies from the Vice
Not the same Madison County or bridge as in the movie. The Bridges of Madison County (Iowa,) were covered bridges. This bridge is over the Madison River in Montana.
Deer Hair for spinning
I have four hides I processed this season. All four came from the same area and they are all different. Each whitetail is it's own animal and they are not the same. When you are working whole hide
from the illinois wisconsin border
welcome to the forum. almost neighbors. I'm over here is Iowa. Nice to see another midwestern Mike
Greetings from the Midwest
Welcome to the forum. nice to see another midwestern here. where abouts? I'm over in N.W., Iowa. When it comes to fly tying you came to the right spot. plenty of people here that are always willi
Hi from Nebraska
welcome to the forum. almost next door neighbors here. I'm over in N.W., Iowa. Nice to see another midwestern here. You came to the right place for all your fly tying needs as you will see. Mike
River smallie quesion
sorry, i fish both small rivers and creeks. im from iowa so the wapsipinican is my main river.
Shipping fur and feathers
[quote name='tidewaterfly' timestamp='1313938803' post='476363'] These laws are intended to protect various species, and limit, or prevent the commercial exploitation of listed
StoneFly patterns
I've been looking at different stonefly patterns, there must be 100's of them I'm looking for kind of a "All Purpose" stonefly pattern, if you will, that will work in our area,
Hackle chickens?
QUOTE (j43jacko @ Mar 17 2011, 03:50 PM) Hey, I was wondering if any of you guys on here know anything about which common chicken breeds have good dry fly hackle? Im getting some ch
Float Tube Question
Good information so far. Here is what I would add - PFD? Always. If a little comfort really is going to outweigh the safety, get one of those that automatically inflates when it is submerged. I se
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