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Sparkle Clouser
Me and a friend of mine had a little fishing contest for bass and bluegill at a local Kansas lake and he used a fly like that only with copper dumbbell eyes. I am a way better fisherman then he is but
It's a sickness really.
I live in Kansas. Where I live there is another town 25 miles from me to the southwest. The HIway to that town constantly has dead turkey on it. Actually the town itself has an over population of
The Warm Water Vice
Sweet little peacock bro! We Ain't got any of them there critters here in Kansas. Wish we did though.
Would you use these nymphs?
I don't want to freak anyone out on here by saying this, I know it's blaspheme, But, I bet those would kill ice fishing. OUCH! I actually might tie some up and give to my nephew to try through the ice
Like Father Like son, (teaching my boy to tie flies)
I remember when I showed my son fly tying. He got into it for a while. Put a booth at a local craft fair. He had the walk way blocked with people stopping to watch him tie. They had to scoot his booth
Loss of an OLD FRIEND !
I highly doubt a law enforcement agency is going to get a search warrant for his profile and IP information from this site, which I believe is HQ'd in Michigan. Another search warrant would be needed
Hello from Missouri
Thanks for the welcome, everybody. Bryon, I'm up north of Kansas City. Been out near Mexico a few times. Nice part of the state.
I've got to vent ....
George is a Madagascar Ground Boa hybrid commonly called a Dumerril's Boa. She is a very rare high pink variety. And the most mellow snake i ever met...that is why i keep her.   The reason the la
Weedguard Preservation
McFly,I don't have a tutorial, but I can say this. The empty cases were purchased from Plano. Is the exact one that Cliff's uses. As for the foam, well I purchase it on-line in a three by six foot she
Fishy Question
Here in Colorado i got to watch most of the main drainages and tributaries suffer complete die offs over the years. During the late 70s the entire Arkansas drainage suffered a complete die off from wh
Bass on terrestrials
My experience is,,,,,, on a pond, I have pounded bass on hoppers, but on lakes, not so good. Keep in mind the lakes around me(Kansas)  are packed with shad. The lake bass are more focused on shad
Oklahoma bound steelheader......
Just found your site recently.  I like it.     I have been in Stillwater, OK for 22 years, moving here from Lansing, Mich.  Oklahoma's two year-round trout fisheries are a bit far
May Flies from the vise
flytire....I realize that its been around for years. I'm 54. LOL.. Just rarely ever saw it at the shops. Hardly ever saw others using it except at Rainbow lake. A private lake up cottonwood pass
Deep Sea Nymphing with a Wrench Nymph
German browns that are assembled in Germany will require metric. German browns that are hatchery raised in U.S. will hit a standard. I know this from experience.   I also have some ocean fro
Shed hunting??
I live in Kansas. Shed hunting is a big deal around here.  I have several friends that go all the time. They have dogs that WILL find and retrieve them.  I have friends that have 50 gal
any opinions of Aleka rods / reels?
I purchased an A3 combo. Since I live in Kansas, I have only had it out twice. I fished a farm pond in Alabama and surf fished with it in Panama City, Florida. I like it very much! Bear in mind I have
a fantastic baetis nymph tied simple and easy
LOL  You need do nothing so dangerous.  Just put on that speedo and go get a tan for a couple of hours.  In Kansas, I am sure that would impress a few people.
If you want to tie at a fly tying event, check here.......
We have people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas (my home), Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas (of course), Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and others I can't remember at the moment, and th
Tying in the Cold
You call that cold?  This morning it was 8 degrees with wind chill of minus 11 degrees.  The High today was 11 degrees. Don't know the wind chill factor.  Good old Kansas.  Come on
using a sinking line
Thanks everyone, the pond is in Kansas City, mo, just found it, they stock it in November and Feb. The best part is it's 5 min from home.
Alabama rig
It's kind of like an umbrella rig. Umbrella rigs are killer for striped bass. I've seen that rig before. I can say in Kansas, and I assume other places too, you can only put two baits with hooks on it
November flies from the bench
Kimo, That's sounds incredible.  That would be a sight to see. The snow affect with all the shrimp I mean.  And the crunch sound when you pick them up, would be crazy!  To be honest, I'
Gonna Need a Bigger Kayak
Lots of kayak fishers in my area purposely fish for sharks so they can enjoy the thrill of being towed by the shark.  Some of these sharks are longer than the kayak.  This is exactly why
tying a fly with Slow Death hook?
Around here (Kansas that is)  that hook is deadly with a night crawler rigged behind a bottom bouncer for deep walleye. Very clever to make a fly out of it.  Oh,  I already know that wi
Hello from Kansas!
Hi there everyone!   I'm Chase Fairbanks, I have been fly fishing for a while now and I currently decided to start my own tying company called Bigfoot Fly Company. After investing large amounts o
lets see your muskie flies.
Personally, I love looking at the big stuff. Is a nice change for a while.  Bright colors, long saddle feathers and flashy!  Beautiful flies. Buy the way, I also enjoy looking at t
Added another species to the list...
A lot of the lakes around here (central Kansas) have automatic fish feeders on them. They go off twice a day. Every 12 hours. If it goes off at 7 in the morning, it will go off at 7 in the evening. I
Yeah thats close to the imaginary line I draw. Bait boats have made some venues I used to fish for pike nearly impossible without one as they simply push the fish further and further out. I have t
Freshwater drum
JS. This is close to 4 ft. If his arm (from fist to elbow) is 18" then this is close to 4 foot. Under 4 foot but close. I estimate around 45". Suppose to be 45lbs. Alabama record. Doesn't look like 45
Genuine Hare's Mask vs Rabbit
Jaydub,I live in Kansas and we got lots of them there jackalopes. Yeh ha!!! Biggn's too. 40-50 pounders. Bait em in with corn and hackle berry's. That and wait for em under a mulberry trees. Let em ha
Panfish Flies
I have had killer success using a hopper/dropper system. Put a foam, good floating fly at the top and tie a dropper like a san wan worm or bead caddis. If they don't like the floater, many times they
traveling to new destinations
There are also Monrovias in Kansas, Alabama, Maryland and Indiana, but since Mike is in California, I suspect he's in the one that's there. 
New From PA
Hello from se. Kansas im new "hairydawg" tying bass and crappie jigs for sale out of my home,pics coming soon
FTF Fly Pattern - TSPAngler - Gar Deceiver
I live in Kansas. There is some awesome gar fishing here.  I use a rope fly dressed up a bit with a little flash is all. I would love to see more gar flies that people have actually used and are
What are your goals or changes for 2014
I want to crack the code on some hybrid stripers in Shabbona Lake, Illinois . rich mc Yo Rich!  When you crack that code you let me know the answer. We got them here in Kansas buy the butt loads.
Anyone ever used Angelina?
Can anyone tell  me a store that might be in Kansas that would have that?  We have Hobby Lobby.
Fly Tying/Fishing Clubs
I'm in Kansas. In Wichita there is the "Flatlanders Fly fishing Club". I don't think they have an actual fly tying night but I have gone and sat and tied with another guy before. The tackle shop calle
Longnose Gar
I do this in Kansas. I love it. Do you know what a gar jack is . if not google it. I made my own. Is real handy when trying to get the fly out. As you know , one slip with a gar and you may need stitc
Articulation Nation Swap
Thanks Ebrant. I am constantly looking for a good place to hunt grouse or pheasant without traveling to Kansas or Michigan. We have many deer and maybe the longest deer season in SC. August 15th to Ja
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Missouri (home) Kansas Arkansas Oklahoma Texas Florida Alabama Mexico   Bucket list would be Alaska and Canada.
Handmade wooden flybox
Gecko, I like the worm texture and the overall look.     I have a couple comments.   I agree that the finish should not be glossy because when wet the box could slip from your hand
That is a lot of lead
If lead lures become illegal, I have to say I'll be a little upset. I'll have to discard a lot of money worth of jigs and spoons. I have entire tackle boxes full of jigs and spoons for walleye and whi
rod types
C'mon Joel - tell us what you REALLY think. Seriously, a good fisherman can adapt and make do with whatever gear he has, within reason of course. My first "good" rod was a fiberglass 8 1/2 footer whic
Gar fly patterns?
I live in Kansas and have fished for gar  many times.     Crazy because every gar I have ever caught has been on a modified rope fly.  The only thing I do is add a l
Moving to central KS where to fish?
Hopefully you will be in the "mountains" of Kansas (AKA Colorado.)   I am sure there will be fishing, just not much trout fishing.  
Pike fly weed guard advice sought
I have a friend heading north for some Pike fishing. I am looking to tie up some flys for his trip. I don't / haven't fished for Pike, I live in Kansas. Anyway, he's dead certain these flys Have to
Big Bass Popper Fly
Tied this up after seeing that cool fly you can walk the dog with.  Started hunting around the net for an alternative and someone had posted a YouTube video of how to do this.  Can't remembe
Running a fluorocarbon tippet with regular line?
All last year I used 6 lb. regular spinning gear fluorocarbon as tippet material.  I thought it worked great.  However, I haven't ever tried actual tippet material.  So I can't say
How do you like to catch fish?
Here in Kansas, I prefer to sight fish. I often fish local sandpits, which are extremely clear water. Whether bass or bluegill being able to see the reaction to the fly. Actually sight fishing is what
The Flies I made with The tools I made.
Guys, I'll put it this way. I live in Kansas. Tornado Alley.. When I see the weather get bad, I gather up my fly bags and head down stairs. If they go, I go.. And to be honest,, I bet 80-90 percent of
The Vises I Made
I can't say how happy I am right now. Thanks guys. I live in Kansas for crying-out-loud. 99 percent of the population here don't know what a fly vise is. The other one percent don't care. Is nice to g
My new favorite material to tie with....Coyote
Hairwing,,,,,,,,,,,,Thats a knarly picture!!!! Thats a pretty coyote too. Nice thick fur. Here in Kansas sometimes the coyotes get the mange. They look like chupacabra. LOL,,but thats a pretty one.
Is there anyone here from Kansas?
I'm new to this site and while I'm not FROM Kansas, I do make it out to the Hays/Ellis area every once in a while.  Cedar Bluff becomes my go to place when I'm there.
Got my red fox pelt!
Buy the way, I am very lucky to have family and friends that hunt and trap. They all have fur harvester permits so its all on the up and up. And yea, predater calling for coyotes fox and bobcats is ex
gpd4, I have allways liked the way wire bodies looked with two colors. I've planned on tying some for years now. LOL.. Got all the materials, just haven't taked the time. I live in Kansas so I tie
Great Day for Tying!
[quote name='Mickalo' timestamp='1356020525' post='526845'] Well we where all being to wonder here in my neck of the woods if we where going to have a white christmas or not ..
Green pumpkin Gulley Fly
From what I see Green Pumkin is olive with black speckles. Are there other speckles in it I don't see. If not, go with the olive and put some speckles with a permanant marker. I like to use a bri
So, my fiancee and I just broke up blablabla BUT, BUUUUUUUUT...theres an up side. That means I have a week off by myself thanks to that in november. Assuming a limited budget, lets call it...$80
It must be the start of trapping and huntning season
Well, as long as you pay attention to all the Federal Fish and Game laws, you can sell extra. I live in Kansas and I get tons of stuff from friends too. Check out my "Death by Stout" fly I
KIMO Thanks for the photo station pics. By the way the sample of the "I assume a mysis shrinp fly" came out, this is a system I am going to try. I do alot of bigger flies beings I am
What a Stink
I don't know whether it was growing up in Kansas or what, but I kind of like the smell of dead skunk in the middle of the road. Sort of has that same homey smell of chicken soup.... That said, t
RBF: Mecum's auto auctions
My neighbor got me started watching. His brother got a 55 Chevy Cameo truck last year in San Diego and John went to Kansas City this year. He sent me a message with a picture of his wife and the 69
Hello for Kansas
Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and looking forward to sharing and learning as much as I can. I was born and raised in the middle of Kansas. Grew up hunting and fishing and took up fly ty
Hello from eastern KS
Thought I would post up and say howdy. I live sw of Kansas City and fish for all species. I am mainly a streamer tyer and I do tie a few of the tiny things but I am best at having fun at the vice and
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