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Oregon Chrome- By Columbus Leth

Hatches 2011: Tiers From Across the Pond - Rune Andre Stokkebekk

Czech Nymphs in 10 Easy Steps by Jindra Lacko

Worm Fly - Holger Lachmann

Show us your bench #13

Hatch Finatic Reel Review

Kelly Galloup

Fifty Fly Project
Ice Cream Cone, Kelly Davidson, 1992
Whiting hackles
  All I can is thank God I dont tie trout flies any more or have the need for high quality hackle..I still have pieces of a #1 Metz from close to 50 years ago thats gets me by for the warm wa
Tyers -- like Kelly at Slide inn -- have to stop giving their original creations suggestive sexual names. It just stirs up the porn blocks.    Rocco
Dry fly help
I have learned that my early flies sunk because I was using too much dubbing.  Watching a Kelly Gallop video, he showed how little dubbing is needed to make a noodle.  The dubbing should be
May Flies From The Vise
In another thread someone mentioned Kelly Galloup's Found Link. I've had great success fishing Mercer's Missing Link. So I figured I'd go Found also. 22 in the vise. 18,20 and 22 together. Not perfect
April Flies From The Vise
Galloup style Mayfly
Great find at craft store
I'd like to get the, Kelly, key lime, silver holographic, and dark night colors. There's no way I could use that much of it if 4 of us pooled we'd get over 27 yards of each color for about 10$ after
GSP advice
Have to disagree with a few of the previous posts.  GSP is quite common for large streamers, due to enhanced durability and the fact that stacking deer and such is not uncommon on those patterns.
Mono rigging
After looking at the various ways to rig nymphs I think I'll try the Kelly Galloup drop shot set up which you can see on U-Tube.     Of course what will happen is that I'll see a trout
Chile Bound... advice needed!
Check out videos from Brian Wise, Kelly Gallup, Russ Madden ....and Gunner Brammer’s “Tie like a Pro” series for techniques.
A Curmudgeon Moment
Rocco, the older I get the more I see things on the opposite end since I don't do much trout fishing. With folks fishing the salt or for bass, all that many are concerned with is specs on rods & h
Deer Hair "Green Weenie"
The Green Weenie, tied with green chenille and fished as a nymph is a great staple here in the Smokies. I saw a dry version in a fly tying book that was tied with nothing but green spun and trimmed de
December flies from the Vise
Last of 2017 for me. Inspired by Kelly Galloups last video. Made it single hook and changed the head for arctic fox and tear mender, which I thought was supossed to dry clear. Will cover in UV later.
Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I live in North Texas (Erath County and work in Weatherford) and am going to East Texas for the weekend before Thanksgiving to stay at the in-laws by lake Palestine.  I fish in the Brazos below P
November Flies from the Vise
Baetis nymph (Kelly Galloup). This is the first fly I have tied in 15 years. The proportions are wrong (abdomen should be longer, tails a little shorter), but I didn't break the thread and I didn't st
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
Albies chase down and eat bait for a living... they are speedsters and go where the food is... being bait sucks... strength in numbers probably helps, but it still sucks... These T-tailed phunny phish
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
I know you were asking about an advanced book on fly tying, but for what it's worth to you, these are my thoughts on the matter.   I have a lot of books on the subject, but IMHO, books are limite
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
Patriot,   Watch this video by Kelly Galloup:   ..and review this Fly Tying Thread Table from Global Flyfisher:   I
YouTube video links
Leroy Hyatt Tying a Zug Bug   Bob Jacklin Tying a March Brown &
Senyo's Laser Dub & Fly Tyers Dungeon?
I've seen a number of your vids, nice work. As for me I'm planning on using this stuff for heads on big Galloup/Schmidt streamers that call for wool or Laser dub. Thanks again! Well I have a video o
June Flies from the Vise
  GRIZZLY SERENDIPITY TB #47 – TMC 113BLH, #14 – #18…     $3.00 BRIDGE SEREDIPITY(s) –  Galloup Version/Variant…#18’s & #16’s…
May Flies from the Vise
Tried Galloup's butch caddis in a royal version with an orange band over the peacock.  Orange royalty is a strong producer for me on brook trout in small streams.  Here's a pic before the de
tilt wing parachute
Ted Kraimer's came up with his Tilt-shoot a few years ago     a tilt-wing variation, with the deer hair body style common to the Michigan tying community; Kelly Galloup's part of that clan
Hatches Blog Post - Kelly Galloup’s Bangtail T&A – Brian Wise
The Bangtail T&A is the newest member of the T&A Bunker series, which has been an evolutionary process in and of itself since its inception in 1999.[url=
Not so good.
When I first started tying flies back in the early '80's, the first fly I learned to tie was the Hare's Ear. I can't remember what book it was that I first bought to learn to tie (one of Jack Dennis',
Full sinking fly line reviews?
I've only every owned one full sinking line, which I bought because it was recommended by Kelly Galloup and Bob Linsenman's book Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout for throwing the huge take-no-prisone
Flies for someone new to Articulation
If you fish for trout an easy one to start with is a articulated pheasant tail nymph. If your looking for larger streamers check out kelly Galloup
choosing the right fly tying vise with kelly galloup
It's no different then any response to the question of what vise should I buy. The video should be titled Kelly Galloup choosing the right vise for Kelly Galloup according to Kelly Galloup.
Zoo Cougar
The wing shape is the most critical aspect of this pattern. The other important aspect is spun deer hair head. This pattern is one Kelly Galloups early patterns. A good idea is to watch Kelly's you tu
January Flies from the Vise
Got the articulated streamer bug, so I tied these up this weekend.  The first is a variation of Cheech's Snot Goblin, and the second is a variation of Kelly Galloup's Golden Shower.    
Social Media and Fly Tying
I am in about 30 facebook groups, everything from local groups to kelly Galloup streamer fans.
Best Fly tying web site.
I'm a fan of intheriffle videos as well. Not only are they well made but they also have plenty of fly fishing and tying experience. youtube is great but every year there are more and more posers posti
Hatches Blog Post - Kelly Galloup’s Flatliner – by Brian Wise
A BRAND NEW articulated streamer from Kelly Galloup. The Flatliner is a horizontally (is that a word) flat profiled stuff![url=
October flies from the vise
  BROWN/OLIVE BAETIS NYMPH – Galloup/Variant – Daiichi 1560, #18, TMC 1100, #20…     PURPLE/OLIVE BODY QUILL SVELTE BAETIS – #19’s…     P
Baitfish Fibers
I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Kelly Galloup at the Texas Fly Fishing Expo a few week-ends ago.  He is a cool dude as well as a down to earth fellow!  Anyway duri
Streamer Question
Streamers can be tied for everything from trout to tuna. Trout streamers will imitate small minnows ect and can be tied very small around the one inch mark up to 6-8inches for big browns. For example
Texas Fly Fishing Expo - Grapevine, Texas
I'll be there helping with the casting classes. Yes, there are several great tyers that will be there, including Kelly Gallop, who has a presentation on tying the "sex dungeon" fly, Pat Cohen and Mike
September flies from the vise
Some Zoo Cougar influence too?   Roco Cheers Rocco. I was following a picture. Didn't think of it at the time but now that you mentioned it. Checked the Zoo Cougar pattern by Kelly Galloup an
Bozeman MT
     I was just out there,  We hit the Yellowstone and Madison and did well on both.  We fished the Stone downstream of Gardiner, did well on Cutties on hoppers and spruce mot
White River
Most of the time I was there we caught lots of stockers and a few carryovers on Red Ass Kelso. We mostly tie them with Pearsall's Gossamer red silk thread about to barb (crushed). Tie about halfway ba
Portable Storage
Being that you're tying using bucktail, which is a fairly bulky material to manage (compared to, say, most trout nymphs), I'd go with a 2-container approach.   Get a wide, shallow tupperware styl
July Flies from the vise
UV2 ANT ACID – Galloup/Variant – TMC 102Y, #11 – #17… Nice fly planettrout
Madison River, Yellowstone, September
This will give an indication of what is going on in September...     If you don't have a lot of time, plant yer'self right here, on the Madison, just above $3.00 Bridge. It's about 200 yard
Mann's Smelt Patterns
Years ago in the New England area, there was the World Fly Fishing Expo that was held at the Shriner's Auditorium Wilmington, Massachusetts. It was a show similar to the Fly Fishing Show but a little
June Flies from the vise
      Tied this guy up in a storm of feathers and hair last night. First time really tying something large but just freestyling it. Didn't follow a pattern, but obviously had lots
Productive Fying Ant Patterns
Has anyone tyed flying ants with small feathers as wings? No, I haven't but Kelly Galloup has  flying ant pattern, called the Ant Acid, tied with deer hair. he states it floats like a cork an
Idea for flash storage
For the regular krystal flash, I just take it out of the provided bag and put it back in when I'm done.   For the flashabou that's stapled to the card, I pull it up out of the plastic sleeve as n
Organizing the Fly Bench
I used an gallon glass pickle jar that sits on the floor next to my roll top tying desk that I place my trash in.  Kelly Galloup has a video out there and he says that an easy what to keep a tyin
Who makes the longest streamer hooks (straight eye)
Kelly Galloup mentions he believes the straight eye gives better action. So I decided to use the same he does.
Anyone know anything about Hooks USA or VMC hooks?
I did look at the B10S and the Mustard C52S BLN. But made the choice of the wide gap Partridge type hooks after watching Kelly Galloup explaining why he uses them. Which is due to the large head, big
As I recall, Kelly Galloup fishes them just under the surface with regular floating line and leader.
Deer hair selection for deer head flies- TIP
I was watching a Kelly Galloup video and he had a tip on selecting deer hair. So many of his patterns uses spun deer hair and he's tied thousands figure he ought to know. Deer harvested early the year
March Flies From The Bench
Galloup's Boogie Man   [attachment=56188:boogieman.jpg]
Show me your comb
I use what Kelly galloup recommends, a cheap .25 cent black plastic hair comb for men. He likes the static, as do I, since fuzz clings to static and tgats why we use the comb. I must admit though they
Tandem fly terminology?
Hatchet, you're not the only one that's confused.  Here are two more knowledgeable people that do it differently.   Kelly shows how rig towa
Scuds are one of my favorite patterns for still and moving water in the Eastern Sierras. Here are two articles from Westfly which provide additional information:
Help-How to get marabou to "flare" better?
Alternating clumps of marabou between a few wraps of estaz like Galloup's Barely Legal pattern gives the marabou more profile and motion also.
September flies from the bench
Superflash Pheasant Tail (variation) Variation on standard pattern (subbed pearl Krystal Flash for Ice Dub abdomen), which looks a lot like Kelly Glissmeyer's South Fork Special. hook - Dai Riki 135 #
Tyers of the Famous Sort
Carrie Stevens, Ray Bergman, Frank Sawyer, Megan Boyd, Art Flick, Bill Edson, Kelly Galloup, Don Gappen, Dan Bailey. There are tons of fly tiers out there, especially when you start thinking about peo
Polyster Hackle...Some flies ideas
It's called eyelash yarn
Truly big trout streamers
For targeting big piscivorous trout, such as Bulls, big Browns or Mackinaw, you might look into articulated streamers. Sculpzilla, Mike's Meal Ticket and Kelly Galloup's patterns come to mind.
Casting Class Tomorrow Morning; Need Fly Suggestions (please)!
Somehow I missed the update on the 17th-18th ( preparing to see and then seeing Kelly I guess). Great news then Freddo !!  A double win with the fly and the leader. You can now spin off of that p
Sex Dungeon
I've been messing around tying some of Kelly Galloup Style Articulated flies. Here is my Sex Dungeon fly.  Just deer hair, lead eyes, cactus chenille, marabou, hackle, b10s hook for front, and 3x
Great TV promo
Actor Liam Neeson was on Kelly (Ripa) and Michael TV show this morning, and made a pitch for how much he likes fly fishing, and how relaxing it is.  When asked where he likes to fish, he recommen
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