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In line popper
Vicrider I will mostly be using these on a local reservoir (Green River) here in central kentucky. It has good numbers of big largemouth, some good size whites and its also a trophy musky lake. I also
Classic Smoky Mountain Flies
Flytire, thanks for the link to the University of Kentucky.
oh my....  
And a once in a lifetime happening in March Madness
Yea i was surprised they stayed in that long.That was a pretty pitiful performance by kentucky.They only shot 38% and 26% of their offensive plays resulted in a turnover that kansas st.scored with. Co
Spawning season
Suppose a Large Mouth Bass & a Small Mouth Bass mate. Are their offspring called Medium Mouth Bass?    @1967 when Dr. W. Childers & company at  Illinois Natural History Surv
Crap or Crop?
Crop here in Kentucky - we have both white crappie and black crappie. Some people refer to them as paper mouths.
Stocker trout
PHG Must think globally. I was. Anyway, took my son for stocked trout the other day. He caught a ton and had fun. Its easy or was this day. Anyway, he had a good time and that whats important to
Materials List for a Beginner
I’m  new to the Fly Tying Forum and  I’m very new to fly tying and fly fishing for that matter.  I started tying flies just a few weeks ago.  Right now I have a very ba
I'm Back !!!!!
Thanks Kentucky Steve. How's the trout fishing in Ole Kentuck? I have fished Reelfoot when I was a kid for bass and crappie and have some friends that fish Kentucky lake on a regular basis.Glad to mee
Had shelter party last night, maybe again tonight
Don't get as many as you guys but I have ridden out several tornados in Kentucky and they suck, literally! Like an idiot watched one from the front porch last spring. It passed quickly and tore out
Gift in MAIL Today !
I have to thank the person from Kentucky who sent me theses beautiful blue Macaw feathers. Ill put them to good use an have a fly posted as soon as possible thank againGOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN [attachment=
Dunn's Missionary Streamer SBS
Nice. I'll try this one. I did manage some fish on a unique smolt or something like that you tied a while back. It had ostriches, tubing and a cone head if I remember correctly. I fish a lot of st
Michael Nice but your canoes are awesome still remembering those beauties. Steve Sorry man. Like I told you in my email I have a jackass neighbor on the small farm next to mine that cut a tree down t
St Croix spin rod just off the bench
Steve You absolutely nailed it. I love the mermaid and I can't wait to cast this baby. The concept I'm guilty of playing into is having fun while I fish, drink beer and generally have a ball. I'm a
Needing Fly Pattern with Cornhusker connection
Further to my participation in the Down Home Pride Swap, I need to identify a fly that was developed or originated in Nebraska or was originated, developed or popularized by a native Nebraskan. My f
The Down Home Pride Swap
Neat swap idea. I'm not in but am interested in whether there are any fly patterns originating from my home state of Kentucky. I don't know of any. If anyone knows of any please let me know.
Panfish Swap With A Twist
Sorry Vic My 8 year old daughter has severe asthma. It's a struggle every day. Kentucky is not a good place for asthmatics. Hope your better soon!
Classic Fly Swap With A Twist
LOL, Vicrider.  Here in Kentucky it was 10 degrees this past weekend, with snow on the ground and the hot tub is busted. Tying flies by the fire seemed like a good idea.
Amazing temperature drop
Salty If humid cold bothers you don't move to Kentucky. Most of the winter is gray and rainy. 35 to 40 with rain is miserable. Bring on the spring and the Dogwoods and Redbuds!
Shrimp Swap
Lol, yeah we know about you Kentucky guys
New and Need Help
You're in Colorado, so there are lot's of local resources.    1. Take a beginning fly tying course - in person, from a book or online. It will guide you through the basics and teach you skil
Dragon Flys
Very nice fly Kentucky.
West Coast Salt water
Brodrash I'm from Kentucky but have fished the San Diego bay. I caught calico bass and some other weird fish there. 7wt with a shooting sink tip line. 10 to 17' deep. I used orange and white clouse
Southern US Fly Fishing..warmwater minnow patterns..?
Mike In Kentucky we call them crappie minnows
Fly Tying Desk Design
+1 Kentucky The containers shown are the stackable bead jars.
Great start to opening season !!
Awesome way to start the season.   Congratulation's to chad on his first trout and it was on a fly fishing with his brother.Can't get much better than that. Thanks Kentucky Steve it was a very s
Learning the salt and the keys
Ah ... can't help you there, as I only fish fresh water. And to those of us residing in Florida ... Kentucky IS "up North".
Cute but destructive. Will wipe out a pond. Common critter here in Kentucky. There is a trapping season. What do you use them for in tying?
2 year bonsai tree progression
Ok Steve I googled and your right they make awesome bonsai. Never knew. Their shoots come up sharp and can puncture tires if hit in the sidewalls. It's the reason people keep them off their farms he
Tying Magnification
I have one of those lighted ones like spm posted.  Way too clumsy to use, and more in the way than helpful.  I also have one similar to Kentucky Steve's and use it a lot for whatever closeup
Thanks for all the good info gents!!!I will definitely heed the advice! Les-I apologize if that sounded horrible.I have apparently forgotten there are some folks from across the pond here.The burning
My bamboo fly box
China seems like the appropriate place to buy bamboo products. Much like Cuban cigars and Kentucky bourbon.
Don't tell your kids!
I hate winter and winters in southern Kentucky suck. Gray and rainy. When football season is over I just about lose my mind. This winter I plan on spending more time in the Florida keys. Adam I'd l
Different streamers for my set up
I fish the Cumberland River below the Wolf Creek dam in southern Kentucky. It is fairly wide and can be a quite swift river and supports a cold water fishery for 87 miles. I fish a three streamer ri
This speaks of Tenn. waters that flow into the Cumberland, 7 of them:   By Ann Toplovich , Tennessee Historical Society Emil Bott's painting of the Cumberland River near Nashville, ca. 1855.
I see you already did your profile.  Kentucky!  And SMBass and Panfish!  I'm basically a panfisher myself so now I can see what kind of ties you want to fly.  Or whichever.  O
Pre shaped cork poppers..?
Hey Mike, thanks. I'll have to start popping in more often. Have got wrapped up with Facebook and hooking up with old flyfishing folks. Still tying, fishing and regular life been going on. Not sure wh
The ice pyramid and the sunset......
LOL Kentucky ... Terje is closer to where the word "Cairn" comes from than we are. Definition ... "A cairn is a human-made pile (or stack) of stones. The word cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic" 
How smooth should a fly reel be?
Thank you Kentucky
Trout Creations
No Matt I'm from Kentucky born and bred. I do like following a good bird dog through the north woods though. I always wanted to fish while I was up there just haven't had the chance.
Lesser Known Hackle Growers?
NoSlack ... hackle chickens can't be treated like egg layers, or "Kentucky Fried Chicken meal" chickens.  Those chickens are kept in pens all their life and basically are part of a production lin
Tennessee muskies
Green River lake in southern Kentucky is a good musky fishery. In January you will have the lake to yourself. If you prefer river fishing run up river.
Florida's bear hunt
I agree mike that is a lot of bears.Kentucky's archery season opened saturday oct 24th and met it's quota on the same day but we do it a lot different.   We have a 7 day season but the archery/cr
Fish id help
Steve I've never seen a whitefish in Kentucky. What is the southern part of their range? I caught a few in Idaho. I thought they were neat. My guide said they were a trash fish but I thought they
Rather irritated
There was a guy here in kentucky who just shot one down.Its all over the news here.He says it was hoovering over his yard pretty low while he and his daughters were in their back yard so he shot it do
Small mouth Bass Flies
When I lived in Kentucky I caught a lot of them on big woolly buggers. It's hard to beat a good wooly bugger. They look like nothing...yet can pass for just about anything. I wouldn't go bass fishing,
Soon they will be back.......
Mine are thawing though :)      - Sure sign that things are changing!   Kentucky - are you then equating 'Hell'  to Norway (since it's still frozen over that is)....
Wigglers again
Fly Rod Flure Summary I don't know much about bass fishing. I did it as a kid in New Jersey and then moved West and never looked back. Most bass lures float at rest and dive only upon steady retrieve.
what else to take to Mexico?
I've fished in mexico numerous times. Can't miss with the flies you are taking. I'd take some topwater stuff just in case. Casting will be more important than the flies. You didn't mention if you
A different source for tying materials
Based on your name, Clint KY,  I'm guessing you're from Kentucky.  I am originally from Indiana.  I know, in both those States, just about everybody has a brother, cousin or friend
Help identify feathers
A little background so you will understand why am asking for help. While I am not new to fly tying I am new to tying with anything but foam and balsa. I learned to fly fish and tie while living in New
Source for razor blades
Kentucky ... THAT's a cool deal.  One hundred double edge razors for 13 bucks.  13 cents each ... you can't beat that.  AND, at that price, you can toss them as soon as they're dull. &#
New guy question
The collar on that fly appears smooth, and doesn't have the fibrous look of the spey hackle in that photo.  It almost looks artificial.  The tail looks like Kentucky bluegrass.... apparently
Hello from Lexington Kentucky
Hello everyone.My name is josh and i live in lexington kentucky.I just got my first flyrod and i am learning to cast it.I want to learn to make my own lures.My dad showed me this site so i could get s
Hi everyone.Im steve from central kentucky.I have been checking out this forum for a long time and decided to join so i can contribute.I have learned alot from everyones comments and tips.I love to fi
The moon over my hometown tonight......
Terje-   Great photo. May I ask what your lens, and exposure was on that shot?   Can't help but wondering if those bright dots are probes, and lunar landers that we've left on the moon fro
Simms Exstream gloves
Steve I use KAST gloves for wet weather.   wouldn't have near as much dexterity as fingerless gloves but they are pretty nice.  The ones I have are for steelhead fishing although obviou
The What's In A Name Swap
Flies are done. I will be mailing this week. I didn't particularly enjoy tying these flies. I don't like messing with uv glue and flammables which these flies require. I'm not much of a nymph or e
Hello from Ohio
Welcome ckpj, glad to have you. You may already know this, but in addition to the trout waters Prybis mentioned, northern Ohio also offers some very good steelhead fishing. The Cleveland Metroparks sy
Casting For Recovery Fly Boxes
FYI I got the following email from CFR today:   Hello Bob!   Just wanted to let you know that the flies have arrived safe and sound.  They are incredible!!!!   I sent out an email
From the Saltwater Bench
Ah, understand....happens from time to time. I like beer, bourbon, and sometimes rum especially on the weekends while tying. Bourbon is local to my home state of Kentucky. What is the national spir
Rod for a members son
Steve Thank you! Tyler thank you more America is built on the work and dedication of those like you. Well done! Tony if you ever need a place to take your boy fishing (no insult Tyler I'm a father
A sad day...
Carp are still considered trash fish here in Kentucky and most fisherman rid the lake of them as well as gar. Not familiar with winter kill here in ky but did have a ton of fish die in cumberland bec
Any Left Handed Folks Out There???
I'm with Kentucky. Since I cast with my left and reel ( wind ) with the right it seems more natural to wind the thread on flies with the right as well. I definitely feel I have more control over the m
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