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Irish Crayfish- by Frank G. Swarner III

The Purple Heron by Charlie Dickson

Fly line cleaning, care, and maintenance

The Ray Bergman Collection - 24) Bisset

The Ray Bergman Collection - 104) Ferguson

Cheesy Poof carp fly- by Nick Pionessa

Largemouth Bass

How to Make Perfect Booby Eyes (Video)
I have a similar set of foam cutters.  Never thought of putting the smaller ones into a drill.  I do mine the same way that flytire does, just tie in a foam cylinder then trim them to the si
Source of foam for fly box
I'm looking to purchase some foam in order to customize a Plano compartmented box for bass flies and large streamers.   I need some material that is in the 1/4" to 3/8" range so I can cut it into
The new kid on the block
I fish for bass and sunfish.  I have a 14# test mono leader and a 6# or 10# test tippet.  The combined total length is approximately equal to the rod, with about 2 feet of it tippet. You mig
Pigeon Forge/Gattlinburg TN
I have fished the river across from the Orvis store. Mostly caught rock bass. Heard the Little Piegon River is good for smallmouth. For trout go into the park. Just pull off when you see a likely spot
Modern Mickey Finn
Yeah, it isn't for everyone, and it isn't meant for casting. My clients keep buying them, so I keep making them. It isn't any harder to fish than any huge saltwater fly. Remember I'm not a fly fisherm
My Take On A Couple of Reels
For inexpensive reels I like the Okuma Serria and the Bass Pro Dogwood Canyon. Both are disc drag. I own more than one of each. On more than one occasion I have had smallmouth make the Okuma scream. T
Boca Surf
Thanks guys! I was thinking it should be better than up here in Daytona area. We don’t have much structure to speak of in the shallows on the beach. Didn’t think of peacock bass, wasn&#
6 foot fly rod for tight stream fishing
I've been really enjoying the pair of 4 wt rods I built late winter to early spring this year. So far only still water fishing. I think the Anglers Roost 10ft 4wt controls the line nicer than about an
Question about a deer hair top water bass fly ?
A number of years ago my son bought a simple bass bug that caught large and small mouth readily. It was very basic, chartreuse in color overall, Seems to me it had a bit of orange on it as well, cigar
July Flies From the Vise
Freestyle. [attachment=68358:A895A32C-7120-43A2-9969-47376D13C1B7.jpeg] It caught this bass, and four more like it in under an hour. [attachment=68359:804C6CF4-A063-4B91-AD5E-39A1B1E1D0E3.jpeg]
Au Sable trout & bass
As I said on the phone, beautiful Trout and Bass !!!
Body Material for Saltwater Popping Bugs
Thanks to all of you guys (and/or ladies) for the responses.  The first place I'll check out is Bass Pro since we have one here in our little town (Daphne, Al).   The one that I'm tying (or
Panfish poppers?
Who makes a good panfish popper? Or even a good bass popper
Golden Shiner Bass Pattern
A friend told me that stripped bass were biting on gold spoons below the dam, So I decided to make some golden shiners:
Fifty Fly Project
Bass Popper, Ernest Peckinpaugh, 1915
There's a little place I know...
Okay, an interesting twist -- I just learned that the minimum legal size on smallmouth and largemouth bass  is 14", which is about the largest bass I've ever seen in this lake. So it's not even l
My First Bamboo Rod
For those of you who either can't wait for a bamboo rod or, just want a slower graphite - check out Bass Pro's 270 rods. These are a blast to cast, slower action, and cost around $150! Pair the rod u
fishing report, Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 16 June
We switched over to fly fishing gear this week and found a few fish on each outing.  Early in the week I had Benjamin Vial aboard to fish for tarpon at night locally in Biscayne Bay.  Ben is
Hatches Blog Post - How to Tie an Easy Zonker Fly Pattern
An easy to follow fly tying video of a Zonker style pattern for trout or bass.[url=]View the full article[/url]
Help a fishing noob go fishing
The first thing I would do is find a local bait and tackle shop (not a big superstore like Bass Pro but a Mom and Pop's type place). The tackle shop guys are usually very helpful in offering advice on
Casting Practice aka Pretend Fly Fishing
Still an interesting topic. I practiced in my yard for about ten minutes when I picked up a fly rod. I thought it was incredibly dumb of me since there was zero chance of catching a fish in my yard. S
Whiting hackles
All I can is thank God I dont tie trout flies any more or have the need for high quality hackle..I still have pieces of a #1 Metz from close to 50 years ago thats gets me by for the warm water stuff I
Fishing freshwater south Orlando FL
I am a little familiar with the area ... but it's been more than a decade since I fished any of those ponds.  I do remember catching a lot of 4 and 5 pound bass.
Smallmouth time, my favorite
Nice looking smallie and river, Byron.  All I've caught this year has been largemouth.  I guess I need to get out on my local creek, as soon as it clears up from all the rain we've had the l
Cooling shirts
Which "cooling shirts" are you guys talking about? If you're talking about the normal type of "fishing shirt" that is made of the lighter weight material and has a back vent and arm vents then I use t
June Flies From the Vise
It's been a couple months since anything meaningful came off my vice.  I've had this largemouth bass fly idea bouncing around in my head for some time, so I finally sketched it out and tied one u
best flies for small lake in late summer
My kids are 14 and 16 and will be thrilled to catch anything they can eat. When we start looking at specific places I will know what to expect. But I would guess sunfish, perch, and largemouth bass. I
Lil bass buggin
I'm sorry fshg2 for the confusion. I avoid the ones you posted now. I shoulda been more specific about "hard foam". The styrofoam hard or soft doesn't last for me. The ones I shoulda called out ar
Bream/Panfish Box swap
 Yep, I hope I didn't screw this up but damned if I just didn't finish 19 & 20 a short while ago. As I looked at them I thought, hell, I'd be set at any of our local ponds for most anything.
I got what on what!
Just got back from my trip to NC. Started by visiting my brother in Raleigh area. He took me to the Harris Res. for top water bass. He's throwing his rubber frog and I'm using my 9wt to throw my deer
Places to find Good Bucktail?
Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops. I have gotten some real nice Bucktail from both.
Perfection loop
I use perfection loops quite often, especially in the canals/ponds when targeting peacock bass. Usually these waters have lots of grime and whatnot, so a leader that doesn't pick up a lot dirt is bett
Carrying two rods
One 6-8 wt rod at a time, the choice of wt being somewhat dependent on wind and such. the fly end taper of my 8&9wt lines is about the same as a 3wt so I have fished down to #24 with it and caught
The Golden Missile
----The Golden Missile----   I had been looking forward to the summer of 2016 for quite some time.  For the same reason, the women in my life were both anxious and nauseous as they dreadfull
Bull Reds
We get the big reds in the 30-50 pound range from late April-June and again in the fall, although there are always some around during the summer. A neighbor of mine got a 47-pounder (estimated from me
Some time on the river
Yeah this section of the river is about 50 river miles upstream from where my cabin is located. Was a very cold & wet day on the Au Sable today. While the trout have not been very active I've been
Cork poppers
Wow you guys are doing some really nice work. The bass are gonna love em. Thanks for posting Mike I am going to have to give this a try. I will post my efforts here.
I really DO hate people.
  (1) ... evidence that you acted with intent.    (2) Had the hooks of the lure dug into him deeply there could have been severe damage.   (1)  "Honest, Officer,
Tampa Fl Area
You may want a decent 8wt for the beach, as it can get pretty windy. However, you're 7wt might get the job done, just practice casting. You're on the west coast so it won't be as bad as over here on t
Looking for panfish ideas
Try this pattern out. Been wearing the shellcracker, bluegill, and smaller bass out with it here lately.
Just got off the phone with Sage...Grrrr
Funny Vic Im not into the whole Basscar thing, could care less about their rule. But Ill say this years ago with my redneck bass fishing buddy I did fish small local bass tournaments. Nobody cared ab
Cohen's Bird Variation
A few days ago there was a deer hair bird flytier posted. I thought he got it from our fly pattern data base and it looked like something I tied, It was not, so moving forward, here are some that I di
Big Fish Fly
Bob, I meant no disrespect to the legendary Billy Pate; I was referring to the Eagle Claw label, which a lot of tyers would sneer at these days. The only place I've been able to find those hooks in re
Sheep Fly
I hope to get a chance to throw this one at some tarpon and/or cobia this summer, but I'm gonna give it a shot when the bull reds come inshore, which should be any day now. Striped bass would definite
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
...big, black fly worked slow and deep... preferably across current and allowed to drift  down to where they're holding on an intermediate line -that would be my first tactic...  After that
May Flies From The Vise
Owner ssw #1. This is a great pattern for bass that pushes some water and rides just under the surface.
Hey thanks everybody as this was my first post. I appreciate the warm welcome. I just learned this pattern from a Reuben Martin video via youtube. I'd like to tie some even bigger maybe 7XL hooks. Hel
Got a couple rainbows yesterday
Haha, im not a purist, i love fly fishing but chasing bass with the fly rod just isnt practical this time of year in my area, thanks!
Fly nameing
Walton listed 12 flies and three or four of them had the hackle palmer, I think, Dame J. also listed the same or similar flies. So, the palmer method may be as old as fly tying. Tough Walton's flies h
Non-fly rod caught fish
Nice shad, Poopdeck.  I haven't fished for American shad in years.  Did a lot of fishing for them off the wing dam at New Hope/Lambertville with spinning tackle before I took up fly fishing.
The bird fly
I watched a LMB try to eat a mallard once, duck was about half grown, appeared fully feathered  and yet couldn't/didn't  fly, the bass wasn't quite big enough to swallow the duck but pulled
Steve, with the exception of Peacock Bass all of the exotics were either dumped or are escapees.  Lots of theories on if it was little Tommy aquarium owner or some fish farm/aqua culture entity p
Back on the river today
The suckers spawning in Maine display a lot of red in the side, almost blood red. The ones we have here on the cape get bigger though but are kind of tan looking by comparison ( in the water)... 
Old Glory
25 years ago, I was at a fly-fishing expo at L.L. Bean, where Lefty was signing copies of his new saltwater patterns book. Attendance was sparse and somebody else was speaking at the moment, so I had
Dubby Bunny Baby Bow
This fly works awesomely for bass.  I have tied it in many color combos already.  One perch coloration, a baby brown trout coloration, and now a baby rainbow coloration.    I have
Simple Weedless Bass Streamer
Hello timeflies,   That pattern works really well, I have tied similar flies on a Gamakatsu Offset Shank Worm EWG hook. I use size 4 and 2 with various patterns throwing up in Pepper Grass and ar
Anyone Fish Out of a Float Tube
I used to fish out of a tube a lot and it is a lot of fun but..   I never got proficient at fly casting sitting that low to the water and w/o ground contact as a firm platform. Instead I use
Big Boys are Coming
With all the flavor-of-the-month materials out there, I still haven't found much that out-fishes the real thing. I'm a huge fan of Icelandic sheep hair and wool in general; it puffs up in the water, a
9' 7wt 3pc
thanks fellers,you can almost see the dime epoxied to the butt on the first pic.(I am presently surrounded by congo hair, marabou, H2O flash and crock eye's)prepping for tomorrow, hope my luck holds.I
Animal hair that sinks?
Royce Dam,The Buz Buszek Award is the highest fly tying award the FFF gives out. Royce Dam won it in 1994 and he is the foremost fly tier that uses wool for flies.    Get his book, The Pract
Dragon Fly Wings
I hoping to tie up so Dragon flys for top water bass fishing.  Having a hard time finding what material to use for the wings.  Hoping it can be some what durable and take some hits from hope
Universal Nymph- great all around pattern
Hi,   I'm glad that you find the model interesting. Here is a link for step by step: The fly was invented by Steve Schweitze
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Got a couple good ones on my flies.  First is a serious creek largemouth on your hair slider.  Pretty rare to run into a largemouth this size on our Ozark creeks.   Second is a a small
Hello from Canada
I've been lurking for a while and thought it was about time to say hello. I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada. I've fished all my life, but only began fly fishing about 5 or 6 years ago, and just took up tyi
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