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Rylee’s Pullover Caddis- by Lucas Langton

Backstabber carp fly - by Intheriffle

Extended Body Light Cahill- by tightline productions

Ray Bergman Collection - 205) Lake George

Isonychia Parachute- by Tightlines

Hatches 2010

Lefty Kreh

3wt test drive
Having recently been given a 7'9" TFO Lefty Kreh finesse series 3 wt fly rod and an Allen Trout II reel, I decided to take it out on its maiden voyage today. Since the river is still very high like it
October Flies from the Vise
Lefty's Deceiver. Tail's a little bit longer than I was going for but I think it looks good under water. Going back out for some stripers if this damn wind ever dies down...
September the new December?
This month has been very good to me. It started out with me buying new welder followed by a box of dubbing and a like new regal vise for $28.65 and now great karma. Last week a much younger co worker
Blue color scheme
If it ain't chartreuse, it ain't no use. I think Lefty said that
Hardest fighting freshwater fish?
Lefty Kreh claimed that the New Guinea Black Bass was the toughest fresh water fish he ever caught.
RIP Dick Miller
I received word today that the man who taught me to tie flies has passed away. Dick Miller was an elementary school 5th and 6th grade teacher in Grants Pass, Oregon. In the mid 1950's schools had afte
Nymph Fishing Rods
I learned "high stick nymphing " from this guy and George Odier, back in 1975 on the Roaring Fork and Frying Pan rivers in CO:   A numbe
Trouble with rod
Here's what I came up with over the years....  As noted by others -first clean off both mating surfaces (use a Q-tip or something similar inside the female ferrule - dip it in alcohol first...).&
My flies for my first saltwater trip
No worries Flats, I truly appreciate your input which I think is dead on. I've been casting a long time and have a decent double haul. Being an Atlantic salmon fisherman, I've cast bombers over salmon
Best Tyer Ever?
To be honest, I am not familiar with many of these names listed above. Me being more connected with social media and the saltwater fly tying game, I see different stuff. Maybe not now, but in the fut
Fifty Fly Project
Lefty's Deceiver, Lefty Kreh, Late 1950s
I really DO hate people.
I'm not gonna get into the discussion part here again, said I had said my piece but do want to point out one thing I think some may not know. Mike is using a go-pro camera. I filmed on a go pro mysel
Fly nameing
Some people crave attention, and some like a quick buck to go along with it. There's not much money in "inventing" a fly, so I'd have to go with the "attention" factor in most cases. Even a fly that g
Old Glory
25 years ago, I was at a fly-fishing expo at L.L. Bean, where Lefty was signing copies of his new saltwater patterns book. Attendance was sparse and somebody else was speaking at the moment, so I had
RIP Lefty Kreh
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Lefty in the spring of 1972 by a young man named John Emery...  At that time Lefty was the outdoor writer for the Miami Herald (this was a few years before
Lefty Kreh passes....,amp.html
What weight dumbbell eyes for Clousers?
As you get into doing Clousers make a point of doing a few of the originals - the way Bob Clouser did them all those years ago.  That way you'll have a better idea of what you need for your appli
What is the angle in angling?
A quick Google search produced this: Good find! It makes so much sense either way. And now I know to watch out for Lefty... :)
A Curmudgeon Moment
Rocco, the older I get the more I see things on the opposite end since I don't do much trout fishing. With folks fishing the salt or for bass, all that many are concerned with is specs on rods & h
skagit for spring creeks / small trout streams?
I've fished small streams of all types since I could walk.. and have never, ever, needed to cast 80 or 90 feet.   Since the original post was specifically about small streams, it seems as if
Show Us Your Tube Flies
[quote name="fshng2" post="708679" timestamp="1508903290"][quote name="Noahguide" post="708670" timestamp="1508894176"] Very early attempt. Bucktail wings over wrapped tinsel body with uv head. Tube
ID-ing Mystery Fly Lines
I use Lefty's method of marking my lines. Lefty's method is to use a black Sharpie to mark the fly line one wide stripe = 5, and a thin stripes = 1, so a 7 wt line would have 3 marker rings, one
Mop Fly Variant
  Noahguide nice variant. How many days did you fish there? I had two days on the river. Boulder field was much more productive.     Two days that's great. What road is near the
Bass Pro Redington Crosswater combo
My next rod might be a tfo lefty kreh, for that reason.. no questions asked life-time warranty.     I went with the dogwood canyon instead due to a year end clearance of $39 from BPS.  
Fly Tying Article
1 i tie to custom fit the fly to where im fishing and how i want it to act. and have the preferred hook size , not what some exec thinks would sell   2 basically any state that doesnt freeze in t
New 9' 7wt
Fishboy, go to "edit", crop and rotate, and just bring the picture edges in tight to the rod. Gets pixel count down to fit the bandwidth allowed on here. Otherwise use Photobucket and you do not have
Kreh/Harro/Byford knot ?
from the internet, the knot is attributed to dan byford as a non-slip loop knot
Hooks for salt water
Piker, these were tied with albacore in mind, but I'm sure they'd work on other species. They're tied on Mustad circle streamer hooks, which I like a lot. When the hardcore Rhode Island tuna guys star
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
BB ... to atone for your sins, you must say fifteen "Hail Lefty's" and 8 "Our Dahlberg's".   You will be absolved at that time!
Trout spey rods in progress
I do not understand the frequent reference to Spey casting and Roll cast being the same or very similar. They are only related due to the line tip being anchored to the water surface which helps load
Simple little pickerel/bass fly
There's a lot of variations of that type of pattern.  This one I've tied for years, I call it an Estaz Bug.  I think I got the idea from a Lefty Kreh pattern, but was trying to come up with
Spey rod for trout, anyone here do it?
When I was teaching Spey Casting, many students arrived with shoulder/arm problems.   The key is to keep your elbows in close to the rib cage and use more body motion to load the rod. Once y
Salt Hook Size?
IME, the chief consideration in selecting hook size (outside of pure strength) is how it affects the way a fly swims. Otherwise, tying all your flies on smaller hooks is unlikely to make enough differ
I'm slowly learning to tie left handed
Ya, after decades of right handed tying, teaching a left handed grandson is forcing me into left handed tying. I think I mentioned here before, the whip finish and even half hitches have been a challe
Fly Knots
  I fish a lot, and have for a longtime.  Almost exclusively I use a Homer Rhode non-slip knot with one more loop.  I call it the Homer Rhode and a Half. It increases the strength of
The Down Home Pride Swap
I was looking at a website dedicated to dry fly patterns that originated in my home state of Michigan when I got the idea for this swap. I'd be willing to bet that nearly every state in the union has
Silent Death utube vid
Salty, I could even be Lefty Kreh junior! I am actually planning to write an e-book on 6 flies!!
Single hook Streamers
Clouser Deep MinnowLefty's DeceiverJoe Brooks Blonde seriesHalf-and-Halfthe list is endlessFor baitfish emulators, most of the time simpler is better
Feb flies from the vise
Lefty Deciever
casting distance 5wt v 8wt
I agree Dave G. and am always thankful for those good days! I wouldn't want to try any fish that big on a 5 wt., but we can't always predict what's going to grab our fly!    I've landed a fe
Finally I caught a trout Fly Fishing on the San Juan River!
If you haven't ever fly fished the quality waters on the San Juan River in New Mexico, you are missing out.  Trout are everywhere, and its difficult not to hook a few.  The problem there tho
Hello From Austin!
Hello everyone,   I am returning to fly fishing after a 30+ year hiatus. I had access to a private, 38 acre lake in the early 80's. I fished with a $39 combo that has a 9 foot, 7 wt fiberglass Di
Atlanta (Duluth, actually) Fly Fishing Show Feb. 3-4
Just a reminder, the show is this coming weekend.  If you are in the area, find time to come by.  The show will feature Bob Clouser, Lefty Kreh, Gary Borger, Joe Humphries, Simon Gawesworth
McFly Angler - Episode 2 - Fly Fishing The San Juan River
If you haven't ever fly fished the quality waters on the San Juan River in New Mexico, you are missing out.  Trout are everywhere, and its difficult not to hook a few.  The problem there tho
New 240g tank build
Well happy to say the hand is healing very nicely now. Have had it wrapped for a few days and daily changing bandages and looks to be sealed up nice and not even all that sore at all now. So should be
Fishing related gifts, anyone...?
Oh yeah, I also got a fly casting book my lefty kreh!
Fluorocarbon or Monofiili?
And I use a lefty kreh non slip loop knot for tying on flies
Bucktail Baitfish, think ive got it...
For what its worth, if I were to use colored thread for the head I would go with pink rather than red in clear water since that subtle contrast can be real effective. I have noticed mullet and other t
preparing wax for fly tying - davie mcphail
Guys guys, we all know im Lefty Kreh, duh
Hurrican Bay FL....?
Hurrican Bay???  Never heard of it.  Get your buddy to tell you the name of the nearest good sized city (lots and lots of developments in Florida with the name "hurricane" or some variation
Polar Fiber Minnow
We'd go so far as to call the Polar Fiber Minnow a modern Lefty's Deceiver due to its effectiveness in nearly every situation where fish are eating smaller fish. The key is to figure out the right amo
White river pole
I've had the dogwood canyon for the last 5 years, while my father in law had the Hobbs creek. I loved them both. I can't tell a difference between the two other than price. I think the dogwood rod o
If you could only have Three Bass Flies....?
4-5" Murdich Minnow with rattle on  2/0 hook in crystal finish with lots of Copic color pens   Lefty's Deceiver with lead eyes in white and chartruese, red and white, and black and purple. &
Must admit that I'm still in the school that treats clousers (note the small letters) as more of a style than a pattern.  That very first article on the pattern by Lefty Kreh provided the first h
Overhead Casting ?
There are three main single handed casting techniques. Two are overhead (elbow forward and elbow up and to the side) techniques and one is the low elbow (sidearm) technique of Lefty Kreh. So Lefty Kre
Howdy from southern Il.
Howdy!! I've been trying to fly fish for about four years. I just started tying about a month ago. I have a starter set up from bass pro and have made some foam beetles,San Juan worm and woolly hugger
Your Favorite Fly
I'm like flytire & others, too many I like tying & using, and no stories that I can think of. I fish a lot with Clouser Minnows, but not any specific color all the time.    Poopdeck,
Hello from SC Pennsylvania
ffoakes   You might have a little bit of an issue casting unless you are a lefty (unless you can cast 'across your body' sort of cast) - at least up towards the dam.   But, down where the Co
Who all has tied at fly tying shows / expos???
    I tied at an expo down in Louisville, but they asked me to stop.    I'm almost afraid to ask!    I never tied at any big shows. Always wanted to, but never did. Thos
Vise advice needed
In one of Lefty's older books, he recommended a vice grips held in a table vice. If I may ask, what are you fishing for that needs a 7/0?
casting distance?
Ok so I know this is different for everyone and not trying to start a pissing contest lol. but i was in my yard and casting today and I could not cast past this little tree, no matter what rod I was
weedless without mono
    Cool. My brother has been in Dunnellon for the last two years.  He kayaks the rainbow and withlacoochee quite often. I've only fished it once and that was on a pontoon with the kid
Couple Flies need critiquing
I have no doubt that your flies will catch fish, but they are crude. Try a different hook with that size popper. IMO, the hook you used is too short & too small for that size body. Yes, shaping th
First Bonefish!!
First off, SPECIAL thanks to Davin Ebanks of FishBones guide service in Grand Cayman. If your ever in the Caymans, book him and tell him Carson sent you. He is a person that I will never forget and ev
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