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Ray Bergman Collection - 180) Jay Silver

Hatches 2011: The Sasquatch by Nick Granato

TFO Custom Rod Shop

Kelly Galloup's Articulated Boogie Man- by Brian Wise

Hatches 2012: Casting in the Shadow of the Sundance Kid by Greg Senyo

Parachute Biot BWO with Jim Misiura


free to a good home 3.0
interested. have a buddy that lost everything in the louisiana flood in 2016.
Stomach contents
Guys on local SaltyForum talking about strange things found in fish stomachs. One was nutria in a redfish! :shock: After lil thought I came up with the soon to be infamous BabyNutterRatFly! :lol: D
Bull Reds
So sick!!! Louisiana reds is definitely on the list.
B10s - Saltwater hook?
Just beware that it is very bendy and thin wired. I had a peacock bass open up a #2 the other day, and he was only around 3lbs.    I think you're going to Louisiana right? May want to use so
Louisiana Redfish Flies - Top 3 or 4?
I'm looking for suggestions of a few Louisiana redfish flies. I'm fishing the Venice area in June. My guide provides all flies, however I want to try a few patters and give them a shot just for fun. H
Crap or Crop?
  According to Merriam Webster, it's pronounced "Kroppy" ... not "Krappy".   Growing up in Indiana, that's how we always pronounced it, too.    As has been mentioned, "cra
Tye v Tie
LOL  ... here we go!   Tye vs. tie  <I write tie> Tyer vs. tier  <I write both, depending on the sentence> Line vs. string  <Only recently saw someone refer to
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous - A Gathering of Tyers
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous    Co-Sponsored by the Gulf Coast and Texas Councils - FFI                         &
Hurricane Irma
I remember stories of people who fled from a storm predicted to strike Louisiana to Florida only to have the storm hit them in Florida.  If you flee, go INLAND!  There have been storms which
Fly Tyer's Dungeon
Its great stuff, reasonably priced and he creates some truely unique dubbing too. Keep an eye out for closeouts and sale items. Its a way to get years worth of materials for short money His videos a
Garden almost in shape
Steve Love the bonsai. Herons not so much. They play hell on the frog population in my ponds. I used to be able to get Louisiana bullfrogs in tadpoles. Can't get them anymore. I love to go frog
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Here are a few pics from my last three DIY trips. My personal best redfish from the marshes of Louisiana on a frosty February morning. My first taste of fishing for pollack along the Maine coast. Alth
The Eyes Have It
GC - I don't like using the UV stuff, but water-based acrylic paint doesn't seem to react chemically with anything else, so I imagine it'd work OK with UV. I used to epoxy all my saltwater heads, but
The "JOY" of home ownership!
Might want to use greenboard behind & above any new bathroom fixtures after a thourough bleaching. The copper pipes used in most of the areas homes built in the late 70's, 80's & 90's&#
Red Jig Slider
For redfish from Louisiana to Key Largo, the Red Jig Slider pushes a lot of water, has a ton of food-like movement, and gets down to the fish. The wide gap jig hook has a good track record of finding
Bunny Gill Streamer Fly
Bream is a common term here in the south It is? Oh ok I didn't know. I lived in south Texas for a while, but that's the closest to the "south" I've been. They do things a bit different in Texas t
28th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous-A Gathering of Tyers 11/4-6
The Gulf Coast & Texas Councils of the IFFF, annually co-sponsor the "North Toledo Bend Rendezvous". This is the best "hands on" gathering of fly tyers in the South!Rendezvous is held the first we
NC Coast Flies?
Been fishing the marshes and coastal bays of SE Louisiana for over 50 years.  I have used crab hundreds of times in my quest for fish.  Never caught one trout on a crab.  Did catch
Poppin cork on da fly...
Sounds and looks like a VOSI.  They are used without blushing by some here in Louisiana. It does put a hinge in your casting stroke requiring a modification in you cast to minimize tangles.  
Rendezvous, North Toledo Bend, Texas/Louisiana Border, On The Lake
Something to start working on, Mike.     This year we had around 55 to 60 people , men and women, but mostly men, probably 85 to 90% to 10 to 15%, there from Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm unti
Matching the rod with the fly.
So I am looking to build two new rods for my upcoming move to either Florida or Louisiana. One of them will be a Helios 2 8'9 one piece and the other will be an 8'3 Sweetgrass Bamboo pentagonal three
Denduke If it lasted more than 10 years, that was a magnificent construction job!  Some of the old Florida Crackers  used to make plywood 'boats" to hunt in the Everglades, but they usually
April showers start bass bedding...Monthly Swap
I'm heading from California to Louisiana to chase Reds for a few days toward the end of the month, then shooting up to the Ozarks to spend a few days on my favorite Smallmouth streams, so I'll be tyin
Are bluegills etc....
Flytire My favorite freshwater fish next to walleye.  I like them filleted and then soaked in buttermilk (can add Louisiana Hot Sauce to buttermilk) and then roll them in spiced cornmeal and flou
Project Healing Waters: 2nd Annual Collection
Thanks for all of the donations received to this point; they've come in from as far as Louisiana, which is incredible.   The collection will run through the first week of March, thus as you go th
Lefty's Poppers
Bass and the little blue one I throw with a 4 or 5wt for bream but down here in south Louisiana, bass will eat that size six as well.
caffine sin
Nothing special for me. I drink Community. The stuff that is in all the Texas and Louisiana truckstops. It matches my, bitter and black.
If you want to tie at a fly tying event, check here.......
We have people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas (my home), Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas (of course), Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and others I can't remember at the moment, and th
Fast Sinking Streamers 2.0
I dug a little deeper... in the 1880s, apparently the Louisiana French got the Choktaw work sakli which to the Choktaw meant trout.  Sakli was interpreted as Sac a lait.  And the rest is his
Fly Tyer Magazine fly swap
Just wanted to update everyone on swap. Joseph Russell sent in a nice set of Partridge Hornbergs the other day and now there is 3 sets left to come in. Psychoprince- mailed last Monday Add147- saw h
In Regards to Fly-Fishing Articles...
I agree with the above.  I haven't written about fly fishing, but have written technical books and articles, so here's  my suggestion:   Decide what you want to write about (first step!
Allons a la peche!!!!
Nice colors Tee.   Silk, I believe the late Tony Accardo of Accardo Tackle in Baton Rouge, Louisiana originated or at least popularized this shaped bug and called it the Round Dinny. Mine which F
What is it?
good Lord... at one point I was stationed with a guy from swampass South Carolina and another one from downeast Maine and yet another kid from inner-city Pittsburgh----- listening to them all talk at
tails and legs ... new material?
Last night, Wife and I were watching a show about invasive species.  The were highlighting the Nutria on this episode.  In Louisiana, there's a 5 dollar bounty for every tail turned in. So,
2nd Annual Redfish Swap
Swap is full I ran this swap last year and it was a good one so I thought that i would host another this year and hope to keep the tradition going. The rules are the same as last yr - any pattern, any
Gar Pike
When I fished in Caddo Lake on the Texas/Louisiana border, there were gigantic alligator gar.  People fished for them with hookless lure, don't know what they were made of, but the fish is suppos
Warmwater Leader Formula
These two work well.  The top is from Dan's Custom Flies.  The bottom from a guide in Louisiana.  Can't remember his name...
Spoons for KUDU
Sorry bout that Fisherboy, when I said our, I meant down here in South Louisiana.   My wife taught 6th graders that were 17 years old reading on a 1st grade level.   Kirk
Float Tube & Pontoon Questions
I spent time in southern Louisiana in my college days and canoed some of the bayou areas on weekends. I wouldn't even think about using a float tube where gators or 25 lb snapping turtles are also loo
NOLA Jan 14
Having missed out trip to the marshes of Louisiana due to my friend's back injury, so he booked three days in January as soon as he felt better.  Weather there in January can be pleasant or chill
Song of the day
Chugbug27, Pretty cool I like that music to .I worked in Louisiana for years music pours at of every bar and restaurant. Feel good party town,I loved it there. Bet you know of Tab Benoit then... see
Beginner Saltwater Materials List Help
Funny you ask! A friend asked me to create/stock his new tying station at his camp down in South Louisiana. He asked to acquire everything needed to tie redfish and other saltwater flies for down ther
New Orleans and Houston
The best freshwater fishing in Louisiana is in Fred Hannie's backyard in lake charles I caught bluegill, warmouth, and a steak dinner :lol:
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Fished: USA: Indiana Ohio Minnesota North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Louisiana Texas Arizona California Massachusetts New Jersey Wyoming Nebraska Tennessee Missouri   Other countries
Flying with Tying Stuff
Jam, you may not be tying flies on the plane but I have never traveled heavier than one carry on bag except once when I went to Key West and I brought my friend a 48 qt ice chest with fresh Louisiana
Uses for muskrat fur??
In the deep south, a.k.a. Louisiana, the local squirrels, both eastern gray and/or fox squirrels, tend to lack much, if any, underfur.    When making homemade dubbing blends with our local s
Gar on the fly
Down here, Texas, and on our major gar rivers, we have  Spotted Gar, Longnosed Gar, and Alligator Gar.  The species we fish for is the Alligator Gar.  Using rope lures for gar can be ef
About Freaking Time!
Why can't our idiot politicians in NC enact and EEZ zone for reds and stripers off of our coast. If they did our inshore/nearshore fishing would rival Louisiana or Florida.
How many species have you landed on the fly
Freshwater: Rainbow Trout                     Brown Trout         
Redfish Swap
Kudu- cash for return postage will be fine, and yes i have been playing disc golf (frisbee golf) since college- 2001. We had a nice course across from the intramural fields at Stephen F Austin State U
Premier Post
I post usual in sweetwater.  I tie for the spec and rouge.  Here I go.[attachment=40387:redfishtemptress.jpg][attachment=40388:bande noir.jpg][attachment=40389:blanc diable3.jpg][attachment=
la truite n possion rouge mouchelee
Merci Boucoup Many years I tye and cast.  Louisiana is a fly mans Eden.
Hatches Blog Post - Hatches Theater- First Fish, Louisiana Marsh, Hop
Two great videos of dads and sons sharing time on the water, and some great summer hopper action.[url=
Saltwater Cravings
Grassonfly tied these sweet looking baitfish. One thing I know for a fact is "big fish eat little fish"... I smell fall run Jacks [IMG]
Unappreciated fly tyers?
Thanks Dave and Chef, that's nice of ya'll to think that but I've always been a terrible businessman and prefer to fly under the radar. I'm not one to crank and crank out flies, much m
Bucket Lists
Brown trout are common table fair for me so I wouldn't consider that a bucket list I do want to catch a redfish but I am going to do that the next time I get to Louisiana
Redfish leaders
I don't know about others but down here, we fish in shallow water with a lot of grass so my reasons are two fold. First, when a red goes through those aquatics, so does your leader, sometimes you
why Fly backing not other braded line
[quote name='FlyFishin'Jam' timestamp='1347576494' post='515214'] Besides the awesome skill, i think Kirk has something else and it is either a trolling motor or he can pol
FTF Video: - Kirk Dietrich - Tying the Mylar Spoonfly, Part 2 of 3
[url=",-Part-2-of-3/193/"][img][/img][/url] This is part 2 o
FTF Video: - Kirk Dietrich - Tying the Mylar Spoon Fly, Part 1 of 3
[url=",-Part-1-of-3/192/"][img][/img][/url] This is part 1
FTF Video: - Kirk Dietrich - Tying the Mylar Spoon Fly, Part 3 of 3
[url=",-Part-3-of-3/194/"][img][/img][/url] This is part 3
Flat Less Traveled 08/13/2012
[quote name='SCOwens' timestamp='1345178070' post='512981'] ...Also you said someone about getting on this spot by boat. No boat was used to access this spot, strictly walk too
Air brushing barring on streamers
[quote name='KayakerStan' timestamp='1346851699' post='514577'] petegray, the flies you tie are incredible. This 1 is very nice looking but it's naturally barred. Kirk, I
La Veste Jaune
[quote name='Harold Ray' timestamp='1343274803' post='511169'] Where you live, Tee Nootsie? [/quote] I am in Pierre Part Louisiana. It is a tee community deep in South Louisia
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