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Ray Bergman Collection - 172) Indian Yellow

Hatches Theater - Yeti: Kamchatka Steelhead and Cosmo

Ray Bergman Collection - 151) Greenwell’s Glory

The Ray Bergman Collection - 69) Chantry

Hatches 2011: Tiers From Across the Pond - Rune Andre Stokkebekk

Freehand Tying by Al & Gretchen Beatty


Fifty Fly Project
Holy Mackerel, Steve Abel, 1985 The pattern called for an 8/0 hook, tied on a 4/0, could not find an SBS for this so went with the recipe in the book. 
Tampa Fl Area
If you want to take your girlfriend fishing one day, consider City Pier in Anna Maria Island. Just across the street is an excellent ice cream shop and a nice beach around it. Also some good fishing,
Non-fly rod caught fish
Sounds like fun. But I've always wondered what is the big deal with shad?  Is it just in the fun of catching them?  You can't eat them can you?    Long time ago there was a sha
A tip of the hat to members of this Forum. I made good use of tips, information, and fly patterns found here. They added positively to my trip to Florida. I managed to catch Ladyfish, Spotted sea trou
Yep you're right. Saw them thought I might get some big sparkle ones but after painting not sure and may be too thick and heavey. I got some with the fabric paint on wax paper but they look flimsy.
Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada
Welcome Lastcall  I've spent a lot of time in NS mainly Cheticamp and rivers and lakes around Cape Breton, great place and people. I started tying bucktails and mackerel flies as a kid. Still vis
YouTube video links
Ok here you go! Tim didn't include any of your videos since I'm pretty sure you wouldn't include them!   Fan of this one (none are mine), just something different. Deciever - https://www.y
What is your favorite fly pattern?
Wooly bugger in black with a little red flashabou. If I had time I would add a beadhead. I have trout, bass, panfish, pickerel mackerel, striped bass, landlocked salmon and I am probably forgetting so
Snook Flies Swap
Mine should be there in the next couple days. I tied up Hamilton's Eat Me fly, a really popular one for snook in southeast Florida. Good for all inshore species like mackerel, trout, or anything that
Fly caught salty fish pictures
[attachment=62466:20150904_092523.jpg] Golden trevally [attachment=62467:last ditch barra.jpg] Barramundi [attachment=62468:20151114_123559.jpg] Mac tuna [attachment=62469:FB_IMG_1447673128343.jpg] Qu
Fishing for Perch
CP, the inland smelt aren't even doing so hot, the runs coming out of Moosehead Lake in Maine for instance. Salmon feed on those heavy so the salmon are getting a bit smaller and fewer large ones too.
Airbrushing With Sharpies
I'll paint the popper.  For example, if I'm doing a fire tiger.  I'll  do the belly orange, do the sides yellow, and the top green. Orange belly first, yellow sides and green back. 
Just When You Thought It Was Safe........
"Dude! Hold the mackerel a little higher so he can see it!"
Florida Keys Recommendations
Are you only looking to fly fish? If you are open to spinning gear, the area bridges there can be great fun, especially at night while your family is sleeping.  The Marathon bridge is a great one
weirdest catch
Nothing too weird. Two young seagulls with the fly rod, a pesky cottonmouth down in NW Tennessee that had to be discouraged with a whack of my fishing rod to discourage it from chasing my Jitterbug. W
Targets in and around florida?
It really depends on which part of the state, you are in, where you are fishing (backcountry, flats, bridges, passes, offshore, etc., and then there is freshwater too).When you fish here you see why t
Baitfish Fibers
I use several different types of fibers depending on what I want to tie. For me, it depends on conditions which one's I prefer. I have found that EP flies tied sparsely work best in clear water wherea
Streamer Question
You can have multi stages of bait fish sizes in the same body of water. I'm thinking of a spot here where you can get up to about 3lb bass and trout in the 15-16" size, not to mention perch and such o
Baitfish pattern question
what utyer said. I tie some clousers using super hair at the bend of a long shank hook leaving most if it exposed for chucking into schools of mackerel. This is especially helpful on clear flats where
Hi folks, I have a number of crankbaits I am looking to sell. Preferably as a whole lot. 5x nils master invincible 5inch various colours 3x Bucher lure depthraiders various colours 1x bucher lure c
August Flies From the Vise
Have liked your run of flies this month Eide. Still hoping to see some gleaming silver in your net too. No silver so far (long story: cracked a rib 1 week before I went salmon fishing.... not opti
Saltwater Jig Heads
Making super durable bucktail jigs... is only a matter of using 210 denier thread (for UTC threads) or the old Danville's flat waxed nylon as far as I'm concerned (and at times I do them by the 100...
Question about 10ft rods.
I've considered building a 10' 4 wt rod but thought it might be too noodle like. Now I wonder if it might actually be ideal.   I bet a 10 or 11 ft.  8 wt or even 9 wt switch rod would be pis
Does fly color matter?
I'm starting to get my gear together for my Canada trip, leaving on the 29th. One of the top rigs is a jig and worm or leech. They tell you to bring any color jig as long as it's chartreuse. Lures I s
Bait fish rig
The only type of fishing I have seen over here that regularly uses a light rig is sword fishing. The glow tube looks an interesting idea for night fishing. I like the mackerel rig 
My tube fly
My tube fly. I am using treble hook on it. It is tied on a plastic drinking straw. which are free. buying the commercial plastic tubing is expensive and most case don't have stock . Drinking straw got
Fly Fishing for Spanish Macks
If you find the need to go to wire use the smallest single strand tied to your tippet with an Albright Special knot. Keep the wire very short too.. A trick I learned form a commercial king mackerel fi
help fishing Navarre
I fish a 6wt in the salt all the time.  If you have room, bring it.  If you have stronger offshore winds the Gulf may be a bad place to be using a yak, you could end up way offshore in a hur
Keys Swap
Haha haha make sure to take picture if you catch anything on it! Ps on the city pier if you are brining a spinning rod use a cork and a clark spoon. Big spanish mackerel every cast! !
Super Simple Midge Larvae Trout Fly This fly catches anything from Spanish Mackerel to guppies LMAO
Gulf Coast Florida, Destin Area Help
Most of what josephcsylvia said was spot on, except about the snook. There are no snook in Destin, it's way too far north. I don't know much about the Destin area specifically other than the beaches b
Virginia Beach in July - Any tips, recommendations?`
might be some croakers, sea trout, rays, mackerel, even a red or 2 there. no stripers at that time though. bluefish will be the best bet. poppers, clousers chart/white and orang/black, small deceivers
December Flies From the Bench
Someone has to take the first step! Pretty little mackerel.
Forum & Tying Newbie
I have no expectation of improving upon patterns that have decades of approval behind them.  I simply want to make my own interpretations of baitfish local to the areas that I fish.  My OP
How big are your biggest flies? (and what are you throwing them to)
In spending some time at some other fly-tying sites, I am somewhat taken aback over the size of some flies being tied -- large flies for obviously large fish.  This seems (to me at least) to main
Reddington Surge and Okuma SLV in the salt?
  Lay off of those, and you might find some extra dough for a better set up. Been fly fishing for close to 50 years and I can count on one hand how many times I've had fish get into my backing
Acadia National Park
dafack01, Thanks for the first hand info. I suspected that was the case. Mackerel and brookies are fun in their own right. I'll bring along the 4 weights.
Hooks Without Eyes?
This is one of the hooks I found in Dad's tackle box. Dad's hook 2.JPG      Dad's hook 1.JPG   With some braid tied in for an "eye". Dad's hook 3.JPG   Dad's hook 4.JPG
Smoking your catch
When I wrap my catch in cigarette paper, it gets wet and won't light  :-)   Actually I like to smoke tuna/mackerel but I have a weber smoker my wife gave me years back.  I remember seei
ruined flies keep the hook or no
If the hook is in good condition I'll often scrape it and reuse it, but that depends on the fly as well. If it had an epoxy head or some part that will make it harder to scrape I'll just chuck it. 
Animal rights types who think C&R is ethically worse than keeping
the only time I was ever confronted with an anti-fishing rant was many years ago when we pulled into port at Dun Loaghaire (Dublin) Ireland... a shipmate and I were catching a few little croaker-type
Speckled Trout
Thank you. The bottom one is tail: marabou in light pink; flash: pink pearl polar flash;  body: couple of palmered wraps of two tone rabbit cross cut in cotton candy; eyes: medium bead chain; hea
Flash only catches fishermen?
I don't know what things are like in the UK but I'd be willing to bet that guy never fished for spanish mackerel.  Flash absolutely can make a difference, or else spoons (and most spoon flies) wo
I really need more flats flies - the swap
I'm in with a glass minnow imitation used for trout, mackerel, and pretty much anything else the feeds on the flats
We found a flat
The club had it's monthly trip on the weekend. ... it started like any other.... Two hours in and all that we had to tell from it was a story about one barramundi that decided it liked my bream bunn
Spanish Mackerel
Caught my first Spanish on a #9 casting to a big surf cruising snook with probably a schminnow. Cast behind some rocks to bring the fly in front of the snook & didn't even see the mackerel behind
Quick Trips
Closed out the last day on the Coast with a few fish including a Spanish Mackerel. Did lose a big sting ray, too [url=
From the Saltwater Bench
Now when i look at the picture, i think the Mackerel SF should look longer then the white! Sorry!
Surely you didn't catch that big king from a pier!!!!   If you did, show me to the pier.  I hope you smoked it... smoked mackerel is awesome.
Your favorite synthetic for making baitfish.
Interested to hear how you get on with the more baitfish style flies on seatrout. I've found bass and mackerel love them but seatrout keep going back to hackled flies.
Top water pike??
I don't know anything about pike except for what I have read and seen on TV. I regularly peruse pike flies to get ideas for saltwater and those flies often work well in the salt.  In any case, if
Nothing but teeth
Soooo ... if I want to catch some Porpoise and Dolphin, I need to tie up some "Spanish Mackerel" flies?  I'll have to look into materials for that !!!
My new Shrimp experiment.
Here is a pattern that I am working on. I have eliminated the Dumbbell eyes and went to wrapping lead wire under the thickest part of the body. Between the legs, antennae and tail it sinks up right an
Big flys with small hooks
A lot of it boils down to dentition.  Species evolved to fit their niche.     Sheepshead developed Sheep like teeth to nibble on barnacles and crush molluscs and crusaceans.  There
Goat inspired Tubes
I will not be taking my big (DH) rod. My 10' will have to do. Will let you know how it goes. Mike had a mackerel there last year. That went a bit on his 5wt! The weather lie for tomorrow is high wind.
Chumming for Fly Fishing.
The chum bat works great, but you have to remember to stuff some newspaper or something into the bat so the chum doesn't fall all the way to the handle where it won't fly out when you sling it.  
traveling to new destinations
maybe you can catch a Spanish Mackerel. 
These should get them interested
The good thing about getting the peacock torn up is it means you are catching fish.  They may last quite a long time too, who knows.  I have caught several mackerel on a marabou fly before i
watercolor santa rosa beach florida opportunities
The spanish mackerel show up round these parts in March, pompano not long after.  We also get schools of some very large jack crevalle that will melt the drag on an 8wt, I'll go chasing after the
Easy trout flies
Please excuse that run together mess in my last reply... I've been using AOL and it screws up my ability to space things out properly, etc.  I've just learned this and am now coming direct throug
I've fly fished the beach on the NAS, from the Navy Lodge to the Coast Guard station, and have caught bluefish, mackerel, redfish, sea trout, flounder, ladyfish, and a few other small things I didn't
Like to share a flyby view of my neighbourhood.
Up to Bridgewater is fresh water, flying past Bridgewater is saltwater and under the bridges is brine?   Certain places are great, the river practically crosses the province.  It is pre
Tarpon Flies
Yea I think PJ is right on the one, I read that in an article a while back.  It's just a holdover from the old days.  Now I actually tie a lot of my mackerel and bluefish files on the back o
Correct Way to Tie Clousers?
Eye placement really depend on what you want to go for.  I usually tie mine with the eyes about 1/4 inch behind the hook eye.  This is because where  I fish on the flats, baitfish and c
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