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Lake Mead anyone?
If I ever get back out west my target water will be the Truckee river between Donner Pass California and Reno Nevada I believe. And probably Pyramid lake.. You can get 7-8lb trout out that way in abou
Just got a skiff!
Congratulations on your money pit. I have a fish and ski money pit, it's a pretty common lakes style boat for the larger lakes in Maine and bigger ponds around here. Having not figured out how to
Went nuts and ordered an HMH Tube spinner vise
I know, I'm terrible about posting fly photos since I dumped the hosting site I was using that auto sized for web viewing.   Anyway, don't know if I will tie any better with this but I'll enjoy i
Fishing Private Land on the San Juan!
We take a canoe down a river in Maine about 1-1/2 miles or so. We fish either from the canoe or wade, then power back up to the put in with a small gas engine. In/on another river we do the opposite,
9' 3wt shx build
Well for the record here is my thought on thinned lacquer as preserver.. It wets the thread and darkens like epoxy till it dries. When it dries the thread returns to it's normal color, in fact it gets
Source for marabou, especially that bleed less color
Hi, my first post here.  A renewed interest in fly tying (I started when a teen in the 1950's....still use a Thompson A vice, with inserts for midges) led me to marabou streamers.  Great fea
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
I tie them for spring time rainbows and use them in one or two ponds locally. I tie a different one for Maine streams brookie fishing. Sometimes these are the flies that will get fish when nothing els
Whole Rabbit Skins?
Try Thierault flies in Maine. You'll have to google and call. They raise a lot of their own stuff. Peterjay, member on here, recommended them. Fine folks. Only deal by phone.
New to tying and here
I am looking forward to hopefully learning more about tying flies from this forum.  I spent 20 years in a high stress work environment and was forced to retire.  My doctor strongly suggested
The value of the roll cast
So, in Sept we are going back to Maine. In one river section there is this awesome and often productive pool to fish and not a lot of back cast room and at the tail of the pool basically 0 back cast r
Feedback on Micro skagit heads / commando please
Use the chart on the OPST web site as a guide: I've been asking around about these new lines (OPST is not the only game in town) and supposedly you do not
Easy Sculpin - And Effective!
There are sculpins in Maine, they are not brightly colored but more of motor oil olive/ brown. I had some zonker strips pretty close in color but the fish prefer purple. Go Figure !
Prestine mountain lake and lots of trout
I love the scenery out that way LOL ! And the storms coming in from no where remind me of Maine in the summer, always have our escape routes planned.
Great day at the pond
Here it's the humidity, basically 90 but with 75deg dew point. My grandson called me up earlier in the week to go fishing  and I told him we would towards the end of the week. Well it's supposed
Started shopping at new shop
Last time I was in there ( Bears Den) they had some tempting hackle, unfortunately I wasn't there for that but for tube fly stuff. Metz, Whiting and Keough all looked good. But you better call before
Ninth Annual Casting for Recovery Project
I sent mine off yesterday afternoon. I got a late start since we went on vacation to the Boothbay area of Maine for a little over a week right after I joined  .    Regards,    
First dry flies I have tied in about 10 years
I believe I want to get a 7' 2 or 3 weight. I was set on getting a 6'-6" 2 weight, but think if I get an open spot it will be miserable to cast. My reel that I currently us is a 3/4 so it makes sens
An outstanding trip!
Awesome stuff Steve !   We are headed to Maine the first week in July. Should be good too. One of these times we will hit the drake hatches again up there, maybe this is the year LOL !
What is your favorite fly pattern?
I guess my favorite eye candy fly is the traditional Royal Coachman, both wet and dry, and I like tying them too..Completely useless where I live but a great brook trout fly for Northern Maine.  
Remebering George Croonenbergs
Not really too much off topic, so here's another story about a different person that had a part in that movie, that died back in late 2010. He was the guy that played the elder Norman Maclean at the v
June Flies from the Vise
i found the mansfield on this website and in the book "forgotter flies" for the recipe   another fersion from the rangely fly sho
Finally , Hello everyone
Well then welcome and also thank you for your service !   I was out in the Catskills last year for a wedding, no time to fish as it turned out. But we did check out some waters while there, sort
American wages
What area in Maine are you talking about?   Mike
Broke My Sage Method!
I've never had a problem with Sage as a company. I still have a rod that is under lifetime warranty, course they do get you for a handling fee. The most a repair has cost is $50 and I've heard of $70.
Boat trailer failed. Wheels came off.
Willie, I think it's pretty common knowledge that HF stuff isn't exactly top tier. Some things are a very good value, some so so and some junk. I have a wood lathe from there that produces well for me
Blown out in VA
Maybe you needed to just try the "junk flies" the others were using who got fish . It sounds like they had the recipe to success for that high murky water.   Then again sometimes it just isn't im
Carpet Beetles... Enemy to Tiers.
This subject comes up from time to time; I don't know anything about the beetles, but I did lose my materials to moths years ago. Protecting your stuff with plastic bags and keeping the scraps cleaned
ice out brookies help
Maine Lakes are on a longitude ( more so latitude) not so far off from you and where I frequent up there ice is just now going out, brookies will generally be found not far off shore then. Even here f
No Lifeguards on Duty
Yep, there wasn't a lot of swimming going on about this time. I was doing a show up in Maine a few years ago, when a guy came into my booth, took one look, and asked me "Man, does bad weather follow y
Going home
I don't know the nature of your bypass or what doctors orders are etc, but most people I know who have had it done live active lives, sometimes more active than before the surgery. The head pastor of
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Here are a few pics from my last three DIY trips. My personal best redfish from the marshes of Louisiana on a frosty February morning. My first taste of fishing for pollack along the Maine coast. Alth
Fat trout on my 3wt rod
I don't know, when I net fish ( not that often ) I lead them in head first. Then as it's lifted he can't swim out.  I don't really like taking the fish out of the water though and prefer not to h
Fishing for Perch
CP, the inland smelt aren't even doing so hot, the runs coming out of Moosehead Lake in Maine for instance. Salmon feed on those heavy so the salmon are getting a bit smaller and fewer large ones too.
It's a sickness really.
Could have been worse. I've lived in Maine, where cars occasionally meet moose head on. The realtor who sold us our house told me that a bull once plowed into the side of his car while he was drivin
Flies for kids
A friend of mine that is new to fly fishing and fly tying was made to feel like shit because she posted this great cause on here. A perfect example why people shy away from this sport She figured si
Made a moose antler tool caddy
Really nice project. Question: what is it like, working with antlers? Is it like soft wood? Does it crack, splinter...? It's bone so it is hard but sometimes the inner part is softer, it can splinter
Traveling tying kit
My travel kit is my kit period. I work out of it, with side pieces for added materials and such. I've been tying from the same box for about 30 years now. It's awesome, the same kit that has traveled
Do you like emergers?
All spring and most of the fall I use chironamid emergers on our local ponds. Caddis emergers are popular with the salmon and trout in the Maine rivers. My midge emergers have an antron or poly wing a
Is it just me?
In the past 28 years, I've lived in Rhode Island, Idaho, Maine, (twice) Virginia, (twice) Connecticut, (twice) Maryland, and New York. If I'd only had a week or two to fish in any of those places, it'
Snow Snow an More Snow !
Good morning Salty,   We are in for another Snowmageddon in Maine also.  Yesterday I was out on a pond with my dog.  Talked with a couple ice fishing and asked them how much ice was lef
Muddler Minnow Tying Video
Cool !   Do you use matched turkey pairs for the wing and tail ?   I tie a variation of the Muddler with yellow under wing, works great in hopper season in Maine. It can be done with dyed sq
Spinning a little deer hair !
BIRTHDAY GIFT !  This one is heading to MAINE for a friend that shot his first MOOSE  last season  an his Birthday is next week. GOOD LUCK GOOD TYIN [attachment=61282:going to maine.jpg
Wading Staff Question
We haunted the rivers of Maine for 20 years using drift wood as a wading staff. Cut a notch in it and tie a boot lace to it, attach it to a loop on the vest, good to go. Cost 0 + the boot lace. A coup
Royal Wulff Tying Video
 Nice video, good tie !   I tie a bit of a variation of that for Maine rivers, LLS like them.
Slump Buster
    I tie something similar that I call Big Purple, sounds like a good fly.  I tie mine in rabbit also.    What size is best for trout  10 or 12?   Not s
The Down Home Pride Swap
I was looking at a website dedicated to dry fly patterns that originated in my home state of Michigan when I got the idea for this swap. I'd be willing to bet that nearly every state in the union has
Not so good.
I tie my hares ears down to size 20 but size 16 is a very productive size and universal for several species of bugs where I fish. Peacock herl wing case in an 18 will work fine, probably two strands w
Targeting a new species
Smallmouth in lakes will eat nymphs much as trout do, though not so much midges but the larger Hex nymphs and such. You can have a heck of an evening in a Hex hatch ( around here that is mid summer ev
Trying to find Woven Nylon Hollow line in 25lb and 50 lb Spools
I just got lucky and found the Cortland line in 100 yard spools at Bears Den in Maine!   Rocco
Articulation Addiction
Wow that is a great fly Kevin I love it. Do you have a recipe for it I would love to tie a few. Just getting started with articulated but I know they will become a favorite. Hope to get to your skill
Most used material
For trout, I'm pretty much a fan of soft hackle style ties, midges, nymphs,classic wets, Muddlers and woolly buggers and woolly worms. For dries typical, March Brown, BWO, elk hair caddis and some of
McFly Angler - Episode 2 - Fly Fishing The San Juan River
The best casting and overall performing sink tip line I ever had or used was SA Mastery 6wt in 4 sink rate but the coating failed within one season ( not just mine either, my son went through two in a
<<soft hackle help >>
Some of the so called Spider Patterns might have the hackle that long. Generally on my own soft hackles I shoot for a hackle length of about where the barb might be on a barbed hook, I use grouse or n
Cabela's 30% Off Fly Tying
Spent WAY too much at Cabela's in Maine Tuesday.  All tying material and some tying tools on sale for 30% off.  Even had Rite bobbins on sale for under $18.     Michael
Favorite Wet Fly ?
Sometimes favorite is not the same as most productive.  For example, day in and day out I use a #10 seal bugger in one of a half dozen colors because they are incredibly effective.   If I ha
I lost a monster trout. Such a frustrating day on the river.
Something we do in Maine in faster water than you were in is walk the fish into the shallows and get them out of the main current. I've also gotten larger fish to take cover in the shadow of my body f
Last pair of rods for 2016
I wonder if that golf course is like the one in Jackman Maine, probably changes 200 ft in elevation throughout the course, looks like pasture land going up the side of a foot hill to Eagle Mountain, c
Sourcing Jungle Cock.
josephcsylvia I have found A gentleman in northern Maine that has an amazing shop.  I have purchased some capes and other material over the years.  I finally had an opportunity to visit hi
I've fished the Matuka and caught Land Locks with those,usually towards fall.. Never the Spruce, though I've looked at it as a possible pattern several times. Those are both old patterns. The colorati
Best feather for wet wing fly
I'll admit that I don't  tie all that many wet flies with matched pairs of wings but I can do it and like the look , it's classic. They fish well too and ya know sometimes that's just the fly tha
November Flies from the Vise
  Now that's a sweet looking Hornburg Norm. Versatile fly fished wet or dry.    Yeah, nice rendition ! I was catching rainbows and browns on those this spring, tied in about si
Bob Jacklin: Muddler Minnow
The yellow ones we used/tied for Maine had yellow deer or calves tail hair as the under wing. The rest of the fly was tied same as any other Muddler. Course that doesn't tell us how Bob ties his. Same
Flies for land locked salmon
when I lived in Maine, I caught more LLS on black/olive woolly buggers than anything else.
Dry fly tailing material ?
We had a similar event to the Symposium that was hosted in Boston a bunch of years ago now. If for nothing else there were some give aways and what I really liked most were the tying demos. That is wh
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