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Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
I was trying to make it easier to place the hackle consistently at an angle that would create bulk, so I made a cone with braided tubing, like I have seen in other pike flies. I could have tied it hid
Help with title
Almost finished with this painting. Cell phone camera doesn't do it justice at all. Once finished I'll take better photos with my SLR.   I've been tossing around ideas for naming this one but tho
Remebering George Croonenbergs
i recall reading that the film used to show the leaps of the big fish the old man was fighting were actual video of the world record marlin caught back then..
Fly Tying Article
1. Its fun, keeps me out of trouble, I do sell them as well which has lead to some cool experiences and meeting new people, and its much more rewarding rather than just going to Basspro.. 2. Florida,
Wooden Fly Box
Salty Awesome! I've seen a marlin you've done which was equally impressive! What else? Permit, tripletail?
Is it just me?
Peterjay! $1000 dosen't seem so differen't to the early 90's, 6 of us payed $200 each & went out off Sydney in a massive cat with twin diesels for Blue Marlins, Captain said in the morning probabl
Australia trip fish pictures!
Could happen Dave!?! Oldies sold farm in Oberon b4 I came & bought in Callala bay, Jervis bay while I was here! Close to Point Perpendicular, apparently the only place in the world where you can g
Going to Australia!
Yeh Retro! One sister lives in Vincentia short walk to Jervis bay, the other lives short walk to StGoerges basin, aparently to hot spots, had a quick look at target species on fly in Jervis bay, Austr
Bow Hunting
Decided I want to get into bow hunting.  Also decided I wanted to get a recurve (MAYBE a long bow instead).   I've deer hunted all my life but always used a Marlin 336A so I'm totally new to
The Blood Knot, quite possibly the best for attaching tippet?
  I long ago quit using the blood knot - much preferring a Slim Beauty instead (it's an Australian import and was originally used to connect heavy, heavy lines for those hunting marlin and such
Keys Swap
Yes and sharks, tripletail, Marlin, wahoo, tuna, etc
EP Tarpon Streamer
I have a couple pontoon boats used to float rivers. Wonder if they will do in the Florida shallows. You can stand to fish and get out of the water to move.   I've fulfilled most all of my lifetim
Transparent Small Fry
I'm sorry but I have to disagree with hook sizes for extra pulling power .....if you have ever had a large..... say nine pound trout on a 5wt rod caught on a size 18 fly have to use different
Possum dub?
You guys are missing the obvious.  You use 'dillo hide for scud patterns.  Best used on big bluewater scuds.  I hear black marlin will sip them if you suspend them in the surface film o
Taxidermist score!
I' don't know what kind of mount you are getting but in my opinion reproductions are far superior than skin mounts. They look great, last longer, less toxic, and can be made to look exactly like the
Gel spun backing
I always get a kick out of guys thinking that they need these huge amounts of backing. Do people realize that 200 yds is two football fields away? I have landed a number of 20 lb Lake Ontario salmon o
What is tenekra fishing
Ty Flyer, since you asked a serious question, you deserve a serious answer.  Tenkara is fly fishing with a long rod and very light line tied to the rod tip, the COMBINATION of the long rod and li
Best Big-Fish-Eats-Little-Fish Story
Dang Byron, I loved your tale.  Kinda makes you wonder what kind of kids are being raised and indoctrinated with pure BS.  Really sad if you ask me, kinda like the woman that asked a hunter
February Flies from the Vise
Well here is something different....A great big honking tandem 6/0 that is being sent straight to Australia for use around the FADS, you know like big Mahi and Wahoo, hell i would even rig it up on th
RBF: Hello From Southern Cal.
Hi guys. Greg Madrigal here. I am a new Aspiring rod builder, and fanatic fly fisherman. I have been trying my hand at reel seats as of late, but my main gig is building custom fly fishing nets.
Sure man use as many snaps as u like, just i know its def not for me...not even sure if it is legal in the fly class of my local gamefishing club. Of course the marlin lures are on snaps.
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Where Ive Fished: Michigan (Home), Florida, California, Ontario   Immediate Bucket List: Baja Mexico for Roosters, Bahama's for Bonefish, California again for Mako & Marlin, Wherever for
Big Game Poppers
Hey, you SHOULD be coming to see me. My next-door neighbor made three runs out to Norfolk Canyon this week, and he got a lot of fish. Plenty of dolphin here, white marlin, sharks, wahoo, tuna, etc. BT
State of the Forum
 Kudu, thanks for the offer.  I got tired of renting and got myself in debt again for a home and some land and can't afford a decent vehicle at the present time.  I had to go into North
Wet Fly Comparison Poll
i still don't understand the comparison between the 2, yes a tandem 10/0 Marlin fly is a wet fly, a size 20 soft hackle is a wet fly, much the same way a salmon pattern is a wet fly. I think the soft
San Diego
Haha PJ, the problem with the 3wt is the fish wont even notice it is hooked, yes you would be following it until it dies of old age. Kinda depends on the depth of water too, i noticed this over the co
Saying Hello
Hello   I've been a member of a few other hunting websites before and there it has always been appropriate for someone to introduce themselves.  My name is Gary. I'm new here and love to fi
What is the Most Noble Fish?
Blue Marlin!!!!!! No question.
Cortland slip on loop failure.
I've never had a problem with factory-installed braided loops in salt water, and I've given them some very hard use. In Trey Combs' book on offshore fishing, he recommends using braided monocore loops
How many species have you landed on the fly
Had to think about this as i am sure i missed some...   Southern Garfish Tommy Rough Black Bream Tarwine Pikey Bream Sand Whiting Sand Trevally Blue Spot Flathead Southern Flathead Flounder Yello
More West Aussie Salt Adventures
Over 150 flies tied in 3 boxes including a few swap flies, multiple leader set up, fly rods in the range from light 8wt's to a large 12wt all made the journey to the northern Exmouth Gulf where we all
tarpon waters and the power of a fish
Last week i hooked my first big tarpon on a fly rod (big by my standards anyways).  The fish was a 100 pounds or better and I had it on a GLoomis 12 wt with sinking line.  I fought the fish
big jackpike
Nice tie Dave, love those big boys. If you don't get any pike on it, you can save it for a marlin expedition.
West Australian Open 2013 trip report (Gamefish)
Next time bring a 10wt....   Exactly, need some backbone in 200m+ of water...Well the boat is grabbing one now! And we just won most points scored for a new boat plus best fish on fly LOL 'only f
Big Bait Fly
MARLIN....    ;)
Mahi Mahi and general competition gamefishing on the fly, leader etc..
Hahaha Just thought i would add that i think striped marlin would be a legitimate fish to tease up, and throw a fly to, you just need them all lit up in the spread and flop the fly in, quickly bring
Jumbo Shrimp
Haha those are awesome! You could troll those for marlin
RBF: New rod build
Let me put my old question a new way.I fish for sailfish, dorado, yellowfin and hook up on the occasional stripped marlin. I do this trip once a year. Dorado to 50#, sails to 90#, marlin to 120# and y
RBF: New project for me
I am looking at building rods for saltwater, sailfish, dorado and small marlin.30-50 lbConventional trollingMaybe lighter rod for spinningThanks for any tips, blanks, handles, guides tips, anything.Th
RBF: Need help with Ahi/Marlin Blank Selection
Hi All,A friend's wife has asked me to build him a boat rod as a gift. They live in on the Big Island in Hawaii and he mostly boat fishes for Ahi and Marlin.I have only limited experience ( a couple
New to deer hair.
A good packer makes a world of difference.  Pat Cohen's Fugly Packer is amazing.  It, vs the Brassie packer I had before, there's no comparison.    And no matter what anyone else s
Tarpon Pic Thread
PJ Great idea.  Im not in an area with Tarpon.  I caught one right at 200lbs (not on the fly), as estimated by my guide, in the early 90's. It was the hardest fighting fish I have ever caugh
Super newbie question...
When you pull the line in you get a mess laying around your feet. OK if you have a bluegill or small Brookie. I damn near lost a thumb trying to land a salmon on Salmon River near Pulaski, NY years ag
Now Taking Reindeer Orders
You have been a busy fellow Paul. I haven't got a hide this year (at least not until tonight) To answer Yetavon, I am going to use a 12 gauge. I have an old Marlin goose gun that holds one of the
Flies for Central TX
Having been raised in Central Texas and having fished the Brazos from the Hearne area all the way up to Possum Kingdom Dam, I personally would not try to fish it with flies very far below the "Fa
Question for all of you that Tie & Sell your flies?
Capt Bob said a wealth and reiterates what others above said; when buying wholesale, you have to buy in bulk. I recently inquired to Spirit River about wholesale and they said they have a program for
Bob, the front of this particular fly (the tail of the squid) is tied onto a cotter pin that has maybe a five-inch piece of 50-pound mono attached. The rear of the fly (head and tentacles) is tied on
Bucket Lists
Sailfish, white marlin, wahoo, dolphin. At $1400/day, I don't see it happening any time soon. My only hope is Powerball.
where the aloha
wheres the Aloha.. my name is David Elgas... I live in hawaii.. I am the owner of Coastal Kayak Tours as well as Christmas Island Kayak Fishing.. I have been fishing my whole life.. I started on the f
why Fly backing not other braded line
Some fish boogie and others don't. Like Kirk I've never had any red get me or my anglers into the backing (but our bigger reds are rarely on fly....). I have had one big snook on fly that bu
How big is too big?
The simplest answer to your question is that it depends upon the type of fish you are after. I have seen Marlin flies in excess of 18 inches that incorporated entire Peacock Sword feathers! I have
RBF: Hawaiian Bones and Marlin
Here are a couple links from a recent Vacation....Enjoy!!BonesStriped Marlin[b]Reply to topic here[/b]
Striper Decline
Kudos to Nightheron for operating his business on a sustainable basis. Wish there were more out there like him. I agree that a moratorium is a necessary, but the only way it will work this time arou
Fly Ides for April in the Keys
[quote name='nightheron' timestamp='1329097807' post='494038'] Thanks Kudu, the Keys are an annual pilgrimage for me. This year I'm going a month earlier than normal and do
Second Annual Evolution Swap
I'm thinking something like a bright blue marlin popper on tandem 10/0's... Let me tinker a bit and I'll have an ending for us ASAP
8wt set up. Help Please!
Fly reels are like any other reel, there's wide range of types & prices. As Capt Bob has stated, there are many within your price range that will do what you need. If you need a reel that can
RBF: A light surf rod from WA
Hi All. Love the detail and perfectionism you guys put into your fly rods, even if fur and feathers isn't really my thing Here in Western Australia, beach fishing in the surf is my thing and most of
Bucket List Trips or Species
I turn 42 on the 23rd and I guess that has me thinking. Where do I want to hunt or fish next (I love trips). So what are the bucket lists for you folks? I plan on doing Mongolia with my son for tai
RBF: 1st build - Bushido 500g 5' 5"
Hi Guys,Brand new to the forum and rod building. So far I've done a couple and this is the 1st. There is a lot of valuable info and I and I hope to keep learning as I go. I do all saltwater fishing
0.10 Mylar Question
[quote name='bigfoot' timestamp='1326054620' post='488963'] Hey guys thanks for all of the help. I did make a mistake in my original post I put the decimal in the wrong place I
Anyone heard of a Fly Called the "Terminator"?
I thought it was a very large (like 10 inch) saltwater fly. It is used for tuna and marlin sized blue water fly fishing.
Chuck'n'duck Special
Here's a rod I recently finished up that someone ordered as a Christmas present. Here in the Great Lakes region a very popular and effective method for steelhead and salmon fishing is what is known he
Costa Rican trip
Are you going to the east or west coast?? West coast will be offshore for sails, marlin and roosterfish etc. The east coast will be tarpon and snook. It edpends on which coast you go to will determine
Surf Flies for Cabo/East Cape Mexico, any sugestions?
Hey Steve,Just got back from Cabo seems as if the chart/white clousers work the best and the RDCF(Ron Dong Crease Fly)worked well too. Just ask the Sierra Mackerals that still have them in their stuck
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