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Wired Stonefly Nymph

Rylee’s Supreme Sparkling Emerger- by Lucas Langton

Quill Nymph- by Lucian Vasies

Sage introduces performance apparel to maximize every angling experience

The Ray Bergman Collection - 38) Blue Professor

Hatches Theater- PTTS, Flood Red, and Skeena steelhead


hockley method is another     For those who have never heard of Bud Hockley of Baltimore Maryland. He devised a  method of tying spit or fan tails which is both elegant and simple . T
Global warming?
Steve, we used over 7 cords wood..more than can been a log winter just in it,s called for snow
And a once in a lifetime happening in March Madness
 The teams expected to lose are going to be so pumped by what UMBC (are they a junior college or a tech school?)   They're a campus of the University of Maryland system, with a heavy con
RIP Lefty Kreh
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Lefty in the spring of 1972 by a young man named John Emery...  At that time Lefty was the outdoor writer for the Miami Herald (this was a few years before
Western Marylander
Welcome to the site! I fish in Maryland on the Gunpowder river Hereford zone. What rivers do you fish?
Smoked trout fish dip
Smoked fish dip is to Florida what crab cakes are to Maryland.
Is it just me?
In the past 28 years, I've lived in Rhode Island, Idaho, Maine, (twice) Virginia, (twice) Connecticut, (twice) Maryland, and New York. If I'd only had a week or two to fish in any of those places, it'
The Down Home Pride Swap
I would like to join this swap. It took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to tie but I did some research and found that Lefty Kreh was born in Maryland and now lives in Hunt Valley Md. I am fr
Dry Fly Tail Sinking
There are 3 main methods for spreading the tails on dry flies. They are the dubbing ball, thread method and the Hockley method,   FAOL explains the dubbing ball and one way to use thread to split
Buying Tying Supplies Abroad
Great Feathers in Maryland brings in specialty items from Europe.   Here are a few of UK companies that I have used over the past
July Flies from the vise
With a trip to Maryland coming up on the 17th, I am starting to tie a few extra flies to take. On the flip side, my good camera decided to die, which is why I haven't posted any pictures for a few wee
Musky and Pike Gear and Flies
Hey guys,   So I just bought a boat and I am hoping to target musky and pike a lot this coming spring and fall.    Right now I just have and 8wt with full sinking line. I am hoping some
New from Maryland
Maryland ain't that big.... almost everywhere else is pretty close.
Bass and panfish swap.. Custom fly creation!!!
I have used a variation of it for trout on a small Maryland tailwater and it did the trick. I spiced it up a bit with different color combos, flash, and rubber legs for the bass and panfish in this sw
Here is the deal, I have fished no water that a fish won't take a Woolly Bugger in one coloration and or size or another. It just can imitate so many different aquatic things. One Bucktail streamer
license holder
not in Virginia, West Virginia, or Maryland. Virginia requires I also carry a picture official ID in addition to license at all times. I assume MD and WV are probably the same there but I actuall
Got to be New sometime!
Hi, I got an invite from a friend the other day for this form. I have been tying and fly fishing since middle school 20 years. I grew up in trout heaven in southwest Oregon and now live wherever the w
Great Lakes Steelhead?
interesting. what would be considered East/West? East coast= Florida, Georgia, S. And N. Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine. Plus
hackle "tied full"
Mike, that may be true, but flies don't usually explode.
Greetings from Malaysia
Sham, welcome! We have the Northern Snakehead (Channa argus) here in Maryland & some other areas. They're in the Potomac River system which separates MD & Virginia plus a few other rivers
Hairwing Mickey Finn
Eide, thanks for clarifying the material! I like tying with fox as well. I've used that hook too for tying Smallmouth bass streamers. Daiichi has a similar hook, model # 2141 but the finish is the jap
TEACH Home school
My wife homeschooled our kids exclusively for 5/6 grade (Maryland schools are pretty bad in some places and we had the largest concentration of homeschoolers in the nation-PG County, MD) and when we l
Hello from Romania
Welcome from Maryland, USA! Never caught a Pike, but have caught numerous Pickerel. Fun to catch, tasty to eat, but many small bones. I prefer to C & R them too.    I like seeing the Pik
Having trouble splitting microfibetts
Simple and elegant Hockley Tailing Method   Bud Hockley of Baltimore Maryland devised a  method of tying spit or fan tails which is both elegant and simple . This method was described in the
tails and legs ... new material?
I can't remember.  They have done a great job of eradicating them in Maryland, but there's been signs of them in New Jersey.  If they get to New York City, they really WILL have 2 foot long
Any ARINC or Rockwell Collins Colleagues here ? :P
Hi Folks,   Personally, I had been working for ARINC for 4 years since.  I am with ARINC based in the APAC Regional Hub - Singapore.   Well, ARINC had been purchased by Rockwell Collins
New here ... Again from Singapore. :)
Hi Steve.   Looooonnnng...had been the longest path so far... I embarked on a study spree since 2005 till 2013 ... Finally I dont think I need another course again..    Recently couple
Not exactly saltwater but....
Panama, Shad fishing is fun. They would be great sport on a 4 wt but the only rod I had with a suitable sink tip line was my 8wt. But up here striped bass are often available at the same time so its g
traveling to new destinations
So, I am back from California.  Next week, I travel to the temperate zone ... Cape May, NJ.  I'll be there for two weeks, with the weekend of March 1st and 2nd for some fishing. Then a week
Rabbit Dubbing
I am currently in Maryland. Planning to move before april To colorado
Personal Best Brook Trout
I caught this 12 1/2 inch Brook Trout Today on the Upper Savage River in Maryland.  I was drifting a double nymph rig and it took the hares ear #14.  Amazing fish! 
Savage River, MD
Hi Troutbum   I'm often travelling that area and will love to hear more of the MD fishing. Maybe even go for a trip together next time I'm travelling US and Maryland?   Only been fishing in
BIG streamer for brown trout
Troutguy- Only one wide gap hook at the head of the fly (Covered by marabou in the picture) most people join 2-3 hooks together but I tied it on a chain style spine made from some jewelry pins from a
big rainbow trout pattern
Rockfish is what they call stripers in Maryland Virginia and North Carolina but never heard freshwater stripers called that.
White Poppers
Prior to my injury I was working on some new popper colors. By the way I am still injured and cant work....been two months and no fishing or tying.  Specifically I have been working on a white an
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
So far: Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Wyoming, Alaska   Hopefully, The Glades for tarpon and the Northwest Territories for Arctic Char, otherwise I am co
Hatches Blog Post - Brook Trout Tagging with the Maryland DNR
Maryland DNR show how they collect and tag native brook trout in the Savage River watershed. A really neat insight to catching, tagging, fin clipping, and releasing a specimen.[url=http://hatchesmaga
June Bluegill Swap Club Thread
Ok, torn between two patterns, after checking out what everyone else is will either be a Bead Head Squirrel Leech, or a Flying Hopper...   I was thinking of a Cicada pattern in honor
(Mulberry) Patterns for Carp
In Maryland, we have a bunch of canals that are loaded with carp that feed on the mulberry hatch each year. I've been tying a few berries, but wanted to know what's your favorite fly for Carp? And if
boss hooked me up
My boss was just on a Maryland duck hunting trip and gave me some redhead feather. I love the dark burgandy color on the flank feathers.   Any good ties with this material?
Super newbie question...
This is a question from someone who has never been shown how to properly fly fish. I attempted to fly fish about 30 years ago and actually caught a fish or two but I simply muddled my way through. 
New from Maryland
Hi Guys, I'm also from Maryland but the other end of the state in Allegany county, if you ever decide to try for trout in the mountains give me a shout and I can show you around this neck of the woods
I hate Fibbet's!
The dubbing ball method described earlier is the one I use most often. It makes a fan tail which I think gives more support than a split tail.   If you do want to split the tail, Al Beatie has de
Splitting microfibbet tails?
The Hockley Method of tying split microfibbet tails: Bud Hockley of Baltimore Maryland devised a method of tying spit or fan tails which is both elegant and simple . This method was described in the
Jeez, is the Gheenoe something like a guru? A Fijian lawyer? An Uzbeki tractor? A rare breed of Maryland retrieving spaniel? Whoever or whatever it is, I don't think I'd turn my back on it. So
RBF: New guy on the blog
Okay, let me start by saying that this is the first time I have never posted on a blog! Stop laughing it's true.Please feel free to tell me what I am doing wrong. Why not, everyone else does. I am als
Cascade doubles.
Quite some nice flies! Reminds me of some I've tied for our saltwater trout. Although they're not really trout at all. Weakfish & Spotted Sea Trout. This picture is from our Natural Re
Everglades days - Biscayne nights, 7 Feb
Local angler Brad Golub teamed up with visiting angler Vince Williams from Maryland to fish with me this past week with a day in the 'Glades and last night in Biscayne Bay. We had pretty good act
Fish Pictures
Yeah its a very skinny pike I think with a big head. I am located down in Maryland, home of PHW. I am same situation wanting be more of volunteer than participant, but just being out there is great. I
[quote name='italipinos8' timestamp='1309138563' post='471933'] So added some schminnows with mono eyes to my arsenal. They dont look all that bad and even added some flash to
[quote name='shoebop' timestamp='1334675217' post='502952'] [quote name='Steve Kale' timestamp='1334354947' post='502567'] And to make matters worse, yo
RBF: Problem with metalic thread
Greetings to all from Southern Maryland!I am currently wrapping guides on my 2nd fly rod and I'm using Pro-Wrap Metallic thread. Also, I'm using 8# test mono-filament for the 'pull through loop' .
Orvis wader repair service?
I tryed the repair kit first. That didnt work and I even called them to make sure I was doing correctly. Also I asked about there 100% that was as good as I got from them. I also had there best boot.
Bluegill Invitational Swap
I managed to land 15 or so of these guys and 4 largemouth bass today. Not a bad outing for the beginning of April here in Maryland.
Is this a blue gill?
Yeah! Funny! I'm of the opinion that some people are just plain stupid and never consider the consequences of what they do! There was a reptile house here many years ago that sold al
Soft hackle/Flymph swap
Trout Patrol and Old Hat: Did you receive your flies yet? I can see where TP's may still be in transit, but I am guessing the flies made it to Enterprise if they made it to New Jersey, Maryland an
Weirdest thing you have found fishing
QUOTE (Voodoo @ Feb 1 2011, 11:16 AM) yo gaffer! do you live in Calgary? We have TONES of coconuts from the Sikh religious festivals but i will take those over the golf balls.I put in my
Sereking Maryland Master fly tyer
Maryland Traditions, a program of the MD State Arts Council seeks a Master Fly tyer to participate in our Master Apprentice program. We have received an inquiry from an apprentice in the Baltimore are
Boot Shopping
QUOTE (eastern fly @ Jan 15 2011, 01:35 PM) Thanks for that info and I am thinking about the new ones. I live in WV and fish here and in MD. MD is outlawing felt as of March 2011 so im thinki
Name destination river you have fished most distant
I've lived in several different states over the past few years, so the distances to the places I fish have changed a little bit. I guess the furthest destination from my current location would be
Any interest in a gurgler swap?
the gurgler swap keeps moving along. welcome aboard flyderaght. tying gurlers may be the therapy you need for your hand.1.pat carroll - california2. - nevada3. foambug - colorado4. The Yman -
Maryland Forums
I am looking for some Maryland Fly Fishing forums. I found one called fly fishing maryland but I can not register since it will not load the letters in the Visual verification box. I grew up in the Gl
Skip's Dad
This is Skip's Dad created by Skip Morris. I have been tying these for the smallies here in Maryland. Much to my surprise, they are still hitting big time on top water. Let me know what you thi
Couple New Flies
Hey All,I'm new here, but not to fly tying, and just as my first post I'd like to share some of my smallie flies that use out here in Maryland. While I'm sure you recognize the diver, the
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