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Brad Bohen's Swim Jimmy with Clear Cure products

Payczech Nymph- by Outsmarting Fish

Chubby Chernobyl by Juan Ramirez

Rylee’s Pullover Caddis- by Lucas Langton

Hatches Theater- Bull trout, Bristol Bay, Cool Water, and Tracy

Video: The Zaggin Zook by Curtis Fry


Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I didn't think "northern" new england started until you hit the Aroostook County line..... I'm not very familiar with the area, I was just going by the title of the guidebook that I bought. Come t
Finding Material
I once had a couple cards of "spun fur", it was almost a fur chenille, quite fuzzy/woolly, sold I believe by a Massachusetts company that no longer does business. UVC If that is what you have, I think
the fly fishing show
Here is my preferred show... (April of 2018)   Unfortunately it's way out of the way for most of the east coast folks on this thread though. I like how a lot of the
Help I.D. ing older vise
Yes I found it and it looks very close plus the grandfather lived in Massachusetts so I'm pretty sure that's the company. Can't find anything on the company though with a goggle search.
Question for bilinguals
My only point to all of this is to answer Vicriders original question as to whether people think in the language or translate in their minds. Poopdeck, my daughter and daughter in-law both read,write
From Orvis' site: "Not to be confused with other baitfish-like shads, the American is the largest member of the
Cabela's 30% Off Fly Tying
I stopped at the Cabelas in Massachusetts on my way home from work last night.  Most of the fly fishing section had been consolidated to make room for ice fishing paraphernalia.  They do hav
Ready for a visit Mike??
2 Degrees here in Massachusetts this fine morning.   Mike
Soft Hackle Flies
I absolutely love tying and fishing small soft hackle flies.  The first real success I had with them was to imitate chrionomids in southeastern Massachusetts ponds and lakes.  I use stretch
Most used midge pattern??
I have had tremendous success in the ponds and lakes of southeastern Massachusetts with a pretty simple soft hackle wet fly pattern.  I tie mine with simple materials so they are fast to tie, ine
Mann's Smelt Patterns
Years ago in the New England area, there was the World Fly Fishing Expo that was held at the Shriner's Auditorium Wilmington, Massachusetts. It was a show similar to the Fly Fishing Show but a little
Cheap Clousers
We get a bit more bogged down here and I suppose rather than weed it all out employers just don't hire the young, the list of May Nots is rather large;
Squid fly question
Most I see and most i tie are not in white.  I tie them in a multitude of colors, primarily consisting of combined colors such as orange, pink, gray, white, gingers, and browns.  Orange is p
anyone have any tying books they want to sell??
Joseph ... I have four fly fishing related books that I don't look at or have already read. "The Blood Knot" by John Galligan.  It's a murder mystery, the main character is a burnt out Security S
Do mono loops work in preventing rabbit strip from fouling?
Joe, I tied them long like that to imitate eels for Striped Bass, but the majority of long strip flies I'll tie are 4" to 6".  I've tied some recently for Bass & Redfish, with both a loop &a
Thermal Underwear
I live in florida now but am from Massachusetts, even a lightweight thermal makes a big difference the benefit of keeping it light is it doesnt restrict movement. In all honesty just pick up a cheap
December Flies From the Bench
Retro.... do mayflies come in black?  I've never seen one.  White or yellow.... never black. Leptophlebia or black quill.  I'm in Massachusetts and run into them once ina while.
Forum & Tying Newbie
Primarily interested in the mechanics of tying saltwater streamers.  Not so much interested in existing patterns.  Plan to mimic the local baits (local to coastal Massachusetts, Narragansett
Boston Fly Shops   orvis - deadham and peabody &
Fly Rod and Reel Combo
generally speaking, without physically owning the exact combo how can anybody give out a review and/or recommendation? its all guess work to me   go to cabelas and try out the combo for yoursel
Gonna Need a Bigger Kayak
Here's a good one. Couple of idiots were kayaking among the seals in Massachusetts yesterday and found out why it's a really dumb idea. Just one more example of the ever-popular "Brains-For-Boats" tra
I found a feather
can anyone explain what the factors were that happened (in the US), to have them passed into law?? just curious.......   The Weeks–McLean Act was a law of the United States sponsored by Rep
New here and need some advice!
Kavin, great looking flies to start, how exciting is it getting those first few fist on your own fly!    where are you located friend? Im located in Massachusetts   i was surprised
What Motivates Young People to Get into This Sport?
My father was there but he would rather drink his Rheingold beer than teach his kids fishing. We even spent summers at the family cottage on a small lake in Massachusetts. I eventually learned from my
chironomid fly patterns
This is a frame from a short video I tried to take of bugs on the water.  It was taken while I was in Massachusetts last year.  February, snow on the ground, ice still on the lakes, but the
Don't use anything bigger than a size #20
This was explained to me by some people in Massachusetts.  They kept telling me to go fish a particular stretch of water, then qualified it by saying I'd need to take some #22 or smaller midges,
2014 Tarpon Rookie Competition
I appreciate the allowance into the tourney this year.  I was just talking to my parol confidante about how much fun it was last year.  We were coming back from out of State and talking
Fly Tying Class from Oct 2nd, photo heavy
I'm looking for a beginner fly tying class near Billerica, Massachusetts. Any help would be appreciated. paul
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Fished: USA: Indiana Ohio Minnesota North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Louisiana Texas Arizona California Massachusetts New Jersey Wyoming Nebraska Tennessee Missouri   Other countries
That is a lot of lead
I did some looking around and I found this. Maybe no one is clear on the tufts research? Because this states a larger number of birds than what was mentioned before. And it also seems like everyone th
Rude Fly Shop
I have, like a few,  worked on both sides of the counter in fly fishing and other retail jobs.  Customer service is one of those things that is vitality important for this sport one particul
Any Massachusetts fly fishers?
There is a ton of places to fish in Mass.  I was there on business for 8 weeks this past winter.  It was too cold then to catch much, but the area abounds with opportunities. I bought a book
recent fly line posts
Agreeing with the original post. I've been fishing for 47 of my 53 years ... Fly fishing for about 39 or so of those.  I've never spent more than 100 bucks on a rod or a reel ... rarely paid full
Whats a good 3wt Line for Bluegill?
I recently purchased two 80' rolls of 5 weight DT-WF line on E-bay for 9 bucks each.  They have served wonderfully for bream fishing in Florida.  And I have been using one of them while up h
They migrate here, Piker ... south for the winters, north around this time of year.   I am betting there was a large kill of Robins here in Massachusetts.  I saw a huge flock of them the day
fly tying bird skins
I just came from a fly shop called "Bear's Den" in Taunton, Rhode Island.  Wow, he's even got starling skins there ... If you can't find what you want at the J. Stockard link above, look this sit
Tarpon Rookie Contest
I did a quick check on Rhode Islands tarpon laws, and I didn't see anything about a closed season.  So I drove across the State line.  I wanted to get as close to Massachusetts as I could, b
First white out for Kentuckians in ages
I am in Massachusetts for work ... as some of you know ... and we just got over two days of above 50 F. it's a high today of 33 with lower temps expected through the weekend.  I hear snow coming
Hello from South Central PA.
Greetings, My name is Matt and I am a 35 year old life long fly fisher and more recently tyer. About two years ago I moved from the coast of Massachusetts where I was an avid Striper fisherman to lim
The one.
nice fly uscgflyguy. What area of the country are you stationed in, if you dont mind me asking? I am active duty cg stationed in massachusetts
Boston Area
That sounds like a bad Hollywood script. Back in Massachusetts. THIS time he has waders!
Great Day for Tying!
Its 39 deg here in massachusetts, i work outside for a large telecommunications company. Its dry today which is a great thing. I plan on tying tonight, midges and other flies is my plan. A good
My New 5' One Piece 4/5 Weight Custom Fly Rod
Hi, Thought I’d show off my new 5' one piece 4/5 weight fly fishing rod that was made for me by John Pretola of Woronoco Custom Fly Rods located in Russell, Massachusetts. This is the second fly
Hatches Blog Post - New England- photo essay by Bryan Crumpler
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. All on the docket for a six state 4 day tour. A lot of driving, a lot of breweries, and a lot of rivers to travel over wond
RBF: Hello from Virginia
Hi, my name is Scott and I live in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I moved here in 2001 and love it. I love the mountains, backpacking(light) and hiking(walking) I am a Veteran and have been in the
After a 40-year absence, I have just returned to fly-tying in the last year, specializing in wingless wets. I live in northeast Massachusetts, near both New Hampshire and Maine. My father was Vernon
Colors to Dye For
OK, rather than rely on my memory, I grabbed the book - An Angler's Guide to Trout Fishing in Massachusetts by the Mass/RI Council of TU. 1988 Excellent book, I highly recommend it. Here's t
Expensive is right - last time I checked, it was $18/pound. I found a bunch of it on ebay a while back for $8.50/pound and I snapped up 45 pounds. As my wife likes to say, it's not gonna
Best online supplier?
[quote name='Harold Ray' timestamp='1330047133' post='496018'] I have 3 sites I visit regularly, and each gives great service. My favorite and the one where I have spent the m
RBF: W. E. Mattson
Does that name ring any bells. He was/is a rodbuilder based in Gt. Barr. MA [Great Barrington in the Berkshires of Massachusetts] according to his signature of a 7'2" 5wt rod with two tips. Built so
Fish Pictures
  it was ~50 degrees here in massachusetts the other day, got to spend the whole day on the water. 
Pamola fly lathe
I believe the owner of pamola fly lathe mfg is deceased, no idea who owns the remnants of the company. He was based in upton massachusetts. The only similarity between the two vises was their inline
Shipping fur and feathers
[quote name='tidewaterfly' timestamp='1313938803' post='476363'] These laws are intended to protect various species, and limit, or prevent the commercial exploitation of listed
Pheasant Tail Swap
The last set of flies have arrived. Now I just need to finish mine up. That is five sets of excellent flies received. Please be patient I've never tied a Pheasant Tail Fly, but I should have every
Not following the recipe?
from the web"The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 (aka MBTA) was first enacted to implement the 1916 convention between the United States and Great Britain for the protection of migratory birds.
Hellgrammite Questions
Once you are familiar with the hellgrammite, you will probably agree that they are appropriately named as "the-bug-from-hell". However, Smallmouth Bass love these ferocious appearing bugs an
Moth ID
QUOTE (flygirl @ Apr 26 2010, 10:18 AM) Scooped this moth out of the river & don't know his name. I looked up a few but the pattern on the wings didn't match[attachment=24910:201
AuSable Valley Recreation Expo - Reelsmtithing Seminar and Workshop
Hello all, I've been invited to attend The AuSable Valley Recreation Expo in Grayling, Michigan on April the 24th and 25th. On Saturday, I will be doing a Reelsmithing presentation. On Sunday, a hands
Looking for some American knowledge
I looked it up on the iMac dictionary. This is the description: QUOTE Commonwealth:a formal title of some of the states of the U.S., esp. Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennslyvania, and Virginia.They are s
Crappie Killer
A while ago I was reminiscing with a childhood friend on-line. Lyndon was my fishing partner back when we were in grade school and high school and we learned to fish together. As my fly fishing capab
Rotary Vise Suggestion - Worth It?
That is a very cool looking vise. Hope you love it! btw... what part of New England are you from? I used to live in New Hampshire.David <><I live on the North Shore in Massachusetts - ten
a great shop to order blanks and bamboo blanks from
i just want to pass on a good resource to all you fellow rod builders out there. i have been buying blanks for 8 years from cote's fly shop in leicester ma. they have been building and supplying peopl
Oliver Edward's Flytyer's Masterclass
QUOTE I also made a good fly tying book puchase this week . I bought a unused copy of Forgotten Flies signed by both the authors.Congratulations on that purchase, Fred. That series is really great an
Stripers on a Fly
QUOTE (Cole @ Apr 15 2009, 12:19 AM) QUOTE (Hairstacker @ Apr 14 2009, 10:39 PM) QUOTE (Cole @ Apr 14 2009, 06:32 PM) Guys, I have a chance to do some striper fishing here i
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