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New Swap Idea
I have an idea for a swap for after New Years. I want to keep the numbers down for this one. It's a Life Cycle Swap. It could be any or all of usual mayfly, caddis or midge. Let know what you think.&#
Where to find Shane Stalcup's caddis body material
I don't think the method of the fabricated extended body dubbing method shown in Shane's mayfly book is the same material used for the Caddis in the video. But if it works....
Crappie fly fishing
Everything has been pretty much covered so I wont comment in detail other than they are minnow eaters. And the fry they eat are whatever fish are in the lake or pond you fish, Basically any streamer
Can Someone Please ID This Insect?
One afternoon I seined the San Juan River in Northern New Mexico to try and determine what the fish were rising to. My sein trapped a very odd insect (seen below) besides a lot of (expected) midges. &
Late Summer / Early Autumn Dry and Nymph Swap
Dave! Use the mayfly's I already sent & I'll ty up some jig nymphs, that will fill the last spot!
Eccentric weight - nymph
Hi guys,   from a while  new kind of  weights are on the market. Weights for tying nymphs. These beads are designed to flip the nymph  with the point up and o behave similar w
Hello from East Tennessee
Hello, I am really enjoying this forum. It is much more active than my local forums. People are extremely knowledgeable and quick to offer help and advise. I started tying sometime in the early 90s bu
Rooster 100 saddle packs vs partial or full pelts?
I just came across a vendor selling 'Dry Fly Midge Saddles' who claims that "... 80% of the saddle providing 18, 20 and 22 size feathers. Perfect for small mayfly and midge dry fly patterns."   &
The Beach 9-30
That lizardfish is a catch of a lifetime Only if you're a Mayfly ... maybe if you're a House Fly and you don't get out to fish much.  Those lizard fish are everywhere.   All the way from
How to make realistic legs for very small flies
I do not really know, but... maybe mayfly tails? Or synthetic bucktail, if they need to be bigger? Seem to be heated at the bends I normally see legs made with multiple pheasant tail fibers.
Looking for TMC206BL hooks in sizes #22 and #24
I've tried a few reversed midge and mayfly emergers in the past with very poor results, although I'll admit to probably not giving them much time in the water when fish were actually eating emergers b
tiny fly questions
I've tied a couple of size 32's for fishing using the TMC 2488 size 32.   I caught two sunfish with them.   I've tied one fly on the old Mustad size 32 but that wasn't for fishing.  Mai
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
I love softies. They're an awesome mayfly and caddis emerger imitation. My favorite is a simple hares ear tie that I use both dead drifted and swung on my local rivers, and stripped just below the sur
My fly spins when cast
No I wasn't joking.  My guess was larger flies -vs- small mayfly patterns - streamers tend to spin in my experience.
LARGE sulpher?
In my area of Wisconsin the hatch is over. But I have seen thousands of these insects.   It is Hexagenia Limbata spinner (imago)       Hex Dun (subimago)     http://www
A clean, semi organized desk, and some trout ties!
    Maggie Valley NC. We will see how it goes..   I was in the Smokies last month.  It's really warm going on hot in the mountains now.  Mid 80's.  You won't need waders
Big Dry Fly Patterns
Question: What are your thoughts on the best "style" of dry fly for large mayfly patterns?  Sizes larger than #10.  Parachutes, Wulff, Catskill, Klinkhammer, deer hair wing, Quigley Cripple
Hatches Blog Post - Parachute BWO – Blue Wing Olive Dry Fly
BWOs are a main staple on trout waters throughout the US. With the techniques in this video you can easily change size to meet local hatches or even swap out color and size to match other mayfly hatc
Tying the Grey Fox Dun
Loved it.  Love the mayfly hatches here in Southeastern PA.  Will try this one.
All copper wire nymph?
Frank Sawyer is correct. From what I've read he used very fine lacquered copper wire around 0.0042" in diameter, almost like thread it's so thin.  He used to tear apart small electric motor armat
Ninth Annual Casting for Recovery Project
Here are mine. 2 parachute adams 2 ptn nymphs 2 deerhair hoppers 2 woolly buggers 2 trudes 2 mayfly spinners [attachment=63360:20170623_221324_20170625210617580.jpg]
A soft hackle I have been slamming trout with lately
I'm not surprised your local trout liked those softies, they look tasty. I like those Grouse feathers, they make a beautiful hackle. I also like the light colored thorax of coyote, it could easily rep
Your fly for new "trout" waters
This may not be the type of answer you're looking for, but I'd research the stream for the timeframe you'll be there. I'd be looking for Mayfly and Caddis species that might be active during that time
What is your favorite fly pattern?
Emerger patterns, anything that rides in the surface film. Mayfly, caddis, crane and midges - I have has more consistent success over the years whether it be still water, streams and rivers, especiall
On what feathers do I find "gray (dun) hackle?
** UPDATED **  Hello everybody... I'm going to attempt to tie a "Better-Winged Olive Mayfly" from a recipe I found by Steve Schweitzer.  In it, he calls for "gray (dun) hackle" for the wings
Hungarian partridge-French Partridge
Why the French Partridge Mayfly of course.
Top 3 Trout Flies
Hey guys, so I wanted to get everyones idea's on this video.  I was thinking of doing this for more species...   Obviously some of you will have different idea's on which flies I should have
Baetis Nymph
Hi,   thank you very much to all of you :-) ...   @ MouseManiac: the best way for ID-ing if it's a mayfly or a stonefly is looking at the tails. Stoneflies have only 2 tails, all of them. Ma
Herter's Bastard Midge SBS
Cool fly, I like it. If I fished midge drys I'd tie some up, I might anyway as an emerger ( it struck me maybe switch out the hackle for peacock herl for my situation) . With different coloring and si
May Flies from the Vise
Why is it that this thread titled May Flies from the vise, and I haven't even seen a single Mayfly yet?
making biot bodies more durable
I've been tying dry flies with biot bodies for a few years now. They've pretty much replaced dubbed body flies for me, at least for mayfly imitations. My issue is the durability. I put a layer of head
tilt wing parachute
"I liked the way the wing looked, though, leaning back more like a real mayfly wing,"   Yes! Very interesting; a new twist to an old wrinkle. Never have tied up such a critter, but I shall.
Slate Drake
Got some pictures of this mayfly today, I have not seen this species here before. I added a title, assuming I knew what it was, and added a measurement reference  
My buddy wants me to tie him some dry midge flies-flies that work on top. Would you say some type of midge emerger would fish better than a straight dun?     On top means dries so I agre
In search of a dry fly pattern (?)
That's what I thought of. I'm tying them for the mayfly swap on the swap board. My pictures didn't come out as good with attempt at bottom lighting. [URL=
Well i would like to tie a Quil Body CDC Mayfly Emerger. I seems like it would be a deadly fly because of the life stage it imitates. I do have calf tail that would work for the parachute post but, my
The Complete Mayfly Swap
I'd swing that propeller down and across haha! I don't know what your gonna do with a box of mayfly imitations besides catch live bait but the spot is yours. Tie up some spinners, mayfly spinners th
Sulphur Thorax: Burnt-wing style
Bruce Cox of the Pittsburgh area was a guest tyer for my YouTube channel and tied a Sulphur Thorax.  There are lots of great tips in this video, including showing how to burn wings, split mayfly
Green Drake Quigley SBS for Scarface Z
As promised t'other day, a set of step by step instructions for the fly I tied in response to Scarface Z's post "Help reconstruct a lucky fly" This fly...   First I am only working from the phot
Guide's Choice Fly Swap With A Twist
It goes against all my grains, but I will attempt the micro mayfly.
2nd Australian Casting for Recovery Donation Swap
FWIW, here's what I'm thinking (and Dave, please correct me if I'm wrong). I figured hey, what would be a good "sample" fly box for each woman, given a variety of circumstances. I'm thinking a box lik
Parachute adams
The parachute adams is actually a stage 3 emerger pattern. The fly is supported by the hackle that is ABOVE the fly body so the fly body is IN and NOT ON the FILM. Dry fly bodies lie on the film and e
Parachute flies
Nice fly. If you pushed for feedback, I'd say: - Tail is a little too long - Thorax could use more thickness - body could be a little thinner (subjective based upon the mayfly) - tail could be thinne
Any interest in a bugger swap?
Cool I can't start it until my other is finished hopefully shortly after the 20th. I wish I could, love tying and fishing buggers... And like your planning... Should know what other commitments I am
Two Bit Hooker
These are quite popular mayfly (baetis) patterns because they sink quickly due to the two beads.  Where I was fishing on the Animas, the water was very murky, and I had to get deep to reach them.
Hello from Western Virginia
Welcome to FTF from Buffalo, Wyoming.. Have used horse hair on several mayfly patterns... Segmentation great on tiny abs
Has anybody used Kabari flys with regular fly rods?
The tenkara flies were developed to be floated on the surface with either no or limited line on the water. The body of the fly would dangle below the surface film and the hackle would pulse on the sur
Natural Dun Float
I was on the river today watching little olives and march browns drift down the river and immediately thought of this thread. There was a brisk wind blowing downstream and almost every mayfly was drif
The Complete Caddis Swap
I'm glad everyone enjoyed it, thanks for putting a pic up too. I plan on getting a mayfly one going so keep an eye out.
Killer Mayfly
Not the same patterns you guys are speaking of of course, I've had big success in using a size 20 variation of the GR Hares Ear as my small Mayfly nymph. In my case, I alter the tail of the hairs ear
Soft hackle Question ???
depends   from the interweb   There have been many great fly patterns developed in and for the Canadian west. The Carey Special is one of the best known and also one of the most versatile an
January Flies from the Vise
Nice little para-mayfly, BCT.
More true flies
I was not just cracking. I honestly was not 100% sure of what you meant at first. In Spain the word that commonly translates as fly (mosca) applies only to the most common flies, like the one pictured
Mel's McKenzie Mayfly SBS
Great mayfly.Good job!
Irish Mayfly
  Mayfly? Indeed it is Whatfly. In Ireland, on the limestone loughs there is a tradition of fishing wet flies, like this superb example, when the Mayfly are hatching. They really do work. U
Klinkhammer Hooks - Can I Use Them For All Emergers?
Are Klinkhammer hooks better suited for parachute flies or can they be used for all sorts of emerging flies? In other words, what are the hooks designed for?   Thanks, Randy   Emergen
Fly tying buyer's remorse
Furry Foam & mayfly wing burners.
Best Price on Goose Biots?
Where is the best place to stock up on goose biots? I've looked at eBay and a few retailers and the price varies considerably.   Depends on what they are going to be used for. For abdome
Identification please
Based on the body size, the Hexagenia are about the only 2 tailed mayfly that is an inch long.  Of those the limbata are shown as existing in the west.  The wings both in vein pattern and co
Great start to opening season !!
That's an interesting fly, is that standard fare over your way ? Congrats on a well spent day !   Yesterday ( locally) they were slamming striped bass in the canal east end, half mile in from the
Dry fly tailing material ?
synthetic tailing material (microfibbets)  
Hackle... Better than Cree?
I've been using some of my longer barred ginger fibers as tailing fibers in a couple of different patterns and liking it a lot. Way better than the plain ginger I had tried in the past ( I tried that
Wings Or No Wings
Probably not super important on 14 and smaller. It is important on down wing caddis though, as that presents the delta shape. What can be important though is to put in hot colored upright posts or fib
Grizzly hackle tip wings
I stopped tying tradition up winged dry flies maybe 20 years ago now and go with just hair or synthetic or duck fibers. But I couldn't help but notice recently that feather emporium stocks winger- cap
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