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Destin, FL and environs in December/January?
I hear you, Mike -- North Florida was my mom's idea (this has been proposed as a family Christmas gathering). According to Weather Underground it only gets up into the 60's for the daytime highs in De
Hello from the U.P.!
Hello everyone, I just wanted to "formally" introduce myself here.    My name is Brandon and I am the owner of Superior Flies, LLC. I am from a small town in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of
Favorite UV Resin?
My apologies for jumping right into discussion. This was just something that was on my mind and I was curious about what other tiers preferred to use. I'll admit that I should have done a little more
Spray for neoprene waders to make them easier to put on?
Gore tex/breathable waders are fine in cold water as long as you layer properly underneath them. I stopped wearing neoprene probably about 15-20 years ago and have worn nothing but my breathables sinc
Bass fly line question
You said the S/T line that you have has been working for you, so, if it was me, I wouldn't spend the money on another sink tip unless it was going to do something that the current one doesn't, e.g. si
Any snake ID out there?
Mike, mike, mike, mike, mike! I never said seperate hotel rooms but i would be okay with that as well. Seperate rooms in my house is not so much a rule as it is a value. In fact their coming over and
Ordering online
I've always bought 50-75% of my fishing and tying gear and supplies online, and I can't remember ever getting anything that was just wrong or of poor quality. I've frankly had far more disappointments
The New and Improved Fly Swap
Byron, I plan to take an hour or two next month, hopefully fishing among a big school of pellet fish, to try a theory I've always held to. My buggers will be a good example to try on but I also want
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
I love tying and fishing soft hackles. A hare's ear soft hackle is my go-to "searching" fly for smaller trout streams here in Michigan. I've caught a lot of nice-size browns on them, up to about 17".
Great deal on a 2wt
Next time you are around SE Michigan (I know you come this way at times) let me know Bryan. Happy to show ya some "how to" in person.
I catch more bass on this pattern than any other topwater -- it produces good fish from April through October here in Michigan. It kind of splits the difference between poppers and divers--it gives no
The value of the roll cast
Michigan is full of little creeks like this. If you want to get at the brookies, the roll cast is the only game in town.   [attachment=63750:Cook's Run.jpg]
U.P. Trip Report (photo heavy)
Glad that you had a good trip. I love Michigan, one of the prettiest states in the union. I haven't been to the UP but I have been close . I wish we had as much trout water in Mo as you guys in michig
Big Dry Fly Patterns
This is a go-to Iso pattern in northern Michigan -- Rusty's White Knot.      
Fly Tying Article
1.  I tie flies because I enjoy it.  It's cheaper to buy them than to invest a lot of money in tools and components but then you're missing out on the fun.  Tying flies is a past-time.&
Fish Car Project Part 2
A couple of weeks ago, I posted some pics of a storage box that I'd built for the back of my Jeep Patriot, and I mentioned that it was to be half of a sleeping platform, which I will use when I spend
Nice Au Sable pike on the fly
Kind of skinny for its length and it's head size. Is that normal for them after a Michigan winter or do they spawn this time of the year.
Giant Carp on 5wt!
     As I've said before, it's one of the few things I miss from "up North". Thank you Mike...   Where up north do you live?  I thought carp lived in even colder envir
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
Thanks!  I am looking forward to this challenge.  That is a nice looking pattern.  I will call up the shops in Grayling and see if either of them have a skin in stock.  I will prob
Fish Car Project, part 1
Sounds like a great plan. Spent a lot of time in UP mainly fishing tribs of Lake Michigan for sea run (well, lake run) trout and salmon. Don't know if you want to drill holes in your car but it would
Weathermen and weather apps suck thread
Maybe you guys have better weather forecasters down in FL or something Mike, but here in Michigan ours are WAY off more often than not.
A quick thank you...
Here's another way of looking at it: When I first started out, I couldn't really afford to buy flies OR the materials to make my own, so, since my budget was so limited, I went with making my own
tilt wing parachute
Ted Kraimer's came up with his Tilt-shoot a few years ago     a tilt-wing variation, with the deer hair body style common to the Michigan tying community; Kelly Galloup's part of that clan
Winnie's Fore and Aft SBS
Art Winnie's Michigan hexagenia pattern from the 20's. I beefed up the tail a bit to give it a bit more buoyancy - the original pattern was tied with 3 bucktail fibers. hook - TMC 5212 #6 thread -
Where in Michigan are you from? I am in Oakland County.
New addition to the tying desk
Thanks guys. This is the kind of thing winter in Michigan is good for. :)
That was some wind storm here in Michigan!  DTE (power company) says it was a hundred year storm!  They brought in storm crews from 5 states just to help clear trees and restore service to c
Last post for a little while...
Oh man, like shoebop said you're not far from the heart of Driftless Nirvana. You will find better fishing near you than you could ever hope for without planning ahead for the move. When I lived in Ch
Packing in Waders
I lived in Michigan's UP a number of years ago and wet waded there.  I use light nylon wind pants and go commando.  I also use Simms wet wading socks which dry out quickly also.  I put
Wading Boots and Attire Advice
Okay everyone before I continue with my questions I did indeed do a search on Wading Boots from previous posts and there were a few posts out there but nothing recent.  I ran acr
The Down Home Pride Swap
I was looking at a website dedicated to dry fly patterns that originated in my home state of Michigan when I got the idea for this swap. I'd be willing to bet that nearly every state in the union has
Hello From Eastern Indiana
Welcome Philo! No stupid questions here so ask away. :) We have a "Beginner's Corner" sub-forum, but any and all questions are encouraged on all the forums.   I'm in West Michigan (Holland to be
Hello From Austin!
Welcome David, to the forums, and welcome back to the wonderful world of fly fishing and fly tying. :) We're glad to have you. We'd love to see some pics of your flies and fishing adventures when you
Custom CTS fly rod
Yeah Bryon I love these CTS blanks, the Affinity Plus as well as the Maxima were two of my favorite they ever made.   To add more fuel to your fire....since you live here in Michigan I'd offer yo
I hope everyone through Middle of Country is safe...
We got a bit of it here in Michigan last week, but no where near as bad as they said it was supposed to be. Then we dodged this latest one yesterday. Supposed to get a bit of freezing rain today but n
No BBQ Today
About 5 degrees F here in Michigan tonight. I don't mind the cold most times but once it gets below 20 that's a little too much.
Hello from michigan
Welcome from a former 4 year visitor of Michigan.
Question for Mike
You know mike is coming up from Florida to acclimate at base camp 1 (Chicago) before heading to base camp 2 in Michigan. Why waste all that acclimation. Maybe he can continue to Minnesota so he can sh
Hi from Northeast Pa.
Welcome from Michigan
Neoprene reel cover
Could make Mike a pair of neoprene drawers for his trip to Michigan
Loss of an OLD FRIEND !
I highly doubt a law enforcement agency is going to get a search warrant for his profile and IP information from this site, which I believe is HQ'd in Michigan. Another search warrant would be needed
Amazing temperature drop
Yep it's been a weird start to the winter here in Michigan as well. Not even 3 weeks ago we hit a record high of 73f one day (I actually had my AC on that night) then the very next day it was down to
Ready for a visit Mike??
I wonder if he thinks Chicago is in Michigan? Does he know how to shovel snow? Does he own footwear other then crocs? Can you even get to Michigan from Florida? That will be an interesting visit. Can'
Hello from Missouri
dflanagan, whereabouts in NW Missouri? I was born and raised in Mexico (MO) myself; same general area. As a matter of fact, I just arrived back from a visit there a few hours ago (I'm transplanted to
Fly fishing in Lansing early Jan?
I spent 4 years traveling to Michigan during winter. I recall one time it dropped to somewhere around -40 degrees. So cold it was the first time in the history of the University of Michigan they cance
Art and/or artists
I'm a big fan of Michigan artist Dave Ruimveld. I especially like his "Famous Rivers" series --
Impressions of the International Fly tying Symposiumch
Every time I drive by Sommerset on the turnpike I think of the show. I was coming back from Michigan last weekend and had no idea the show was last weekend. :lol: Maybe next year...
Your Best 12 Trout Flies?
I do my trout fishing in Michigan (until I can retire and move someplace with mountains, anyway :) ) . There are good insect hatches here, but they tend to be sporadic and unpredictable (compared to h
Winter Steelhead Flies - In Review   3 flies that I will not venture out into the cold without. How I tie them and tips to make the common patterns more success
Flash Minnow Candy
 All around Cape Cod actually but I'm mostly familiar with the bay side of the cape and estuaries and east end of the canal when it comes to these little critters. I haven't fish out around the
Au Sable fall pike
Michigan in February... Don't cross your fingers! They may freeze together :)
I've got to vent ....
Outstanding story, Steve.  Regardless of how it sounds on the other thread where you're threatening to kill me with Michigan ice ... I am looking forward to the visit. On a plus note somewhat lik
bending hook eye
If it makes you feel any better the old Mustad #84 straight shank and eye hook was the one we used on the north shore of MN, WI, MI, for steelhead and salmon. This was from the mid 60's to the mid 80'
Gurglers and trout???
A lot of guys use them for mousing on the Au Sable here in Michigan--probably other rivers here as well.
Fall Musky frenzy is about here
Oh, headed to Michigan for a week in October, hoping to get into some apex fish.
Streamer Question
I also (like JSzymczyk) fish streamers more than any other type of fly. I fish them for largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, salmon and steelhead here in Michigan. I've even fished them for carp, if
2 year bonsai tree progression
Yeah didn't plan on trying those. Some species I just can't have here in Michigan unless they are very hardy, or tropicals that can come inside under lights during winter months. I tried a crepe myrtl
Pegging Beads... Fishing or snagging?
Let me preference this with saying I have not read more than one or two replies...not that I don't want too, just haven't had the time recently. But wanted to reply because this topic has come up here
New to fishing. Glo bug hook size recommendation for kings.
Oh I forgot to mention ! I am going up north to northern MICHIGAN. sorry about that .
Few days on the Au Sable
  That carp looks like it would give a good scrap   That's actually a river redhorse sucker. It's just so big it looks like a carp. It's over the Michigan Master Angler requirement length,
Found a crazy deal for someone near Spokane.
That might be worth making the drive out from Michigan...unfortunately, I doubt whether my wife (aka Chairperson of the Finance Committee) will agree...sigh...
SA Sharkwave lines - steep discount at Cabelas
In John Waite's book "Serious Flyfishing" he stated that in a Gink Co. newsletter the price to actually make a line was about .87 to a little over a dollar. His book is about 18 years in print and t
Beginners stab at a wingless wet.
Very nice -- other than the head issue already mentioned, I wouldn't change anything. In fact, you've inspired me to tie up some of these for the brookies here in Michigan. :)
Greetings from Michigan!
Hello fellow tiers, I hope you all had a good weekend! Let me start, I am 16 years old I live in Michigan and I have been tying since I have been 8 years old. But only just recently have I started fly
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