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Ray Bergman Collection - 156) Hawthorne

The Ray Bergman Collection - 37) Blue Jay

Termite- Fredrick Hannie

Ray Bergman Collection - 178) Jay Blue

Canvasfish- The work of Derek DeYoung

How did you get started flyfishing or flytying?


Rod refinishing
Definitely.  We have a cabin in Minnesota and there was a rod "corner" that had several spinning and spin-cast outfits of mostly low quality that had been left by family members over the course o
10wt Musky package
This complete custom IM8 10wt Package Musky rod for a customer in Minnesota for throwing giant flies for huge fish. Topped the custom rod off with a custom sock and O-ring sealed tube. Rod has brown w
Musky Fly Swap 2018
P.S. In Minnesota we do have mosquitoes that can carry off small dogs.
The Vikings...'Nuff said
I heard it was divine intervention from the patron saint of Minnesota.   [attachment=65825:Screen+Shot+2018-01-15+at+10.04.55+AM.png]
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
Will add the picture later. Thanks to Mainard for his terrific box of flies. Vicrider did an amazing job of coordinating a swap this large. Thanks for the extra materials. That is a big enough job by
Best feathers for small soft hackles
I get my dyed starling from White Fox Fur and Feather Co. (Featherworld1 on Etsy) Pemberton, Minnesota. They used to be available at Bob Marriott's Fly Fishing Store here in Los Angeles. Now, this is
Last post for a little while...
My old stomping grounds! I lived across the border in Minnesota. I used to hunt deer near Spring Valley. It is beautiful country all around there. You will not be far from the "driftless area" renowne
test, no need to respond
You know it's winter when .....   The Official Wisconsin Temperature Conversion Chart   50° Fahrenheit (10° C)   • New Yorkers try to turn on the heat. • Wisco
Question for Mike
Mike, We have about 4 more months of ice in Minnesota. Would you be willing to share your 4 top crappie flies and their recipes? After watching your video on the St Johns, the days are dragging until
Asking about a shotgun...
Remington sent mine to a gunsmith they use in Minnesota. They wanted to repair a brand new gun that I had just taken out of the box. Didn't want to replace it. The action would fall out of it. I to
Hunting Season And Gathering Materials
You'll like Mike. We have a lake near here I fish a lot and when someone asks me where I was I tell them "Deceased Native American Reservoir". I'd get some strange looks.   Ya' see, working for t
Don't tell your kids!
One of the best weeks of my life was Minnesota in February. I had the whole state to myself.
June is Cahill swap time
Mike, in OK they still use the low security prisoners for a lot of road cleanup and other work.   When I worked for MN/DOT in Minnesota I had a friend who was a foreman on a road crew. One of his
My fly bench is lonely
Mike, I did not make the desk.  It was made by Bob Wagner from River Wood Designs in Minnesota.  Here is the picture you requested.   [attachment=56426:IMG_0467.JPG]     FlaFl
Head cement deterring fish?
I've read a few papers which show that bass, trout, and other fish lack the olfactory and taste receptors to detect petrochemicals.    Do you have any references to those papers because I
New guy in Minnesota
I moved to Minnesota because my wife, Jo, had a heart and kidney transplant Sept. 22, 2014 and we needed to be close to Minneapolis for weekly check-ups. She's doing fine, BTW. I play bluegrass.
uv resin challenge
C'mon Adam. If you weren't from Finland I'd kid you about that. Us real Americans in the lower 48 tag the Canadians with the rather derogatory term "Canuck". I had one Canuck so mad at me he threatene
Spooked Fish
Sorry, I think this is hilarious as I can relate to what's been said. I usually hike farther than most, but there will always be "that guy". I have a brown trout replica on my wall and I vividly remem
May Flies from the Vice
  Basic & cheap: craftstore craft foam, contact glue, feathers & bling, Orvis 6/0-13KE hook & 0.030" lead wire to add some 'plop'. Used an arbor rig to turn the foam in a dril
Trout Selectivity
I would agree that us fly fisherman do have a tendency to overcomplicate and overthink the pursuit a bit. Forgive me for the long anecdote here, but this experience comes to mind often. I saw it happe
Fun Times with a Conservation Officer
In Minnesota, where I spent most of my hunting/fishing time, wildlife officers have the widest range of authority of any law enforcement agency. They can do anything a regular law enforcement office
I hit a turkey!
In Minnesota and Michigan they offer it to the motorist first. If they don't want it, they take it to a charitable food bank and distributed to various charities. If you (the motorist) want it yo
Hiya from Cheeseville
Welcome to the site, Hatchet.  40 years of tying, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your best, please.   I am assuming the "Cheeseville" pertains to some sports team?  Since I don't
Winter Trout Fishing
Also, I see that there are little black looking flies. I am unsure what they are exactly. So I am thinking I should start studying bugs. How should I find information about it. I been looking for hatc
Looking to get into making popers!
Tell you what, CJ. I have all my fly tying stuff packed up right now because I'm moving to Dassel, Minnesota next Saturday. But  I have about --I don't know--at least several hundred-- popper bod
New Here
You're moving ... to Minnesota? You do know it's not any warmer there than N. Dakota !?!?!? I used to work with a blacksmith in North Carolina .... back in the late 70's.  That is a fascinating s
Suggested Flies & Poppers?
Thanks, guys!  Have to say I'm very impressed with this forum so far.  :)     FlaFly, my experience in Minnesota is similar, whether fly fishing or spin casting.  Bluegills hi
Best size?
Steeldrifter, I have very limited fly fishing experience, but i'm in Minnesota so perhaps we encounter some similar fishing conditions.  My choices are either small trout streams with limited acc
Spinning Elk / Deer Hair --- First Attempt
Not to be too OCD about this topic of deer hair but, when and where the deer was harvested has as much to do with the desirable qualities as where (on the body) it is taken from. ie. If it is a coasta
Walleye Fly Fishing
As a lifelong (well 40+ years anyway) resident of Minnesota, I would have to say that targeting Minnesota's state fish with fly gear will be difficult. They are usually found near the bottom of any bo
mayfly hatch
Tying the Elk-Hair Caddis
Hey Everyone, Thanks for everything. I actually have been waiting for it to stop raining here as well. Its been over 2 weeks since i been able to get out fishing. Rivers are at record highs right now
looking to get into tying in Houston
By the way... what's with the Green Bay helmet?  Houston implies Texas to me (unless there's a Houston Minnesota).
Brand new in Houston, TX
Welcome 1shot.  I already posted on your other thread, wondering whether you're from Houston or Minnesota. (I think that should have been Wisconsin). If you're in Houston, you won't be doing
Fly swap idea
We'll that fish was caught in Minnesota on a fly 44 inches 19 pounds. And yes I see your point.
A sad day...
If it affected mostly or only the carp in the pond then winterkill wasn't the culprit. Carp are the most likley to survive of any species along with bullhead in a winterkill situation.    I
Topwater Bass Strikes!
Rocco, we used to that "chew-hay fishing". We did the same thing in Wisconsin and Minnesota.    Denduke, as long as you stay within laws nobody has a right to bitch. However, once the freeze
trout fishing
Pick up a copy of Wisconsin & Minnesota Trout Streams, A Fly Anglers Guide, by Humphreys and Shogren. Gives lots of info on stream type, access locations and plenty of info on techniques they have
Species confusion
mikechell,    They do in fact pair up, and the male releases milt directly onto the eggs. So it is intentional fertilization, not a mass spawning as in some species such as white bass. Nests
I'm about ready to go back to nightcrawlers.
I'm a senior in high school and I have been fly fishing since I was eleven. No one else in my family fly fished (seems like everyone only spin fishes in northern Minnesota) and had to start out cheap.
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Fished: USA: Indiana Ohio Minnesota North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Louisiana Texas Arizona California Massachusetts New Jersey Wyoming Nebraska Tennessee Missouri   Other countries
That is a lot of lead
You are missing a key point of my argument.   Any negative effect must be shown to affect populations as the end point. As I previously stated as key point in judging fish and game regulations, w
RBF: MHX842 - Vikings
A friend asked me to build a Minnesota Vikings themed rod for Father's Day. This is a simple purple and yellow wrap on an MHX-842.For some reason I was unable to get rid of all of the dust before taki
First pike on a fly
Gezz.. 16 species in one year, I'm on 17 species, only in 25 years. Good job, I wanta hook up with a pike on the fly. Whene I was about 13 or so I went to Minnesota with my grandpa, we got pike and I
UV Beer Belly bucktail
Very nice. I have never made a fly in that style before and i think that it would be a good walleye fly for opener here in northern Minnesota.The only revers hook flies that i have used have been clou
The musky here in Minnesota wouldnt hesitate at all in tearing that up..
Hi from Minnesota
Hi I am from Minnesota, I've been tying for few years and am looking foward to learning more from everyone. 
Lake Trout Patterns
Hopefully the water will be cold at the Minnesota lake trout opener on lake superior. From what i read, lakers in early spring come up to 8-20 feet of water; and this is when i want to get them. What
Streamer materials?
I'm putting together a short birthday wish list of "wanted" materials for warm water flies and need some help.   I fish for the easily targeted species in Minnesota lakes: Pike Largemouth Bass Bl
Fly Fishing Show
Lake of the Woods Lake of the Woods is a lake occupying parts of the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba and the U.S. state of Minnesota. It separates a small land area of Minnesota from the r
Hello from Dublin, Ohio
I thought it was about time for me to join in and participate in this great form. I've been a member for FTF for the past few months, watching, learning and getting great advice from all the posts
New guy from MN
Hey guys, I've been lurking on this site for quite a while now. Finally decided I should probably attempt to contribute something since I've found so many useful patterns here. I'm from Mi
Help Please
I have fished for N. Pike a few times in minnesota.......All I used were bunny strip streamers, bith single and double....they are pretty durable, just a little bulky when far as smallies,
Pike and a 5 weight
I've caught plenty of 2-3lb bass on my 4wt. I haven't had any 4lbers on it yet, but I don't catch many 4lbers anyways. Just be VERY careful if they take your line into any weeds. Slack
largemouth bass streamers?
Pick any streamer in any color in any size from 4 to 6/0 and you stand a good chance of catching LMB on it. I generally like to use sz 1 to sz 3/0 streamer hooks. My favorite pattern at the moment i
Got a Bite
Awesome picture. I haven't seen a wild water moccasin since I moved to Minnesota. The fishing is great here, but field-herping is a bit boring. It's 95% painted turtles, green frogs, and ga
Your analysis of my bass/pike streamers
Thanks To answer a few Qs The brown is crosscut rabbit, the chartreuse is crosscut rabbit for the head and straight cut for the tails. The red is crosscut rabbit. The silver/olive tails are FTD s
Kayaks & Flyfishing
I fly fish out of a 13.5 canoe (pelican navigator). It's a cheap canoe, but I can stand and cast, cover water very well, and drift/cast easily in 10mph wind. Much more than that, and I may prefe
Warmwater Randoms
Minnesota seasons run about the same. Walleye, bass, pike, etc. close mid-winter and reopen about the same time as Michigan if I recall. Other than that, panfish is year-round. Nice flies, really l
Beginner materials to get me started - pike and bass flies
Hi there! I've got a few fly tying questions and googled this forum, so I guess I can introduce myself and ask a few Qs at the same time I live in Minnesota, and I've been fly fishing f
8wt set up. Help Please!
OK.....I will probably get laughed out of here, but I have a Pflueger Supreme 1878 that I have been using for about 6 years and love it.....It is my go to flyreel when I travel North to the Boundary w
Ice fishing
I am surprised to see an ice-fishing topic at this site.. In our region (Russian Far East) everything is frozen. I tie flies, dream on the summer, and do some ice-fishing. We catch mostly the Amur
Bucket List Trips or Species
I would like to go to Minnesota where my family hails from and catch a bass.When I say bass I mean like a largemouth ,smallmouth ,Northern pike ,sunfish ,perch ,crappie-all thoughs sorts of fish.I am
Ohio Trout Stamp?
I do not live in Ohio, but I fish in Minnesota and Wisconsin, both of which require a trout stamp. It is so inexpensive, 10-15 dollars a year, that I support the idea fully. A state wide fee for trout
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