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AZTEC patterns?
The best new book on tying these "new" style flies is the Professional Fly Tying, Spinning and Tackle making Manual and manufactures Guide by George Leonard Herter.  The called the ones hook up M
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous - A Gathering of Tyers
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous    Co-Sponsored by the Gulf Coast and Texas Councils - FFI                         &
Hurricane Irma
The storm surge wall on the East side of a Cat 5 Hurricane is to be respected.  The storm surge of Katrina at Pass Christian, Mississippi was measured at 27.8 feet.   [attachment=64043:pic08
Any float-tubers out there?
Years ago, like almos 50, St. Paul MN experienced a huge influx of Hmong refugees. There were several nice little lakes around us and most had a full walking path around them. I used to take my belly
Second trout trip. Maggie Valley NC.
Not sure where you're at but here's a consideration....
Butte Ugly Swap-Register here-Open Feb 16
3/3/17 Updated shipping list.   I would like to forewarn anyone shipping from East of Mississippi River that our mail delivery is plenty slow to Buffalo, WY these days.  From West of here it
Stupid Ebay people!
Your getting the highest price from eBay. I don't sell a lot on eBay but I only sell in the continental USA. I stopped having any kind of problem when I started shipping only to the mainland. No overs
28th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous-A Gathering of Tyers 11/4-6
The Gulf Coast & Texas Councils of the IFFF, annually co-sponsor the "North Toledo Bend Rendezvous". This is the best "hands on" gathering of fly tyers in the South!Rendezvous is held the first we
Dancing with gators.
The third pic confuses is croc and not gator, but i have no idea what it is. The second pic looks gator to me??? The head looks flatter and wider. Crocodilians were not something i got to stud
Future of Fly Tying
I hardly think higher prices are due to "GREED". I take it you have never owned a business. Every businesses involved in getting those materials to you has to deal with increasing expenses in things
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
You an east-of-the-Mississippi US native, I've heard stories about the fishing "out west" all my life, "out west" being anything from the easter foothills of the rockies up to Alaska.  
"If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you"
Mike it sounds like you successfully negotiated a plea for yourself. Don't forget there is a thing called judicial economy. The prosecutor is spending taxpayer money. He has a budget and limited resou
Stocking a bass and panfish fly box suggestions
For Bream in Mississippi's muddy lakes I have found that a Cajun Coachman catches noticeably larger fish than other nymphs or wets. I use a "popper-dropper" rig. Catfish won't leave it alone, though.
Monthly swap begin or end? Pics of past year
The good old boy I used to fish with TN put the boat in by the dam on one of the lakes and said that in the fall he was able to fish the area outside the roped off water and catch carp on dry flies. I
Trout on tubes
Tubes for trout... I have caught bass on tubes. Has anyone ever tried tubes like the Banana or Green Samurai and others like them? I fish streamers and small rivers. Small compared to the Mississippi.
Small mouth Bass Flies
I've never fished the Snake, or west of the Mississippi for that matter, but will agree with Dave G about flies for SM. They're take almost any fly you can cast and doesn't have to be a fly actually t
The Truth
  ... My typical routine is ...... Mb, I can't remember how many times in my youth I did the same thing. I rowed not paddled but I'd go against the wind so I could fish it back only to have
Bream/panfish patterns?
Here is a popular fly in the Mississippi River Delta, the Jitterbee tied on an #10 or #8 Eagle Claw #80.  It has a Gold Bead Head(doesn't tarnish) available on the cheap at Hobby Lobby.  The
New Fly Rods
FredSG you are not alone......I adore my short rods. My short ones are 6'.  I also have a couple of 6 1/2 and 7' models but I do prefer my 6'ers. If I lived out west and fished the creeks that fl
Great Lakes Steelhead?
Kind of off topic but I think the Mississippi has always kind of been the call for East and West. At least you'll hear east or west of Big Miss all the time.   I really shouldn't bite off more th
If you want to tie at a fly tying event, check here.......
We have people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas (my home), Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas (of course), Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and others I can't remember at the moment, and th
Who doesn't like puppies
I finally pulled the trigger on a pup that's being trained for waterfowl and upland bird hunting, this has been years in the making and I finally had my chance now that we will be purchasing a home so
Fly Tying Supplies
Since I start tying my own flies, I have not had to buy supplies (popper bodies, thread and such too often. When I do I have normally went to B.P.S. to pick up supplies. Got to the point where they a
Two free Kindle fishing books
Thanks Silver,  got the one on Mississippi gulf coast fishing.  
Dry Fly Floatant
Okay, maybe some of the things I've used or use might be made out of diesel oil for all I know. Maybe Kerosene. I just know I am no knowingly, evaporation be damned, going to put crude oil products on
Finally... Bluegills!
[attachment=46890:Esox_americanus_americanus Redfin.jpg]   [attachment=46891:799px-Esox_americanus_vermiculatus Grass.jpg]   "The two subspecies are very similar, but the grass pickerel lack
Need some Carp help.
Go black or go home... I fish the Missouri River about 350 or so miles (by river) from where it meets the Mississippi. Or water is thick with silt. 6"of visibility is a great day. I fish 3 primary col
Serious Carpin' Swappin'
Okay, since my chances to spend time on trout waters are now going to be extremely limited I'd like to get in on this with a modified "Q-Bug". It was one of the surf flies and a little color variation
Topwater Bass Strikes!
expose myself........
Thank you, MIKE*A! Just wondering...... Are there any other Mississippi members on here? ........ Particularly South MS? Need someone to possibly fish and share fly patterns with. I'm the only l
Song of the day
Ray Stevens - The Great Mississippi Squirrel Revival
BF, Ya, the tails are fly tails by Waspy These are called Aric's worms, I've been tying then since Culprit worms were all the rage. I must say, with the new chenilles that are available the colors th
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
These are the places I have fished:   California Nevada Colorado Utah Wyoming Mississippi Tennessee All 50 states are on my bucket list.
hello from southeast Georgia
hi and  greetings from another savannahin. as you see in  my  screen name i to am a  fanatic about catchin bluegill and redear.  escipally with a 3 wgt and my ulrta light rigs
Little bug
Jeff, I used to fish a creek in Mississippi using #10 bugs and caught the heck out of bream and small bass. One day, I decided to bring my spinning rod and throw a plastic worm as the blowdowns had de
Destin Florida patterns
A ton of information on fly fishing the northeastern Gulf Coast can be located at the web sites of the International Federation of Fly Fisher (IFFF) Clubs located on the Gulf coast in western Florida,
What do hackle farms do with the carcass?
In Texas, the birds would make chicken and dumplings.  The birds may be older but they tenderize with time on the stove.  Been there and done that many times. Ray,   My grandmother was
Looking for some feedback
You are a natural! I have always love art & crafts, and fishing even more. So, fly tying was perfect fir me. I am from south Mississippi and have been tying my own flies for about 8mo. (fly fishi
Accepting donations
Up the ante ... Hmmmmm, Okay! When the country falls apart during this administration, I want everything east of the Mississippi and south of Virginia. If you'll pledge your State to me, I
Newb wondering where to buy materials
Northeast Iowa, if you are at least reasonably close to the Mississippi, the Driftless Angler is in Veroqua, WI. Cant be any more than 10 miles from the IA/WI border. Its a smaller shop but worth the
Carp on the fly? (minnesota)
I'm thinking I may be just a victim of bad luck, that between less than ideal weather for carp fly fishing (lots of rain and lots of hot sunny days makes for poor visibility and high water) and so
July Flies From the Bench
Ozark Bug, or Mississippi Bug [attachment=35808:Ozark Bug (800x687).jpg]
A shout out from lower missisip
Just thought i would say wassup!! I am from south Mississippi. I am an avid fisherman & flyfisherman. I have been tying my own flies for awhile now. I love flyfishing in salt & fresh
RBF: Hello Hello!
Hello everyone, my name is (as you may have guessed) Grant. I live in South Mississippi and generally go to the coast to fish off the piers. Recently, I have picked it up more so than in the past and
fly fishing for Asian Carp?
[quote name='heavynets' timestamp='1329266826' post='494454']"There's a huge difference between an invasive species and a transplanted species. " "Yes, the e
RBF: First Rod Builds
Well, I suppose I should introduce my self a little first. I live in Wisconsin, mainly fish the Mighty Mississippi River, for anything that swims, from Bass to Catfish.I decided to feed my addiction o
Southeast Destination
Hey guys, New to the forum. I live in South Mississippi and majority fish saltwater. My buddies and I are looking for a weekend trip this coming up this weekend. We are looking for anything in GA.
Campbell River Aug 10 - 13
Do see the kamloops area quite a bit on sport fishing on the fly. Chilcotin you say *goes to google maps*. Interesting! Thanks for the recommend! One place i found quite pretty was the birkenh
Last couple of weeks Redfishing
Ryan, looks like you were night fishing in some of those pics! What kind of baitcasting plug are they hitting? Don't see why a popper shouldn't work. I fished some dirty water this Saturda
RBF: Greetings from Louisiana
Good Morning, sleepless night! I am living in Shreveport, originally from Mississippi. I started fly fishing at an early age on bream in my Dad's pond. Years ago I built a kit from Orvis, a 6 ft 2 w
RBF: USGS gages
Anyone come across knowledge of budget cuts affecting the status of USGS gages in your area? The timing (cutting gages) astounds me. Although nothing like what our friends along the Mississippi are
Smallmouth Swap
That is a cool looking bug. It kind of looks like a Mississippi Mudflap.
"RIDEAU" river bugger
nice flies, have you tried them in the Mississippi near Carlton place? Thats where i will be fishing this summer a lot
Is this a blue gill?
A couple of years ago, my club had a speaker, who was Rio Grand Cichlid researcher from New Orleans, where invasive 'Rios" can be found everywhere. He told us that Rio populations started in
QUOTE (Robert M @ Mar 3 2011, 03:37 PM) QUOTE (Dustin Guyette @ Mar 3 2011, 03:18 PM) mine are free, because me and the rest of my family hunt. so i just cut them off the deer after
How is the fishing in St. Louis?
I live a little bit south of STL. We've got some of everything. There's plenty of lakes around with bass, gills, and crappie. For example, Busch Conservation area has around 35 lakes. Ther
New Year Resolution
My resolution is the same as last year. I want to do more warmwater fishing. There's tons of good smallie water around me not to mention the big carp that swim out of the Mississippi into every
North Todelo Bend Rendezvous - Nov 5-7
This year's 21st gathering of fly tyers known as The North Toledo Bend Rendezvous will be held Nov. 5-7 at the Group lodge of North Toledo Bend State Park, near Zwolle, LA. You are welcome to atte
Road Trip Pictorial
I forgot to set the clock on my camera so the time stamps are not right sorry for that in advance[attachment=26115:sunrise.jpg]Sunrise the morning we left [attachment=26116:003.JPG]Arriving in Kentuck
the official invite swap thread
Ok I decided to tie a Michigan Mudflap its something new I came up with it is a spin on a Price's Mississippi Mudflap I hope you all like ithere it is
Hellgrammite Questions
Once you are familiar with the hellgrammite, you will probably agree that they are appropriately named as "the-bug-from-hell". However, Smallmouth Bass love these ferocious appearing bugs an
College Time
I currently go to Southern. Im the one mfick spoke of. I can tell you there are tons of fishing opportunities down here. Lots of lakes and tailwaters to fish. While there isnt a lot of trout water wit
Flood Watch
This link is for the Mississippi just north of here, but there should be data from all over the country somewhere. No fish is worth dying for. Be careful out there.
Looking for some American knowledge
QUOTE (DrVette @ Mar 30 2010, 06:21 AM) Sorry that i don't have any kind of answer for you on this one...I just chalk it up to other confusing terms like, how in the world can they call O
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