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Ray Bergman Collection - 192) King of the Waters

The Ray Bergman Collection - 109) Fish Hawk

Headbanger Sculpin- Rich Strolis

Vintage Hardy Perfect Fly Reels

Hatches 2010: In Pursuit of Perfection by Capt. John Meskauskas

Hatches 2011: Geezus Lizard and Texas Ringworm by Jay Zimmerman


Experiments from area 55
About 3 or 4 years ago I got to float the Missouri in Montana on the 4th of July, with Dan Guard and Chuck Tuschmidt, both longtime Montana fishing guides who'd only recently announced retirement.
radar detector
I've never used a radar detector, or "fuzz buster" as they were called in Missouri when I was growing up there. I had several friends who had them as young men--one even received one from his parents
Nice end to a good weekend
Don't post many fishing stories because, let's face it, I don't catch enough fish or just go fishing enough to really warrant it. But this weekend has been good. Spent Saturday and Sunday fishing Mont
Didn't catch nuthin'...
FishinPhil, I wouldn't mind hitting up some smallies.  Used to catch them all the time in Connecticut, but here in Missouri I have to travel about 3 hours south into the beginnings of the Ozarks
new here
SW  Missouri  been here since 94
Hello from Central Missouri
Just wanted to say hello from Central Missouri. Learned to fly fish from my High School English teacher (Years ago). We fished for big hybrid bluegill and I have recently started back to fly fishing b
Any other Michiganders doing the Trout Opener this weekend?
Ben, when I first moved to Michigan, I could barely understand people because of how rapid-fire their speech seemed to me. Meanwhile, they were all rolling their eyes waiting for me to "drawl" (or so
Hello from Sweden
Hello to you, from Missouri.
Need to blow off steam
Been through this at a popular state park in Missouri.  Floaters and rafters.  The raft company loads and unloads at a beautiful stretch of water.  Most of the rafters have had their fa
Video of a few fish
Did not know where to post, but here is a fun video of trout in a pond stocked by the Missouri dept of Conservation. Check out some of the other videos on my channel if you want. Thanks, ss https://y
Stocker trout
First off, sorry I don't have any pics. I very rarely have my phone ready when I'm fishing and I don't carry a camera. And sorry for the disjointed nature of this post. I have a point but I generally
Itís been a few years
Hello everyone. Its been a few years since Ive been on here. Harley Hunter got ahold of me yesterday, so I figured Id get on here and see whats happening. Ive been pretty busy for the last 10 years w
I've seen deer cross the Missouri like it was a kiddie pool; turkeys (close relatives to chickens) can drown by looking up in a rainstorm. I know what I'm using to hackle my flies. Tied here as a Fa
U.P. Trip Report (photo heavy)
Glad that you had a good trip. I love Michigan, one of the prettiest states in the union. I haven't been to the UP but I have been close . I wish we had as much trout water in Mo as you guys in mich
I'm Back !!!!!
Flats roamer I don't believe we've met but it is nice to meet you.  I primarily fish for trout in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. I am going to Wisconsin in early september to see my sis
Troutbum - New water swap
I hope you're able to keep the swap open. With vicrider, fishingbobnelson, Adam Saarinen, and you, Dave, in so far I know it's gonna be good. I don't know whether this will get people in or turn them
Fish Car Project Part 2
j8000 I'll probably join that one, too -- most of my best memories of growing up in Missouri feature the old green metal Coleman cooler and that peculiar heavy-breathing sound of a Coleman lantern bur
May Flies from the Vise
That seems a little far fetched..     A few products from last night. Several years ago a kid at Lake Taneycomo in Missouri caught a trout that was a state record at the time (I forget t
Fishing in Montana for a month HELP
I doubt you are able to camp wherever you want in Montana... or can you?  I am a little concerned about camping for cheap and near fishing No you can not. However, there are places where you can
Hello from KC
Learned to tie 20 years ago.  Didn't start to practice it much until about 18 month ago.  Love to tie my own flies before I head out fishing with friends.  It is very gratifying to catc
Butte Ugly Swap-Register here-Open Feb 16
Horses wouldn't live that long. I figured it would take mules at least if not donkeys to get it there. Too stubborn to die. I hope they let us know when the mule train pulls out of Independence, Misso
WILD BROWN Trout in Colorado
A year or so back, the EPA spilled about 3 million gallons of toxic chemicals into the river. Are you certain that the Environmental Protection Agency caused the spill? I suspect you have this fact i
The Down Home Pride Swap
I was looking at a website dedicated to dry fly patterns that originated in my home state of Michigan when I got the idea for this swap. I'd be willing to bet that nearly every state in the union has
Hello from Missouri
Hi, everyone.   I've been lurking for a while and just recently started posting. Figured it would be a good time to introduce myself. I live in northwest Missouri and have been fishing for as lon
I've got to vent ....
Bushido samurai??? I say that i TRY to follow the philosophy of Bushido. Nothing more. Even the Samurai seem to have failed from the stories of things they did to peasants and their feuds to change po
I hunt snow geese in Saskatchewan every spring.  After the hunt when everyone is having a beer, I match primary wing feathers and put them in ziplocks.  They tie quite nice and readily can
new old guy
getting started in fly fishing and tying as another way to fish getting tired of slinging hugh hunks of stuff at bass&cats. plan on mostly trout and also some pan fish not a lot of trout in missou
RGN nymph
Suspect the thorax is Superfine dubbing. Missouri pattern? You might want to contact these guys to see if the board missed anything: Essentially a simplified Mercer Micro May,
help fishing Navarre
Cotton mouth are bad in Missouri.
You're invited on a "One Fly" fishing contest
  I know this is make believe, but are there really even trout in Oklahoma?  Probably .... it the Winn Dixie Seafood section.   Mike Chell if you Google "where to find trout in
I fish Montana every year and the advice I would give you is to nail down the river you are going to fish and the time of the year down to the week(s) of the month. Location and time of year is really
June is Cahill swap time
Wow someone in a jacked up 1980 Chevy pickup with vertical exhausts and Missouri tags just threw a brick on my front porch. The brick was covered in used barbaque wrappers. There was a manilla envelop
Hickman's Skiddish Smolt SBS
  Originally an Alaskan pattern, supposed to be hot stuff on the Missouri.  I'm hoping I can at least get a walleye to take a swipe at one if the trout don't show interest.    hoo
Hello from the swamps of Missouri
I fish the Missouri Ozarks for Bass and once in a while Trout. I have been known to fly fish catfish on occasion!  I tie Woolly Buggers and Klouser Minnows for the most part, and I am interested
Floating fly line not floating
I always thought that water migrated into the end of a fly line until I met Leon Chandler, who spent 51 at Cortland Line Company and retired as Vice President. I met him on the Missouri River at Craig
Rod for a friend's daughter
Great looking rod, as usual.  I like the black and gold ...Univ of Missouri.  Go Mizzou!   steve
license holder
Missouri you just have to have it in your possession unless you're fishing in one of the state trout parks, then you have to display your "daily" trout tag.
Hello from coastal Maine.   I bought my first fly rod last fall (9ft #6). Started tying wooly buggers after Christmas. And am as yet fishless on it. It'll come eventually.   An avid bass fis
A first for me.
I've never caught catfish on the surface, but my mom has a little man-made pond in Missouri where she keeps a bunch of channel cat, some hybrid bluegills and a few bass. She throws pellet food to the
what is your most memorable....
My dad and his sister, my Aunt Joy, came up from Missouri (my home state) to visit me in Michigan back in 2001 or '02, somewhere in there. Neither of them had ever seen any of the Great Lake
Anyone in the Johnson City area?
FlaFly - I am actually in Missouri right now and my father just started making and selling bamboo rods. He made me a 7' 3 wt for my birthday. I also have an 8'6" 5 wt he refurbished. I'd like to ge
Small Trout Flies Swap
Looking forward to this swap. I used to do a bunch of them for mainly smallmouth when I lived in Chicago. Moved back home to Missouri 14 years ago and have not done a fly swap since. I used to have my
what goals have you set.....
Fish a specific creek here in Missouri for trout. That's it for now.
Thanks for the comments and info, FlaFly!  I used to be a pretty good photographer with the old slr's.  I hate digital cameras.    The beaded fly was something I thought na
Greetings from the dark continent
Welcome from Missouri, USA.  Lots of people willing to help on here.   steve, aka spm
Right number of flies for a trip
Three days in Bozeman (Yellowstone, Gallatin, spring creeks) and two on the Missouri. The guide I'm using gave me a list of stuff he likes on those waters at that time of year, so I'm comfortable wit
Hello from Indy
Welcome Beard! (Great handle, by the way :) ) Where do you fly fish around Indy? I'm up in Michigan, about 3 hours north of the Indiana border. I've heard there is some good smallmouth fishing down yo
If you want to tie at a fly tying event, check here.......
We have people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas (my home), Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas (of course), Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and others I can't remember at the moment, and th
Hello from Indiana
Hello, HoosierCricks from a former Hoosier.  I grew up in Lafayette IN, fishing the Wildcat and Wea "Cricks".  Now live in mid-Missouri. Welcome to the forum.   steve, aka spm
Hi I am a new guy .
Welcome from Missouri, flyman23.  This is a good place for information.  I know; they have helped me a lot.   steve, aka spm
Tap, tap, tap...
Welcome from Missouri.  I lived in Boca Raton for a while, so I understand about the snowbirds and developers.   steve aka, spm
What are your favorite Thanksgiving memories?
Chromez and Mike, both of your stories sound pretty good to me. :)   Growing up in Missouri, it was usually just the traditional Thanksgiving fare, but more often than not eaten with just my pare
New to tying
I am 71 and new to tying, live in Texas and like to fish the White, Norfork and Little Missouri.  Met some other older folks during a trip to the Norfork and the husband had quit fishing due to h
November Blues
It sure does make me happy to live in a state where we have some open water to fish, even in the winter.  I fished the Missouri here in Montana last Saturday afternoon and it was close to 55 degr
Top 3 trout streamers
  I like articulated streamers.  Circus Peanut, Sex Dungeon and a Heifer Groomer are 3 streamers I always have in my box.  They provide good action and cover the water column effect
Hello from Romania
Welcome from Missouri, USA.
Top 5 rivers you want to fish...
1. Slough Creek, Yellowstone 2. White River, Arkansas 3. Missouri, Montana 4. Snake, Idaho  5. Madison, Yellowstone
Difference between brookies and other trout?
I would look up Park's Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT. I'm a Montana resident and use their patterns with great success. The website has a pile of great flies to browse thru, most of which were created fo
New member from illinois
Welcome from your Missouri neighbor.
Freshwater drum
JS,This is a pic of a RED DRUM. I am only using this for size referace purposes only. I already know this is not a freshwater drum. OK. Record freshwater drumare recorded at 55 lbs. Texas trotline rec
fishing for trout
Hey everyone I am pretty new to fly fishing for trout. I have fly fished for a long time but usually use small drys and poppers for bluegills. I have a fishing trip planned for this coming Wednesday t
SBS for pole dancer or other topwater "dog-walker"
I think that Fly-craft in Missouri has kits to make your own. It's not the Pole Dancer, they call it something else, but same type fly. They have a short video that shows the fly in use. Have not see
Hello from Oklahoma
Mike, I have heard several guys say "try to duplicate what the carp are eating" but, I have no idea what they are eating... I have been chumming a place down on the creek for the past 3 days and right
Fly distance to the fish
While standing on the bridge in Craig, Montana is saw several trout (rainbows I think) move 10 to 15 feet to attack a friend's Panther Martin spinner in the crystal clear Missouri river. I have also
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