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November Flies from the Vise
#26 Adams is my limit 26? I wish! 12 is the smallest I can decently tie. And that is arguable :)5A297834-4C84-4534-8A3C-A13E402B27AC.jpeg Nice Montana nymph, often fished sizes 12-6 out West
October flesh from the vise
  Fshng2, great tie! That makes me want to size that way down and change the mop to orange for an alevin pattern.   Thanks Haz that would work, I posted one like that in the fly tying
Intruders for Trout
Swing mostly, although I will sometimes jig it a bit to get their attention.  Floating or sinking shooting head lines.  I usually use a fast sinking head rather than weight the fly, but if y
About the evolution of YOUR fly tying.
ditto on the chenille.  I bought a skein of black and one of yellow about 30 years ago when I tied the Montana Nymph and buggers.  I still tie lots of buggers or bugger styles using dyed sea
Small Hopper Pattern Wanted
I'd not worry too much or get too technical. Something like a bullethead caddis with a yellow body and some rubber legs thrown on should suffice. Put a little foam under the body if you want a bit mor
Started shopping at new shop
jstockard advertises "10000 fly tying items in stock" which is a little misleading. they probably have multiple quantities of different fly tying materials but i doubt they have 10000 individual items
July Flies from the Vise
[attachment=63636:DSCN1273.JPG][attachment=63637:DSCN1274.JPG][attachment=63638:DSCN1275.JPG][attachment=63639:DSCN1276.JPG] Montana bugger in two variations
Moving from beginner's vise to a rotary vise
I have several vises, rotary and true rotary. I tend to use different vises types of flies. I use an inexpensive Silverado for dries because it is comfortable to place my hand on the vise when tying.
Remebering George Croonenbergs
Not really too much off topic, so here's another story about a different person that had a part in that movie, that died back in late 2010. He was the guy that played the elder Norman Maclean at the v
Fly Tying Article
1) I tie because it keeps me connected to the sport I love when I can't actually be doing it, plus I get satisfaction out of fooling a fish on something I created with my own hands. 2) Every fly fish
June Flies from the Vise
MORE MONTANA / YNP FLY PATTERNS FOR FALL – 2017…(In Progress)     FIREHOLE FLOSS NECTOPSYCHE – Daiichi 1110, #14 – #16…     PT/TB
Anyone ever tried a product called "Chew Balls"?
Ever tried hot melt glue and glue gun technique?  Don't know if I have seen it in Canada.  Bought mine out of a shop in Montana Years ago.
Invader Zim (really just an over complicated feather game changer)
It's been a long time since my last post, however ive done anything but stop tying. Between tying commercially, working in the shop, and attempting to catch fish I occasionally get time to tie funky f
Help with a couple recipe's
stone: im certainly no expert but my first thought was ostrich herl for the stonebomb. also a rusty? orange tag at the butt it looks like. and possibly a copper colored wire rib i can faintly make out
May Flies from the Vise
  SPANFLEX PSYCHO PRINCEs (Yellow)…#14’s…     FLY BOX OF NYMPHS … For Montana, Summer 2017…       PT/TB
Morrish May Day (Carnage variation) SBS
  Rivers are up around here this time of year; not a place for dubbed-body flies.  Fight foam with foam.       Tied here as a Purple Haze; change color/size to suit your ne
Fishing in Montana for a month HELP
I know your question is about Montana.  However, there are some places to consider on the way.  I live in the bay area and used to fish Idaho and Montana for over 27 years.  From the ba
April Flies from the Vise
  ZEPUPALON (Hydropsyche) – Rowan Nyman/Variant- Daiichi 1560, weighted, #16…     MVP’s CHARTREUSE…#14’s…     PT/TB
Hello from Red Lodge
Welcome Kyle, from Buffalo, Wyoming here.   Fish Montana quite often, usually have a year-round license to hit the Big Horn and Tongue River Reservoir.   You will enjoy this place!
Video from my trip to Montana!
Enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing. Montana is on my Bucket list for sure.   Mike
A new rod on the San Juan River!
Thanks Native!  :) You know I love the Durango and Navaho Lake tailwaters almost as much as my Wyoming and Montana hideouts. Spent a week camped at Vallacito Reservoir. Guys fished every day,
March Flies From The Vise
  YELLOW QUILL SILVER NYMPH – TMC 113 BLH, #12 – #16…     KREINIK C&C BUG(s)…#18’s…     Materials KREINIK C&C BUG… &#
Salt Hook Size?
IME, the chief consideration in selecting hook size (outside of pure strength) is how it affects the way a fly swims. Otherwise, tying all your flies on smaller hooks is unlikely to make enough differ
Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money Reviews 2017
The Odyssey can model would be nice so would mongoose with the cam jaws it is a bit more money though. I use an Anvil atlas and have been happy with it, I would probably go with the Montana mongoose i
2nd Australian Casting for Recovery Donation Swap
So, I'll get mine on the way tomorrow. Never was really sure of what you were looking for in flies but you can sort these out. Included are 3 Royal Wullfs with pink calf tail just bought from member.
Butte Ugly Swap-Register here-Open Feb 16
Don't know anything about the Montana butte stuff but my butte ugly fly is tried and true and also has the right colors.      
Wading Boots and Attire Advice
Okay everyone before I continue with my questions I did indeed do a search on Wading Boots from previous posts and there were a few posts out there but nothing recent.  I ran acr
South African in Latvia, Northern Europe
Hey All, I'm a South African who lives in Latvia,  Recently started tying, needless to say I'm hooked.  Fly Fishing all over Europe, Russia and Africa, hopefully one day able to fish the Ame
Getting started tying soft hackles
You made a comment about small neat heads, so I will share my technique with you for the hackle.  Before I wrap the body-- I tie in the feather, say partridge, with the tip pointing forward over
Feb flies from the vise
midge box done and ready for a possible trip to colorado/montana/wyoming/new mexico Speaking for the
some random materials
I picked up some random stuff I super cheap I figured I'd share with you all if interested. Let's say 2 bucks an item 3 for shipping no matter how many you get get 5 I'll a couple in for free limit pa
Free Hooks!
If the hook is a 6-8, I tie a bead head rubber legs stone. I like Montana Fly Co. Spekled Sexi Floss for the legs and abdomen and variegated chenille for the thorax. In size 8-10 you could also t
Stimulator Dry fly. Advice on proportions.
Montana bound ! Montana bound ! It's good to be Montana bound ! More important than the looks of your fly, have a great trip !!
Looking for a 9wt reel that won't break the bank.
Watch Cabelas for Lamson discontinued reels. I picked up two Konic's a few years back in Saskatoon for $100.00. They are great for a 8-9 wt and found some spools for $50.00 in Montana ( when the doll
Czech Style Tying
Hi group, A number of years ago, a supplier called us and offered to sell us his complete inventory of unweighted jig hooks, so we bought the bunch (10,000 or so as I remember). The way these jig hook
Creating Realistic Transparent Wings
I imagine you will want something that will rotate the number of decent rotary vises in that price range is pretty slim, I would recommend the Montana mongoose not sure if I'd capable of doing tube Fl
Last Santa thread of the year...
Guess it was the flies that I tied that got lost. Sorry L'il Dave I had requested that they be sent to you. Was looking forward to telling you some a few stories behind a few of those flies. If I ev
Favorite Wet Fly ?
  Please, I plead with you PLEASE. The Partridge and Orange is a very old traditional dressing. It consists of Dark orange, almost chestnut silk and a partridge hackle mostly grey with a hint
Amazing temperature drop
"While the National Park Service claimed that the world record is a variation of 102 °F (from 46 °F to −56 °F) in Browning, Montana in 1916, the Montana Department of Environmenta
BUTTE UGLY Flies That Catch Fish--Proposing a Swap, 2017 ed.
Thinking of A Deadline of April 15, 2017. That can be a Butte Ugly Day in U.S. of A. Butte, we can still have FUN. By then all my 2016... Swaps and Donations are completed, and I will have learned eno
Suggest a new pattern please
If you have the hooks, like a size 4, 6 or 8, maybe a 10, you could also try a Montana Nymph. It's actually a good fly for stream bass as well as for trout. Add some round rubber or silicone leg mater
Who's ready to rumble...
Man, I love Dusty Rhodes.  Besides that, total noob here, still trying to figure out how to get the thread through the bobbin.  It's slow goings and I thought this forum seemed apropos. 
Fly fishing in Lansing early Jan?
Don't wear felt sole boots in the snow. Very good advice that I wished I knew before a December trip to Ft. Smith, Montana few years back
Materials box
You won't find more material for less anywhere. I have ordered a fisherman's and a mini bait box from him. I do not think I will ever use all of the material. It is too bad they do not have a bigger
Hi All: Quick intro. I currently live in SE PA. I'm a professor at Temple University and oversee a graduate program in health informatics. After a long absence from tying (maybe 10 years) I'm back. I
Prybis,   I watched you tie on your Norvise at Wildcat Creek. Awesome flies. But I can understand the portability issue. The Norvise is a bit bulky to travel with.   The vise I use is the Gr
Homeland Security & fly rods on airplanes
BTW! The last 2 times I flew to Montana I used my passport for identification instead of a driver's license. Both times I was routed to the fast line where I didn't have to remove my shoes and no x-r
weirdest catch
while fishing a pond along the side of the road, an errant back cast hooked the rear bumper of a ford pickup going by at 45 mph. it spooled to the backing before breaking off and taking a new fly
The Bitterroot
My fav river in all of Montana.
super floss legs
I like the Montana Fly Company Speckled Sexi Floss. Same material as others have listed, except that it is already barred.
critique of picket pin
from the internet   The Picket Pin was developed by Missoula, Montana-based fly tier (and saloon owner) Jack Boehme, whose career spanned the 1910s to the ’40s. He was pals and partners wit
Hello from Montana
Hello.  Recently returned from an out west fishing trip and spent some time in Montana fishing the Clark Fork and the Blackfoot.  You have some beautiful water.
Hello from Upstate New York
Greetings all..... Retired 9 years ago so I'm lucky to be able to fish when I want, permitting.  Live 5 minutes from the Esopus Creek and 45 minutes from the Beaverkill / Willowemoc /
Newbie from Alabama
Hi my name is Jackson I just joined the forums the other day I started fly fishing a couple years ago and just really got into it I also just got into fly tying my favorite fishing trip of all time wa
Need a new vise
That Atlas for 129 is as close as you're going to get to messing all your requirements, I personally don't understand owning a 21 dollar bobbin and expecting to get the perfect vise for under 100, I h
Vise upgrade
Griffin Montana Mongoose - $161 at Cabela's online right now. Down from $230.$5 shipping. Matt
Streamer Question
I also (like JSzymczyk) fish streamers more than any other type of fly. I fish them for largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, salmon and steelhead here in Michigan. I've even fished them for carp, if
September flies from the vise
Montana Featherduster Nymph         Variation on the original Featherduster; the bright thorax is supposed to represent an egg, maybe?  Not sure, but it's effective for spawne
About to start using dubbing...
Thanks for all responses. I received my FTD Tyers Box. Just wanted to say, since FTD has gotten a bad rap before, that I ordered on Sat afternoon and that the package arrived from Montana to South Flo
Vise advice needed
The Griffin Montana Pro vise (non rotary) has the same jaw that the Mongoose has, but it's like $80 or so.  That jaw will literally hold anything to a 100% lock down.
I've been fortunate
I've been fortunate to have taken 27 two-week trips to Idaho and Montana.  I had the opportunity to fish fabled streams as Silver Creek, the Henry's Fork and the Montana spring creeks (Armst
Invented Flies
We have a Arkanglers in Pueblo...Katt sold it out to??? Man do i suck with names. But since Katt's ole man owns the mall it is in i guess she still has some ownership. I know she was helping him on
How is a new pattern created these days?
we need to remember how long this tying flies has been around. Early tiers were limited by lack of a vice, tools and suitable materials but they created flies that fooled fish. Some one brought up how
Fly-Fishing in Montana, Where a River Still Runs Through It
The author revisits the Big Blackfoot River and [u]The River Runs Through It[/u].   [url][/url]  
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