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Kelly Galloup's Flatliner - by Brian Wise

North Carolina False Albacore - Kevin Hospodar

Nick Granato's Death Dog - Brian Wise

Reader Review: Simms Freestone Waders

Tying the CDC Bumble Grannom Caddis by Davie Mcphail

McMurray Ant- by Charlie Dickson


Saltwater hooks
I am seconding pdeck on this. Have had hooks break or bend out, not often, and not from failing to properly fight the fish. I have caught and released and Released a Rainbow in excess of 20 lbs, on
South Ben Oren-O-Matic
I would submit that auto-winds are not necessarily Small-fish reels. When I was pre-school age my dear, departed Mother landed an 11 pound Northern Pike on a steel fly rod equipped with a red Martin
Giving Feather Emporium a second chance?
I join you in this sentiment Bazzer.  Due to budget crunch already in play, it might be after Christmas.   I know F Emporium is one of a few rare game bird sources out there. But, with famil
Mc Donalds!
The O'FRn folks, like McDamages' fries, Wendys' burgers, and Hardees' commercials best with an icy, slushy Diet Pepsi!   But best is all of the food above, at the Runza Drive Inn, in Sidney, Nebr
Sunburst Perch Tying Video
Kudu, if I had the rights to move these great videos to a more searcher friendly location, I would have done Ryan's already. Others too, of course. Ryan, if ever you are ever feeling the need to expe
Oh Snap !!
FRN. They worked great in the oswego river this summer, caught everything from rock bass to smallmouth on them, I even hooked into and fought a gar on one that one was a hoot. Gar still on my to-do l
Partridge & Orange
Vicente's fly in black over orange over white will kill Nebraska bluegills, orange the key.  In Cheyenne city ponds, use soft hackles in Fifty Shades of Olive or Gray.
Needing Fly Pattern with Cornhusker connection
Further to my participation in the Down Home Pride Swap, I need to identify a fly that was developed or originated in Nebraska or was originated, developed or popularized by a native Nebraskan. My f
Warmwater wet flies with a twist interest?
Sounds good. I'm going to go ahead and start a new thread. I would enjoy participating and would figure to submit 2 Sets, both Brown and Gray Hackle Peacock. Use both frequently on Big Horns, very p
8th Annual Opening Day Swap
got mine in the mail today I imagine it shouldn't take long to make the 45 minute journey.  Not long ... about 45 minutes. That would require me hoping in my truckand driving them down there, no
The Down Home Pride Swap
Just a heads-up for everyone, I have not yet heard back from Mandog, whom we all voted to let into the swap as participant #14. For those of you who have yet to send in your flies, I would ask that yo
Panfish Swap With A Twist
Kudu,  Mr. Wiggler may be a Kentucky original fly per your post in the Down Home Pride swap.  I searched hard online but did not call any KY flyshops.  Using same searching was able to
Let's start thinking Christmas Swap
No worries. Sooner or later I will get into a swap. I have to get over the prospect of tying a whole dozen, or even just half, though... That is the hardest part, I am normally done with 4...[attachm
Monthly swap begin or end? Pics of past year
Vic, it would have been a great place for you to land for sure! I'm not native to the area but my wife is so thankfully we won't be leaving anytime soon unless the salary is too much to turn down. Wit
Nova Scotia Classic
The reason coyotes are taking over is due to the fact that we decimated the grey wolf population, it's main controller of coyote population. The wolves in Yellowstone are only part of what was there o
traveling to new destinations
Good luck at Cape D.   Are you going to get a boat ride? :)   I'm missing two states I think.   Hawaii for sure and Nebraska or Iowa maybe?  I a shot glass collection pac
Hunters Harvest Swap
Snow storms are one thing I really don't miss, I've been living in the south now for 25 years and don't regret a minute of it(well maybe). The summers may be a bit brutal at times, but I really hate
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Fished: USA: Indiana Ohio Minnesota North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Louisiana Texas Arizona California Massachusetts New Jersey Wyoming Nebraska Tennessee Missouri   Other countries
New Fly Rod ?
    Don't buy that 9ft. 5 wt. ugly stik yet !!   Wait till the rod makers get their hands on this stuff.
turkey season is right around the corner
Have you guys ever heard of a Horse Mushroom? My uncle used to pick them in Nebraska back in the 50's but I have never encountered them but they are supposed to be huge, and quite tasty. Blane
Nebraska Fly Tyers
Anyone on here from Nebraska by chance?
Here in central Nebraska where I fish panfish are everywhere. In great numbers if I wanted to take the time to clean them I would keep a few. But my laziness has made me a great catch and release fish
Problems with post eyes
Hello fellow tyers - wanted some opinions on how best to secure plastic post eyes together, prior to tying-I have been fooling around with a pike/musky pattern I found on you tube designed by a guy fr
dont know what i am doing
That is all real good advice thanks everyone. I live in the middle of Nebraska no trout streams and no fly shops. There is a Cabelas close but I know more about the stuff than the people working there
Vise Advice
I agree with Gene L. After going through the old Thompson with the rotary wheel, the new Thompson (which still works), I bought an inexpensive rotary vise by Terra (made in India). It has the wood-cl
ice flies
dreamcaster, I sent you a message about Nebraska flies
Hi from Nebraska
Hi from Nebraska, I'm new to fly fishing and tying. I've only been fly fishing since June, and tying for only a month or so. I found this site and started looking at all the great patterns a
Ice Fly Help
I live in Nebraska and I use small weighted ants black and red size 12 & 14 the most. also the charlie fly is a good one. Just about any weighted fly I use will be yellow, red, chartreuse or blac
So I was shopping for some hackles today and every website I buy from is out. So I went to good ol ebay my faithful stand by. I found 30 listings for fly tying hackles and they were old crappy feather
do you tie...
I tie alot flies out of magazines basically to learn new techniques that might help me develop or enhance some of my own patterns. I live in the middle of Nebraska so not a whole lot of trout streams
Clear Cure Goo Flies
QUOTE (Clear Cure @ Mar 10 2011, 02:57 PM) QUOTE (trez @ Mar 10 2011, 02:02 PM) Great looking flies!!I clicked on the link to your web site but there is a typo you might want
Hello from Nebraska
Hey where in Nebraska are you? I am in Omaha over in millard about 156th and Dodge. Drop me a PM if your close to Omaha would be nice to know more fly tyers in the area. I go to the cornhusker fly t
My fun with foam
Bryan - very cool. Only issue I have with Nebraska is it gets COLD!!! My brother went to school there and I visited was 9 degrees with a 15-20 mph wind walking to his grad cermon
Tying class tonight
That is awesome. I don't have a lot of people around here in Nebraska to tie with but there is a club that meets at cabellas every week on Thursdays but I don't make it every week. I need to
Golden Demon
you and me both Vegas. Of course I need to get som JC first at least some imitation. I eventually want to learn to do some classic salmon fly's for presentation (since I can't fish for salmo
Local Wanderings
You making me miss the 20 acres we lived on in California before moving to Nebraska land of the small hills but no mountains. Also no more land for me bought a house in a development. I really miss
Mikes Shrimps
Great SBS I have not ever tied a shrimp. I don't know how it would fish here in Nebraska but you never know.
Hey I want to know too. I know there is a lot of Carp here in Nebraska
FTF Fly Challenge: Wooly Buggers
I Now Know
QUOTE (JSzymczyk @ Oct 6 2010, 07:02 PM) QUOTE (Possumpoint @ Oct 5 2010, 05:59 AM) JohnP;Haven't left yet. PU stopped running Friday in the driveway and wouldn't restart. It
Nor-Vise later or DanVise now????
QUOTE (utyer @ Sep 9 2010, 12:05 PM) I have had a Nor-vise, for about 20 years, and I wouldn't part with it. That said, I also tied for 30 years without one. I started on my dad's o
Software Problem SOLVED!
Why don't we colloborate and write our own database in Access that will do everything you guys want. I could write in-fact I would enjoy it. I am a Data Analyst now for Blue Cross Blue Shield of
Appalachian Waters Swap
QUOTE (BigDaddyHub @ Aug 24 2010, 08:37 PM) QUOTE (DHise @ Aug 24 2010, 07:44 PM) go Michigan StateAs long as they're playing Ohio State! I like for the Badgers to take it
Hellgrammite Questions
Once you are familiar with the hellgrammite, you will probably agree that they are appropriately named as "the-bug-from-hell". However, Smallmouth Bass love these ferocious appearing bugs an
Looking for some American knowledge
40 year question? In all practicality, not that big of a deal. Other than the few exceptions mentioned to define between state and city (Washington, New York), none of the others are refered to as &
Which USA State has the most the most recorded Mayflies (162 species)
As this thread is over six years old, please allow me to provide an update concerning the number of mayfly species by state, which is based on my digest of the following pertinent scientific papers: &
EP Baitfish?
i havent lookd to closly at different varients but i would like to get a shad and a bluegill and mabey even a bass colored one that i would use in lakes in nebraska mostly
new guy
I'm from Nebraska, and thought I'd put up a couple of pics of some of my flies I've tied, right away!Some still have line on them and are missing feathers and stuff, and are a bit chew
portable boats
i am sorry ,i dont know where to put this .so i will just ask the question..i travel alot during the summer mostly south dakota ,nebraska,i have been eyeing two boat..1 is the sea eagle pontoon fishin
Mouse'n in clol.
Guys, settle down. It absolutely IS the best one on the face of the earth. I know because I've been EVERYWHERE and seen EVERY mouse fly ever tied. And this one is the BEST one on the face of
Sno-Fly Modern Midges Celebration Swap !!!!
I just received a package of very nicely tied #20 Bowtie Buzzers from Mark Olsen (Omaha, Nebraska) !!!!December 8th is descending on all of us very quickly. Waiting for 5 more pac
How Did You Learn To Tie?
self taught. being Im a truck driver I wanted something to do when I was sitting for the weekends with nothing to do on the road. so I picked up a vise and some tools at a cabelas in Nebraska about 9
RBF: Hustle Great Fishing
We stocked our lakes three weeks ago and it has been wild. Put 9000 lbs of trout from Chalk Mound Trout Ranch in Nebraska in the four lakes. In the last three weeks, fishing mostly a few minutes at a
Rare animal sightings in NJ
-I've seen beaver, otter and mink and barred owl chicks on my home river in Illinois.-Saw a bobcat when fishing for smallies in Kentucky-I've seen elk, mule deer, mink, pheasants, antelope, a
Boat Opinions
This has been a great thread to read. I have been wondering what kind of boat to get for the lakes here in Nebraska as well. Thanks for all the great opinions!
TFF:Mutant Rainbow Trout
I just found this on the net. My first reaction was, WTF? You Nebraska boys need to quit dumping that nuclear waste into the waters! Mutant Trout Reply To This Topic:
Kyla's Kaleidoscope
Hey guysI have been absent for awhile but just to show you I am not sitting around idly passing the time, here is a fly I did for my daughter in Nebraska. I failed to tell you it is tied on a Ronn Lu
Where do y'all find your silk
I've noticed several of you do use silk for your wet flies. I live in Nebraska and while I haven't tried very hard to find a local source I'm curious. Where do the folks here like to buy
It's A Blizzard
Got hit with a blizzard this morning. We knew it was coming. Expecting up to two feet of snow. Everything is practically closed. I 80, I 25, I-70 east of Denver the last I heard was closed to the
Parachute Dry Fly Swap
Glad they got there ok. The crawdad is a copycat of Duckydoty's woven pattern on steroids with a few minor changes. Hope you get to feed it to a very large western trout. I'm hoping Tony
FYI llamma or alpaca hair
good luck DaUP. Maybe a diversion of some sort will help.thanks for the offer nebraska, but i can get it pretty easily also. but if your freind knows where we can catch more of those im in.
Bird Photography
Kargen, be careful when the wind stops blowing. I was in Nebraska one time when that happened and everybody in the state fell down. Seriously, nice dove pics. That's a hard bird to catch in the ai
furniture any kind
Here is some page of a furniture any kind.. thanksbroyhill furniturenebraska furniture martjordans furnitureethan allen furniturelevitz furniturewickes furniturebobs discount furniturebroyhill furnitu
Hi. I've been pouring through the site for the past month, looking at flies, trying to tie them and getting some great ideas. I am a newly reformed baitfisherman and have become uncontrollably d
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