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The Ray Bergman Collection - 119) General Hooker

RIO Products Releases Three New Products for the Spey Angler

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The Essential Fly Box
Rockies are nice, but the Sierra Nevada for week four would have been my choice.  That being said I will tie some Bivisables which should work anywhere.
Casting with tippet rings/swivels
  Are the rings any kind of improvement for this set up?   No.     for years, decades,  I used loop-to-loop connection for my tippet to the leader.   I stil
de-barbing pliers
Most waters in ca don't require a barb-less hook, I've lived and fished here most of my life and the only barb-less only place I have ever fished was pyramid abbr that's on an Indian reservation in Ne
Patagonia Report
All,   I've been dying to share this with folks since I returned on Monday.  My family and I were lucky enough to spend 14 days in southern Patagonia and Buenos Aries.  I'll do my best
Lake Mead anyone?
You're right it was Havasu, my bad. Still worth a trip for some stripers and other bass though. I was also surprised to see that the Nevada state record Salmon was caught there in such a deserty
Shoutout from Utah!
I used to live where i could see Utah.  We were in Idaho and Yost was the nearest Utah town. And later  I rode for a Nevada outfit along the Utah border for awhile, near Wendover. '72 was my
Fish Car Project Part 2
Where's the bar? Looks nice. I have hunted with a guide out of nevada that had a gun box on the bottom and then you would grab a string and the dog boxes slid out. He had two shovels, water cans and
Bass rod
smallmouths in rivers and lakes?  or their trashy, lowlife cousins in muck and heavy weeds?     In my opinion after 30-some-plus years of fly fishing for smallmouths in Pennsylvani
West Coast Salt water
Since you already have the 5 wt, the sierra mountain streams and river fishing can be awesome. That's where I'd be headed if going out there, frig the salt, you get up past Donner  Pass and over&
I've got to vent ....
George is a Madagascar Ground Boa hybrid commonly called a Dumerril's Boa. She is a very rare high pink variety. And the most mellow snake i ever met...that is why i keep her.   The reason the la
Skagit Casting and a Paddleboard
Jack, I am right on the Nevada, Utah, Arizona border it gets quite hot lol. So the paddleboard would be used April through October on water close to home. The water temperature is no problem 
SA Wet Tip Express
OK...didn't want to hijack a thread on sinking lines so here goes with a new inquiry. I am looking to fish streamers my next trip to the Sierra Nevada's in the fall (in small western rivers and alpine
I've been fortunate
Well I don't know if "fortunate to live in" and "South Alabama" should ever exist in the same sentence... I lived in the REAL south Alabama (Houston County, outside Dothan) for four years and I can sa
Best source for (black, #14-#16) ant dry hackle?
What part of Yosemite? Ants can work very well in the central Sierra.   eric fresno, ca. I grew up in Bridgeport fished from Bishop to the Nevada border and then over the mountain also. Not sayin
Old guy New Tyer
Thanks Dave! When I hired out in the 1970's the rule book was 3/4" thick, now it's 5" thick. Yes it takes a lot more to work on trains now then back in the day. I never took promotion to Engineer beca
High Country Lake Fishing - Video
Beautiful country and beautiful cutties! I see you use trekking poles! I used them last year for the first time in the Sierra Nevada high country and I will never hike without them again! Thanks for s
Backpacking and photography trip suggestions.
Joe you want big browns, maybe Rainbow steelhead and cutthroat  pushing up towards 8lb you want to hit the Truckee River Nevada or up over along towards Donner Pass, also Pyramid lake.  Chec
Tinsel-Bodied Nymphs
Like Whatfly I fish Pyramid lake in Nevada.  For whatever reason, the Lahontan cutthroats seem to like bright, shiny flies.  This is true of both chironomid patterns and mayfly patterns.
There is a lake in Nevada that's about 3 hours away from me.  I always check the weather, and I don't even go up there if it isn't supposed to be windy.  I've never done all that well up the
Legs on nymphs?
[snip]The third lake I fish quite a bit is a huge, windy lake (Pyramid lake in Nevada).  Although the fish are not known as being very selective, all of the mayfly nymphs that are sold by local
At my local stream (Putah creek) I attach my bottom fly to the hook bend of the upper fly.  The few times I have tried attaching the upper fly to the tag end of a knot, it didn't seem to pro
Hooks as sharp as they should be?
Four years ago I took a trip to Pyramid Lake (Nevada) for large cutthroat trout.  On this trip I lost about half of the fish I hooked.  When I got home, I checked the sharpness of all of the
Hairwing Fly Swap
Bob,   The flies are on their way.     cencafly, I still don't know how all the rain and flooding from the pineapple express is not helping out. If we got that here our reservoirs wo
"Tie your favorite" swap
Lahontan Cutthroats of Pyramid Lake in Nevada love them.
Southern Appalachian Trout Variety Swap
Looking forward to see how many of these Appalachian flies will work in the Sierra Nevada.  Great job everyone.  Thanks for hosting Mr. Russell!
What is tenekra fishing
Hello there! I'm new to the forum; have spent a bunch of time here lately researching flies for my first SURF FISHING trip next month.   I couldn't help but respond to the tenkara thread. I'm pri
Awfully quiet around here
PJ, will we be seeing you on ESPN wearing a hoodie and shades soon?  Actually, I think your usual attire would work great at keeping the other players distracted and off their guardAndy, I don't
Big lahonton cutthrout. Standing on a ladder for 15 hours/day finally
I've been fishing Pyramid lake in Nevada for a few years now.  I caught plenty of the "smaller" 24 or so inch average fish.  I've always wanted one of those hogs.  Well last weekend I l
Emerger Swap
Just returned from a backpack trip in the Sierra Nevada (too much fun catching fish), and I find a great set of emergers in the mail. Thanks to all for tying a really nice set, and thanks breambuster
Looking for a critique of some flies
Those are all fish catchers, without a doubt.  I'll point out three things:   On your Woolly Bugger, make the tail just as long as the body.  Yours is about 1-1/2 times as long.  H
Spey lines
I'm thinking about building a 13 foot 7 weight primarily for fishing pyramid lake in Nevada. That is, standing on a ladder in about 4 feet of water. My goal is to get more distance throwing big heavy
Some beginner questions
For Nevada, Pyramid Lake has some BIG Lahonton Cuts. Your current set up would be good there. Get your permit from the res and bring a 6' ladder. Put on your waders and walk out until the water is alm
First fly & fish
an 8 or 9" golden trout on a little lake deep in the Sierra Nevada.  It doesn't have a name, only an elevation, but it's the lowest lake in upper Goddard Creek before the creek tumbles 6 miles do
Very nice flies and fly box from David R.  Just right for Sierra Nevada streams this spring/summer.   Thank you.
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
These are the places I have fished:   California Nevada Colorado Utah Wyoming Mississippi Tennessee All 50 states are on my bucket list.
Golden Trout...From Drake Magazine
Beautiful fish, and well done video, too.
Montana fly fisherman, need your expertise
Thanks utyer. Looks like the same general size as my home waters in the Sierra Nevada.
Midnight Cowboy-Pyramid Lake
Midnight Cowboy is a black chenille with purple and red reflective speckles. The material is used in numerous fly patterns and is especially popular among Pyramid Lake anglers. Pyramid Lake is an alka
A short golden trout expedition... With pictures...
The rule making comment period for "Designation of Critical Habitat for the Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog, the Northern Distinct Population Segment of the Mt Yellow-legged Frog, and the Yosemite To
river etiquette
I try to fish away from people as much as possible.  I find hunter etiquette here in Ky to be the main problem.  I have had rabbit hunters park next to my house and I live a 1/3 of a mile of
How overkill is a 9' 8wt for trout?
I fish the rivers/streams (200 cfs or less) around me with a 4 weight, and I've easily landed many 20+ inch fish with it. I lake fish with a 5 weight, and I have a six weight for one lake in nevada wh
How many species have you landed on the fly
LOL, I have the absolute shortest list: Golden trout Rainbow trout Brook trout   I've only been fly fishing about 6 or 7 times (boy is that gonna change), mostly in the Sierra Nevada high country
Fast Rods and load.
I have a mid-80's Fenwick "Eagle" series 7 weight which was -my- first fly rod which I bought as a teenager.   I saved a lot of grass cutting and yard raking money to buy it.   I f
ladders for fishing?
I thought this was a joke...But you guy's are serious??? I don't think that i could even handle watching something like that and you can forget about me even thinking of trying it...I have fallen
Pyramid lake 2/24/2012
Ahh thats in my neck of the woods! another cool thing about this lake is you dont need a nevada fishing license because its on a reservation, you just pay a daily permit fee.. and big midges are money
Curved shank hooks
What most fly fishers and tiers do NOT know is, that to imitate swimming scuds, the deeply curved "scud hooks" are the wrong shape. Tie the scud pattern on straight hooks. I learned this in the 1980's
RBF: Epoxy "tapers" Between Cork and Rod
Good evening everyone,Before I get to my question let me go ahead and introduce myself.I'm Fish-n-Gal (AKA Denise). I've been fly fishing for about six or seven years now after being introduced to it
just another new guy
Howdy all, I'm Ron, I live in Minden Northern Nevada. I have always wanted to learn the art of fly tying since I was a kid. Not a kid anymore and with life and 2 children and now Grandson's
just another new guy
Howdy all, I'm Ron, I live in Northern Minden Nevada. I have always wanted to learn the art of fly tying since I was a kid. Not a kid anymore and with life and 2 children and now Grandson's
Branson MO
My Daughter has chosen Cottey College in Nevada, MO; so I've got trips to the area on my radar. First up is the 3rd week in Aug when we drop her off. Dear wife has come across Big Cedar Lodge in
Wading Boots
I have Simms Freestone with rubber sole. They're an awsome boot. I don't use cleats on the Truckee River in Nevada and California, but could have used them on the Mckenzie River in Oregon beca
Spring trout flies
if you're looking at "put and take" stocked fisheries, keep it simple when starting out. A white marabou streamer with a tinsel body and a red hackle-barb tail will work as well as a ro
RBF: Very early football issue develops to retain finish on the top of
To tell the truth, the best weekend in the Year 2011 NFL conventional seasons are usually these. I don't know so, what provides much more of wonder: the start of typically the postseason being truly T
Fly Fishing Mysteries
Those are great mysteries, Galligan is a great writer. Some other ones you might want to check out. Some have fly-fishing themes but are not direct "fly fishing" mysteries -C.J. Box - Joe P
Favorite size Royal Wulff
In northern Nevada/California these and humpies are my favorite on small streams. From 8 down to a few ugly 26's.
It's Veterans Day
US Coast Guard 1987-2008. Did a lot of stuff, did a lot of "non-traditional" Coast Guard missions, and proud to have served alongside members of all the other military services Marines, Arm
5/15 fishing report
[quote name='bluegill576' timestamp='1305495048' post='467573'] [quote name='firedad' timestamp='1305494291' post='467568'] Nice looking fish, I wish it
Tenkara Swap (any style)
John...Something new to tie. Interesting style. I'll join in. "Ishigaki Fly" with black thread body will be my pattern.These fies look like winners for Sierra Nevada streams!Thank
My first attempt at some flies from day5's warmwater streamers DVD
This is my first attempt at day5's warmwater DVD and also I tried to mimic a couple flies he sent me a couple weeks ago. Here is my progressThis is a Kay-KThis is a Blade - This one was tough for
Any interest in a gurgler swap?
the gurgler swap keeps moving along. welcome aboard flyderaght. tying gurlers may be the therapy you need for your hand.1.pat carroll - california2. - nevada3. foambug - colorado4. The Yman -
Fly or Lure?
QUOTE (day5 @ Nov 30 2010, 05:02 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If we all smoked pipes and whore tweed sport coats while on the river then it would be a different story. But then again I would have ne
fresh water vs. saltwater blanks
Can anyone explain the differences between the Sevier Tiger Eye freshwater, and saltwater blanks. The saltwater blanks are less spendy, but what are the functional differences. I'm building a 9' 7 w
Pyramid Lake
Going to fish Pyramid Lake, Nevada this winter/early spring. Need a couple winter projects. I'm thinking of building a 9' 6wt. (possibly 5 wt.) for the trip. Anyone have any different thinking? Ju
Steelhead Pattern Swap
Good to see some California tyers in this swap With the abundance of water still flowing down from the Sierra Nevada this Fall/Winter could be an excellent year for steel head fishing, especially if
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