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The Ray Bergman Collection - 86) Deacon

RW40- by Rob Weiker

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Black Buzzer- by Jindra Lacko

Teabag winged caddis- by Tom Herr

The Slumpbuster by John Barr

New Hampshire

Old style wet fly fishing - cast of three flies - need help!
Hey - I certainly do appreciate all of the provided input here.  What a wealth of information and experience!    I've used the New Zealand for a number of years (usually a streamer firs
Mono rigging
spiralspey,   Amen!   Just because the line makers try to cash in on the new trend does not make it anything but spinning.    As for dries only addicts, enjoy and go with God,
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
    just a few rivers in new england but could be low water in august   connecticut - farmington & housatonic rivers   massachusettes - deerfield & swift rivers   new
people looking for flys in n h
Hello, I have been tying for 40 years , now that I am retired I have enough time in the winter to produce 90 different fly patterns, drys, nymphs, streamers for the fisherman here in new Hampshire,I a
I've been fortunate
I have two most memorable fishing time   When I was younger growing up in New Hampshire, my dad owned a local business, he worked hard to provide for us and I never really got much chance to spen
Good Morning from the UK
Flafly do you mean Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing? Darn sarf is how the bods from the Midlands usually refer to us blokes from the southern counties 'cos apparently we talk funny: I think its the other way
May Flies from the vise
  Hook: 6xl - 8xl streamer Thread: black Tail: Hot pink rabbit fur Tag: Red thread Underbody: Pearl braid, wrapped Body: Small silver mylar piping Throat: Golden pheasant crest Topping: 6 strand
Kool Aid dye
You'll never get black with kool-aid.   The RIT will give you a nice black but if you want really black use Fly Dye from Anglers Workshop or get Veniards dye from Stone River Outfitters in N
October Flies from the Bench
Man, Kimo, I love this series you have done, beautiful and spectacular.   You live in Wisconsin, don't you?  The reason I am asking is I would love to get you to some of our big tying shows,
Hello from Chicago
I posted a few times recently before introducing myself. Sorry for that, but I received amazingly helpful and friendly responses, and this forum is simply the best that I have found. Kudos to you all.
Sawyer's Killer Bugs
Sawyer was imitating a small tannish gray shrimp in the Test, his local stream The Test is in Hampshire.  Sawyer was the riverkeeper on the Avon, in Wiltshire. He designed it to thin the gray
New from down under
Welcome from New Hampshire, USA   Quinn
Great Lakes Steelhead?
interesting. what would be considered East/West? East coast= Florida, Georgia, S. And N. Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine. Plus
What does a true Cree hackle look like?
There are surviving examples (thanks Mike) and it is always interesting to see any of these original classic patterns.   They most often are not what what we want them to be.   
I gold pan, bring it with me on a lot of fishing trips, catch my limit and then pan my way back. I do outdoor survival and primitive skills (starting fire with sticks and such) also. I can get way out
Clean Desk Challange
Looks like about 9 bakers dozens flies as compared to the fortnight it would take utyer to clear his desk, unless saltwater tarpon flies are all that's being tied. Isn't that clean tying room the same
Hello From Vermont
Hello All,   My name is Will. I currently live in Wells River Vermont right on the Connecticut River and a very short trip to a half dozen very decent trout streams in Vermont and New Hampsh
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
So far........Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, New York, Vermont, Ma, Pa, NJ, RI, Bucket list ......Canada, Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado
That is a lot of lead
I did a little reading and I see that New Hampshire has a ban on some lead lures in fresh water. I see that Maine wants to do the same thing. Ban lead lures 1 ounce or less and Jigs up to 2 1/2". This
Trout fishing NH
A good forum to check out about New Hampshire Trout fishing is 
Did you ever meet up with a board member you never met before?
PeterJay ... the Wife and I were just talking about fishing stories versus fishing truths...   That's what is so great about Catch'n'Release. No proof of the fish I caught so it can grow as big a
Boston Area
Hey Mike, Just a thought.....if you have access to a car, the Kittery Trading post is just across the border in New Hampshire and if you don't mind a longer drive.....someone correct me if i am wrong.
Trolling with fly rod
Forty plus years ago I trolled for landlock or Sebago salmon up in New Hampshire and Maine. It was common practice to use a level floating line, with about 12 ft of monofilament leader scaled down to
Hatches Blog Post - New England- photo essay by Bryan Crumpler
Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. All on the docket for a six state 4 day tour. A lot of driving, a lot of breweries, and a lot of rivers to travel over wond
Wild Stream or Stocked Stream
I like a wild river, if I want to catch stockies I go to a fishery. The river test in Hampshire has been ruined in my opinion because people want big easy fish.
After a 40-year absence, I have just returned to fly-tying in the last year, specializing in wingless wets. I live in northeast Massachusetts, near both New Hampshire and Maine. My father was Vernon
How did you get started tying?
1987, Kittery Maine. I was 26 and I was stationed in Portsmouth New Hampshire for submarine overhaul and had gone spinner bait fishing for trout. Watched an older gentleman working his fly rod. We sta
Uses for Pig Hair
Hello, My family and I just recieved three hampshire piglets, and I was wondering if there are any uses for their hair. Cause it wont be too long before they're too big to wrangle so I'l
Fish Pictures
Had some fantastic dry fly fishing on the Ammonoosuc River in New Hampshire today. Many rainbows with sore mouths. The place I fished was a section of river I pass over every time I fish the Ammonoos
flytying events
Are there any flytying events open to the public in Maine or New Hampshire ? Any names of the events for me to google would be deeply appreciated. Looking for something close to home. We come across
Pictures from the Southern Council Conclave, Federation of Fly Tyer
Al Bourisaw Ozark Fly Fishers [IMG][/IMG] Mile George. Mike has won his division of the [url=""]MUSTAD S
Mating Black Gnats
[img][/img] From Hampshire, England June 2011
New guy from MAINE
Welcome Mainehunt. Nice to see another New Englander on this site. I'm from New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee. Also a teacher and love having the summers off to fish. I go out on the lake here m
New from New Hampshire
Hello from snowy New Hampshire. My name is Dave and I've been exploring this site for about a month. What a fantastic site. Everything a fly fisherman could want all in one spot. I've been fly
Hello everyone new to the site looking forward to sharing information with you all. I fish the chalk streams of the south of england favorite being the the river test in hampshire after the wild ones
Hellgrammite Questions
Once you are familiar with the hellgrammite, you will probably agree that they are appropriately named as "the-bug-from-hell". However, Smallmouth Bass love these ferocious appearing bugs an
A little help please gentlemen.....
Well guys the trip to New Hampshire was a success. I have to say that Vermont and New Hampshire are two of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Its like a Christmas tree farm on steroids up t
trout box
Those are some beautiful flies... I lived in New Hampshire for about eleven years, and fished 120 plus days per year. I'd be quite content with that as a streamer selection. Now add a whole bunch
stonefly nymph
All three versions are fantastic ties! I love your sentiment about hanging one in a tree. I'd rather have mine go down in battle, and not as collateral damage. I spent some time tying some r
Rotary Vise Suggestion - Worth It?
That is a very cool looking vise. Hope you love it! btw... what part of New England are you from? I used to live in New Hampshire.David <><I live on the North Shore in Massachusetts - ten
Northeastern Snowpocalypse!
The news images coming out of DC look like the big nor'easters I experienced when I lived in New Hampshire. Looks like the middle east coast will be paralyzed by this.
Absolute Midge (brown version)
This fly has been my number two producing fly over the years, and is the ONLY fly with which I have personally caught trout in every single calenday month of the year. I tie it in a variety of colors
Hello from Colorado!
Hi,I am new to the forum, and wanted to introduce myself. I have been tying and fly fishing for about 30 years, fishing for about 45 years, and am eager to learn new things, and share something now an
cleaning feathers
Steve Schweitzer, who is a Whiting Pro Staff Tyer and who used to work at Whiting Farms (also from Global Fly Fisher) recommends using a mild laundry detergent to clean feathers as needed. He did warn
Trout Fishing in Southern New Hampshire
Hello,Just wondering if anyone out there has been out fishing recently in Southern New Hampshire?
The Next Generation
Had a small family reunion of sorts this weekend up at my parent’s cottage in New Hampshire. They have owned a cottage there sonce I was small and I learned to fish in the Lake’s waters. M
New to New Hampshire
Just moved to New Hampshire from the mid west-have been coming here for the summers but just experienced my first winter! Looking forward to spring, summer and fall fishing. I am a retired educa
RBF: New Member From NJ
Happy to be a member. Built a few rods years ago. Lamiglass 6` 8" spinning. Great for smallies in the northeast and Canada. Fish quite a bit in New Hampshire and Maine. I get a lot of pleasure fro
Winter Fishing
Futzer is spot on with the Patagonia gear, its expensive but noticeably warmer then other brands and is very comfortable. I have used their stuff for winter mountain hiking in the White Mountains in
Red Dragonfly
We have red dragonflies here in New Hampshire
New Hampshire at its best!!!!!!!!
I used to live in New Hampshire and have visited many places there. Just out of curiosity what lake was that?
Lead Sinker ban
Not wanting to clutter another thread, I thought you might find this interesting.I recently came across an article (August 1995 Fly Fisherman) which noted that the EPA had made splashy headlines in 19
Replacement copies for AINA, 4th Edition - Important!
Here you go Roger!Baetidae Americabaetis Lotic-erosional, swimmers;clingers;collectors-gatherers;widespreadBaetidae Baetopus trishae Lotic-depositional, swimmers;clingers;collectors-gatherers?; No
Fly Noteriety
The late George Rose, who resided in Rotonda, Fla., and was one of my early mentors once told me in his crisp New Hampshire accent, "Steve, there are no new flies. There all variations on the sam
SO much to say...
We have an Expo coming up in March 8 and 9. It's in Detroit Michigan. Here is the link to it. / I to would like to see the J. Stockard booth. We did have a booth from new Hampshire.
did anyone get their hatches magazine yet
Got it yesterday in Cow Hampshire. WOW! The articles all are about 4 times as long and in-depth as the "competitor" magazine. Each of the authors took the time to really communicate effe
POLL-Wings on Catskill Dries
Vern-O,I hope you are ready for this Beware of Lowlanders asking 'simple' questions... [quote]If we are assuming that Theodore Gordon is the GodFather of American dry fly fishing....and he
Bass Bug Techniques
man im gonna hafta miss this one for vacation in new hampshire but im sure a little fishing will get me un bummed for missing it anybody know any good patterns for the sanbornton area??
what flies for upcoming trips?
oops my bad... i guess its new hampshire not vermont but i think mom was planning on maybe a lil bit of time in vermont and thats where i got the idea from. so isle royale and new hampshire....
i just wanted to say hi and that this seems like pretty cool site you guys have here.I was also curious if there is anyone on this site other than me thatís from the Mt. Washington valley area in New
Classic Salmon Fly Proportions??
all this beautiful bullsh*t brought back a memory from 25 years ago..i was tying a classic gut looped, jock scott at a smallish show somewhere in New Hampshire when a guy with his young son sat dilige
Black Francolin Marston
Gorgeous fly.About loons...Protected. I have no idea if feathers could be obtained through any legal means. And unfortunately loons are a victim of fishermen (women too I suppose...) with lead and mon
Beaconsfield var. 5/0
Finished this this morning - should really have a light blue hackle and wing strips but I discovered halfway through that I hadn't got suitable feathers - something I rectified in this morning'
How About A Member Purge
[Sounds of a good spam fight coming...] There are only 2 reasons to purge the list. First is the disk storage on the server for each user. I suspect that with today's outrageously cheap disk stor
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