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Tying the Olive Stimulator by Davie Mcphail

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Oskar Hagelin's Ditch Pickle - by Brian Wise

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New Jersey

Horse flies...
The infamous green heads, the terror of the Jersey shore.  I met their Canadian counterpart up in Northern Ontario.  They call them deer flies and they look just like ordinary house flies un
I really DO hate people.
I have made a few business trips to Michigan. The "Michigan" left has to be one of the strangest ideas that civil engineers have dreamt up.   At least the "Jug Handle" in New Jersey makes a littl
Need help identifying material (baitfish pattern)
Ear hair from a left handed blind in one eye pre adult bison from Jersey City NJ Very rare almost endangered
Pair of 10' 4wts
ok, i forgot about the heat shrink..looks like it might be worth leaving i just remembered there is a custom rod builder in new jersey who was big into covering cork grips with epoxy..i think
2018 International Fly Tying Symposium
probably in the same place as 2017 in november   The 2018 Symposium is scheduled for the ballroom of the Lancaster Marriott Hotel, 25 So. Queen St., 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. on Sat.; 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Su
March Flies From The Vise
These are some bass size mop flies I've been paying with.   These two are intended for salt water.   My attempt at a Cinder Worm.  We have a decent hatch on the South Jersey shore.
Favorite hair for Elk Hair Caddis?
Please allow me the courtesy of taking this thread a bit off course. Hopefully, it will be an interesting detour into the origin of some other flies courtesy of Flyfish@.     Jack Tucker, a
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I didn't think "northern" new england started until you hit the Aroostook County line..... I'm not very familiar with the area, I was just going by the title of the guidebook that I bought. Come t
Western Marylander
Welcome to the forum from New Jersey
Hook Size for false albie flies
Have you checked with a fly shop in the area you'll be fishing?  The "gulf" is a big area and the patterns may vary from Florida to Texas.   I would imagine that you could use the same
February Flies from the Vise
Good start, Tom.   If I'd known you were messing with deer hair,  I would have suggested you come down to OC last Saturday for the tying with deer hair class the South Jersey Coastal Fl
International Fly Tying Symposium 2018
Thanks, cphubert.   Good info to know.   I'm going have to check with my club and see if it costs them anything to have a table at either show.  For several years we've sold r
the fly fishing show
Striperknight, after I posted I realized I left the club name out.   South Jersey Coastal Fly Anglers.   We're usually next to the CFR table.
International Fly Tying Symposium 2017
I'll be there on Saturday for certain, and probably Sunday. I'm really interested in hearing Robert Smith's talk, and plus, Collins Hackle will be there so I won't need to drive all the way to North J
What flies to start with?
Initially, I thought that's a big area, but throw traffic into the mix, maybe as far north as Princeton, east to the shore, south to near Millville.  Lots of lakes and streams to fish.  By "
Mop Fly Variant
The things we do to our pets.  That's a nice color.  An interesting fly.  Let us know how it works.  I've been toying with the idea of mating mop pieces with a foam popper head. &#
I learned something this Labor Day weekend
I thought I could to until I followed up a Jersey dog, BLT crepe, and mint chocolate chip cup cake with an order of chicken and waffles. I could have done without the chicken and waffles but everythin
Adams Superfly SBS
Nice Adams mod. Size 12 is great bass salmon steelhead sizes. I have bass in jersey none of others but tie I will. Definite floater no need for frogs butt
howdy all
Your idea is reasonable. Weather in jersey has been bad so I been playing with my camera drone. High end and faa registered. Want better pics and vids so it's going out next fly fish excursion.
Group gathering...Tying...Fishing...Friendship
i would but my government installed "ankle bracelet" would go out of range and begin emitting a loud screaching noise that would irritate the tyers in the room     seriously my flying days
Hello from New Jersey
Do very little  fresh water fishing in Jersey.  Every fall the salt water fly fishing club I belong to works with Casting For Recovery at their South Jersey retreat and we fish a lake in a c
Fishing for Perch
Probably another two or three weeks before things started picking up around here.  Ocean temps are still in the upper 40's off of  South Jersey.  They're picking a few small stripers &#
March Flies From The Vise
Ken Lockwood Streamer (named after the Ken Lockwood Gorge in High Bridge, New Jersey which was named after a local journalist popular back in the 40s).              
Hi from Northeast Pa.
Welcome for North Jersey.
Here's my .02 As a sponsored 3d archer I have had my ups and downs with sponsors. Questions to ask. What exactly are they sponsoring you for? Tying videos? Shows? Ect. How are they sponsoring you? F
Impressions of the International Fly tying Symposiumch
I was at the show on Sunday. I spent most of the day tying at my club's booth(South Jersey Coastal Fly Anglers). Did get to walk around when the show first opened. Picked up a couple of fluorescent ye
Who all has tied at fly tying shows / expos???
I've tied at shows/exposes working either my saltwater or fresh water fly fishing club/group's table. Mike's right we have an agenda. The fresh water club mainly to promote the club and attract new me
Upcoming shows?
coming in the fall   fly tying symposium new jersey   arts of the angler danbury ct
Gheenoe Fishing?
I have fished a lot at the jersey shore in every conceivable boat out there. If your gonna fish out of a canoe you can't complain about wakes unless your in the back back bays in which case you won't
CDC - My Love / Hate Relationship
They're just on their way to New Jersey.
Casting for Recovery - Inaugeral "Swap" for Australia
Missed this one. My salt water club has been working with the South Jersey chapter of CFR for the last 7 years. Here's some pictures of the retreats[attachment=56921:20100821_34.JPG][attachment=56922:
April Flies From The Bench
  About the Jersey Herd Trout Fly     Originally the body was made from the tin foil milk bottle top and Tom's milk was from 'Jersey Cows'.   Creator of this trout fly: Tom Ivens
its a baby whale
Next week on the Jersey Shore...
Sally hanson
Thanks I went to the fly fishing show in new Jersey and it seemed all the people that were tying were using it I guess I was missing the boat lol
"If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you"
The advice given here is way off base and mostly incorrect. Some are talking civil law as if its criminal law. Family court and divorce is not criminal law it's civil law. Two completely and separate
Some good patterns for Big Pickerel
Chain pickerel aren't that fussy. In the South Jersey ponds I get to fish and the lakes up in the Poconos. They seem to like white. Unless you've got big pickerel in 20 plus inch range you don't reall
What do you think of this mullet pattern?
Nice tie. Good video. I'll have to give it a try.This is what I use for the mullet run in South Jersey. Based on Bob Pops Siliclone. Tail is white bucktail, flash tied on the side. He uses wool for th
How big are your biggest flies? (and what are you throwing them to)
Most the flies I use in salt water are 2 to 4 inches long. The fall run is the prime time along the S Jersey coast and inlets when the peanut bunker, silversides, bay anchovies(I think ya'll down in F
Fly Tying Symposium
The one that flytier refers to is this weekend in Danbury, that would be closer to me than the one in jersey but it's my 29th anniversary this weekend, not so sure the wife would be that understanding
Who prefers to fish bamboo?
saltydancindave I have one 8ft that I fish as a 5wt. The others are 7'6" and shorter. I comfortably fish 15 feet out to 75 feet (provided I'm not in the mountains on NC) if I have room for a back cast
Wigglers again
Fly Rod Flure Summary I don't know much about bass fishing. I did it as a kid in New Jersey and then moved West and never looked back. Most bass lures float at rest and dive only upon steady retrieve.
Tail Material
Years ago a popular set up for weakfish, sea trout for those of you south of the Mason-Dixon line, in South Jersey was a red and white buck tail jig with a  6 inch purple/pink fire tail plastic w
Collins Hackle
Collins saddles do not compare to whiting or Metz. His capes on the other hand do compare. Whiting is definitely the best you can get in both capes and saddles but if you factor in the price differenc
Great Lakes Steelhead?
interesting. what would be considered East/West? East coast= Florida, Georgia, S. And N. Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine. Plus
recommendations for a rod and reel outfit
I am currently living in NJ doing only fresh water fly fishing. I just started about a year ago and I am hooked I barely touched my spinning and bait casting setups this year because of how much im en
Hello from NJ
Welcome to the site, Jersey. I am SURE you'll find more information than you can take in here ... but we're always interested in new ways to do things.  SO, don't be shy about posting flies you t
Simple ties for Bluegill
I fished for lake bluegill with flies some, back when I was still in high school--approx the end of the last ice age or so. What struck me then and still does today was how easy they were to catch on
How did you get into fly fishing?
I've fished since I was a youngster. Our family would go to the ocean along the New Jersey shore, and my dad would fish, or we would go crabbing along the sloughs. When I was about I got my first rod
I fish for everything with fins, tuna to bluegill. my passion is freshwater. really enjoy fishing the Delaware river ,west branch etc. fish the ausable, Raritan, Delaware, lake Ontario tribs etc. I am
Young soccer talent from Norway.....
My friends son is a really great talent in Soccer and with the World Soccer Championship just finished we had to go out and take some photos of Henrik in action in his German national team jersey :-)&
From the Saltwater Bench
  They're actually weakfish - members of the drum family, but it's easy to see why they're commonly called trout. Their numbers are not good right now; it's a shame, because they're beautiful
tails and legs ... new material?
I can't remember.  They have done a great job of eradicating them in Maryland, but there's been signs of them in New Jersey.  If they get to New York City, they really WILL have 2 foot long
18's and 20's
   I left for someplace less populated.     Can "less populated" and "new jersey" be used in the same story?  
RBF: XST Float Rod
This is the last Batson XST1263F in the series - one was for me and the other two for fishing buddies.The colour scheme for this one is Team Canada, and the wraps are patterned after a black Team Cana
April Flies from the Vise
Right side up ... it looks just like one.  When I was fishing the Jersey shoreline last year, the sand eels looked just like your fly.  Should attract some attention, hopefully the BIG kind.
Here we go, 1st batches of BWOs & Clousers
Pretty much agree with what's been said.  Clouser has done a couple of presentations at my fresh water club's meetings.  And the clouser minnow was always asked to be tied during the tying s
Drew Chicone synthetic yak hair
After buying and reading featherbrain you almost immediately want to buy yak from Drew. Smart man that guy is. Puts it on like every other page of the book so by the end you must buy some. I had about
2014 Tarpon Rookie Competition
Nah, all caffeine does is keep you awake while you're screwing up. If some idiot  jock wants to ruin his health and disgrace himself, it's all the same to me; I take sports about as seriously as
Rocco,I have heard about those Hucho huchen but have yet to visit Slovenia when they are in season. From what I here... faster, higher water, slightly merky in color, in the dead ofwinter, using very
Best realistic fly tyer
  Bill Logan's dad Bill Sr. wrote an outdoor column for the now defunct Rocky Mountain News in the '70's here in Denver. The focus of Bill's articles was always fly fishing and I would gobble up
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
So far: Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Wyoming, Alaska   Hopefully, The Glades for tarpon and the Northwest Territories for Arctic Char, otherwise I am co
Thread Management   I belong to the Rahway River Chapter of Trout Unlimited in New Jersey, twice a month the chapter meets for Fly Tying Nights.   It is free for TU member and non-member ali
That is a lot of lead
In jersey at Barnegut inlet the divers say there is 3' deep of mono and weights snagged in the rocks on the second level down. Flute lay on it like a feather bed.
Brassie Packers - any good?
Brassie packers have their place, like with smaller sized flies and easy to pack hair. When pressure is needed to get a tight pack, you should be looking for a stronger tool. A friend of mine, back in
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