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Ray Bergman Collection - 126) Gordon

Invader or Opportunity? by Greg Senyo

Patterns 204-213 added to the Ray Bergmen Collection

Show Us Your Fly Box #1

Skagit Master Volume 3 Trailer

Salmonfly Invasion- Henrys Fork Anglers

New York

The Golden Missile
When the soil temperature reaches about 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 F), they burrow their way to the surface. Brood VII (17 year life cycle) will emerge in New York in 2018 likely May to June.   h
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I didn't think "northern" new england started until you hit the Aroostook County line..... I'm not very familiar with the area, I was just going by the title of the guidebook that I bought. Come t
2018 has not been.....
....good to me   first off during the coldest days of january i run out ou propane for 3 1/2 days to warm my house. space heaters can only do so much   secondly, now that i have 2 full tank
Rivers to salt
Hi - I live and fish in New York state.. spring is trout in creeks, summer is smallmouth in rivers and lakes, and in the fall - salmon and steelhead in the tributaries. I mostly flyfish all the above,
February Flies from the Vise
Made these for smallmouth in the Finger Lakes of New York. First time trying out Surface Seducer 'double-barreled' popper bodies by Flymen. Won't know how they fish for a few months yet.
Saltwater hooks
If you have your leader constructed so its even possible to break or bend a hook, you are risking your whole flyline.. Fly guys who fish salmon and steelhead in rivers here (New York tributaries) comm
Mop Fly Variant
Fshng2, no worries. Good luck. Hatch chart attached from Great Feathers on York Rd. If you stop in say hi for me, and bring your cc. Lots of cool stuff upstairs!
Fly tyer back from hiatus
Hey greg , I to am blessed with the clear freestones of upstate New York , I'm always on the Beaverkill as long as the levels and temps are good , my other spot is on the west branch of Delaware which
Hello from CO
Hello welcome , great site very busy w/ great group of guys willing and able to help, how's you're season been out there in co? I'm from upstate New York , I fish the Beaverkill, and willowwemoc , al
What's for lunch Today
Just a quick story ... many years ago, my siblings (5 of them) and I were all on a "group E-mail" list with each other.  There were daily mails about life, in general.  At the time, I was do
My spey/dee spin on a black bear green butt
Hi all, its been quiet here of late so I figured its time to post one of my ties. Its anything but perfect and the photo really reveals the small imperfections (as needing an additional coat of varnis
New Guy from NY
Hello , upstate New York myself, nice tie , it is an addiction , there's great info, and patterns here , great guys that are very talented and knowledgeable, enjoy
Fly Tying Article
Fly tying legend:  Megan Boyle.  A documentary was made about her a few years ago and her obit, around 2001, was published in the New York Times.     Wikipedia article:   http
Pat Cohen seminars this weekend
Pat Cohen will be at Ole Florida Fly Shop this weekend doing fly tying seminars all day June 3rd & 4th. Coming from upstate New York, he grew to specialize in deer hair bass bugs - although he has
Finally , Hello everyone
Hello , been signed on here for a little while, I'll admit I had a rough time being able to post or comment ,in fact I wasn't able to , then I " revalidated my acct. this worked lol. So as you can se
If there is any common interest in obtaining J-stuff, the sting of international postage can be tempered by having multiple orders sent out in one parcel, then "redistributed" once is escapes from th
Is it just me?
In the past 28 years, I've lived in Rhode Island, Idaho, Maine, (twice) Virginia, (twice) Connecticut, (twice) Maryland, and New York. If I'd only had a week or two to fish in any of those places, it'
Help me find a caddis body wrap
Flat body glass from dette flies in New York.
Know a reputable antique tackle dealer?
lang's is the one i remember in the new england/new york area   more can be found on google
The Down Home Pride Swap
I'll join in, not sure of what fly yet but it will either be from New York or Virginia. 
test, no need to respond
You know it's winter when .....   The Official Wisconsin Temperature Conversion Chart   50° Fahrenheit (10° C)   • New Yorkers try to turn on the heat. • Wisco
Flashy Bugger - Underwater Footage!
Wooly buggers are probably one of the most popular and versatile flies anywhere you fish.  From California to Colorado to New York, and not just USA, but other countries as well.  Anywhere y
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Santa's on his way...
My box has arrived. I think Santa sent a nice snow storm our way along with it. Expecting anywhere from 3 inches to a foot of snow here in upstate new York this weekend. A big thanks to Stabgnid can't
Hello from Upstate New York
Nice intro Don. I have heard of salmon in New York, is that true or is it false?
Fall Erie Steelhead Swap
Got mine, leaving for New York and Pa after voting. hoping to get into some Steel head, Lake run Browns and , If lucky, an Atlantic or two!
New to fishing. Glo bug hook size recommendation for kings.
I live in upstate new York not far from the salmon river. I tie most of mine on cheap hooks octopus hooks from Walmart think their a dollar for 25 hooks cause their so easily lost need anymore.
U.S. wide fishing licence
Thankfully fishing licenses have to a large degree stayed within the realm of states' rights.  There is a national marine fisheries register which anyone fishing salt water is supposed to do, and
Cooking Question for Smallmouth Bass
Ceviche   Ingredients 1 pound white fish fillets, cut into 1/2-inch cubes 1 teaspoon grapefruit zest 1 teaspoon lime zest 1/2 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit juice 1/3 cup freshly squ
I've been fortunate
Well I don't know if "fortunate to live in" and "South Alabama" should ever exist in the same sentence... I lived in the REAL south Alabama (Houston County, outside Dothan) for four years and I can sa
Marlow Buzz Fly
In Favorite Flies and Their Histories (Mary Orvis Marbury,) shows a "Royal Coachman in plate E #40.  The following history is given:  "The Royal Coachman was first made in 1878 by John Haily
Hi, New to Forum
Hi, everyone. I am new to this forum. Not brand new to fly tying, but I have a lot of catching up to do. I am semi-retired and considering getting back to fly tying in earnest and also considering
Good price on Cree saddle
Hey fellas, been a few years since I've posted on here about my birds, just wanted to let you guys know some info on what's been going on. I've been working with my bloodlines for 6 years this may, ov
WB with underwater swimming footage
From California, to New York, to England, the wooly bugger is probably one of the most effective and popular streamer patterns that can be used for a large range of fish species.  I even know of
Squid fly question
Most I see and most i tie are not in white.  I tie them in a multitude of colors, primarily consisting of combined colors such as orange, pink, gray, white, gingers, and browns.  Orange is p
Clouser Minnow Sexy Shad Streamer Fly
nice color pattern ill have to tie up a few and see how they perform up here in new york
Future of Fly Tying
  Now that we have gone off topic to economics, I will add my predictions.   I don't know what the future holds precisely but I do know that in economics, labor is a commodity just like oil
1494 1/2 DA Medalist
Thanks Guys. I love the new equipment that's available today on the market, but somehow fishing with older stuff gives me a charge ( if that makes any sense). I have a  bamboo (Vom Hoff) that is
Accardo Bluegill Special Poppers
I've been out of town visiting friends and family at Orange Beach and Navarre Beach, and I enjoyed all the responses after getting home.  I had been buying Accardo poppers for about 40 years, but
small lake trout fishing
Where I live, Long Island New York,  trout is stocked in various lakes and small ponds, most of these waters are small in comparison to most areas fished in the US. Is there anyone on the site th
"If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you"
Cold not to be argumentative, but a simple Google search will bear out that everyone is not entitled to a lawyer. I don't think you would believe whatever they proffer.   Vicrider remember, when
Shifting gears to freshwater bass....HELP!
Looks like you have salt and or brackish water to consider. This map shows the York river and several fresh water spots, though it doesn't key into the York River itself. Additionally I believe the Sh
Opening Day Trout Swap
New York has been April 1st skeet3t for over 60 years. At the Junction Pool in Roscoe, NY opening day took on a media and fishermen circus atmosphere some years.  If you were lucky you got to see
The Burden of Flyfishing?
To digress even further from the original topic, Something we do here often........     I love to quail hunt. There are no large numbers of quail anymore and I live in South Carolina.  
teaching fly tying
Iv taken a few classes here in western New York, and if it's a bunch of newbies they usually start with laying the thread base and whip finish and anatomy of the fly. Then we usually tie 3 patterns a
Virginia Beach in July - Any tips, recommendations?`
Not my favorite place to fly fish. There isn't a shop within a 100 miles of Virginia beach. There's a Bass Pro outside of Hampton and "Green Top" at I95, exit 86(ish). There isn't a "fly shop" anywh
I Just Found A Treasure
well if you are located in new york then take a drive over to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum in livingston manor and they should be able to tell you its a wulff or not   he had the id
Pike Fly Ideas
Just out of curiosity where in Canada are you going. Ontario alone stretche from New York to Minnestota. Here's a couple that have caught pike me pike in Northern Ontario(8 hours north of Toronto)Two
Hello from Vermont
Good afternoon all and hello from North West Vermont along the shore of Lake Champlain.  I have visited I may have even joined under another name but I have never done much o
Rendezvous, North Toledo Bend, Texas/Louisiana Border, On The Lake
Adam sent me an e-mail and asked me for a little more information as to what the Rendezvous is like.  I thought I would post my answer so y'all would have a little more information, too.  He
what needs to change in fly
well ....   there are good points made in the article.  Not all the points, but some.   You've got to be more of a curmudgeon than I am (and that's saying something...) to disagree
Almost time to swing up some steel!!
I'm headed for PA and New York on Nov 6th thru the 11th., getting excited seeing the weather. Tribs really needed water . Plenty of stuff tied up
Photos of CfR women with flies
I got some photos from Cfr of the women in the Upstate New York retreat with the donated flies from out project this year.  They are posted on the 7th annual CfR thread.
Hi from Maine
Hey there. I started tying about a year ago, mainly steelhead flies for fishing Salmon River in New York.    Now I live back in Maine, where I'm from originally, and I tie a lot of trout, st
Loss of Marine fishes - why am I not surprised?
I have been involved one way or the other in fisheries issues since I first came to 'paradise', south Florida back in 1971 - fresh out of the service and back from a very bad place....     P
Where have all the salties gone?
I'm always in for salt; my first love it is .growing up on Long Island, New York  ( in the Hamptons) I was less than a mile from the ocean and a hundred yards from the bay.  I can Imagine be
Donation rod
Every once in a a while I will do a rod for a worthy cause as a prize/raffle. I'm contacted all the time to do it but usually only choose to do one every few years. It's been a few years since I have
Biggest brownie, camera died, AHHHH
You guys are so untrusting of your fellow fishermen. Just the other day, me, a unicorn, Bigfoot and the Easter Bunny were fishing and we caught the biggest sturgeon in the Beaverkill River in New York
Trout Flies Invitational
It is great. It is the middle of no where Chester.   994 Old York Rd, Chester, SC 29706
Lost Matarelli Whip Finisher
   Matarelli retired. I can't find anything online about Matarelli.  (unless Maria Matarelli is the tool inventor) Who is he/she and how do you know he/she retired?  Where ca
The Unsung Bug Swap
I am in no hurry...On my first swap I hosted I had one tier's envelope arrive but it did not have any flies in it.  I have notice that the stamps on my return envelopes which I use the
license holder
Vermont no, New York yes
Reclosable Bags for Hackle Storage
Hey Gang   I sent a request to ClearBags  asking for a 5" x 16" bag with zip closures on both ends.  He is going to get me a quote on them. They currently
April 1st tomorrow!
Since everyone seems to be moving out of Rusted Ohio and New Overtaxed York, I wondered who was left to fish there. Most of them are coming to the Carolinas where we have year round trout fishing.
Great TV promo
Actor Liam Neeson was on Kelly (Ripa) and Michael TV show this morning, and made a pitch for how much he likes fly fishing, and how relaxing it is.  When asked where he likes to fish, he recommen
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