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GreenCaddis Fly Tying Hooks
Premium fly tying hooks as low as $2.22 per pack plus free shipping!
We are excited to introduce the GreenCaddis brand fly tying hook to complement our line of fly boxes and scissors. GreenCaddis hooks are made from premium hi-carbon steel and go through a chemical sharpening and polishing process that make the points razor sharp. Our hooks also undergo a unique tempering process to add strength and to ensure the hooks remain sharp even after heavy use. To encourage our customers to try out the GreenCaddis hooks we have all hooks listed at 25% off the retail price and free shipping is also applied to ever hook order. Plus, you can save an additional 25% when you purchase five or more packs of hooks. Click Here for More Info


The Texas Midge
What happened to your thread is you didn't use a bobbin rest when you utilize the rotary feature of your vise. You could buy one if you don't own one or fabricate one out of a large sized paper clip,
Grassett's Flats Minnow SBS
  Basic Bendback stuff; generic flats food.  Change colors/size to suit your needs.   hook - Mustad 3407 #2 thread - Danville flat wax chartreuse body - Estaz olive underwing - bucktai
Regal Revolution question
It's a nice vise though. You'll spend a lot of great on it. Enjoy the nice piece of equipment.
3/8 vise inserts
Looking for some sources for 3/8 vise inserts and/or vise risers to make some bases as holiday gifts. Other than Peak, are there suggestions that anyone may have. Thanks for the help.
WTB Finger Vise   I h
DIY Dubbing Brush?
Yeah, I'm with Bimini, have you tried either of those techniques yet?  It might be helpful  to know why you ask.   Personally, I use wax for particularly slippery materials in dubbing l
Regal Revolution Vise with Big Game Jaws
I'm surprised this hasn't gone already. Best you can do on a Revolution and a pocket pedestal is $450.00. This is a good price on a popular vise.
Micro fur strips -- How to?
Make your own cutter. It's super easy!!   All you need is double edge razor blades, some washers for spacers and a coupe of small bolts with hex nuts. If you us
A couple of tool ideas that might help
I use a magnetic sheet fro a craft store with a non glare yellow plastic surface under my vise to keep metal objects from going into space and absorbing some of the bright overhead light.   You c
Howdy everybody
I was googling some stuff for fly fishing and this site came up. I'm recently getting back in to fly fishing after about a 10 year break. I grew up in Southern Idaho and spent a lot of time on the for
Favorite UV Resin?
superiorflies   you did nothing wrong thus no need to aplogize. a lot of newbies to the forum do the same thing. no forum commandments were broken.   its always good to use the search functi
November Flies from the Vise
Kimo ... You just keep getting better.   But, I have a request.  Can you do a picture of several of your latest, with scale.  I am not good at estimating the vise jaws.  Say, a dim
Great vise wademan . Hope u enjoy many hrs with it.
Show Us Your Tube Flies
I have had my hmh tool forever, back when it was Kennebec River Bait and Tackle. Not done many over the years but may throw it in the vise. I have access to soft tubing to tie on. Your tubes all
Thompson vise and base
So, to recap: 1- Nice little vise that still has a following 2- $20-30 seems fair to most 3- Different people feel differently about gifts and donations. 4- Mikechell is having a bad day Did I miss so
HMH FLY TYING CONTEST sponsored by HMH Vises
Can I tie one and pretend it was tied on an HMH vise?
Firehole Outdoors Is Having a Firesale
Today I received my first order of Firehole Outdoors hooks.     Of late I have been tying mostly TMC2488 #24 hooks and I have to be very careful to check the hook eye before I begin tying an
Fly Tying Events
It's unlikely you'll be able to set up flies fro portrait style pictures.  Some of the tiers might let you, might even give you a fly to photo at your leisure.   The majority of times,
Show your bench
Mine is mobile. Serves me on the water job site or when at home. Backpack stuffed to the max that sometimes I think new materials won't fit in lol. Was gonna get another vise a regal but now I have ju
Quill Nymphs
Is it possible to tie up a quill nymph and use epoxy for the finish? (As opposed to a UV light and UV resin? It seems an expensive up front cost for all the UV gear.)   yes   you do not
when will i stop?
when will I stop looking all over...(under desk, under chair, under everything on desk ect.) for my hackle pliers that are always in my bits basket under the clippings?   (1) 
Vise is sold
Funny how things work out
I started tying about a year ago...I struggle, but the flys are getting better and my technique is improving slowly.    Anyway...My wife and I have been saving for a small cabin for yea
Carrie Stevens style
  Dave G. I have just started tying tube flies and decided to keep it simple so I am using the poly tube/ junction tube method. Lead is wrapped around front of the tube if needed. I just starte
Super Cheap DYI Dubbing:
utyer, great idea! Hadn't considered Para cord. I spun some up,then added some flash from some trim material I picked up from wallyworld. To the vise next!
Swap etiquette question.
Should I post flies in the October/November flies from the vise thread that I might send (still undecided) to the Christmas swap? Would that be considered as ruining the surprise for the swap?
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
Is the original poster looking for a book on advanced fly tying or a vise???
Went nuts and ordered an HMH Tube spinner vise
I know, I'm terrible about posting fly photos since I dumped the hosting site I was using that auto sized for web viewing.   Anyway, don't know if I will tie any better with this but I'll enjoy i
What the heck are these?
I had a set when I first started tying, they came from Herter's.  Your fingers can do the same job.  They might still be useful for pushing back spun or stacked deer hair when you tie off
Any snake ID out there?
Promise us this wasn't created at your vise! It would make an excellent "streamer" or "lure" I am sure the trout couldn't ignore!
speed tying
found it on the internet    
Regal Brass Bobbin Cradle Question...
it holds the bobbin holder in the vertical position on the vise stem  
Anvil Atlas Full Review
This is the vise I have and I've had a lot of the same problems with it. The grooves in the jaws irritate me to no end. Never fails. I'll get the hook to sit right in the groove, check it to make sure
Hello from NJ and Pa
Thanks. I'm good on cold ones. The additional materials and tools will get you started tying real patterns and if you have the portable vise I will be happy to walk you thru a classic but easier patte
Sparkle Pops
Philly have you ever shaped foam using a dremel for turning? Check out this link...starting with step 10.
My Bug Box
Friend of mine built this.  Sides are walnut, top is birch.  The central shelf folds down and mounts my HMH vise...I took pictures of the vise mounted, but it didn't come out.   I think
About the evolution of YOUR fly tying.
Mike, if the brass tool you had for packing hair was a "Brassie" (as popularized by Chris Helm), I can tell you from experience that the Fugly is an exponentially better tool and was well worth the mo
Homemade Shanks
You'll also find a very comprehensive selection of components for spinner making on the following retail site (they also have a wholesale side.... ).   Ho
tiny fly questions
Sandan, sorry for late comeback. All I ever use is a length of white poly yarn. On the average yarn I segment 3 pieces out of it. I take one of those pieces I cut about 2" long or so and loop it aroun
Classic Hairwing Salmonfly Swap
I'm in. Never miss a chance to get a tie from the vise of Flytire.    Since Davie McPhail is one of my favorite tyers I'll try to follow his pattern on video for the Logie.
Tools of the trade !
Welcome Anthony! First off the tools needed are few and they are inexpensive if you want them to be. The tools do not get stressed and outside of the vise, swiss watch precision and engineering brings
Classic wet fly swap interest?
This one I'm in for sure. I could cheat and send a dozen I have sitting on the shelf for a different swap that didn't go but I'll do something fresh off the vise.
Dropper Fly?
I tried dry dropper rigs and hated them until this year. I started fishing a different river this spring and the fish there like to feed on the surface. One of the reasons I hated the dropper system b
And so it begins
I brought home a brand new Peak rotary, a mess of thread, dubbing, hooks, beads, wire, pheasant tails, and wire. So far i've managed to drop several hooks, lose them in the carpet to find one with m
Default Grandpa's Story - History of the Adams Fly
Gave it a shot without bobbin and using old vise. [attachment=64009:2017-08-31 01.26.41.jpg][attachment=64010:2017-08-31 01.27.35.jpg][attachment=64011:2017-08-31 01.27.14.jpg]
The New and Improved Fly Swap
Wife picked up a great bunch of flies today. Wish I'd have had a few on the White. Don't know if would have helped but would have fished flies I knew who tied. I did fish many swap flies but once they
And you thought the LAW vise was expensive.
The history of the vise is pretty meaningless. I had to laugh at the implied value of a vise that is based on lineage. Now if Elvis owned it, that would be a bargain.
Rogue HedgeHopper SBS
The multi hi-tie Hedgehog wing conveniently fit within the segmented Rogue chassis. 1mm foam might be a bit thin for this application; may try it with standard 2mm. hook Dai Riki 280 #6 thread/body
Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada
I bet most of us began on a cheap  vise. Any vise is good enough on which to learn. Welcome to the site. Very nice and helpful people are here. there are no dumb questions so ask away.
Hello from the SF Bay Area
Hi, everyone.   I've been lurking for far too long on the site and just recently became a member. I have been fishing since a young age even doing the competitive bass tournament scene for a whil
плут оса SBS
Found this on a Russian site. Haven't tied a Rogue style body in a while; if you're not up for the Carnage method, it makes an acceptable product. hook Dai Riki 135 #8 thread/rib - UTC 140 black ab
Fill-in for EuroOrBust swap needed
You're in Rick. agn54, I'll watch for your next album.   Spinal Tap plays "Is vise a vice or an addiction?"
book find
I know this wasn't on your mind but you could sell those on different sites...not this one any more since you told what you paid...for $10 to $15 a book, maybe more if condition is good and you check
Spike fly
$.02 If I wanted to duplicate the fly from the description it would look like this but leave the front and back hair off and as you do the deer hair tie in the 4-6 white rubber legs spaced along the s
New HMH TRV rotary vise?
Hi, I heard another vise called the predator vise has a similar jaw style and is trying to patent the design so HMH is being very cautious and had a attorney looking into it. This was several months a
LAW vise
Buy a J Vise now and when they are no longer made they will increase in price as well. My opinion. Beautiful vise.
Going to spend 500.00 on a pole. Orvis or llbean brand. Opinions pls
Seeing as you dated yourself mikechell you may be interested in flaming me on vise. Current is renzeti 2000 pedestal. Buying a regal same set up. Not a pair of vise grips as you seem to be a cheap ole
August flies from the vice
Hey bulb, you misspelled vise, or did you?  Nice tys. Vice is the original Queens English my dear chap. Now vise and vice are seen interchangeably all the time. 
magnum jaw for Thompson SLT 360
The last time I contacted Thompson was a couple of years ago. I believe this is a company that is continuing on with the Thompson name - I have seen a vise recently bought new from them...not exactly
Where to find "these" Vinyl stick on eyes..?
I don't think in the Yahoo search is the same website that is shown on the package in the first post. There is no indication they are selling stick on eyes or anything else for that ma
Fly tyer back from hiatus
Hello All,     I'm a self-proclaimed "spoiled flyfisher" from eastern PA. Living about a mile from the Delaware River and around 2.5 mi from class A troutwater I believe allows me that title
I'm Back !!!!!
You have given me an idea poopdeck. I wade these days with a staff myself. I never thought of carving some, it's not like I don''t have the time . I may just give it a try if it's alright with yo
is tenkara catching on?
Mike may remember this from his younger days in Indiana. In Lafayette Indiana there is a shin dig every year called The Feast of The Hunters Moon. It celebrates the areas history of the fur trappers a
Flip Flop Poppers
plug dowel kit...great idea! thanks! I found my flip flops last weekend for .50 a pair, end of summer clearance. there must be some kind of ball type sander bit me thinks.....hmmmm more research. :)
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