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An Omen?
While sitting at the vise last night, a full grown adult yellow stone fly landed on my fly box. I kid you not, this really happened. There is a small creek across the road from me that contains no fis
Digital Fly Journal
I've had several different systems. I've abandoned each in favor of a new one. Ultimately the only system that seems to work for me at this time is to sit down and face my vise.  There's always s
Fun and Humor at the Fly Shop
My old vise I have had for years is wearing out and I don't feel like doing any repairs to it that may only be temporary fixes anyway. So, I visited our local fly shop to purchase a new one. When I wa
Best Tyer Ever?
I wouldn't exclude anyone, and certainly wouldn't require someone to use 100% natural materials, nor would I put in-hand tying is a necessity.  Meghan Boyd used a vise, although she may have star
Fifty Fly Project
As I mentioned during posts in the May/June Flies from the Vise I worked my way through Ian Whitelaws book, The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies.  My daughter gave me the book last Christmas
Video- tying a CDC Spinner/Dun
Lucian, What vise were you using in this video?
Swiss Vise
Nice looking vise. Too many parts for me though.
Dirty Vise Jaws?
Ok guys so I've been noticing that my vise leaves (or strips) some kind of marking and makes the part of the hook that was in the vise look a little dirty/scratched up. Does that affect the hook stren
June Flies From the Vise
Been a while but I haven't been away from the vise. The Real mayfly size 18 and 20s. Also trying my hand at Dave's hopper. I'll get it, hopefully.
Bobbin threader on the run....
while i still have good lungs the old draw method works    or   2X on the GUM threaders.  I find that it hangs nicely on my vise so it doesn't get lost on my bench.  I do
Need help with a fly
If the Adams works but you want to skip the wings, in midges you can just tie an Adams without wings, the fish generally won't know the difference. That's okay except he said an Adams parachute. I
renzetti o-ring and what it does
wow.... seems as if those are known high failure parts, they would fix the design or just include them when you buy the vise... if my vise had that many probable failure points, I think I'd be giving
Renzetti traveler review
Many of you experienced tiers probably have tied on or at least heard of this vise. However I thought Id help show some of the new tiers that might be in the market for a new vise. Some of the pros
RIP Norm Norlander
I am crushed.  I first met Norm back before 1993, at a sports and outdoor show in Salt Lake City.  .  He of course was tying on and demonstrating his Nor-vise.  I was hooked immedi
Marryat International Vise info wanted
Hi, In my quest for a mate of mine for a nice compact traveling vise I stumbled accross a vintage Marryat International vise. Since their reels were really good, I figured this one would be too and bo
My dry fly hackle falls forward as I get closer to the eye of the hook
Try tying your dry flies as parachute patterns - you won't have the hackle falling forward, there is just the post for the wing so you don't have to worry about having even wings, and best of all, t
Cork poppers
Thanks for the kind words guys. forgot and Gnarly too..Ha   Denduke I will watch for the "dig in" when I try it tomorrow. Might need to add changing hook position lower on lip for Rev
May Flies From The Vise
In another thread someone mentioned Kelly Galloup's Found Link. I've had great success fishing Mercer's Missing Link. So I figured I'd go Found also. 22 in the vise. 18,20 and 22 together. Not perfect
Who has the best price on a peak rotary vise
Any ideas on where to get the best price on a peak vise? I'm looking to get a vise and midge jaws Go_rob_go@yahoo
Hair stackers, stainless
Thanks all , I bought a dr. Slick small stacker. I'll get to play with it when it comes. Im sure I could do something with a 22 magnum case. I'm still really new and buying tools, and a vise.
Finally got one
I've been trying to get a turkey with my bow for a while now been a frustrating few seasons, decided I'd give the head loper style broad heads a chance this year. On a related note best ways to pres
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Once again you guys are welcome. Thx for joining. It would be nice to see some pictures posted(when you get around to it)of what you do with Dragon Tail material and some finished poppers. I havent
Any updates on HMH TRN?
I have purchased two TRV's.   Since my last post on the "New" TRV and I have had many hours sitting behind it tying many different type and sizes of flies. I just finished a box full of size 22 m
Homemade vise
Big Nasty by Kevin Howell
Welcome to the site.  Take a picture of your attempt and post it in "April Flies from the Vise", please.
On tube flies?
What system are you using Dave ?   I still have my HMH adapters that worked pretty well but like tube flies and tying them enough that I went ahead and bought an HMH tube vise. I have that for ho
Stonfo Airone Travel Vise
Tim, Couple of questions ? What is the largest hook it can hold ? How is the vise stability with that light base ? Could one spin deer hair on this vise ? Thanks.
WTB: HMH Premium Vise
Hi, Im looking for an HMH Premium Vise that was made by API and came in a wooden box like this picture... Please message me
April Flies From The Vise
Another from the vise of Bill Logan Realistic Wasp Kimo
Using hooks from the mid-90s
If they are the VMC brand, I would at least test one or two by squashing down the barb and see what happens. The ones that I have from an Orvis kit are very brittle. I always crush the barb down in my
New Fine Point Jaws
I don't use them ... not a Norvise owner ... but I can see the "point".   The greater the angle, the more the vise is "out of the way".  Although I don't tie small enough to have problems wi
DIY Shanks
Just started making my own shanks out of 19gauge annealed wire. The first few look a little rough but I am sure they will get better. I haven't tried them yet, will try some on tube flies in the nex
Mouse/Rat Swap
I had kids the right age when that first came on  TV so I saw pieces of a lot of episodes.   Hope pictures show up for this. Am working on a full re-write, update and condensation of Steve's
Law Vise for sale
If you look that member just joined that forum yesterday.First post is to sell a vise for 4K.
de-barbing pliers
I 2nd flytire, $40+ dollars is better spent on material or dinner for that matter. Make a pair out of inexpensive pliers is you want smooth jaws or use your vise.
Mono rigging
Ben,   I see what you mean. But allow me to say that magazines and bloggers need and must write about new methods and gear. BUT that does not mean that you or I need to incorporate those methods.
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
And my set of magic arrived from Mike West. He must not have minded me poking fun at him too much because these the quality flies that come of his vise, plus some other goodies in there. Thanks everyo
OMG over engineered or what!
The tool Mike owns was made in PA and represents, in my mind, a simple and well-engineered alternative to holding a blade in hand.  It's not presently in distribution, but I think the maker has t
Does anybody have, and use, a Herter's Professional Wing Maker?
tctrout:  I can't tell you how many of your videos I have watched and learned from in the past 2 years!  So nice to kinda-sorta meet you!    A little background:  I'm 75 years
Stoping by to say hi
I'm not guessing at the vise.  But I DO like that base, with the fold down legs !!!  And the vise itself is pretty neat.   Welcome to the site, again.
Price:    very recently I looked to replace my every-day winter foul-weather coat/parka/shell.   I've been wearing my gore-tex jacket and fleece liner which I got in the CG pr
Not very common emerger
Lucian,      Every time you post pictures of your flies I am amazed at your talent. Makes me want to throw my vise in the scrap heap, but I will stumble on hoping to improve. Thanks for
Vice problems
Just had another thought, try cleaning the grip surfaces of the jaws; I'd use alcohol or acetone. Some hooks seem to have a varnish that might transfer to the vise.
Best Regal knock-off vise ?
I too was curious about the rationale of getting a regal knockoff when you are used to tying on a quality vise. Another option might be to just get a c-clamp allowing you to set your vise up while o
Magnifing Glasses or Lamp
Normally wear glasses and I was lucky to find a OptiVisor head magnifier with a few sets of lenses at a tag sale. I like the OptiVisor or head worn approach with LED track lights above. Tried a mounte
Atlanta fly tying show
Went there today.  It was north of Atlanta, but close enough.  It was a good show, crowded which is encouraging.  A LOT of boats, a lot of tiers, kinda slow on components.  Althoug
February Flies from the Vise
Some #18  Thread SHOP VACS:     First time back on the vise since September...     PT/TB
Edison Flyfishing Show review
@chuck Might want to check out February Flies from the Vise to get your toes wet. Sounds like a nice event you & now your son put on.
Chenille substitute for Rich's Worm
Kimo has some real nice flies in the January flies from the vise thread that look a lot like that. He said he used a furled dubbing loop I think. Here's a link to one similar.
Trying to find a tool that splits quill barbs evenly
insert a couple of pins/needles into your xacto knife or pin vise set to the width of your wings. general rule of thumb is wings should be 2/3 the gape of the hook  
Musky Fly Swap 2018
What river ya' fishin' there Tom? Upper Mississippi or over on the WI side like the Chippewa? I've had some great days in the past with musky but only on standard tackle. Couple hooked for awhile on t
HMH TRV Edison NJ Show
I started with an LL Bean fly tying kit vise, moved up to a HMH vise (last decade or so used for #20 and small flies), and the last decade plus a Regal vise on my tying desk.   Yesterday at the N
Suggestions for tying Sparkle yarn on bottom of hook curve
So I tied my 5th LaFontaine's Sparkle Deep Sparkle Pupa, and I have just one problem:  what is the secret to tying the Sparkle Emerger Yarn (or any frayed material) on the underside curve of
Synthetic peacock dubbing for bodies....
Pics just posted on March vise thread, much thanks to all
Brittle peacock herl
Besides the good ideas mentioned already you might try the rotary feature of your vise ( assuming you have that) to aid in spiraling the herl forward on the hook. This offers even tension and smooth w
HEY KIMO! It's here, It's here!
It's here, It's here!!! Original maybe early 90s Renzetti Presentation 4000. Pre cam lever, no ball bearings in back half of jaw. It has definitely been exposed to saltwater air - the brass would give
Norvise dubbing technique by Norm
Hi all. Mikechell reminded me of something I should have remembered. Squirrel is very slippery!!. I will continue with a dubbing loop. other than that I enjoy dubbing on this vise.   Bullhead
Brrrrr...! How low can you go?
Well I was hitting the ice on Saturday but the weatherman is calling for a low of 0 with 15 to 20 mph winds gusting to 30. Cancelled the trip to stay home. I will stay home make potato soup instead.
A Curmudgeon Moment
I think I've been a "curmudgeon" since I was about 14.I was in the local BPS Fly Shop the other day and saw many colors of "Sili Worms" from Wapsi. Fine if someone wants to use them, stick a FLY HOOK
Help I.D. ing older vise
Happy New Year's everyone. We were guests today at a New Year's day dinner and the host who is an older man brought out this vise and said it was his grandfather's and did not have any further info on
January Flies from the Vise
Let's see if we can top December's flies from the vise , Happy New Year. [attachment=65557:20171231_223205.jpg] [attachment=65558:20171231_223212.jpg]
Question for any familiar with Renzetti
Andresere, you can also send the vise to get fully restored by Renzetti. If you go to their Facebook page they post pictures all the time of restores they have done. You can also buy the cam jaws and
Bass Pro Shops tools or good starter tool kits
Your in luck! You got a book, a vise, scissors and you have a computer. Your well on your way and only need about 20 more bucks for tools. Don't spend it on a kit. Yes bass pro tools are fine. The di
Promising weather report
With this cold weather coming in I've dragged in some apple wood I've been drying for a couple  of years and am turning out Christmas gifts on my lathe for next year. I've got my kerosene heater
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