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Dyna-King Trekker Vise
Dyna-King Trekker vise for sale.   Rotary vise with pedestal base and standard jaws.  Everything, including jaws in great condition.     $185 + $15 shipping in the US (will sh
Price:    very recently I looked to replace my every-day winter foul-weather coat/parka/shell.   I've been wearing my gore-tex jacket and fleece liner which I got in the CG pr
Not very common emerger
Lucian,      Every time you post pictures of your flies I am amazed at your talent. Makes me want to throw my vise in the scrap heap, but I will stumble on hoping to improve. Thanks for
Vice problems
Just had another thought, try cleaning the grip surfaces of the jaws; I'd use alcohol or acetone. Some hooks seem to have a varnish that might transfer to the vise.
Best Regal knock-off vise ?
I too was curious about the rationale of getting a regal knockoff when you are used to tying on a quality vise. Another option might be to just get a c-clamp allowing you to set your vise up while o
Magnifing Glasses or Lamp
Normally wear glasses and I was lucky to find a OptiVisor head magnifier with a few sets of lenses at a tag sale. I like the OptiVisor or head worn approach with LED track lights above. Tried a mounte
Atlanta fly tying show
Went there today.  It was north of Atlanta, but close enough.  It was a good show, crowded which is encouraging.  A LOT of boats, a lot of tiers, kinda slow on components.  Althoug
February Flies from the Vise
Some #18  Thread SHOP VACS:     First time back on the vise since September...     PT/TB
Edison Flyfishing Show review
@chuck Might want to check out February Flies from the Vise to get your toes wet. Sounds like a nice event you & now your son put on.
Chenille substitute for Rich's Worm
Kimo has some real nice flies in the January flies from the vise thread that look a lot like that. He said he used a furled dubbing loop I think. Here's a link to one similar.
Trying to find a tool that splits quill barbs evenly
insert a couple of pins/needles into your xacto knife or pin vise set to the width of your wings. general rule of thumb is wings should be 2/3 the gape of the hook  
Musky Fly Swap 2018
What river ya' fishin' there Tom? Upper Mississippi or over on the WI side like the Chippewa? I've had some great days in the past with musky but only on standard tackle. Couple hooked for awhile on t
HMH TRV Edison NJ Show
I started with an LL Bean fly tying kit vise, moved up to a HMH vise (last decade or so used for #20 and small flies), and the last decade plus a Regal vise on my tying desk.   Yesterday at the N
Suggestions for tying Sparkle yarn on bottom of hook curve
So I tied my 5th LaFontaine's Sparkle Deep Sparkle Pupa, and I have just one problem:  what is the secret to tying the Sparkle Emerger Yarn (or any frayed material) on the underside curve of
Brittle peacock herl
Besides the good ideas mentioned already you might try the rotary feature of your vise ( assuming you have that) to aid in spiraling the herl forward on the hook. This offers even tension and smooth w
HEY KIMO! It's here, It's here!
It's here, It's here!!! Original maybe early 90s Renzetti Presentation 4000. Pre cam lever, no ball bearings in back half of jaw. It has definitely been exposed to saltwater air - the brass would give
Norvise dubbing technique by Norm
Hi all. Mikechell reminded me of something I should have remembered. Squirrel is very slippery!!. I will continue with a dubbing loop. other than that I enjoy dubbing on this vise.   Bullhead
Brrrrr...! How low can you go?
Well I was hitting the ice on Saturday but the weatherman is calling for a low of 0 with 15 to 20 mph winds gusting to 30. Cancelled the trip to stay home. I will stay home make potato soup instead.
A Curmudgeon Moment
I think I've been a "curmudgeon" since I was about 14.I was in the local BPS Fly Shop the other day and saw many colors of "Sili Worms" from Wapsi. Fine if someone wants to use them, stick a FLY HOOK
Help I.D. ing older vise
Happy New Year's everyone. We were guests today at a New Year's day dinner and the host who is an older man brought out this vise and said it was his grandfather's and did not have any further info on
January Flies from the Vise
Let's see if we can top December's flies from the vise , Happy New Year. [attachment=65557:20171231_223205.jpg] [attachment=65558:20171231_223212.jpg]
Question for any familiar with Renzetti
Andresere, you can also send the vise to get fully restored by Renzetti. If you go to their Facebook page they post pictures all the time of restores they have done. You can also buy the cam jaws and
Bass Pro Shops tools or good starter tool kits
Your in luck! You got a book, a vise, scissors and you have a computer. Your well on your way and only need about 20 more bucks for tools. Don't spend it on a kit. Yes bass pro tools are fine. The di
Promising weather report
With this cold weather coming in I've dragged in some apple wood I've been drying for a couple  of years and am turning out Christmas gifts on my lathe for next year. I've got my kerosene heater
Bobbin Review
I really like my two Nor-Vsie bobbins.  They are slender and light in hand and the ceramic tube lays the tread exactly where you want it.  But, it is the thread tensioner with auto-reverse t
Ekich Bobbin
For Christmas my darling wife gave me an Ekich model S bobbin holder. Upon opening the box, even though the frame is plastic it has a feel of quality and it fit my hand like a glove. It should for $7
Dyna-King vs. Renzetti: Flagship vise comparison
Sounds like both are solid vises.  I have a Master vise and it will stop at any position of rotation.  I don''t know if that's all that helpful, but it's a great vise.  I got it nearly
One of those days
Lol. I had days sitting at the vise when the first fly took forever to finish and looked like crap to boot. On those days I just put the thread down and say "Not today".
Heads Up-Possible Great Deal on new Red-J-Vice #1065
1 bid, still at $450, a steal.   Have not tried every vise but a bunch.  If I tied for a living, i.e. guide, commercial, dabbler but selling;  This is the first one I would buy because
Tye v Tie
A fly tyer who buys a LAW vise buoys a tier vice. And, is lucky to find one and financially successful or knows a banker- that "ties flies." But let's not go down the Law Vice road, on this thread...
Time to fix a stupid choice!
Go to the "fly off the vise" thread ...     January Flies from the Vise   ... and post up some pictures of the flies you've tied, please.
Its Popper Time again
Looking good Mike. Enjoying your time at the vise is what it's all about. Like Paul Masson's motto  "We will sell no wine before its time."
TGIF-Need a great Bloody Mary recipe
Even if I drank mixed drinks ... I couldn't do a Bloody Mary.  From the recipes I am seeing, it has all the things I don't like. I don't like tomato juice.   If it burns my tongue with hot s
New fly of the week is up
Sorry it's a couple days late, this past week has been a busy one. This is one of my all time favorite trout flies. Not sure the actual name of it but I've always called it the d-rib caddis. Super eas
Stonfo Dubbing Brush Machine
I use one and yes, you can use it for making larger dubbing brushes.  It's not a bad setup and does the job.  What's nice is the tray drops out so you can spin the material freely.  It'
December flies from the Vise
Trying that light blue background. As per usual you all keep the tying flame burning. Have a happy New Year everyone. I'm looking forward to January flies from the vise.
First try in years
I'll fish it if you don't want to, welcome back to the vise!
Sculpin Imitation
This is a sculpin tied by a local fly fisherman that he uses to catch book trout in the GSMNP. Does anyone tie a version of the sculpin? If so, what is your recipe? Notice that it uses a "mini sculpin
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
There have been a lot of reccomenditions here. Cabela's, Bass Pro, Orvis, they all sell kits.   When I started tying I bought a tying kit at Meijers. Yes, like some will argue, the tools and mate
Long awaited return
Good to be back. Dusting off the vise this weekend... I can't wait to see how bad I am.. LOL
Renzetti Traveler Vice Jaws Composition
I have a traveler vise. I replaced the jaws once due to an accidental breaking. Wasnt a big deal. They did not appear to be machined metal. My vise was knocked off the table by a house sitter. Ca
Remnzetti Traveler - Small & Curved Hook Advice
Thanks phg for getting back,... do you have the vise rotated a little towards you off center to get that view, or do you tie straight on with your hands and the hook at eye level? My avitar is me
Rotary functionality - Regal Revolution vs Renzetti
the revolution appears to have no vise head adjustability in the vertical position as opposed to the renzetti which has 3 positioning holes in the vise head   i would say the only positioning on
How many fly fishermen ARE NOT fly tiers?
Most of the people I know that fly fish tie at least some of their flies.  My niece and her husband fly fish and don't tie their own flies. They've sent me some materials over the last couple of
Regal Vice
Looking for a Regal vise if someone has one they are trying to sell, I may be interested. Found one :)
Newbie from TN
Welcome from Indiana. I also suggest you start out with a cheaper vise. If you do not like tying you can than donate the vise to a new tyer or your local Project Healing Waters and not really have to
HMH TVR tying vise.....
Not all that concerned with how the jaws look on the's the inside that concerns me.  If the vise holds the hook, the rest is eye-candy....well, not all the rest, but I'd be concerned
HMH Rotary vise
Its available as of Friday.  Got an invite to call for one of the first 100 on Friday, from Jon at HMH, but I won't be ordering one.  The price isn't stellar compared to say the Renzetti Mas
Howdy from TX
Hi everyone...greetings from Southwest TX.  I'm an avid fly fisherman, backpacker and aspiring fly tyer. I just recently picked up a used Regal vise and I'm getting my feet wet with size 20-
Stonfo Kaiman Vise Review
The largest I tie is 1/0 and I do tie 32. With out a doubt it will hold the hooks I use.   It spins easily, with it in the inline position you could dub similar to what has been shown on a Nor-Vi
The Texas Midge
What happened to your thread is you didn't use a bobbin rest when you utilize the rotary feature of your vise. You could buy one if you don't own one or fabricate one out of a large sized paper clip,
Grassett's Flats Minnow SBS
  Basic Bendback stuff; generic flats food.  Change colors/size to suit your needs.   hook - Mustad 3407 #2 thread - Danville flat wax chartreuse body - Estaz olive underwing - bucktai
Regal Revolution question
It's a nice vise though. You'll spend a lot of great on it. Enjoy the nice piece of equipment.
3/8 vise inserts
Looking for some sources for 3/8 vise inserts and/or vise risers to make some bases as holiday gifts. Other than Peak, are there suggestions that anyone may have. Thanks for the help.
WTB Finger Vise   I h
DIY Dubbing Brush?
Yeah, I'm with Bimini, have you tried either of those techniques yet?  It might be helpful  to know why you ask.   Personally, I use wax for particularly slippery materials in dubbing l
Regal Revolution Vise with Big Game Jaws
I'm surprised this hasn't gone already. Best you can do on a Revolution and a pocket pedestal is $450.00. This is a good price on a popular vise.
Micro fur strips -- How to?
Make your own cutter. It's super easy!!   All you need is double edge razor blades, some washers for spacers and a coupe of small bolts with hex nuts. If you us
A couple of tool ideas that might help
I use a magnetic sheet fro a craft store with a non glare yellow plastic surface under my vise to keep metal objects from going into space and absorbing some of the bright overhead light.   You c
Howdy everybody
I was googling some stuff for fly fishing and this site came up. I'm recently getting back in to fly fishing after about a 10 year break. I grew up in Southern Idaho and spent a lot of time on the for
Favorite UV Resin?
superiorflies   you did nothing wrong thus no need to aplogize. a lot of newbies to the forum do the same thing. no forum commandments were broken.   its always good to use the search functi
November Flies from the Vise
Kimo ... You just keep getting better.   But, I have a request.  Can you do a picture of several of your latest, with scale.  I am not good at estimating the vise jaws.  Say, a dim
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
Thank's Mr Shooter...   Time at the Jvise and time onthewater well spent...
Great vise wademan . Hope u enjoy many hrs with it.
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