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Tying the International Hopper by Davie McPhail

The Ray Bergman Collection - 5) Admiral

Kelly Galloup's Articulated Boogie Man- by Brian Wise

Ray Bergman Collection - 178) Jay Blue

Freehand Tying by Al & Gretchen Beatty

Olive Pheasant Tail Upright Nymph by Davie McPhail

North Carolina

Reel for winter steelheading
As Dave G. stated in an earlier post ... appropriate lubrication is a must, too.  I don't know about drags freezing up, as I don't use the reel to bring a fish in ... and I NEVER intentionally pu
radar detector
You should see how things are here with driving. Recently the North Coast 500 tourist rout opened. A popular motoring programs presenters only went and raced around it! Now every petrol head thinks he
where were you on 9/11/2001...
I remember that evening at work I was outside talking to a supervisor during break. He said people didn't know where President Bush was. All they knew was he wasn't in DC. About that time something ca
Simple Hare's Ear jig - Thanks to flytire
I was the lucky recipient of flytire's generous hook give-away. Already putting them to good use tying up some hares ear jigs to throw in North Georgia in a few weeks. Thanks again, flytire
Hurricane Florence
I apologize for my previous, optimistic, comment. Any of you even NEAR the Carolina's or Virginia ... hunker down and be safe !!!
September Flies From the Vise
thank you but i wasnt asking for a critique on the fly name (probably shoud have been more clearer) glad thats cleared up   i already knew the name of the fly and its variations   i have wat
Nice long day on the river
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  The only thing I miss from "up North" are the wade-able rivers.  Nothing remotely like it here. There are a couple of sand bottomed creeks that c
Bully Bluegill
The bully bluegill fly seems too simple to catch fish.  However that is far from the case.  This fly catches fish, and catches them well.  In fact, it could be considered one of the bes
Guadelupe River with a 3wt...
I took a trip to San Antonio, TX and brought my travel 3wt rod with me because I just can't go anywhere without a fly rod in hand.  The river I was fishing was the Guadelupe river, just north of
Fly Fishing the Surf in Central Florida
Which coast  (that'll really make a difference...) and when?   If you were down south I'd say get on the water before dawn (or maybe an hour before dark...) then work small (and not so small
Hardest fighting freshwater fish?
Pound for pound in fresh water(I'm in North Eastern US) it's gotta be a bluegill or other sunfish. The tall body gives them so much resistance in the water for their size. They're almost permit shaped
With Kids Spring Winter And Summer at City Park New Orleans
Every time I've fished the lakes and channels in New Orleans, I've caught tons of Rio Grand (or Texas) Cichlids.  It's the only North American cichlid ... but considered an invasive species in NO
Favorite Brookie Patterns
Just wondering what everyone's favorite brook trout pattern/rig is.   The river I fish is the north branch of the Embarrass river in Wisconsin (Flow is about 200 CFS, and about 3 feet deep on ave
Boca Surf
The area is not known for saltwater fly fishing opportunities on foot. A boat would open many other possibilities on that front. Best fly fishing bet is freshwater. If you can drive, I would suggest t
Nymph Fishing Rods
I have thought the reason for 'high stick' was to keep a tight line and eliminate the bobber? The jig and bobber fishers I see have lots of slack line as a rule. To me the smallest bobber is still a
Spin rod gift
Just finished up this 6'7" 2pc 8-12lb Spin rod as a gift for a friend. Neighbor up North keeps an eye on our cabin for us while we are not there so figured I'd build him this spin rod and surprised hi
Trip to Grand Tetons & Yellowstone in September 2018
In June one Yellowstone trip and early Sept the other trip and both times saw snow in the high places, might want to carry a jacket, When we lived in Id. the mountain nearby always got fresh snow the
Rain please, PLEASE NOW!
Here in the north of Scotland we have been having a bit of a dry spell. Well more than a bit. We haven't had significant rain since at least April. This has had a few undesirable effects. The rivers a
Yellar Hammer Wet Fly
I'm extremely familiar with this pattern!Grew up on the Smokies and fished it quite often.Ive always subbed using a bit of yellow shlappen.You can also use pheasant as well but you'll have to dye it.I
Flycraft Stealth Inflatable Boat
There are several options available.  I have a frameless inflatable from North Fork Outdoors.  Mine is the older Predator that doesn't have as nice a seating system and weighs in at about 18
Best Tyer Ever?
So many excellent tiers that I could not pick just one.  Most influential for my tying are Harry and Elsie Darbee, Vince Marinaro, Dick Talleur, and John Barr.  I would also like to add Sylv
Wulff swap
Somebody tied a "Virginia wulff" in a swap once, that was a nice variant I've used, lost, and only remember orange floss Anybody know what I'm babbling about?I think I saw that mentioned in a swap fr
Smallmouth time, my favorite
Had a nice float down the Flat River, a great smallmouth river in West Michigan. Caught bass steadily all day long, most in the 12-14" range. Since the river is so broad and the current mostly gentle,
Bug Buffet
Nice pictures.  I've ran into those microcaddis.  One of the first times I went fly fishing on the local wild trout streams.   I was all set with what I thought were the right flie
best flies for small lake in late summer
I'll disagree with Mike on water temperatures on Canadian Lakes in the summer.  I've gone to a lake in Northern Ontario, 8 hour drive north of Toronto, mainly in mid to late July and seldom has t
Bushcraft and self reliance
North Central Indiana.  Not exactly the "wilds" ... but there were areas where you could go a day without crossing another human's path, if you so desired.  Get to the middle of those areas
Any news on the creature?
Yeah, FB; Carolina dogs are nicknamed "American dingoes." They strongly resemble each other physically, but there's no genetic connection. My guess is that dogs who fend for themselves have evolved in
Places to find Good Bucktail?
There are adequate bucktails and really great bucktails. I think northern whitetail are the best and would check out those places in the north recommended. Also, remember that the fur down close to th
The Golden Missile
Nice pattern and video. I found the following to be interesting starting at page 5. "17-year periodical cicadas of eastern North America." 17-year ci
Bull Reds
If I were to guess... I'd figure he did it the way Kenny Bittner did years ago with monster goliath grouper (well over 300lbs) taken on very, very light gear....  He'd tow one slowly to the marin
Headed to Gettysburg from WV...suggestions?
The Yellow Breeches is about 3/4 of an hour north of Gettysburg.   ddb
Tampa Fl Area
You'd be 2-3 hours north of me too. I certainly could take y'all out on Okeechobee for bass and big bluegill.  Or, I have many bank fishing spots loaded with aggresive cichlids if you wanted to d
Just got off the phone with Sage...Grrrr
Out of curiosity and because rods should not be green, I searched a bit, searched "black fly rod blanks"..and these folks all had some; American Tackle (Mudhole & Anglers Workshop & Janns)) Ho
Sheep Fly
Hey John; hope all is well with you. I haven't gotten out much the past couple of years, but that's about to change. They're getting some reds right now in the 30-50 pound range, and I've heard of som
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
After spawning out the big fish head north following their stomachs and all the baitfish they keep finding.  A few years back I had a customer up in Virginia that asked for a few big black Tarpon
Paint Creek today
Yeah it's a nice thing to have here in SE Michigan for an urban fishery. It's nice to be able to drive a short 15 minutes and fish for trout in a setting that makes you forget you are surrounded by ci
May Flies From The Vise
Far cry from my size 30 this is a size 5/0 streamer bound to south Carolina after I do 3 more. Also known as my bar flies cause I'm at local bar lol.
Any other Michiganders doing the Trout Opener this weekend?
Mike, I haven't heard anyone say "purt' near" since I lived in Missourah!  Living up north, you can almost forget how to talk right. :-D
Some ficus bonsai work
Weeds = devil's spawn ... I don't see any real argument against that logic.  Along with all the "ground cover" weeds you have up north, we have a few that are temperate to tropical only.   O
Back on the river today
The section of the Clinton river I fish is actually the better section for steelhead in that river, the thing is it doesn't get a large run of them like our rivers up North. It's one of those rivers w
Anyone Fish Out of a Float Tube
Since '92 ... wading and tubing Florida.  Did some North Carolina and around Houston, TX, too.   I've had 'gators swim after my top water lures, but never got closer than 6 to 10 feet away.
9' 7wt 3pc
its been a tough couple weeks, I don't mean to make this sound like a fishing report, but we have had 20-30 mph winds and way below normal temps on and off for 2-3 weeks. so the new rod didn't see a
Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot
Holy smoke!  I had no idea about the diversity of opinions concerning new fly fishers, guides, pics, etc.  I am a new fly guy, so I assume I may be viewed as a challenge to the sport or as a
Western NC help
You didn't say when you would be there.... It does make a difference.   Davidson R is a favorite.  It has several miles of "fly fishing only" as well as hatchery supported fishing at the low
Global warming?
Fisherboy & Dflanagan, This is a normal winter up here. It's just wearing a bit thin. I don't understand why these "Climate scientists" can call this climate change/global warming when we only hav
White River out of Beaver Lake
20 miles and 30 minutes north of Beaver Dam is Mo state trout park and hatchery which might save the day if the Army is generating.   https:
Squamish in Spring
Fished the Squamish several times in spring for C&R steelhead, but never in our fall.  Its about 45 minutes north of Vancouver.  Used the guides at Whistler Fly Fishing and found them to
Astronomy ... gravitational waves
Mike, I have had two UFO experiences up north over the years. No, I wasn't abducted, nor did my vehicle shut off, and yes, for one of them there was three other witnesses in agreement with what we saw
Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 11-18 March
... fly line you don't mind losing (another of those "ask me how I know" propositions....). I haven't fished salt water for a very long time, but I do remember catching sharks off the North Caroli
Broiled Trout Recipe
I just finished a large breakfast souffle but looking at your picture I just drooled on the keyboard. Back in the days when I believed in  "selective harvest", which to me meant if it selected my
Hello from Fort Worth
My name is Lee, I am a high school speech teacher in Fort Worth, I also tie custom flies.  I grew up in North Alabama where fly fishing was laughed at for the most part but now is coming around.&
de-barbing pliers
  Most states allow the bump after a lightly mashing down of the barb. The only State I've fished that required barb-less was California.  (Not saying other States don't require it, I'
Eleven Mile Canyon - Snow!
I agree, rod action had to do with it.     I brought that rod thinking I would nymph the whole time with small flies.  Its the rod I use on the San Juan when fishing size 24-28 hooks.
Biscayne nights on the fly, 27 February, 2018
We fished nights this past weekend - on Saturday with Jonathan Wexler from Denver and on Sunday with James Warren from Bozeman, Montana - and it was on....   We only used fly fishing gear both ni
Spawning season
I think it's true. Water temps and lunar cycles play a major factor as to when the waves of fish move in and out. However, in areas farther north with a "real" season change, the windows of opportunit
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
August isn't the best month for fishing, but I don't think it's as bad as you currently fear.  I fish plenty in NH during the month of August.  Like many places, you will have better luck ea
9th Annual Opening Day Swap
Thanks for posting the photos. I used my fly this weekend in the North Toe River with two split shot as the bottom of two flies. Caddis are a big deal in a lot of NC streams. 
Spring has Sprung [finally] in Eastern Carolina... [URL=][/URL]
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
I've never fished for tarpon or tied tarpon flies (not a lot of them swimming around in North Texas), but actually have something to add to this thread. In his book 101 Favorite Saltwater Flies, Dave
Rivers to salt
Welcome to the site.  I hope you can post some pictures of this new phase in your fishing.   Just one question ... " logged every fish I've caught since the age of 14" and "somewhe
Atlanta fly tying show
Went there today.  It was north of Atlanta, but close enough.  It was a good show, crowded which is encouraging.  A LOT of boats, a lot of tiers, kinda slow on components.  Althoug
Connecticut Fly Fisherman Association Expo
Small one day expo, I have always enjoyed it, good group, if you are local to CT and have nothing planned for Saturday.       Saturday, February 3 CFFA Expo & Banquet featuring Jen
February Flies from the Vise
Couple more GP, nice ties. I'm headed north this week,plan on trying Masemore and the boulder field. Any suggestions on what to bring? I've tied a bunch of PTN, smalll black stones, and griffith's gna
Trolling Flies
I've trolled many many times with full sink line, especially towards evening when the fish are more looking up or are actually on top or in the film. Also very effective for slower fish is drifting wi
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