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North Carolina

The fly fishing forum
Nope:     The North American Fly Fishing Forum is under going maintenance and upgrade.  We apologise for the inconvenience. Open again 21 November.     PT/TB
Whiting hen cape
Just checked ebay and I'm going to revise my price for a decent partridge skin.  Looks like the good ones are going for north of $30.  Seems like the nice skins are harder to come by lately.
Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I live in North Texas (Erath County and work in Weatherford) and am going to East Texas for the weekend before Thanksgiving to stay at the in-laws by lake Palestine.  I fish in the Brazos below P
Eccentric weight - nymph
I'm thinking of making up a Carolina Ticker Nymph using a streamer hook out of these:         These show promise also:         Come to think of it, I could pr
Destin, FL and environs in December/January?
I'm from Central Florida.  I don't go that far North.  Destin ... it gets cold there.  Why, I've heard they even get <shiver> FROST on the windshield sometimes !!!
Howdy everybody
I was googling some stuff for fly fishing and this site came up. I'm recently getting back in to fly fishing after about a 10 year break. I grew up in Southern Idaho and spent a lot of time on the for
My Private Lake fishing report...!!!
So my brother who I havent seen in about 7-8years comes out to go Bass fishing with me in Texas for his birthday on a private lake Ive been trying to get on for close to two years... I use to belong t
November Flies from the Vise
Tying for a Casting Carolina function on 11/14. Georgetown SC bass lake.
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
Snowing here, all in all, I think I would rather be in Eastern Carolina about now.
Everglades backcountry, 21-23 October
As far as I've been able to tell, over the last 26 years, cold fronts don't really affect the fishing.   Up north, the bite picks up just before and shuts down during and after a cold front. Here
Show Us Your Tube Flies
[quote name="fshng2" post="708679" timestamp="1508903290"][quote name="Noahguide" post="708670" timestamp="1508894176"] Very early attempt. Bucktail wings over wrapped tinsel body with uv head. Tube
YLI Silk thread keeps breaking while wrapping hook
I have several spools of YLI 100 silk thread. After I read your post, I spun and packed 4 clumps of deer hair with it. It broke one time between packing and starting to spin the next clump, probably b
Late 2017 Euro style / Nymphs Swap
Have fun.   After looking through a few of the options I could probably have done something for this one.   Kev,  if you have room for one more, and you are happy to accept paypal I wou
International Fly Tying Symposium 2017
I'll be there on Saturday for certain, and probably Sunday. I'm really interested in hearing Robert Smith's talk, and plus, Collins Hackle will be there so I won't need to drive all the way to North J
saltwater bugs for the 'glades
Found myself adding a bit to two different threads (on two different sites) in the last few days that might be of interest to folks on this board...   The first is about patterns for this time of
Carrie Stevens style
Tied for and given to the participant I was paired with at Casting Carolina's retreat in Georgetown SC today.
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous - A Gathering of Tyers
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous    Co-Sponsored by the Gulf Coast and Texas Councils - FFI                         &
In case you're unawares -
(this is a spin-off of flytire's post about the smoker at the gas station)   Most of you chaps probably know this but just in case.....   Long ago, I had gotten my first truck and of course,
Fishing Private Land on the San Juan!
The San Juan River is one of the most popular and productive river in the United States.  Possibly the world.  Located in North West New Mexico, in the middle of a desert, this tailwater is
Any snake ID out there?
Denduke's picture is true in North America, except for the Coral Snake.  The Coral Snake does not have pits or elliptical pupils.   The pupils and pits are indicators of Pit Vipers, which al
Start thinking Christmas Swap
Cut off for sign up is Nov. 17th to have flies here by Nov. 24th. Welcome to the Secret Santa Swap 2017! The object of this swap is that you send me your flies
The Beach 9-30
Is that what it looks like going north from the Blind Pass parking lot on Manasota Key ? Did the storm uncover more structure to fish ?
What can I use for soft-hackle fly silk bodies?
Semperfli have a range of silks based on the colour chart in a first edition of Pritt's North Country Flies. I don't know if anyone stocks them your side of the pond, but here's a link to the UK page
What flies to start with?
Initially, I thought that's a big area, but throw traffic into the mix, maybe as far north as Princeton, east to the shore, south to near Millville.  Lots of lakes and streams to fish.  By "
medium vs fast action
My brother worked in the coffee industry for a few years roasted beans and all that, a client brought in door cat poop coffee for him, he said it was ok but nothing special. I went back to old fas
Ordering online
Of the few responses I have read I see some of the same things I have expierenced. Go to a local shop and they don't have what I need. So if I need it right away, it's what can I substitute. Oh crap,
tiny fly questions
Small dry flies? Two words,  Davidson River. In North Carolina there is a trout hatchery about Brevard on the Davidson. I routinely fish 26 and 28 sized dry flies. There are many trout over 20 in
Stay Safe
Yep same here, everything is gone so hopefully you got what you need before. Also, make sure to check on your neighbors especially the elderly ones or the ones you know might need help. You could just
Hurricane Irma
Wish all of you well and I hope Irma tracks north and east out to sea. Please take this one seriously and prepare or evacuate . I have been thru a few up north in New England growing up and provided h
Wading the Animas river
Evidently the flows were strong enough and the spill short enough to not really affect the river very badly Not that I'd eat much less keep anything from there. I fished it last August, wade and flo
Thousands of 10-pound Atlantic salmon were accidentally released
blah blah blah.    Turns out even the ecosystem-destroying northern snakehead is having next to no quantifiable impact in the waterways it is inhabiting- tidal reaches of the Potomac, e
OT Eclipse viewing
Well i (and my brother) drove about 350 miles North to Glendo WY Sunday night. Left about 11pm And got there about 3:30AM. Seeing shadows of leaves on the side walk looking like about 30-40 little par
Another Customer Service Thread. Want to bet?
Amazon is a large employer of quality full time jobs in North Carolina. Walmart suck weasel turds off the side of the road. One Charlotte store Jesse Brown's is horrendously poor. I stopped shopping t
Gunnison River, Colorado
Yeah, I heard the north gunnison was good as well, however that was a bit of a drive from that camp site.  So I fished close to home per say...  Glad you liked the video, and seriously bring
Any float-tubers out there?
I'd recommend you move up to a pontoon.  North Fork's frameless pontoons work great, and take up little storage space (a bit pricy, though.)  On a pontoon, you sit up off the water, and ther
Trouble with foam bodied spiders
Thank guys I think I have a handle on it now. Retrocarp What part of Australia you from? back in 02 I got to spend 3 months in west Australia at a town called Roelands near Bunbury. I hooked up with
Feedback on Micro skagit heads / commando please
I have been casting and experimenting with the OPST and RIO Skagit Trout lines since their introduction.   Have the OPST in a set up to 350gr and all of the RIO Skagit Trout lines as well as Skag
Fly tyer back from hiatus
philly, I'm on rt. 611 a few miles north of Easton.  I don't remember much about the Virtual Fly Box...I thought it was part of the forum section of the Fly Fisherman magazine website. What
Project Healing waters
I work with the North Texas and Oklahoma PHW, and it can take a while to hear back from the local coordinators due to the amount of work that they do.  What part of the US are you in?   Blan
Info for fishing Wisconsin
Contact these folks. They have a handle on pretty much all of that area.   Lund's Fly Shop 102 North Main Street River Falls, WI 54022 715-425-2415
Maggie valley Trip report.
That is a heck of a nice brookie. How do you know it's stocked? Is that the only brookies in the stream? I don't see any clipped fins the way you're holding it and up north they'd clip a fin, usually
I'm Back !!!!!
You have given me an idea poopdeck. I wade these days with a staff myself. I never thought of carving some, it's not like I don''t have the time . I may just give it a try if it's alright with yo
is tenkara catching on?
 I have too much money invested in Sage rods to drop a couple of hundred dollars to buy such a simple get up. My chief problem with it is simply that it's too much like fly fishing I already
Prestine mountain lake and lots of trout
Haviland Lake is a beautiful small lake up north of Durango Colorado.  You can kayak, swim, and camp at the lake.  While you can catch fish off the shore, having a boat really improves your
howdy all
Just a fish pic I wanted to share of a 47lb king on my 9 weight back a few years ago. ) caught char, grayling, rainbows, dollys, pike and 2 hangovers on that trip,  also 11 mosquito bites in
Sparkle Clouser
Im definately with ya when it comes to the closers effectiveness, got alot of respect for the pattern for that reason. Truth be told I've barely fished anything back home this season but I'm planning
Redeye Bass = patterns and info.
I've only had a chance to fish for them once when I was hiking in East Tennessee back in the late 70's long before I took up fly fishing.  I caught a few using small Rapalas.  Thought I was
Group gathering...Tying...Fishing...Friendship
Has there ever been an attempt to put together a gathering of people from the board to get together at a central location where we'd have a room to tie and swap flies and stories in the evening and a
Second trout trip. Maggie Valley NC.
Back in the 80's, while I was stationed in North Carolina, I made a couple of trips to the Maggie Valley area.  I was fishing top water poppers, almost exclusively, back then. It wasn't trout I w
Fly Tyer's Dungeon
Got it, feathers.  Vicente answered, but I'll add my understanding. I now live in Florida.  I was born and raised in Indiana.  I've been all over the world. Based on my experiences, fis
Warm water tying season musky fly and some bait fish
Oh dem perches. Sure would have like to have them up north where a large majority of walleye diet is perch (the ones in the walleye family, not the sunfish called perch here in OK).
I'll throw in my two (very humble) bits...   Tenkara is a form of fly fishing.  Fishing with a standard "fly rod" with a fly on the end is a form of fly fishing.  Fishing with a simple
June Flies from the Vise
      A couple of classics that is heading north :)
Nice Au Sable pike on the fly
Avoided all the crazies this holiday weekend and headed North for a couple days mid week to get some work done on the cabin. I can never go near the Au Sable without sneaking in some fishing so after
New Tying Bench
Logansport  ... more "central" than "north".
Giant Carp on 5wt!
Nice carp!  As I've said before, it's one of the few things I miss from "up North".  Common Carp don't live here. Thank you Mike...   Where up north do you live?  I thought car
Had shelter party last night, maybe again tonight
 Last night we had 8 people in my storm shelter waiting for sirens that never went off in our town. Went down there so we didn't have to race out in rain like we did a few months ago. Last night
Getting Crabby Swap
Thanks Salty. definitely a pattern to cast at sighted fish.  But glad you got it wet.   Looking forward to feedback from you salties in the north.  They are a fantastic fly for the flat
Day at the beach. South Fl.
    Post up how your trip works out.  Me, this time of year we're usually working in a cloud of mosquitoes down in the Glades - at least that's where I was yesterday....   Will
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
Just wanted to let you all know that the flies are in the mail. Thanks to everyone for participating. The flies all turned out very nice. Even the "Snake Doctor" which is what we call dragon flies (or
Fish Car Project, part 1
So I'm going on a little adventure this summer--one of my sons is attending a science/engineering camp at Michigan Tech University, which just happens to be way up north in the beautiful, largely unsp
Koi Fly Recommendations
My Dad worked trains pulled by an E-4 Hudson, like your avatar, FRn.  At least, as long as it was in service.[attachment=62749:7002SteamEngineFile_500p.jpg] Having difficulties with avatars....
Log Jumping Wit ha Thai Longtail
Reminds me of my old woods car up north. Used to love taking people from the cities out on the logging trails and look for the biggest rocks sticking that usually had a path around. I'd barrel into th
ice out brookies help
I am looking for suggestions for flies for lake brook trout in stocked lakes in central ontario.  North Bay area.  Ice left apr. 21.  water temp. about 3 deg. celsius 37 deg. F.  &
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