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Northern Pike

Some time on the river
Quite a day today on the river. Fished from about 3pm till well after dark. I guess the river doesn't know I am trout fishing because I'm catching everything but trout so far. Not complaining though,
Extra large Wulff patterns
I'm going to fish some remote, fast moving rivers in northern British Columbia this summer and want to tie some over sized Wulff patterns. I'm talking size 8! Those big white wings are very visible, e
Looking for panfish ideas
For surface flies, I use Bivisibles in a variety of colors.  I make them with white fronts and the back 3/4 of the fly is brown, black, olive, grey or variegated ginger.  Sometimes I tie in
Vallecito Lake in early Spring
Well lake fishing from the shore is never easy, but it can surprise you!   Its always better to have a boat or canoe but, there are good fish to be had when fly fishing from the shore.  I fi
Fly nameing
I tie a streamer that works really well for trout in Northern Michigan rivers. I've never seen one for sale, but, because it's basically a hybrid of two very well-known established patterns (the Wooll
Back on the river today
Spent 4 hours searching for steelhead today. The only thing that came out to play was the ever elusive great Northern Ghetto Trout! ;) Can't complain though, fish or not there's no better way to spen
ep fibers substitute
I just spent some time at the craft store, now that I read this I might have to go back and check out the macrame cord. I remember the Aztec. I tied a few and don't remember the fibers tangling, but I
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Okay, okay, I'll do it. Top, middle and bottom. Half sized for the bait and half sized for the fish that eat the bait. That about right? No tags needed unless you bring enough for everybody and deer h
For $150 you can get everything you need to get started and then some. My advice would be to spend most of your budget on two items: the vise and good fly tying scissors.     For t
Demo/ Test Flies
Mike and Mike, my all time favorite way to fish bass, with the occasional big cat, northern pike, or unwanted dogfish showing up is flipping and pitching the tulies, cattails, lily pads, and heavy cov
Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot
Michael, Michael, you best never come to MN for walleye opener.  You'd be sure to have a lot of barbed hooks in your cheeks. See, in MN (unless it's changed) the walleye and northern open two wee
I have an Orvis Depth Charge on my 6 wgt.  I used it a lot up in Ontario when fishing for smallmouth and pike.  I normally cast and retrieve with it.  A couple of times I've used while
April Flies From The Vise
These are tied from extra pieces of material that I received in the mop piece swap.  Can't remember what it's called, maybe someone in the swap can refresh my memory.  Figure it would make a
White River out of Beaver Lake
Lots of talk over the years (and recently) about the White River out of Bull Shoals Lake and the Norfork out of Norfork Lake but have seen little to nothing about the White where it comes out of Beave
Casting with tippet rings/swivels
In MN it is legal to use up to 3 flies on a flyrod only. I often used a trace of wet flies while panfishing the lakes around our summer camper on seasonal lake lot. Fishing from docks it was surprisin
Leaders for large Streamers
Really depends on what sort of (size) streamers you are casting, as well as if you're talking trout, or bass or something with teeth like pike. So hard to give accurate suggestions without more info.
"PURPLE HEART NYMPH" benifit fly for Project Healing Waters
This is the purple heart nymph. I am doing 100 of these to raise money for an event at Kettle Creek in Northern PA for Wounded Veterans. I'm also giving some of these to veterans who have received the
March Flies From The Vise
Vicente: Nice tie!  I'll have to try some like that for pike. Did you put glue under the rabbit to make it stay straight for a bit? Thanks for sharing
Favorite hair for Elk Hair Caddis?
I use a few types but it seems my most productive one I tie with dark deer hair I preserve myself from hunting, usually from the back of the neck on a winter coat of a Northern PA whitetail
Spawning season
I've caught fish off beds and released them and they go right back to the bed. What always bothered me was the tournaments that favor spawning seasons in order to have the big weigh-ins for the camera
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I didn't think "northern" new england started until you hit the Aroostook County line.....
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
Thanks Mike I have been admiring your flies for years and am excited to having won it. I hope to be able to report my results with it later in the summer. Right now it's snowing again, so it's going
Catfish on the fly
I've caught several on a fly, but I wasn't targeting them.  Fishing for sunfish, as usual, and caught a catfish. The only constant among them, they all took a bottom bouncing presentation. 
pike fly fishing
Pike fly fishing [video][/video]
looking for user reviews (vest vs. sling pack)
If you want a pack, you want a pack and you seem to be settled on one, but if you want a vest, I bought this one last year and it will hold about 12-15 fly boxes, two spare reels and has room for your
Little work on the site
Steve,   Being ignorant of what it takes to make such change Ia m reluctant to make waves.    Applauding your cleanup start, I'd also propose the general idea of getting finer granulari
9ft 9wt 4pc IM8 custom
9ft 9wt 4pc IM8 custom rod for pike & bass just out of the drying cabinet this morning. This one has a braided seat with wood insert, burl corks grip & butt, dual stripper guides, snake runnin
Pike/Muskie leader questions
My buddies guide for big pike in northern Saskatchewan. Their leaders are 4' flexible mono, 2' of plastic wire connected with a Allbright knot. That figure 8 knot the bug on. I modify with a small hd
Mono Eyes
Eyes are always fun - or not, depending on whether you simply buy them - or make them (or paint them - then bake them the way I do with Wapsi's presentation lead eyes..)   A few years back I disc
Fly Tyer's Dungeon- Thoughts?
bass, pike musky with congo hair
Rivers to salt
Hi - I live and fish in New York state.. spring is trout in creeks, summer is smallmouth in rivers and lakes, and in the fall - salmon and steelhead in the tributaries. I mostly flyfish all the above,
February Flies from the Vise
Bimini,      Looks like a pike killer.
Bugger swap #2
Got mine picked up today. Great set of buggers. I especially like to see that others are going in the direction of purple flies. I've been a purple thrower for years with conventional gear and now am
Musky Fly Swap 2018
I need storage ideas for all of my big flies, trout, pike and musky especially. What do you use at home and on the water?     Kevin
Trolling Flies
Anyone have any experience trolling flies? Have a trip booked for July to a fishing lodge in Northern Manitoba. I've been there the last few summers but this year I want to try fly fishing the majo
Big stuff
If those bugs don't catch you fish in Florida please come see me in Saskatchewan Canada and I'Lloyd take you fishing for perch, walleye and pike if you share some with me! Great bugs!
SGF article on the cold snap and snook
Good write up. We had a pretty big fish kill up our way, some places 100's of dead snook reported. On the other hand, these tended to be places that were traditionally out of snook's normal range befo
How much does a large muskie fly weigh when wet?
Here's my thoughts on two items that have come up. First ... practice weights.  I can only relate this to weapons training.  You always, and I mean ALWAYS train with heavier weights than you
Question about hens and rosters.
That big fl. green and white bug in the photo is actually a variant of one of my signature patterns with Umpqua Feather Merchants - it's the Tarpon Snake - and anglers world-wide have been catching fi
A Curmudgeon Moment
Beads, cones, Clousers and jig heads are all equivalent to me and they work, very well some times. So does a 5" Garden Hackle.   The state I used to live in said "fly fishing" had to be done with
January Flies from the Vise
free tail pike fly
What is in this body?
According to Feather Craft it's "Estaz-Metallique Long Fiber Crystal Chenille"  I use it for the body of some of my pike flies and Calcasieu Pig Boats.
Jig Swap
Let's do this. OK crappies are not that far away from grouping up in the warmer northern bays. For crappies it's first food, then sex, For me it's first food (fried crappie) then a nap.
IPone camera...
Fisherboy !!! Are you taking pictures of those in the wild or in an aquarium ???  I recognize the Tiger Salamander ... but is that other one  Red Eft (Newt)?   Great pictures, either w
best time of year to fish South FL
My brother and I are going to try to visit my sister in South FL next year to see her and her husband but more importantly fish for things we can't catch in northern CA. I have always wanted to go aft
South Ben Oren-O-Matic
I would submit that auto-winds are not necessarily Small-fish reels. When I was pre-school age my dear, departed Mother landed an 11 pound Northern Pike on a steel fly rod equipped with a red Martin
Paint for poppers?
I really like the Copic system.  It allows you to airbrush with a marker.  You will need to do a clearcoat over top once the marker fully dries.  Their "canned air" does get a little ex
Heads Up-Possible Great Deal on new Red-J-Vice #1065
All- FYI   Just found out the Ebay price on J-Vice, which I can strongly recommend, and will review on another thread soon, is currently priced at $450 in the auction.  This is a $700.00 + p
Tye v Tie
Probably should have gone with first thought- Walleye Pike, a mislabeled "Perch" - I like to hear them called "Ready to Serve" as the Perches, freshwater, are my favorite food fish, thus subject to Fi
Time to fix a stupid choice!
Paul,   I apologize for not welcoming you to the forum.  Did not notice it was your first post, which caused me undue excitement because of your mention of using high-quality vices in past a
It’s Popper Time again
Philly and Mike, thank you for the info. Good advice and insights, have several long Winter months here to work and experiment. Have lot of foams, propellers, balsa, basswood, tiny spin blades; even
Stonfo Dubbing Brush Machine
Has anyone ever used this? How did you like it? Would it work for making bigger dubbing brushes for bass and pike flies?
Flash blend bait fish brush
If your fly fishing for pike try pike dubbing brushes are not a lot of use for lures as they don't provide the life like movement that long fibres produce a better action I have been tying my
Stocker trout
In PA,I see the trout stocking program as primarily a money maker for the fish commission. A good portion buy their license right before opening day and maybe fish a handful of times the rest of the y
New to the forum
I still have love river trout fly fishing that got to expensive so I took up pike fly fishing and making my own pike flies as i did when I fly fished for trout if could choose one kind fly fishing it
AZTEC patterns?
I remember the aztec from an article I read when I was a kid, probably the late 70's or early 80's. I tied a few and they're pretty easy to tie, basically a yarn matuka. The ones I tied were out of wh
Can Someone Please ID This Insect?
One afternoon I seined the San Juan River in Northern New Mexico to try and determine what the fish were rising to. My sein trapped a very odd insect (seen below) besides a lot of (expected) midges. &
Late Summer / Early Autumn Dry and Nymph Swap
Lets try again.   As the northern hemisphere moves towards winter, I want you to think about your favourite late season patterns (typically for brown trout).   Some friends and I are heading
New to the forum
Hi there ! Im a guy from sweden 36 years of age and a father of twins, boys. I have some nervedamage in my hands, love to fish for pike, but my condition prohibits me from fishing anything above a 7
Fall Au Sable pike
Spent Friday tying up some flies for pike, after six hours of non stop double haul casting the 10wt on the river Saturday I came home with a box full of chewed up pike flies and wire tippets bent into
November Flies from the Vise
That's a good article. I can see that 'jumping' action working well for zander and pike too.
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
I was trying to make it easier to place the hackle consistently at an angle that would create bulk, so I made a cone with braided tubing, like I have seen in other pike flies. I could have tied it hid
You Tube is not what is not what it used to.
And I will admit to one video that is too funny to pass over. You U.S guys may struggle with some of the dialect, she's from Sheffield in Northern England but Kays Good Cooking is something you have t
Tenkara is just for little fish...
Looks like his backcast could use some work, though. LOL  Yeah ... his whole fishing style is a bit ... hectic.  And that lure he's got tied on ???   But definitely proves the rod
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