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Nymph Skin

Looking For A Good Agent Orange Fly Pattern
It's been a number of years since I've seen the proper recipe, so I honestly forget.  I believe I used tan yarn for the abdomen ribbed with orange wire.  I used an angora goat blend for the
Best Deer Hair For Spinning
Razor blades, the ones you describe are great for trimming deer hair. Also I have found that the battery operated beard trimmer built into the bottom of some Wilkinson Sward razors is very useful. I d
The sulphurea must be one of the most beautiful mayflies i have seen. Really something speciel to see this "little" yellow beauty floating down the stream :) Never seen a lot of them, a few on a good
November Swap Club
Breambuster, I'm not sure what to do now. I have had my versions of a turkey tail nymph that I was calling the Australian Gobbler tied for a few weeks now but I don't know if you and the other swapper
European nymphs
Hi guys,    This nymph bellow is one of my most productive nymph used in the first part of the season and when the waters are high and muddy:   Hooks : curved caddis fly hooks : De
Winter carp flies
I used to eat carp in Indiana ... back about 4 decades ago.  Fillet and skin them as any other fish.  After the fillets are skinned, look for the dark meat along the lateral line and cut it
Stoneclinger Nymph
Hi there,   this time I like to Show you a Stoneclinger Nymph. Maybe you like it :-)     MW
November flies from the bench
Playing around with putting gills on the Ammonite Nymph. A nice variation but is it worth the trouble? [attachment=48769:Composite.jpg] Cheers, C.  
European French Micro Nymph
Hi guys,   Just a nymph   that works excelent in these days : Hook: Demmon DSN 120 #18 Bead: Tungsten 2mm size Tail: grizzly hen barbs - 2 or 3 pcs Body: peacock herl,  turkey biot
Hatches Blog Post - Pheasant Tail Euro Nymph
Detailed instructions for tying a Pheasant Tail Euro Nymph.[url=]View the full article[/url]
I fish them behind shot or a weighted nymph.  Exception is when I tied up some eggs to match a 'pellet hatch' at a friend's pond.  
Which Mayfly Nymphs Hatch on the Bottom?
I using a very fuzzy memory but I think the Hendrickson sheads it shuck on the bottom then swims to the surface unlike most mayflies which swim to the surface then shead the nymph shuck   http://
Quick trip to a local stream
On Saturday I made a trip out to a stream that most people from around here wade in on the hot summer days. I know this stream to hold fish and quite a bit of them as well.    We left at 11:
Gummy Minnow
Good luck getting all the materials for the fly though. I recently ordered some sili skin for tying this pattern and received the materials minus the mother of pearl before I noticed the email sa
Black Rabbit
Hook: TMC777SP #6Thread: UNI 6/0 BlackTail: Rabbit Strip, FoxtailBody: A.Jensen Saltwater dub ll White, Rabbit strip in dubbing loopEyes: Gold bead chain, large   The black rabbit skin I got ear
Whatever you do, donīt fall asleep.........
Terje,       I could never think of your flies as being anything close to the dark side.  I like to think of them as little Angels soaring through the air with every cast
I need some advice...
    Stupid question here....So what you are saying is a saddle feather is longer therefore more flies can be tied with the same feather?   Before you get the wrong idea, this applies o
Silver Creek Resin for Scud
I still apply a scud back of some kind to give a good foundation for the resin and give a smooth appearance. Scud dubbing is pretty spikey and it would be hard to make a smooth back without a skin of
Tanning hides?
Rabbit is easy if time consuming. The softness comes from working a skin. Not anything to do with how you cure it. Native Americans chewed on the pelts to soften them. You could try that! But a simple
Got some rabbit skins
What did you use to cut them with? How do you cut the skin and not cut the fur too? Did you crosscut them or just stripcut them? Just wondering. I am thinking of doing the same thing. I put togeth
Rubber Leg Beetle
Pretty straight forward beetle, more of a spot light on a cool product from virtual nymph Coleoptera Body                           Rub
Hunting for Materials
Where I live i Hunt squirrels just before they change their coats. It makes it super easy to pluck the hair off the skin without having to skin it and tan it. Just put it in an old pill bottle and now
Difference required to be a new pattern
That Teeny Nymph is one great fly!  There's a youtube of Jim Teeny showing how to tie it.  He does both single and double-body, in everything from size 14 to 2.0.   I think I've fo
Do bigger flys catch bigger fish??
Going up a size or two won't likely result in bigger fish. Going form a size 16 nymph to a size 4 streamer might. As a fish gets bigger and requires more caloric intake, it may become more focused on
Most of the hooks I buy are straight line hooks.  Maybe the cheaper hooks aren't offset.  But, I do use hooks that are offset.  If I am tying my usual poppers or Panfish Attractors, I s
Rot on a cape.
A dry skin is unlikely to rot. Bacteria and fungus need moisture to thrive. You could rub the skin with borax and dry thoroughly, but if I were in your shoes I would pluck the feathers from this "tain
Crane Fly Larva
Here is a really easy Crane Fly Larva pattern:                    Crane Fly Larva Hook: 6-10 Curved Nymph Tail: Soft Hackle Body: Translucent Nymph Sk
Looking for a simple caddis worm (MI)
I don't like to be impersonal or appear trite but here's a link to more caddis patterns than you could possibly use. I'm from MI and fish for steelhead myself and I can tell you there is no magic cadd
October flies from the bench
[attachment=48632:Closeup Bitch Creek Nymph.jpg]   Bitch Creek Nymph with Halloween colors...
Nymph fishing with sink tip
I presume when you are lake fishing you want to get your nymph to a certain depth and keep it there. This is simple when using a floating line and leader, you just use a strike indicator to get your f
October 2014 Swap Club
Hey, Vic. I found the list for you. Here it is:   January- Midge/Chrominid February - Woven March - Must contain Duck April - Czech/Polish nymph May - Mayfly June - Size 18 and Under fly   J
Worst of the best.
For me it is a pattern called the Dreamsicle.  It is a nymph, woven body with white and orange floss.  Tried it on the Big Horn at Ft. Smith in the 80s because some guide was raving about it
Best size?
Couple categories from my end for fresh water:   General use: 9' in a moderate weight (4-6 wt) Small Stream / Tailwater: 7'6" in light weight (3 wt or below) Nymph Rig: 10' 4wt (never tried but s
Stonefly Swap
Black stonefly nymph
80050 - GC80050 - Dry/Nymph,Curved Shank Hook, Forged, Knife Edge Poin
GC80050 - Dry/Nymph,Curved Shank Hook, Forged, Knife Edge Point, Chemically Sharpened, Austempered, Micro Barb, Ball Eye, Bronzed.80050Great hooks good wire gauge strong and sharp recommend to all tha
Best flies for crappies
I've just had a couple of specular evenings with Crappie and White Perch using a Black foam/purple body Gurgle bug up top with an olive damselfly nymph dropper. They were slamming both the bug and nym
BWO flies
My favorite BWO dry is the sparkle dun. Find it floats well and takes trout.   After that is the parachute BWO For nymph a pheasant tail
Ultra small hen skins
I think I am interested in buying a black skin. I do have another question for you though. When you say "ultra small" are you referring to feather size or skin size?
Peak Rotory Vice
$110 for the vise and a grizzly and a blue chicken skin shipped in same package to save you shipping. How about that with paypal as soon as you say yes.   Nick
what fly to use
Wouldn't we all like to know what the "magic fly" is on a new piece of water. I can't help you with that but I will offer some general advice for prospecting new waters especially for brookies. I woul
Fluttering Caddis Floats Hook-Eye Down
p.s. I still have trouble winding midge hackle and not having it twist, so I can't control which side of the feather is facing forward. Randy   Get a hackle plier that prevents the hackle fr
emergers for upwing flies. Not Mayfly
For small emergers, a snow shoe hare foot winged fly is perfect. The translucent properties of the hairs and the curliness makes i perfect to simulate the emerging insect. Make the body of the fly 2 c
The What's In A Name Swap
I'd like to give this swap a shot!  Since this is my first swap and I have only been tying since March I would like to tie the Bitch Creek Nymph if that is okay?  I watched a tier
First Ties for the Midwest
As I've mentioned in my intro and beginner posts, I'm new to fly fishing in the Midwest. So I'm adapting my western trout fishing skills to panfish and bass. So here are some of my first flies for tar
First postable Hydropsyche nymph pattern
Good Veli Auti Legs, on the hydropsyche the sections of the leg are about equal in length, yours are similar so ++ there. Working with Nymph Skin is quite easy, but it takes a bit of getting used to.
Those OTHER pheasant feathers
There isn't a feather on a pheasant skin (cock or hen,) that can't be used in fly tying.  I have found so many uses for them, I always have a couple on hand.  Most times, I get some friends
Swaps, What makes them good or bad?
This is a very interesting topic Shoebop.  I am completely addicted to swapping and I am like a kid at Christmas checking the mailbox each evening when I am expecting some. I think it is a way fo
Nice BIG surprise (and some questions for the biologists)
IMO that is definitely a lake and not a pond. I would be quite willing to bet that there are several Large bass in it. Probably larger than the one you saw. Tie you a few large ( 1/0 hair bugs ) and s
Local Tailwater and Small Flies
I was fortunate enough to spend the day fishing yesterday on a local tailwater.  Overall the fishing was tough but just productive enough.  Figured I'd share some photos and then I have a re
September flies from the bench
[attachment=48316:PeacockNymphChapter.jpg]   Here is the Peacock Nymph.   The step-by-step can be found here:
Autumn Mottled Sedge pattern
It is a very pretty fly pattern.   There is very large hatches of Northern Casemakers (or Autumn Sedge or October caddis like most flies this one has too many names) on both the rivers near
tying a fly with Slow Death hook?
Around here (Kansas that is)  that hook is deadly with a night crawler rigged behind a bottom bouncer for deep walleye. Very clever to make a fly out of it.  Oh,  I already know that
Using some dove feathers...Need some advice on killing bugs...
For coon tails and such, it works for deer tails too. Do a search for a trapper's tail stripper. Plastic and just a couple of dollars. If you split the skin far enough towards the tip of the tail th
One and two-finger whip finishing
If a person works with their hands, resulting in rough skin, a whip finisher would be the answer to snagging thread. If your hands are rough I urge you to mix olive oil with dish detergent.
Classic Adams Dry 1st attempt
Jfinn,   Compared to the classic dry fly proportions you are pretty heavy on the hackle and the wings should be hen feathers not cock feathers which is looks like you used. That said, if you are
For the quality of flies in stores going down hill?
I couldn't help but notice that when I go to larger fly fishing suppliers, the quality of the flies and the selection seems to be going down fast.   About 15 years ago, a partner of mine and
Classic designs that work for panfish/smallmouth
I've had very good results using a hare's ear nymph, under a strike indicator.  More recently, I've been experimenting with squirrel leaches.  They work well too.  I think the fish take
Dry fly dubbing with flash?
Is there a thread on mixing dubbing on here? Say if I get a squirrel or possum, do I cut all of the hair off of it to mix? Use all of the hair off of the skin? Sounds like a lot of fun mixing and matc
Novice looking for nymphing tips
Been fly fishing a couple years now (novice still) and I'm having trouble setting the hook while dead drifting nymphs.  I typically use either a single nymph or a dry dropper setup.  Most of
fly type advice
Pheasant tail nymph and hare's ear nymph are the go to in the nymph family.  
Cased Caddis
Here is a really easy cased caddis pattern as long as you don't over do it on the flame!   Hook: 12-16 Curved NymphBody: Root Beer EstazLegs: Soft HackleThorax: Caddis Green I
Got it laid in my lap...
I was with a friend in his van going fishing high on the mountain when we passed an almost all white dead skunk. The smell was too bad to skin but the tail was worth getting. He was prepared with plas
"Tie your favorite" swap
D-Cap, your flies arrived and everyone gets a bonus on this one. I nice winged dry and a teeny tiny nymph to hang back and get the undecided ones.   Will do Henrik. I'll be watching for them.
I found a feather
Welcome to nanny-state America, where critical thinking is more endangered than our stupid national bird. Since America is one of the few Countries were you CAN voice your opinion, and do all the
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