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Nymph Skin

Fly Tying at Expos, Exhibits, and Festivals
I do some tying demos every year.  I always try to something unique or what most tyers might find new.  Doesn't have to be fancy.  I have tied Stimulators and explain why I like somewha
controling hares ear
One thing that I haven't seen mentioned, if you are using a hare's ear mask as the source of your dubbing, use the sharpest scissors you can find, and cut it off as close to the skin as you possibly c
Fly Tying Materials - The Mammals
So far nobody's mentioned the Yellow Bellied Marmot, which are common at high altitude in the Northern Rockies.  Marmot's make the best fur strip streamers.  The skin peels off like a banana
Yellow Perch
I'm one of those guys who grew up fishing fresh and saltwater, and 50 years ago all fish was good to eat because it was fresh caught.  Today most "fresh" fish has been on ice or frozen for at lea
Fly Tying Materials - The Birds
If you are not selling them you need to launch a fund raiser to cover the cost of all the computers that have been ruined with the drool on them. ;) I love exploring a new skin to see what there is th
VN Caddis
I haven't done a video in a while so hopefully I'm not too rusty. First crack with the mac using iMovie. In the near future I'm  going to tweak the format along with some improved tech to up the
Hatches Blog Post - Rhyacophila Caddis Larvae by Mak
A great nymph pattern that will allow any tier to create a realistic nymph.[url=]View the full article[/url]
"Let the Fish Critique Your Fly"
As a newbie I will say that I welcome criticism and critiques.  I have tying classes near me, but don't have the time or money now to sit down with someone and learn firsthand so the feedback I g
Rabbit dubbing
If you want it for a dubbing blend, yes, just grab hair and pull it off the skin. I find this easier on the animal before I skin it. It is especially easy with rabbits and squirrels.
What to do with 2 rabbit pelts?
I HAVE A QUESTION. I think there is a difference between tanning and just dry preserving an animal skin. Am I correct? What I personally do is dry preserving with borax and salt. I thought to actually
Need some advice for NE Georgia
What time of year/weather? I have no knowledge of that area, but there a few universal flies that should work: GRHE and PTs on a 12-16 Elk Caddis on a 12-16 Zebra midge 14-18 Any ant or hopper Coppe
a fantastic baetis nymph tied simple and easy
I see the same flies that you show in your first post also on the link you provided. I also see them on this site: So I assume that you did n
Wing Burners, Anyone?
Back in the distant past, I acquired a set of wing burners from a sales rep who was closing out his samples.  I doubt if I could find them now.  I at one time made some stone fly wing burner
Deer hair
Can't wait to see how the ant turned out Stunt. I use a sharpie on the B Creek Nymph and I'm sold on using them now.
Dubbing (to many options)
What dubbing you use depends on what kind of flies you are tying.    Rabbit is a good general purpose dubbing for wet flies and nymphs.  It tends to have some spiky guard hairs that mak
How do i do it?
Yep, those are peacock herl fibers.  They also look like they have been cut off some.  There are a LOT of flies you can use herl on.  Make the thorax area of a midge larvae by wrapping
G.R.H.E. (Gold Gibbed Hare's Ear) [Photo Heavy]
Be honest who thought "Nymph"? G.R.H.E. has become synonymous with the nymph. But it wasn't always so. The origin of this pattern is shrouded in the mists of time. One thing I can say for certain is,
February Flies from the Vice
woven nymph [attachment=50330:image.jpg] [attachment=50331:image.jpg] [attachment=50332:image.jpg]
What are these for?
The duck feathers are for wings and wet flies look up the fly royal wolf wet fly for an example. The deer hair might be be for tying either comparadun dry flies or for elk hair caddis dry flies look t
Wandotte feathers
Maybe not a Wyandotte, but that's a gorgeous skin.  I see all kinds of good colors in there.   Kirk
Heavey nymphs
I use a two fly rig.  First a large Stonefly nymph weighted with a tungsten bead and large lead wire. It serves as a sinker and since most of the places I fish have Salmonflies and Golden Stones,
Old hook question
In my experience most of the problems I encountered with the old Mustad hooks were with the small dry fly hooks.  In fact, out of curiosity, I found some old Mustad hooks that I had stored away a
Excellent nymph and wet fly hooks. - GC3761 - Wet Fly Nymph, 1XL, 2X
GC3761 - Wet Fly Nymph, 1XL, 2X Heavy, Sprout bend, BronzeExcellent nymph and wet fly hooks.A great caddis nymph hook. WIll be excellent also for egg and worm patterns. I rate them 4 out of 5 star
Excellent Nymph and Streamer Hook - GC5262 - Nymph Streamer, 2XL, 2X
GC5262 - Nymph Streamer, 2XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend, Forged, BronzeExcellent Nymph and Streamer HookI really like the look, temper, bend and hook point ofthe GC5262 nymph and streamer hooks. I rat
Great Value - GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend,
GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend, Forged, BronzeGreat ValueThese are very good hooks. I've used a lot of Daiichi, Dia Riki and Tiemco hooks over the past 20 years and I'd rate th
Great hooks, great price - GC2488BL - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight eye, 3
GC2488BL - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight eye, 3X Wide, 2X Short curved shank. BarblessGreat hooks, great priceI'm so happy with these hooks, super sharpe and easy to work with.[url=
Dry Fly Dubbing
if that is all you have then go ahead and use it   the thorax on a pheasant tail nymph can be any type of material you want to use. dubbing, wire, tinsel, peacock herl, ostrich herl etc   ye
Baby Perla Nymph
Hi @ all,   I was playing around at the vice and that was the result: a Baby Perla Nymph :-) ... Maybe you like that one too ...       MW
Woodworking Ideas
I have an idea for an octagonal tower, on a rotating base. Each side has a bunch of little drawers, and each side is for a different hook style, for instance: dry fly, nymph/wet fly, egg/scud/pupa, st
I still like that foam spider. The middle fly looks like it is tied with either CDC (cul de canard) or the fluff at the bottom of the feather.  That much CDC won't sink well, or, if it does sink,
Sometimes you can get several flies out of one feather, depending on the particular fly and feather.   This works best for flies with a fairly sparse tail, like maybe a damsel fly nymph. Hold the
what is your worst fly tying blooper
I had a 24 compartment box filled with different sized beads open on my tying desk and the cat jumped down out of the window and flipped the entire container onto the kitchen floor. I still don't kno
Tenkara rod
I generally use nymphs and wet flies when fishing tenkara. My most frequent nymph patterns are killer bugs and the Prince nymph, each slightly weighted enough to get down 3/4 feet; slightly more&
Hiding a bead in the thorax
Something like this is how I usually add a bead into the thorax of a fly. [URL=][/URL] Like others have said that leav
Purple and Fire Spider
lol...Darwin.   Well I guess you could always pinch the barb down as long as it gets past the skin behind the ear.
Bitch Creek nymph
Hello everyone,     I am having trouble with tying a BC nymph.  I can not get the weave correct.  I wrap the black Chenile over the top of the hook, then wrap the orange chenile ov
Thorax Duns: are they really better on slower water?
RE> "I've never heard of Right Hackle"The Right Hackle technique is mine. No one knows about it but me and a few forum addicts here and there. I haven't tried to publish any magazine articles and I
Jig nymphs -What are yours?
Here are  the jigs that I use in the first part of the season:             I'm curious what you guys use  in Spring time   best,  Lucian
Hatches Blog Post - Biot Nymph – by Lucas Langton
A great nymph pattern that not only looks great but is durable. Color and size can be easily adapted to meet local conditions and bugs.[url=
whats your worst fly fishing blooper?
Have not broken a rod yet... knocking on wood haha ;) my worst blooper has been i was fishing with a friend, i picked up my small nymph to re cast, and a small sunfish came out of the water with it ha
Please comment on the below books
1. its an OK book by john van vliet AND hans weilenmann but you can find all of hans' flies on his website and van vliets submissions on the internet (basically a lot of traditional patterns)   2
January swap club
And three more nice specimens came thru today.     add147 Black Ice Dub and deer hair [URL=][/URL] 
Tungsten Bead Fit
Orvis sells hooks designed for beads:
GRHE Nymph in may way
Just a different approach in tying this fantastic nymph that I love  GRHE:         best,  Lucian
Guys, you're all busy over-thinking your problem here.  Yes, a bit of glycerine on the skin side will aid in preserving the skin -but have no good effect on the feathers.  When feathers on a
Right Nymph
Right Pheasanttail The tails are a bit too long and the abdomen a bit too skinny. But it's not a bad baetis nymph as it is. The real bug is a Baetis Nymph netted in April '13, Montana's Big Horn River
Wet fly - need your feedback
Like others have noted your proportions need some attention. I suspect that things started to go wrong for you with the hook. That is hardly what I call a wet fly hook, perhaps more suited to a nymph.
Scud with Ziplock Sandwich Bag Body Wrap
The Ziploc Scud, The Dirty Look: I never really have found a wrap body material I like; I've used several of the Nymph Skin-type products, but even though they work, I wasn't sold on them. A few time
Your Favorite Bluegill Pattern Swap
Darn BB, I'm liable to be the last one in on this swap. I'll beat deadline even if I have to make a substitution. I have been waiting patiently for a member to dress and ship a white hen soft hackle s
Converting 29 gallon gravel aquarium to planted
If you're quiet enough, I've drifted up to plecos that were feeding and picked them up by the tail.  Sand paper skin makes them very easy to hold on to.  I've never seen one larger than 2 fe
Targeting small trout
I was out Sunday for a couple of hours. Rivers were up and colored due to recent winter rains and the water temp was 40oF (air was unusually warm, 50's). Since visibility was limited I started with a
Coq de Leon, Which One to Use? Roosters, Hens, Capes, Saddles, Select
The Whiting tailing packs are very good for tailing material on dries. I like them for nymph tails also, the markings just look buggy to me. I use the hen for soft hackles, but it is hard to get feath
Coq de Leon, Roosters, Hens, Capes, Saddles, Selected Clumps
Depends on what you are trying to achieve.  The hen saddles are great for anything you would use India hen saddle for, and works well for larger soft hackles applications.  Hen capes have a
Hook is very good - GC2488 - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight eye, 3X Wide, 2
<a href=""><img src="
Prince Nymph Swap
We've had several pheasant tail nymph swaps, my go to nymph pattern. Recently I've started tying and fishing the prince nymph and having great success. An attractive and effective fly with lots of var
Waspi Thin Skin Question
I think the thin skin is great. I have no problem cutting with a scissor (Dr. Slick Razor) and let the thin skin follow the side of the blade to make a straight cut. I just bought some Pro flexi skin.
Cutting Flex Body, Thin Skin, or Plastic (Sandwich Bags) Body Strips?
I posted this on the other forum on plastic cutting, but will post here too. I've used a rotary cutter and matt to cut all my skin type materials and foam for years.  My opinion th
Ability & Style to Shoot For; Davie McPhail
davie does tie a very nice steve thornton ammonite nymph fly and many more.   ive been watching him for a few years
"Real Fake" Jungle Fowl eyes
If you have a ringneck pheasant skin you have the feathers to use the method in this post:
January flies from the vise
Hey Dave, good to see you're still about. I have a fox skin and it makes some lovely mixtures of guardhair and under fur.
Heading down in a couple of weeks, this is a list I found. DRY FLIES Stimulator, sizes 8 through 16; yellow, olive, orange Elk hair caddis, size 10 through 16 Goddard caddis, size 10 through 16 Parach
I need ideas
New vice+pack of olive turkey biots+plenty of size 14 and 10 curved nymph hooks =?
Some Tips on Touch Dubbing
The first time I came across touch dubbing was learning to tie the Waterhen Bloa. As usual these days I was told mole was the body dubbing. To be lightly dubbed to create a halo around the body but no
Gammarus nymph
Hi,  thanks guys for your compliments. I used this new tying material  for making the back part and I applied a layer of head cement. It  is a fantastic fly not only river fishing but a
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