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Nymph Skin

professional tyers
I should have mentioned earlier to check with taxidermists in your area.  They always have some left overs when they do a mount.  Also, I'm not afraid to admit it, but road kills are a good
Small Nymph Hooks
Your going to need to use a dry fly hook for that small of a nymph.  None of the hook manufacturers make nymph hook that small.  If you need a 1kl, 2xl or 3xl, you'll need check out what hoo
Stone Devil Mark-1
Yes I think so, but this is fishable nymph
Catskill Flies Fly Shop
All I use is the Collins hackle.  I get it straight from Charlie since the shipping is cheaper.  If you are looking for a specific color, you can send Charlie a sample (preferably a small pa
Rubber Leg Copper John Revision
I've been tying my rubber leg copper johns a little differently than the first video I put out. Here is the updated version I'm using.           Rubber Leg Copper John 2Hook:&
Pan Fish Forumula - Input
Just my thoughts after 45 years of chasing warmwater fish. Mostly sunfish family. I always start on the surface with a yellow craft foam size 10 spider or popper. It is easy for this old feller to see
I'm in with an all turkey nymph, and a tba on the hair fly, will figure it out...
Allen fly fishing or Hook and hackle
I plan to purchase about 100 or so hooks- they will be primarily streamer hooks and maybe some nymph hooks. I also might get some materials as well such as marabou and zonker strips. I'm debating bet
Double fly setup
I am using a smaller streamer or nymph behing a bigger fly (streamer) a lot, but I never put any weight a the tippet connecting the flies?  Which situation does require this additional weight?
Freshwater tying noob.
Thank you very much guys for explaining. It seems that nymph hooks "always" are either 1 or 2x long.
Salmon Flyswap
I would like to host my first swap info has been sent in   I would like to do a salmon fly swap for the big bugs that are coming just around the corner. You can do either a dry fly or a nymph. I
simple damsel nymph
The pattern I use is the Gary Borger Marabou Damsel Nymph that is simple and imitates both the motion and color variation of the dorsal and ventral sides of the nymph.
bucktail wings
Post a pic if you can.     Use hair from the "top" 1/3 of the bucktail.   Clip your bunch of hair very close to the skin, and comb out all the shorts, holding the bunch of hai
Bad gudes and why bother fly fishing?
Brown trout on a nymph.    
Few patterns vs. Allot of patterns.
I tie far too many different patterns, but I only FISH a very small number for trout.  If you define a "pattern" as the same type of fly in different sizes and colors, then I usually only fish on
Its driving me crazy
I am a perfectionist  when it comes to making things, im sure many of you guys are to. When i make things i pay attention to tiny details and if anything at all is wrong it has to be re-made or f
Newbie question (trout flies)
Rather than actual stone fly patterns, the prince nymph will work well. I should have included that in my original post.   Here are two hatch charts:
Which line for a Sage VPS 9ft 4wt
Any 4 weight line will work fine.  The VPS is a medium fast action rod.  I have SA GPX WF and DT on mine, and it throws them both well.  If you are look for a bit more umph, the Rio Ind
chironomid fly patterns
[attachment=46010:nymph.JPG] I don't normally tie this small.  Several weeks ago, last time I was home, I was reading some post about tiny flies.  I had some left over hooks from my old kit,
Essence of the Pheasant Tail Swap
Since my last swap went so smoothly I thought I'd host one more before spring.   The pheasant tail nymph , simple to tie, effective, versatile.  Personally, I seem to be stuck in r
Here we go, 1st batches of BWOs & Clousers
I just started tying, I have done some buggers that were so-so, I really didn't have good material at the time.  I do now, but I haven't returned to them yet.  I decided to learn parachuting
Hares ear nymph colors
Interesting coincidence, as I was just tying up some hare's ear nymph variants today, including Hans Weilenmann's Mossback, which uses peacock herl for the thorax cover. I also tied up a number using
Choosing a tapered leader
For dry fly, Rio leaders exclusively, 1-2x larger than the final tippet I'm going to fish (e.g. 3-4x if using 5x tippet), although that's mostly just because that's the brand I like.  For streame
polar bear identification
I am a nubbie here, and after doing my DD on google, I thought I'd ask for verification of samples of Polar bear fur before I make any stupid mistakes. I am liquidating the tools and stock that my dad
How to rig dry dropper
The most common rig, here in the southeast, is to tie the dropper onto the bend of the hook.  Usually, the dropper is a smaller nymph, even a midge nymph.  I always use at least one size sma
Grey Hackle?
About the best you can do is get him to work with you when tying them. There are just too many questions to be answered. What size of hook? What thread, tail, body, rib, wing, hackle?   Some year
Adams dry size 14
Recently purchased barbless hooks 14 and 12, as well as a grizzly hen skin.  Planned on using the hooks for Goddard caddis and some other patterns.  What do you think of this size for this p
What's your best strike indicator fly?
I fish a tandem rig quite often. My favorite is a Stimulator with a weighted nymph. Three times I have had double hookups with a tandem setup.   Size?   That depends on conditions. Rather th
Dying Thin Skinned Fur's
Did you soak the skin in cool water first before the dye bath? I have just washed two thin red fox skins that were perfectly cured, no hint of fat left but the fur was not washed. They had no problems
how yinz guyz doin?
I think you've made an excellent start.  That first streamer probably needs to be trimmed on the trailing end.  It's so thick, I think you're best option would be to trim and angle from abou
started tying 2 months ago. here is what ive done
here is a pot luck of most of the flies i have tied so far. i live in north western PA so i fish for a very very large variety of fish. i only started two months ago and i am now starting to experimen
How long do you make a nymph tail?
This is just my opinion, but I think a nymph looks better (at least in the vise and the fly box) with a shorter 1/2 shank-length or gap-length tail vs. the longer full shank-length one. Just my opinio
Pheasant Tail Feathers and Fixatif
Feather fibre is great for wing cases, but if you want a more robust material try thin skin or nymph skin.
CDC patterns
I second taking a look at DryFly Purist's posts.  CDC isn't as popular here in the States as it is in Europe, That's kind of mystifying, it's a wonderful material. I would suggest getting a copy
Lemonade caddis
I think the body material is Nymph Skin.  A stretchy latex.
Regenerating Hackle Machines
Ling is lovely fish. Are they actual scallops? If so id try gently pan frying same as little scallops. I guess all clams are much the same??? As for the bird, slice the skin under the chin and peel o
Attractor nymphs
Put a bead on any nymph and it becomes an attractor nymph   Check out GOOGLE for more info
I have officially crossed the line........
I'm there. Pheasant, partridge, starling, mallard, and necks and skins I can't even remember what they came from. I do know of all the purchases I made the really cost effective one is a good partridg
Hi Guys, I have completed a new video about a nice Gold Bead, a nymph that can be used with high success on rivers and reservoirs and I wish to present it to you. I hope you like it Ciao Luca   h
Tying in a hackle
My preferences are:   By the butt: Dry fly collars and reverse palmers from front to back.   By the tip: Wet fly/nymph collars and palmered hackles from back to front
2014 Swap Club Replacement
I think this is what you were looking for?   January- Midge/Chrominid February - Woven March - Must contain Duck April - Czech/Polish nymph May - Mayfly June - Size 18 and Under fly   July-
What to do with this?
You have only had that for 15 years? It is just now getting properly aged, use it to start tying better flies immediately. I have necks that are twice that old and plenty that are at least that old. M
Household Materials Swap
THIS SWAP IS FULL!   I haven't been very active on here for awhile, but with this lousy, long winter weather, can't hunt, fish, etc.  So may as well host a swap.  I had a crazy idea, an
March Flies from the Vise
Going for kimos damselfly nymph from last month.. And then I took the idea and ran with it.. A bugger
wing cases
You THIS?     Hogan Brown has a biot back called the S&M Nymph that works well on the Lower Sac here in CA...Kelly Galloup sells that guy at the Slide Inn...   http://f
UV-active tying materials?
[snip]...makes you wonder how any of us catch a thing if UV truly is that obvious to the fish.   Which is a key point that most of the pundits seem to ignore.  Another way of looki
Trying to make reaper tails
Walmart has chamois in the art section for a few bucks. Thin and natural color.     Here's something similar on amazon
Spade hackle for tails - webby barbs?
No absolute rules, but generally dry fly tails are for support, they need to be stiff. Nymph tails do not perform the supporting function so can be tied with softer materials. If you look at my avatar
Pope's Green Nondescript
I suspect that Skues used this pattern as a  wet fly or perhaps a nymph.
Zuev Nymph
Another good nymph for trout.
Wulff wings
NEVER EVER cut the tips off natural hair wings to size them.  Doing so will leave a blunt unsightly set of wings.  If course you could use synthetic fiber for the wings, in which case you ca
Which type of CCG?
I've used some "Tack Free" CCG to build up the thorax area of a Copper John. Zapped with the light for about 40 seconds, and it was not tacky when I finished. Made a beautiful hump on top of the thora
trolling flys
I have caught lots of trout in lakes by trolling a nymph on a full sinking line behind a rubber raft. The Carey Special is dynamite fished that way.
Video: The Life Cycle of Caddis Flies
Thanks for sharing that. I hadn't appreciated how prominant the legs are when the nymph swims up.
Dubbing blend: Natural & Synthetic.....
Dear whatfly,   thanks a bunch for your reply - my actual intent is to mix only a small amount. Sufficient for the douzen :-)   Also a good point about the ratio. What I am planning to do is
Hatches Blog Post - Blue Winged Olive Quill Nymph – Tightlines Prod
Matt Grobert shows how to tie a Blue Winged Olive Quill Nymph. Video by Tightlines Productions[url=
How man boxes do you bring
When your having a day on the river how many fly boxes do you usually bring with you. I know that every situation is going to be different, but for this question lets say you are wading in a trout str
Blue quill (mahogany) nymph     I think a dark nymph on a swimming nymph hook would be a good representation.
Wrapping soft hackle
Hans usually ties in his soft hackles as the very first step (after attaching the thread). This is a big departure from the traditional order. Then he moves to the rear of the fly and works back to th
Must Read for Beginners
Beginners often post their first flies for our critiques. Invariably, a major problem is the proportion of the fly = the amount of and length of materials and where they are placed on hook to form a f
Go to Trout Fly
I've been gone for quite some time, came back on and off over the last couple of months looking to join a swap, never quite made it into one.  Really need some incentive to get back to the t
Wings on Dry Flies
Catskill dry not working, cause it sits to high? Trim the hackles on the bottom so it sits lower. Still not working? Hack those hackles down to shreds, and fish it in the surface film. Still not worki
Drying agent on bird skin
Hi everybody, i'm new to fly tying and just recently bought a pheasant skin from ebay. It's branded as Natures Spirit. The skin has a lot of white poweder all over it, I'm assuming its the drying agen
Drew Chicone synthetic yak hair
I bought the book as well, and a bunch of yak hair shortly there after.  Andy is 100%, it's stiffer, longer, and a lot like SF blend.  I haven't had a chance to fish the flies I've tied, how
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