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Nymph Skin

May Flies from the Vice
  MOLYBDENITE NYMPH (Flav), Daiichi 1560, #12- #16…     PT/TB
cdc feathers
Thanks Silver, i know alot of duck hunters so this fall i will trade "breasting" birds for their cdc.     You may not be familiar with Hans Weilenmann's article on CDC. He has a section
Hook Dimensions - Allen Barbless Dry Fly Hooks
Glad I'm not the only one who has noticed.  Since shank length really determines the size of the fly, the fact that the D101 is shorter essentially means you need to use a size up to get the same
1st river brownie EYOOO
Got my first 2 river brownies the other day, well happy, both on pheasant tail nymph. Missed like 5 and lost 2 (missed one on the dry was ragin). Handed the rod to my mate while i rolled a rollie and
Wing material fro Greenwells?
Sometimes you can find a hen skin from one of the genetic breeders that would have that color. There used to be a company called Fly Tyer Variant that sold a lot of Whiting cock and hen necks and sadd
Rain rain go away
Every now and then I straighten "man room" up. No womens allowed in. This is the tying corner gotta a puter to the left lotta guns ammo behind and closet full of huntin clothes waders, duck stuff,
Oh, Deer
Buying hair you can't see is tricky.  But I understand your dilemma.  I spent 30 minutes last week going through a rack of hundreds of packs to get just 11 I liked.  You should look at
Truly big trout streamers
As with so many aspects of fishing, it depends. A lake I fish where 10-15# are fairly common and >20# have been caught, the fish take anything from #12 midge patterns to #6 Woolly Worms. Depen
Casting Class Tomorrow Morning; Need Fly Suggestions (please)!
Thanks again to all for your ideas. @Adam - I've been watching elk/deer hair caddis tying videos and that'll be the first dry I tie for sure. Can deer be substituted for elk and why would one be bett
India necks
I like the Indian necks- cock and hen. There is a lot of variation in colouration and mottling. Every skin is different. The hen is very soft and, since you need only one or two turns, is perfect for
Trout Selectivity
Well we are wandering off of what I was trying to say and now I realize I should have entitled the thread "What triggers a trout strike". I didn't really mean to get into the whole selectivity thing.
Fishing In The Wind........Ouch !!
vicrider, no it was removed right after the picture was taken. Didn't feel it going in, didn't feel it coming out. He explained the trick to me. Apparently, when the hook goes in it leaves a channel b
Oily waxy cape!?!
The skin of most commercial capes will give up oil over time. That's why they often come on those little "meat diaper" pads. As long as the feathers have not been affected all you need to do is replac
Hook, eye and emerger...
Joe, I wasn't meaning the vertical eye closes the gap. It's the down turned shank on jig hooks that does. I mentioned them as they are the most commonly used kind of hook with a vertical eye. 
Fifth Annual Evolution Swap
SWAP IS CLOSED (Although one Standby Swapper  would be good, just in case.)   Fifth Annual Evolution Swap    The last four annual Evolution swaps have been outstanding successes so
What size egg paterns do you fish for steelhead?
small carp hooks would be perfect. you'd think that clusters would be the way to go, yet the 'standard' has been based around a single sphere in varying sizes and colours. out in the PNW clusters seem
Deadly fly for muddy waters
Castle Rock seems to always have a slight stain. Doc smith branch has produced for me in the past. I can believe that. The first day after the storm it looked like chocolate milk so we went to Blue R
matuka tying style
Matuka flies are some I really enjoy tying but don't get asked for them all that often. It is a technique that is worth learning as you can also use it to attach fur strips, such as rabbit,  
Fun Times with a Conservation Officer
Last year I had a woodcock and someone here had a coot. I am also a retired police officer. I wanted to do things the right way. I called the DNR headquarters and a wildlife officer called me back. We
another have you ever had....
I got hit in the back on the shoulder by a very heavily weighted tungsten bead head wooly bugger I was casting with my 7 weight last year when a very strong gust of wind altered its course. It hurt li
first try - hare's ears and prince nymphs
Crackaig...I don't fish trout but that is a great looking nymph.
Box of Usuals
Thanks again, fellas. It's cool to hear some of the variations on this original theme. Cdc body sounds awesome. A hare dubbing blend sounds good too. I shaved down the top of oneof the feet as well fo
easiet flies to tie for a newbie
thread midges   brassie   miracle nymph   hares ear   griffiths gnat   learn the techniques before the patterns   tie some thread on a hook and break it. use different si
Taxidermist score!
I' don't know what kind of mount you are getting but in my opinion reproductions are far superior than skin mounts. They look great, last longer, less toxic, and can be made to look exactly like the
Easy pattern for a mosquito
Not many people fish the mosquito "hatch" it would be an easy nymph to tie though. I'd go with a simple thread body with a little bit of dubbing or peacock or ostrich herl near the hook eye on a very
Spread it out and after carefully scraping off as much meat/fat cover the skin side with borax or salt. Let it sit for about a week or two or until the skin is completely dry. That's all there is to i
I hit a turkey!
I wouldn't think they require any chemical prep.  Advice given is great.  I don't have much use for the wing feathers, I guess hoppers would be good, but the tails are good. Mites, which are
Stacked hair swap - let's bite off more than we can chew
I have a lovely skin from this year shoot so I will take part with some baby fuzzy micey things.
Go to dry fly
One version or another of Elk Hair Caddis is my first practical choice ( i really want to fish Wulfes but the caddis is more practical). Around here it would be a black caddis but sometimes in Maine t
Glow Nymph
Here is easy to tie nymph pattern for trout and grayling fishing...    [media][/media]
Raw fur
You don't really need to salt the skin, just scrape the fat away on the flesh side and tack it skin side up in the sun.  It will dry hard and stiff, which is fine.  I've used a number of raw
Tacky Fly Boxes?
I recently bought a large tacky box and I can't speak to its durability but the boxes are only for small flies. There is no clearance and no room for anything with a hackle collar or an upright wing.
newbie - pheasant tails
Thanks gents I will attempt the hare's ear nymph in a few days and will post photos of the results. Definitely need some dubbing skills
Cree or no?
I believe a Cree is is cross between Coachman Brown and Grizzly. If you will look at the feathers in my neck/saddle that have not crossed, you will see Grizzly and Coachman Brown/Furnace feathers. If
How much outrage would this cause?
Well if I had to thread a small fly on a split ring every time I changed flies while I fished I would take up golf.   For increased action on a saltwater or streamer or nymph I like a Rapala knot
Body Hackle for Wooly bugger
I have a couple of cock necks that have some nice bugger feathers on the long end of the hide, almost as soft as hen or soft hackles but longer. I use hen on the smaller buggers. But I bought a Spence
April showers start bass bedding...Monthly Swap
Bass fishing can be pretty cool, we have good small and large mouth populations here. You speak of bedding bass, well so far we still have ice on the ponds around here except for one. I just went out
7'6" 3wt rod
Glad that Nick bought it. I have bamboo 3wts. of 6'6" (one you wrapped) and 7'3" quad 3wt. that is gorgeous.  I'm always afraid a 25 # carp will grab my nymph and I'd have to point the rod at him
Patterns & Vices
I have two suggestions.   1. Don't worry about upgrading the vise just yet. I use a Danvise and like it just fine, I have some complaints about jaws wearing out but you are don't have to worry ab
April Flies from the Vice
The Heavy weight nymph Tied on a #8 mustad pro select series hook,tungsten bead , ostrich herl and buggy dub dubbing. [attachment=51794:Heavy weight nymph 1.JPG][attachment=51795:Heavy weight nymph 2.
FTF Fly Pattern - ShoneFly - Gammarus (red spot)
Thanks , .. nymph skin (clear)  + epoxy 
FTF Fly Pattern - ShoneFly - Beatis nymph ..
FTF Fly Pattern - ShoneFly - Red spot Pheasant tail nymph..
FTF Fly Pattern - ShoneFly - Stonefly nymph.
Heptagenid nymph (realistic)
Heptagenid nymph 
Prince Nymph Swap photos
This was a great swap, every fly a fishable one.  In fact, I just added all of them to my spring nymph box.
hen hackle help
Do a search for Termite on the board. Send him a PM to see if he's got any hen's about ready. I have 3 of his hen capes (full skin actually) and they are fantastic soft hackle feathers. Haven't used t
River beginner, gimme tips
There is also a small area in front of every large rock that is "calm" water.  Letting a nymph drift into this area can sometimes produce huge fish,  as it's a prime feeding spot.
Great - GC3769 - Wet Fly Nymph, 2X Heavy, Sproat bend, Bronze
GC3769 - Wet Fly Nymph, 2X Heavy, Sproat bend, BronzeGreatI Have had hooks break in vise before when price was too good to be true!! Not with these!!! That was the first test I did! These hooks are
Damsel Nymph
Hi,   here is a little Damsel Nymph. Hope you like it...     MW
PERDIGON (Trout Candy)
The panorama of nymph fishing in my country is dominated in these days by a Gold Head of Spanish origin: the Perdigon. There are many variants of this shining fly and all have a strong alluring power.
Small Trout Flies Swap
I will be tying a Pheasant Tail Nymph on a size 18 hook. This will be my first attempt to tie on this small of a hook. My hooks have arrived today now I am just waiting on my 6/0 thread.
What hook do I use?
At least 2 years ago I won a few online auctions for a bunch of boxes of old freshwater hooks. Most did not indicate their intended use nor could I find their part numbers in any books or online searc
Pheasant Tail Nymphs
A standard pt nymph.  Always good to have in the box   [URL=][/URL]
Crane fly Larvae / Micro Minnows
4x long streamer hook in 8, 10, 12.   Tail is barred chickabou   Ribbing is 2lb monofilament    abdomen and thorax are aunt lydias sparkle yarn   shellback is mottled nymph sk
New to tying and obsessed
Cool! I'm obsessed with fly fishing! I ty flies cos' that way you can make exacly what you wabt & need! One fishing shop went out of business where i live couple years ago, i went to buy lots of
Bream/panfish patterns?
I see what you mean about calling it a nymph... everything I've read tells me if it has wings, it's a wet fly.  Here's another one I really like called a Teeny Nymph.  It can be tied with ei
what I tied today
Look really neat! I can't see the mistakes What's the body on the nymph?
Fly Boxes: Slits or Pokes
"@Flytire - What brand are your boxes with the foam inserts? I see there are recesses where the fly body lives. Is that to avoid the materials from getting crushed during storage? FlaFly mentioned fli
badger and fox fur
You need to examine your patches of fur closely to see what colors you have.  Different parts of a skin patch often have subtly different shades.   Generally, the guard hairs can be used for
Odd hooks and use thereof
The 16, 1x short, 3x heavy would work for a scud other heavy nymph.  I wouldn't put a bead head on it, but a few wraps of weight could be useful.   Size 6 would be a good bait hook.  A
Hackle Sizing for Wide Gape Hooks
I think I've found home. Great input all, thanks.   I like the idea of marginally oversizing the hackle for the parachute. That seems to make good sense and should help with flotation. Every so o
Storing fly recipes
Evernote Onenote Microsoft word Microsoft excel   i created this one as a word document and saved it as a .pdf for this post   [attachment=51246:A.P. Nymph.pdf]
tying recipes
when written correctly the recipe is the step by step instructions and should be all that's needed unless there a very specific techniques that cannot be conveyed by the recipe   the recipe provi
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