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Nymph Skin

THANK you very much Dave G! I'm pretty shore it was you who mentioned a while ago about using rabbit zonker fur instead of marabou for wooly buggers? We have a run of white fish now & on tuesday i
New Turkeys for Tying.
I've got an order from one of our local farmers for a white turkey...supposed to pick it up this week. Also my wife got me a white chicken a week ago...the skin is tacked to plywood and drying. Will l
Deer hair/elk hair curing
I do not hunt Deer myself, but am fortunate to have friends further north of me that supply me with a skin when needed. A full deer hide goes a long way, so IMO, doing one is worth the effor
tippet ring when nymphing
I used to use the tippet ring when i thought intermediate & sink leaders were the only thing to use if you weren't dry fly fishing! That was years ago! It's only on my czech nymph line! As for tyi
have you ever stripped.....
I have a couple of skins I swear I've ripped hundreds of feathers off and still look full. I have taken some hen patches and used them up but that was maybe a 4" patch, not a skin. 
Jiggling damsel Nymph
  Jiggling Damsel Nymph   Material List : Hook - TMC 60 degrees vertical hook size 10 Marabou - olive Deer Creek Micro Velvet Rope - light olive Mono Eye Rubber legs Diamond hard resin Mar
Biot Body CDC Dry Fly
I have, and I agree that the larger the wing, the more difficult the pattern can be to cast.  The tippet can get a little twisted, though the larger concern with these wings is that they can tear
November Flies from the Vise
Nice nymph oholi.
Protection from lead
I don't think lead passes through the skin to any great extent. It only becomes a problem when ingested, inhaled or injected. It is also most dangerous to immature organisms as it messes with their de
Barbell Eyes, home made
Nice way of making some fixed eyes, Roland.   Of course, this is one of those areas which proves, "There's more then one way to skin a cat."
My UV Wand
My latest project: [attachment=54253:UV_wand_001.jpg] Here I have used 6 ultraviolet  LEDs (395 nm) in the wand: [attachment=54254:UV_wand_002.jpg] The wand plugs into a small power supply which
Best Vice For $120
So atlas or peak? Ha Ha, you decide, it will be your vise going forward !!  I doubt anyone is going to say you made a bad choice. But you have reviews and comments and even videos full of inf
Danville Flymaster 6/0
Thanks Jaydub, I mainly was confused whether 6/0 could tie small flies. And despite the confusion over denier, Danville 6/0 is 70 denier and definitely lies flat (it wraps flat unbonded when I tie it,
what needs to change in fly
Thanks to the author for the guidelines on how to fix my culture and industry and issuing a call to reformation. Seems to me that in his manifesto he committed about every sin he indicted.  
Fly Tying Symposium
I went to something similar in Boston a whole bunch of years ago now. At the time what I liked best was the live tying demos. I learned of a pattern of streamer I never would have thought of myself an
wish this was me.
Cotton balls with gravel in. That's more like it. -5 with ice in the rings, wind whipping any bare skin it finds and we seriously expect the fish to bite. Don't know who's more daft.
kind of confused
Yes it is. It s harder for the companies to ship their products and receive them. Some companies would harves there birds, skin them and then send them overseas for processing and dying. Now they ar
Squirrel Dubbing Substitue
I have grey squirrel and red fox squirrel. The pattern I'm thinking about tying is in "Common Sense Fly Fishing." The last chapter is called "Guide Flies" and these are supposed to be the patterns tha
Razoring Flies and Re-using Hooks
in 35+ years of tying flies i have NEVER tied a PERFECT fly and never will. i don't think anybody else on this forum has either   "I'm happy on average with about 2 out of 10 flies I tie." 
Dyed Moose Mane
I am seeing that it may not be common or needed. I had just found a really nice pattern for a black chironomid, and when winding black moose mane around the hook shank it created a really nice segment
Collins and Ewing Hackle
The best thing about Collins' birds is the range of natural colours (which I prefer.) Charlie also has some nicely-dyed skins (especially his dyed-barred). Feather count seems to be a bit less than Wh
monthly swap pics...streamers
And I did it again... Here is Netabrookie's pair of sweet streamers he sent us... [attachment=54040:DSC01215.JPG] [attachment=54041:DSC01216.JPG]   And I'm showing two shots of Cracklebacks
Winged Nymphs
Hi guys, This is one of my nymphs ( from winged nymphs series ) that catches trout anytime. It's not a classic fly, it's an interesting hybrid between a jig nymph and a streamer. What is so special a
Skill Builder Trout Swap Series
I've had an idea for a series of swaps and wonder if you guys would be interested. What I'm thinking about is a series of swaps that all involve a certain type of fly. If you can tie one pattern of a
Safety Pin Swap
Add147 and Riff thanks for joining. I was only joking with Breambuster about tying a Jock Scott if he tied the Parmachene Belle. I have seen Riff's work on a salmon fly and he is amazing. I catch m
Drying wings & sins
I use a cardboard box. If you want to actually scrape fat and flesh and then stretch the skin use plywood or any wooden board.
Color change with distance????
I agree wth Mike. I've read the same thing and have seen trout grab a tiny nymph in a rapids. That is, I think I saw it. At least I perceived it in that way. Of course it could have been a dream o
so far so good - GC300 - Streamer fly, Turned down eye, 6X Long, Heavy
GC300 - Streamer fly, Turned down eye, 6X Long, Heavy wire, Forged, far so goodlooks good so far but it's a first for streamer hooks as I usually use mainly small nymph and dry fly hooks[url
Great value - GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend,
GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend, Forged, BronzeGreat valueGreat value and no problems with quality. They catch fish.[url=
Minnow body patterns
I don't use flashabou in fresh water, in fact I don't really like it for salt either. My minnow patterns I keep because they work. They tend to be rather simple. That said I've had Black Nosed Dace wo
Furs for sale
I have a few furs I would like to sell. 1 medium muskrats-$10 whole skin 1 red squirrel- $8 body with tail 3 large grey squirrel tails- 2.50 each 8x8 natural deer body hair- $6 (about 4 pieces availa
fly suggestions for Hiwassee and Tellico Rivers
Funny this fly doesn't seem to get mentioned much. The best nymph for the Tellico and the Southeast, may be the Tellico. In the rush to tie easier patterns people skip the Tellico because of the steps
  21 new hooks with pictures today: Daiichi 1222 Knapek S4 Partridge CZ Partridge CS52 Partridge CS54 Partridge CZF  Partridge Sedge/Caddis Partridge SUD Partridge Ideal Nymph Partridge Bar
Nathan Needs Advice
Something that may help you some.  You don't have to use the entire hookshank to tie a fly.  If it helps keep the proportions correct, tie the fly at the back of the hook and leave more hook
October Flies from the Bench
[attachment=54006:image.jpeg][attachment=54007:image.jpeg] A bead head pt nymph tied on a size 14 mustad hook
Thinking about sneaking out for some time on the water tomorrow.  Forecast is for wind 15-25 MPH.  I suspect I'll leave the 1wt at home!   Got me thinking - what is the level of wind th
Hello from the Netherlands
Hi FlaFly,   Here is the first Rainbow I caught last year in October whilst on holiday in Denmark, in a Put-and-take pond.   I hooked it on a yellow tungsten bead nymph #16 I tied myself, I
A small review of the Griffin Montana Mongoose.
  Is the distance between the tip of the jaws and the stem really that much larger on the Mongoose than the Renzetti or Peak?  For articulated patterns, I just put a rubber band on the trail
hook size to fly size
If you go to, say, BPS' fly shop and peruse their flies ... you'll see all types and sizes of flies for sale. As far as I know, if it says it's a size 20 PT Nymph, then that IS the hook size.   Y
Holy Grail Nymph SBS
That is a nice looking nymph. Great job!!
Hook compartments.
I keep a quantity of the hooks I use the most in 10 compartment boxes. One for dry fly hooks, one for nymph hooks, one for scud and emerger hooks, etc. The dry fly box allows me to tie anything from a
Hooks today are sharp
Thankyou Crackaig! I still ty on trebles sometimes & that tool is something i need. Could have used it yesturday when i tied 2 silver bodied Red buts on small doubles! New barbless singles are so
Hatches Blog Post - Shakey Bealy – by Tightline
A flowing nymph pattern that wants to be a soft hackle. The Shakey Bealy could be a great Sulphur or October caddis pattern that might be that extra little bit that make a killer fly. Swung on a tig
Hatches Blog Post - Andreas Andersson’s Skin Head – Brian Wise
Brian Wise continues his series of Andreas Andersson flies.[url=]View the full article[/url]
Bunching at hook eye
Been trying to tie gold ribbed hares ear nymph (size 16 & 18) without a bead head and am getting into problems with too much bunching at the hook eye. All suggestions to prevent this would be welc
Stretch Flex Caddis Pupas
Thanks Kimo, I'll pass then.  I've been looking for a material like that but more lasting, and the search must continue it seems. Have you tried the Nymph Skin from Virtual Nymph? I am pretty
Duck wing feather use
I also skinned it of course and am tanning the skin with the feathers for future use.
what is that 1 fly tying material.....
Saskatchewan Seal Skin. it's great for bindings, and that is about it.
Confusion about hen hackles & capes
Correct?  Well, hard to say unless you clarify what you are looking for, and intended application.  Whiting hen capes are best for wings and soft hackles, and while you could also use them f
Classic Trout Wets and Winging
Here's a little gold ribbed hare's ear wet I tied based on the Ray Bergman collection tied by Don Bastian. I've had great success with this pattern in it's nymph version, so with the new found skills
C.B. was special. [attachment=53645:2.JPG]   She has had leukemia since she was a couple years old.  Mom has been giving her pills twice a day for most of her life.   She was funny, and
Tiny Moths!
Weapons of Moth Destruction.  Like Rockworm said, Para-dichloro-benzine moth balls in the rest of your materials. I would segregate *everything* in the same container/drawer as the infected skin.
Legs on nymphs?
the only thing that comes to mind is 'it all depends'  - on what the fish are desiring at the time. I don't know that fish would reject a nymph with hackle legs if they were taking a more realist
Pictures of tiny flies Monthly Swap
First of all, like usual, I make note that I do not have the equipment to do good fly pics. Also, on these small flies they drove me nuts because my macro setting kept trying to focus on something els
Steelhead Time
I'm in, Steelhead Hammer nymph
Clouser Minnows
I have been using the Wapsi mini dumbbell eyes and a size 12 Mustad Nymph/Sproat hook, and place the eyes at the halfway point on the shank. I watched a video with Bob Clouser tying a Clouser Minnow,
“Nothing complicated but very efficient for fishing grayling and trout using “peche a vue ” – the french technique of fishing with micro nymphs. Tying this micro nymph is not complicated a
Material for Hopper Wings?
I've tied some deer-hair and some parachute hoppers and used mottled turkey quill for the underwing (and wing).   Instead of turkey, I'd like to use material of different colors, green, yellow an
September flies from the bench
That's really nice SBPatt! Every nymph box should have a few of those in it!
Serbian and Montenegro trout and grayling waters
Hello, i have introduced myself. Now its turn to introduce some of rivers i fish.  To be completely honest, most of rivers are not so rich with fish. main problem is bait fishing and taking every
Fill the box - suggestions
I'm filling a warm water fly box for some of the local ponds.  Currently I have Poppers, Muddlers, Woolly Buggers and Clouser Minnows.  I'm looking for a little variety.  What else woul
Serbian guy
Hi all, i got my hands on some cheap yet very good hooks. They are barbless with spearpoint. Size 16 Here are some ideas i came with. Pt nymph with some cdc BWO My favourite klinkhammer with uv ice du
Excellent quality and great price. - GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2
GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend, Forged, BronzeExcellent quality and great price.These are quality hooks, I'm using them on my flies and they perform very well, no bent or broke
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