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Nymph Skin

Can't See
Use bigger hooks. I also think the jump from a Woolley bugger to a prince nymph is a little extreme. Possibly start with an easier nymph like a hares ear or PT, each of which are exceptionally effecti
A question of weight
I used different diameters of lead wire, different densities of beads, and different diameter wire hooks to weight my flies. All I got was a cluttered and overstuffed nymph box, and it was difficult t
Strong with the force I am
Nope no cork at all, it's foam core with carbon fiber skin over it. Very light weight.
Trout bug that never fails
Depends how you use  it. I know when and how to use these kind of flies and I will  catch fish. For example when the season starts I will go with this  fly  without any doubt. I wi
Any 'Swimming Nymph' Hook Problems?
I'm tying some Iso nymphs and thought I'd tie some with a swimming nymph style hook. I've got the old Mustad AC80150 on hand so I'm using those.   As I've been tying with those though, I wonder i
I'll throw in my two (very humble) bits...   Tenkara is a form of fly fishing.  Fishing with a standard "fly rod" with a fly on the end is a form of fly fishing.  Fishing with a simple
June Flies from the Vise
[attachment=63003:0327170440-1 copy.jpg]a Swimming Nymph…..
Where do I locate Golden Pheasant neck feathers?
Hi... I want to tie the original Halladay Adams pattern using the same feathers, etc he used.  That said, where can I find "2 strands from a golden pheasant neck feather"?   These are my cho
Fly Tying Video Fails
Here is a video that contains many of our criticisms, poorly lit, out of focus, no sound and the worst manicure ever. But I think it overcomes all of that, because it's Frank Sawyer tying his Pheasant
Nice Au Sable pike on the fly
Those top strips after you cut y-bones would be perfect to ka-bob. Cut them in 1" sections and spear them on your stick with various other items and bbq . That is a way I've never done it and one of t
Hungarian partridge-French Partridge
Well this took me some time to get the hang of working with As you all know it's a delicate " feel" to work with , but anyway I purchased a full " skin of Hungarian, and large bag of the French part
Top 3 Trout Flies
Hey guys, so I wanted to get everyones idea's on this video.  I was thinking of doing this for more species...   Obviously some of you will have different idea's on which flies I should have
Strange hooks
Short bodied nymph (no bead head) or egg patterns.  Think of them as a wide gape, 1x short hook.  I generally find I get better hookups on smaller flies that have wide gapes.
Perdigon Nymph
The Perdigon nymph is a unique one that has the slender look of a buzzer, depending on how it's tied. It's a great fly to fish, though many steps to finish it to specs. I go through the complete proce
Heavy wire nymph hooks (carp hooks?)
I second whatfly's recommendations of the TMC2457 or the similar Dai-Riki and Umpqua models. I was having trouble with standard wire nymph hooks straightening on some of the extremely strong strains o
Trout fly tying materials - must haves
For a bare essential materials kit for trout, I would tend towards Piker's list. Give me 1x or 2x hooks from 10 - 20, pheasant tails, peacock eyes, copper wire, appropriate sized brass beads, red thr
Rabbit fur scrap buy from the bay
I'm such a material junky!!!  This is a big batch of rabbit skin scraps I got for $10 on the bay.  It's gonna make a bunch of zonker strips and dubbing.
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
Dmanley, welcome to the swap and to the site. You have fallen in with a great group of guys (and a few gals). And, man, do I have the perfect fly for you, and it's one of my favorites. It is, are you
Baetis Nymph
Hi,   this time i like to show you my newest Project. It's a Baetis Nymph, which i tried to tie as completely as possible (for me so far) with a Bodylength of 9mm .... thanks for watching and com
Hi from the Bozone!
Welcome to the site, DB.     My favorite tying videos are here ...   And this guy ...
Carpet Beetles... Enemy to Tiers.
this again.....if you live in a house or building in a temperate to tropical climate, you have "carpet beetles" in your house. You may go you entire life without seeing one, mainly because you don't k
Mop fly
i tie my back up nymph on a curved hook for better backward motion. and as mike said i tie the head to be triangular if you look down on it    rich
  Get familiar with the qualities and attributes of the materials you use and you will know which materials will be a good substitute for another. That's good advice, Shoe, IF you have the
Help with a couple recipe's
Based on this page:   Trying to decipher a couple of these as I'm heading up that way in a couple weeks.  I'll probably stop and buy a few but I'd
Barrel swivels
Yup.  Use them on streamer rigs and nymph rigs.  Ones I use are #10 Spro rated to 35#.  Useful for joining monofilament and fluorocarbon, and preserving tippet, while minimizing twistin
I use to fish for carp before I took up fly fishing.  I used to use balls of corn meal based on my grandmother's polenta.   Added sugar and either anise or vanilla flavoring.  A carp is
May Flies from the Vise
Gilled Pheasant Tail Nymph #20 Kimo
Tying to Match the Hatch
Nothing works all the time for me, but here's some things that I try during PMD hatches in Colorado. You've probably already tried these. Floating pheasant tail nymph, even when I see trout takin
Two-Tone Copper John Tutorial
Nice looking nymph.  Flytire ties one with two colors, but he twists the wires before wrapping it, so it gives a totally different look.
Simple Streamer
I've tied some very similar to these and palmered the forward hackle ( usually size 6 nymph hook), ugly out of the water but awesome in the water with lots of extra undulating motion.. As long as anyo
Quills and Biots Swap
Hey, Flytire, those look awesome. Great work! Sort of reminds me, in a way, of a Pheasant Tail nymph, but different. I think the fish are going to like those.    BB
Wow 3 feet is a big copperhead! I've never seen one over 2ft, and it was dead, the skin is on my wall. I'd love to keep a Snake or two but my stepdad is in the group that the only good one is a dead
Wow. Have just spent the last three hours sorting flies from swaps over the last 5 years or so.... So many awesome dries and nymphs! Even found some of my first ties... while the swap flies have larg
Need some input ......
Buy a Hungarian partridge skin. Lots of other things things can be substituted, but nothing really looks as good. A $15 skin will give you a lifetime of good soft hackle tying feathers.   $15
Whole turkey
I second fisherboys comment. Marabou around the butt is awesome for crawdads and woolly boogers. Also the small feather that grow at the base of larger feathers (filiplume) or afterfeather makes nice
Renzetti Master Vise Rotary Parachute Attachment?
I've always wondered why Renzetti abandoned their gallows attachment but left the holes in the Master to use one. But I use the bobbin holder as I described and with a little adjustment I can still us
Today's Hatch
I was fishing but they weren't but a couple off rises. Switched to a nymph and got one. I only had about 20 minutes and I had my 3 year old, kid loves bugs
A quick thank you...
The late Jack Gartside, who was one of the most respected tyers who ever lived, was known to get on a plane with a one-way ticket (and no money) and fly to wherever the fishing was good at the moment.
Found in the yard ..
That's a tail feather, not a mottled oak feather. (which is a secondary wing feather.)  But you can tie whatever using that feather, it'll just be darker in tone.   I wouldn't wash it, eithe
Sculpin Pattern
Buy one and take it apart.  Looks pretty simple but from the pictures can only make a guess, which is why you should just buy a copy.  Articulated shank, dumbbell eyes, Dacron backing to rea
Thanks Andy! Was thinking the same thing, shop is 2 hrs away & in a large city! Easy twice the size of Turku & a lot of flyfisher's! So might be a wasted trip? Not sure! We had our oldest fly
Sources of Latex
After reading the first few posts I was about to post about the way latex breaks down etc. but Silver has beaten me to it, so I will just echo his post. There is one latex material which is stabilis
Removing a hook
A few thoughts about getting hooked.... it helps if you get stuck someplace without a lot of nerve endings - I've actually worn hooks in my hide for hours until I could get to medical aid... You can b
Tricolor Caddis Pupa
Playing with catgut and different colored threads used for underbody. The final look and effect :   *almost dried body:     *wet bodies:       Lucian
April Flies from the Vise
Wooduck/CDC Nymph Kimo
Micro Hares Ear Tying Video
Well done.  I'm a fan of simple also.  I tie lots of similar generic midge in size 20, but with different color glass beads and using red squirrel body hair instead of hare's mask.  Not
N Ga trout trip. First fish!
Well Sunday morning my girlfriend and I woke up at 2:45 am, left at 3:30, and met out guide at 8:00! On the water fishing by 9:00 with Bob Borgwat of Reel Angling adventures! We headed up into the Cha
This one is going out to a friend who teaches Entomology. cant wait to hear what he thinks about this one. GOOD LUCK GODO TYINMy " Diabolus Nymph "[attachment=62097:Diabolus Nymph ...jpg] [attachment=
Hi vis leader material
Does anyone make hi vis leader material? I was fishing early in the morning yesterday with a sinking line (grayish/brown) and it is very hard to follow your line/leader, it was like fishing at night.
Best hackle for nymph collars?
This guy from Intheriffle likes hen for the Prince collar, he says you can use hen, speckled hen or India neck:   If you don't like the Wapsi skins, look for so
Fly/ Fly Tier of the Month
I voted NO ... emphatically, NO!   No to flies for one complicated reason ...   Too many great flies.   We have the "from the vise" thread for each month.  We have tutorial threads
Tinsel alturnatives
I'd shorten the tail so it's about half the length of the hook shank or slightly less.  About three swords should be enough. Also, take a turn or two of the brown hackle rather than tie in an ent
Iron Mike
Ok, tore one apart today and still not sure of all material, but; here is my opinion and the opinion of the gentleman at the fly shop.   The hook is a nymph size 8, 3XL The tail is
Traveling tying kit
About 14 years ago I put together a demonstration for clubs and FDG Branches called The travelling Fly Tier. Of course in doing this sort of thing you go to the furthest extreme of what is possible, j
Bluegill hunter swap
Oh wow. Im keen. Being an ozzie i can't target gills because they are not here. However, i have an awesome little nymph I've been using on tilapia that i would like to see used on your gills. Will
The Complete Mayfly Swap
Gotta do a rule check... could a soft hackle/flymph type fly count as a nymph? I find these patterns pretty versatile and often fish them as a nymph
New member
Welcome to the site! I've got to ask, "Snowwhite"?  Is there a reason behind that screen name?  Favorite character or actual skin color (or lack thereof).
Hare's Ear Tying Video
Probably caught more fish on this nymph than any other. Thanks for watching!
i'm guessing that's what most of you might call me when i tell you that i have never fly fished but have several hundred flies that i've tied. my name is david, and i live in michigan. i started spin
Double taper
I tried DT line and turned out not to be so much of a fan. It is smooth and offers nice turn over but lacks distance of a WF line.   One place where a double tapered line is good is on a small s
First crappie of the year
Most of my SMP are tied on swimming nymph hooks. Little easier to see the body on the fly.   Rick
Perdigone nymphs on jig hooks
Spanish perdigone nymphs have recently been an increasingly popular group of flies. They can be relatively easy to tie. And they are very effective for European style nymphing on different types of w
Any Sources for Tungsten Washers?
ev8d, welcome to FTF and thanks for posting. The tacky weight could be my new Plan B. I saw it as I researched but was afraid of the friction issue like the soft lead if I created a spacer; and, I
First, congrats on new addition to family. Seems like you may need to go portable, drawback is not being able to leave stuff out, while pondering. If you can dedicate a single spot, you probably want
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