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Nymph Skin

Lesser Known Hackle Growers?
There are lots of breeders of "fancy" chickens, and several that specialize in fly tying.  Two that come to mind right off the top are Bill Keough and Charlie Collins, but there are others. 
Skunk hair
I just got back from a trappers rendezvous. I got 2 tanned bucktails, 2 deer hides, half a turkey wing, lots of turkey tail feather , and a tanned skunk skin. Is skunk fur good for fly tying? What app
Emerger Wing Preferences
Though I tie many in many different designs for customers, I tend to only use three myself. Like Bruce my first choice is a Klinkhamer. That is a poly fibre wing. With the new Klinkhamer hooks from Da
Need help with pattern design
I've played with trying to mimic lures over the years. I enjoy doing it. Some I fish, some I just do to aggravate my purer fly fishing friends. Some have fished well, some haven't. It's harder to do a
Stream current replicator gizmo
I have no horse in this race- I don't sell them, I could, but shipping is quite expensive. I do own one though. My buddy said the same thing about the tank until he saw it.  Sticking a pump and a
Here is the deal, I have fished no water that a fish won't take a Woolly Bugger in one coloration and or size or another. It just can imitate so many different aquatic things. One Bucktail streamer
Skill Builder Trout Series II
By the skin of your teeth, Joseph, by the skin of your teeth! But you are in. Glad to have you.   BB
What can I tie with this?
A small woolly bugger with a body of peacock herl (I assume that's what you meant when you said you had peacock), the brown schlappen and marabou will catch trout and steelhead. Likewise any number of
Butterfly and beetle..!!!! No uv, yea
Beetle withbrown thread, nymph skin, boars hair for legs and antenna, and child size lee press on nails for body armor. Butter fly made from #8 hook, braided ultra chenelle black and brown, brown sadd
Stocking a bass and panfish fly box suggestions
Nice guys, this is what I was hoping for, some bottom patterns and nymph patterns would be great.any ideas?
Tandem fly terminology?
In Czech nymphing the point fly is the last fly on the leader, mostly a jig nymph, but not always, the droppers are the two flies tied above it! AND THATS THAT!:-)
Deer hair
The tails we get here are not of the quality many of you in the US are used to. As a tail gets used up the skin usually disintegrates, that's when I throw mine away. I was once asked to tie some large
Top Winter Trout Patterns
Size 8 black wooly bugger (streamer hook) with pearl Krystal flash tied in, and size 2 Brown stonefly nymph.
Dropper Flies: Part 1
Another great Cammista video!   That's exactly how I rig, but I've never used a streamer for my heavy fly. I know I should fish more streamers and dead drift in addition to strip. Since this fits
Tippet Material
flytyer, what are you fishing on the end of your tippet? Your fly type and sizes will play into the answer.   I use fluorocarbon for nymphing and streamers because it sinks and nylon for dry
Please critique my dry flies!
I think the ties are fine.   My only comment is that the hook you used is not the type of dry fly hook normally used for that pattern. The shape of the hook looks like a TMC 200R 3XL nymph hook t
New Zonker strip cutters
Nice cutters, they'll do the job. I wouldn't be looking to put handles on the gutters though. Rather I would use the extra length of the screws to secure the cutter to the bench. Fixing the cutter and
Pattern suggestions for Alder Fly aka Zebra Caddis?
Although adult Alderflies resemble caddis they are not. Their life cycle and nymph stages are very different than Caddisflies.  
crayfish patterns
Good thread !   I like the woolly bugger or the swimming nymph. I find that the the swimming nymph allows smaller imitations and use both as needed.   Swimming Nymph variation....   
Anyone have any links to weaving flys
A couple of tips to get you started. 1, Prep 6 flies before weaving any. Then weave the 6 bodies one after another. Just do the bodies. If you prep one, then weave it, by the time you have prepared a
January flies from the vise
I think this is called a lightning nymph. gold bead, gold tinsel, chartruse wire, peacock, purple dubbing, wing ribbon and pheasant tail, # 14  scud hook. Think this might be my swap nymph.  
Monthly swap begin or end? Pics of past year
[attachment=55372:personel 004.JPG]   Ok thanks Nick. This will be my bead head, I think its called a LIghtning  Nymph. First attempt at this little bugger....
Hatches Blog Post - My Precious Nymph – Lucian Vasies
“My Precious Nymph” is tied to imitate baetis nymphs, clinger nymphs, swimming and crawler nymphs, basically almost all delicate medium-small nymphs[url=
Hatches Blog Post - Candy Bug nymph – by Ruben Martin
An interesting take on a deep fishing nymph, where the legs are formed from wire.[url=]View the full article[/url]
Hello from Colorado
Welcome to the site, there is an articulated nymph swap that has two open spots going on right now, find it and comment "im in" if you want to try one out.
9578 A hook
you asked about those hooks in this thread post #86   http://www.ebay.
Mustad 3906b question
a 3906B is a great size for a beadhead nymph.  The extra length just about makes up for the bead, and the heavier wire adds a bit of weight to help get it down.   In my opinion, shared with
Stoneclinger Nymph
Hi,   this is the second try of a Stoneclinger Nymph. Maybe you like this one...     MW  
Articulated nymph proportion
So I am in I the Articulated nymph swap and I have never tyed this type fly so I have a few question. Proportion of the body is the hard part do you include the hook eye and tye in when figuring len
Sorting the sbs section?
Im sure im not the only one who feels this way, maybe there's a way to do this I dont know. I think the sbs section is awesome, but would be much more useful if it was categorized. Something like salt
Tinsel-Bodied Nymphs
Oddly enough, I experimented quite a bit with tinsel-bodied nymphs, and while the chironomid patterns have worked well enough (e.g. Zebra or Blood midge with holographic tinsel), especially in lakes,
Articulated Nymph Swap
I would like to do a swap for something I have been trying out lately, articulated nymphs. Some patterns are established, Greg Senyo has a few of his own, but almost any nymph pattern can be made to b
Loch Ordie Muddler (variation) SBS
Loch Ordie Muddler (variation)     A different way to skin the cat's head.     hook - Mustad 3906  #8 thread - Danville 6/0  black body - ginger variant saddle hackle
Hatches Blog Post - Morrish’s Iron Sally – Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez ties Ken Morrish's Iron Sally nymph fly pattern. This is a great stonefly nymph for golden stones or yellow sallies.[url=
Reel advice?
I have several of these rods that I use for student rods for casting classes and I'll take one of them fishing ever so often.  They're a fun rod to fish.    I use 6 wt lines on them for
Good information.  Scuds and sowbugs are both completely aquatic crustaceans (no winged adult stage), and because they're present  underwater year-round they can be a pretty important part o
Czech Nymphing; Something for Everyone?
Czech Nymphing, along with Polish Nymphing and Euro-nymphing (etc., etc.) is one of several aggessive nymphing techniques used by competitive fishermen to rack up big scores in competitive fishing eve
large fly guy trying my hand at nymphs need critique!
20 incher is a great pattern, definitely can imitate a stonefly or mayfly nymph. Change a few things and it is a great isonychia (slate drake) nymph fly as well. Keep working at it, mainly proportio
Foam strike indicators
I agree that they are hard to get off your leader. Years back I bought a package of the pre-cut foam indicators and thought for a while that I liked them until I got into a nice rainbow that was prob
Thermal Underwear
January, when I was in Norwood Massachusetts a few years ago.  I did some fishing using a friend's waders.  Under those, I wore a pair of sweatpants, a pair of jeans and two pair of socks. &
Now right after Djtrout has told you why it isn't importan,t I'm about to tell you why it is to me, and how I go about it.   If I tie a fly for a customer I need to be able to re tie it at a late
What do you do with your swap flys
I do both, a friend and I sat down one night and went thru almost all my swap flies and flattened the barbs on all of them and sorted them into categories: small, nymph, streamer, panfish and so on.
Fly Tyers Dungeon
Just got mine today. Ordered the Christmas box but got the nymph box. No problem he's taking it back and sending me the other. But if anyone wants a really great selection of dubbing,, the nymph box i
Polar Bear fur
They actually works as an optical fiber, leading the light of the sun towards the black skin of the animal (polar bear).   Science doesn't support that.  Turns out that the hair doesn't
Horse Tail Hair, Woven Nymph
I use horse mane for weaving frequently and has some horse tail hair on hand I had planned on using. This is my first try. I'm using my ipad camera, so my images are not up to th quality of Kimo or
Fly Line for kayak fishing river smallies
I also think the rio outbound short would be best, but depending on how deep you are fishing I would recommend the intermediate or type 6 sinking lines to really get that fly down to the fish. If you
having trouble with stonefly/mayfly tails?
geared for the realistic fly tyer but could be good the newbies struggling with split tails       definitely not for the nay-saying purists
Tying your own furled leaders
Several of us make our own furled leaders.  It takes me about 15 minutes per leader.  I usually set up and do 5 or 6 at a time.  My jig has several sets of holes that allow me to make d
December Flies From the Bench
Thanks! Blue has been a good prince nymph color for me lately. This is a little more stoneflyish, which are usually good winteritme here
Trout Fishing and the Color of Wet Dubbing
Caucci and Nastasi published a book called the Fly-tyer's Color Guide which details how to blend dubbing (and other coloured material) to obtain exact hues and shades. There are pages of color charts,
Let's talk about European nymph techniques...
Personally i've opted to use a two part leader with around 6 feet of 2x or 3x, then a tippet ring and 3-4 feet 4/5x down to my anchor fly. I tie the dropper tag in the tippet ring, 12" 4/5x. One of m
November ends Monthly Swap and special offer
Joe, you're in since my buddy kennebec can't make it next year. Swap's loss but I've already seen nice stuff from you. You need to look over the list before you commit though. One of the swaps will be
cracked uv resin coatings
Dissimilar materials both adhere differently and or can expand , shrink or flex differently ( thinking base paint and clear topping incompatibility to some even small degree). Any of those combos of c
SW tyer/fisherman getting into FW tying and beyond confused
Depending where you live in the NE. Two types of flies I have in my box are caddis and midges. These have caught trout for me in PA, NY, VT and southern Ontario. You might miss a mayfly hatch but ther
Catgut Nymph
Lucian Vasies soaks the catgut before tying so is easier to tie with. He has some great looking nymphs as well.
tying strike indicators
mike. i saw an article where the guy sandwiched pink in between olive color so that from the bottom it would appear olive, like moss floating, but it had a pink middle so it was more visable. I just c
The little guys survive mass extinction events
You're right in recognizing that these events don't happen in one swell foop!  Whether the cause is melting of pack ice, or a direct hit by a meteor, the environmental changes take place over geo
Whitefish Hooks?
Thankyou Dave G. I looked up the Gamakatsu circle hooks & they look close the the Tiemco 2499SP-BL hooks i tied leeches with on friday! Went to use them sunday, but was a sucker for salmon with a
Micro thin fly lines
You are right about a thinner standard AFTMA standard floating fly line.   If you are talking about the Sunray nymphing fly lines, they are marketed to the long line Euronymphers. Instead of a lo
Bugger Tails
My bugger tails are different lengths, materials and even layout depending on if I want it as a generic fly or to lean towards matching a hatch or representing what ever. That "what ever" can be anyth
October Monthly swap pictures
Short one swapper but a couple of extras make a full set of nice orange themed flies. Couple of stimulators in there which I like as an upper fly over a nymph or wet fly. Makes me feel less like I'm f
THANK you very much Dave G! I'm pretty shore it was you who mentioned a while ago about using rabbit zonker fur instead of marabou for wooly buggers? We have a run of white fish now & on tuesday i
New Turkeys for Tying.
I've got an order from one of our local farmers for a white turkey...supposed to pick it up this week. Also my wife got me a white chicken a week ago...the skin is tacked to plywood and drying. Will l
Deer hair/elk hair curing
I do not hunt Deer myself, but am fortunate to have friends further north of me that supply me with a skin when needed. A full deer hide goes a long way, so IMO, doing one is worth the effor
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