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Nymph Skin

Dry fly tailing material ?
OK, you haven't explained yourself fully.  Are you working with a full cape, or just, like, Whiting-100's?  With all the full capes I have, the largest feathers at the bottom/back still prov
Wire size
In a effort to minimize expense and prevent purchasing materials I don't need, is there a wire size that you folks generally use for most of your midge and nymph patterns? I don't have the luxury of a
Hackle... Better than Cree?
I like my Metz barred ginger but must admit it's not as close to as nice as those in the photo. My actual ginger cape is about the same tone as that is in the dark portions, course it's straight ginge
Tiemco Hooks
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Help ID a Fly Pattern Please
I just happened across a picture of this simple, elegant fly pattern and it is labeled as an Alder-Fly-Nymph. When I search on that pattern, I get the classic Alder Fly patterns and not this one. Can
Jig nymphs - sharing your patterns please
Thanks guys for opinions and feedback.  I use these flies because they snag less between rocks and drift woods on the bottom (they swim mostly with the point up ).In the past I used in our local
head cement vs. uv epoxy
I think the last time I bought head cement I vowed that would be literally "the last time".  As I recall it was around $4 and I thought how disgusting is that for a little bit of clear lacquer. I
Twisted bend hooks for tying?
Hi all   Partridge also makes Czech-Nymph hooks with an offset. Be carfull when clamping them into the vice, though.........     Best,   Obi
Whiting 100 Pack
  Whiting packs are great in a pinch but will eat your wallet out. The few I have bought came from the orvis store. Look at the intro pack of four half capes at orvis. Wait for a sale and you
What Kind of Fly Tier are You?
tide   these "preformed bodies/wings" ?  
Mike - There are trapping seasons for river otter in many states but most require you to get a CITES tag for the skin and some say that you are not allowed to possess an untagged skin outside of a spe
Mighty Mite Midge Swap
I would like in on this one. Always being told by guilds I run into that they are taking the small ones. It's time to add them to my box and see if I do any better. Figure this would be a good place t
Tapered Abdomens
Many of the naturals don't have an exaggerated taper  and so sometimes it doesn't need to be all that much tied in. I do it different ways according to the pattern I'm tying. Most recently I was
Old Dubbing Material
Every material you buy now is synthetic. What did they use to use for dubbing?   Yarn, often times wool yarn, was used for dubbing. Old fly patterns often specified the yarn that was used
Old Patterns
I'm hoping some body can answer this question for me, when I first started fishing and really didn't know much I use to watch other guys to see if I could learn anything. There was one guy I'm guessin
A Lil Dab Will Do Ya
I like your UV resin skills Mike! Or are you just like me & only tried to put a small amount on the head of a nymph fly?
What is a good bass fry pattern?
I tie a simple fly that I assume is taken as bass fry. Sz 10 nymph hook brass bead chain to invert the hook. 2 Small clumps of polar fiber, gray for the belly, green for the back. You can add a couple
Hunting Season And Gathering Materials
You scrape any fat off the skin as well.  The borax will soak up some but if your skins ever get warm, the fat will turn to oil and soak into fur & feather.  I liked to stretch the skins
dried out, unuseable capes
I use steam a lot since I buy my feathers (necks, saddles, strung feathers) in bulk -they only get steamed when I'm ready to use them....   Get a tea kettle going strong then hold the neck in you
Sawyer Pheasant Tail Nymph
While Frank Sawyer was the originator of this nymph, today, there are many different ways it is tied.  This link is to just ONE way that Davie McPhail ties them.  I have seen at least 6 othe
New to the hobby
Well there are two or three different ways to tie woolly buggers for one thing. Which method are you thing ?   My very first woolly buggers were tied on #8 nymph hooks as I recall ( about 2-1/2 d
September flies from the vise
IMG_1449.JPGhere is a Rhyo nymph, had trouble with wire rib coming off after a few fish. regular cement did not help so I used some thin UV resin works great. Looks real nice should be a spitting ima
Pegging Beads... Fishing or snagging?
Five or maybe ten years ago, advertised in some of the fly fishing magazines, there was a "system" that worked exactly like the pegged bead system. This guy had come up with a way of attaching a hook
I have tied them in sizes from 10# to 20#…..they all work great …on nymph hooks.
Fly Rod "Lures"
For me whatever I want to fish any way I want to fish it as long as it's legal who cares!!!!!  There are other boards that have an elitest attitude that as far as I'm concerned I don't go to anym
What are everyones go-to searching flies?
Great pattern man I may have to get some guinea and tie a few, and then fish it with a heavier dropper nymph. Thanks again, Brody
Definately gonna have some zonker strips!!
The lady I got my arctic fox from sent me some pics of dyed rabbit skins and I ordered a couple, she told me she was sending me some extra ? for being a good customer.  There was a mix up and I w
Griffith's Gnat
... In the past, I have added a little spike of orange indicator material to the middle of the fly to add a speck of orange to aid in visibility.  It helps, and the fish don't seem to mind.
Hotspots.... Love to know and see some examples where you apply them
It has been my experience that a nymph tied like this with a hotspot will out fish one without by 10 to 1.        
hook size for sm bass
Went out this evening to try the new flies. I have no idea which pattern is better. I tied the foam nymph on and never took it off.  Lost count of the smallmouth bonus 17" largemouth and 4 nice 1
Who all has tied at fly tying shows / expos???
Knowing how I am, bottle of nu skin & band aids would be necessary!
Catch & Release Mount
That grayling looks like a skin mount. Very nice indeed.
Must have flies for Salmon River trip in late Sept.?
Weight forward or double taper line is all you need. No need for any specialty high dollar lines.  King Salmon can put a whoopin' on fly line when they make a run through rocky areas, over ledges
Is there an equivalent of Mustad 34007 in freshwater hooks?
I tie on many styles & models of hooks now, but at one time my most used freshwater hooks, particularly for trout & SM bass was the old Mustad 9671 & 9672 nymph/streamer hooks. I also used
Hatches Blog Post - Jigawockie Fly – Loon
Matt from Loon shows off the Jigawockie, a hotspot deep fishing nymph. Hatches Fly Tying,,USA[url=
Furry Foam Part 2, What to use as a substitute
new furry foam   it has been said that furry foam was just a vellux blanket   or   foam, suede, nymp
I have moderated on motorcycle boards where almost anything goes. This is, as I've grown to understand it, a much more family oriented and friendly board. Yes,  this is the Lodge and yes, things
Soft Hackle Flies
For me, soft-hackles are weirdly one of "those" flies.   They look fishy as all get out.  I know they catch fish.  I've fished alongside guys absolutely rocking them with a partridge an
Can elk be substituted for deer on a rolled muddler?
I prefer deer to elk in general for things with hollow hair. But then my deer patch is really a lot of skin with a really lot of high quality deer hair and my little elk hair patches basically all suc
FUR coats as tying materials
Greetings everyone !!   recently, while at a salvage store, I came across an old fur coat. I believe rabbit.  I said to myself. " this will make an amazing Hairs Nymph pattern. Then it hit m
Marlow Buzz Fly
I refer to this article:   According to what
Invented Flies
OK to kick this off I give you the BiColour Nymph. If you want the details of how and why these came about and the tying you will find the details here. Cheers, C.
How is a new pattern created these days?
I don't know much about trout flies but in saltwater tying (and a lot of bass tying), there is plenty of innovation and not just "variation (or variant)". Some of it simply follows the latest material
good video(s) for beginner on rotary vise
You Tube is your friend indeed!  There are tons of videos out there.  Some are better than others I cannot even imagine how folks before the internet even got started in this hobby!!! &#
RGN nymph
I was wondering if anyone has heard of the RGN nymph and knows what materials are used to make it. I've searched the internet and have seen nothing about it. Have looked at Bennett Springs fishing rep
Please give me your opinion on this fly.
I'm guilty of creating this pattern.  It was originally called a foam dragon when we did the Youtube tutorial on it, but I changed the name to make it more marketable when Fulling Mill picked it
PNW Help!
I tie mine on anything that fits into the nymph or short streamer category. I tie a series with shorter body and longer tail too and have done them on bait hooks. over time you just kind of visualize
Save the Drama
Can anybody say "Klinkenhammer"? It's hard to say but one you get  his name down there is a hook of his name that will do the same without the radical bend which will weaken the metal just at t
The Fly Review
American Pheasant Tail Nymph. I'm kind of proud of this one.   Edit: no clue why it turned my picture sideways.  And no clue why I can't get photobucket to work tonight either lol. Nice
I regret
You need to get thicker skin. Its the internet where the keyboard cowboys act tough. Its been that way for years. No, what I'm saying is there is more than just words. Letters to my home with treat
Hook Companies
I mostly stock Mustad, I can tie about anything with them. I do have some Tiemco ( more expensive) in 24s for some midge patterns because that's what I found in stock at the time.  I recently acq
Beginner - purchased Grizzly Saddle Hackle- wrong kind?
You can tie shorter woolly buggers and woolly worms with hen, I have a Spencer grizzly hen skin ( Spencer went out of business a bunch of years ago now) I've been using for years now just for that pur
Your Personal Best: Trout Edition
crickets...crickets...Don't everyone talk at once. Maybe too many firing up at the same time and less people jumping in? I'm game. 3 weeks of tying time coming at me and I need the diversion to keep w
August Flies From the Vise
Kimo, Do you have a video or SBS to tie your scuds? What size hook is this? Thanks Bim, Hook is a TMC 3761 #16  I sold a video for the scud and feel it would be unfair to individuals who boug
Mink Matuka Sorta... Zonker really..
Watch till the end for the underwater footage... This fly is a lightweight version of a zonker fly, that also is similar to a matuka fly.  I dub in the fibers on the front of the fly instead of
Breakfast Swap
I would call it a trout swap, but there is a lot of overlap between the great lakes steelhead and trout.   I fish for both, and an egg ahead of a small nymph is also a big brown trout taker for m
run one
out of ideas???   2 materials only 3 materials only 4 materials only a to z swap articulated flies attractor flies bait fish flies bass flies beadheads beginners only blue wing olive/baetis buck
Badger hair uses
Badger, coyote and gray fox have similar guard hair color. They can easily be separated from the under fur. The under fur is a nice cream or gray. Any light colored nymph or dry fly. I have seen peopl
One bug
I looked at all my ostrich plumes and agree it's probably too flimsy to make these legs.  You could make them, but the fly probably wouldn't last but a short while.  Any other herl suggest
Tying foam?
I like the gurglers.Panfish love the small ones and large are great for bass.I also like the marabou tails for the small ones but for the large i have used bucktail or silicone from an old spinnerbait
YouTube Tutorials
Mc Fly Your videos are just fine. You have to have thick skin on the internet. My guess is 90% of the folks criticizing you don't even make any themselves
Gallo de Len
Thanks for the information, Johnny.  It is good to know that the chickens are tortured by plucking the feathers, rather than humanely killed and skinned.Bwaaahahahaha!! There's more than one way
locally sourced /Chaeling my Grandfather
I have two Brittanies that are great hunters. I often get many birds. I waste nothing. I eat the meat from the birds, feed the innards to my chickens and grind the carcass for the dogs. I skin and bor
Beginners stab at a wingless wet.
Hoping to get some input from some of the guys on the site. I tied a few of these the other night hoping to get some interest from some Brookies in a small stream north of me. Hackle is Olive india He
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