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Nymph Skin

Right Nymph
Right Pheasanttail The tails are a bit too long and the abdomen a bit too skinny. But it's not a bad baetis nymph as it is. The real bug is a Baetis Nymph netted in April '13, Montana's Big Horn River
Wet fly - need your feedback
Like others have noted your proportions need some attention. I suspect that things started to go wrong for you with the hook. That is hardly what I call a wet fly hook, perhaps more suited to a nymph.
Scud with Ziplock Sandwich Bag Body Wrap
The Ziploc Scud, The Dirty Look: I never really have found a wrap body material I like; I've used several of the Nymph Skin-type products, but even though they work, I wasn't sold on them. A few time
Converting 29 gallon gravel aquarium to planted
If you're quiet enough, I've drifted up to plecos that were feeding and picked them up by the tail.  Sand paper skin makes them very easy to hold on to.  I've never seen one larger than 2 fe
Targeting small trout
I was out Sunday for a couple of hours. Rivers were up and colored due to recent winter rains and the water temp was 40oF (air was unusually warm, 50's). Since visibility was limited I started with a
Coq de Leon, Which One to Use? Roosters, Hens, Capes, Saddles, Select
The Whiting tailing packs are very good for tailing material on dries. I like them for nymph tails also, the markings just look buggy to me. I use the hen for soft hackles, but it is hard to get feath
Coq de Leon, Roosters, Hens, Capes, Saddles, Selected Clumps
Depends on what you are trying to achieve.  The hen saddles are great for anything you would use India hen saddle for, and works well for larger soft hackles applications.  Hen capes have a
Hook is very good - GC2488 - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight eye, 3X Wide, 2
<a href=""><img src="
Prince Nymph Swap
We've had several pheasant tail nymph swaps, my go to nymph pattern. Recently I've started tying and fishing the prince nymph and having great success. An attractive and effective fly with lots of var
Waspi Thin Skin Question
I think the thin skin is great. I have no problem cutting with a scissor (Dr. Slick Razor) and let the thin skin follow the side of the blade to make a straight cut. I just bought some Pro flexi skin.
Cutting Flex Body, Thin Skin, or Plastic (Sandwich Bags) Body Strips?
I posted this on the other forum on plastic cutting, but will post here too. I've used a rotary cutter and matt to cut all my skin type materials and foam for years.  My opinion th
Ability & Style to Shoot For; Davie McPhail
davie does tie a very nice steve thornton ammonite nymph fly and many more.   ive been watching him for a few years
"Real Fake" Jungle Fowl eyes
If you have a ringneck pheasant skin you have the feathers to use the method in this post:
January flies from the vise
I have been playing around for a couple of days, trying to get back in the swing and get ready for the big Sowbug Round-Up event in mountain home, Arkansas the latter part of March, many tyers, many p
Heading down in a couple of weeks, this is a list I found. DRY FLIES Stimulator, sizes 8 through 16; yellow, olive, orange Elk hair caddis, size 10 through 16 Goddard caddis, size 10 through 16 Parach
I need ideas
New vice+pack of olive turkey biots+plenty of size 14 and 10 curved nymph hooks =?
Some Tips on Touch Dubbing
The first time I came across touch dubbing was learning to tie the Waterhen Bloa. As usual these days I was told mole was the body dubbing. To be lightly dubbed to create a halo around the body but no
Gammarus nymph
Hi,  thanks guys for your compliments. I used this new tying material  for making the back part and I applied a layer of head cement. It  is a fantastic fly not only river fishing but a
Ghost Red Tag Nymph - a deadly fly for trout in Spring ( and grayling
Guys,  Here is one of my best nymph for fishing when season starts. I use this  nymph on the leader in top but also on first dropper. I called it "Ghost Red Tag Nymph" due the colors of mate
Flies off the Vise
Here are some of the flies off my vise lately. Keep up to date at my website, HERE or through my FB page HERE     Hope you guys enjoy.    Sculpin- Tail- 2 tone Spirit River ra
Shucktail Emerger
I've been reading Peter Hayes book Fishing Outside the Box. It's interesting but a bit too centered on English chalk stream fishing for me. What about fishing streamers during a snow storm? Nymph fish
Looking for a Stonefly Nymph Pattern
"Polly" Rosborough's "Casual Dress" is a great all round nymph that depending of hook size can be used as a Stonefly, Mayfly or Caddis nymph.  Muskrat fur with guard hairs for the body and black
Yellow Sally
:=)) Merry Christmas all. I was going to head up into the Park today but..............Mr Blizzaaaaaard is now out in the yard. Snow's coming down sideways. The above little stonefly adult does work we
Secret Santa pictures and thank you
The box ScottK got from me was nothing compared to the one I got from him!!! First, I need to tell you that I'm the guy who rarely, if ever, wins anything, that is, until now! I was fortunate & bl
Help Identify this dubbing material please
I think this is the article Stippled Popper is referring to. Looks real close.
Fly tying hooks - GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect be
<a href=""><img src="
TwoFour Swap
I'll go for a classic wet, an upving dry (a la Halford), an old style (Skues or Sayers) nymph and a "no vise" tied spider (on a blind eye hook). Like to challenge myself a bit while being in the proce
Does anyone have fly material bias?
Some nymphs that I use are made completely of synthetic materials and some days that's the fly that catches everything, other days it's a hares ear variant that I tie that catches everything and it is
Fly of the Month Swap...2015 Categories
Okay, we need 2 more swappers to fill to make our even dozen on the signup thread but it has been suggested I make a list of categories so some can check them over and make sure they don't need to get
P. L. Ivory Emerger
Hi Guys, my work as translator, if I can call in this way, is continuing and I have just published a new piece written in English on my web site. In this occasion I describe step-by-step how to tie e
Can You Help Determine Material's List
The body is most likely Nymph Skin, it certainly is not Flexi-Body, common mistake though. The feathers look most like after shaft feathers or filoplumes (the secondary soft feather you get behind gam
Perla Nymph
Hi @ all,   this is my first take of a Perla Nymph. The second one is in Progress but it will take a while until it's ready... Maybe you like the actual one...     MW
hackle for dry flies
Rockworm, let me ask you this. What would you recommend I start tying and what colors should I purchase. I live in north eastern PPAif that would help.. Money wise haha (married with children). I ha
N.A.KH. (Not Another KlinkHamer)
The body is Nymph Skin, a stabilised latex strip. You can use any latex strip, but they will not last. Latex perishes very quickly, Nymph Skin much more slowly. I've some flies I tied with it that hav
Golden Pheasant Tail
Have you tried the Feather Emporium? aren't cheap You can buy a whole skin sans the tail feathers for $15. With the tail the sam
Butcher Nymph
Hi Guys, I have been continuing to work to my site and today I have updated it posting a new pattern. New, well, it is not new at all, but this simple nymph takes a great part in my fishing, because i
Things you see on Craigslist
Anyone need a damsel nymph....a real one? I would have never thought... Aquatic Pet damsel Fly Nymph $25 OBO $25
Simple ties for Bluegill
I really like the Miss Marabou subsurface and Tokyo Spider up top. Stealth bomber with a squirrel nymph tied as a dropper is a killer.
Very happy - GC5262 - Nymph Streamer, 2XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend, F
GC5262 - Nymph Streamer, 2XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend, Forged, BronzeVery happyNew into this fly tying and every thing about Greencaddis is 5 star. [url=
GOOD!!!! - GC3761 - Wet Fly Nymph, 1XL, 2X Heavy, Sp
GC3761 - Wet Fly Nymph, 1XL, 2X Heavy, Sprout bend, BronzeGOOD!!!!These are GREAT hooks at a GREAT price!!! AND... The service is super!![url=
Catgut Micro Nymphs
Here is a nymph with a fantastic look, more closer to the natural ones is the nymph tied with catgut biothread. This material looks fantastic when gets wet :     and wet   another one
Only 43 ???
You should get it a damselfly nymph for a treat.
Quality hooks on the cheap
The two best sources I've found are Allen's Fly Fishing, which many here already know about, and hardydeluxe on Ebay, which I'm sure many also know about. Both have been mentioned by others in the pas
2wt capabilities
Seems there are two questions.  One is about what it is possible to do with a 2wt, another is if the 2wt is the best tool for the job.  I could use my 8wt to fish for small trout in a s
Baiting flys
There is an old traditional way of fishing a worm upstream on fly gear that was used in Northern England when the rivers were too high for North Country Flies to be effective. In some areas Gadger fis
Heptagenia Nymph - SBS?
Briminator- mimics about every nymph going. Match colors to the bottom, add a shell back and scruffy ostrich/emu sides, and, voila! - hexagenia nymph.
Project Crayfish
Depends on if you are going to dead drift them like a nymph, or strip them like a fleeing animal.    Dead drifted, use a Clouser Crayfish.   Not simple to tie, but the best there i
Gift Idea
Adams, Pheasant tail nymph, olive woolly bugger
Getting started
Hi everyone   I've been tying for about 3 months now and am really enjoying it. I've caught a few fish on some basic wolly bugger and soft hackle flies (trout and bass)   I'm now looking for
A request for data -- for accounts of ....
My experience was stripping a pheasant tail nymph in a small stream for stocked rainbows. I was using a size 16. They would come out of the school and follow it, but not take the fly. I have
Alabama rig
Okay, salmob, I have a question from your experience. Do you find fish will much more often hit the rear streamer regardless of which color is there? Over the years I've found that fish for some reaso
first pheasant tail nymph
I am a complete newby when it comes to tying. I bought my first vise, tools, and material last weekend at the tying show in somerset nj. Was just looking to get some inout on my first attempt at the p
December Swap Club
Sorry to be so long, guys, and they still aren't in the mail. But I did get them sorted out this afternoon. Unfortunately, our small town Post Office closes at Noon on Wednesdays. But they are ready t
DECEMBER FLY from the bench
Thanks for the kind words, and no, I probably don't need any ones videos but for me, I pickup slight things  (a technique or angle)that may not be explained which leads to giving me another tool
Shuttle Weave - How to.
Tried it with bobbins and always found they got in the way more than helped. The main problem I had using them was controlling the twist that builds up, without loosing tension. YMMV. When working flo
Wool from IKEA
Considering how cheap you can get bulk wool, not sure why anyone would want to waste the money on a skin.
Snipped out of a bass tube.  Dimpled slightly on a beading needle.  Loosely wrapped onto a hook and then glued in place with CA glue.  This one is not weighted. But it's easy enough to
UV in your flies - fact or fallacy.
I have been using UV and UV2 products in many of my ties for awhile now. I let the Trout be the final does this guy:
New swap...Too much Whiting saddle hackle
I will be done in a few days as well. They will be in the mail by this weekend at the latest. Hot spot prince nymph: Hook:14 scud Bead: 7/64 gold tungsten Tails: brown biots Rib: oval gold Body: AZ s
renzetti spinning attachment?
Slow turning is (very) useful for neatly, evenly-spaced ribbing of all kinds.   High speed spinning (as with the Nor) is useful for wrapping thread on a bare hook and (for me) for some dubbing op
The squirminator.
I have recently stumbled upon a nymph pattern that is called the squirminator. I would post the link but it seems like I am unable to do so. A quick google search can find it for you. The fl
Favorite hopper indicator
It has only happened once to me but it proves the necessity of the set up.   While fishing the River Ribble on the Paythorn Length, for anyone who knows it near the Queen Mary, small olives were
What flies work well for carp?
Hi group,   Here in Idaho we have great carp fishing on the Snake River just south of Boise. Our three go-to patterns for them are a Sparkle Pupa (usually bright green on the body), Elk Hair Cadd
Patterns/Books for Belgium/Western Europe?
Hello folks.   So, upon examination, looks like my new fishing locale will be... Belgium, with possible forays into Germany and/or France.    Well. Being from the NE United States, I ha
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