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Nymph Skin

Hatches Blog Post - Black and Gold Bluegill Nymph
Hook: Scud #6 – #16 Bead: 3mm Gold Thread: Black Rib: Gold Wire Tail: Black Rabbit Fur Abdomen: Black Thread Wingcase: Gold Floss Legs: Black and Gold Rubber Legs Thorax: Baitfish Ice Wing Hatch
Hook set? And an intro
Hey y'all I was out the other day with my daughter doing some nyphing at a stocked creek. I could easily see the trout take the nymph and "spit" it. If I watched I could set the hook but I got to thin
imtermediate sink tip fly line
This type of line has a certain application in stillwater. From Denny Rickards "Because of the slow sink rate of the Camo tip, this line is perfect for fishing the top 2 feet or when trout are showing
Tying with cork
"I don't care how you define a fly so long as you don't mind how I define a fly."   This is good, because I am just curious what your definition is? "And they're all technically 'lures' ..." I
Massive Fly Tying Collection
All -   It has been a long time since I've been on the Forum as life has caught up with me.  I have a massive collection of fly tying materials, furniture, lights, books, and even some rods
stoneflies photos / questions
Over the many years I've been fly fishing, I've been told frequently enough "that's not going to work here". Sometimes that information was correct, many times it wasn't. IMO, you're on the right trac
Czech Nymphing
If you want to do traditional Czech nymphing, there is NO added weight to the leader. So the nymphs are slim and heavy. You won't find any soft hackles or any other nymphs that have a lot "fuzziness"
Mullet and Shrimp and Fiddlers, oh my!
Those are some nice ties and will catch fish. Look a lot like many of the flies in my box. It is apparent that there is more than one way to skin a cat.
Alec Jackson Covert Nymph hooks?
Why would it be less visible in the water and what makes it so special? The hooks you show don't seem much different from anyone else's curved shank nymph hooks.   I have some swimming nymph hook
quigley crown jewel
Does anybody know or have the tying recipe for the quigley crown jewel nymph.i have tied some just by looking at a picture but would like to know the actual recipe.thanks
Suggestions for Crayfish Claws
If you have a duck, turkey, quail, pheasant or partridge skin look at the body feathers.  I have seen tiers that coat them with fleximent and they look great dry but not so much wet.   For s
Mountain Stream Flies
A lot of your standard attractor patterns work well--at least in our Sierra mountains, and I've fished up to 11,000 ft. Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, and Stimulator, if you're going for the top
Two Project Boxes
Looking good. Except for the different hackle used in the head of the fly it is basically the same design as the original Wooly Worm before the marabout tail became the new standard and everyone had t
box filler
without knowing a lot about where you will be fishing, and the hatches you'll encounter, it is hard to suggest anything other than generic patterns. The way I go about this is with a system. There are
Female Phasianus Colchicus
Instead of a pheasant tail nymph, wouldn't that be a hen feather nymph?
Skin smells like dead bird..
Not sure of that bird species but I am sure someone on here will and I hope it is not illegal to own but someone else will chim in on that I am sure. Also will get the don't buy off ebay and expect th
Just how "barbless" do I need to be???
No, not really.  I used a popper as an indicator ... tied the 6x line to the eyes of the popper and the nymph. So, I don't think it qualified as a knotted leader.
Rod action - fast / mod-fast
if you intend to fish both nymphs and dries with it I would up to a 9' 4 wt with a "medium/ fast action. will give you the ability to power / turn over a nymph rig but will not require extra effort fo
Next nymphs to tie
All have been said here already but I think your "next to tie list" should really include...     Zebra midge in black/silver, red/copper, olive/gold - beads to match wire Very simple and eff
Boulder, Co.
heres some ideas from different fishermen regarding boulder creek   Jay Zimmerman (1) #20 Black Zebra Midge pupa (2) #22 Para Adams dry fly (3) #18 BH Flashback Pheasant Tail nymph (4) #14 Clown
Old guy from Texas
Hey Tidewater,        My old skin has become accustomed to people giving me a hard time, however, when done in jest I can keep up with most of them!    I'm about 100 mile
Mayhem fly?
Nymph?  Sure looks like an emerger pattern to me.  Guess you could sink it with enough weight, but not sure why.  Anyone know who the originator is?
Trout Flies Invitational
It has been a while since we have had an invitational swap on the Forum, and so I'm thinking it's about time someone started one. For the newer guys here, let me explain. An Invitation Swap is, of cou
Hook Substitute ?
An Ebay search yields two results, the first for 1000 in size 4 and the other and the for 100 in size 6.    I hope this helps.  Also, the new stock numbering for the old 3399N hooks is
great hooks at a great price - GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2X Heav
GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend, Forged, Bronzegreat hooks at a great pricevery sharp, medium weight wire, excellent all-around streamer hooks.[url=
Great Deal - GC2488BL - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight eye, 3X Wide, 2X Sho
GC2488BL - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight eye, 3X Wide, 2X Short curved shank. BarblessGreat DealHaven't had a chance to fish these yet, but you can't beat the quality for this price! Will be curious to se
Damn Good hooks - GC206BL - Dry fly floating nymph barbless, fine wi
GC206BL - Dry fly floating nymph barbless, fine wire, curved shank - 25 hooks per packDamn Good hooksThese are great hooks and a real value. I love tying with these hooks. They're sharp. Very ple
Currently popular hook size , good price ; and fast delivery !!
GC2488BL - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight eye, 3X Wide, 2X Short curved shank. BarblessCurrently popular hook size , good price ; and fast delivery !!Popular hook size for fly tying.. Reasonably priced ; a
Hatches Blog Post - TYING A GAMMARUS NYMPH – Lucian Vasies
Lucian shows how to tie a Gammarus Nymph with the "Pro Sportfisher shell" – a pre cut synthetic type of skin with a very realistic look.[url=
Need Steelhead tips
here is an excerpt from ICJ's page about steelheading....   "....I have not listed any sizes to the flies because in high fast water you may need a size #6, but in low clear water, you may need t
Fly tying with found materials
People forget that the original pheasant tail nymph was tied with a hook, pheasant tail and fine wire from an old radio transformer that Frank Sawyer scavenged from somewhere. No peacock, no hackle, n
Brook Trout Favorites Swap
I'm in with a pt nymph variation
Peacock - Now endangered
Well Colin, if we do, we should do it over 2 or 3 years. There is one dominant male, who will not tolerate the others having any tail. Take him first then hopefully two will grow theirs next year. I h
Tying flies with minimal materials
Tie some Pats Rubber legs.  Tail is two rubber leg strands, body is chenille (yarn works just a well,)  Legs are rubber legs.  Weight with lead wire if you have it, or use copper wire (
Rubber Based Cement
So what they say is true, just be careful with toluene, it is easily absorbed through your skin and in large dosage it will eventually end up in your bone marrow, That ain't good
Team USA Medals at the 2015 World Fly Fishing Competition
Congrats to them, and it was done with a dry fly ant and not a  Czech Nymph weighing one ounce fished with an inch of fly out and leader from there dredging bottom. Cool.
July flies from the vise
A little different look using Virtual Nymphs, Nymph Skin.I am tying a dozen scuds for a silent auction benefitingthe Japanese American Community Graduate Program which provides scholarships for senior
The Red, White and Blue of July Monthly Swap
Nice flies in from MichaelRay and J-Kno. Both went small with a cool Chromonid from J-Kno and an even smaller nymph from MRay. The colors are there in miniature and will be catching trout this fall fo
10ft 4wt 3pc Nymphing rod
              Just out of the shop this morning is this 10ft 4wt 3pc two tip nymph rod for a customer in the N.E. Classic twist thread (CP'd) with metallic silver tr
New tying vise - Love it!
I recently purchased a Griffin Montana Mongoose tying vise for my fly and jig tying.   First impressions: This thing is awesome! Holds a hook ridiculously well, solid pedestal base, well made c-c
To Skin.. or Trim... THAT is the Question....???
Skin, skin, skin. The hide is tough and easy to skin. It has some great guard hairs that can be used for dry flies. You will get a much better selection of hair and fur if you leave it on the skin.
Catgut, where to buy it?
I wish there was a chart somewhere about densities of material
A recommendation seen on most forums is to pick out 5-10 that you want to learn how to tie.   Buy the materials provided in the recipes of those flies.   These materials are now the building
Substitute for Veniard Glister Dub?
Hi everybody,   I want to tye a very simple nymph: Chis Dor's Brown Glister Nymph.   The recipe says: VENIARD Glister Sparcle Dubbing - which I don't get where I typically buy my tying stuff
An update to a carp/steelhead fly I tied
I added a few changes to this pattern: and want to share them with you guys. I started tying them on jig hooks so that when i fish them under a f
Casting dry fly problem
With dry flies i find that a deliberate stop of the rod above the point of where you want the fly to land and then relax to let it all lay down works. The deliberate stop of the forward cast straighte
Great hooks at a good price - GC3761 - Wet Fly Nymph, 1XL, 2X Heavy,
<a href=""><img src="
ACK!...that's not a fly rod!
Hmmm...3.8oz for a 6'6" rod is not what I'd call especially lightweight. Is that correct or a typo?  My 7' Lamiglass rod weighs about 3.7oz and it's got a full handle and an aluminum seat.  
Some of Mike's and my fish Saturday came to a muddled Kate. (Which reminds me I need to tie some more). [attachment=52691:Mini Muddlers_0006.jpg] Point flies, well it depends on the depth you need to
Muddlers and Marabou Muddlers can be fished many ways to imitated several kinds of a SMB menu. Minnows, some larva, and even leaches and crawdads. Another versatile fly is a blind Squirrel which works
Smoky Mountain Fly Patterns
Hey, I've been living here in Knoxville for about ten years and have fished the smokies all ten of them.   Your best bet during the summer is to try anything with yellow. Yellow foam caddis (call
To begin this is what I do fishing for trout and grayling. I couldn't vote as I use all three options dependant on fishing situation, with no particular preference for any.   On still waters I us
Suggestions on a starter rod/reel/line?
Maybe a trip to Bass Pro. They have a number of entry fly outfits at various price points. You can't go wrong with the workhorse all around 9' 5wt rod. You can nymph, dry fly and throw medium streamer
First try at the 20 incher nymph
Here is my first go at the "20 Incher" stonefly nymph pattern   Size 6 Mustad Long Curved STD/3XL 6/0 Black thread .020 Lead-free wire Peacock hurls / brown stone dubbing Silver oval tinsel Brown
Excess Baggage
Less is best, but today it was to much! Pulled up at the car park of a local fishery in the morning! The noise didn't sound good! Put my rod & reel togeather, hip waders & boots on, wadding ja
One size larger
  Ok, let me see if I understand. Bear with me I use to ride the short bus. I should "experiment" with different line weights every time I purchase a new rod because the manufacturers can't be t
Overall; AMAZING Hooks! - GC206BL - Dry fly floating nymph barbl
<a href=""><img src="
Pheasant Tail Nymph - per Frank Sawyer
All wire - not thread ... right?   I had someone look over my shoulder guiding my through tying a pheasant tail nymph like that once... many moons ago. I've never done it again lol!   Those
Guinea Nymph - Sawyer Style
This little #16 nymph is tied as Sawyer tied his Pheasant Tailed Nymphs, but using the dark gray and white spotted guinea tail feather.   
Irresistible Delaware Adams SBS
I love it! And would shorly float with a larger or heavier nymph on the end of a line tied straight to the hook bend!
Swimming Damsel Nymph
[URL=][/URL]   [URL=
What feather is this?
I found this feather in a pack of peacock herl and am curious as to what it is called. It's about 1.5'' long, and the fibers are fairly thick, especially at the tips   [attachment=52440:Mystery f
How to fly fish for trout in a lake
Preparing for my trip, just talked with the Corps of Engineers. Lake MooMaw is at approx. normal level (good news!); trout are at 20-25 feet. This will probably hold for the next couple weeks.  
uv resin challenge
hat in hand...   i tied up a wicked Hexageia nymph pattern. gooped a bit of resin on the swiss straw wing case. man it looked good.   no more then 10mins in the water and the resin was gone.
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Small Double Sided Clear Lid Waterproof Fly Box - Slit Foam 5" x 4" x 1.65"

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