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Nymph Skin

Dry Lightning SBS
  LB works as a nymph, why not a dry.  Tied here as a Purple Haze; you're only limited by your imagination.   hook - Dai Riki 320  #14 thread - Danville 6/0  black tail - hac
Bird's Nest Fly, Just Wondering ...
I think Ralph uses the same Bird's Nest to fish several stages of the caddis hatch. When he's imitating the ascending pupa, he rubs dry fly powder like Dry Shake into the nymph to trap air bubbles und
Rod Length: 9'-0" or 8'-6"
Hey - maybe I'm being paid by "all" the fly rod manufacturers to get you all juiced up and your wallets out...nah! Sorry to get you all in the "mood" to shop. It seems the consensus is fly rod purch
for anyone who likes to tie buzzers. underwater images.
Most midge emerger patterns are traditional "suspender patterns" that suspend the fly in a vertical orientation with the hook eye up and the bend down. This is the way a mayfly emergers by placing the
Suggestions, plz: Easy & efective fly patterns
f fly   mole fly   caddis larva   hares ear   pheasant tails   ants   sowbugs   thread midges   flymphs   soft hackles   green weenie   san juan
Old fly patterns
gray hackle peacock   brown hackle peacock   partridge & orange/green   wooly worm   gold ribbed hares ear   pheasant tail nymph   adams   elk hair caddis  
Great hooks to work with. - GC5263 - Nymph Streamer, 3XL, 2X Heavy,
<a href=""><img src="
good quality - GC2488BL - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight eye, 3X Wide, 2X S
<a href=""><img src="
Price/Service - GC5262 - Nymph Streamer, 2XL, 2X Heavy, Perfect bend
<a href=""><img src="
Hook Assortment
The three assortments that flytire linked to cost about the same per hook.  The cost per hook is around 16 cents each.  The assortments are limited to a single style of hook, like different
Dave Whitlock popularized the RFSH nymph (red fox squirrel hair).  This fly was featured in Judith Dunham's "The Art of The Trout Fly".  I searched "art of trout fly Whitlock" and a few URLs
Fly leader jargon
Mike this discussion is nothing like a discussion about whether or not to have kids, that's a really strange thing to say. Secondly you cant cast a size 18 dry fly on a 12 foot straight mono leader an
Drier Sheets to Keep Bugs Away For Your Hackles...
I think we sometimes worry too much about bugs.  About the only bug that eats feathers are moths.  Keep your stuff in airtight containers and you're good.  Most other bugs eat skin (liv
Effective woolly bugger colors
Here are two of my go to woolly buggers. The first is all olive on a size 6 hook with a gold bead and a small amount of Krystal flash. On the second I used a peacock herl body, black tail / hackle,
Hank O Hair
I don't know......... that looks pretty complicated  :-)   I still haven't gotten around to tying a teeny nymph.
Are bluegills etc....
Why mess with bones? When I have a gill fish fry I want to eat. Not mess with bones. Gills, crappie, yellow perch, and walleye are the only fresh water fish I eat. Fillet is the only way to go IMO. Cr
what goals have you set.....
Catch a Atlantic salmon in Norway when i'm on the orkla river, then consentrait on the 2nd one? Save enough to buy the tmc2 vice. Go for a triple grayling hook up on a 3 nymph rig in Lapland. Try to s
Nymph Skin
Steve, Sorry but Nymph skin isn't a sheet. It comes in two sizes in strips 3 mm and 4.5 mm. It is a form of latex which doesn't degrade as others do. The sheet material you are confusing it with is Fl
Does anybody tie Klinkhammer's on normal dry fly hooks?
The standard hook defeats the whole idea behind the Klinkhammer. Lots of people use the Caddis and Grub hooks like you do and they can work but the whole idea of the Klinkhammer design is to have the
Two inch Skinny Minny
Good question about line rubbing. That's not a drop of glue that's deformed plastic where I pushed a bodkin needle through the bill to make a hole for the leader. No not really. But I seldom fish wigg
Tenkara - are you tying it?
Yep! Euro nymph rods arn't cheap & they get more expensive the lighter & longer they get!
Pheasant body feather uses
Now i am not a new tyer but i recently acquired a great pheasant skin minus the tail and the wings. I know there are tons of patterns that can be tied from it. Any advice would be appreciated.
Copper John's Effectiveness?
I suspect it's (1) readily available in shops, (2) for a lot of newbies helps them get a nymph down fast - maybe for the first time, and (3) all that scientific stuff silver said.
Marching into this month's swap
Jolly Red, I know Starling is a popular soft hackle, and I have a skin and have used it, but I find it hard to work with. For me hen is easiest, then turkey, then partridge or grouse, and Starling as
a Mayfly nymph - Danica Ephemera
Isn't it a bit small for a Danica nymph? Personally I would dø the nymph on a size 6 xl hook. But very very nice tie.
Finally broke down and got a new vise
Some flies off the new vise:   [attachment=50989:DSCN2132.JPG] Sz 6 Bugger   [attachment=50990:DSCN2133.JPG] Sz 8 Generalized Stone/Dragon Fly Nymph   [attachment=50991:DSCN2135.JPG] Sz
Classic Dry Fly Trout Swap
                   CLOSED       SEE NOTE FROM TROUTGUY                       
Guides Choice Hare's Ear
I thought I would start March off with a variation of one of my favorite nymph patterns. I'm sure the "Guides Choice Hare's Ear" has been around for a long time, however I just became aware of it as m
March Flies from the Vice
^^ Looks like a great Hendrikson nymph imitation.
February Monthly Swap Pictures
Looking like the nymph box will get a nice little update.
sowbug/ fox statler and assorted/ swiss straw as shellback
D-rib down the back on "trout crack", rafia down the the back on sow bug....for Arkie tailwaters .... Although sow bugs mostly gray....kinda like rollypollys in water.
Inspired By Older Fly Tying Basics Video (from local library)
Danvise has one on the stem.  I just push it around to the back when I'm not using it.  Which is most of the time. Like others, my space is restricted, so putting something else on the table
Attractors? (What and Why?)
I call one of my patterns a "Panfish Attractor" .. [attachment=50873:Panfish attractor.jpg ]because it seems to draw strikes when nothing else is working.  It's my go to fly at the moment.  
Panfish Bugs
Check out One of my favorites is a size 6 stealth bomber full pimp with a squirrel nymph dropper the nymph was shown to me by forum member breambuster.
Perla Nymph
Hi @ all,   today I want to show you Part 2 of my efforts to imitate a Perla Nymph in move ... :-)       MW
hook questions
i have been tying for a few months or so now, and have gotten really good. (selling to friends and local shops) the different hook numbers from different makers confuse me. can someone please tell me
Crane Prairie Special
I'm going to be fishing Crane Prarie this summer. I'll have a look. Is it a streamer, nymph, etc?
Siphlonurus Nymph
Hi there,   this time I want to show you a Hatching Siphlonurus Nymph, Bodylength 10 mm :-) ...       MW
LOON uv mega light
Are there any specific materials you would recommend a slower curing rate with?  I would imagine heat sensitive materials like rubbers, plastics, and delicate feathers.  Having said that hav
Materials and getting started
Great list flytyer.   To expand on the hooks a bit, There are a couple of basic categories to consider.   I will confine my comments to flies for trout and other ...small... species of fish.
Anyone ever heard of a pattern called "Mayfly"?
On is a page about fishing the Ambléve in the Ardennes, and in it they mention the following list of patterns:   Klinkhammer Deer Hair Sedge BWO Pheasant Tail Shrimp Craddock Cze
Hi, I'm Blackwater Virgil, and I'm an addict, too
Saw this and since it looks like I'll be coming here regularly now, I thought I'd introduce myself.  I'm 66, retired, and have fly fished since my late teens, and tied flies even before I had a f
Add ... the knots are abrasion points to the skin of the fish.  It might not feel so rough to you, but the fish is lying on it.  If you have a knotted net, put it on a hard surface and push
Vice stem sizes, Can I ask a favour.
You're right Crackaig, I've been tying them on flat. It was the first way I got one and the first video I watched. Now I see what you're doing. I've had trouble twisting them to give the proper spent
Thing of Beauty
so, I'll be the first to start throwing rocks and say "That is a grizzly variant, not a cree" ...    LOL    <ducking and covering>   Either way, it's a nice looking skin
Cigarette BUTTS!!!
up hear in Ontario it is Tim Horton coffee cups left everywhere.sure the paper breaks down, but there is a palstic shell left over. looks like a snake skin.
Green Madness - Catgut Caddis Pupae
Hi,    Is not a complicate fly,  is just a simple caddis pupae with body made of green catgut biothread. The material   is sold in US by Kevin Compton: http://www.performancef
Tying through a book?
One book that I picked up in 1976, and read one rainy morning in Last Chance Idaho was The Soft Hackled Fly by Sylvester Nemes.  It impressed me so much, I spent that afternoon tying the flies ba
intresting article about not liking fly tying
I will freely admit I started learning to tie with Youtube (Fly Tying the Angler's Art).  HOWEVER:  I also tracked down other fly fisherman that knew how to tie.  I read books by men li
Dying closed cell foam?
OK the Walmart stuff floats well enough. But 3.7 pounds per cubic foot is almost twice as heavy as 2 pounds. The two pound stuff is remarkable. Almost unsinkable. It means you can build a bobber hoppe
smallest hooks
This isn't a great photo but the only one I have. Its a woven nymph on one of those infamous Mustad hooks. [url=][/URL] (The read thread
different hooks for tying
If all your asking is what the model numbers mean, its simple.  Each manufacturer creates a number to designate each style of hook they make.  Different manufacturers can and do use differen
liquid tungsten
Yes, leader sleeves have a use in nymph fishing. I'm waiting to hear back from NASH with more techi details. I like the idea of just altering the weight without adding body to the fly.
paper catalogs
  i have a laptop with wifi. it works in EVERY room of the house. You must be careful, though.  Some gaseous emissions in the "Library" can cause immediate and irreparable damage to el
Roe Deer Skin - What to tie up?
A couple of years ago I acquired about 2/3rs of a skin (effectively the right 2/3rs of whet is in your picture). Generally it is finer hair than much of what is sold for tying large flies. It will be
How do you fish these flies?
What is the appropriate way of how to fish these flies?  Leader type/length?   Pheasant tail nymph Midge size 20 and smaller Klinkhammer Any emerging fly     Got videos or a link I
Are these appropriate questions?
First, welcome to the forums! Take what Mike says at face value, but know he's got a great sense of humor too!    There's a saying that the only stupid question is the one not asked. Certain
Material Question
I saw a pattern in a magazine that listed UV Chewee Skin as a material.  I don't have access to UV Chewee skin but have lot of Bodi-stretch material in my supplies. Can anyone tell me the differe
Fly Tying at Expos, Exhibits, and Festivals
I do some tying demos every year.  I always try to something unique or what most tyers might find new.  Doesn't have to be fancy.  I have tied Stimulators and explain why I like somewha
controling hares ear
One thing that I haven't seen mentioned, if you are using a hare's ear mask as the source of your dubbing, use the sharpest scissors you can find, and cut it off as close to the skin as you possibly c
Fly Tying Materials - The Mammals
If you are wanting squirrel or rabbit for zonkers use an Alum bath. Small skins take literally no time at all. Just keep working the skin with your hands as it dries and you have some lovely cured ski
Yellow Perch
I'm one of those guys who grew up fishing fresh and saltwater, and 50 years ago all fish was good to eat because it was fresh caught.  Today most "fresh" fish has been on ice or frozen for at lea
Fly Tying Materials - The Birds
If you are not selling them you need to launch a fund raiser to cover the cost of all the computers that have been ruined with the drool on them. ;) I love exploring a new skin to see what there is th
VN Caddis
I haven't done a video in a while so hopefully I'm not too rusty. First crack with the mac using iMovie. In the near future I'm  going to tweak the format along with some improved tech to up the
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