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Nymph Skin

Cleaning old hackle necks
Hot water plus sink plus soap then rinse and dry, I'd use woolite maybe  and dry on box card board skin in....probably not that important what soap/shampoo you use, key is make darn sure it gets
Flu season nothing to sneeze at...
129 deaths in OK alone, mostly the young or the old and unhealthy like me. I wear a med mask when anyone comes to visit and whenever I go into town for anything. Laugh but for me with COPD and under 5
Special price custom 4wt
  This is an 8'6" 4wt 3pc Custom rod brand new. Ebony wood reel seat, custom grip with burl cork accents, hook keeper, dark blue nylon wraps with metallic blue ferule wraps and all wraps have m
Musky Fly, what is your favorite type of fly to tie
This ones color scheme is based off of a nymph I tied in honor of a baby with cancer.
Share your peeping caddis
Here is a peeping Caddis I tied with virtual nymph Caddis case. [attachment=66491:C5097EFC-BBEE-457E-B72A-0F2BDAF3795E.jpeg][attachment=66492:9FCD8379-C168-454B-9275-DB73C61FB4B4.jpeg]
Few more tubes
I like aluminium tubes as they don't sink too fast and swim well on a sink tip. The last fly is a Zelda. Basically a stripped down Frances and seems to do well on low water either upstream nymph style
Nymphing Baitfish - Small Fry
This fly is one I created to nymph for trout at my local river after the hatch.  On the Animas, the rainbow trout and brown trout eggs start hatching, and there are tons of little fry that become
Newby - Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle
@Emmo: Here's a pheasant tail (no green, no orange): Here's a soft hackle in orange (no pheasant tail). Green is same just d
February Flies from the Vise
I will do a proper post with pics latter but essential is tail is mated 2 pheasant necks. Thin skin to match the color your trying for. In previous post that was my golden version. The crawdad orange
Bunny Leech Light
  Yours looks a bit nicer than my version I've been tying for 20 years, I think I will switch mine up to your way. Those streamers in small sizes are good in some Maine rivers where young salmon
Behold the power of coyote
Had a great few hours on Sunday. Caught some beautiful browns on some of my coyote nymph patterns. I caught a small stocked brookie, and stocked rainbow as well. Also tied up some trout size
Synthetic peacock dubbing for bodies....
Of the dubbings you listed the only one I've used is the slf prism dub. I have a bunch of colors of the FTD Mr. Peacock. I really like the slf but I don't know how it compares to ice dub. It's longish
Soft Hackled Nymph Swap
I'll put you down vicrider, and assume you mean partridge... fyi all, jstockard is having a sale 20% off #1 Hungarian cartridge skin until Friday, pm me for code if you want
Question about hens and rosters.
More important than color in flytying is the thickness and stiffness of the stems and the length of the barbs. The genetic hackle has uniformly short barbs and very fine stems as can be seen in the pi
Did FTF Go Down For a Few Days or...
I survived the Jones (withdrawals) but it was tough.... way behind on stuff to post. Don't realize how you miss something till its gone! Kudos to Steeldrifter, Smallhunter, whoever! Anydody do a R
Need help blending yellow and rust Antron to be rusty yellow
The other part of color is color saturation, the depth or shade of the color. For example if you mix a light yellow and a light rust dubbing vs a darker yellow and darker rust, you will get a lighter
Royal Coachman
It seems like there is a Royal Coachman everything; i.e. dry flies: feather wing, hair wing, Wulff, fan wing; streamer, and wet fly. I may have missed a few, but that's what I have in my box. Since I
Trout Bugs
oh,  ok, I understand what you say. You are right.  bellow is a crop,  as you can see in the bead  there is white and  some grey. White is from flash and the grey is the shado
Does anyone tie their own ice flies?
i suggest using 1/64 jig heads  add a sparse tail of rabbit hair , wrap flash around  the shank then some rabbit as a collar.  other things to consider is adding a wet fly or nymph on a
A Curmudgeon Moment
With you Rocco ! It's amazing how many "Flyfishermen" can't cast very well because 95 % of the time they have been lobbing a bobber and nymph combo all of ten feet for most of their time on the wat
January Flies from the Vise
Never tried any in blue.  I am glad they worked for you.  They're still my "go to" fly in almost all situations. Rchmc's "Back Up Nymph" ... one of the first mop flies posted on this site ..
Are all craft furs the same?
There are some that have fibers that have a shine to them, and some that are very dull looking. I prefer those with shiny fibers, but have found some with dull looking fibers that have been great for
Using google earth to scout wading areas
Wading in salt water: Cons ... Watch for urchins. (which can impale you with VERY painful spines) Watch for oyster beds. (which can slice through skin like razor blades) Watch for sharks. (If sharks a
Tying a May Fly Swimming G Nymph
Tying materials   Demmon ST 900 BL #12-16 Tail made of Coq de Leon Pardo Corzuno Medio Under-Body made of yellow body thread Body is made of Troutline Synthetic Quill size M Gill
Nymphs tied on jig hooks?
I'm not sure it's an extra cost, since many fly hooks are just as costly. You have to look around & find a hook in a price you're comfortable with for both price & quality. I've not become a f
Question for bilinguals
I speak both English and Spanish, I spoke Spanish first but no longer speak out fluently by my standards due to lack kid practice (Mexican know I'm not from mexico). I can think in either Spanish or
Bobbin Review
When I started, I just purchased a cheap ceramic bobbin and it did its job. I needed another one to tie a different pattern so I was looking at maybe getting a better bobbin, but was a little skeptica
Dubbing Drubbing
Do you think someone who can't wrap dubbing is production tying and in need of a way to size hackle off the skin?
Deer Hair "Green Weenie"
The Green Weenie, tied with green chenille and fished as a nymph is a great staple here in the Smokies. I saw a dry version in a fly tying book that was tied with nothing but green spun and trimmed de
Think this will work?
I will fishing a spring creek next week and it calls out for black stonefly's (nymph) Size 22 and smaller as the best winter pattern. I am new to tying and just want some feedback on this stonefly on
Paint for poppers?
I don't post often, but read alot...Good question.  I've tried many colors and finishes, looking for that holy grail, but come to find out it's all about personal preference and tolerance for the
Hatches Blog Post - Green Lantern Perdigon Nymph – Lucian Vasies
This Perdigon nymph is developed to be a stimulator type of nymph. It is a perdigon type of nymph, used in European fly fishing competitions.[url=
Faux Spey Spruce Fly SBS
Got the idea for this, in particular the winging sequence, from watching Davie McPhail's Orange Heron Spey video. Took this as an opportunity to get some use out of a redhead skin (plus the fact tha
Bling Midge
5-6 in my limited experience, yes on indicators.  If drift boat in use.   Hope McFly will ring in, because I am curious if advances in leader tech allows a larger tippet strength.  Had
Giving Feather Emporium a second chance?
Anyone ever had a Ptarmigan skin? My research indicates the Colorado version doesn't have a wide range compared to other North American species, two found in Alaska and/or Canada. Legal to hunt in C
Spring Life Cycle
It is not mentioned (to date) what I intended to tie I was going to also tie a March Brown cycle.   So is a nymph required??? or is a Emerger, Dun, and Spinner meet the requirements of the swap?
Color Blue Dun ?
Mvendon you are 100% correct Whiting never listed any of there necks or saddles as Blue Dun, I'm thinking what maybe be Blue Dun to one person might be a Gray Dun to somebody else. I've always tried t
RS2 No Tail - Midge Emerger
RS2's are staples in most nymph fishermans box.  They are very versatile, and can resemble many types of bugs.  From baetis to midges, these are awesome emerger flies. They are very easy to
New fly of the week is up
Agreed. And nice little nymph.
Jiggling Nymph
  Material List: Jig Hook Scud back Semperfli Micro Suede Chennile UV dubbing SLF dubbing Goose and turkey biot Pheasant tail fibers lead wire and black bead-chain hard wire, 12lbs Mono line and
skagit for spring creeks / small trout streams?
I've been fly fishing more than 25 years, but I do struggle when roll casting, especially a weighted nymph on a fairly deep wild trout stream in tight brush where I like to fish, and if I'm being hone
New Swap Idea
I think it's a great idea. It would make a person do a little research on the life styles of the bug he picked. I think a person could handle 6 guests in the running with a total of 4 flies per specie
December flies from the Vise
Thanks BCT, that is what I do. after you pull back skin  roll up a nice tube of Dub and make one or two wrap backwards over the tied down section and build up a nice thorax wi
First try in years
This is my first time back at the vise in 7 years. Figured I would try the PT Cruiser Pheasant Tail Nymph. I know my portions need help but I was happy to back at the bench! -Sam
Chance for choice at Christmas Swap
I could use the beadhead / nymph box. But anything trout/warnwater will be received with open arms. :)
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
I'd be interested in getting some suggestions on beginner's fly tying kits.  Yes, I know the arguments for and against kits, but sometimes a kit is the best way to go.  I started with an O
Stacked deerhair question?
Thank you Mike West! Not sure if it's what you mean? But i just had a look in my room for a blue sharpie, but i think it's in the shed? Will look tomorrow & cut off a piece of white belly hair sti
Where on the partridge skin do I find the flank tip?
I don't believe you'll find any pheasant feathers on a partridge skin. 
Crappie fly fishing
Boa yarn flies, Goldie Jr.,  Only, Rubber legged Dragon, furl tailed Mohair leech, Streamer nymph, Crappie Dart, Perch-a-bou. At times other flies also work.  I have sever small ponds that h
Whiting hen cape
What sizes do you think they'll tie down to? (Replying to both of you.) I'm trying to figure out what I want for soft hackles. Id like to tie at least some down to 18. Going back and forth between hen
Why is Jungle Cock so hard to get in US?
They are not endangered in the wild, and they can and are being farm raised.  However, I'm told, the farm raised birds don't seem to have the brilliance of color the wild birds have.   
We need to wake the hell up, gents
well, and i was typing a long  response; now, I can't help but think  of Bear Claw Lapp "Skin this one, I'll bring you another one"   Truth is we could not  have this forum with no
Late Summer / Early Autumn Dry and Nymph Swap
Lets try again.   As the northern hemisphere moves towards winter, I want you to think about your favourite late season patterns (typically for brown trout).   Some friends and I are heading
Eccentric weight - nymph
Hi guys,   from a while  new kind of  weights are on the market. Weights for tying nymphs. These beads are designed to flip the nymph  with the point up and o behave similar w
Comments on first effort at polish woven
Thanks Gene L, polish woven nymphs.
Micro Brassie
The Brassie is a well known fly, and has been a staple in many nymph fisherman's box.  It can mimic an annelid, and even some other types of sub surface bugs.  The problem when tying them so
Substitute for sili-skin?
Ultimately you can use anything flexible and transparent for a Czech nymph shell back, and Flytire has outlined the usual suspects, except perhaps for magic foil which would be way too fragile al
Feather Emporium - HEADS UP!!
I returned from my second week on the San Juan River in Northern New Mexico yesterday afternoon - 19NOV17 - and wanted to make everyone aware of the following:   My last order from Feather Empori
Partridge Feathers
My perspective is from a tyer who used to buy bags of partridge and finally broke down and bought a whole skin.  There's no comparison.  None.  In a package of feathers, in my experienc
Micro fur strips -- How to?
A couple of years ago, at one of the shows, I was shown an even simpler way.  Get yourself a 6" putty knife from Lowes or Home Depot.  Lay the skin, fur side UP and a cutting surface. 
Finishing Knots
Typically whip finish.  I'll use head cement/resin for streamers and a few other patterns but usually don't bother with it for nymphs or most of my dry flies.  I find I'll lose a nymph to a
really cleaning bucktails-easy way
I have used Woolite and warm water in sink.   You can do a good wash without soaking long enough to fully rehydrate the skin.    Follow that with several cold water rinses to
Best feathers for small soft hackles
The ultimate source for game bird hackles is, of course, Steve Cooper at Cookshill. His partridge skins are second to none, and he is the only person I know who can skin a woodcock. The most delicate
A Good Day on the Uncompahgre River
I had the chance to angle the Uncompahgre River at Pa-Co-Chu-Puk (Ridgway State Park) a couple of days ago.  It was beauteous fly fishing weather with an air temperature around 60F, with mostly
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