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Nymph Skin

Whole Rabbit Skins?
I'm wanting to buy some whole rabbit skins for cutting into strips/dubbing blends. Two questions 1. Does anyone know a good source? I've done some google searches, best buy I have found is 10 bucks
book find
hit a garage sale and got some books steelhead fly fishing and flies by try combs, nymph fishing lakes by don roberts.  bitch creek fishing by wolf avni.  tout anglers guide by timothy frew,
Articulated Wooly Bugger
A size 4 or even 6 main hook should do fine, I use those sizes tied on nymph hooks, streamer hooks, even bait hooks. Though they aren't articulated they could be just as well. I tie one for my wife sp
Hi all from the UK.
Hi everyone, Rob here from Southampton in the UK, I have been tying on and off since about 1991 but only tend to tie what I need to fish with or replace in my box, mainly Damsels, Royal Wulff, apps bl
LAW vise
pro vise
August flies from the vice
CDC Caddis nymph.
The "Feather Clinger"
Hi,   Stoneclinger Nymph (14mm) made from just 3 Materials. Spider Web as tying Thread, Ostrich Fibers as Bodygills and all the rest is made from Partridge Feathers...       MW
Maggie valley Trip report.
[attachment=63723:IMG_1918.JPG] Charlotte pulled this nice brookie out of a deep pool below a bridge with a stonefly nymph jig I tied for her on spin tackle. He second trout, PB, and first brookie. [
is tenkara catching on?
Yes but I don't think it will grow as much as fly fishing simply because it is pretty much limited to small trout and other fish like that. You simply can't catch just about any saltwater species li
Good Day on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River
I was able to get away from the grind yesterday to my favorite Colorado troutstream...the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River near Lake City. The river was a bit higher than I like at 418 cfs, which made
Sharing good experience with this company
Many times nowadays we here about only bad experiences with company's , I'd like to share a good experience I had this week .. Several months ago I was casting away in clear water , I looked down and
Small Spey and Dee style flies; what do you use for hackle?
Yes peasant and partridge make great feathers for these flies in small sizes. Don't over look ringneck pheasant as there are loads of rich bronze and mottled feathers on a skin.
Started shopping at new shop
Last time I was in there ( Bears Den) they had some tempting hackle, unfortunately I wasn't there for that but for tube fly stuff. Metz, Whiting and Keough all looked good. But you better call before
Wanna do the EuroOrBust swap...
Here are my flies, two each of dry and nymph variations. Nymph could be a dropper fly under the march.
howdy all
You are welcome, nice story and gift for your neighbor. The previous dubbing links may be hard to understand without the pictures. You can can always youtube the different types I mentioned for more i
Wild turkey feathers
You can use turkey for a myriad of different things:wings and wing cases,bodies (like you mentioned, tails on may flies etc...use your imagination and be creative! I have an entire skin from a turkey
Gunnison Basin Small Creek Report-July 10, 2017
Fellas- I've been casting a fly in the Gunnison Basin backcountry a lot over the last week and prepared a short creek report for my website,, so I thought I'd post it up here as we
A coyote fly that landed me my personal best native brook trout
I like multipurpose flies. Kind of reminds me of a marabou muddler or something like that. Others have said it resembles a sparrow nymph. lol either way it just popped in my head and I threw it on the
Isonychia Flymphs
The tails are natural golden pheasant tippets dyed green.  They come out a little more olive.     Dave, I'm a big wet fly guy. Its just the style I have fished for years and am most com
Finished tying tool collection
You got me on the hat. I paid 85 bucks for a Tilly while on a 9 day jaunt around Arizona. Because my head is so fat I couldn't buy a 10 dollar one size fit all hat so I was forced to pony up to keep t
Eye protection whe using uv cure resin lamps?
^^^ What he said.   Ultraviolet (UV) light is a wavelength below 400 nm. Although it is commonly said that we cannot see UV radiation, humans can actually see from 390 - 700 nm. So we
Slotted bead color
the choice is yours   they can be found all over the internet with every color being used
July Flies from the Vise
Weighted brown nymph
Colorado Trip!
Lots of questions. for tippet, use the heaviest you can get away with. I use 5X for small to average sized dries (size 12 to 20), 4X for bigger dries and for smaller nymphs, 3X for big stonefly dries
Hook storage
What ever method you use be careful you don't drop or accidently knock the box off your tying area, I had a plastic box with 24 compartments in it, I had wet hooks, dry hooks, and nymph hooks. I had h
Is there really a wrong way to tie a fly?
I would say and advise this.   Learn the processes. Once you have the processes down, then manipulate them to your liking. I am a huge proponent on building a foundation built on learning process
Caddis Flys
You don't really need to "study bugs and things."  Look up nymph videos on YouTube ... like this one:
All copper wire nymph?
Oliver kite created some bare wire nymphs using solely copper wire
Hello from Austin, just beginning to learn
Hi All, my name is Rod - short for Rodman a hand-me-down from my father's first name. I'd like to believe it was fated that I would enjoy fishing. Recent shoulder surgery caused me to go into a clo
Troutgetter recipe
Yes, someone mentioned the Tellico nymph as being similar. What I plan to do today is use the Tellico nymph as a starting point and modify as needed to end up with a fly that mimics the Troutgetter. T
Brand new to tying and to the forum
Looks great. For me the Adams, Royal Wulff, Prince Nymph, and Wolley Buggers are the most productive. Hardest for me is the Prince because of wings and size #14 seems to be the most fish desired in NJ
Ninth Annual Casting for Recovery Project
Mine are done. I'll have them in the mail Monday. Buggers done with FTD MS bugger dubbing, parachute Adams, fatal attractor, pink pookie, and hairs ear nymph.
A soft hackle I have been slamming trout with lately
I'm not surprised your local trout liked those softies, they look tasty. I like those Grouse feathers, they make a beautiful hackle. I also like the light colored thorax of coyote, it could easily rep
Your favorite fly tying tip?
If your hands are rough, and snag thread as your tying, file them. Use a good nail file, or a small sharpening stone, even fine sandpaper will do.  The cracks and "flakes" that are grabbing the t
Your fly for new "trout" waters
So.  You're off to a stream, river or lake you haven't fished before, but you know that there are browns and possibly rainbows present.   I would like to know what single dry fly, and w
First dry flies I have tied in about 10 years
I don't fish them so I haven't been tying them. My brookie trip the other day made me want to get back into them a little bit. I gave all of my dry fly hackle to my uncle this spring as well as hooks
Hungarian Partridge skin
Whew, even with the conversion a Hun skin is almost double of what we pay in the US.
What is your favorite fly pattern?
Thursthouse, Thank you!   Umpqua C200BL  12,14,16 Blk 8/0 Uni-thread Silver oval tinsel fine Body - Black Rabbit / black SLF squirrel nymph mix Thorax Mid- Orange nymph dubbing Thorax Front
Can't See
Use bigger hooks. I also think the jump from a Woolley bugger to a prince nymph is a little extreme. Possibly start with an easier nymph like a hares ear or PT, each of which are exceptionally effecti
A question of weight
I used different diameters of lead wire, different densities of beads, and different diameter wire hooks to weight my flies. All I got was a cluttered and overstuffed nymph box, and it was difficult t
Strong with the force I am
Nope no cork at all, it's foam core with carbon fiber skin over it. Very light weight.
Trout bug that never fails
Depends how you use  it. I know when and how to use these kind of flies and I will  catch fish. For example when the season starts I will go with this  fly  without any doubt. I wi
Any 'Swimming Nymph' Hook Problems?
I'm tying some Iso nymphs and thought I'd tie some with a swimming nymph style hook. I've got the old Mustad AC80150 on hand so I'm using those.   As I've been tying with those though, I wonder i
I'll throw in my two (very humble) bits...   Tenkara is a form of fly fishing.  Fishing with a standard "fly rod" with a fly on the end is a form of fly fishing.  Fishing with a simple
June Flies from the Vise
Skittle Nymph [attachment=63355:KIMG0684.JPG]
Where do I locate Golden Pheasant neck feathers?
Hi... I want to tie the original Halladay Adams pattern using the same feathers, etc he used.  That said, where can I find "2 strands from a golden pheasant neck feather"?   These are my cho
Fly Tying Video Fails
Here is a video that contains many of our criticisms, poorly lit, out of focus, no sound and the worst manicure ever. But I think it overcomes all of that, because it's Frank Sawyer tying his Pheasant
Nice Au Sable pike on the fly
Those top strips after you cut y-bones would be perfect to ka-bob. Cut them in 1" sections and spear them on your stick with various other items and bbq . That is a way I've never done it and one of t
Hungarian partridge-French Partridge
Well this took me some time to get the hang of working with As you all know it's a delicate " feel" to work with , but anyway I purchased a full " skin of Hungarian, and large bag of the French part
Top 3 Trout Flies
Hey guys, so I wanted to get everyones idea's on this video.  I was thinking of doing this for more species...   Obviously some of you will have different idea's on which flies I should have
Strange hooks
Short bodied nymph (no bead head) or egg patterns.  Think of them as a wide gape, 1x short hook.  I generally find I get better hookups on smaller flies that have wide gapes.
Perdigon Nymph
The Perdigon nymph is a unique one that has the slender look of a buzzer, depending on how it's tied. It's a great fly to fish, though many steps to finish it to specs. I go through the complete proce
Heavy wire nymph hooks (carp hooks?)
I second whatfly's recommendations of the TMC2457 or the similar Dai-Riki and Umpqua models. I was having trouble with standard wire nymph hooks straightening on some of the extremely strong strains o
Trout fly tying materials - must haves
For a bare essential materials kit for trout, I would tend towards Piker's list. Give me 1x or 2x hooks from 10 - 20, pheasant tails, peacock eyes, copper wire, appropriate sized brass beads, red thr
Rabbit fur scrap buy from the bay
I'm such a material junky!!!  This is a big batch of rabbit skin scraps I got for $10 on the bay.  It's gonna make a bunch of zonker strips and dubbing.
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
Dmanley, welcome to the swap and to the site. You have fallen in with a great group of guys (and a few gals). And, man, do I have the perfect fly for you, and it's one of my favorites. It is, are you
Baetis Nymph
Hi,   this time i like to show you my newest Project. It's a Baetis Nymph, which i tried to tie as completely as possible (for me so far) with a Bodylength of 9mm .... thanks for watching and com
Hi from the Bozone!
Welcome to the site, DB.     My favorite tying videos are here ...   And this guy ...
Carpet Beetles... Enemy to Tiers.
this again.....if you live in a house or building in a temperate to tropical climate, you have "carpet beetles" in your house. You may go you entire life without seeing one, mainly because you don't k
Mop fly
i tie my back up nymph on a curved hook for better backward motion. and as mike said i tie the head to be triangular if you look down on it    rich
  Get familiar with the qualities and attributes of the materials you use and you will know which materials will be a good substitute for another. That's good advice, Shoe, IF you have the
Help with a couple recipe's
Based on this page:   Trying to decipher a couple of these as I'm heading up that way in a couple weeks.  I'll probably stop and buy a few but I'd
Barrel swivels
Yup.  Use them on streamer rigs and nymph rigs.  Ones I use are #10 Spro rated to 35#.  Useful for joining monofilament and fluorocarbon, and preserving tippet, while minimizing twistin
I use to fish for carp before I took up fly fishing.  I used to use balls of corn meal based on my grandmother's polenta.   Added sugar and either anise or vanilla flavoring.  A carp is
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