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Nymph Skin

Underwater photo - Octopus PT nymph
Hi guys, For those who  love jigging  here is  one nymph that  will not disappoint you :     Here is the same fly tied with gold bead but dry - photo wad made on my tyin
WD-40 a good searching pattern?
I guess I would not say the WD-40 is a "searching" pattern by the criteria I think of for a searching pattern.   A searching pattern should look like a number of different trout foods AND cover
Fish skull shrimp and fly tails
Heavynets have you ever seen the lead 22 caliber pellets? I have played around and flattened them for nymph heads. I love the tail idea. 
The reason why we wear Sunnies and de-barb our hooks .....
That skin is a lot tougher than one would imagine ....I had to use pliers to push the hook barb through....who would have known skin is so damn elastic trying to do it all using my truck mirro
Griffith's Gnat
    In full honesty I don't have Hackle small enough. But in reality it's not much larger than it should be, pretty darn close. Oh, ok. I'm seeing a little over a half gap longer than
Craft fur articulation
How'd you manage to cut zonkers off it??  I've tried with really sharp blades and while it's stretched and it were'nt pretty!!LOL     With all the under fur still there and the fa
Hook organizer
I use a plastic storage tray with several compartments.  I put the label from the hook package in the compartment.  I arrange them according to dry, wet, nymph, etc. and in size from smalles
Midge Ribbed Annelid - Super easy!
Annelids and Midge larve are probably the most important food source for trout.  They are always in the water, and there are times of the year that the fish will feed exclusively on these.  
Rate my Clouser 3.0
So the thinner the finer? Would that apply to all hair or just buck tail ? No, hackle can be fine too and wire as well. In fact spools of tying wire used for ribbing are marked Heavy,Medium, Fine
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
  1. New Zealand   After that, in no particular order...   British Columbia (Steelhead) Bighorn/Montana Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec (Atlantic Salmon) Frying Pan, Colorado Kamchatka (Ste
Zap a Gap
Since fly tying requires using zap a gap, I know that I am NOT the only one who has felt the burning sensation and the way your skin feels when you touch the zap a gapped part. So my question is, how
Copper John Jig style
Just out of curiosity, I truly don't know....would a fish care if the wing case is up or down? Seems to me the nymph here would be, or is, "tumbling" through the water,eh?
Everglades Redfish Flies
I always like these questions ... "What should I tie for (insert any new water)?"  or ... "What should I tie for (insert any species of fish)?"   Reading the answers is like reading a list o
Dubbing Question ??
I need to increase my knowledge is light Cahill about or the same as sulfur yellow ???  I'm tying a may fly nymph .. Steve-stabgnid
May Flies from the vise
PT: Is the body on your Prism Pupa Mirage Sheeting?  But I would expect it to have more of a pinky tinge.  Other than that I'm lost here.  Very nice fly!   Sand, SLF Prism on T
Prismacolors come in a huge variety of colors. I'm sure someone out there has had the idea of purchasing all light colored materials and coloring them with these inks.So far I've used them very succes
Sulphur Season is Near
This past week I have been fishing evening sulphur hatches and it got me thinking, why not have a swap to get everyone geared up for the summer sulphurs. Any style of fly (nymph, emerger, dun, spent)
Montana bug variant
i get lazy and dont like weaving so i tie them this way on my blog
Prince RIP
Prince nymph?
Zebra Midge
Iim thinking i want to try some other colors too and the some with colors and some with that nymph plastic stuff around it. I dont know what its called but you have to cure it with a UV light.
Yesterday after fishing my buddy Michael went home and over night someone broke into his car and stole his rods, reels and pack with all his flies in it. If you guys could be on the lookout for: 1. Or
[snip]I was essentially asking how efficiently Versileaders are at bringing something like a zoo cougar down to an effective range.And how deep is "effective range" in your mind? Considering that
Failure of Modern Fly Design
We all know that we could catch most of our fish on a hare's ear nymph, a PT nymph an Adams or an Elk Hair Caddis. However, there have been several breakthroughs with all of the tinkering. Dumbell
Hare's ear nymphs
Meant to post this earlier in the week, but have been away working down in Edinburgh (new job). Apologies for the late reply.   Using peacock herl for the thorax cover, or shell back, on a nymph
Difference in Rabbit and Pine Squirrel strips?
I can dye them using Veniards fly dye or Anglers Workshop dyes and the colors are great - it's keeping the strips soft and pliable after dying them that's the problem.  I've got the Flourescent c
Flamed grass
I always thought the different wraps on the tips was so you could switch tips in order to not strain one too much through constant use.  You altered them for that reason.  Never heard of the
Vise Building
The antler vise jaws are one piece of 3D printed stainless. The screw knob provides the clamping force.     The Peak arm is hollow and holds the original Peak clamping assembly.  The ar
How do you, in regards to movement and or retrieve, move a nymph?
Brand new and I'm stuck
Cut to length to make eyes. Here is a link to a video tying a bead chain eye Hares Ear Nymph:
There are lots of good kayak fishing websites where you'll gain perspective. It all hinges on your perspective, but for a "good fishing kayak under $500" you should be looking in the used market.And a
San Juan Worm length?   hook bead vrib ultra chenille   i'll let
April Flies From The Bench
My favorite jig nymph for the next couple of months. Pulls multi duty as small stonefly or green drake nymph. Who knows what trout think it is but it's been my top producing general searching guide fl
bead head pupa
  use the biot but just tie it in by the tip     a narrow segment of turkey feather, duck quill, goose quill, swiss straw etc
wrapping soft hackles
I can only speak for our New England version of Soft Hackle as I see everyone use throughout the area, to include myself. Are we even talking about the same fly though, it's a big world ? Here in New
Mother Day Drifting Caddis Swap
Kind of funny on those battery operated ones Pica. The basic fly is just thread body and hackle trimmed on top and bottom is supposed to imitate caddis swimming for the rocks where they crawl out. I d
Snowshoe Hare's Feet?
Good idea on the dubbing loop. I did not tan the skin, and I think it is too thin and brittle for zonkers.
Adult dragonflies are interesting to watch, but for fishing, I think you find you do better with a dragonfly nymph.  A Zugbug or a bushy Hare's Ear, or even a small leach pattern will normally pr
Trolling flys
Yes, trolling from a float tube can be quite effective. It's not complicated. I usually use an intermediate line. Sometimes a faster sinking line is called for. One common setup is a bugger with a sma
In need or advice
Catching a fish with a fly you tied is fine and dandy, but once you start wrapping your own rods too, now THAT'S something cool   tightline productions makes some of the best high quality videos
Thin Skin alternative…..??
Sorry this is kind of after the fact but it is the season to tie lots of flies. I got a sample of a "new" nymph skin material from Hareline it is called Kiley's nymph skin. it is a latex strip materia
James Leisenring
I have used the Leisenring lift many times and it is very effective.  I use it mainly on small streams and it is deadly.  Be prepared for a hard strike when the wet fly starts to lift like a
Stillwater trout ontario
In colder conditions trout will go for larger flies presented a little slower and as water warms you drop in sizes and may retrieve a little quicker. I wouldn't fish anywhere for trout without a wooly
Maholo Nymph - Pyramid Lake
Please enjoy this tutorial of the Maholo Nymph.   [attachment=56261:Maholo1 copyright 2inch.png]
    If you mean because he was using a Tenkara rod rather than a regular fly rod then yeah perhaps he was 'impeding' himself (length of cast for example).  However many of us impede ou
Stonefly Nymph Body Width
draper stonefly hooks (no longer made but still available. just gotta GOOGLE for them)     why so wide when they arent really that wide to begin with?  
Pheasant ID
Henrick. I own a melanistic pheasant skin and the tail feathers all exhibit the strong bar markings of the normal ring-neck, just darker overall. (As does the bird in your photo.) But that doesn't mea
Tommi-Fly Floating Thread
75 denier = 75gm per 9000m   A bit of an overestimate I'd say, but if I use 18" of 75d thread on a #12 humpy, the thread represents about .06gr or 4mg of weight on the fly.  That's about the
Tying help wanted. Cone head fly with deer head behind.
I like something inside my cones, be it wire or just wrap enough thread that the cone is a tight fit when slid up to the hook eye ( slides up to the eye with resistance over a thread base) and then ap
Interesting little tidbit on deer hair
This happens sometimes with deer tails.  I make sure there is no fat left on skin and scrape it off if there is; wash in warm water with dish soap, set outside in the sun to dry (anywhere really
Poopdeck, that's my point I was trying to make. It's  really going to depend a lot on the application, whether "tippet" material will be of any benefit.   I use regular line for trout fishin
March monthly swap
Vicrider, I put both my February set and my March set in the mail today. For February I tied a Southern Appalachian Bead Head pattern called a "Red Bud." It's supposed to work best when the Red Bud tr
Large/Small Trout swap
I'll give it a go. Don't know if it's what I'll do but large fly on top suspending a small nymph underneath is a good setup.
The hidden language of bird feathers
I harvest birds by hunting. I skin the entire bird. I love to look at the entire bird. I think we miss that in fly tying today, that we just buy a package withou seeing what else is on the skin. Often
Night Trout Fishing With Stimulators?????
Hex makes sense around here, big Hex hatches at night here. But a woolly bugger will cover the nymph unless one wants to get official about it being correct. I've had big browns jump them on the first
March Flies From The Bench
Working with my "back up" vise (pictured) this week.  First is an old old (1496) pattern called the Dun fly for March followed by a more recent variation on the Prince nymph, called the Black Pri
silicone curly tails on flies.
No skin or leather will have the flutter of the synthetic commercially available tails. Like comparing a streamer to a spoon. Both can catch fish, but hardly have the same action.
Best substitute for jungle cock on fishing flies
Forum member letumgo (Ray) did a step by step for creating imitation JC with partridge, but you could use other feathers if you don't have a partridge skin. I have a few of Ray's flies tied with this
UV resins, and lights
Black lights are not necessarily strong UV emitters.  Ones designed for lighting effects are very weak, so that they aren't dangerous to eyes and skin. Sunlight, on the other hand, is quite suffi
Sally hanson
Acetone speeds up the dry time slightly in SHAN FWIW. But as I said in another post my wife keeps a big bottle of acetone nail polish remover by her computer. And incidentally, she thins her nail poli
Bobwhite Quail for Fly Tying
I have a Bob white quail skin, and as others stated, the variety of feathers are good for soft hackle wet flies as well as cheeks and eyes for streamers.
Old bucktails
Dust mites.  Normally found in EVERY home, they feed on skin cells.  Of course, any dead animal cell is like skin cells to a dist mite.  I normal concentrations, you never know they're
Deer Hair Razor Blade Tool
I'm most likely to slice a finger taking the dang things out of their wrappers.  The last time I did that I found maybe the worst spot to get sliced on your fingers: inside corner of the thumb wh
Show off your Cape/saddles.
Yep, Utyer ... pretty much looks like bare skin in a lot of those pieces.  Better start replenishing now, while they're still available.
Animal hyde/skin preservation
what about the bugs and disease? is there anything i do to disinfect them after/during drying period? You could wash them with soap and water. You should actually. But if you don't pickle the skin
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