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Nymph Skin

Why is Jungle Cock so hard to get in US?
They are not endangered in the wild, and they can and are being farm raised.  However, I'm told, the farm raised birds don't seem to have the brilliance of color the wild birds have.   
We need to wake the hell up, gents
well, and i was typing a long  response; now, I can't help but think  of Bear Claw Lapp "Skin this one, I'll bring you another one"   Truth is we could not  have this forum with no
Late Summer / Early Autumn Dry and Nymph Swap
Lets try again.   As the northern hemisphere moves towards winter, I want you to think about your favourite late season patterns (typically for brown trout).   Some friends and I are heading
Eccentric weight - nymph
Hi guys,   from a while  new kind of  weights are on the market. Weights for tying nymphs. These beads are designed to flip the nymph  with the point up and o behave similar w
Comments on first effort at polish woven
Thanks Gene L, polish woven nymphs.
Micro Brassie
The Brassie is a well known fly, and has been a staple in many nymph fisherman's box.  It can mimic an annelid, and even some other types of sub surface bugs.  The problem when tying them so
Substitute for sili-skin?
Ultimately you can use anything flexible and transparent for a Czech nymph shell back, and Flytire has outlined the usual suspects, except perhaps for magic foil which would be way too fragile al
Partridge Feathers
My perspective is from a tyer who used to buy bags of partridge and finally broke down and bought a whole skin.  There's no comparison.  None.  In a package of feathers, in my experienc
Micro fur strips -- How to?
A couple of years ago, at one of the shows, I was shown an even simpler way.  Get yourself a 6" putty knife from Lowes or Home Depot.  Lay the skin, fur side UP and a cutting surface. 
Finishing Knots
Typically whip finish.  I'll use head cement/resin for streamers and a few other patterns but usually don't bother with it for nymphs or most of my dry flies.  I find I'll lose a nymph to a
really cleaning bucktails-easy way
I have used Woolite and warm water in sink.   You can do a good wash without soaking long enough to fully rehydrate the skin.    Follow that with several cold water rinses to
Best feathers for small soft hackles
I need to buy more feathers for my soft hackle flies. I've been using a ruffed grouse skin that my father shot for a couple of years. I have picked it clean of 14-20 size feathers. I tie mostly 16s an
A Good Day on the Uncompahgre River
I had the chance to angle the Uncompahgre River at Pa-Co-Chu-Puk (Ridgway State Park) a couple of days ago.  It was beauteous fly fishing weather with an air temperature around 60F, with mostly
Fast Action Rod?
Depends on where you plan to fish most, what type of fishing you plan to do most (dry fly? nymph? streamer?) Standing out side a shop hauling 60ft of line on a fast rod may feel good, but if you're st
Gizmos new and old
I stumbled onto a potentially useful dingus at Joannes yesterday. A pack of Eyepins in the beading section.  These are straight stainless steel shafts with a parallel eye at one end -- @ 1.25 " i
November Flies from the Vise
Very buggy prince nymph.
Prep Game bird skin adive.
I have a few friends that pull feathers off the birds and give them to me. Have not had a problem with using the feathers that have been pulled off the skin.   Rick Just like strung hackle. &
Perdigon Hook Choice
tie them on any curved/nymph/jig hook you want   vary the bead size as required
Catgut bugs
Hi guys,   Here is a simple bug with a juicy  look. I had nice fish in Slovenia and in Sweden.    
Tie fly so it floats just below the surface
I can only tell you what works for me.  I fish them in rivers and kettle ponds for trout.  Most of my soft hackles float initially in still water and I can drown them with a tug or two. 
Saunders' Sheep Fly SBS
A vintage Appalachian pattern from N.C. tyer Newland Saunders. Not to be confused with the Sheep Creek Special; use it as a cranefly, nymph or streamer. hook Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 b
Nice knowing you guys...Iím a dead man!!!
Years ago when tying with Zap A Gap accidently got some between the fingers & temporarily zapped together along with small amount on the tying chair. After losing some skin found out there's a deb
Firehole Outdoors Is Having a Firesale
I have used Firehole Hooks and I think they're really nice. They say perception is everything and $10 for 50 seems cheap, although I know they're not the cheapest. They are well made, strong, and I re
Animas in the Fall
The Animas river is a technical river.  Its tough even for seasoned fisherman to catch fish every trip.  I have had my share of bad days on the river, and been skunked many times.  Howe
Unnamed nymph.
Here is a nymph I created. Please excuse the photography. I have not yet thought of a name, so any ideas would be appreciated. Hook: Mustad R50 (or whatever you prefer). Tail: Pheasant tail fibers. R
Quill Nymphs
Is it possible to tie up a quill nymph and use epoxy for the finish? (As opposed to a UV light and UV resin? It seems an expensive up front cost for all the UV gear.)
I learned something today
I am off today, so I got up early and set out to catch a good bass like I have not caught in a while. Lots of movement in the shallows, but no takers for the zonker streamer. I realized this was not g
Maggie Valley, take two!
hi fisherboy..looks like good tenkara fishing..what was the favored fly on tenkara..thanks.. Elk hair caddis and stimulators. Also caught some on nymph droppers under those. Also on a partridge/yell
Late 2017 Euro style / Nymphs Swap
I'm in! Quill bodied jig nymph in a #14 or #16.
Euro style / Nymphs
For me, in the UK a 'euro nymph' will always have a bead head, often tungsten or heavier than a typical UK nymph. Doesn't have the picked out dubbed body buy more likely a woven, shell back, epoxy, ty
Spray for neoprene waders to make them easier to put on?
I am unsure, now, of what's meant by "neoprene waders". Mine are neoprene, but they don't fit like a wet suit.  There's enough room for sweats and regular pants ... at least two layers of clothes
Caddis Nymph
I do love the look of the virtual nymph skin. Won't pull the trigger on a purchase just yet.
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
Books first:  I have over 100, and that's after giving a couple of dozen away.  They all have something to say, and NONE of them say everything.  In many cases, the materials listed are
Fishing Private Land on the San Juan!
The San Juan River is one of the most popular and productive river in the United States.  Possibly the world.  Located in North West New Mexico, in the middle of a desert, this tailwater is
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
I just had a thought:  What if the tungsten wire were used for ribbing?     Most of my nymph's use ribbing, so perhaps we could have our cake and eat it, too??  Plus, it would not
Any snake ID out there?
Snakes will move for a number of reasons.  Top reasons: 1)  depletion of prey 2)  habitat destruction (nature - flooding, etc. or man-made) 3)  breeding season  (If the popula
Dubbing package storage
October flesh from the vise
Updated this pattern with thin skin and cul de canard CDC. Also has mallard flank rusty dry fly dubbing lead free wire and 20 lb mono eyes with whiteing grizzly hackle.
medium vs fast action
When it comes to actions it's not really upgrading nor downgrading going to a fast or slower action. It's more or less just using the right tool for the job. If you are casting into a wind lot of the
9' 3wt shx build
Thanks guys.   Dave normally 90% of the time I use nylon thread and no color preserver. On this one though I did use CP. Mainly I only use CP on the classic twist threads, because if you don't
Mallard wings
I wouldn't wash the wings. I don't know what exactly was done to dry and preserve the wings, but I wouldn't want to get the skin, and possibly muscle, under the feathers wet because then it might rot,
Caddis Nymph - again
Hi guys,   bellow is an old model used  from '80 . The fly was tied in the first years without  bead .After '90  the local fishermen added first time brass bead and then tungs
Ordering online
I was recently in the market for some Flexibody. This is a synthetic material used to make segmented nymph abdomens with. I learned of it in Oliver Edward's excellent Flytyer's Masterclass book.  
DO NOT absentmindedly.....
+1 on the Labrador ate half Hungarian partridge skin.....
About the evolution of YOUR fly tying.
ditto on the chenille.  I bought a skein of black and one of yellow about 30 years ago when I tied the Montana Nymph and buggers.  I still tie lots of buggers or bugger styles using dyed sea
Whats the bug?
My guess would be an isonychia nymph though I don't see the white stripe down the back usually associated with them.  The white stripe isn't always there.  It's some sort of "swimmer" ny
Mackle posted it was a bustard skin but I have no idea what kind
Classic Hairwing Salmonfly Swap
Just got back from Bob Marriott's for materials... Man is that place a fly tier's dream come true... Anyway, the Brora pattern I picked calls for jungle cock eyes on the sides, and it's apparently b
Tools of the trade !
It's good to focus on a few things first. 1. What species of fish. 2. What flys do you like/want to fish. Example dry, nymph or streamer. 3. How much do you have to spend. Tip: The simpler you keep yo
Dropper Fly?
Often times I'll tie on a nymph or wet fly that drowns my dry and I have to go to a bobber ((yes, you're fishing with a bobber)). Usually have the biggest challenge with tungsten beads. If I am fi
September flies from the vise
Is that the same, or close, to Thin Skin?   I haven't handled Thin Skin.  My guess is the Exo is a little thicker, it's thicker than I expected.  You can manipulate how thick the bo
For Dubbing?
navel lint works best I've tried that. One just cannot get enough at one time to tie anymore than one small nymph. Joe
Adams Superfly SBS
Never gave thought to liquid skin in my fly equipment. Will get me some later today and try it on a shrimp with scud back
The New and Improved Fly Swap
I will be tying Polly Rosborough's Muskrat Nymph. The original with the fur (muskrat/beaver/hare) noodle. And my own variation.  
Nymph or Flymph or Soft hackle wet fly
What differentiates the three. What would you call this, besides ugly.  I've noticed some fairly large mayfies, I believe they are Isonychia, on a local river. I'm going out this evening to try t
The Green Lantern perdigon
Now a very colored nymph.  The fly is not created by me, is made by an Italian fishermen :). He asked me to tie a couple of dz for him - for competitions purposes ). So here it is:   The ty
Caddis Latex Nymphs/Pupae
I like it! I think it would look good with a black bead too. Is that the hook point sticking in your skin for the photo? If so, that's dedication.
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
If you don't mind, is there a good cheap all purpose soft hackle? You could try a Wapsi natural hen skin. I think they have other colors but I never really looked. Seems to me the last one I got w
casting problem
Great explanations. I have had the same problem. Especially with my 8wt.    Maybe it's just a natural feeling when shooting line... to bring the free hand closer to the rod. It also feels li
Beautiful Wild Trout - Black Canyon
Last episode I setup camp at the blue mesa escape camp ground, and went to fish the Gunnison river.  I ended up getting dehydrated and almost didnt make it back.  I only caught 2 fish, and b
Whole Rabbit Skins?
I'm wanting to buy some whole rabbit skins for cutting into strips/dubbing blends. Two questions 1. Does anyone know a good source? I've done some google searches, best buy I have found is 10 bucks
book find
hit a garage sale and got some books steelhead fly fishing and flies by try combs, nymph fishing lakes by don roberts.  bitch creek fishing by wolf avni.  tout anglers guide by timothy frew,
Articulated Wooly Bugger
A size 4 or even 6 main hook should do fine, I use those sizes tied on nymph hooks, streamer hooks, even bait hooks. Though they aren't articulated they could be just as well. I tie one for my wife sp
Hi all from the UK.
Hi everyone, Rob here from Southampton in the UK, I have been tying on and off since about 1991 but only tend to tie what I need to fish with or replace in my box, mainly Damsels, Royal Wulff, apps bl
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