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Nymph Skin

Perdigone nymphs on jig hooks
Spanish perdigone nymphs have recently been an increasingly popular group of flies. They can be relatively easy to tie. And they are very effective for European style nymphing on different types of w
First, congrats on new addition to family. Seems like you may need to go portable, drawback is not being able to leave stuff out, while pondering. If you can dedicate a single spot, you probably want
March Georgia trout patterns.
The Wiggley Worm* pattern (or whatever it's called) will slay them.  I'm from N GA and have fished the Toccoa River.  Sucker spawn will do it to, as will Y2K.  Your guide will tell you
a couple of fly boxes done
Looks a lot like one of my nymph boxes. What is the long skinny nymph on the bottom with the pink head? I wish I didn't go through so many nymphs, but since I like to drag bottom I lose a ton of them.
Would you use these nymphs?
Yes, I use some similar jig/nymph patterns. the ones I tie usually have a little dubbing or peacock behind the bead, but yours probably sink a little faster.
Guide's Choice Fly Swap With A Twist
The smallest nymph hook I could find in my local fly tying shops is a size 18. (Thank God).  Personally, I think the little red worms in our neck of the woods, would turn their noses at them bein
March Flies From The Vise
I tied up 2 dozen of these guys last night. Fished them on Sunday and slammed some wild browns. If you don't have this pattern in your nymph box you are missing out!!      
Help me find a caddis body wrap
Kiley's Nymph Skin and the latex from a surgical glove is not near the thickness of Nymph Skin from Virtual Nymph that Davie uses. You just won't be able to get the  defined segmentation that you
Caddis Nymph - tied with Catgut
 Just a way of tying in a simple way a caddis nymph:    Tying Recipe Hook: Maruto C46WBL #10-#16 Thread: Uni 8/0 black Under Body: pale yellow thread Body: Troutline Cat
2nd Australian Casting for Recovery Donation Swap
Hey all.   Stay tuned.  I will be posting something later today about this year's swap.   I already have four participants including myself, and I will be asking J Stockards to help out
Books For Sale
Maybe this will help:   Books For Sale Nymphs-Ernest Schwiebert-$20.00 The Compleat Book Of Fly Tying –Eric Leiser -$10.00 Caddiesflies-Gary LaFontaine-$30.00 Fly Fishing Pressured Waters-L
Partridge & Orange
Here in central CA, I have found early season bluegill catching is better with a float and a nymph.  The take seems to be so subtle that a float really helps.  I like a beadhead Pheasant Tai
I searched this forum and found a reference, but the pattern link was out of date.  Does anyone have a pattern for this fly?  I tied one on a 10 nymph hook with peacock herl and yellow died
Crow feathers for fly tying
Tails on nymphs, idaho nymph comes to mind.  Ill use magpie too
Butte Ugly Swap-Register here-Open Feb 16
I haven't read outdoor mag for years most recent on an airplane. Many good stories and great photos to boot. Nymph fishing the riffles tomorrow can't wait.
Hatches Blog Post - Winged Nymphs – Lucian Vasies
Winged Nymphs for Dynamic Nymphing Winged Nymphs for Dynamic Nymphing could be considered a new frontier in fishing nymphs and a new way to tie flies. Some fly tiers consider them ugly. In terms of a
Warmwater wet flies with a twist swap
To get the last spot filled up any of the remaining flies from the website are fair game. So swapper #12 can choose from black laced mcginty, marabou damsel nymph, bristleback nymph, grizzly chick or
Wading Boots and Attire Advice
I always wear a pair of sock liners made of polypropylene(Capilene)/silks with wool socks from either Patagonia or REI during cold or warm weather. They wick moisture away from your feet keeping them
11ft 2/3wt nymphing rod
I don't know if you have built on this A.R.E blank yet Dave, but if you build a euro nymph rod down the road anytime soon get this 11ft blank over the 10ft one. I bought both the 11ft 2/3 & 10ft 2
Soft hackle materials WTB
Hi, I'm looking to replace my soft hackle materials that were destroyed in a recent house fire. I would like Plover Wings, English Woodcock wings and English Snipe wings. I'm also looking for a Mole
What happens when Nymph guys try warm water stuff
Looks a lot better than when this warmwater guy tries nymph stuff... :)
8th Annual Opening Day Swap
I am in with an articulated Pheasant Tail Nymph.  Will that be okay?
Pseudo Hair
Not to mention that if  one particular synthetic were to not be available any longer there must be about a dozen others that will work. So it's not worth the panic call to begin with. I was at Be
Need Pheasant tail feathers, estaz, coneheads, etc. Trade?
Here's a list of what I need:  Lots of pheasant tail center feathers for tying pheasant tail variants.  The good, long, dark, tough barbs that the center tail feather has on both sides. Esta
Parachute flies
File Feb 15, 12 05 49 PM.jpeg       Amazing eye for detail you have there. It is whip finished to the post but on one wrap I did accidentally take the whip finish under the hook s
The Down Home Pride Swap
California here, I'd love to take part in this one! I'll tie up some of Hogan Brown's S&M Nymph. An incredibly productive pattern developed for the Yuba River.
Not so good.
I don't know about all these fancy hares ears with flash this and flash that but my favorite wing case material on a hares ear nymph is peacock herl. Depending on the size of the nymph I might use 4 s
Pheasant tail nymph without legs
How important do you believe the legs are on a pheasant tail nymph? Would it be that big of a deal to just leave them out? Its just that i times i seam to really struggle tying them in and get rathe
Tail wrapping
One technique that I've used with zonker (rabbit) strip tails is to apply a very small bead of CA glue to the skin side of the strip, just a tiny drop immediately behind the hook bend. This makes that
Leuctra Nymph #2
Hi there,   i was not satisfied with the first Leuctra Nymph i tied. So i made a new one... Maybe you come along with me that this one is better :-) ...     MW
Targeting a new species
I am told that the wooly bugger was originally a small mouth fly.  Dunno about that, but the Clouser nymph sure was.  Lots of baitfish streamer patters too, and, of course, poppers.  Th
Single hook Streamers
Double bunny? I don't have any pics available at the moment. Probably dozens of videos out there. I have a small leech I use, measure so the tail about a hook length, pierce the tail with the hook,
BWO/March Brown Swap
im in with a march brown nymph  
Feb flies from the vise
Panfish Bitch Creek and a Peacock Sword tail nymph.   Nymph can also be tied with emu feather body.
uv molding kit
I would like to see this demonstrated live or hear from someone who has seen it done live. I have the sneaking suspicion that the time required to cure the UV adhesive has been sped up in the video.
Lighten Color of Calf Tail
My daughter is a hair dresser who does a lot of colors ( she has certificates in you name it, hair and skin). She says bleach will strip the color, depending on the dye that was used it could be immed
Bought another batch of furs
Bought another batch of fur from the same lady I've bought from before White and Black Arctic Fox and Red Fox Pink/White rabbit skin and Grey/Brown Rabbit Skin Natural and blond nutria She threw all t
Cortland 333+ fly line
Ya, pretty much I'm searching out if this 333+ or the new iteration there of is really improved over the old 333HT lines I have, and in what way. They always have been a tough and durable skinned line
India hen back
I thought the main culprits were dermestid beetles, which as the name suggests, infest and destroy any natural material with the skin or hide still there.
some random materials
I picked up some random stuff I super cheap I figured I'd share with you all if interested. Let's say 2 bucks an item 3 for shipping no matter how many you get get 5 I'll a couple in for free limit pa
Dubbing Loop
It depends on the fly your tying. If you want a buggy looking nymph or creating bulk on a streamer body then dubbing loops are awesome! But I would not use a dubbing loop for a dry fly when I need a t
Finally I caught a trout Fly Fishing on the San Juan River!
I tie a similar fly to that, last year I added a bead head and peacock herl collar on my size 24 and larger . I have two or three different iterations of that but mostly where you use the flash I use
Free Hooks!
If the hook is a 6-8, I tie a bead head rubber legs stone. I like Montana Fly Co. Spekled Sexi Floss for the legs and abdomen and variegated chenille for the thorax. In size 8-10 you could also t
Panfish Swap With A Twist
Looks just like this one from the article, wmw4.  Go for it.
How to go about tying flies
In my career as a remodeler and builder I was tasked to guide folks through the process of building a new addition or a total remodel of their kitchen or bathroom or maybe build an outbuilding or
Tips for tying with Starling feathers?
Ok. Now where from the skin do you pluck your feathers? Neck, shoulders, wings?? As I said, "That will be determined by the fly."  You can use all the feathers depending on which fly you are
Most used material
For my first 3 years of fly fishing I fished for trout and pan fish and tied only 4 patterns. Hare's ear nymph, pheasant-tail nymph (Troth style with the peacock thorax), elk hair caddis and a standa
Killer Mayfly
So I am trying to tie a size 20 killer may nymph.  I am having some trouble.  1st off, what do you guys recommend for ribbing?  I was using the "midge" sized D rib, but its still to thi
Flies for someone new to Articulation
If you fish for trout an easy one to start with is a articulated pheasant tail nymph. If your looking for larger streamers check out kelly Galloup
What's the difference between Partridge skin grade #1 and #2?
I just bought my first Partridge skin, and I am really disappointed.  I ordered a grade #1, which I expected to look like the pictures on the seller's site, but when I got the skin, it looked lik
Soft hackle Question ???
depends   from the interweb   There have been many great fly patterns developed in and for the Canadian west. The Carey Special is one of the best known and also one of the most versatile an
favorite fly swap
Got my flies today they are awesome and thanks for the skin
Czech Style Tying
Weather is nasty out...good time to be tying. Anyway, I have been messing with the Czech style flies and seems that this is a unique type of tying that really makes you think how the fly will be used.
A Fly for a Snowy Winter's Night !
Pheasant tail nymph.   Couldn't post the picture for some reason.
Hooks Index & Cross Reference
Don't fall into the trap of hook labels either. Dry, wet, nymph etc. So long as the wire is of a thickness appropriate for the Tippet you can tie on any hook you think suits the patterns you want.
ice fishing ties
For the panfish, any nymph you use for trout - with a bead head especially - can work as a great little jig.  I like to take gold beads on a 8-16 hook and just do a little puff of hackle or bou -
Classic Fly Swap With A Twist
Im in, ill do pt, nymph.
McFly Angler - Episode 2 - Fly Fishing The San Juan River
Mac, do you ever fish the run between the "BIG ROCK" and the rock you show in the video? That looks like great water to nymph, at least it looked that way when you were walking  in the video. Sta
Hackle more time
If I am not mistaken ... the "bug" that can destroy your furs and feathers are already present in EVERY home. Most of the dust in our homes is made up of skin cells.  There are "dust" mites who
Winter flybox maintainence/clean-up
I don't have this problem simply because I pretty much only tie what I need when I need it. For favorite or old standbys I just hook my flies on sheets of foam and leave them sit around in my basement
January Flies from the Vise
Bulb, you actually put the hook through your skin for the picture. What size is that? Mike W, nice looking crease flies. Love the paint job. Do you wrap the hook on something for the foam to hold on
Law Vise
Hi All, After reading the previous locked thread I felt compelled to add to the conversation from a Law vise owner, vise collector and someone that knows a little bit of the background on this Virtual
Is there a substitution for mole skin dubbing?
I am going to tie some soft hackle wet flies that use a small amount of mole skin as the thorax.  I have some fine dubbing, but it's waterproof; is mole skin waterproof?  Is there a recommen
Midge flash
Angelhair is not going to be a good substitute for midge flash (if we are talking midge sized krystal flash) unless you are going to be using it as just a dubbing additive or the like.  I use it
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