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Nymph Skin

Difference between brookies and other trout?
Any trout fly whether dry/wet or nymph will catch Brook trout. Since he was not specific, Give him an assortment of all types in sizes of 14-20. Some caddis patterns for sure. Some small mayfly patter
Blackbird wings
I always thought the original was tied with a Starling because they are European Blackbirds. If you want a blacker feather, try crow. Legal to possess and a fine but I think overlooked bird by most ti
Grayling fishing
With a wooly bugger in several variations, a PT and hares ear nymph, a parachute Adams and a normal Adams, and a Griffith's gnat I'm sure you could catch just about anything.
As the others have said there is no better or worse. Many years ago A K Best wouldn't use saddle feathers for dries as, he said, they cause the fly to spin more when cast. However, that was a good num
White Peacock Herl
Mottled peacock usually refers to the wing secondary feathers, not tail feathers. A moulted wing feather is rarely in good condition for tying.   The translucent effect can also be achieved with
Fly hitting the water hard
Your mechanics and equipment may also play into the splash. What are you fishing with? Do you have a stiff action graphite rod designed for faster line speed and you are doing short casts? How long is
CA glues: Are the all created equal.
Cannot address the science, but I use Loc-tite extensively on my chironomid patterns, and if it does deteriorate, it does it long after the practical lifetime of any fly I have ever tied.  It is
Rabbit Strip Patterns
That's a regular strip or zonker strip for hair that lies flat along the skin. The cross cut stuff is to wind around as a collar or body but gets heavy when wet and seems less popular than it did 15 y
Largest Aquatic Insect
Are we sure the aliens haven't landed. That nymph on the blue sheet looks truly odd. 
What do soft hackles represent
They come pretty close to an emerging mayfly nymph, and even closer to an emerging Caddis pupa.  Since they are so effective in faster moving riffles, they could represent either.  The thing
Hackle for smaller wet flies - size 14 and smaller.
As said a full skin gives lots more options. All the game birds will provide small hackles. Mallard, pheasant, quail, grouse are in my drawers.
Ebay Score...I hope I did not screw myself!
Like Piker said, the sprayed quills are probably for nymph cases and such. The coating just helps keep the quill together when used. I've used sprayed quills for upright wings on dry flies also.
Brand new
There are more fly patterns for trout, than there are trout to catch.  Go to the fly tying database, and use the search tab.  Select to find flies for Trout as the target species.  You
FLY TYING with Common Household Materials
I haven't read it, but I tie hundred of patterns with common house hold materials.  Plastic baggies: they come in lots of colors, and little strips can be twisted and made into great nymph bodies
Hook bend to hook eye droppers
I have wondered the same thing myself but I have not noticed any problems with this method. It is the most effective and efficient method of tandem fishing in my estimation. It's about the only way I
First Time in 40+ years
Yea I hooked various parts of clothing over the years but first time actually into the flesh. Just pushed the hook point back through the skin, broke the hook off at the bend and pulled it through, ba
Turning curious into biter.
Piker, I usually go with a size 14 or 16 and then go smaller if need be. It will drive you nuts when they follow a fly but don't take it.  I sometimes switch off to something completely different
Jack-of-all-Trades Swap
Recently I've been thinking about how many of the best and most enduring fly patterns are those don't look exactly like anything in particular, but look a little bit like a lot of different things. Co
Dyna-King question
Jaymack, I know what you mean. I use a DK Pro and tie mostly trout patterns.  I can go from a size 12 nymph hook to a size 16 dry fly hook without any adjustment.  I don't question it! It ma
Fishing buddy
That goat doesn't look well. Just skin and bones...
scientific anglers sharkwave lines
On their site they don't sell more than the standard conditioner. I hadn't heard of the shark wave, looks like the shark skin line they did with an extra raised layer forming this 'triple layer textu
Jackson Hole, WY - upcoming trip
I learned to fly fish in Jackson Hole.  Haven't fished there in 25 or 30 years.  Just may have to get up there again soon.  Hoppers, PMX would be good bets.  I would also fish a sm
I have one of these little babies. When I'm not in the big bass boat I still have electronics. Yes a bank fisherman has access to electronics too. Wireless transducer mini fish finder. It Is awesome!!
Difference usage for single and 4 stranded floss
As Steve points out 4-stranded floss can be separated into one, two or three strands to match the amount of material needed to build the body. IMO the greatest advantage of single-stranded floss is th
Handloading, shooting, hunting (not nearly as much as I used to, not nearly as much as I want to), fishing, Kayak fishing, I make noises come out of guitars.... I love my bicycles -both mountain and r
Looking for SBS instructions for Caucci's Compara-nymph
Hi,   Newbie here.   After reading Caucci's Hatches II, I've followed the step by step tying instructions for the compara-dun and the compara-emergers.  I'd like to tie the compara-nymp
July 2014 swap club
Chris your flies arrived yesterday I love them both sets the prince nymph is going right in my brookie box for my next trip to Canada creek
Beginner's Feedback Requested
Thanks again to those that provided some feedback to me as I sought the basic tools needed to start tying.    This is my first time posting flies I've tied and I'd appreciate some feedback o
Fly Prices to Rise
and if you buy Wal-Mart flies it will cost you even more......... Sadly I ha
Bags just don't work for me. Neither would Mike's just-in-time inventory system. I currently have my most-used hooks in Spirit River ten compartment boxes. One for dry fly hooks, one for nymph hooks,
Fly Tying Variations
For my newest YouTube fly tying tutorial, I wanted to touch on the thought process behind tying a variation of an original and effective pattern.  In this video, I discuss variations appropriate
When Whip Finishing to post - glue 'dot'
BCT ... it's possible, that the amount of time you've exposed the cement to the air, it's already formed a skin.  Even thin cement dries very quickly.  By the time you've drawn your knot tog
July flies from the bench
Thanks guys. I wanted something a little more resilient to teeth than foam for detached bodies, but still a flexible. Years ago I heard a talk given by an respected angling author, about how fish will
Bending Hooks
Those are wet fly/swimming nymph hooks flytire, wouldn't that sink a dryfly?
BassPro's White River Fly Shop online
I've bought a lot of White River fly tying materials, over the years.  There's nothing wrong with them.  In fact, I've managed to get some unusual stuff there, like a patch of real badger sk
FTF Fly Pattern - ShoneFly - StoneFly nymph - FTF pattern by ShoneFly
That's a real pretty nymph !!!
Clingerf Nymph...
Anyone ever seen one of these? Or better yet what is the nymph pattern that would be used to imitate it? I was on the river yesterday and couldn't get a fish to rise on a dry so I flipped over a coupl
The Bugger
Mike, you gotta start tying some buggers because the bass and the pan fish will knock each other out of the way to get to them.  When I chimed in before I just mentioned a few variations but I ha
Floating fly line loop
I like my fly line tip to float. I don't find any benefit from a sinking floating line tip.   When I nymph I use the short line technique and do it without a cheater, bobber, strike indicator. Wh
The WSBA (World Song Bird Assoc.) and the NAGW (National Assoc. of Game Wardens) recently met in Grayling ,MI to discuss the issue of how to deal with these bird poaching fly-fishermen and their blata
Freshwater drum
I hooked a pretty big one fishing a nymph near the end of the Metawee River in Whitehall, NY.  I didn't know WHAT I had on for a long time.  I was pretty surprised to see it was what the fol
Southern Appalachian Trout Variety Swap
March brown nymph, emergents or drys?
Swapmeisters, Your Help Is Needed!
I have just gotten started with trout fishing and need lots of the basic patterns of flies; I don't even have an Adams Dry Fly! My fly box is woefully empty! I can't run another swap because I'm alrea
Critique on Bead Headed Hare's Ear Nymph
This is my first decent Hare's Ear Nymph on an Orvis size 12 bead headed nymph hook.  In addition to the bead, it has about 11 wraps of 015 lead free wire..   It seems the tail is too long.&
Today's Fly Fishing Exploits
Today I decided to get out and do a little fishing before we get some badly needed rain. Caught a few little brookies in the riffles pictured below, hands were kinda wet to take a picture. As I made m
Indicator Nymph Leaders
leaders as you mention already exist
Need Advise on Pheasant Tail Nymph
Mayfly nymphs are split into 3 basic classes based on the type of water they inhabit. Their body morphology has adapted to their environment.
Flies with bad reputations swap
Man Tim, that's nice to hear. You just made my day. If I can remember how I did it you might just find another one in your stocking. As for this swap, I checked and I have enough props left to do a do
Some recent ties
Overall your flies show good skills, and a creative mind.   There are some things you can work on.     It looks like your using a very heavy (possibly sewing,) thread on a lot of the f
My son's first two flies....
You can make a few dozen three step leaders,  Start with 30# then 20#, and finally 12#.  A 60% butt section, then 20% middle, and 20% tippet.  Blood knot the butt and middle sections, a
Wanting to give up..
Nick,   I think what you're experiencing is pretty normal for people just starting out. Becoming an accurate, efficient fly caster takes time, especially if you're throwing larger patterns, which
11ft 4wt Czech nymphing rod
Wow that's an AWESOME Nymph O Rod .
fishing for trout
Is that picture for real? I hope this doesn't sound snobby but... Do people really fish like that? As for suggestions as to what to use fish for life's is a good one. Hang a p.t. nymph and a hare's e
Nymph Swap For Pan Fish And Trout
OK, Vicrider, let me make sure that I understand what you mean about the flies. There is a piece of foam with what I think are 3 dry flies and 2 emergers. If those are for me, then yes, they will defi
Caddis Emergers
Hello all, I have a question about caddis emergers,   During June/July one of the rivers I fish has an overlap in various caddis species emerging (spotted sedge, black caddis and tan caddis).
Mustad, Egg, Caddis Hook Question
You can use whatever hook you like for any pattern. Deciding if a hook is appropriate is where the skill comes in. The original hook for the Klinkhamer was described as a nymph / pupa / caddis hook. T
Interested in Starting Out
I'm new to fly fishing and interested in learning to tie my own flies. As I've done some reading, it seems like kits are generally not recommended, though the convenience of just making one purchase r
I use the Umpqua U-Series hooks for 2x (u103) and 3x nymph (u104), 4x long streamer (u302), Standard dry fly (u001). I am also pretty sure that my scud hooks/curved nymph hooks and curved multipu
Peacock Herl
You can make your peacock herl rope a bit stronger by twisting the herls around your tying thread, and then wrapping the whole thing forward, with the thread as a core.  Don Ordes demonstrated th
Provo River
I have fished the Provo for many years (since 65,) I will be fishing it again today.  Right now the PMDs are hatching on the lower part of the Middle Provo,  A size 18 or 16 flash back Pheas
I need help identifying, and then finding this feather
It's not one feather.   It is a standard grizzly saddle hackle over white marabou.     It's not a dry-fly quality hackle.  Looks like you'd do well with the link you post
couple questions.
What you are describing doesn't sound like a Zonker. On a Zonker the fur strip is tied across the back of the fly extending further back to form the tail. It is not wrapped around the hook.   The
What to do with wings
The majority of the mayflies I tie, I used bundled fiber wings, either mallard flank or wood duck flank.  With these, there's very little waste.  Each flank feather has approximately enough
Lacking Inspiration today. Looking for a suggestion.
Puyans AP nymph, Slattery's Triple Threat Caddis, Whitlock RFSN, Skip's Nymph.  Nothing exotic in those patterns.  Pics are all over the place.   Here's a different style I found in a b
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