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Looking for panfish ideas
A chartreuse Clown Shoe Caddis has been demolishing fish in Ohio this spring.   
making a spoon fly body
There used to be a company in Arcanum Ohio that made metal spoons for fly fishing. I think the name was Hoffman.
Catfish on the fly
Never caught one on a fly. I know they eat bluegills suckers and Chubs. Biggest to date (40" Allegheny river about 1am) was on a 4 or 5 inch chub sitting on the bottom for a hour or two. I imagine yo
hello all from ohio
Hello,           Ive lurked here for awhile,  finally joined. Been Fly Fishing and tying right close to 30 years now. Awesome sport and hobby. I mainly target the Brown T
Is it a better time now to host a swap?
LOL  There's a Styx River in Alabama and Ohio, too !!!  Who knew?   Of course, Vic got my reference to the Original Styx.
Hi from Central Ohio
I'm new to the forum but have been trout and bass fishing for 60 plus years.  I seem to be enjoying trout fishing and tying trout flys more these days.  Joined a trout club in northern Ohio
Classic Hairwing Salmonfly Swap
Just got back in from a work trip in Cleveland, Ohio and came home to a nice set of flies tied by CPHubert that we should all like.
Hurricane Irma
Good to hear Lesg.  I went home for lunch and a crew from Ohio was down the street replacing power poles. The wife just called, and we now have electricity. Maybe now we can restock the fridge an
Strong with the force I am
Is there one that soundly denigrates Ohio State? In Blue and Maize?   Rocco
Feather Emporium ??????
  This is what I ordered on May 2nd     ... on a ladder painting and he would call back ...   ... He was chasing his dog that was loose ...   ... he said that he had been
May Flies from the Vise
Creme What part of Ohio are you located. I have family in southshore, ky and Portsmouth Ohio. I have to admit I never go there. Fishing a whole lot better in southern ky where I live. Always like yo
Asking about a shotgun...
Flats,   I hear yea about the culture. My wife is from Philadelphia, I grew up in a rural community in West /Central Ohio, some call it Southwestern Ohio. My wife and her family can't see why any
White river pole
Yeah.  I grabbed one and cast into the backing.  I'm not all that great of a caster.  It's a good rod for the price! I fished with it in the saltwater, and I commented about how nice th
Fly Rod "Lures"
It makes scenes...The Zordel side of my family came from Akron Ohio. My mom's side. And my Grandpa Dell.
Upcoming shows?
International Fly Tyins Symposium, Somerset, NJ, Nov. 19-20 Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Expo, Asheville, NC, Dec 2-3 Cherokee Hooks & Hackle, Cherokee, NC, Nov 4-5 The Fly Fishing Show, Som
Fall trip
I'm originally from the Smokies. Grew up fishing and hunting the mountains and Valley area.Was wondering if anyone was interested in hitting up some early/mid fall trout in the Clinch and Pigeon river
Free Stuff
A lot of us started on a Thompson A vise.  Anything that will hold a hook (as said above) will work.  If the AA vise holds big hooks, (if that's what you're tying) will work just fine. 
According to this site it doesn't look good for summer steelheading:   But then again if someone was willing to fly me off
This speaks of Tenn. waters that flow into the Cumberland, 7 of them:   By Ann Toplovich , Tennessee Historical Society Emil Bott's painting of the Cumberland River near Nashville, ca. 1855.
Pflueger fly reel spool help
There used to be a website in Ohio, I don't remember the name, but it had the word Ohio in the title. They have the entire history of pfluegers on the site. That may help. Here it is:   http://ww
Tying help wanted. Cone head fly with deer head behind.
Fantastic video Cream. I actually prefer stacking hair to spinning it on these types of flies as well, but mine are never nearly as nice as that. When you fish it, do you pause between strips or kee
Tiffany from Ohio
Hi all,   I'm a long time steelhead fisherman..with a noodle rod. I'm in Northeast Ohio down the road from Conneaut Creek aka Steelhead City anymore! I started tying jigs about 6 months ago
New guy from Pennsylvania
Welcome to the forum!  Formerly from a neighboring state, Ohio.
Can anyone identify this vise and tell me anything about it?
My 1st rotary vise looked just like that one. It was a made in India knock off. I bought it at Jann's NetCraft in Maumee, Ohio about 20 years ago.
Need help with pattern design
Here's my one attempt at this over the weekend.  My thought was this: to get the tight wiggle, you can't attach the line to the standard hook eye and the back of the fly needed to be somewhat fla
Vise for an almost newbie
Ok so to come in under $200 and to get the Mongoose you would be looking at the Blackfoot. Differences between the Montana Blackfoot and the Rensetti Traveler are how you set up the head and how you m
What can I tie with this?
So I have recently taken up fly-fishing/tying again after my lengthy suspension on my license (long story) and was looking through my materials and was wondering what in the world I could tie with thi
Upgrading vise... recommendations?
With a limit of $60-$75, you're very limited in choices and likely won't get one any better than the one you have. Using modern materials and labor, it costs a good deal of money to make a good vise.
crayfish patterns
Mixed media fly in crawdad colors works well. Think that patterns on flyfish Ohio site but running off of memory not always a good thing.
Hello from Indiana
Mike,   Originally from Western Ohio in Preble county.  Moved to Richmond IN when I met my wife 1980.  Then in 1997 took a job in Remington IN and moved to Lafayette.  Fish Wildcat
Free Kindle - Tales of Fishes by Zane Grey
Zane Grey is a favorite of mine and has been for many years. He was linked to fly fishing at a young age fishing in Pennsylvania; but one of his first books "The Riders of the Purple Sage" was a title
Best Vice For $120
I've never owned a Danvise, and never will.  They look clumsy to me.  There was a thread here sometime back about a guy who had the jaws spread twice on his Danvise.  I'm not saying t
Krystal bugger
I can attest to the fact that they work for browns, though I'm not sure any better than your typical bugger. I will be in Erie all day tomorrow and will let you know the results.  Not a lot of
Need Advice on a new vise
Fly Fish Ohio has a good reviews on a lot of vises and you might find these interesting.  You're in a budget range that will put you in a damned good vise.    I tie on a rotary but to t
September flies from the bench
Busy Busy   Going to Australia to be featured in a fishing DVD "Aquasoul" [attachment=53583:2.jpg]   Random bassy-ness going to Ohio [attachment=53582:1.jpg]
An Ohio guy
Where at in NE Ohio? I'm originally from Lake County.
Goin home to Ohio in September, Bass Fly advice?
Hello Again,   My wife and I are traveling home to Ohio from Hawaii for a visit with family. What basic bass flies do you recommend I tie up before heading home? I'm assuming some popper?
Need Steelhead tips
I used to live in NE Ohio, in the thick of things.  The majority of fish I caught were on a black #16 hairs ear.  I'd rig it as a dropper a foot or so underneath a chartreuse sucker spawn (#
Michigan State custom rod sock
Ditto ! Can't even get one just for an Ohio State die hard fishing friend either !
April Flies from the Vice
Something new to test.     Nothing feels better like sticking a good fish on a new pattern.  This crappie went 13" which is trophy citation size for Ohio.    
April 1st tomorrow!
Since everyone seems to be moving out of Rusted Ohio and New Overtaxed York, I wondered who was left to fish there. Most of them are coming to the Carolinas where we have year round trout fishing.
Lifelong Dream
While I have never had the opportunity to really 'live' off the land, I do strike out once a year for a week in the woods with just my backpack, only tool I bring is a leatherman (not recommending any
Flies for catching the big American Shad?
Sandflyx, that was a good article, and pretty much mirrors my own experience, except that I prefer to use larger hooks than most I read about.  Maybe that's due to the difference in the rivers we
A couple of monday night ties...
Great looking flies, considering you have open water I am envious, we have had nearly 8' of snow this month alone. I won't see open water til April. Tying keeps me sane.   It was -4 here this
New Fly Rods
FredSG you are not alone......I adore my short rods. My short ones are 6'.  I also have a couple of 6 1/2 and 7' models but I do prefer my 6'ers. If I lived out west and fished the creeks that fl
Freshwater Bugs
I'd start by googling "match Midwest hatch" or something close to that. Where in the Midwest? I have a chart for MI somewhere. MI, Ohio, penn, MN probably have close if not the same insects. They
Hello from Steelhead Tom
I'm from ne Ohio and love catching monster Steelhead trout up here on the flies I tie. While tieing I noticed a couple problems with the vice I have and then solved them with a new product I am lookin
I live on the west side of Cleveland, OH. and to be completely honest I never knew there was an Orvis store in the area.  I have ordered from the internet from them in the past but it wasn't unti
crappie streamers
It took me a while to find it but I found this pic on my phone.  I use this pattern on river crappies close to where I live in Ohio and have caught hundreds upon hundreds of crappies on this patt
Building a rod....
Yes, you are over thinking it. Build the ten footer and see how it works with your existing reel. If it works, great, if not you have an excuse to buy another reel. If you are in the Ohio river area y
Hello Everyone
I was joking with my reply.  But it's interesting to realize that most of the early settling and expansion in North American took place in the north.... New England and Canada. (Brrrrrr!)  I
Best flies for crappies
This was a slab that drilled a 3.5" shad imitation on a #2 hook:     Average river crappie I catch here in Ohio, this one on a #6 bead chain Clouser on the 1wt:  
First Ties for the Midwest
Absolutely no reason why any of those wouldn't work. What part of Ohio are you in? I'm located in Toledo.
Hello from Ohio
Welcome ckpj, glad to have you. You may already know this, but in addition to the trout waters Prybis mentioned, northern Ohio also offers some very good steelhead fishing. The Cleveland Metroparks sy
Freshwater drum
Try a small white streamer. Inch or inch and a half long. I have heard they work on drum in northern Ohio.
Teaching Boy Scouts Tying
The camp has 3 lakes, full of 'gills and Bass. One of the requirements for the merit badge is that the Scout catch at least 2 species on a fly. We do have them fish their own flies, and it's quite a k
Southwest Ohio guys......
Steve Coomer is going to be giving a presentation on the Little Miami River on Wednesday, June 11th @ 6:30 pm at Great Miami Outfitters in Miamisburg, Ohio.....I missed his presentation a couple of we
Baby mallard
Yeah, just a great JOB, if you fish it dont forget to coat bottom, lets see more   I'll coat that one this evening when I start #2.  This is definitely getting fished, I don't care if one fi
I've been receiving the FTF emails for a long time, and have finally gotten around to registering.  I am a Southwest Florida resident via Ohio.  I have a penchant for snook and bluegill,
Hoppicator Swap
No worries, Nate!  If they do suck, and I find it hard to believe of you,   I think they fall short of my usual, but it was with these new cutters... which are pretty awesome I think. I
Picky steelhead
I've heard of a Swan Creek but never been there. The one I read about before was somewhere in NW part of Ohio if memory serves correct. Is that the one you are speaking of?
NCAA Basketball Tourney
Yeah i think that Duke and Ohio St game were paid off
Little EP Minnows
I often have bluegills try to take my bigger EP flies that I fish for crappie and bass so I decided why not make some their size. I may even try them on the skipjacks on the Ohio this spring. These ar
Northern Wisconsin Fishing - What to expect?
I may be relocating (chances look good) to northern Wisconsin in the next few months due to a change of employment - I hope so, as I deeply hate Ohio anymore - and I was wondering who could tell me a
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