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Hatches 2010: Scandinavian Tube Flies by Sverre T.H. Solgård

The Ray Bergman Collection - 79) Cooper

Smoke Jumper

Fly Tyin' with Uncle Ken

Ray Bergman Collection - 151) Greenwell’s Glory

Inspiration: Nemo- by Vern-O


radar detector
My cousins in Oregon had them in their cars BITD, when they were all the rage. I didn't see a use for them; once the Radar gun triggered the fuzzbuster, the po-po's had you pegged anyway, so abruptly
where were you on 9/11/2001...
I was in Bend Oregon. I walked into the Costco and it was on all the TVs. At first I thought it must be a movie with great special effects. It took a minute for it to sink in that it was real.
Stocking lakes in the Uninta Mountains
Silver, are you posting this as a good thing or a bad thing? I have several thoughts/questions, none of them "good".   1)  How many of those fingerlings actually survive that drop?  P
Stomach contents
Coypu (native to South America)  were introduced in Oregon and Louisiana as farmed fur animals way back when(1930s) and turned loose when no profit was made. They have now spread up the Mississip
RIP Dick Miller
I received word today that the man who taught me to tie flies has passed away. Dick Miller was an elementary school 5th and 6th grade teacher in Grants Pass, Oregon. In the mid 1950's schools had afte
Cooling shirts
I have quite a few, both long and short sleeve, although none are Simms. I've used them on the saltwater flats, and a lot in Oregon where summers are hot and we basically don't see clouds from June ti
Peacock herl?
Try the Siskiyou Aviary in Ashland, Oregon  I have bought whole feathers from them.  They are a many shows on the West Coast.  Good prices and nice people to deal with.  They have
May Flies From The Vise
Working on some flies for a salmon trip with my brother out in Oregon.Firat time I've tied an Intruder this size before
White River out of Beaver Lake
Habit of Rivers by Leeson for a philosopher-writer's version of fly fishing Oregon as an East coast transplant. Not a how to / where to, but gives you a lot of that along the way of explaining why. No
de-barbing pliers
  Most states allow the bump after a lightly mashing down of the barb. The only State I've fished that required barb-less was California.  (Not saying other States don't require it, I'
Newby - Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle
I'm an old geez that's new to fly tying and fly fishing.  I started tying last fall and so far have really enjoyed the journey.  I'm tying up some flies to be gifted to a good friend that li
Need help blending yellow and rust Antron to be rusty yellow
I've been tying Lafountaine DSPs and ESPs since the book came out in the 80's.  They are great caddis patterns, sometimes the only thing that works with any consistency during a caddis emergence.
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
Hah, my twins are in Oregon and MN, my wife and son are visiting family in VA, and I get to celebrate with the two dogs and our new 55" TV with all the built in options. Gives me plenty of time to cat
Stocker trout
Back to the beginning here, but I have seen hatchery fish with obvious genetic malformations from using the same strain of fish for many years. In Oregon we had a lake where they stocked landlocked At
December flies from the Vise
  Ray, for now I am going to let flytire decide whether further off-topic discussion is proper because it was his OP, that started this thread.   i am not the "op" original poster of this
Howdy everybody
I was googling some stuff for fly fishing and this site came up. I'm recently getting back in to fly fishing after about a 10 year break. I grew up in Southern Idaho and spent a lot of time on the for
Fishing Private Land on the San Juan!
Nice little video, although I assume you didn't shoot it. I checked out the website for majestic enchantment and it's good to know I have other options besides the public water below the dam. The webs
Hairwing Atlantic Salmon Flies
When my daughter lived in Oregon, I went there several times to pursue Atlantic salmon without luck.  :)
Ordering Tying Materials
I have to agree with supporting the local fly shop.  That's always my first choice.  But as we all know, no one store has everything you need...and that includes the online stores.  You
LARGE sulpher?
Looks like a Hex to me. I've fished the Hex hatch in the midwest on a couple rivers and here in Oregon on several stillwaters. Big bugs and big trout, a great combination.
Where to find "these" Vinyl stick on eyes..?
Here is his contact info.   (541) 517-9448 Eugene, Oregon, United States;_ylu=X3oDMTBydDI5cX
Fishing the San Juan River
Well that's good to know, I'll have to try and find Baetis Bend when I'm there. We have a couple similar tailwaters here in Oregon, and although most people use nymphs I've found the dry fly fishing
How long to get "proficient" at tying?
Practice, practice, practice.  If there is a fly shop near you that offers classes, take one.  I have been tying for over 60 years. every year I go to a expo in Oregon and try to take at lea
squirmy wormy.....
I bet those are effective, but kinda walking the edge (or perhaps blew right by the edge) of what I'd call fly tying. Here in Oregon molded plastics that imitates eggs and worms are considered bait an
Feather Emporium ??????
  This is what I ordered on May 2nd     ... on a ladder painting and he would call back ...   ... He was chasing his dog that was loose ...   ... he said that he had been
DrVette, The lighter colored wood is the piece that he sent with the vise. The darker wood is the same, African Rosewood, but sourced at local supplier here in town. I sent him a sketch of my bench a
Renzetti Master Vise Rotary Parachute Attachment?
First time posting- I don't know if this is helpful in stirring up some creative juices but the JVice gallows tool might give you some ideas in coming up with a rotary gallows tool. I  got a JVic
hello, from Oregon
Welcome to the site, Spiral. Oregon is one of those States I've only spent a short time in.  Looked at Sequoia Trees and the coast line.  Never got a chance to fish there.  I'm looking
Hello again..
Washington is on top of Oregon which is on top of CA, not a bad guess though.
The Down Home Pride Swap
I'm in with an Oregon TBD. For those looking for a California pattern the Sierra Bright Dot was invented in the east side of the Sierra.
Years tying flies
I've been tying for 60 years.  I had a fifth grade teacher, Mr. Miller, who was a fly tyer and fly fisherman.  We had after school clubs and he started a fly fishing club.  My older bro
I'm not sure about the origin of the name. The Spruce Fly was developed by the Godfrey brothers, Bert and Milo, around 1918 on the north Oregon coast. There are a lot of Sitka Spruce trees in the area
West Coast Salt water
There are non-traditional saltwater fishing opportunities to the north as well. Surf Perch from Oregon and Washington beaches, Salmon from Puget sound beaches, Sea-run Cutthroat in estuaries and even
Overhead Casting ?
H Jack,   Any fly rod can be used to Spey cast or traditional overhead cast. By convention, a overhead cast is where the line is in the air entirely on back cast and forward cast.  Many will
I've been fortunate
I am recovering from heart surgery, which has given me the time and inclination to reflect on the good things that have happened to me. I was fortunate enough to live in CO, Oregon, Washington, Flori
August Flies From the Vise
Oregon Orange Caddis Kinda like a Caddis Variant with a modified abdomen. hook -Dai Riki 305 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 black abdomen - dubbing orange body hackle - grizzly dyed hot orange wing - dee
Eighth Annual Casting for Recovery Project
Wooly Buggers for the women of the Southern Oregon Retreat
I dont really know much about ohio steelhead, but if you are flying somewhere to target them I would go Northwest. There are a lot of rivers in Oregon and Washington that have summer runs. The rogue r
Who makes the longest streamer hooks (straight eye)
You haven't answered my questions so apparently do not know the pattern or hook size. I don't even know the action you are looking for. It would be easier to help if I had the answer. I have an O
Shakespeare Wild Series???
Hey there, I am looking into the Shakespeare Wild Series combo. I have a rod and reel in Oregon I just cannot afford to have it shipped to me. So as an alternative I am looking into the Shakespeare ro
Hello Everyone!   I am new but not new to this forum. My name is CheyAnne, Some of you may know my father Rocky Maley. I have an old account, Unfortunately I cannot seem to remember any of&#
Opening Day Trout Swap
We really have no opening day in the Carolinas.  Oregon and California have trout stream opening day the last Saturday in April.  Many other bodies of water are open year round, but the
Happy New Year!
Just bought my California license online for the first time.  Oregon and California are calendar year, but California is thinking about going to a 12 month from date of purchase. 
Originally from Northern California.  After 45-years in Washington I am headed home to the Lost Coast (in 55-days)...  The fisheries are in such terrible state here I don't know where to b
Honeymoon in oregon, need your help
I live in southern oregon, the rogue river has some of the best steelhead fishing in oregon. There is also the umpqua which has great smallmouth fishing, or if you dare, the smith river and you can go
Steelhead Time
Welcome Horseshoes, Bruce and Rogue Flies.  We are half way to a swap.  Really good to see another Rogue River guy on the Forum. Heck yeah, gotta love southern oregon! You from around ther
Hello from Middle TN
Hello, been snooping around for a few weeks. I began my fly fishing when I was about 10 my uncle took me to an outdoor hunting and fishing expo in San Mateo. There was a man who came over the loud spe
Rather irritated
kennebec12   Brewer City Ordinances Chap. 35 - Art. 1 Sec. 100 ARTICLE #1- DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS ORDINANCE (#1) SECTION 100. DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS PROHIBITED. No person shall discharge any rifl
Free Kindle - Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon   [i]Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon is a book of fathers and sons, love lost and regained, haunted pasts, and snake smug
Southern Oregon Tying Hangout
Calling all Southern Oregon Fly Tyers and People who want to learn the art of tying. I want to do a get together tying session/ teaching thing. Free of course cuz I'm not good enough to charge for tha
license holder
Not in Oregon.
Leaches in rivers
When my brother and I were going to fish the Wood River in Oregon, we were advised by a local fly shop to use a black beadhead leech.  When I ran out of the leech patterns that I had bought, I tr
Rods on planes
On the leg from Portland to Redmond Oregon in a prop jet, I was told to check my 4 piece rod case. I believe it would have easily fit. On a leg from Redmond to Salt Lake City, the stewardess removed
June Flies from the Vice
Kolzer Firefly Body can be tied in red, yellow, chartreuse, etc. hook - TMC 5212 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 brown tail - deer hair dyed dark brown body - Uni-stretch orange body hackle - brown (under
Smoking your catch
Alder is a good, mild, smoking wood. Ours look like this.   They grow along about every stream in western Oregon.   I have only used the Little Chief and Big Chief electric smokers. They wo
Got to be New sometime!
Hi, I got an invite from a friend the other day for this form. I have been tying and fly fishing since middle school 20 years. I grew up in trout heaven in southwest Oregon and now live wherever the w
Yes it is. Originally from Michigan, then the Oregon coast.
I hit a turkey!
  It's also illegal in my state. Some people are incredibly stupid. The game officers have decoy deer they use to catch poachers. Ususally they catch people shooting from the road or out of se
Great Expo
I have been on the look out for one of these for some time. I went about 16 or 17 years ago back in Oregon and it was the best time ever. I will keep looking since it sounds like they still going on.
Drift Boats
These boats were developed in my home waters in Oregon. Don Hill, a source for plans, recommends 17 or 18 for fly fishing.
Fools Gold
thanks eide,i enjoy tying steelhead patterns especially the classic pacific northwest ones i live in oregon next to the rogue and applegate river Both have great steelhead runs.
Streamer Swap Pics
The white one is a flesh fly. Here in Oregon, with the Salmon and Steelhead spawn, it's a good pattern. The bead allows it to be used as an egg sac as well.The rabbit strip is "two tone cotton candy"
Classic Dry Fly Trout Swap
I had honestly thought about a March Brown but atx grabbed it first. I have only tied a handful of Quill Gordons, so I am looking into some of the older versions right now thinking about dun hackle an
Crane Prairie Special
Years ago I tied and used this fly with great success at Crane Prairie Res. in Central Oregon.   Over the years I apparently used my last one. I can not remember what it looked like any longer. I
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