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Czech Mate Nymph

The Ray Bergman Collection - 116) Forsyth

Metallica Salmon Fly - Davie McPhail

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Turning Tail Trailer

The Ray Bergman Collection - 104) Ferguson


Mobile AL/ Gulf Shores Fly Fishing
My wife and I lived in Gulf Shores.  West Beach was a good area to fly fish, walk the beach and wade out in the Gulf of Mexico.  The only fly shop was in Fairhope Al. about half hour away.&#
Hello from Colorado
Welcome from another Coloradoan. If you get a chance, swing by the Orvis Park Meadows Fall Fly Tying Fanatics Fest Saturday, November 10th from 10:00 – 5:00. There will be about 30 tiers there t
Macular Degeneration and fly fishing?
I have an older lady friend who's husband hasn't fly fished in a number of years. I showed her some photos of a recent jaunt I made and she said her husband really enjoyed fly fishing, but just 
Blue color scheme
I very seldom use a solid head color on my poppers.  Before I started making my own I brought a couple of Orvis salt water poppers that had solid head colors.  They were red/white, blue/whit
September Flies From the Vise
Good looking ties Sandan. The Tarcher pheasant tail gets to be easier as you do more. I now have friends taking numbers to get some as there is none sold at the local shops here. Orvis and LL Bean.
5wt line on 6wt rod
It depends on how the rod casts a 6wt line now and what that line is. As mentioned some lines are 1/2 wt over, some even a full weight over the rating. Others are dead on, or like my old Orvis line is
Some good suggestions, thanks! I'm feeling more confident in the strength of the clinch knot. I tried the davey knot and the orvis knot. The orvis knot has to many turns through loops so that's out. I
Well all I can say is making these videos is not easy. So I imagine it takes him a long time also. I have one camera so I have to move it and re-establish shot every time I change angle. He does an
August Flies From the Vise
Nice mosquito flicker. Nothing I would showcase but when at Orvis today I tied all patterns better than pro/guide and waited. This one I did my own mix dub. Anyways I am first in for trout unlimited
UV torches
I have on the right side a torch by Orvis and a new one on left by Craftsman. I use Bug-Bond from Orvis. The Orvis torch leaves a tacky residue no matter the time torched or freshness of battery. The
Pigeon Forge/Gattlinburg TN
I have fished the river across from the Orvis store. Mostly caught rock bass. Heard the Little Piegon River is good for smallmouth. For trout go into the park. Just pull off when you see a likely spot
My Take On A Couple of Reels
My reel stable -- three dozen or so -- collected over 50+ years has several characteristics.   -- None of the NIB reels cost over $200 -- most closer to $?100 -- and of those that approach it mos
Trouble with rod
Try rubbing with a  candle  before assembly, it works for  glass rods. I keep a birthday cake candle in my vest. Some rod manufacturers suggest this (paraffin)  and Orvis, at least
Yellar Hammer Wet Fly
I'm extremely familiar with this pattern!Grew up on the Smokies and fished it quite often.Ive always subbed using a bit of yellow shlappen.You can also use pheasant as well but you'll have to dye it.I
hook sizes.....
  I hope wat I posted wasn't too confusing. I jus get so frustrated when folks put the brand an model number...but not the size ...   I'm still confused on the question because I have n
Roll casting with a short 3wt.
With a short rod roll casting may be a little harder. But a double taper line will make a huge difference regardless.   Since I several rods I have played around with over lining and under lining
Standard Nymph Hook, Standard Wire, Standard Shank, Question
I found the Daiichi 1550 and Eagke Claw Lo60, and those only go down to size 18. Does anyone know of an equivalent for a nymph hook in a standard wire? Everthing tells me it should be one of the follo
Hackle gague
Ok thanks for the help guys! I appreciate it. And hey, you found the whiting one online!? I checked orvis earlier today and it was all sold out. Lol
Cooling shirts
I have one from Orvis and love it.   Mike
Bobbin threader on the run....
Was wondering where I could get tiny wire!  
Opinion on rod
Has anyone got any opinion on the Orvis HLS 2 Trico rods.
Winding check
The rubber seal above the rod handle on an old orvis rod has perished and come off. 1) does it matter functionally? My feeling is it doesn't. 2) how easy is a thread wrap in this area? I have some si
need help identifying streamer materials
Just a thought but goto Orvis web site and look at materials. The body looks like pearlesant braid or tube while the other parts is just color variants of synthetic streamer body material and Crystal
Carrying two rods
I've got an Orvis Safe Passage Carry it All and use it in my 8 foot pram or when river fishing.  When river fishing its just on the bank.  Only have one rod set up for fishing at a time.
Big Fish Fly
This guy? I ask because just recently I had read that Frank Catino designed the reels marked "The Catino". And soon after saw the name listed on Orvis site.
Fly nameing
Kaufman's Stimulator...
Flash N Slinky - Anyone tie with it?
I haven't tied with that product, never heard of it so I looked it up. It appears to be similar to Puglisi Fibers with a little bit of flash added such Orvis Angle Hair.
Let me know what you think
  1) I understand that it has been done not a problem if your prices are competitive   2) My original marketing demographics was people who are fly anglers. Many flyfishers simply d
Interested in trying this technique although it is new to me. I've looked at many different lines and I am looking to find a good full sinking line. My target depth is going to be roughly 15-25 feet d
April Flies From The Vise
Sandflyx nice work, plenty buggy. Matching the Hatch, first book I ever owned, and still the most special one to me. I learned to tie with only that and the orvis catalog.
Using hooks from the mid-90s
If they are the VMC brand, I would at least test one or two by squashing down the barb and see what happens. The ones that I have from an Orvis kit are very brittle. I always crush the barb down in my
Mouse/Rat Swap
Figured out the name for the one I am tying. Master splinter. :) Like this one?
10ft 4wt Xi Series rod
silly question,how much farther can one cast a 10' compared to a 8'?alsowhen I went to a fly show recently I was handed a rod to try out, I only glanced at it and started casting, it was a 10' 6 weigh
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I've fished south central Vermont, Ludlow  and Plymouth(birthplace of Calvin Coolidge) area for many years during the late spring and through the summer.   I've caught trout in July and
Finding Material
If it is Indead for a light Cahill pattern I have 2 shades of dubbing I acquired from Orvis. 1 is yellowishtan almost creame and other is same but a shade darker. I use split thread to make a tight no
looking for user reviews (vest vs. sling pack)
For me, it has always been vest is best. I figure if it was good enough for Lee Wulff, it is good enough for me. I have had a fee over the last 50 years...but my current one is an Orvis Tackle Pack
Orvis Thread
My question is: who makes the thread sold as Orvis?
Exotics - carabou and camel?
Finished tying spinners and started going through "the materials box" into which anything and everything that I've used or acquired over the last five years has been tossed. I was mostly feathers and
Just listened to the latest Orvis podcast and pink is the go to color for Texsan river largemouth bass. With the inspiration on here I've placed my "pink" order. Everything you can think of, you can a
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
Capt Bob, those types of spools are my favorite way of storing pre-tied tippets.  The only difference is that I tie a sacrificial loop in the end of my tippet so I have loop to loop connections.&
I'm a vise junkie and it was love at first sight for me.  If I didn't already own a Standard and a Spartan and a Renzetti Pro, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.  Under no allusions that it would m
Nymphing Baitfish - Small Fry
Also very Similar to Ian's Epoxy Minnow.
Connecticut Fly Fisherman Association Expo
Small one day expo, I have always enjoyed it, good group, if you are local to CT and have nothing planned for Saturday.       Saturday, February 3 CFFA Expo & Banquet featuring Jen
Newby - Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle
@Emmo: Here's a pheasant tail (no green, no orange): Here's a soft hackle in orange (no pheasant tail). Green is same just d
Pearsall's gossamer vs Orvis Nano silk thread
I recently came across mention of Pearsall's gossamer silk for tying traditional wet flies and flymphs. Wonder how it compares to Orvis (or similar) Nano silk thread for the same purpose.   Any e
Fly tying scissors reviews.
I recommend orvis general purpose. Has a slot to cut wire and get in close. I bought the pack of 3 and use all them.
Dragons tails?
According to the article in F&S they were first a toy called Squirmles attached to string worked like puppet slithering , etc. Colton Ruidi tied patterns in 2015 and later David Mangum, Fla guide
Synthetic peacock dubbing for bodies....
Are there any clear winners re synthetic peacock dubbing for bodies, in regular colors but also other shades / colors? I've never really used it, only Ice Dub for thorax, and I want an assortment that
How much does a large muskie fly weigh when wet?
Steamboat, what fly line do you intend to use? I primarily use Orvis Depth Charge.  I can't remember how many grams.  Billy Wilson at the Orvis Store in Louisville ordered it and put it
Need help blending yellow and rust Antron to be rusty yellow
The Orvis video describes the under body and shuck as golden yellow Antron, and the body as yellow-brown Antron.  To me rust color is usually a reddish brown, think Rusty Spinner.   I'm
Think this will work?
I will fishing a spring creek next week and it calls out for black stonefly's (nymph) Size 22 and smaller as the best winter pattern. I am new to tying and just want some feedback on this stonefly on
New Arrow in the Quiver
Put a new arrow in the quiver yesterday.  Needed something to sit between my Sage Vantage 4 wt. and my Orvis Clearwater salt 9 wt.  Picked up the Orvis Recon 9.0 6 wt.   My parents
Deer hair divers....
Fshng2, Well I guess you’re about to find out it’s about an inch inch and a quarter thick I bought that when it first came out back in like 1985-1987 something like that. It was a wealth
Help with colouring uv cure resin
Thanks for all the input guys. Definitely something to work with.   Papa ... I'm not sure by what you mean as "translucent", which means  " ... allowing light, but not detailed images
Itís Popper Time again
OK FRN & Fshng2 They are pretty much done. I temporarily tied a couple mop tails on these(1 inch)and they look stupid, Not long enough they just dont look right. These need Orvis Magmum Dragon Tai
December flies from the Vise
PT flashbacks Love those Orvis beads.
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
I'd be interested in getting some suggestions on beginner's fly tying kits.  Yes, I know the arguments for and against kits, but sometimes a kit is the best way to go.  I started with an Orv
Full Sinking Line in Heavier Weights
I've been lake fishing for Stripers out of my boat a lot lately and using Rio In Touch Intermediate full sinking line which is about 1.5-2 ips sinking rate. I'd like to get a faster sinking line so I
Regal Revolution question
Got a Regal Revolution years ago with a bobbin hanger attached to an Orvis edition which had a wood base. Usually just hang finished flys on it instead of thread..
Thread recommendation
Hook & Hackle sells a 12/0 Euro Thread that is similar to Veevus.  I have also gotten some 12/0 from Orvis.   That said, I use Veevus 12/0 for my small flies.  I get it from Golden
Best investment practice in hackle
As always, you all are a cornucopia of information.  I haven't thrown out the old Metz capes, but the quality of hackle I see online in videos makes them look unsatisfactory.  I do realize t
A Good Day on the Uncompahgre River
I had the chance to angle the Uncompahgre River at Pa-Co-Chu-Puk (Ridgway State Park) a couple of days ago.  It was beauteous fly fishing weather with an air temperature around 60F, with mostly
Fast Action Rod?
The Echo Base is the performance/price winner in the 2016 test.
November Flies from the Vise
Stonefly tails works great as antenna if u want it. Man made and durable from Orvis. Great fly btw.
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