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Ray Bergman Collection - 164) Hopatcong

Ray Bergman Collection - 169) Ibis and White

2011 Drake Film Awards pt.1

Dr. Slick Razor and Twisted Loop scissors

Korkers Metalhead wading boots review

The Shimmer Stone


Smal Palmer chenille
Was in Wall Mart today and found small Palmer chenille. It is a Red Heart product called "scrubby sparkle." I got white and yellow and left green and pink.  $3.98 for 174 yard/ skeine. Palmer on
Quick Tie - Elk hair Caddis
Another variant of the Elk Hair Caddis we tied the other day in a Quick Tie demo. This demo uses the same pattern and material that was already on hand. No need to run to the store to buy material. Th
September Flies From the Vise
  royal cubbage   hook - dry fly style thread - black tail - 2 fibers of peccary or moose body hair tied in long and widespread on each side body - royal coachman style. the rear peacock he
Fifty Fly Project
FlySpoke's Super Bug (Carnage variation)
Foam version of an Atlantic salmon pattern. Tied here as a salmonfly; don't have a scud hook big enough to handle a bug this size so I subbed with the TFS iron (shorter shank than the Dai Riki 280)
Green Peter Muddler (Carnage variation) SBS
Had to dig a bit to find hen pheasant wing long enough for this one; a #12 would have been much easier. Tried Uni thread cuz that's what Mr. Mcphail uses; popped it twice on the head and I wasn't pu
Looking for panfish ideas
Any thing that  will catch bass, crappie, or trout will also catch some sunfish. You want simple, wrap hook in chenile and palmer a hackle. Vary the size of chenile and density of palmer can make
Fly nameing
and the good old woolly worm decended from the soldier/soldier palmer Other way around, I believe.  The Solider Palmer, from ev
Borden Special Dabbler SBS
Turning up the gain on a standard. hook - Mustad 3906 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 flame orange tag - tinsel silver tail - golden pheasant tippets dyed hot orange/fuchsia hackle rib - oval tinsel silver
April Flies From The Vise
Saw reference to this fly on a few forums yesterday and had to tie it. While it's listed as an easy tie, for a beginner it's good practice in that you need to select 2 of the same sized feathers from
Softhackle Stimi SBS
Started out tying Ryan Houston's Myles Peter and ended up in a different place. Gonna try this for skwalas in darker olive tones. hook - Dai Riki 280 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 light olive rib - smal
Musky Fly, what is your favorite type of fly to tie
In general? I've never seen a musky or a musky fly, so on that level none. In  general, anything simple; spiders, Clousers, Palmer drys., bucktails, pheasant tail, killer bug, basic scud flies fa
BiMuddlervisible SBS
Found this on Pinterest. Original had a more defined wing; I just left the collar a little thicker on top. This should be good for stoopid cutts next summer. hook Dai Riki 300 #10 thread - Danvil
October flesh from the vise
Any particular denomination?   Not sure. I think some sort of hen saddle.  These were in an  unmarked baggie that came from Josephcsylvia in this forum a while back. He graciously
Materials List for a Beginner
Not to be a smart alec, but it's Wooly Bugger, just so things don't get confused.   I would suggest that the 3/0 thread is too heavy and will create too many thread buildup problems for a new tie
Gates Laid Back Hex (Carnage variation) SBS
Foam update to the standard tie. Might lose it to a tree or fish, but you won't have to tie on a new one in the dark because it stopped floating. hook - Dai Riki 135 #6 thread/rib - UTC 140 hopper y
Spike fly
$.02 If I wanted to duplicate the fly from the description it would look like this but leave the front and back hair off and as you do the deer hair tie in the 4-6 white rubber legs spaced along the s
Sculpin Pattern
Buy one and take it apart.  Looks pretty simple but from the pictures can only make a guess, which is why you should just buy a copy.  Articulated shank, dumbbell eyes, Dacron backing to rea
I could really use some help tying this Tenkara fly
@Bugsy:  so, which is done first: palmer the hackle and then wrap the body material (Life Flex) in between the hackle or the other way around?  
Crow feathers for fly tying
I have used the body feather to make leeches.  Tie on and palmer up the hook. Great panfish fly.   Rick
My first bugger
I am relatively new to the art of fly tying. I tried it many years ago but got discouraged trying to Palmer hackle on flies. Last spring I picked up a new fly rod and just had to start tying again. I
First Attempt
Looks like your hackle got twisted, and not in the palmering respect. It looks like the stem was twisted. Not a huge deal, but just something to work on. Those flies will catch fish. Everything th
Flashy Bugger - Underwater Footage!
Yes, I like the video too. It is nice to see what the action/presentation of the fly is like in the water.   You have a slightly different way to tie than I do. I secure my feather in the rump an
Foam diver/popper head recipes
The foam heads make it very easy. Tie a tail of marabou or other hackle near the bend of a hook that is the right size for the foam head, palmer a hackle right in front of that and tie off. Superglue
January Flies from the Vise
Mixed palmer chenille with boa yarn.  Also some eyelash yarn leeches
First Wooly bugger
Most tie on hackle as shown by flytire, when you palmer forward use less turns so you dont run into too the heavy part of rachis, (stem)
Black tarpon bunny YouTube video
Palmer: A method for wrapping a hackle feather over a section of the fly's body. When it is retrieved through the water it 'pushes' the water and this causes attractive movement shock waves that help
Jig nymphs - sharing your patterns please
I have used palmer chenille on a jig hook for warmwater fish.Rick
Baitfish Fibers
Syn Yak in the lighter colors takes on a kind of ghost look in the water, I haven't tried all the colors, though I have white and belly white and purple. I tie a certain purple streamer that I use up
Flies and Their History/Hackles
A "Hackle Fly" in that context is just a pattern with a body and a hackle collar at the front.   Other old books mention a "Hackle Fly" as something more like the "Palmer" flies in the plate
What are everyones go-to searching flies?
Warmwater   boa yarn flies, Only, rubber legged dragon palmer chenille fly., furl tailed mohair leech, Godlie Jr.   Rick
Griffith's Gnat
in that size its probably a "soldier palmer" or wooly bugger   probably where the griffiths gnat varied from in the beginning
Marlow Buzz Fly
marlow buzz fly   coachman   h
Washington Flies
First of all the brindle bug comes to mind.  Very simple to tie, and it uses inexpensive materials.  The Brindle Bug is a hackle only fly, and there are quite a few others.There are more tha
Mink Matuka Sorta... Zonker really..
I tie something very similar but do use rabbit. Where you used a dubbing brush I use the zonker strip ripped into a narrow strip half the width of a zonker strip as they are shipped ( mine are package
Skill Builder Series Round 4; Classic Dry Flies
Ok, once again I've been kindly asked by BB to give my comments on the flies. As usual I will go through all the flies one by one. But first, a great applause for all the very beautiful flies tied her
Flies to teach new tyers??
Since you have a pond to use your creations - A basic winged ant will teach how to add dubbing, control your thread, tie in hackles and palmer but is a very simple pattern.  Something like an Elk
Help needed matching the hatch
Hey buddy,I'm from that area as well.Try a green colored dubbing,Palmer a grillzly hackle forward and use a Dunn cdc for the wing,wood duck for 2 antennas no bigger than a size 18.I have great luck wi
Copper John - Can it replace a split shot?
First, all of us should be able to take critique if it's meant to be helpful. There is one thing in your video that confuses me (and I confuse easily). You speak of "palmering" your herl. My understan
Who says you can't use blue heron in the US?
Get in touch with Walter Palmer, Fin ... see if you can get some Black Maned Lion mane hairs for some Catty Clousers.
good patterns to practice
This is something I have said before and will say every time this comes up. Materials + Technique = Pattern. Lets take a simple pattern the Soldier Palmer. Tie in a red wool tail, a rib of silver wire
What is this material?
palmer chenille
March Flies From The Bench
Tied with the free road kill red fox tail this weekend. A buddy of mine found the dead animal on the side of the road a few weeks ago and snipped the tail for me. After salting it and cleaning it, thi
Whiting chicks
To be honest, about all I've ever used hackle feathers for is to tie behind the head of a popper, and I find that a 4 or 5 inch feather is more than satisfactory for that purpose.  I've always wo
Help!! Name This Fly
ok guys I got this fly in a lot of equipment I bought of craigslist, This thing looks awesome in the water and I want to make a run of them myself, I am not as good at deconstructing a fly as some guy
lol... It's been a while...
Welcome back.  I'd make the head smaller and lose the tail  and maybe palmer dry fly hackle around the body to help it float.  Just suggestions, because I don't think it will float that
Woolly buggers
Exactly, usually if you have good marabou, say extra select, what I do is tie the tip of the marabou feather in as the tail about 1 hook length, I dont trim the marabou off but tie in your hackle tip
crayfish patterns
My go-to crawfish patterns are fairly simple, but they've produced enough to hold permanent spots in my boxes:   For small ones (say, #8 and smaller) a brown woolly bugger.  It ain't fancy,
LaFontaine Royal Double Wing (variation) SBS
  A few minor changes to the original.   hook - Dai Riki 280  #10 thread - Danville 6/0  brown tail - EP Fibers  light olive tag - Uni-stretch  Chinese red rear wing - e
Loch Ordie Muddler (variation) SBS
Loch Ordie Muddler (variation)     A different way to skin the cat's head.     hook - Mustad 3906  #8 thread - Danville 6/0  black body - ginger variant saddle hackle
December Flies From the Bench
^ I can definitely see where it's heading. you should check out some blane chocklet body tubing for the head. Cool stuff- and you can even stack a deer hair collar behind it.[attachment=54888:white st
folding feathers
[:\insert thumb's up icon here]   I have to learn this. It would be a cool way to palmer-wrap the hackle 'betwixt the chenille wraps of a Woolly Bugger or BHD pattern.
seatrout white bugger
[attachment=54504:WP_20151121_001.jpg] Used artic fox for the tail. UV micro chenille body and white rooster palmer. Ultra fine silver wire rib. Small gold bead chain eyes.
Flies based on materials
Marabou streamers --weight your hook (if desired), then just tie in a marabou feather by it's tip at the bend and palmer it forward. If you run out of feather before you get to the eye, repe
Help-How to get marabou to "flare" better?
To add bulk to a marabou tail, I'll actually use the bottom part of a schlappen feather. You will need to choose the right feather for it. You want to use the airy, webby stuff near the al
Tarpon time... 22 September
You gotta love it when a small fly is a #2/0   That's a handsome fish posing with a pleased angler.  Looks every bit of 80# to me.  But I've never caught anything remotely close to that
September flies from the bench
Hey Dan, very nice double articulated streamers. Any chance of get a materials list. I'd love to try it. Thanks, Miles   Thank you. Apparently "Foxy Lady" is already a fly pattern so this one
Can I see your surface bugs please?
I am new here.  Here's a modified Amy's Ant that I like.  I took it out this evening and did well.  Posting from CO.   I th
Difference between hen and rooster capes
Mike, I have one neck described as "Streamer Hackle", it certainly will not do what you are looking for. Great for winging and will palmer buggers etc but not much else. Though I have never used them
Trout Flies Invitational
I am, without question, the least qualified as a tyer, to be a part of this swap, so I've been wondering what to tie. I'm thinking about a couple of patterns. The first is a nymph pattern called Heter
July flies from the vise
Here's something I came up with that for lack of a better name I call the articulated feather duster. I plan to use this on SMB and LMB.   I was in the equivalent of the dollar store over here i
First Few Flies
Your thread technique looks good and looks to be a good start.  And the bodies look good.  The caddis looks like the right proportions but I don't know if the body is bouyant enough to flo
Material Question?
He's using Medium.  The large palmer chenille has two "cores" that the fibers are bound to (which makes it frustrating to use.)  
Fly that will catch anything!
    My problem with this thread is the catfish picture. The youth holding it looks like he just got told he's flunking algebra. How can a fish that nice and just knowing the fight it had to
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