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March Flies From The Vise
this is my 2nd woven fly since i started in 1981. i'm not a great fan of them but i thought i'd see if i could still tie one. so laugh it up     Great fly.Looks perfect to me. I tie a
Spawning season
Look at these shots from Google maps of Okeechobee. I thought it was pretty cool. With all the tilapia, cichlids, plecos, bass, and panfish, the lake usually looks like the moon in some places.
April Fools Warm Water Swap...
Got the first half dozen easy but now the dilemna. For years I've spent fishing bass with bait and spin gear. When I did use a fly rod for bass or pike I will admit to using store bought poppers almos
Little work on the site
Steve,   Being ignorant of what it takes to make such change Ia m reluctant to make waves.    Applauding your cleanup start, I'd also propose the general idea of getting finer granulari
Nymphing Baitfish - Small Fry
I tied up half a dozen of these last night to try for crappie.  One of my new favorite ties! Thanks! Yeah I like them, I didnt even think about a crappie fly, I was thinking nymphing for trout
February Flies from the Vise
Mike, those mini bait fish should work like panfish crack.  I've always thought that one of the staple food sources on the St Johns (at least the upper/head water area) are gambusia.  Bet th
Does anyone tie their own ice flies?
I've made some for other folks, but not too much for myself, because wasn't enough ice to be safe to fish. I make tiny jigs, and much of what I've done is like Poopdeck is showing although some were m
January Flies from the Vise
Chells panfish attractor variant . Used Mike's pattern this past summer , great pattern . Trying blue next , panfish here in RVA seem to like blue . [attachment=65934:20180120_222411.jpg]
Jig Swap
Never tied up my own panfish jigs but what the hell, count me in
Are all craft furs the same?
What Bimini said If all you are trying is little panfish flies and small streamers the Hobby Store stuff will work. For big Bass flies and salt water flies you will need the Extra Select Craft Fur.
Tye v Tie
LOL  ... here we go!   Tye vs. tie  <I write tie> Tyer vs. tier  <I write both, depending on the sentence> Line vs. string  <Only recently saw someone refer to
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
OK tell you what then seeing how Im such a nice guy 😉 Im going to open them both and see whats in there and take my pick...Also what was Old Hats preference? PM me his Addy I will rewrap it a
December flies from the Vise
Dr. Mike that has worked well for me for panfish.  Was a steelhead-trout fly to start with.  Size 16 PTN with red or yellow peacock thorax. Some will say the tails are to long.
Chance for choice at Christmas Swap
Don't do much trout or any saltwater fishing...mostly bass and panfish but I'm not picky.
Purple Nurple Ice Fly
Great little pattern for panfish through the ice, purple is always a hot color in the winter
How many fly fishermen ARE NOT fly tiers?
I still buy the little chartreuse panfish poppers for smallie fishing, though I tie some foam ones too. Everything else I tie or else I don't fish with it. My latest thing being tube fly streamers. &#
Crappie fly fishing
My experience with Crappie, though limited, extends from Indiana to Florida and West to Texas.   Like most fresh water predators, they will attack anything ... opportunist when hungry.  They
Hamilton Co., TN
Anyone know of any warmwater fishing opportunities in and around Hamilton County, Tennesee? I'm heading up next friday and satying until thanksgiving withn a good friend. We plan to fly fish and use t
Lake Mead anyone?
I used to live in Boulder City in the mid-1990's and spent a lot of time at Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.   Things have changed in the 20+ years I've lived there but the fishing could range fro
2 pc. Vs. 4 pc.
i made this telescopic fly/spin rod from a cabelas panfish rod many years ago. it,s still in one piece, so to it fits easily into the pouch of my kick boat being only 17" long when collapse
November Flies from the Vise
Cream, those are just plain old money right there.  In that size just about anything that eats for a living is going to take a swipe. In olive/brown/tan those wouldn't last a minute in the Glades
Tenkara is just for little fish...
It is all about fun. I've cast one tenkara rod at a fly shop. It was very enjoyable, and light years from being anything like the cane poles some are comparing them to. The rod was light and crisp in
4 wt Monocore fly line
I have a floating WF 4wt monocore fly line that at a guess is between 10-15 yrs old.  I believe it is a RIO product.  It is a stiff super slick line that does extremely well here in South Fl
Back from a long break
Hello,   I became a member in 2005, and my last post was approximately 3 -1/2 years ago.  I have been away from fly tying during this time due to other obligations (e.g., family, graduate sc
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
Other than the Fly Pattern Database on this site I do not know of a book referring material list to fly patterns listed by material used. As far as pattern books most are for flies for the targeted ty
Start thinking Christmas Swap
I'm in again bass/panfish
New Guy From Florida But Moving
I grew up fishing for panfish, and bass in the northeast.  Moved west and spend a very long time fishing for trout in the Rocky Mts.  Fished from Canada, to Cancun.  Settled after retir
Mop Fly Variant
Thanks, I didn't get to the gunpowder yet. I got distracted with some Bass fishing on a private pond and Tog fishing at IRI. Been on the lookout for Stripers too, they say they should be here soon as
Fly Box Art
Nice. Really like the last panfish box.
Micro streamer colors - which one works for you?
I don't do a streamer like yours ... but I do like natural colors on most of my flies. [attachment=64012:panfish attractor.JPG]   That one is lighter in the photo than actual.
Went out for panfish the other day
Thanks guys, not too many bigger fish there, they're really stunted between the panfish, crappie, and perch all competing for the same food in such a small pond, some decent sized bass in there though
August flies from the vice
Been losing some flies to Gar and weeds.     Tied up some replacements today.   Panfish Attractors on #6 Limerick Hooks. [attachment=63918:Aug 2017 Panfish Attractors (1).JPG]   &#
is tenkara catching on?
To me its like going back to fishing with a cane pole when I was a kid. Nothing more than daubbing a fly with backwards hackle. If I wanted to do it I have a 10 ft telescoping panfish pole and would s
Wanna do the EuroOrBust swap...
SWAP IS FULL, thank you all for your responses.   Haven't hosted in a while and I'm just finishing up my creature baits for the Bass Swap and I'll be caught up. The boy does have an interesting i
Big Dry Fly Patterns
Bulb, I assume you fished trout with them, and Mike fished bass and panfish. The trout take is much more subtle and there is more room in the mouth to keep from crushing the fly. In a bluegills, they
Second trout trip. Maggie Valley NC.
Hey, I hope you have fun and catch a few too. Of course you can use a foam panfish float as an indicator, you just need to be able to adjust it's depth, cast it without difficulty, and see it with
Is there really a wrong way to tie a fly?
Case in point: [attachment=63394:Panfish attractor.jpg]   My "Panfish Attractor" was my idea.  I tied it to provide a weed-resistant Bluegill presentation.  It's my go to fly.   Af
Hello from Tennessee
Reelfoot is such a pretty lake.  Beautiful panfish in there, at least there were back in the 80's when I fished it.  Fly fishing should be a blast.   Welcome to the site, Camp.
material for popper heads
I like cork for poppers but if I were making something that floats for panfish I would just use sheet foam and make small gurglers, spiders and beetles. Cork poppers or premade popper heads aren't wor
Fly Tyer's Dungeon
all water that isn't salt water is fresh water, warm water refers to fresh water more likely to be the home of "warm water" species such as bass, panfish and perch, also a term that means you are fish
What is your favorite fly pattern?
My "Panfish Attractor".  I've caught more fish on this than on any other pattern.  I developed it to be weedless.  I found out, later, that it's similar to other named patterns, but I d
Fly Tying Article
Fly tying is a creative outlet and a great pastime. It also supplies the angler with flies tied the way he or she wants, not the way some fly company thinks they should be. There is always a debate ov
Any 'Swimming Nymph' Hook Problems?
I tie two different patterns on them. A Skip Morris Panfish fly and a Perch-a-bou fly from a long ago swap. Have caught many fish on them.  Got bass up to about 5 lbs on them.   Hope this he
Materials for "Mop" flies?
Thanks Philly! We have a Walmart here, and some dollar stores so I'll check them out. There's a couple of auto parts stores here too. I'm familiar with Pep Boys, but not sure if there are any nearby.
squirmy wormy.....
Super Glue will make the application spot brittle and cause them to break off.  They're deadly on trout as well as panfish, which I've never used them for.
Brand new to everything fly related.......
Welcome to the forum!   Although as a saltwater angler I am not help to much, at least about panfish and tying freshwater flies, I can give you some tips. I only have 1 year of fly tying experien
Hello From Vermont
Welcome to the forum.  My sister has a place between Ludlow and Andover  and before that one in Plymouth Union.  I try and get up there for a week or two each summer.  I've been fi
Hello from Tennessee
Hi all. New to fly fishing and fly tying. Been interested in it since I was a kid. Only took 20+ years to actually get started though. Mainly fishing for bass and panfish. Hope to learn a lot here. I
Mop fly
Petsmart is closing out bunny dog toys that have these "mop" projections that are smaller and a better size for panfish flies. They had red and blue at my store for $2.47 each.
Light action spin rod
Years, and years, and years ago I took a lamiglas 4wt. 7'6" fly rod blanks and wound it with foulproof spin guides. Of all the rods I have today that is one of the oldest and what that rod has landed
Hello from New Jersey
Delrab new jersey. Within walking distance to the creek on rt 130 or the lakes right after. Strikers bass panfish galore there or the stocked lakes for trout.
Reel Recovery Donation
I will do panfish flies.   Rick
Carp craic!
Well, great day at the PO. Carp flies in, Biot flies in. Skagit line for new spey rod in. Like Christmas. All the flies look great. Carpguy, I'll scenting yours and tossing it off to the side while I'
It's a sickness really. Get out there, Dude, if still fresh you can get perfect wing materials for. the Chell Panfish Attractor!
The Warm Water Vice
perfectly acceptable to post warm water flies in a warm water category   [url=][/URL]   [
Fly/ Fly Tier of the Month
Most fly contests are really a "best photograph" contests. There are some really great photographers here and some, like me, are just hacks or don't have the equipment or the software to produce nice
Bluegill hunter swap
Okay, mine will go out today. The primary fly I finished first is one that has caught a ton of 'gills in years past, particularly in shallow farm ponds. Then I just bought a mixed bag of hooks and had
Wanted to introduce myself, my name is John and I live in the Pocono Mountains, in Pennsylvania. I have been a member for over a year, but never posted before.  When joining the site I
Soft Hackles for Panfish
Thanks Philly, too many soft hackles, too many sizes? Not in my fly boxe!   There is no Panfish law stating you have to acquire a wide range of soft hackle sizes and patterns to fish any of t
Good hook for use in tying cork body poppers
I don't want to use a kinked shank "popper hook" but a fine wire xlong hook to allow me to pull the bugs out of deadfalls. Any suggestions please!   DrippingSprings, I think I know exactly wh
First crappie of the year
Poopdeck, This was in a small pond...Maybe an acre so they were easy to find. Gonna hit up a great crappie lake a little farther away soon to see how they're doing there. Rick, Nice! Love catching bl
Soft hackle variations
Nice, Rick.  After reading some discussions on the board, I decided to add soft hackles to my panfish box.  I still working on them.  It's been a while since I tied any and there are ab
This is the fly I call my Panfish Attractor.  I believe, when it's moved along the bottom, it's mimicking a small crayfish. [attachment=61546:pax river flies (3).JPG]   It's my most producti
Good Find?
I was going to borrow a line from my 4wgt, but it is a fast action Loomis that I overlined with a 5 Wgt. I have never owned a 3 so I exercised caution, thinking +2 was probably not a good decision.
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