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Maggie valley Trip report.
EHC circa 1957 Stimi circa 1980 Al Troth invented the EHC in 57 when he was still living in PA (a fact that I like to point out when I make the claim that Pennsylvania is the real cradle of Americ
Troutgetter recipe
Hi Ron good morning, I was just curious are you from Pennsylvania? Thank you,
Giant Carp on 5wt!
     As I've said before, it's one of the few things I miss from "up North". Thank you Mike...   Where up north do you live?  I thought carp lived in even colder envir
Slate Drake
Northwestern Pennsylvania
Marine Hacks
J. I used to love kayaking. I shattered my spine in 2011 had major fusion and rehab. Surgeries again in 2015, 2016. Not doing all that great now. Anyway, long story short kayaking is out for me fo
Wanted to introduce myself, my name is John and I live in the Pocono Mountains, in Pennsylvania. I have been a member for over a year, but never posted before.  When joining the site I
Books For Sale
Maybe this will help:   Books For Sale Nymphs-Ernest Schwiebert-$20.00 The Compleat Book Of Fly Tying –Eric Leiser -$10.00 Caddiesflies-Gary LaFontaine-$30.00 Fly Fishing Pressured Waters-L
Need Pheasant tail feathers, estaz, coneheads, etc. Trade?
in Pennsylvania
The Down Home Pride Swap
I'm in. I'll rep Pennsylvania with a Henryville Special.
Bass rod
smallmouths in rivers and lakes?  or their trashy, lowlife cousins in muck and heavy weeds?     In my opinion after 30-some-plus years of fly fishing for smallmouths in Pennsylvani
Suggest a new pattern please
Do you ever tie saltwater flies? Why would they be tying salt water flies to fish Pennsylvania creeks ?
putting together a beginner's kit as a gift
Here are a few suggestions till some Penn guys maybe come on board today. Here is a page about Penn Spring creek patterns:
Rod and Reel Club or Fishing Club with Water Access
good lord, there is so much fishing available in Pennsylvania for the cost of a regular license...  I like trout as much as any other fish, and while a "private" piece of water full of pellet-fed
Hello from Brazil
Hi from Pennsylvania. Hang in there!
100% Wool Fingerless Gloves
When living there, I fished NE Pennsylvania many times in months when guide tips freeze up. My solution was to fish with latex gloves. They still allow you to feel but keep your hands bone dry while a
Flash Minnow Candy
 All around Cape Cod actually but I'm mostly familiar with the bay side of the cape and estuaries and east end of the canal when it comes to these little critters. I haven't fish out around the
flutters streamer
I was on Elk Creek, Pennsylvania, about a week ago-after steelhead.  Lots of spin fishermen and a few fly fishermen.  This one fellow came up near me and cast out a streamer  (minnow pa
New Member from Ontario
Welcome from Pennsylvania. You're already on a roll. You and your sons are beginning a great passion.
Pegging Beads... Fishing or snagging?
I bought some beads a few years ago to see what the hype was about. Hadn't really read anything on how to actually rig them before then. I live in pa. The way they were originally intended to be fish
U.S. wide fishing licence
    Just get a lifetime license for each state you fish in.   Most states which I am familiar with do not offer a "lifetime" license until you are at least 60, and most of them
I've been fortunate
Oil Country in Pennsylvania is mostly in the western and northwestern part of the state. The first drilled oil well in the history of the US was Drake's Well in Titusville, Pa. the entire petroleum in
Beach Body Stone w/ Josh Miller
One of the newest Fly Fishing Team USA members, Josh Miller, tied for my YouTube channel, introducing all of us to one of his newer creations, the Beach Body Stone.  Fishing all throughout Pennsy
Thread Used for Tying Hair Flies
And make no mistake about it, you can cut hair with 200den GSP, too.  I've never used Kevlar, and maybe it's worse, but the hair will slice under tension with 200den GSP before the thread will
Bennett Springs
wow that looks like so much fun.  the peace and solitude of angling.    In Pennsylvania, all those jokers on the low-head dam would get a hefty fine.   (not that I agree with
Hello all. From Pennsylvania originally. Lived for a while in Bozeman, MT and fly fished the area almost daily. Now I have a family and am living in Central Saskatchewan. I still miss the rivers of SW
Who says you can't use blue heron in the US?
Lancaster News Paper "Pennsylvania game laws allow you to sell inedible parts of lawfully harvested wildlife within 90 days of the close of the hunting season." I have not done any research to see if
Future of Fly Tying
I hardly think higher prices are due to "GREED". I take it you have never owned a business. Every businesses involved in getting those materials to you has to deal with increasing expenses in things
Does anybody know what is being used on this fly?
There are plenty of patterns that imitate the eggs of a sucker's eggs, but generally speaking only one pattern known specifically as a "sucker spawn" fly.  And while you [i]can[/i] tie a pattern
New from PA
Hi everyone, I am very glad to be on this forum. I have wanted to join for a while but never did it. But, I am surely glad that I decided to do it. I am from the Cumberland Valley area of the great st
Lemon Ashy ?
This page describes different versions of the Ashy. The lemon body one was used in May. It's in the middle column towards the bottom.   Regards,               &
Yough Minnows
Try   Gallery of Pennsylvania Fishes - Chapter 11, Carps and Minnows   Rocco
Float stocking box
a mesh box with floats around the edge, used to transport stocked trout down a stream from the point where the stock truck pulls off the side of the road.They are used on a few streams here in Pennsyl
Happy New Year!
yeah, have to buy new kayak launch permit stickers tomorrow too.   Pennsylvania has an entire state government agency that just sits around and dreams up every conceivable thing to put a tax
There are plenty of scuds in fast moving water in any state, including here in Pennsylvania. They are excellent, strong swimmers. 
Musky Fly Swap 2016
Got mine today great job guys! Their going to be in a display box until needed! Question where are you getting the long hackle? Are you buying saddles? Every year "Walt" from Pennsylvania comes down
Comfort vs. Utility in Vehicles -- What Would You Do?
I’m sure you’ll get lots of advice on this one but I can only tell you about my own experience. I have a 2011 Subaru Outback. In a past life the vehicle was my office and I typically put 3
Free Kindle - Tales of Fishes by Zane Grey
Zane Grey is a favorite of mine and has been for many years. He was linked to fly fishing at a young age fishing in Pennsylvania; but one of his first books "The Riders of the Purple Sage" was a title
November Flies from the Vise
Pellis Muskrat Nymph           Created by Pennsylvania tyer (and world-champion decoy carver) Tom Pellis.     hook - Mustad 3906B  #10 underbody - non-tox wi
Squirrel Dubbing Substitue
and these are supposed to be the patterns that many fishing quides keep with them to pull out as a last resort so their clients can catch fish.     I apologize for going off topic but wh
Hello from Chicago
I posted a few times recently before introducing myself. Sorry for that, but I received amazingly helpful and friendly responses, and this forum is simply the best that I have found. Kudos to you all.
Hello from Southern ontario
You didn't marry my sister, did you? HA! Welcome from Central Pennsylvania.
Purple Soft Hackle (Isonychia / Slate Drake emerger)
For those of you who like to fish waters with the Iso mayfly (in my area, that means Central Pennsylvania!) as much as me, here's one that is tough to go without.  The "Purple Soft Hackle" was in
Serbian guy
  Excellent Grannom, would fish very well on Central Pennsylvania streams.
Generic Jig Nymph
Thanks for the feedback, Mike, and I've been contemplating that over the last year.  It's tough for me to shoot video like you're suggesting, especially being that this is a passion, not my "day
Foam Wing Midge
As the summer season begins to set in, midges are an excellent choice on the waters I fish in Pennsylvania.  This Foam Wing Midge is a great one, though a fly I prefer to use when I'm no more tha
Wet or dry hackle - buggers
Use whatever makes you happy.   Use whatever you've got.    According to several reputable sources, the "original"  attributed to Russell Blessing for use around here in the w
Wing material fro Greenwells?
Starlings and English Sparrows are specifically exempt from protection under Pennsylvania game regulations.  They're some of the original invasive species.   The difficulty lies in shoo
what is your most memorable....
Lost an ungodly Pennsylvania brownie last year. Was indicator fishing a fast run into a large hole under a bridge. My indi took off up stream and I set the hook. My 10' 4 wt was nearly yanked from my
Fun Times with a Conservation Officer
Although I wholeheartedly disagree with the weird regulation in Pennsylvania to visibly display your fishing license while fishing, it does cut down on personal interaction in the stupidly crowded ear
On a Break From the Tying Bench
Hello everyone I'm your Uncle Shorty. I split my time between Texas & Pennsylvania. In TX I fish mostly for bream. In PA i fish for trout, panfish & crappie. I enjoy tying, although I'm a
Welcome from Pennsylvania, Blackhawk53.
Starting a sample collection? (if you can stomach it) is a resource, and for collecting supplies, has everything you would ever need.    Got to disagree Mike,  depending on your definition
Catgut Micro Nymphs
Kevin Compton of Performance Flies out of Pennsylvania (I think) carries it along with many other European products. They are presently out of a few colors and sizes of the catgut. Great company. http
A request for data -- for accounts of ....
One more observation:In mid to late summers on Montana, on the Spring Creeks, there is an ephemeral evening hatch that doesn't always happen. We call them Sulfurs, which is at times confusing because
New Construction method for nymphs
In Pennsylvania,   Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing Only Fishing may be done with artificial flies and streamers constructed of natural or synthetic materials, so long as all flies are constructed in
Hello from Romania
Welcome from Pennsylvania, U. S. A.
New member from Brasil
Welcome, Gilberto, from Pennsylvania, USA.
Grizzly Hackle the "0 Negative" of fly tying
Great thread to this point, and it's borderline comical how certain individuals are so rooted in their beliefs.  Great thing about fly tying is that you can be...   I really am a believer in
Very weird smallmouth fishing
I've seen instances in several places of -what seems to be- abnormally high numbers of dead crayfish.  USUALLY this is around the period of molting, which at least around here (Pennsylvania) is a
Going old Skool
Thanks and it'll be interesting to see what you tie.  I recently watched a video on tying the Black Ghost.  The guy is from Pennsylvania and said he uses it for trout in the fall, but he did
Fly Fishing Club
The FFF has these 3 listed for PA.  I don't know where any of them are in relation you you.   Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock - PA Location: Clifton Hgts, Pennsylvania Contact Person: Tom O'C
Willy's Red Ant
One of my very favorite ant patterns is the McMurray Ant originated by Ed Sutryn and named for McMurrray, Pennsylvania. I remember an 18" brown trout that was feeding along the bank of the Madison Riv
Hello from the Black Forest / Germany
Hi Volker. Welcome from Pennsylvania. Make sure you post a lot of pictures.
brown trout bucktail
In Joseph Bates' book "Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing" he gives the dressing of the Little Brown Trout fly as tied by the originator, Sam Slaymaker of Pennsylvania and does not mention RED squirrel ta
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