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The Ray Bergman Collection - 106) Feted Green

Ray Bergman Collection - 187) Kate

2011 Drake Film Awards Pt. 2

The Ray Bergman Collection - 72) Cinnamon

Nymphing with Switch and Spey Rods- by Dave Henry

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Christened the UL rod Steve built.
First fish is a very small Pollock. First of the year. Second is a Coalie. Same family as pollock and very common up here. This was around 1lb and rod coped well. I will keep trying to hook a 4lb Poll
Back to the land of the living
I've seen worse ... MUCH worse ... from people who think they're masters.   That garbage from Jackson Pollock gets big money from people with no taste.   Those two paintings are pretty good.
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Great pix, John. Those pollock are extremely tasty - kinda like haddock or cod. A friend of mine who lives up in Jonesport used to catch some pretty nice ones right off the docks.
Fishing for Perch
Yes Dave, I love crappie thru the ice for eating but not as much in the summer then I like hornpout. ,  I head to the salt for fish and crabs. Miss the days of the smelt runs, white perch and sal
August Flies From the Vise
Have liked your run of flies this month Eide. Still hoping to see some gleaming silver in your net too. No silver so far (long story: cracked a rib 1 week before I went salmon fishing.... not opti
From the Saltwater Bench
Managed an hour before high tide to do a little light rock fishing using jigs I tied. Juvenile cod and Pollock the result. 20fish over the hour wasn't bad.[attachment=58359:WP_20160827_001.jpg] [atta
Your favorite synthetic for making baitfish.
Philly:Thanks for the advice.Piker20:I haven't caught any seatrout on baitfish flies yet since it's a new thing for me to fish with, but cod will absolutely eat it with no fear at all :-)Wow - you guy
Big flys with small hooks
From my experience, pike will hit the head of a bait. So do cod, perch, Pollock to name a few. I still prefer a bait shorter than those pictured as I find them a pain to cast and don't take fish any b
My Prawn Pattern
Lol...thanks Guys....I actually reside in the uk, Hoping to catch a Bass or two with it? You'll be fighting off seatrout, Pollock or mullet depending on your area.
Swiss Straw
I have found if you choose a paler colour, the flesh pinky one, the bluey one and others, when wound over a thread body they go translucent in the water and make a really flesh like look. [attachment=
How many species have you landed on the fly
Wow! Now there’s food for thought.   Fresh water:   Brown trout. Brook trout Rainbow trout Cutthroat trout Bull trout Steelhead Landlocked Atlantic salmon Largemouth bass Smallmouth ba
What do you do with your Congo Hair/EP?
Some I fish with EP, Slinky, Craft and other synthetics [attachment=40759:Blue (900x383).jpg] [attachment=40760:Juvenile pollock #8.JPG] [attachment=40761:mini fry #8 (1000x447).jpg] [attachment=40762
Pan fish tickler.
Pics of the waters is easy, pics of the fish is the challenge, especially if my normal luck holds out Salt water mostly like this [attachment=40164:Berridale 034 (900x598).jpg] [attachment=40165:Berr
Some flies for fish
[attachment=40124:Pollock bite (900x511).jpg] [attachment=40125:Pollock Bites (900x409).jpg] [attachment=40126:Pollock nibble (900x444).jpg] [attachment=40127:Pollock nibbles (900x429).jpg] [attachmen
FTF Fly Pattern - Piker20 - Little Bleeder
I'm glad you guys all like it. Means a lot. Now I just need to fish hard this spring for something a bit larger than this [attachment=38142:Pollock #14 .JPG]   The breeding stock should be closer
Camera Recommendation
[quote name='Kirk Dietrich' timestamp='1352642684' post='521324'] [quote name='Piker20' timestamp='1352625554' post='521307'] [quote name='Kirk Diet
Little Pups
All great. The orange bodied one bottom right very much like a fly I tie to imitate juvenile Pollock in the local estuary. Seatrout love it.
Hi Tie method
[quote name='bad fish rising' timestamp='1344347717' post='512188'] aggressive fish dont care about hooks heavy leaders or bad casts [/quote] ^ well thats ok then Thanks f
making the most of a bad situation
Well I had a quick 2 hours to waste after water brought the lounge ceiling down! and I dumped the loved ones off at sister in law. Thought I would hit my favourite beach spot as High tide should b
July Flies From the Bench
Prompted by some tiddler catching. [attachment=35819:Juvenile pollock #8.JPG] top view [attachment=35820:Pollock top view.JPG] [attachment=35821:mini fry #8 (1000x447).jpg] All on a short shank
Topwater Deer Hair Swap
Glad they got there. I'm using some today for wrasse and pollock in the salt.
Issue with CRABS
Next step then, should I look at some crab patterns to take the fish. It is sea trout, some bass and pollock mostly in the stretch I fish and last night was the first time I had seen fish rising just
Colors to Dye For
[quote name='EricF' timestamp='1339192167' post='507580'] There was even a book from Mass TU that gave some recipes for the proper shade of olive for going after sea-run browns
Dogs for Smallies
I bought a nice Iwata a couple of years ago to do some plug kits I bought, but I still haven't used it except to make sure it works. I thought about selling it, but my wife thinks I could make som
Striper Decline
Kudos to Nightheron for operating his business on a sustainable basis. Wish there were more out there like him. I agree that a moratorium is a necessary, but the only way it will work this time arou
Fish Pictures
They're not trout though Eide?? They look more like coalies or Pollock? Do you fish a full sinking line or a head?
Rating Fly Database Patterns
i would say no to ratings. are you rating the fly or really the tyer?? obviously the newbie tyer is gonna get the lowest rating and that may discourage them from submitting more could wor
yup...more ice pics
LOL Will, you have an excellent eye and I can see you've done a lot of homework. You got three out of four right off the bat. I'm not familiar with Aaron Siskind, (I don't think) but I'
Hello from Northern Ireland
Hello my name is Don Johnston, I am from Northern Ireland and I have just taken up Fly Fishing after retiring from the Police service after thirty years. I am about to visit friends in Burlington, To
Which realistic tyer is th best
yes a truly stupid question, in my opinion.Its all about likes and dislikesI like glengoyne 21y.o maltmy Brother in law likes Lagavulin malt.I would rather drink TCP or drain O.I follow Liverpool FC a
Black & Gold
Another great fly from another great Pollock!!!!!
new 2 tying
I dont know if their still open but just before XmassI saw that Pollock Sporting goods was going outof businness.Corner of Queen and Sherborne.Dont know if they are gone now.Try and callibefore you
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