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Older Style Bobbin Question
Youtube Classic fly tyer.  He's got a lot of good info, all the Thompson vises.  He's a collector.  He had a series on Regal, but took it down.  Regal is very copyright conscious,
July Flies From the Vise
Secret pool #1 (variant: brown instead of claret hackle) From Bergman's Trout In a word Regal!
Any updates on HMH TRN?
I have purchased two TRV's.   Since my last post on the "New" TRV and I have had many hours sitting behind it tying many different type and sizes of flies. I just finished a box full of size 22 m
   Ak, congratulations on a fine purchase.       Thank you Tony.   I plan and hope to have many hours and years sitting behind the HMH TRV as I did with my R
Best Regal knock-off vise ?
The best Regal knock-off is probably the Stonfo Kaiman. But it costs more than a Regal.   I agree with Flytire, take your Regal.
Atlanta fly tying show
Went there today.  It was north of Atlanta, but close enough.  It was a good show, crowded which is encouraging.  A LOT of boats, a lot of tiers, kinda slow on components.  Althoug
February Flies from the Vise
Thanks Tom, It is a Regal. I keep it in the horizontal position so that the hook shank is always parallel to the desk. It helps when applying UV resins and such.
HMH TRV Edison NJ Show
I started with an LL Bean fly tying kit vise, moved up to a HMH vise (last decade or so used for #20 and small flies), and the last decade plus a Regal vise on my tying desk.   Yesterday at the N
HEY KIMO! It's here, It's here!
It's here, It's here!!! Original maybe early 90s Renzetti Presentation 4000. Pre cam lever, no ball bearings in back half of jaw. It has definitely been exposed to saltwater air - the brass would give
Dyna-King vs. Renzetti: Flagship vise comparison
I just wanted to put my two cents in:   My first vise was a china cam c-clamp in a Regal kit, I later purchases a Renzetti Traveler C-Clamp that is great if you have a place to clamp it. Last yea
Stonfo Dubbing Brush Machine
I use one and yes, you can use it for making larger dubbing brushes.  It's not a bad setup and does the job.  What's nice is the tray drops out so you can spin the material freely.  It'
Rotary functionality - Regal Revolution vs Renzetti
In use the rotor feature often. Renzeti standard jaws holds many hook sizes. More then regal. It has also been noted regal can break hooks or jaws easy as compared but to do a true rotator I would fav
Regal Vice ?
For those of you who use a Regal Medallion, what head is preferred? Mostly would be tying trout flies. The standard says 1/0-22, the Midge head says 6-32. Both listed as same price.
Regal Vice
Looking for a Regal vise if someone has one they are trying to sell, I may be interested. Found one :)
Newbie from TN
New to fly fishing and fly tying. I think I would like to learn to tie flies. Have watched lots of You tube videos and have a couple books on the subject. So much to learn but have really enjoyed this
HMH TVR tying vise.....
Hi Everyone, Yes, Jon the owner of HMH said they will be at the Edison show and they will have the TRV there. I’ll give you a little background on myself since I don’t post a ton but check
Howdy from TX
Welcome to the forum. How are those Regal jaws on the 24s?
Regal Revolution question
per the photos on the regal website it doesnt appear to come with a bobbin cradle   someone at regal will give you an accurate answer
Regal Revolution Vise with Big Game Jaws
I'm selling my Regal Revolution with Big Game Jaws and pocket base and c-clamp. It is in excellent shape, just some wear from tying on it, mainly on top emblem. I've put a little over 2000 flies throu
Show your bench
Mine is mobile. Serves me on the water job site or when at home. Backpack stuffed to the max that sometimes I think new materials won't fit in lol. Was gonna get another vise a regal but now I have ju
Regal Brass Bobbin Cradle Question...
Ok folks I hate to even ask a stupid question but for those of you that tie on a Regal Revolution vise like myself can someone please tell me what exactly is the purpose of the extra brass fitting tha
And you thought the LAW vise was expensive.
It's been on there for months now. Someone on a UK tying forum wrote about it late last winter/early spring, and posted the link in their reply to another thread. Apparently, no one's interested enoug
Hardy Palakoma 7'2" 5wt Bamboo Rod
There is no name per se that I can see.     Aside from specs markers, there is a script that reads either "Regd Trade Mark" or less likely "Regal Trade Mark".  The hand tag also is devo
Going to spend 500.00 on a pole. Orvis or llbean brand. Opinions pls
Sry. I was in a mood. Bad day with work short fused. I honestly don't know of any fly rods for 40.00. Mid grade I see is 425.00 low end 125.00 and Wal-Mart sells by order around low end eagle claw. Co
Finished tying tool collection
Yes.. this is an obsession, addiction lol. Hello my name is David , I'm addicted to buying fly tying materials and tools lol Love my regal vice, my Rite bobbins 7-8 ? I tend to use Dr Slick tools , a
Let's see your fly tying travel kits!
regal travel vice, and an oversized plastic bag from hareline with whatever materials I need to tie on my lunch break for the day just thrown in the bag. LOL
Moving from beginner's vise to a rotary vise
I like the regal line for ease of use and speed. I had the stainless and tied thousands of flies with it. I jumped up to the revolution this year and absolutely love it. I got into tying big musky fli
Regal Tube Fly Adapter
I'm sure Regal could tell you when stock is expected.   FWIW, the Regal tube fly attachment is made by Jay Smit (Jvice).  You can find it shown here on the Jvice accessories page.  The
Best Buys for Vises
I got a knock off of a regal and it has done the job for me for only like $30 or something. I need to get a regal at some point, but right now I have other things I'd rather spend the money on
Musky fly and Regal Revolution
Big Regal fan.  I don't  have the Revolution, but have seen great reviews of it.  Congrats on a great vise.  I tie no larger than 8, and my Regal holds them great!  Down to 20
Help identify cool old Thompson vise?
The Regal that I have was originally a clamp model, and was converted to pedestal using a Griffin base. Not aesthetically the best looking setup, but works quite well. At the time, the Griffin base wa
Regal- Stainless Steel Jaws
What is the advantage of the stainless steel jaws versus the traditional jaws on a regal? 
Fly Tying/Fishing show in Lancaster, PA
I was able to use the Regal tool bar today. I like it a lot. I was a little concerned through because it seemed like it wouldn't fit on the stem of my vice! it was super tight, but I was able to twist
Like Father Like son, (teaching my boy to tie flies)
Well I have been teaching my boy to tie for a little while now. He is four. Since last year and up until about 2 weeks ago I have always held his hand while he is holding the tools and such. I picked
Regal Vise Base
Bronze pocket base.  My personal favorite.  Check Regal's site.
Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money Reviews 2017
I have a regal stainless that I tie on and bought my 4 year old boy the travler.   He would tell you that his vice is the best out there and way better than his Daddy's. Maybe once I get some cha
Danica Vise
Our club got a discount from Griffin on their 2A vises. Best beginners vise there is. How good? I own Regal and Renzetti and still tie half my flies on a 2A.
Law Vise
Pretty much agree with all this. Had a LAW for years till I got a stupid offer that I couldn't turn down. Great vise. Still use a Regal. Stainless and Midge heads. Another great vise. Also use a Ren
Fly tying buyer's remorse
Its not really a regret. But my vise. I cant seem spending hundreds on a hook holder. I bought a nice rotary, And totally happy with it. I have to stop looking at them I guess. I keep lookin
Regal Revolution Vise...How many tie on them???
Here's a little reading from a guy who's not in love with the Regal. I don't think I'd like it BUT haven't tied on one yet so reserve final opinion.
Vise upgrade
I never could get around the awkward rotation feature of the Regal ( thinking Medallion). Regal stuck the handle right in the way, I have better access to rotation on my India made vise I've been usin
Regal Medallion Traditional Vise
1. they all rotate   2. stems are 6 & 9 inches long per an email from regal   check out the regal website for more info
Storage Solutions
Yea I'm ordering a pedestal vice this next weekend. Going with a Regal Medallion.
September flies from the vise
The notched jaws of any vise should help. My Regal will hold a hook in place.
Predator Vise
I think the arms and attachmets are cool. Mainly the cell phone one. But I cant see that many benefits of this. I tie on a regal revolution now, and it truly is my dream vise. I doubt I will ever by a
Vise advice needed
I'm not sure what price range you are looking at however the Dyna King Kingfisher goes for around $175.00 and can hold a 7/0 hook and maybe one of the Regal vises too (not sure). 
smart lamp d20
I am trying to find info on that blue body rotary. I have been using Regal since about 1995. Yeah, i love them. Maybe this instead of a J??? Who am i kidding, i can't afford either.   info is
How It's Made
Maybe, But going to another vice till i could afford to replace the Regal stopped the breaks...And i did buy another Regal.   Each of the 3 ties i was testing that day called for different hooks
How It's Made: Regal Fly Tying Vise
The website now makes no mention of a groove on the std jaws (and the photo doesn't depict one), so that makes sense. Regal may have gotten wind of Joel's opinion on jaws that rely on grooves for hoo
Is Regal considered a good company? I know they're expensive, but they seem more simplistic, which is kind of what I prefer. And since we are on the subject,  you hear tales that some f
Tying in the car
I used to tie a lot of flies in the car when I was a novice. My dad always said if he had to stop real fast the scissors were not going to be pretty!I used a regal vise with a pedestal
Hatches Blog Post - Regal Fly Tying Vise Review – Regal Revolution
Regal Vises have been around for along time. If you polled fly tiers on all the vises they have used, Regal would probably hold a top spot. They are dependable, timeless, and made in the USA. Check ou
Help with Vise Selection.
MINE! It's a Regal! :) No such thing as consensus on this. Read old threads and you will see...
Black crab/shrimp fly with underwater footage.
A danville was my first rotary vise and it worked great. I still use it a lot though now for saltwater jigs up to 1 oz and the jaws hold well. I also have an HMH Spartan, Regal Medallion, and a Peak.
Free Stuff
I will look into that and I am a regular visitor to Florida Sportsman, it's just that I like to know what the people have to say as well. Have almost 20 years of Florida Sportsman magazines, which
Newbie Question on which vise..................Help
If you can, test drive any vise you're considering before you buy; one man's meat and all that. I started tying on a Thompson Model A and was very happy with it, moved up to a Regal and really liked
Debarb Pliers- Can anyone recommend a brand?
Someone cared or they wouldn't have asked for recommendations.   I've used hemostats but they have to be heavy to apply enough pressure,  In my experience.   I have a pair of NN pliers
Anyone know anything about Hooks USA or VMC hooks?
Back when I was mostly spin fishing, the VMCs on my Rapalas did a fine job.   That half-reverse is to improve hookups but can be a pain at the vise, especially for patterns where you're reorienti
Vise Building
If you're considering farming out the jaws, I'd suggest a compromise: you work out the jaws, but engineer them to accommodate some sort of liner/insert at the hook holding location.   In this cas
have been pretty buzy
Have been pretty bust at the vise. Loving these new Lively Legz. have noticed an increase in hook ups with them too. I am also really pumped about my new base for my Regal. Sometimes you have to splur
Pedestal Base or C-Clamp....That is the question
If you're leaning toward a pedestal vise, look at the Peak pedestal.  It's heavier than most and has a wider footprint.  I've got one for my Regal.
Differences between Renzetti Traveler 2000 and Traveler 2200???
The Traveler 2000 is a great general vise for trout flies, and some saltwater, but personally for large saltwater hooks, I like a vise with a bit more heft, like the Regal or a Dyna-King.  While
rotary vise under $200 ? suggestions...
I have a regal c-clamp model and just purchased a peak pedestal mount vice this winter. I like them both. The peak wound up being $225 ($150 base price) after all of the add one I bought for it. Th
Regal vises
Regal Vises are the best, clamp and go. The issue of spitting out hooks is totally operator error. I have tied hundreds of thousands of flies on a Regal vise and not once have I ever had a h
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