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Newbie Question on which vise..................Help
I've used a Renzetti Traveler for about 6 years, and love it.  Started with a borrowed one, then bought my own.  I tie everything from #22 to 2/0; I've even tied Bob's Bangers in 5/0, but ad
Renzetti Traveler knob to cam conversion cheap alternative.
Why not send it back to Renzetti and see if they can help you? I had great service from them in the past and it saved me a lot of aggravation. Now I've been using my Renzetti Presentation fo
Cabelas run this weekend
I started out buying the tools piece by piece. I was advised the kit had alot of stuff i may never use. My plan also was to only buy the materials i needed to tie only what i wanted. Boy im telling
Differences between Renzetti Traveler 2000 and Traveler 2200???
The Traveler 2000 is a great general vise for trout flies, and some saltwater, but personally for large saltwater hooks, I like a vise with a bit more heft, like the Regal or a Dyna-King.  While
rotary vise under $200 ? suggestions...
RENZETTI traveler.
Regal vises
Well I understand many have never experienced the jaw chipping,,, Regal must have redesigned the jaws or backed off on the spring pressure.   Many of us tried the Regal and gave up,,, the jaw chi
Can anyone identify this vise and tell me anything about it?
My 1st rotary vise looked just like that one. It was a made in India knock off. I bought it at Jann's NetCraft in Maumee, Ohio about 20 years ago.     Agree. looks like a knockoff off a
Vise extension
no big box hardware store nearby?   have you tried the vise manufacturer for different stems?   renzetti has them maybe others have them too
WTB Traveler Cam Jaws
Vise for an almost newbie
Renzetti and regal make good vises is what i ment
Upgrading vise... recommendations?
i'd buy any one of these   http://www.
If you could design and make a vise / vice what would it look like?
I've gone through several vises in last few years and have come full ciricle back to the HMH Standard with the straight arm and jaw. The thing I would do if designing my own vise is take this basic de
Fly boxes and vises
When I'm finished with a fly I put it on a fly patch.  It doesn't go back in the box till I get home.   As far as the vise.  When we had a local fly shop they sold Renzetti and Dyna Kin
New vise question
renzetti traveler     $170 and use the rest of your budget for materials   however go to your local fly shop and sit down with their demo vises and tie some flies. vises have different
Best bobbin?
Tiemco is my favourite, but I also use Rite bobbins and Renzetti ruby tip.  All are very good but I prefer bobbins with the ceramic tube or insert. Last a lot longer .
Tom's Vise
Looking at that vice and seeing both the skill and time and equipment that went into making it makes me wonder how the likes of Dyna-King, Regal, Renzetti etc. can make their vices for so little. I kn
The Regal Fly Tying Vise Through The Years
That's pretty darn cool. I went with the renzetti crowd but I recall at the fly shows in th 80's and 90's the large number of legendary tyers using the regals including production guys that had to pa
Best Vice For $120
renzetti traveler. 'nuf said flytire I suggested a Traveler a ways back in the thread, he seemed non responsive !   OP: Here is a link to a complete Traveler 2000 cam Orvis edition ( supplied
New to the Forum...Looking for a vice
I'm also new to this forum. I have used a Renzetti traveler and recently moved to a HMH Standard both are rotary vises. You really can't go wrong with the traveler. Stockyard Fly Fishing has a sale
Vise question
Greetings Everyone! I started tying this past June, after I retired from our public school system here in Bozeman.   I am struggling with the small size of just about everything in this new wor
A little help on this old piece of Herters equipment.
Thanks for the reply.  I think I'll just stick with my Renzetti.  
Fly Tying Kits
I came to this forum to ask just this question, thinking "I bet this question gets asked ALL THE TIME."  Glad I saw this thread before I started a new one.   Perhaps this has also been asked
A small review of the Griffin Montana Mongoose.
[snip] Now, the reason I settled on the Mongoose was pretty much soley because of the completely adjustable material clip.  Tying large articulated flies on my other true rotary vises (Danvise,
Thompson Model A Vise
I'm with Mike, what's your point?    I started on an even older Thompson that was as solid as a brick, and still works as well as it ever did.  But, today, I use a Renzetti 4000, and I'
Need Advice on a new vise
After reading through all of this and taking into account my price range, it seems like my best bet for me would be the griffin spider or the anvil apex.  Seems as though the Renzetti Traveller w
Best kit for a beginner
hairwing   that a damn nice deal for a renzetti traveler and all those materials regardless if all the materials are needed or not   flyfly   read this
Need parts for Renzetti 4000 presentation vice
bring the vise and a picture with you to your local hardware store and get replacements   no need for renzetti specific fasteners unless you want them. you need to call renzetti for that
WTB: Ausable Speed Crank
Hi PadreBR,    They still have them for sale at their site.   Regards,     
New tying vise - Love it!
I had a Griffin Patriot and it was a great vise.  Wish I could find another one.  I foolishly got rid of mine for a Renzetti Traveler, which is  a great vise in itself.
New intro, this stuff is crazy!
Welcome to fly tying!. Relax, you will never have enough room for your materials!. I have 5 Walmart storage containers with 3 drawers each and a 9 drawer dresser. I have run out of room and looking fo
dubbing brush wire?
tire,   You're still not getting the point. When did I ever say that you (Flytire) said anything about a dubbing brush machine? Reread my post. The stock photo you show of the Nor-Vise shows a du
Lubricating vises
Never cleaned or lubed my renzetti since the 80s
Lubricating vises
I clean my Renzetti Traveler every 8 years +/- a year. It works for me better IMHO naked, that is - grease/graphite and everything I've tried before - cleaned out. Just plain, clean it up with solvent
New Vise Recommendations
I own one of the best size 10 to 16 trout fly vises ever produced, the original renzetti presentation which they now call the 3000. I doubt it is popular by today's standards since most demand a vis
Dyna KIng Barracuda..excuse my ignorance?
Ive been using a renzetti apprentice for a few years, my father in law just gave me a dyna king barracuda to use, my question is, is this thing supposed to spin on the vertical shaft all the time? I c
Mayflies are up for May's flies
Hey Bream/Vic, I use a Renzetti Traveler, and although I do love it, I echo Vic's comments about the neck getting in the way. Honestly it didn't start to bother me until I'd used it about 8 years. I'l
Sale on this vise
renzetti traveler   enough said :)
I'm Loving it
Have fished all my life, but only started fly fishing last year, earlier this year my local fly shop started a tying group and Iwent along for a look see to and got sucked in big time. I found it fasc
Patterns & Vices
A size 16 Pheasant tail will catch a lot of fish, as will a Hare's Ear.  And they'e fairly easy to tie.   Before I'd shell out $600 for a Nor Vise, I'd read the reviews.  I almost bough
April Flies from the Vice
Bruce - thanks yes I tie mostly on a renzetti master so there is no excuse. It seems when tying M. George style, small amounts of hair on a bare hook using flymaster + thread, the issue is not
3D printing a Law Vice
I must admit I'm very tempted but the CAE Engining vice.  Whilst it might be a copy of the  LAW it does have a couple of advantages. First of all its not that expensive, next it has a a
Great Expo
Mike, Orlando has a club which I believe might be close to you and Renzeti puts on a fair every year or two that draws big names (the past has seen Lefty, Pallot, Clouser, Popovics, Curcione, and many
A Peak Vise Improvement
What really sucks is if you just start selling them on your own, a company with bucks and lawyers does patent it and runs you off the plantation.    I like the idea. I just put my Peak, Renz
Quality Starter Vise
For $250 I would go with the Renzetti SALTWATER Traveler.  It will hold the hooks you said you tie on most of time and will go up to a 7/0 and down to #16.  It is a rotary and the build qual
Stupid "rotary" vise question...
Rotary vises were available in the 1980s. I think Renzetti invented the rotary vise before 1980.   There a vises the turn the fly upside down but a rotary vise rotates the fly along the hook axis
Danvise.... very frustrated with jaws
Wow, that is terrible.   I've tied on the same Renzetti for 30 years. I had the knurled plastic top of a screw break. Renzetti replaced for free with the replacement that was all metal.   If
Vice stem sizes, Can I ask a favour.
Renzetti is 3/8 , my other one (a cheapy) is also 3/8.
best vise to buy
Renzetti is probably the most popular rotary vise.  The Traveler series starts at $165.   Here is the link:
Does anyone know about the Stonfo Kaiman vise?
So I can add the Renzetti Traveler to my list of vises that i'm looking at now, any opinions on this? I can get it for cheaper than the Peak where I am.
Rotary for a left hander
Portlyjoe is right in that it really doesn't matter -or at least not to him and not to me..  For the Renzetti anyway there is a left and a right-hand version.  The difference being whether o
Profile plates.
Why do I use one? See what SILKHDH said. I have the square type (Renzetti?) and I cut squares the same size of different color thin foam and clip them to the plate with bulldog clips. I change from th
Dyna King Trekker. Hook slipping.
i have never clamped a hook in my renzetti traveler using 2 hands to close the jaws on the hook for fear of either breaking the tips of the jaws or crushing the hook that it breaks holding a fish 
I was wondering if anyone has a used peak, Montana mongoose, or a Renzetti that they would like to sell. I am looking at upgrading my current vice. Thanks so much.
POLL: How did you find the forum?
I had been looking for reviews and thoughts on the Jvice and found the wealth of information on this forum very helpful and even tempered. I have the original version of the Renzetti Traveler (1987 or
Renzetti Parts
If you don't have a dealer handy you can order from Renzetti at   You'll have to register - they ask you to at the checkout.   You'll like the
January flies from the vise
I use the dyna-king for larger flies ,And the swiss-master for size 10 and up . I really like the jaws . and  renzetti master vise. But the swiss-master is my go to vise now. most of the fli
Can jaws vs screw jaws
Been looking at upgrading my old Griffin vise for a newer rotating vise. Have narrowed my search down to the Griffin Blackfoot and a Renzetti Travler. I like the Blackfoot as the screw jaws are very
Hello from New Hampshire (US)
​Hello, I just wanted to take a minute to say hello since I'm new here.  When I was 10 my Nana (grandma) bought me a 6 weight rod and LL Bean fly tying kit...somehow I managed to crank out
Dyna King Trekker vs Renzetti traveler 2200.
You can mix bases with the Renzetti too (i.e. clamp v. pedestal), so I would not let that be your sole criteria.  The Renzetti is going to be closer to your Danvise in terms of operation (e.g. le
Rotary vise tips and tricks
the novelty of rotary fly tying has worn off and its just as easy not using it vs using it   i drank the roatary vise koolaid in the 80's and bought the renzetti traveler (it was the next best th
Renzetti Presentation 3000 Vise
Renzetti makes a great vise.  I tied on a 2000 for about a decade and pretty much wore it out.  I prefer the cam jaw of the 2000 to that of the 3000.  I also like the adjustability of t
free to a good home
i am looking for a beginner tyer that could use a vise upgrade   MUST BE A BEGINNER FLY TYER   heres my offer   renzetti traveler in good condition that has lots of tying left on it 
J Vice
I have #80 Jay made. Best vise I've ever had, and I have had the Renzetti Master and the LAW. POSTED THE MOST RECENT PRICE LIST FROM JAY's website below. Don't forget the $93 postage charge.
renzetti spinning attachment?
Mechanically speaking, the Renzetti can not spin like a Nor-Vise.  The Renzetti is OUT-OF-BALANCE.  The weight of the jaws throws the whole thing off. You can turn the vise, but it won't fre
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