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Rhode Island

Reel for winter steelheading
Just for the record I contacted Redington about the advisability of  using the Behemoth in deep winter,  Their answer  follows:     As long as the reel isn’t dunked in w
Hello from so cal
Welcome, Back home, Indiana, its usually bluegills and smallmouth. Taking a trip in a few weeks for trout in the Driftless. This week it's saltwater in Treasure Island Florida. The red tide didn't mak
Don't Ever Take Your Fishery For Granted
That's for sure. I've been wanting to hit pine island all summer, but that's been scratched.    It's terrible seeing the pics of rotting fish covering the beaches. Hopefully it will dissipat
Killiefish/Mummichog imitations?
Bob, that's not exactly encouraging. The only turtles we've got in the estuaries here are terrapins, and if a small tiger ever figures out that the best way to become a big tiger is to eat outdoor ent
Horse flies...
"The outdoor scientists at the Gulf Coast Research Lab prefer Victoria's Secret Autumn Ambiance. Your favorite girl, maybe your friends, will give you a funny look when you return from Cat Island smel
Tampa Fl Area
It's been over a decade since I've been up that way.  Ft. Desoto has some good flats opportunities.    Honeymoon Island, south in Dunedin is a good spot for beach snook.  Also, the
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
I remember having conversations about Eastern Shore tarpon with people that constantly looked left and right to make sure no one was eavesdropping back in the mid 80's.  I had a 16' tri-hull, n
Great to hear you had a successful trip!   And, don't worry Mike, he said     I had twenty fish days in Rookery bay,and off Crystal River, Bird creek and Cedar key. The area I enjoyed
Flyfishing Croatia - Mljet: Any advice?
Will be heading to Mljet in September and I know there are some Mahi Mahi around to be fished on, but does anyone have any tips for the island or the surrounding waters?
Hi from NY
I knew it was a converted fleet tug.  It actually had a wooden hull under the metal plating.  Discovered that when we went intothe yards on Staten Island, just before I got out.   
Big Boys are Coming
Thanks guys. It feels great to be tying again - it's been a couple of years. I've been tying that pattern for 20+ years in various sizes and colors; originally for stripers in the Rhode Island surf, b
Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot
I have been fishing almost all my life, and despite the twin hurricanes of Sept. 2004, which did tremendous damage to South Hutchinson Island and some damage to the Indian River Lagoon, these "fake" g
Yearly trips
I'm planning on heading over to Pine island soon. My coworker asked me last week if I wanted to go this coming weekend.    I told him I already had plans. I'll be taking a famous fly tyer ou
I use a bunch of fluorocarbon - for leaders mostly, and in fly fishing that means mostly bite tippets (also called shock tippets by some...) - and it has a few different characteristics compared to mo
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
I didn't think "northern" new england started until you hit the Aroostook County line..... I'm not very familiar with the area, I was just going by the title of the guidebook that I bought. Come t
Legit? Heck Ya!  I can't answer to fly color specifically, but I've probably caught 80%+ of my snook on some sort of pink. Whether it is a hot pink, a stripe of pink,(ie rainbow trout), or chartr
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
Capt Bob, those types of spools are my favorite way of storing pre-tied tippets.  The only difference is that I tie a sacrificial loop in the end of my tippet so I have loop to loop connections.&
Share your peeping caddis
[attachment=67015:sketch-1519147353111.png]I sent these to help the Kiribati team from Christmas Island in their world championships attempts in Tasmania in a couple of years! Those salty boys need al
Behold the power of coyote
Used coyote for the wings of some Christmas Island Specials and Chili Peppers.  Looks fantastic and will try them out in a couple of weeks on CXI.
Question about hens and rosters.
They have been bred over decades to get the hackle quality and length. The grizzly hackle is from barred Plymouth Rock for example.         Note the longer hackle on the Whiting G
best time of year to fish South FL
 I second swamp fly's suggestions.  I really don't have any good leads to targeting those two species on fly, as I have yet to cast a fly myself in the salt. I have caught plenty of both on
Fly Fishing on Anna Maria Island, Florida
Does anyone know of a good place to fly fish on Anna Maria Island? I'll be here for a week, so I figured I'd ask. Thanks.
Perfection Loop
I much prefer the improved Homer Rhode loop knot and use it daily, multiple times, on almost every rig on my skiff (whether fly or conventional). for bite tippets ranging from 20lb up to 100lb....
Stocker trout
Eastern brook trout are char not trout, easy caught and almost extirpated by the stocking programs, although in many places the destruction of water quality did get them first, they don't grow as fast
Are shrimp eyes a necessity
So, I plan on tying a few shrimp patterns for my next trip to pine island or choko.  I'm still a salt virgin with the fly rod, but I'm all about using whatever means necessary for a fly to be the
WTB used Bass Bug/ SW Type of lines 8-9 wt
Hi Mike,   I have a Rio Mainstream WF9F general purpose saltwater line that I've used twice fishing for Snook on the beaches of Sanibel Island. It has spent less than an hour of its life in
Any snake ID out there?
I used to live in South Carolina.  I encountered more Moccasins there than I have here in Florida.  I had a similar situation on the Santee River.  Moccasin came at the boat from the sh
fishing and scouting report Chokolskee - first trip after Irma
Go to this thread for the full report since I didn't do any fly-fishing this time... In short the fishing is outstanding with little evidence that the outer islands sustained much damage from hurrican
Mop Fly Variant
Gasparilla   Name taken from a mythical Spanish pirate captain.          According to Florida folklore, Gasparilla Island gets its name from the legendary pirate captain
Stay Safe
Capt Bob - glad you are okay. Hope Flats, Islander and others have similar reports as well. Keep us posted on status of Everglades NP. My wife and I are coming down to Singer Island the first week of
Line question - Florida Gulf Coast snook in Augist
Heading down to Ft. Myers in mid - August to fish snook from the beach on Sanibel; also doing one day at Matlacha/Pine Island Sound in kayaks. I'm wondering if a fly line made for tropical climates mi
Hi From Lake Eucumbene Australia
Hi Mate. I am on the other side of the Island some 3000 odd klms from your area that you visited.   Fly fishing is a little quiet at the moment due to fish spawning and strong winds( 40-70klms) &
Beaverkill/willowwemoc /West Branch
I fished there back in mid 80's, loved the area. My wife and I stayed at the Roscoe motel or camped at the state park. I was in the army stationed on Long Island. The times I was able to get a few
Looking for pelican quill
Pelican quill is not illegal to sell in the USA. As Davis 82nd stated in his original post, Competitive Angler (PA, USA) does carry it but they are out of stock on most colors.  http://competitiv
Sanibel Island
Planning a trip to Sanibel Island soon.  Has anyone fly fished the area?  Mainly wade fishing.  Anyone recommend what part of the Island is good wading.  Will be staying about a we
Salty but not fly related
VanStaal is the only answer. It is the sealed-reel of choice for the boys with the wetsuits who swim off of Montauk Point in Long Island, to get to rocks where the stripers hang out, and could otherwi
Fishing Saint Vincent and Gernadines..???
Mike, I am writing this only to give opinions on what I THINK you'll find out there.  I've never been to that Island.  I've been to several others in the Caribbean and to Crete in the Medite
Feather Emporium ??????
    Why red hackle?, you ask.  I'll explain. On page 69 of Vince Marinaro's "In The Ring Of The Rise", he describes a dry fly pattern he calls the "old Red Quill" dry fly.  It ha
Hooks for salt water
Piker, these were tied with albacore in mind, but I'm sure they'd work on other species. They're tied on Mustad circle streamer hooks, which I like a lot. When the hardcore Rhode Island tuna guys star
Day at the beach. South Fl.
Oh, you guys are no fun.  Just kidding, that is great advice!   I don't really plan on much fishing. I am still bringing the 8wt. though. A few of my first ever errant casts into the salt wi
Eastern Shore Skies.
I've thought about strolling the beach down there too. I used to do it when we lived in Portsmouth. I've never seen albacore there, but I've never done it in season. Getting tuna from shore isn't the
Need a Laugh?
Few years back I had started a sales job in Rhode Island.  Came in one morning (April 1st) and was handed a lead from a customer I had spoken with a few days prior.  Just imagine how funny I
Carp on a fly is a blast. You fish them like bonefish.   There are several guide services here in Indiana that specialize in carp. Yes you read that right, guides for carp. The flies they have de
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Mike, I'm actually south of 528 in Merritt Island and these areas are both north and south of me with the most accessible areas being just north of the Bee Line. Monday they were hitting crazy at my f
Standing Tying Desk
Thanks for the replies. Stability is definitely one of the main concerns because of the shape and the swiveling wheels that will go underneath. May have to build a bigger platform with a cut out in th
Bulk fly storage
This is what I use. Bought at Trouthunter fly shop in Island Park, Idaho
That's a "3 Mile Island" bug, if ever there was one.  The abdomen looks like jungle cock nails without the whites ... a lot of them!
Water clarity report for everglades?
That reminds me - the animals in the jungle have learned the lesson about things in the waters there...  You'll never see a small animal like a raccoon, fox,  or bobcat make the slightest so
Is it just me?
In the past 28 years, I've lived in Rhode Island, Idaho, Maine, (twice) Virginia, (twice) Connecticut, (twice) Maryland, and New York. If I'd only had a week or two to fish in any of those places, it'
Rhode Island Red Cape.
Rhode Island Red is the original Royal Coachman color.  A good quality RIR cape is dry fly quality and will tie size 10, 12 and 14 flies.  Compared to modern generic hackles, it is large and
Squirmy Worms
Originally, the tentacles came from cheap knock-offs of a Koosh Ball.  There are tons of kids toys that have them.  The are usually aimed at toddlers, and often cost $1 to $2.  Some are
Fly Knots
I fish a lot, and have for a longtime.  Almost exclusively I use a Homer Rhode non-slip knot with one more loop.  I call it the Homer Rhode and a Half. It increases the strength of the knot
Henry's Fork?
[snip] We sposed to have 2 mi of stream kinda between Ashton and Chester...single cabin at a ranch. Obvious all new and I'm researching...I'm excited about the dry opportunities!That's considerably do
BWO/March Brown Swap
Vicrider my guess at Norm's file is a striped Rhode Island Red hackle
Going to Sanibel
Hi Flats,   I don't know much about Sanibel Island but I have seen several videos by Norm Ziegler who owns a fly shop on Sanibel.  Norm seems like a down to earth guy who can probably give y
Bass rod
well dead weight, yeah we did take a couple groups of "scientists" down to some island off the coast of Haiti once. They had about a million dollars worth of brand new camping gear from Cabela's and R
Tamiami Trail...
It's been years since I have fished the trail, but back in those days I found mostly bass on the Miami side, especially as you go further west towards the L28, which has some of the best bass fishing
Favorite Wet Fly ?
Sometimes favorite is not the same as most productive.  For example, day in and day out I use a #10 seal bugger in one of a half dozen colors because they are incredibly effective.   If I ha
EP Style Minnow Streamer Fly - Underwater Footage!
I first met Enrico in the late 1970's when he visited and did demos to promote his products in the saltwater fly shops in CT. He was from Long Island, NY and began selling his EP fibers which wer
Snook under the lights
Wow, some great info on this thread. I love snook fishing and have had the fever ever since my first encounter as a young boy. Reading all this has me drooling over throwing a fly at them in dock lig
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Santa's on his way...
Dave, I'm worried about yours. I left the slips with the regular PO boss on Friday and she'll try to figure out what the deal is. I have a slip that has you address but the PO slip for where it's goin
Welcome your new mods
Geeeze Steve, how many people had to say no before you got this far down the list lmao JK. Ha ha ha ... now that's funny !!!   On the other hand ... since you had to ask, he didn't get to you.
Fluorocarbon or Monofiili?
I use a loop knot most of the time - it's an improved Homer Rhode loop knot....  Hope there's video of it somewhere since I've never been able to talk anyone through it - you just have to see it
Southern US Fly Fishing..warmwater minnow patterns..?
Forgot one fly that's our go to bug when there's lots of "rain bait" being worked (correct name would be bay anchovies, from tiny all the way up to around three inches long at maturity in the fall....
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