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Vitreus Soft Hackle by Richard Strolis

Whiting Eurohackle, fashion killed the fly tyer

Hatches Theater- Salmon, Contrast, and Permit

New England- photo essay by Bryan Crumpler

Hatches Theater- Silver lining, Blue Nights, and Steelhead Plight

The Ray Bergman Collection - 78) Concher


In line popper
If you can you might also tie up another one with a single hook (to reduce the weight in the rear instead of using a treble hook)....   Many years ago Al Pflueger came up with something for when
My flies for my first saltwater trip
Hi all, haven't posted in a long time. Just wanted to share the flies I tied for my upcoming saltwater trip to Mexico. This is going to be my first saltwater trip and I've been tying for the last few
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
It's funny, up north people call them false albacore and treat them like a game fish, down here in Florida they're called bonita (aka bonies or boneheads) and often viewed as a trash fish and a nuisa
Yep you're right. Saw them thought I might get some big sparkle ones but after painting not sure and may be too thick and heavey. I got some with the fabric paint on wax paper but they look flimsy.
Baitfish patterns
Seems to be boiling down to  "attractor" vs "matching the hatch" with bait fish patterns.   Bait fish may be dark over light but it's not an abrupt change from dark to light like you see in
Is it just me?
Mike! We all seen the video of your exotic fishing trip in Spain! Adam, this takes the cake. Agree that fishing vacations are borderline ridiculous, but to each his own. I would rather spend my hobby
Catch & Release Mount
Right there with you, Caloosa. Here in SE Florida I see very questionable sailfish, tarpon, snook and permit mounts. Not so many questionable bass though. Perhaps it has to do with the amount of wor
Solarez UV Curing Resin Review
A heads up for those who don't know, Flyfishfood did a SUPER comprehensive "UV Shootout" of a bunch of resins, and its super detailed, and they even said this as a disclaimer   Disclaimer!Before
Canal Bass Fly Rod
I'm very familiar with South Florida Canal fishing, I just hooked up the boat for tomorrow morning.  If I could only take one rod with me and my goal was to catch bass, it would be an 8wt. 
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
Joseph, as for sailfish come down to the keys in the winter, the sight of a sailfish taking your bait (or fly) is amazing. You will likely encounter a day with double digit bites, a day to remember. P
Del Ray Beach
There really isn't much inshore fishing in Del Ray, especially for waders. The ICW isn't that great down there. The best stuff is offshore, especially now with sailfish season upon us. There are some
Sept. is Streamer Month...
This month is streamer month. Any streamers would work for this whether for 'gills, brookies, or sailfish. I've done Royal Coachmen streamers in two swaps of late so I need some variety too but haven'
Massive Fly Tying Collection
All -   It has been a long time since I've been on the Forum as life has caught up with me.  I have a massive collection of fly tying materials, furniture, lights, books, and even some rods
living in florida....
I've been living in Florida since '89.  I love it down here.    The fishing can be/is good/incredible anywhere in the state but that can be said pretty much anywhere, not just Florida.&
"Let the Fish Critique Your Fly"
I only wish I had this sight when I started tying. But when I started tying a computer took up a room the size of a two car garage. I can remember the days of tying deer hair bass poppers that looked
fly fishing from shore - best destinations
Pennekamp is nice and Miami has plenty of options.  You could wade out in Biscayne Bay in many places such as Hobie Beach and get bones.  I would opt for the keys.  There are many place
The New Fly Fisher
Glad to see they have at least one or two shows that aren't about bass tournament baitcasting, or saltwater fishing for sailfish etc, with guys that are decked out like grand prix race car drivers.
Top 5 rivers you want to fish...
Mongolia Christmas Island Guyana for Arapaima Guatemala for sailfish Amazon Alaska for salmon, trout and halibut
Big flys with small hooks
I realize this doesn't have anything to do with flies or hooks, but we've been discussing the different ways that fish catch their prey.  You'll be amazed at this article about how sailfish do it
Rock bass/Goggle eye fishing
This type of confusion is normal when using colloquial names for fish.  Obviously terminology can vary from region to region and the same names are often applied to multiple species of fish, espe
Fishing With A Guide
For the sake of the guide, dont base your tip on whether you catch fish or not.  it may not be the guide's fault that the fish arent biting or that you cant set a hook worth a damn.  Base i
Longnose Gar
Years ago we caught lots of Sailfish on rope lures.  While Sailfish don't have big teeth like Gar, they have small, rasp like teeth that get hung up in the rope. I'd troll a rope on heavy spinnin
Big Game Poppers
The foam is not bad to work with and the dremal tool makes sort work of it. For the one's on the beaches I all ways pick then up and use it on the next one. I have one guide that bring the popper back
RBF: New to salt water trolling
I have built a number of rods for freshwater, lindy rigging, jigging and ice fishing.I am starting a rod for trolling for sailfish and Mahi Mahi.Any tips would be appreciated.Don't assume I know anyth
Anyone Watching this Top Hooker TV show
IMO, there seem to be more fishing shows than ever, and they're getting worse and worse. The overwhelming majority of stuff that's around now makes Jimmy Houston look like William Shakespeare. I reall
bluewater/gt reel for around $500
Idk about drag but I have the orvis Mirage and love it. Mine is for 7-9wt but I've heard plenty of good stuff about them all around whether people have used it for tarpon to sailfish.
How many species have you landed on the fly
salt tuna---bluefin, black fin shark---bonnethead, sand bar, lemon, dog fish sailfish striper weakfish bluefish trout spotted redfish sea robin stargazer cow nosed ray bonito albie kingfish flounder w
More West Aussie Salt Adventures
Over 150 flies tied in 3 boxes including a few swap flies, multiple leader set up, fly rods in the range from light 8wt's to a large 12wt all made the journey to the northern Exmouth Gulf where we all
West Australian Open 2013 trip report (Gamefish)
Jam, you ay have been setting the hook or engaging the fish too quickly after the strike.  The drop back techniques is where you open the bail with the clicker on, or just loosen the drag, and wa
Redfish Swap
Sthrncomfort- no worries man things happen, I was just worried that I missed the delivery but cant wait to see the flys Dontheo- I plan to fish each 1 of these flys next weekend down at Port O Co
RBF: New rod build
Let me put my old question a new way.I fish for sailfish, dorado, yellowfin and hook up on the occasional stripped marlin. I do this trip once a year. Dorado to 50#, sails to 90#, marlin to 120# and y
RBF: New project for me
I am looking at building rods for saltwater, sailfish, dorado and small marlin.30-50 lbConventional trollingMaybe lighter rod for spinningThanks for any tips, blanks, handles, guides tips, anything.Th
[quote name='Kirk Dietrich' timestamp='1352519894' post='521168'] Good looking squid PJ. Good choice of materials to, that ultra hair sheds water and will make that tube sock a
Greetings from Saskatchewan
Hi all! I am a veteran fly fishing guide from Northern Saskatchewan. I have been fly fishing and fly tying for over 25 years. My primary quarry is Northern Pike, and I have the good fortune to
Jungle Cock for Saltwater
[quote name='Piker20' timestamp='1350585650' post='518404'] Initially Id say youre throwing cash away using them on salt water flies as feathers dont hold up well to rough fish
Bucket Lists
Sailfish, white marlin, wahoo, dolphin. At $1400/day, I don't see it happening any time soon. My only hope is Powerball.
Large poppers for sharks?
Here's my main shark pattern. We do it in red/white and the color shown (you want it the exact same color as your brand new life preserver.... with a touch of red at the nose). It's tied up
rubber legs for rubber lips
Trust in the rubber legs. Carp vision is very poor. When you find them tailing like a redfish they usually have a cloud of muddy water around their face, reducing vision even further. The rubber legs
Post Card From Australia
sounds like a good trip! i can vouch for exmouth is a awesome fishery in the 5 days on the water i had there hooked permit(none landed) sailfish also not landed bonefish queenfish tuna golden trev
? For Saltwater tiers
I use a Danvise and have no problems with it. In addition to flies I also tie up bucktail jigs up to 1 oz on about 6/0 hooks and it holds fine. The only problem is that the tips of the jaws have fla
OK GUYS, I need all of your advice......
iso18, It really depends on what else is in the stream as far as food. I don't suspect you'll have to to get overly elaborate, but here are some ideas that work very well for me: 1) clo
What happened to the old-timers
I posted this on Talkflyfishing yesterday. Sometimes you just get burned out from all of the drama too. Hi my name is Fred and I have been on Hiatus. It was for so long I forgot my password, had an a
Need a really long-shank saltwater streamer hook
I have a few anglers that have had great success on G.T.s with just a large streamer fly (the Tarpon Snake in bright colors). If you want to go with poppers I'd try to go away from any convention
2 Garfish, a slightly woolhead redfish streamer, and a shrimp
That is a heckova Drum!That Needlefish fly should do the job for the Macks. Take it offshore a bit and I am pretty sure it would slay some Dolphin and a Sailfish or two. Nice job!
Costa Rican trip
Be interested to hear how you go, Costa Rica i have not been to yet but if its anything like El Salvador you are in for good fishing. We have a friend who runs a game fishing boat down there, he catch
Goggle Eye
Cool looking fly. The name threw me off. Down here in Florida, a goggle eye (aka big eye scad) is a premier baitfish for sailfish. When I first saw the link I thought it was something to throw in b
A New Take on Speckled Trout
Trout on a 4 wt. will be a blast and a ladyfish will be like fighting a sailfish. The only problem is that every so often on the flats a bruiser pops in to surprise you. If a tarpon or cobia shows u
Cleaning reels
I got back from Mexico the other day. After weeks and weeks of madly tying giant things and odd things to catch fish in the ocean, a humble chartreuse clouser was all I really needed to bring. I boa
QUOTE (Booger @ Apr 25 2010, 07:16 PM) Can anyone suggest a good thread or link to understand size, or weight of the fly?If I am fishing with 6 wt rod and line for smallies, how do I understa
Going to try something new...
QUOTE (saltydancindave @ Apr 21 2010, 08:49 PM) Probably a Homer Rhode Loop Knot, as it's the standard for most of the tarpon fly fishers in the harbor with #60 or #80 lb bite tippet beca
Puffhead baitfish
That's one unusual-looking fly, Nick. Reminds me of the popper-headed flies the offshore guys use for sailfish. Is that something you'd use for sea trout over there? Bass maybe?
Batson Rainshadow SW967F (pictures)
As promised, the write-up from my latest builds.During my 2.5 month exile to the mainland in dreary Michigan in the dead of winter (sigh), I managed to be productive. I built a pair of rods specifical
Need fly rod suggestions
QUOTE (Fishkill @ Jan 28 2010, 10:15 AM) QUOTE There are good deals out there. $200 is a lot of money for average people to spend on a fishing rod. I've done it more than a few times
Heavy weight for heavy weights?
Ok, Im getting the oppertunity to go do some fly fishing along the east coast of Africa, targetted species being Sailfish, GT's and Dorado, and maybe some bonefish if we are lucky. The problem is that
Returning to the art.
Would like to take a moment to introduce myself before diving into the forum. I started fly tying/fishing about 25 years ago while stationed (US Navy) in Washington state. I found it fun and very ente
More Books for Trade!
Mayflies by Ted Fauceglia[attachment=18075:Mayflies.jpg]196 page coffeetable oversized hardcover. $49.95 original retail, brand new book"Everything on Eastern and Midwestern mayfly hatches,
Best place to live?
Without a doubt the absolute #1 fishing paradise in the U.S. is South Florida (notable exception being Alaska). TarponSnookRedfishBonefishPermitBarracudaJack CrevalleDoradoSailfishMarlinTunaPeacock Ba
fish porn
If it is any consolation, I havenít seen any tarpon in the North Fork of the St. Lucie river (Stuart, Fl area) for a couple of months. They will be back in late April, early May. The guys with the big
Hatches Feedback
QUOTEI think filling valuable pages with saltwater flies that 90% of the viewers will never tie is a waste.I think bass bugs are ugly.Wrong on both counts!!!I fish for trout at Mountain Ho
Well, dafack01 is moving again! Life's funny isn't it?
Thanks all! This is the job I really wanted. Gulfstream seems to care more about the well-being of its employees than UPS does. I could go on and on about why I chose this job over UPS (not that U
Monster Fish
I was just wondering if anyone else saw the Monster Fish documentry on the National Geographic channel. If not you missed one the ballsiest fly fisherman I have ever seen. Dude goes 40 miles out int
New guy from No. Nevada
Hello to everyone, coming from Nevada. Northern Nevada that is. I'm 25, been fishing this area since I was too small to remember. My father has fished this area for 40+ years, as well as my Grandf
Fly fishing South africa
Hello to all from here in South Africa. I'm not sure if there are any other members here form SA, so here is a brief intro as to what we get up to here in South AfricaOn the freshwater side we al
Convention in Ft Lauderdale
The majority of the large fly fishing and fly tying events are held in the northern portion of the USA in the winter months. You may want to check out the Florida Sportsman web site, as they may have
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