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Brad Bohen's Swim Jimmy with Clear Cure products

Biot Emerger by Carl Pennington

Fishpond Tomahawk fly tying kit

CASTING A VOICE - Full Length Film

MCFR Announces Warrior Series Fly Rods

Tying Grubs by Fred Hannie


My flies for my first saltwater trip
Thanks Bob for the great advice! Indeed if my guide is any good and fun to be with, He will be allowed a decent pick of my flies if he so wishes! I've already bough a Montreal Canadians Hockey te
Questions about the Ketchum Release Tool and Gut Hooked Panfish
Bluegill are not shy to grab a fly. A tout line will hook them in the mouth most of the time. Are you giving them too much slack? I once made myself a release tool with a broken spoke from a bicycle w
River Road Creations wing cutters?
I  have tried the Reel Wings Sedge Small, but I really have a hard time with fat fingers getting the wing positioned, cutting the V in the tab only made things worse.  So I thought would l
May Flies From The Vise
use the brush or the dispensing tip that is usually supplied with uv resin bottles.    wipe away the resin on the brush on the inside of the bottle, take an old pair of scissors and tr
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Once again you guys are welcome. Thx for joining. It would be nice to see some pictures posted(when you get around to it)of what you do with Dragon Tail material and some finished poppers. I havent
For $150 you can get everything you need to get started and then some. My advice would be to spend most of your budget on two items: the vise and good fly tying scissors.     For t
Excessive Glue with Baitfish Skull Head
Tiny drop of glue in the centre of the hole for the eye, place eye carefully. Use edge of scissors or something to press them in for a few seconds. You really don't need much glue at all
de-barbing pliers
Just a few of the many pliers out there, some are designed to debarb a hook, and some work better at debarbing a hook.     My choice are the old green grip needle nose. Nothing has come clos
Diluting liquid fusion
from the internet   Liquid Fusion thins with water, and you can make it any consistency you like.    Crystal Clear Liquid Fusion This is a water based, clear urethane glue that function
Few more tubes
Boar will take a nice curve simply ran over your nail or back of scissors. I've never bothered steaming to set but it'll probably work. Yep, paintbrushes are a good source of feelers. Especially the
Spun Bodies
For flies that size, I use whatever is on hand. Usually Elk. Just make sure to pack it tightly and trim using a razor blade and not scissors. Also don't over trim it like me and cut the thread. You'll
Any idea when you'll be restocking scissors?  Most of them are out of stock. Also, how much larger are the loops on the large loop scissors as compared to the regular loops? TIA   go to
February Flies from the Vise
Good start, Tom.   If I'd known you were messing with deer hair,  I would have suggested you come down to OC last Saturday for the tying with deer hair class the South Jersey Coastal Fl
Fly tying scissors reviews.
I have used the Dr. Slick razor scissors for a number of years. I bought the Dr. Slick tungsten carbide scissors a year or so ago to more easily cut the 30 denier GSP thread that I like to use. In the
Topwater shrimps and Spoons
I took some 2/0 salty hooks bent shank in a curve, made teardrop shape with pen on "glitter fabric" , I call it, leaving 2 lil tabs to tie on fore and aft. Cut'em out with scissors. Then wrapped lea
Bass Pro Shops tools or good starter tool kits
Might as well throw my two cents in. I pretty much agree with what everybody said except , You dont need a whip finisher.Ive been tieing all my life, Ive never used one and I wouldnt know how to use
Making Wing Material
Making Wing Material[attachment=66646:Wings Material Combo.jpg](click to enlarge)Making top quality wing material is a fairly simple process once you have all the supplies necessary.  To start yo
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
I got a kit a long time ago, it had a Thompson A, but that was before India started making vises which is now what you get.  It had a lot of material that was useless, and a few tools that were n
HMH TVR tying vise.....
Turning my computer on it's side worked well ... the pictures look fine, MV.   Quite obvious the picture with the scissors in the background are die cast jaws ... the other is machined stock.
Finishing deer hair popper faces
Nice video. I do basically the same thing. Back when I tied bass bugs commercially I took the time to make templates to trim every bassbug exactly the same out of what I think they call acetate(plast
illinois fly show
I sat with pat c for about a half hour, very cool guy, he was sayin he used to hang around ftf years ago. picked up some scissors from him at a little discount, wanted to get the big stacker too 
What the heck are these?
Okay, let me tell you why they are so valuable at my tying table. I use them on many many flies of all types. Since I've never been as good at trimming feathers/fur/herl, etc. at the front of the fly
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
I would just move on to Uni Trico. Hands down my favorite thread for any thing small. It is surprisingly strong, 17/0, flattens, splits easily & wont dull your scissors. Only comes in white but th
Mallard wings
yup clip the slips with scissors   why are they folded? they shouldnt be   show us a photo of what youre wing looks like for a better understanding of the problem   see post #10  
Sharpening scissors
If you can disassemble the scissors, do so before sharpening.   If you can't separate the blades, place tape over the blade you aren't sharpening.  This prevents "errant" strokes from nickin
About the evolution of YOUR fly tying.
Mike, if the brass tool you had for packing hair was a "Brassie" (as popularized by Chris Helm), I can tell you from experience that the Fugly is an exponentially better tool and was well worth the mo
Tools of the trade !
Welcome Anthony! First off the tools needed are few and they are inexpensive if you want them to be. The tools do not get stressed and outside of the vise, swiss watch precision and engineering brings
Mop Fly Variant
Noahguide thanks. You guessed it one color MoP, and colored with dark brown markers. Wow, now that's the smallest MoP I have yet to see! Hmm...I didn't think to dubb with it... good idea. MoP material
And so it begins
hooks can be a hazard if your barefoot  be careful of scissors falling off the table too. dont ask me how i found that out     richmc
Home made tool pouch
3 scissors 2 whip finishers 3 in 1 dubbing loop tool with both attachments Bodkin 2 hackle pliers with room for more but important was scissor protection. All 3 has separate storage
Clouser Pattern Bluegill
$.02 Here's a couple outa EP fibers. If you take the plunge. Doesn't take much and tie it in the middle fold back move ahead with next amount. Trim with scissors and I cheat on colors with sharpies
Finished tying tool collection
Tom, the thinning scissors are for thinning down bait fish patterns.  Very little other uses for them.  I got mine half price at Sally's Beauty supply.  My Thompson ICE scissors, have l
Green Caddis Scissors
Will out of stock scissors be available again? I am interested in the 4.5 HAIR SCISSORS - CURVED BLADE
Let's see your fly tying travel kits!
I am seriously "in to" this sort of thing.  I like to recreate things from yesteryear...and, equip them with materials from yesteryear also. Chawick's 477 yarn (the real thing), Pearsall's Orange
Your favorite fly tying tip?
  broken appliance cords are an excellent source for copper wire     leave space behind the eye for final material tie down and head    
Brand new to everything fly related.......
Cabela's has good stuff, depending.  So does Bass Pro.  Just don't buy a fly tying kit from anyone.  A good vise, a good bobbin, good scissors, shouldn't set you back too much.   A
Purchasing tungston beads
I've also had good experience with the Fly Fishing Store.  On one of my orders they made a mistake.  Not only did they correct the mistake, the sent me a pair of scissors as part of their ap
The labelmaker doubletake...
I like the new label makers ... but they waste about an inch of tape before and after the printed part.  Doesn't seem like much, but it adds up to about half a tape roll wasted. When you're ready
I Envy This Guy
Anvil has sold thinning scissors for fly tying for many years.   Model 90-T and 55-T   Very useful for synthetics.   Regards, FK
Blue dun fly question
That wing isn't any kind of flank feather. Those are from the primary flight feathers on the wings. To tie them you need a matched pair of wings, from which you take the same feather from each wing. T
palming your scissors?
I've been tying with my scissors in my hand for years now, but you need scissors that feel comfortable. I feel like I'm missing something if I try tying without them. I use Dr. Slick's eco scisso
Renzetti Master Vise Rotary Parachute Attachment?
Apologies for the hijack, but Idaho what is that "D" shaped tool between your scissors and the head cement bottle in your photo in post #20?
Fly Tying Gadgets: Razor Blade Tools
Hi tc how are you? Two of the tools in the the video I agree are great tools for a tyer, Dr Slick scissors and double edge razor blades, excellent. The 13pt knife you show is nice also, I use an X-act
Fly tying bench advice
My vice is mounted out over the front of my bench. So trimmed deer hair etc would fall straight to the floor if I didn't have a tin cookie box mounted beneath it. Most of my waste ends up in the cooki
Tying a better Midge (Zebra Midge Example)
I would give you one tip when using wire. Instead of cutting with a scissors, helicopter it off. That will save your scissor points and it will break clean and not leave that sharp, protruding point.
I got this ... [attachment=62227:scissors.jpg] from Cabela's for $9.00 (the ones without the light).   So far, I really like them.
Dubbing Brush Problem
When I do dubbing loops and I want a brushy,buggy,leggy result I load the dubbing on the loop then before I start to spin it I cut the ends off with a pair of scissors. I've going that often the stran
Folding hackle for wet flys
The easy way is to run a scissors blade along the stem to fold back the fibers from one side. I prefer the old spit and patience technique.
Tinsel alturnatives
flytiers can be masters of making things complicated   after pounding down that bag of potato chips or any other snack bag, turn it inside out and you''ll a good supply of silver tinsel. its been
Ted's Brook Trout SBS
Ted Kraimer's baby brookie pattern. hook - Dai Riki 700 #4 thread - UTC 140 olive underbody - non-tox .030 tail - grizzly marabou dyed olive body - Estaz olive wing - marabou olive throat - ca
Traveling tying kit
I travel all over the Country, and I have a travel box to take with me on the road.  But that's NOT what you need. You are going to a clinic or tie-n-lie, so you don't need to take material with
A stroke of genius, I think
I was concerned that placing a tool on to a magnetic strip would magnetize the tool (eventually) - I was mainly concerned about doing this to scissors. I could see that using them in close proximity t
Cutter Bee scissors
Thanks for the feedback. I checked out Pat's scissors and that's a strong possibility. Another is the Parks Tools scissors. Stainless, cheaper, and made in USA, but not double serrated like Pats.
I'm slowly learning to tie left handed
Being a southpaw I commend you on your efforts. Years ago they always tried to change my left hand use to correct me and learn to do thing the right way. It was also my grandfather that took the
Magic Tool
Pretty good price, with the scissors and other tools included.  I just don't have the money.   Somebody should snatch that up.
triming flies
Do experienced tyers trim flies up after there done? After I'm done tying a fly, I like to give it the once over and if it doesn't look symmetrical or is off balance I can't resist fiddling with the s
Synthetic Quill Emerger
Bugsy, You are correct. My mistake. I'm not sure of the difference since they are both synthetic but the Hemingway colors (at least in the video) look better. The times I've used the Hareline ones I'v
Primo Deer Hair
Just received my primo deer hair and honestly it helped. The fibers are finer and less stiff, they pack in easier. I need to do a better trim job (need to find my razor blade) I did it with scissors
Silent Death utube vid
1)  Definitely agreeing on the shirt choice mentioned above. 2)  Also agreeing with the speed of the materials.  That's controllable to the viewer, though, by hitting the pause button.
I lost my hemostats... gosh darn it!
Dr. Slick sells a 5.5" and a 4" version - both with serrated scissors. These should be available at most good fly shops.
Making your own dubbing
The trick with the natural furs is to first investigate them. You are looking for predominately different color and texture zones. Don't just look at the outside but at the underfur as well. Many t
Quill bodies
There are various methods, ladies hair removal cream, bleaching, (as you said) paraffin wax, scraping with a knife/scissors/thumbnail. I've tried them all at one time or another. I still come back to
Anvil #70 Left Hand Tying Scissors
Anyone have any Anvil model 70 scissors they want to part with? They are left hand and no longer made, and I am on my last pair. Going back to back to right hand scissors, any southpaws try the a
good cheap razor blades
Well, this post helped me.  I've been using the same razor blade for awhile.  It got so bad I'd just use scissors to trim up the head area leaving more stubs.  After reading this I got
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