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Substitute for sili-skin?
its basically a czech nymph     scud back   clear zip lock baggie strip   nymph skin   flexi body   magic foil
November Flies from the Vise
Peacock and Ostrich Herl Scud New technique wrapping the combined ostrich herl and peacock around the abdomen and using an electric eraser to remove the cilia from the top and sides of the fly. Experi
Need a source for TMC212 hooks
Ckeck out Allen n304 hooks
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
I've hemmed and hawwed about trying this thread and am now sorry that I waited so long.  (See Patriot banging his head on his bench.)  This stuff is awesome.   When I first tried it I c
Jo-Ann Fabrics Haul
@SilverCreek   I had to laugh when I saw your post because my wife showed me the exact spool of stretchy stuff that you posted a photo of.  I totally forgot to check that out at J-A's the mo
Looking for TMC206BL hooks in sizes #22 and #24
Perhaps you should change hooks then?  Any number of comparable hooks in those sizes, especially down-eyed light wire scud hooks from Tiemco, Daiichi, Dai-Riki, as well as the endless small time
Hillbilly Bonefish
thanks for that...about the little scud I mean and the hook bending.   I was able to cast to a few (without spooking) yesterday but could not get a bite, most likely due to oversized offerings. t
September flies from the vise
Gonna use a brown Sharpie to color scud back as brown scud back isn't close to brown. This is size 10 for the bass. Very nice Tom. Next one you tie, put brown markers on the back fibers before finish
Adams Superfly SBS
Never gave thought to liquid skin in my fly equipment. Will get me some later today and try it on a shrimp with scud back
What are they?
Usually I can look at a fly and guess pretty well what I'd need to dupe a reasonable facsimile. No idea on yours. What are the body segments and is it coated with UV or wrapped in scud back or somethi
howdy all
Most dubbing last a long time at 3.50 orvis prices plus you get correct coloring if tying for authentic profiles versus tying for fishing. Btw. Peacock scud on #14 curved scud hook 10 turns lead free
I began to use Loon UV Knot Sense in 2000-2001 to tie flies with from Bill Heaton at the Troutfisher in Denver. He had already begun using it a couple of years earlier. Loon started producing UV Knot
July Flies from the Vise
Olive scud Royal Wolff
Your fly for new "trout" waters
#1 Size 16 soft hackle pheasant tail - dress with floatant and fish it dry, or undressed and fish it wet, can fish it upstream dead drift or swing it across and down ( any time there are Caddis or may
First dry flies I have tied in about 10 years
I don't fish them so I haven't been tying them. My brookie trip the other day made me want to get back into them a little bit. I gave all of my dry fly hackle to my uncle this spring as well as hooks
June Flies from the Vise
Cream, those crawfish are outstanding! do you have a recipe?   I have since slightly changed the recipe from us
Heavy wire nymph hooks (carp hooks?)
I'm just curious, what rig are you fishing for carp that you're straightening this many hooks?  I fish a 7wt 90% of the time with 8-10lb fluoro tippet, and I've never had a hook straightening iss
Trout fly tying materials - must haves
The only trout waters I hit are at home in the Smokies.I always have: -Pale yellow thread -size 18-28 dry fly and scud hooks -1/4 neck pale morning -1/4 neck grizzly -1/4 neck Dunn -beaver dubbing in
Scud Back
I own a fly tying factory in South Africa and are looking for scud back in bulk as we use a lot of it.
Hook Sizes XXX
Most of my hooks are from Walmart.  I do have some curved scud hooks. If I took all the hooks I have, together, they'd fill a pill bottle, maybe.
Musky fly and Regal Revolution
I also have a stainless. I am giving it to a college kid just learning to tie. That vise served me well. thousands of flies have come off of it, and to the best of my knowledge thousands from the prev
Bluegill hunter swap
Done and they will be in the mail tomorrow. I've had pretty good luck with this pattern tied on a scud hook but ran low so used a 200R lookalike. Hope it works as well for everyone else as it has for
Green Drake Quigley SBS for Scarface Z
As promised t'other day, a set of step by step instructions for the fly I tied in response to Scarface Z's post "Help reconstruct a lucky fly" This fly...   First I am only working from the phot
Guide's Choice Fly Swap With A Twist
2, Sulfur Dun CDC Puff - This is like the CDC Sulfur Sparkle Dun. There is a YouTube video from S Holston River. The only difference is that the pattern you are being asked to tie has a yellow turkey
March Flies From The Vise
Tied at the Cabela's clinic tonight. Hot spot Scud and CDC Caddis [attachment=61747:Hoffman Estates 16.JPG]
First couple flies
Great cone head, scud and stone. My only critique is the tail of the pheasant tail, don't trim the tail to length, tie in the correct length tail so that the tips of the barbules are intact. Othe
Feb flies from the vise
Pregnant Scud No Pott's Weave, Tungsten bead, Scud Hook. This is faster and easier to tie than my Latex Scud because you don't have to use a Pott's Weave on the legs. Also, you are not adding a piece
Free Hooks!
That is the N304 Shrimp, Caddis, Scud Hook. I have them and they are a pretty nice hook. The straight eye helps keep a nice wide gape when using a bead.
When to use hooks with straight, down or up eyes?
I think that the Dude is looking for style usage. The hook eye up, down or straight.   hook eye down...traditional dry and wet fly hook. Also a general tying hook for most flies and streamers 
Killer Mayfly
take your d-rib, v-rib etc and pre stretch it before you tie it on,   continue to stretch it as you wrap it forward to the eye   the wing case can be tied using natural and synthetic materia
Abel fly tying vise
This is the vice that I tie on still today. Long ago (ca. 1998 - 2001), I worked at a fly fishing shop. We sold Abel reels, and Steve Abel was kind of his own rep. He stopped in the store every few mo
Hooks Index & Cross Reference
FreshH20,    The amount of "stuff" you have to learn in fly fishing and fly tying is daunting made even more confusing by the fact that the names of things are not standardized and
January Flies from the Vise
#12 Scud
UV curable coatings, advise for a newbie?
Kimo,  Is that chart relatively up to date with prices and offerings?  I saw the site, but wasn't sure how valid it still was.  I really appreciate the work you put into that.  
Grass Carp hooks?
I think you meant scud? Thanks, will look into it :) Yes, typo. Scud hooks are perfect for eggs.
Whiting Brahma Soft Hackle with Chickabou experience
Hey guys. I have been looking at the Brahma soft hackle with chickabou pelt. I would use the chickabou for the tail part on one of my favorite patterns, namely the Grey Fred/Grå frede and maybe m
Junk Fly Swap
I'm done tied a Sawyer's Killer Bug variant  #12 scud hook ,sliver bead and a chartreuse hot spot.. I need an address please .. Steve - stabgnid    
Explanation Please!
There is no standardisation of hook sizes. Not only across makers, but within the ranges offered by individual makers. This though doesn't matter a lot. What does matter is the ability to get a replac
Your Best 12 Trout Flies?
I fish Western Canadian trout lakes more than anything else so this is what I tie on most often (in no particular order):     Balanced Leech (black or maroon) Chronie (black and gold with bl
Fly tying buyer's remorse
Fortunately, just small stuff here, examples of which include:   Ottlite folding task lite.  Much positive talk about this over the years, so I picked up the rechargeable version.  It's
Two at once
While I have heard this happening from others here, yesterday was the first time I caught two fish on one line.  Flies were a size 12 green scud and a size 10 john copper with red wire.  Bot
Need suggestion for tying demo at fly fishing club
A midge and a scud pattern.
The importance of the correct hook and material.
hooks   if a recipe calls for a tiemco 2487 scud style hook and i dont have it but i have an equivalent in another brand thats what i'll use   over the years i have gotten away from the $$$
Matching the Hatch....Carp
Hi group,   We have found a size 12 Sparkle Pupa tied on a scud type hook to work really well on the carp in the Snake River south of our home in Boise, ID. Take care & ...
Pettijean tools
I have 2 set of both the Magic Tool in the regular and the Magnum as well as a set of the Mini. I got both sets of the regular Magic Tool for $15/each. They were clearing them out at Gander Mountain a
Twisted bend hooks for tying?
Dai Riki scud hooks have a slight offset.
Carnage Salmonfly Skater SBS
  This one started out as an October Caddis, inspired by Bill Bakke's steelhead pattern, but quickly morphed into a salmon fly.  Unfortunately, I'll have to wait 8 months to see if it works
In smaller sizes, I use a scud hook for the wider gape.  Most of mine are #18 or #20.
New to fishing. Glo bug hook size recommendation for kings.
I'd suggest any 2x strong #6 or 8 sharp scud type hook around 2x short.  You want a good gap, but not more than 1/2", at least according to NY state regulations on the areas I fish.
Hotspots.... Love to know and see some examples where you apply them
In Reed Curries book on UV and what trout perceive he uses the royal wulff as an example of the dressing matching the natural insect. Not a hotspot as we would currently view it but definitely a shade
hook size for sm bass
I fish a smaller river for smallies all summer. If you want to use a curved hook try a Dai Riki 285 , it's a 3x long heavy wire down eye curved hook. I've been using size 6-8 on nymphs and soft hackle
Save the Drama
Are you seriously dangling an explanation for how you tied a fly in exchange for someone setting up a swap and sending you flies? WOW Cold.......that is...well, you know.....COLD.   No I am o
The Fly Review
I am going to occasionally post pictures of flies that I have tied, and you guys give me constructive criticism on things you would do differently to improve them.   Since I'm relatively new to f
August Flies From the Vise
As always, Kimo ... best looking Scud Flies in the world.
run one
Scuds ... [attachment=57942:scared scud.JPG]
One bug
Call it a "Scud" ... since that's basically what it is.  It's a good looking scud, for sure, but it's not a "new" pattern.
KF Midge Emerger
The Krystal Flash Midge Emerger is one of the more simple emerger patterns for trout. This midge emerger is really effective despite using only 3 materials. Krystal flash, thread and wire. Tied like a
White River
I just got back from up there. I fished the White River, Norfork, and Little Red and had pretty good luck. I am planning another trip up there soon and here is what I am taking. -Red Ass -Partridge an
Most used midge pattern??
The Zebra Midge is my "go to" midge at my local stream in Northern California.  It is also very effective at Manzanita Lake in Lassen Park.  At both places I tie it on a size 16 37
Non-typical materials
One of my favorites is to use green tooth floss for bodies on scud hook midges . . .
Hook sizes and styles
Looking at the chart, I'd say you would just need #14-16, and I'd get them in dry fly style (1XF or 1 extra fine) and nymph (1XH or 1 extra heavy).  Looks like it would cover the majority of your
Need help on mono eyes
I use 17#, 30# and 50# mono. 17# is for my scud and mysis. 30# and 50# are for my articulated aggravator. I cut off 1/2" to 5/8" length. I crimp the middle with pliers. I then hold them with a pair of
Fly Boxes
the tacky boxes seem to be advertised as the best thing since sliced bread   what exactly is wrong with them? the silicon is supposedly better than the c&f foam slit boxes It may be me .
July Flies from the vise
  change out the color of the thread, wire, bead and dubbing for different variations   Hook: Tiemco 2488 #20 - #26 (or equivalent scud hook) Bead: Clear/pearl small glass bead held on top
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